Pink Floyd
20:38 05/18/2017

Today, 50 years ago, Pink Floyd started recording See Emily Play at Sound Techniques recording studio in London's Chelsea.

Pink Floyd were filmed by Peter Whitehead recording at this converted dairy early in the band's career, capturing them running through Interstellar Overdrive (recently released as part of Record Store Day) and, as Whitehead booked two hours, the band had some spare time, so came up with Nick's Boogie on the spot...

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Today, 50 years ago, Pink Floyd started recording See Emily Play at Sound Techniques recording studio in London's Chelsea. Pink Floyd were filmed by Peter Whitehead recording at this converted dairy early in the band's career, capturing them running through Interstellar Overdrive (recently released as part of Record Store Day) and, as Whitehead booked two hours, the band had some spare time, so came up with Nick's Boogie on the spot...

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Martin Rich
Emily Rich
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Luis María González Hdez Leyendas!!
Pascal Diamond
Mark Smith
Joe Fisher
Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine (Joe Fisher & Leandro Dutra 2017 Bootleg)
Anja Kaye
50 years it's insane Bonnie Lofgran Olson Tanya Case
Ed Perkins
Is that Claire Torrey?
Carlos Dim
50 años!!!
Ardis Lim
Their music is alaways new age in time.
Melinda Allison Jones
Named my daughter after this song!!! <3
Emily Georgie Gal
And I am 52.. My uncle played this to me :)
Steve Sebastiani
Very efect Pink Floyd stands the test of efect in sound Congratulation
Ardis Lim
Pink floyd's music intruments are their medium.
Jesse I. McCawley
Where oh where is the stereo mix? The masters for Arnold Layne have been found.
Jeanette Bellany
Still have my precious album "Dark Side of the Moon" my boyfriend gave me for my 18th birthday.

Other newsfeed from Pink Floyd

With winter in the northern hemisphere setting in, the scarf in this picture of the band in London's Kew Gardens might be called for.

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Phil Dooley Sarah Dooley
Heike Streit David looks so good😍
Anna von Drüben Uwe Face-u bist du es ??? (Ganz links) 😂☺
Erwan Furic Grego Fra ta période cheveux longs!!🤔😂😂
Robert Silvestrone ROCK GODS..................All

Tonight, don't forget to tune in to BBC Two TV if you are in the UK (and certain parts of Europe): a 60 minute version of David Gilmour Live at Pompeii will be broadcast at 10.40pm, and will feature solo material alongside Pink Floyd classics. For more information, and to watch on demand after broadcast, visit

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii - BBC Two
David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii - BBC Two

Live album and film by David Gilmour, recorded at the Pompeii Amphitheatre.

4.4k reactions 163 comments
Rod Reynolds Bring back Dark Side of the Moon , 70s boy xx
Brian Smith Just put it on thanks for that.
Debbie French Oh good, will watch it on catch up xx
Chris Conlin Just sorted it out on demand. Roll on kids in bed tonight.
Dorothy Hathaway Wished they would stream it to Australia!

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Ge Ribas Iran Ribas
Juan Jose Furlan
Harry Kösters Wil Aendekerk
Dave Radestock Hølly Radestøck remember this?
Pieter van der Zwaag Groninger Museum (like: Bowie is)😊🇳🇱

Just uncovered in the KQED vaults is an additional recording made during the KQED session - Pink Floyd running through Astronomy Domine:

4.2k reactions 64 comments
John Johnson excellent
Juan Francisco Vásquez Venegas The Early Years V2.0... soon!!!!!
Dave Elson well thats made my chuffin day
John Boydston Outstanding, so outsider.
Donald Pudas That was awesome!!!

Quite a bill, and (apart from the show on today's date) two performances each day! Pink Floyd opened the second half of each show, and had just 20 minutes allocated to them.

1.0k reactions 38 comments
Philip Morris What year was this?
Michèle Charbonneau j'adore quel groupe et leur musique............😃
Kev Murphy Was at the Brighton gig
Adrian Pryce Janet Pryce Is this the one you went to?
Ulli Schünemann Da wäre ich gerne dabei

4.9k reactions 195 comments
Dave Ohman Sorry if posted already but is there a way to view it in the U.S.?
Marcel Sarjant Do not put it on TV too late some people might miss it. Should try midnight.
Linda Geekie Will be recording this Ross Niven!
Areej AbuAli Amr let's watch on Sat evening!
George Sartzetakis Pink Floyd are the perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

In 1967 the Floyd took part in this four-day festival, performing on this date after rescheduling from the 12th. This was so that they could get back from their US tour, and also due to some other acts cancelling. The set included Reaction in G, Scream Thy Last Scream, Set The Controls and Interstellar Overdrive...

3.1k reactions 60 comments
Billyjo Jones The Bee Gees wow how cool is that...LOL Still would have gone Just to see Floyd
Chris Korff Two out of three ain’t bad.
Glenn Simpson If only I had a time machine. What I would not give to see SydFloyd.
Scott Faine There needs to be a reproduction print of this for sale.
Terry Horton Wow come on Hendrix and Floyd what a dream

Today in 1970 saw the release of Barrett, coming only 10 months after the debut album, The Madcap Laughs. The cover was drawn by Syd years earlier, in Cambridge...

4.0k reactions 89 comments
Rick Angle No where near as charming as Madcap.
Chris Willett I have these two disc but to be honest they aren't really that good musically.
Colman O Keeffe Ron, you might like this!
John Foxall 'Baby Lemonade' is classic English psychedelia
Dave Burnett Sid Barret was a good way ha !

1.7k reactions 40 comments
Fred Jacquot When for Paris France ?
Dirk Guerry Hopefully Belgium as well!
Gary Tranfield Bring it Melbourne Australia
Michael Anderson One for you Trevor Lockwood
Alan Baker Please bring it to Australia

From 1967...

4.7k reactions 64 comments
Sallie Alpaugh Bring all of them
Shelly Bellamy My favorite year! And My favorite band
Hoshim Djumanov Здорово , я в 1967 году родился спасибо.
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Jonathan Oldfield The Syd era so class!

In 2014, The Endless River was released. Here's a playlist of excerpts, interviews and more relating to the album:

2.6k reactions 68 comments
Raheem Bharwani Pink Floyd without Roger waters is a shamble
Stefano Cacioni Good album,without Waters is differenti sound but if you love PF you love It anyway
Sean Gall Album was fine, nothing special. It certainly wasn't a Pink Floyd album though.
Jamie Newton A stunning piece of music.....gets lots of listens from me!!
Dawn Marie Smith Mochrie Pink Floyd!!! Best band ever!! Their early stuff is so much better!!

It's T-Shirt Day...if you are wearing a Pink Floyd shirt, don't forget to post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using #TShirtDay, and the UK's BBC Radio 6 Music will play music from the band, or if an album image, from that release, as part of their celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the day, until 7pm.

823 reactions 22 comments
Der Vinylist And remaster-day also:
Lucas De Laine Frank Mitchell
Roxanne Roberts Jason Roberts
Darren Sowter Emily Bould
Ayodeji Oluwaseun Olarinoye :)

A year ago today, Nick Mason and Andy Jackson appeared at YouTube Space London, as part of an unveiling event for The Early Years box set, which was released two days later. Streamed live on the evening itself, you still have the opportunity to hear the thoughts of Andy and Nick about this substantial collection:

1.2k reactions 15 comments
Ryan Qua Gordon Dunlop
Steven Scott Cindy FE Mims , Lorne Wing
Pratishruti Sahoo Binayak Deb must watch
Ανδρέας Κρεούζος A year already??? Time flies!!!
Victor Rodriguez muy bueno las canciones de Díez

Tomorrow, the UK's BBC Radio 6 Music is celebrating 10 years of T Shirt Day. Between 7am-7pm they will play tracks based on what t-shirts their listeners are wearing, which will be shared with them via social media using #TShirtDay. Which Pink Floyd t-shirt are you thinking of wearing tomorrow?

Get set for T-Shirt Day 2017 - Steve Lamacq - BBC Radio 6 Music
Get set for T-Shirt Day 2017 - Steve Lamacq - BBC Radio 6 Music

Steve Lamacq presents a series of special features ahead of T-Shirt Day on Friday 10 Nov.

768 reactions 39 comments
Rachel Roberts Dark side
Abel Syd In the flesh Tour 77
David Platt dsotm
Muhammad Hasan Sleeper AF
Lou Osment The animals t-shirt I got from the V&A

Some advance notice for fans in the UK and certain parts of Europe: a 60 minute version of David Gilmour Live at Pompeii will be broadcast on BBC Two TV at 10.40pm on Saturday November 18th, and will feature solo material alongside Pink Floyd classics. More information will be at shortly.

David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii - BBC Two
David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii - BBC Two

Live album and film by David Gilmour, recorded at the Pompeii Amphitheatre.

5.6k reactions 713 comments
Tony Holliday Awesome thx for the heads up Peter.
Shane Forsberg Is "echoes" performed on the live in pompeii blu ray?
Miles Lewis Went to the last ever concert, Earls Court.
Kris Brooks Sarah Brooks you might want to tag a certain person to make another certain person aware.
Carl Reynolds Saw it big screen back in September...its brilliant😀

A rare advert for this 1968 concert; the packed venue in London was also treated to the sounds provided by the appropriately named DJ, Jerry Floyd.

3.1k reactions 59 comments
Matt Towler *Groovy* DJ, mind you....
Paul Goode Missed it by a mere 49 years :(
John Chambless Closed Cell Sponge?? I'm intrigued.
Steve Bell Fishmongering and Floyd together -- just wow.
Steve Dinnes N22's premier night life!

1.7k reactions 85 comments
Frank A Drollett great now write your own music and play it
Tim Wilson would like to subscribe but they are asking for way too much information.
Rynet Kennedy Roger Waters toured South Africa in 1995. It was wonderful:)
Rodolfo Zamora Damonte Argentina!!!Roger Waters in The Wall Tour:9 complete River Plate Stadium:WORLD RECORD
Mike Flanigan This needs to come to Chicago! Pink Floyd Rules!

Today in 1969 saw the release of the half-studio, half-live album Ummagumma, which took its unusual title from a Cambridge slang word for sex. Its Droste effect cover featured the album cover for the soundtrack of Gigi, but this was airbrushed out in some editions. Here's a reminder of the album, if you've not heard it for a while...

Ummagumma (2011 Remastered Version) by Pink Floyd
Ummagumma (2011 Remastered Version) by Pink Floyd

Preview, download or stream Ummagumma (2011 Remastered Version) by Pink Floyd

11.7k reactions 319 comments
Asher Doak According to Weird Al, UMMAGUMMA is a common alien phrase that, when translated, means, "We're running out of new ideas for songs. Help us."
Brian Sargent The studio part of this album works very well when synched with the original Planet Of The Apes movie?
Dave Bower So, for years it's been noted that Ummagumma was released on 10/25/69 in the UK and on 11/10/69 in the US. Can anyone clarify the exact date that it was released, since now it was released on 11/7/69?
David Quackenbush Still have my old Album I bought in the 70s... Don't know how many times I got lost looking at the Album Cover Back in the good Ol Day's...
Neil Attridge Granchester Meadows and Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict, are my all time favourites.

4.4k reactions 51 comments
Luan Aragão essas artes são mt fodas pqp Fernando
Walter Reinhardt meddle
Donna Yeager Neal Bales Where is Emerson?
Roz Lamb Oooft blast fae the past Derek Russell
Jeffrey Quin Went to that?

Today we mark the release of Meddle in 1971. Famously featuring a close-up of an ear underwater, with some ripples, on the standard cover, the reel-to-reel tape cover instead featured this unusual group shot.

20.6k reactions 552 comments
Paul A. Landry I spent several hours listening to “Meddle” on repeat while driving this weekend. This album does not disappoint, DECADES after its release.
Phillip Barajas By far the worst album. I love Floyd but i cant find one song on here. It is sad to say i want to kick my own ass, not big on Waters. Gilmour on the other hand has some kick ass new stuff kinda remake. Shine on you Crazy Diamond
Simon Augustine Mallory Johannes My most played Floyd album, less slick than darkside and certainly less cynical than later efforts. Here was Floyd discovering themselves and making real progress sonically. My favourite track is the opener one of these days, but all of it is good.
Stephen Hales Began listening to Pink Floyd in my travels as a kid while in England. Was great driving music while racing in Cannonball runs across the USA. The intricate blended melodies are applicable in any setting. Seeing PF in various concerts were highlights of ...
Roger Barden This is the album that introduced me to the world of PF. Having made that step I never looked back and absolutely loved this band and still do. Awesome live with fantastic music. Brilliant.

For those in the south of England, up and around early tomorrow morning, you should be able to see Nick Mason taking part in the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, the world's longest running motoring event. More details at Here's Nick in a previous year's event, having just passed the Houses of Parliament...

4.6k reactions 101 comments
Knud Pedersen Wow , is Pink Floyd that old ?
Melissa Dell That is really cool I would love to see !
Todd Hudson Say hi to Edd China for me. The good news is if your car breaks down he can fix it for you. ;)
Grady Warren The Beverly Hillbillies final made it to London. Good driving, Uncle Jed.
John O'Reilly meanwhile they talk about social equality........LMAO!!!!!

This poster from 1967 shows three concerts in San Francisco that the Floyd were due to perform. However, two of these were cancelled, and only the show on the 4th took place.

3.9k reactions 56 comments
Yasuyuki Watanabe 最高だ‼️
Jason Code My first classic poster I bought
Elboske Lebos Never seen before ,unique pic
Cristian Alejandro Rubio Gavilán Bellos recuerdos.
Trista Pena We are a pink Floyd lovers

On this day 25 years ago, Pink Floyd released the Shine On box set, collecting together 7 of the studio albums on 9 CDs, postcards, an exclusive book, and a bonus CD, The Early Singles. This logo was created, which shows all the album titles - plus, the original title that the box set was potentially going to use. Do you know what it is?

8.2k reactions 193 comments
Kevin Litton GreatestPink Floyd Album ever second The Wall then Dark side of the moon any ppl want to argue
José Carlos TI Alfenas Top d +++... Pink Floyd é Eterno... O melhor do Rock and Roll.. ✌️😀⭐⭐⭐🤘
John Goddard Transmutation circle, I knew pink Floyd were alchemist
Peter Zahlten In Germany it was the 9. November 1992...(my birthday), have the luck to get the LIMITED EDITION with sticker No. 11 (!!) from 10.000 :-)
Mark G. Montesano I still have mine. My fat bitch of a girlfriend at the time stepped on disk 1 of The Wall so I made her replace the entire box set. :D :D

David Gilmour - A Boat Lies Waiting (Live at BBC's Front Row)

2.4k reactions 21 comments
Pedro Di Girólamo Armanet
Laura Triggs Zac Triggs
Tamara Jongeneel Jeroen de Laat
Tineke Slager-Groenewoud Durk Slager!
John Graham Will Scriven

With tonight being Hallowe'en, this seemed a good choice of song to listen to. What other Floyd songs might suit the occasion?

11.9k reactions 389 comments
Louis Grelling Brain Damage / One of These Days / Waiting for the Worms / Dogs of War / Great Gig in the Sky (for its eerie, hair raising goodness)
Damien Burt Grand Viziers Garden Party comes to mind.. maybe the whole Ummaguma album..
Paul Lindi Hartman 'Nobody Home' for all those who don't participate in handing out candy
Gérald Lasnier Several species of small furry animals...
James Baddock Lucifer Sam? (Going by the title, anyway.) Also the first part of Saucerful Of Secrets - genuinely creepy.

In October 2004, Nick Mason published Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd, to much acclaim. He has issued the occasional update; this year has seen a new edition published, pictured here, which can be bought from all good book stores and online retailers. This inside story of his life in the band is illuminating and humourous, and will give you a fresh perspective on many key events throughout the Floyd's history.

1.4k reactions 124 comments
Steve Sebastiani Very cool and fantastic photo Congratulation
Diptam Roy Choudhury ArkaprabhaMajumdar ... comp sir eta publish korechilo ...jaantam na
Wes Walsh “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”
John Gray A great book. Wonderful insight into the intimate details of the band's relationships.
Robert Peever i believe they will be a point in history when people realize all that they have accomplished.

On this day in 1994, Pink Floyd played the final night of their run of dates at London's Earls Court, with 14,000 fans witnessing the final full-length Pink Floyd concert. With a set list that kicked off with Shine On You Crazy Diamond, took in a complete Dark Side of the Moon, and encored with Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell, it was quite a show - as was the whole of The Division Bell tour. This tour was immortalised by the UK's Royal Mail on one of their special commemorative Pink Floyd stamps.

14.5k reactions 859 comments
Dane Clark Had a weekend in Amsterdam, and went to the concert in Rotterdam that tour...was very good, if ya gonna see floyd, see them in holland!! 😎
Yvonne Sharp I was 8 months pregnant with my son when i went to see them, was on the seating that collapsed so had to be rescued. Had much better seats on the return visit though. Pink Floyd were fantastic!!
Michelle Hill Olson I remember sitting in the car with Chuck Olson on a hill above the Rose Bowl, listening to the crowd sing, “Wish You Were Here,” anticipating our turn the next night. Pink Floyd did not disappoint!
Mark Weaver Absolutely gutted that I never got to see floyd live. I can’t imagine any other band even coming close to seeing pink floyd live.
Franz Cronenbrock I saw this shows in Cologne / Germany and in Hannover / Germany a few weeks later with my son ( in 1994 he was 9 year old). Now we enjoy shows from David Gilmour, Roger Waters or a few Pink Floyd Cover Bands.

David Gilmour - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Live at Pompeii)

21.7k reactions 336 comments
Francesco Varani Ma visto che lui fa le canzoni dei Pink, Roger stessa cosa.... ma fate un gruppo nuovo con nuove canzoni e anche le vecchie dei Pink... no?
Gustavo Adolfo Morales Venegas Genio escuchar a David Gilmour es siempre un placer , un deleite , algo espectacular , sublime.
Sören Dahlström Fortfarande <3 Det finns Rock, pop och schlager... och Pink Floyd och The Doors :)
Shawn Bauer Pfffft. Where's the huge Hammond organ sound? Karaoke.
George Vounasis I love David. This just sounds like his going thew the motions. It sounds great but the soul is lacking it sounds
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