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It'll be easier if you pledged your allegiance.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

It'll be easier if you pledged your allegiance.

14.7k reactions 263 comments


Johnny Payne
All three of you can rock my world anytime
Kenneth Chidester
it would save people a lot of beat downs that way lol
Riff Erusicus
You really need ANOTHER screamer in the crew? 😉
Ricky Foxx Rain
always the same "porn star" comments and "sex tape" comments, people must not know how to get over a video
Abdul Rehman
I think I invited to the heath sleater and his team member
Rene Rübener
I like her, no matter if she plays good or bad.
Orlando Magboo
I would kneel before you Paige! Mmm...mmm...mmm
Blake Davis
It will end soon. Takes 3 to beat down one. Makes you a bully. All though it’s for show
Michael Rice
Do you accept males into the group?? I pledge my allegiance to PAIGE!! Followed you since I first saw you in NXT
Budit Bliss
Good job Paige.... This is Paige what I want... I can't wait for you to win the RAW Women's Title!!!
Steph Sabarez
I pledge allegiance... To the flag... I wish I had Timmy Turner's voice
Ryan Moore
It’ll be easier if you leave again but this time don’t come back
Matt Aaron Gronzo
PAIGE RULES! It's her house again. Get used to it! And she has two new roommates...
Vincent Laniès
You have my allegiance since the day you arrived in WWE, Paige, you're my favorite ! <3
Joe McGaugh
Paige you have a good team in the allegiance and you three rock the WWE women’s division. You are my favorite wrestler from all time in my book.

Other newsfeed from Paige

The Scream is BACK!

23.7k reactions 939 comments
Rahul Kaklotar 😍😍😍Love image paige😍😍😍👩💬Cool💫 👚👏💥 👖 👠👠 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖 😭💬💬💬😲 👔👉☎👈👚 📱 Call me 📱 🐷💨💨💨🙊 Shut up
Hannah Andrews So many pathetic little boys on this thread
Nishant Saraswat Welcome Back to WWE and you are playing your character perfectly.
Ahmed Jan Screems which we heard of u with brad maddox.
Zishan Shafique R u really work in porn with Xavier Wood and the refree

The WWE Raw Women's Division should step aside to Absolution!

15.6k reactions 282 comments
Cj Lush My suggestion is simple " go to curt & ask for a championship match & then earn back your title then defend it for a year or two & entertain the so cal WWE universe with your glam presence before you perish again that simple" do share your personal ...
Ryan Sharky Wakefield Well said paige, no one can take you on x
Ɲoʀwɪcʜ Ɗoʟʟ P e r f e c t i o n.😍 Show 'em whose house WWE is, queen.
Gina Marie Thomas My sexy babe. I love her!!!! And I love that you are back!!!
Michael Rice Pledge your allegiance to Paige, or stand on the tracks and get ran over by absolution...


25.6k reactions 464 comments
Aditya Ujjwal We love you Paige no matter what stupid people thinks about you 😘😘😘
Robb Marincel Shaina Paige is the next wwe Raw's woman's champion
Ciro Perna siate dinamiche abbassate la forza le divas rivali vanno giudicate prima ;)
Aldo Aviles Whos ready to laugh it's a clown woman hahaha
Ib Neil santa knows u been naughty tho :P

WWE RAW: Paige and Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James and Bayley

2.3k reactions 79 comments
Choccofun Choccofun I LOV EU PAIGE
Hương Mi Love you
Akhil Jyothi Dont fight with loosers go for the #champion ship
Vish Bhitade Paige is silly women , he is not brave , come on paige one on one fight with sasha
James Lightsblack Lightsey III Alexanderia Tonazzi yes it definitely is her house

WWE RAW: Absolution Addresses the RAW Women's Division

1.3k reactions 40 comments
Saideep Bannu Superb performance
Markusie Qumak go paige
Ataur Rhman Khan Love you Paige
Ankit Tagale Beautiful man of paige
Jagdish Singhbanger Hello Paige. Number Send me Paige massienger

This is MY HOUSE!

6.3k reactions 604 comments
Charlie Gregory Trevino Paige is gorgeous but all i see when i lool at her is the lil homie popping out the poop chute 😂😂
Jayme Peak No it's Charlotte flairs house......wwwwoooooooooo
Sahil Mehta Not your house? But you looking so much quite and beautiful😘
Robi Som I love u very much so i want to marry you.
Kevin Blackwell Roman owns the yard so send him out to mow the lawn for your house.

It'll be easier if you pledged your allegiance.

14.7k reactions 263 comments
Johnny Payne All three of you can rock my world anytime
Kenneth Chidester it would save people a lot of beat downs that way lol
Riff Erusicus You really need ANOTHER screamer in the crew? 😉
Ricky Foxx Rain always the same "porn star" comments and "sex tape" comments, people must not know how to get over a video
Abdul Rehman I think I invited to the heath sleater and his team member

Absolution is here to stay.

12.8k reactions 276 comments
Rahul Singh Shekhawat Stay there but keep uploading those blogs 💟💟
Kenneth Chidester I'm glad to see Paige back in the wwe again awesome group you have as well.
Christopher Azzato One of the most stupidest names ever
Matt Fredericks Could you have picked two worse partners?
Jeff Thongson Tükhaliu The women's SHIELD TEAM.

WWE RAW: Paige vs. Sasha

4.1k reactions 87 comments
Stephen Rand II Nice win Paige
Tim Glennon Good to see you back in the squared circle Paige.
Claudio Ezequiel Della Corna I love you paige :).
Rutten Dan Mirko Paige is a legend

WWE RAW: Absolution attacks Alicia Fox

4.2k reactions 79 comments
Deepak Kumar love u
Ariel Benitez loser the married of bad
Zach Hanson Paige and Mandy are so hot.
Chris Holmes Do porn
Hatorkeolongbar Olong Absolution need Xavier Wood...


33.4k reactions 787 comments
Ken Perkins Tell Smackdown to stop copying your homework
Chris White Welcome Back Paige, Claim Your House! :-)
Anuj Majumdar Ya i know that can we sleep
Johnny Payne Hi Paige Welcome Back to where You belong
Samuel Rampaiger Dalpi QUEEN ❤ Can't wait for tomorrow and see you win 💪❤

Sasha Banks battles Paige one-on-one

Sasha Banks battles Paige one-on-one
Sasha Banks battles Paige one-on-one

After Absolution used a divide-and-conquer strategy this past Monday night to lay out Bayley and Mickie James in the locker room area, Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville targeted Sasha Banks in a brutal three-on-one assault in the ring after the four-time Raw Women's Champion refused to join their ...

4.4k reactions 142 comments
Danish Lilly Paige I hv no word 4 u U r a strong power ful n charming
Shyam Sunny paige, anymore facial videos for us on phub? would be great thanks lol:)
Michael Turner Lose that trashy lipstick. Your pale as my booty j/s lol
AJ Ali I wan Aj lee,NIKKI AND BRIE BELLA.the real divas back.the good women in wwe
Nguyen Hieu I think Sasha win :(((((

WWE RAW: Sasha is out numbered

5.0k reactions 125 comments
John Purcud Paige is unfit to be a wrestler. Bella twins is the best female wrestler in the world.
Pabitra Gorada I hate..u can't beat them..then u have I right mm? 😊🙌
Tanni Chakraborty it was like " I have seen her for a decade in television " nice to see her <3 I just love this gal.
Kevin Kis Cobra Elf Paige is the world sexy gothic girl and the best wwe raw superstar diva.
Sullivan Ikemoto My poor Sasha is getting a beat down. Sasha should had back up too. 3 verses 1

WWE RAW: Absolution hovers around the ring

3.6k reactions 76 comments
Chris Logan Johnston N. W.O New Womens Order #NWO
Slugger Garibaldi So glad you are back!
Paige Ambrose Love you Paige
Eric Joseph Paige is gonna end the streak
Bobby A Jones Maybe asuka is with them like nwo back in day


66.5k reactions 1936 comments
Robin Trem Ohhh YEAH !! And its a wounderful news !! i do think the PG Format of the WWE was missing from a real BAD Girl that is for real and a real talent too of course ! And More, you just are back but you are not alone, Real great idea to reunite you with ...
Chris Curtis Cupples Well in the 90s the divas were in playboy! And it was all about sex in the wwe. So I'm glad most of u weren't around cause I would be offended haha
Taylor Perry So long Paige so nice to see u back so exciting....... Welcome back Forget the heaters cause somebody loves you..... n the haters are just jealous of u because they are below you.....
Mayowa Kolawole I only started watching WWE three months back, and now someone called Paige is announcing that she's back. I missed a lot.... :-(
Brandon Tyler Streit I laughed so hard when she said Alexa meet Mandy rose, they’d already met previously lmao. Writing in WWE is awful sometimes

I don't know if you heard, but I'm back.

68.4k reactions 4230 comments
Ben Lazones I'm so glad that you're finally back. We missed you so much. I'm so glad you're finally back home after all the things that happened throughout the time you were off, and I'm so glad you still look so beautiful. Hope you can win the WWE Raw Women's ...
Stewart Lewis Was thrilled to see you after this yr. Was great. You look magnificent espec in your hot as hell belly shirt and fab legs. Your face is a bit different. I didn't like what you and the other two women did to Alexa Bliss. Was a terrribly mean ...
Rashidah Alisha Nakkazi Actually i didnt read the post but i think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders but if the neighbour refuses to pay his rent, they should just kill the landlord and forget ...
Mandeep Singh Ya baby happy to see u back n avoid the naysayers these people themselves do that the problem is ur get leaked but i love u so dont worry just move on with the same confidence
SeYaab Ahmed it's true it's dammmmn true you had gone because of your injury now yoh come back with a full energy well-done keep it up hope for best OsAma Khan ragla kna

WWE Raw: Paige returns

29.6k reactions 1532 comments
Mathias Kalfar WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK!!! It s great to see you!! I am so happy that you are back on Monday Night RAW!!! We missed you so much and we are so happy, that you are back!! WE LOVE YOU PAIGE!!!!!!!
Budit Bliss When I saw Paige back... I was screaming in the classroom and my friends asked me.. " What Happened? " and I said... " Paige! Paige is backkkk!!! " and all of us become crazy and screaming OMG!!! We are so excited!!! #WelcomeBackPaige
Jose Guadalupe Velasquez Alexa Bliss days are numbered now glad Paige is back bliss is annoying just like Michael Cole who is a boring announcer
Christopher Schaeffer I'd like to day something. But like the rest you won't respond. The fans are why you even have a job. There is a reason stars like Cena are still here 20 years later.
Suanniiq Behymer Yes, Yea, Yes!!!!! The only reason why I came back to watch WWE and can restart watching it again!!!! Welcome back home Paige!!!

Exciting news!

The Rock to produce a new WWE-inspired film
The Rock to produce a new WWE-inspired film

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions leads WWE Studios, Misher Films and Film4 to tell the unique story of WWE Superstar Paige's family.

12.9k reactions 199 comments
Jason Pimental Come back Paige
Gaby Banks Paige 😭❤❤
Impossible ForHad Really miss you paige I love you paige
Quang Thiện Plz, Come back Paige. I truly hope that you will be the next champion.
Tony Ruiz Sr. Whats it called- if you smell what check of vince im kissing next

Youngest Champions in WWE? Someone in particular comes to mind...

82.9k reactions 1324 comments
William Glass Now you need to get another proper push, so you'll have something besides that awful 'good riddance' butterfly belt in your track record.
Gregory Pompey That right Paige your true champion & love the 3 photo awesome
Craig Anthony Nolan Did you just get suspended for wellness policy see douche bag Alberto del rio man he is a user now turning you into one come on Paige
Kuldip Singh The Beautiful lady. We wants to see you for wwe divas champion ship match with Sasha the Boss
Vikas Kay Rajput paige you khow what can you do you should challenge sasha banks for woman championship after night summer slam and you look always more beautiful and gorgeous

There's NO slowing down when Scooby-Doo and WWE join forces!

26.5k reactions 217 comments
Maikol Mendosa Te amo paige x100 pre baby
Ryan Haseldine Cartoon Paige is too tanned.
Mandy Gillies Paige I love you paige ????????????????
Tanmoy Kumar Sarker I love you Paige????????????????
Mhamad Jamma I love you Paige????????????????

#tbt My WWE Raw debut... I'll never forget it.

86.9k reactions 966 comments
Scott Snyder Paige desperately needs to come back into the title picture and be top woman again. Still so young and talented, don't let her disappear
Dŕ Nãmmő You were amazing paige ur my fav , keep going u deserve the world women champ .. ?
Joshua De Mesa I want to see a Sasha and Paige rivalry. I think that it would be awesome. And I hope, Paige is the one who will take the title away from Sasha after some months.
Lovenish Kumar Reason every one got in love wd bcoz she was an innocent,cute girl but in 2 year turn that everyone start disliking you plz make sure 1st Paige should return not 2nd one
Puneet Singh What a debut it was awesome but AJ Lee got her title back soon in the same way

Sneaky one from the other day. Coming back stronger than ever.

18.6k reactions 397 comments
Amanda Weingartner I miss you in the ring. ? The current divas suck asssss.
Chris Snyder Can't wait for a Bayley/Paige Feud, Get well soon PAIGE!
Kanwaljeet Singh Sandhu I heard about your nerve injury paige .Get well soon and come back stronger than ever
Junior Martinez Nataliaa Perez this reminds me of you ? working out at night trying to be stronger than jr ??
Fabricio Gotti Salut Paipaige ,c'est cool ,c ça qu'on veut voir aussi .Depuis que je te suis sur facebook,faut etre honnête,à part taper des poses avec le mexicain qui c'est pas catcher ,le gars frappe RANDY avec une chaise .et dire qui a ete champion du monde .le ...

Tattoo expos are THE place to be!

12.9k reactions 132 comments
Ximena Gonzales Soria I love u Paige
Shamshad Ahmad Hi I miss you
Žain Gouri I love you so much Paige.. Believe that.. ?
Glenn Batchelor Cervena Fox ?
Håňš Bőķòliýà I love u paige

WWE and Scooby-Doo joined forces, and had some bad news for The Miz...

15.7k reactions 109 comments
Ryan Williams I love Paige, but she is not a great voice actress
Izzy Konevski Beautiful Sexy Cartoon Pao
Rob Ware Your an amazing looking cartoon
Keir Elliott This Is Paige House ?
Keir Elliott Paige ??

Paige's cover photo

8.2k reactions 65 comments
Elias Mendoza Pregunta es un anime oh que
Keir Elliott Wow
Vance Saunders Nice Picture
David Biswas lovely. ♦♣♥¢£♦♥{♦¢
Mandy Gillies Paige Why not show up in the image paige? :(

Paige's cover photo

9.0k reactions 93 comments
Markjohn Nillasca Cabusas I Miss You
Markjohn Nillasca Cabusas Please Paige Go Back in the WWE :'( :'(
Erin McGuinness It is really funny the movir
Sree Renjini All the best.
Claudia Wakefield Look Matthew... for you and Boo...ha

Happy International Cat Day!

40.2k reactions 665 comments
Alan Longenberger We have six indoor cat Paige ???
Kyle Socom Love you Page. Happy International Cat Day!!! :)
Kenneth Aguas Happy International Cat Day! , Paige The Best Of All The Divas of Wwe
Osvaldo Brito Happy international paige,I am a fan of you
Kayleigh Natasha Anslow Happy International Cat Day Paige

No better place to keep your favorite art than on your body.

16.3k reactions 232 comments
Paul Mikael Norrie Paige is so hot, get back in the ring and beat some people up
Ranga Saab Paige you are very very very hot,,,, And i am very big fan of you in WWE........... Umhaaaa;)
Sherman Griffith Paige, We have been missing you,we are hoping you come back soon. #DeliciousDiva !!!!!!!
Nathaniel Squire Watkins I've been wanting a tattoo for ages but I think you just pushed me towards wanting it more! Thankyou boo! ?
Roselle Dull Perhaps instead of showcasing the superstars who have tattoos MAYBE next time have WWE UNIVERSE submit entries of their "superstar ink" and the meanings behind them. 8 just so happen to have a very good candidate ?

Every tattoo has a story... hear MINE on this week's edition of Superstar Ink.

65.5k reactions 1040 comments
Yusuf Yıldız I would love to see Orton at Ink
Marko Maletić Paige should be the next wwe womens champion❤
Charlie Willow Beautiful Princess Paige
Max Sinha Paige your so beautiful
Danny Boy Wood Does the ink mean your dating a dog?

Another fun one while doing Total Divas green screens. Thanks to Eileen for hooking a sister up in the face department!

76.0k reactions 1008 comments
Devendra Sahu Love you paige #ravi
Abdul Hawkins Paige you're so darn sexy
Arnie Abbink you got talent paige your the best diva I ever seen
Vishal Gupta Paige you are the best diva in wwe..
Joseph Muan Paige i love u sister lol
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