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19:10 11/13/2017

LOOK: Ugly holiday ROMPERS!


LOOK: Ugly holiday ROMPERS!


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Tyler Chitwood
Milton Williams just in time for the holidays, my gift to you!
Marjory Klein
Kenny Litvack - I dare you to get the one on the right and wear it to rehearsal!
Charles Vidaud
Rompers are fine if your under the age of 1.
Harriet Browder
That doesn't even make sense. Just plain stupid.
Debra Bashaw
You'd have to be "lit" to show up in one of these! UGH!
Zachary Johnston
Shana Kotlus please please please. Because I get way too hot in sweaters
Gabi Banat
Lily Banat can you picture father in one of these? 😂😂
Jessica Brinegar
Kevin the “it’s lit” one would suit you
Arne Heyman
Antal Szijarto I’ll have the one with the Hanukkah ljèmp thank you moitay!!
Brittani Abt
Nick Abt i'm getting you the 'its lit,' one. 😂😂😂
Amanda Toby Herr
Are mens rompers still a thing Bradley?
Christy Nichols
Scott Wire In case you don’t have your outfit yet 😂
Julianne Elizabeth Ramirez
Treena, which one would you prefer for uncle Frank? 😅😂🤣
Toni Silva Kovach
Aaron, I’ve placed an order for you. 😹
Kat Alva
Christine Sanchez I imagine someone showing up to your christmas party in one of these.

Other newsfeed from Pee-wee Herman

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! #martinlutherkingday

634 reactions 16 comments
Brianne Hammack And yet despite his fight we still ended up having to choose between the closet bigot and the open bigot because whether people like it or not Clintons actions over the years have showed her and her husband are big fat ones in this last election. ...
Natalie DeMartini Eric Kroessig
Mike Corrill Whoa! He's a nazi! Look at that nazi salute!
Eddie Hayes Todays secret word is dream
Elisa Hughes You're wonderful Pee-Wee Herman!

For Sale: World's Largest Chest of Drawers!! $235K!

769 reactions 85 comments
Bob Kennedy Shorena Bader Bret Bader how about this one for the family room, lol!
John Larson Angie Calverthere is your next project.
Berry Basile Dawn Luebbe this made me think of you!! Miss you.
Jessica Salvo Melissa here's a dresser for you!
Mary N Daniel It's in high point I grew up in high point one of the markers for downtown and furniture market

Wait until you see how this photographer retouched this family’s portraits!! What a crazy story!

1.0k reactions 186 comments
Derek Ferreira Bob Ferreira why do the kids look like us?
Michaele Caron John Caron read the first story. I looked up her FB account, pretty sure it's a joke but wow, lots of free publicity!
Dannie Herrera-Millard Marco Robles check out these doggies! They remind me of your babies 🐶🐕
Caryn Hirsch Pee Wee is ON IT, Rachel! #likeminds
Tom Czibovic They forgot that they were in the witness protection program...they missed the dogs...

This is my pal Phil Rosenthal’s new show!! #SomebodyFeedPhil

171 reactions 20 comments
Tom Lemon Beverly Lucks Lemon, Heather Lemon
Shannon Staszak Liz Staszak
Dolores Gutierrez Selena Gutierrez of course Pee Wee has the coolest friends!
Scott Camps outstanding
Sally Frankel Looks great 👍🏻

LOOK at these animal ski masks!! More here:

189 reactions 88 comments
Lee Smith That's racist...
Glenna Machin I love them!
Nelly Good That is hilarious
Billy Anderson These are great!
Steven Thorne Thank you, Pee Wee.

It's National Hot Tea day!! Enjoy!! #TGIF #NationalHotTeaDay

545 reactions 92 comments
Valerie Tiffany I love tea time !!!!
Lynda Tacia Getting dizzy now
Colleen Haymon Betty Haymon it national hot tea day!
Paige LeAnne Lisa Faulkner! National Hot Tea Day! Lol
Kara Throssell It’s your favorite day, Chazzle Dazzle

RIP Large Marge, January 11, 1974 #tbt #largemarge #PWBA #largemargesentme #worstaccidentIeverseen

9.6k reactions 481 comments
Sherry Decker Chelsea Stevens don't you think this should be a national holiday ;)
Miri Schiller This will never get old for me
Dwight Unthank yes sir that was worst accident I ever seen ! :(
Shelly Jock Everyone I know has a big but.
Douglas Bordner "Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya." We say that all the time around here.

This seagull stole a GoPro camera!! Watch the footage!!

434 reactions 28 comments
Emilie Haase-Gault Chanel Murray-Avery Still have those seagull earrings? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
HM Boshek David Boshek
Maryann Demboske Viele Tommy Viele
Natalie DeMartini Eric Kroessig
Ariane Nagel Alice Curtis

Someone sleeping in the audience woke up with a SCREAM when this orchestra got loud!! 🤣🤣 Watch:

342 reactions 22 comments
Natalie DeMartini Eric Kroessig
Susie Hamilton Sandy Hamilton
Trudi FJ Rude!
Steve Gentis Ruth Hensell
Dylan Cataldo Peter Scartabello

Diving into Monday like... #snow #staywarm #winter #coldweather #brrr #monday

478 reactions 56 comments
Jared Flowpointoh R. I. P.
Randy Robins Cryogenics! 😲
Charon Phlegyas Ooouuuch!
Deb Hetherington Way to break your neck....
Amity Grant Daaaannng....P ;)

LOOK at this EGGstraodinary egg art! Lots more here: #eggart

897 reactions 79 comments
Judy Houk Purrrr fect
Edward Householder Jr. I have this
Jenny Milkowski Awesome!
Bernie Delien Upia Wow - I didnt know cats came from eggs !!
Brenda Stone Catty!

The crew of the International Space Station watched ‘The Last Jedi’ in space!! #StarWarsSaturday

1.7k reactions 89 comments
Brent St James Did they cry like pussies when it was over.
F Von Mengden So that"s what they do, our tax dollars at work!
Chad Jackson A swashbuckling tale of how ineptitude and failure leads to nothing!
Michael Deitering Why would they pick that time to be bored out of their mind
Tom Padilla This is called, adults who were inspired as children making something of themselves.

TGIF!! Cruising into the weekend like...

1.1k reactions 164 comments
Kathy Cataldo Hirtle Ha ha love this Dylan ❤️
Ralph Ciardella substitute ice for water.
Rudy Gerdeman Oh,I love you P Weeeeeeee
Kaitlyn Mrkal Carrie !!! Happy Friday!
Megan Bunch Marma Doof your fav squirrelfriend

Hey hey it's #NationalSpaghettiDay!!

479 reactions 84 comments
Shanna Penn Feanix Smith 😂💜🐢
Annie Robinson Flynn Russ Robinson! Ha
Jason Glatfelter Tyla Glatfelter lol
Spencer Williams Dionne Williams Riddle spicy spaghetti
Stephanie Pellegrin Patty!!

Cat fur hats… for cats!!

1.4k reactions 172 comments
Jyan Kei Liz Urashima now u know what to make with that Lucky ball
Kevin Johnson John M Miller this would match your watch
Scott Thompson Need one for my bald head
Nelly Good My cat would play with it if I gave him one
Amy Profancik That cat looks pissed!!

These are PET FUR watches!! #purrfect

195 reactions 90 comments
Lois Wagenseil No
Raeann Dee ew
Jax Ruggiero Um nope!
Dooey James look like mold
Michelle Knapp Itsmybirthdaynella Ewww! Pee-Wee, you lost me on this one

Happy 2018!! What resolutions did you make? #happynewyear #resolutions2018

738 reactions 38 comments
Stev-Go Veloz So true
Joe Burka Spend less time on FB
Tyler Pruden To be a less considerate lover
Ridley Silva save more money
Robert Dunehew Sleep in more. Stay fat. Set reachable goals! ;)

HAPPY NEW _____ !!!! #Screamrealloud #HappyNewYear

3.9k reactions 193 comments
Helen Gircko Year .... AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa, of course. Happy New Year, Pee-wee!
Mike Kube I hope Cher shared with peewee.....
Paul Clark Have been a fan since I was a kid even had a doll wish could find another.
Nicki Richards 😂😂😂 that brought back some memories ! Elaine Clarke Deb McLatchie The morning after the night before !
Laura Valentina May 2018 be amazing in all aspects of your life! ❤️ Laura & Rolf 🐶

You have to see these Star Wars sculptures made of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage and junk!! #StarWarsSaturday

1.1k reactions 85 comments
Ladytookool Delgado Princess Lina #fancy
Michael Eplin Mark, Tom
DeAnn Woodruff Foster Nice! Kristen
Jay Pinto Joey :-O
Kevin Daul Sean Adams and junk!!

What it feels like after Christmas, but before New Year's Eve... #TGIF

428 reactions 25 comments
Manny Kins Lacey Chernikovich
Levi Smith Vanessa Goodbee
Irene Yasmin Sussy Gonzalez Castillo
Jesse Bryan Jessica Bryan
William C Powell Anne-Paige Duncan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joe Manganiello !!!

2.0k reactions 77 comments
Elisa Ward Your bromance is so cute! <3
Charlie Nagy Happy birthday
Nicky DePalma Happy Birthday Joe !
Shawn McIntosh Happy birthday, Joe Mamnamimello!
Ben Wilson HApPY HApPY Birthday!!!

Well, it's #NationalFruitcakeDay... (#yuck)

3.6k reactions 190 comments
John Erickson If fruitcake is fresh, and you use butter, and have coffee, it’s quite nice.
Bobby Turkalino Who cares. Tell us more about Miss Yvonne, Pee-Wee.
John P. Johnson We love your Christmas Special and watch it each year. Many Thanks!!! Have it on DVD.
Asteria Peeps Here's a fruitcake I've had for nine years. It's going to be a family heirloom.
Beau Little I just want to be floory and have miss Yvonne stand over me

A woman in Pennsylvania got a $284 billion electric bill! Can you imagine!?

637 reactions 197 comments
Jill Freeman Childers That's about right for Pennsylvania.
Nikki Wright Hey, charging up Conky isn't cheap!
Wesley Harvey Thats a lot of sun lamps...Better sell that crop shes growing.
Michael C Palau Must be her son the basement with his homemade helium cooled gamer PC 😀
George Rogers The world's most powerful vibrator. It uses more energy than CERN, but damn, it is stimulating.

Today is THANK YOU NOTE DAY! (It's also Candy Cane Day AND Boxing Day!!) #THANKYOU

80 reactions 13 comments
Nelly Good Thank you for everything
Elisa Hughes I watched your Christmas special !
Michael C Palau Kwanzaa too
Robert White Thank you.
Steven Thorne Thank you very much, Pee Wee.

Merry Christmas!! Have I got something for you to watch today: the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978!! Bea Arthur is in it! #StarWarsHolidaySpecial #MerryChristmas #HappyHolidays

1.7k reactions 154 comments
Robert Jindra I'd recommend the RiffTrax version.
George Hanna-Wilson The Star Wars Holiday Special is cannon.
Scott Spencer It was so awful. I loved every minute of it
Kimberly Carpenter Mark Hamill if you don't already own this, you need it! 🙃.
James W Smith I recorded the original's around here somewhere...

Do you know why NORAD tracks Santa? It's because of a TYPO on this ad from 62 years ago!! #WheresSanta #trackSanta #ChristmasMiracle #onemoresleepuntilCHRISTMAS

336 reactions 20 comments
Lee Olivas Opal Olivas
Natasha Talavera NORAD Tracks Santa
Nathan Michael Reeves Thermonuclear Santa
Nelly Good 😊😊
Gabe Petrie BOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!

Who's watching my Christmas special this weekend?? Just look at this all-star lineup!!

1.1k reactions 475 comments
Maureen Tunney Ferrara Me and my entire family! It’s a tradition since back in the old VHS days! Love it and you too Pee-Wee. Merry Christmas!
Bill Irmen I used to show this to my 7th grade students. Remember the hit guys building the addition out of fruit cake?
Sean Staggs I love the Christmas special but I have to fast forward though most of the musical guests because they creep me out
Andrea Sutter My kids are obsessed with your movies. This one has been watched at least twice every day this week 🤗🤣
Corrie Wallin I watched this so many times i can repeat it word for word it was a year long movie for me. Thank you for being Pee-wee !

These ARE the lawn ornaments you’re looking for!! #StarWars

1.7k reactions 224 comments
Melanie Ostheimer Merry Christmas Pee -Wee !
Rachel Blaylock Julie Maybe for next year? ;-)
Nicole Özgül These were from Biglots last year!
Vicki Cupper I need that R2D2 one.
Neil Rose Jamie Freund step it up next year

It's never too early to introduce the basics of firestarting!! #MyFirstFire

7.8k reactions 807 comments
Joe Hergenroder . . .I actually shared your cheese printer ad. Well played, Reubens. *slow clap*
Sarah Miles-Alvarez Before you buy this check that you paid your homeowners or renters insurance 😂😂😂
Kristofer Everett Or you can buy the digital version.
Jean Marie Odegard I'd buy it for the cute fuel container. Lol
Hal Jay Greene If you're gonna play with fire, then you need this, too (also perfectly safe):
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