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A year ago today... The Miz Participation Award was born! #YouDeserveIt

574 reactions 26 comments
Ken Eschbach Stupid Laughing Idiots! YOU ALL JUST MADE THE LIST!
Nikola Benak Zack Roark
Yannis Bromby Tobias Terhorst
Dean Page Craig Leech
Doron Shitrit Omry Ben David 😂😂

Proving I can still do the challenges but I will stick to hosting. Watch The Challenge: #ChampsVsStars tonight at the 10 spot on MTV

751 reactions 21 comments
Mohammad Marash Saleemi Murzook Saleemi
Robin Sommerfeld Kim Bloud
Dakotah Zenkner Beth Zenkner 😎
Gav Kilner Gerard McCandless have fun in Italy brutha
Fethi Ayoub Hhhhhh

Take an AWESOME look behind the scenes of MTV's "The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30" finale!

782 reactions 19 comments
Jeff Severson Good riddance to worthless spineless gutless coward .
Ankit Kumar
Jessie Hernandez Angelina Theresa Ambrosino
Lemlem Ye Waynishet Lij Dean Ambrose is coming teker
Marc A Lee Nice

I win at life.

3.0k reactions 160 comments
Muhammad Rahmam The miz is a piece of garage never like it him from the door
Lloyd Willis And he's ugly to be an actor..just dead acting
Zarah Tomassini Congratulations to the Big Dog Roman Reigns Baybeeeee
Gary Marron Man Maryse is sexy, Has long as The Miz as a women like that he will always be a A lister.
James Kellen And your new InterContinental heavyweight champion Roman Reigns

Baron Corbin got EXTREMELY lucky! The Intercontinental Championship is STILL the most PRESTIGIOUS championship in all of WWE!

Photos: Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion at Survivor Series
Photos: Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion at Survivor Series

See photos of the heated Champion vs. Champion Match as Raw's Intercontinental Champion The Miz battles SmackDown LIVE's United States Champion Baron Corbin.

500 reactions 25 comments
অচেনা কবির কবিতা I am bangladeshi. I am a dear sapotar. You are so nice
Grotesque Limon This is a awesome.
Grotesque Limon I like very much miz and head rr.
Ryan Halliday Really? Really? Really?
Aamer Khan Lol The Miz

Survivor Series Exclusive: Maryse Doesn't Need an Apology from...

813 reactions 30 comments
Holly Ferguson Mishu Wolianskyj
Phil Brülke Max Brückmann
Nathan Shelly Lmao Cory Williams
Md Mosaddck l Love miz my cunturry Bangladesh
Corissa Munguia You will win the miz

WWE Survivor Series Kickoff: The Miz in the Social Media Lounge

331 reactions 14 comments
Young Tlotlang Scott Strongman Miz
Young Tlotlang Scott Strongman Yeah
Aamer Khan Miz is lol
Itx Trisha Tembo go go raw u r doing it....
Joe Romano Miz, you are the piss break

The Miz wants to teach Baron Corbin some respect tonight at Su...

461 reactions 21 comments
Quinton Holland Baron Corbin detroy the miz
John Bustamante THE GOAT
Gustav Engelmark Viklund Alfred Hiis
Renato Gonçalves Pedro
Randy Lusk Its. Fake

Winning at Survivor Series is AWWESOME.

1.4k reactions 20 comments
Mohamed Arbioue Mohamed Erchouk
Matthew Snyder Jamaican heat!
Okarin Perry Gonzalez In Miz We Trust #CHILEWITHTHEMIZ <3
ਮੋਤ ਦੇ ਸੋਦਾਗਰ Wow
ਮੋਤ ਦੇ ਸੋਦਾਗਰ Fake

I️ can’t tell you how excited I️ am for MTV TRL to be back. Teenage Mike is jumping up and down right now.

1.0k reactions 23 comments
Jordan Knutson Too bad MTV is trash now
Andreabestefania Hernandez TU THE MIZ LUCES EN TODA PARTE
Jose Garcia Amen
Joel Rodriguez Suero booo son of the bicth
Daniel Declan B+ Couple. Lmao!

"Miz TV" is for CHAMPIONS.

783 reactions 32 comments
Gaurav Laloriya You suck
Gaurav Laloriya You suck
Lindi Nyakaza Stupid TV and stupid people all of them
Ken Eschbach Stupid Laughing Idiots! YOU ALL JUST MADE THE LIST!
Farah Sofea Pia 👏👏👏applause for miztv

One more week, Baron Corbin...

1.2k reactions 40 comments
Pierce Cowan Or Sin Cara! Which would be better cause Corbin is trash
Tito Henry ش
James Kolola im your fannnnnnnnnnnnn big time
Ethienne Morris Leshowoff Because i'm morris and i'm awesome
Giovanni Rojas Castro pinche elrubius de mierda

For Vets having a hard time out there check out what my friends Nate Boyer and Jay Glazer are doing. #MergingVetsAndPlayers #MVP

164 reactions 3 comments
Billie Jo Rogers Awesome 👏🏻
Brian Peterson if you have an issue with kurt miz you could have handled it behind closed doors like book t said

Who is ready for The Challenge: Dirty 30 Finale Special? For the biggest Finale in Challenge history they brought in the big gun to host and for the first time ever we will reveal the winner on the Finale. Watch Tuesday 11/14 10pm Est on MTV

734 reactions 23 comments
Ken Eschbach Stupid Laughing Idiots! YOU ALL JUST MADE THE LIST!
Muhammad Zuhair What happened last WWE Raw with Braun Strowman ?
Ethan Sager Miz sucks all day long
Gordon Chin Cool 😎
Prîñçê Ķĕmő miz hello man

The Nature Boy giving a helping hand...

1.9k reactions 39 comments
Maki Nathan Pancharoen Aleksandar Naumoski uggghh, face miz
Dominik Krützfeldt Ilja Starowerov Karim Adjoudj was miz gewinnt nicht fair 😂
Sabrina Baaske I love the miz😙😗😚❤💓💘💔💕💖💗💙💚💜💜💝💞💟❣😍😘
Waghih Noghori please give miz turn face
Stefano Solari this is the Real the miz

It's only a matter of time, Baron Corbin.

2.5k reactions 82 comments
Michael Andres Miz is awesome! B|
Tim Jones Even the MIZ,,,can't get Corbin over
Dave Polokonis Keep your words soft and sweet Miz, because you might have to eat them later!
Peter Keefe Shannon Keelan How can you say he's not cool?

WWE RAW: Braun Strowman Fights Off Kane and The Miz

2.3k reactions 22 comments
Edem Gafarov Kamil Gadjiev
Carlos Robelo Marlon Bendless
Ishmam Abedin Gobind Rai Singh Maandip Gill
Kenneth Munene Alfred Katana come running
Joshua Philip Lunt Amanda Nicole Veile just wait, it gets better 😁

WWE RAW: Kurt Angle Announces The Miz vs. Braun Strowman

867 reactions 16 comments
Amrutha Ganesh 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Sonar Slone Impressed with you wearing a poppy on raw x good work!
Tollece Tinsley Sutter For the love of all that is holy.....Miz, please do something with your terrible hair style!!!
Jermaine Dehaney Well the miz is in deep trouble tonight with braun strownman
Bren Bren Madrid Lol my 9 yo daughter has the biggest crush on the Miz... It's so cute...

#WWEBrighton was AWESOME!

476 reactions 25 comments
Katie Wahab Abdul Wahab Aslam miz in brighton.... 💙
Zoya Khan The miz nice
Řømąň Šâm I love miz
Amine Quintero Awesome
Connor Naylor Gay

3 years ago today... true A-Listers lead by example.

559 reactions 31 comments
Joe Chanda miz is the best entertainer in wwe
Abdur Rahman Shaikh Ibrahim Ashfaq
Dan O'Carroll Dave Naughton
Florian Cointe Anthony Renaud 😂😂😂😂
John Gouskos Kevin Buckley

The Intercontinental Championship is the most prestigious championship in WWE. At Survivor Series, Baron Corbin will be fully aware.

1.6k reactions 79 comments
Fabricio Tipiana Miz! You need a WWE Championship or Universal Championship! You deserve it!
Kashif DA Miz u got dirty deeds at TLC by my Dean Ambrose
Ivan Brown I can't wait for the Miz to retire
Sourabh Rava where does go ur championship... stay single coward..
Peter Nilsson U wear the strap as well as Cody Rhodes did well done mix

This isn't temporary. This is a legacy.

1.4k reactions 78 comments
Lloyd Ralph Until braun gets it
Cody Wyatt U r horrible miz
Eduardo Guzman Very truly underrated!
Joel Rodriguez Suero it does,t matter son of the bicht
XrIstos Xristoy Who cares you sux he hides behind people

Appeared as Grand Marshall for the New Orleans Krewe of Boo Halloween parade, and it was Awesome!

440 reactions 12 comments
Matthew Stuckey Sam Clutter
Nathan Reda Yeah
Aahil <3 T00P33R UTH44L00 :D
Jayden Barker Shut up miz
دلشاد يوسف Roman rigens is best

WWE Raw: The Miz Battles Matt Hardy

496 reactions 20 comments
Leon Stonehouse Great JOB!!! AND Congratz on Win against Matt ,and re ADD me Fooker!! lol
Giovanni Fedele Tadde Lorenzo Fedele poco da vedere o no?
Lawrence E. Harmon Great match
Nathan Reda Yeah
Matthew Webber He sucks I hate the guy

274 reactions 5 comments
Elizabeth Kemp Nicole.
Susan Taylor Lambert OMG look at how stupid your favorite is Rebecca Lambert😕
Mark Downs Now this is must see Halloween video...this contest is awesomeeeee!!!
Kevin Parkinson Forget about Halloween the mix can't win a thing without cheating he is a star

The Loudwire Music Awards became an A-List event, thanks to your Intercontinental Champion.

Miz and Wylde settle their WWE 2K18 score
Miz and Wylde settle their WWE 2K18 score

After some social media trash-talk, the Intercontinental Champion and heavy metal artist Zakk Wylde went toe-to-toe at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards.

801 reactions 14 comments
Dinesh Bharvad Love from India
Shahzaib Ali 1st comment from Pakistan
Juanra Perez 2016 wwe
Manish Kumar 😁😂😂
Flavia Adriana Leal Awesome Forever
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