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The first weekend in Vegas was off the chain! We'll see you again Wednesday. Dale! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Faizan Rajput Nice
Faizan Rajput Nice
Abdelwahab Abbie Radouan www.house-mixes.com/profile/DJABIcasablanca/play/dj-abi---hot-party-mix-14
Aaron Kharwar Ron book the tickets for Wednesday

Thank you Vegas for an excellent first night. Let's do it again tonight. Dale! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Shah Sajjad Syed Lovesome!
Rebeca Rodriguez Love that Hunk 💋
Sky Naimur Rahman nice
Nimra Doll You are my favorite singer your voice is awesome . :) <3 💓👄💏
Teresa Couser Good Luck Mr World Wide

"Time of Our Lives" starts tonight in Vegas! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Moni Loly Dale 305 pura energia
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in
Janet Torres "TIME OF OUR LIVES"......ITS GONNA BE GREAT!...... 😁
Deiby Araya Azofeifa ✌😎
Eileen Strohbach Good luck tonight Pit <3

Let's groove in Vegas this weekend! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Janet Torres SOUNDS....LIKE......A PLAN......GROOOOOVY!......PITBULL.... 😉
الش ناق DaLe!!
Blanca Pinales Why are you not coming to Albuquerque?!
Hamza Jallouli Hey Ma J.Balvin ft Camilla Cabello ft Pitbull Beautiful
DK Oli Rumbak

The Vegas bash starts in two days! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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উদ্দেশ্য হীন love you..<3
Khudadad Shirzai Mr world 😉😍
Orhan Gözmen Türk 😍
Helen Cup That must be so awesomely good!!!
Christine Michelle Baker Gonzalez Awesome

3 more days until the Vegas party begins! www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in
Donald Holden pitbull that's fire
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Helen Cup WOW!!! One of these days!
Masako Taguchi Wish I could go!

Always take a moment to stop and think #PitbullVegas www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Crys Balc Lisa Acosta yay!!!! Us in a week!!!🍺🍺
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS
K K Khan Safi ρεяғεcт ❤ 😍👍 вoт вy aвdυlмanan
Magdalena Krajda Intresting ;) :*
Âhmęd Alzaidy Nice 👏

Jump into the mix #PitbullVegas www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Sol Daniela Mora love....love
Tushar Wankar Awosome.
Shah Sajjad Syed Lovesome Master Composer!
Md Rakibur Rahman Anik Love you
Arif Hussain Anis Yeah jump

Sube las manos pa' arriba #PitbullVegas http://www.ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Kawthar JA Love u 😍
Vincent Zeteliano *para
Tima Titima :-)
Jenny Paz Irais 🙄😒
Jo Seph Adém Bēłķâ Party 🎉

Now let's get loose, have some fun #PitbullVegas ticketmaster.com/pitbull

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Claudia Sanseverino Divertiti anche per me
أحمد خالد بارشيد باكدح Pitbull Ok
Lorraine Contreras Daleeeee!!!!!!❤😎
Lorraine Contreras I ❤YOU
Jd Hanane Lvu❤❤

Thank you to everyone who set sail with us last year. Watch our recap video and get excited for 2018 ‘s Pitbull After Dark Party ! Register for the pre-sale today at pitbullcruise.com. #Dale http://www.pitbullcruise.com/experience

Pitbull After Dark Party
Pitbull After Dark Party

Enough messin' around ... Pitbull After Dark Party is BACK! Join us for another wild weekend at sea March 2 - 5, 2018, sailing out of Miami on Norwegian Jade. This year Mr. Worldwide is taking this party from the 305 to Nassau, Bahamas and he's ready to bring your vacation to a whole other level. We...

5.1k reactions 101 comments
Julia Martin Dale. ....Love u
Joann Montoya It would be fucking awesome to do this....
LuAnn Hembree Daleeeeee!!!!
Juan Pablo Ya tu sabeeeeeeee..... jajajaja

Pitbull's cover photo

1.8k reactions 97 comments
Mary Sabia Tudor Want to go!!!!!
Akash Singh nyc
Jordan Brown I want to go to vegas some time soon
Helen Christine We'll be there opening night Jason Romero!!!!!!!
Avinandan Ganguly Chutiya

TBT Have a good time, before the time is up! #PitbullVegas

2.1k reactions 102 comments
Lorraine Contreras Daleeeeee!!!!!!!❤😎
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS great vibes
Muhammud Parvez Hossain Pappu Yea
Sukanta Basak #dale
D J RolyPoly Inovablobots 😀🤗🙂😎OH YEAHHH 😈😎🤘✌

Batter up! Tomorrow we will perform at Marlins Park for the MLB Home Run Derby

9.7k reactions 150 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS
Janet Torres Show cool pitbulls
Karla Reyes 😎😎
Mouha Fall Now you just change a 305 to 306 for no reason
Faizan Rajput Level One

Tell the bartender to line up the shots! #PitbullVegas

12.0k reactions 142 comments
Faizan Rajput Nice
NåHī Yań Faŕabí any single girl here???Hit the like button 😁😁😂
Joanne Oneill Cause I'm gonna get loooose tonight!!!😁🎤
Jesse Hernandez Bad ass brother 😎
Salys Henderson Yesss

Let's have a good time balling or not #FlashbackFriday #PitbullVegas

6.3k reactions 109 comments
Steve Koops #takesMoreThanBeingInLineWithMe #howboutaheyUcomeoverhere #thanksForTheLoveThough
Yasue Akaishizawa very cool❣
Anita Smith :)YeahSI ! FPballing, O not FPballing !
Jordan Brown I can do that this month
Gloria Martinez Hola, from Corpus Christi, Texas Dale!

TBT Getting loose in Vegas!

7.7k reactions 107 comments
Andrea Silva love you pitbul
Elsa Alvarez #Dale#305#YouRock
Faizan Rajput Nice
Habib Ousman Tu date toi fdp
Adelina Mendoza Dale!!!!!!

Want to cruise the Caribbean with us and a boatload of beautiful party people? Pitbull After Dark Party sails March 2-5, 2018! Join the pre-sale at pitbullcruise.com

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Sandra Veljovic Chelsea Doherty Salomon Schroeterbooking our tickets ?
Cyrus Afdjei Julien va aux states avec ça #pitbullsummervibes
Tenna-Sofie Andersen Camilla Vesterdal Hansen 🎯 Seriøst der er en motivational conversation!
Lisa Jagger Lisa Richardson This be the cruise to go on hahaha
Laura Richmond Kayls Louise Morgan goals

Pitbull updated their website address.

351 reactions 44 comments
Hamza Jallouli pitbull love options Stephen Marley
Péďïwíè Gôúìďä Mr.World Wide
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.
Jon Suminski It's a great album Pitbull.
Ahmad Qureshi Oye mamita😂 lol

Happy 4th. Independence is priceless. I'm living the true American Dream. Thank you USA. #July4th #IndependenceDay

11.7k reactions 232 comments
Lorraine Contreras Hi Pitbull Happy 4th Of July So Cute Picture Dale ❤💟💙😍😘😎🇱🇷🎉🎉🎉🎉
Anna Maria Paterra-Murphy Happy 4th Dale!! I love you PITBULL
Monique Gonzalez if he leaves a comment on ur instagram then keep it too @rich_babalu
Turn Tweener - The Art of Wrestling dale, happy 4th of July
Masako Taguchi Happy 4th Of July!

Who's thinking Vegas? "Time of Our Lives" is back! July 21 through August 5 Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino #TheAxis #PitbullVegas bit.ly/2sIqLPz

11.3k reactions 179 comments
Gloria Martinez Hola ,from Corpus Christi, Texas Dale
Ahmad Qureshi Mr.WW
Houda Prista Me gusta
Masako Taguchi Wish I could go!
Fanny Proth Dale ..

New York, let's see how the east coast gets down!

4.6k reactions 107 comments
Mary-Ann Swanepoel Amazing When Are You visiting South Africa?
Amy Millington Come visit us in the Adirondacks ☺
Sonet Sam pitbull great reppar
Masako Taguchi Good luck tonight!
Tedesa Moore Love you, so much!!

Dale! The Pitbull After Dark Party is back! Join us March 2-5, 2018 as we cruise from the 305 to Nassau and back! Sign up for the pre-sale now at pitbullcruise.com for a chance to win exclusive experiences with yours truly. #pitbullcruise

3.8k reactions 266 comments
Miguel Gonzalez Is that like "Dale Earnhardt, Jr."? 🤔
Ubaid Hashmi Hello pitbul from Mumbai INDIA
Sissy Kearney Quinn I'm going!!! ❤️
Art Masri Miles MoodySarah Kate Wilson Dinner and drinks with Pitbull? I can't think of a better wedding present
Jennifer Smith Sabrina Valdez Fernandez man this would be awesome to win!!!

Detroit! Let's get this party started #EnriquePitbullTour

8.3k reactions 136 comments
Oz Maria Wowww i wish i could to be there
Chris Diz On our way
Carolyn Ash Come visit me in Ohio. I'm not that far from Detroit, MI!
Вячеслав Акулин Привет Питбуль Хорошего Дня И Творческих Успехов Я Твой Поклоник Супер Композиции Ты Талант Брат
Jen Fortner Wish I was there! I don't even know how to proceed party! DALE#

What an honor it was to be in that room. Heaven on earth. Like I say why dream when you can live it. Thank you to the Songwriters Hall of Fame and to all for an unforgettable night.

9.4k reactions 363 comments
Gavin Lynch Killian Worth no other speech through history can top this #martinlutherwho
Esmeralda Garcia Hi 👋 SSal SanchezI figured you would love this clip. Enjoy 😊 Okay. Bye 👋
Cynthia Puerto straight and direct....exactly how it was said...is how it should be....yea
Anna Moreno I can listen to him speak all day. The TRUTH!!! Congrats!!
Becky P. Says Liz woahwoahwoooooah. Daaaaang! Ayayayyyyyyyyyyyy! 😁😁😁😁😁 But dang he had to bash Mr. Trump. 🤔

Let's get ready to party The Most Bad Ones

11.7k reactions 139 comments
Longarañon Villanueva señor 305
Hunter Denman Mr worldwide Hi.
Masako Taguchi Dale!
Claudilla Casillas Si mi niño.. DÍOS TE BENDIGA DONDE KIERA Q ESTÉS. 😙😙
Kellye Daniels God how this old lady LOVES Pitbull!! 😂😂😂😂

Happy to bring you a collab from the 305, @CrisCabMusic and yours truly "All Of The Girls" https://open.spotify.com/track/4rWXC4gc10UfJobkHzfOWX

2.0k reactions 51 comments
Nina Koleva Enrique&Pitbul lLive - Houston 18.06.2017
Nina Koleva Enrique&Pitbul lLive - Houston 18.06.2017
Shah Sajjad Syed Master Singer
Lisa Carmeille Perez 🇺🇸🇫🇷🎼😘Armando ❤️
Anita Gro Dalen Love the song 💗

Thank you, San Antonio, Dale!

20.0k reactions 239 comments
Melissa Ann Moreno-Riojas You were amazing. You and Enrique put on a hell of a show...we had a blast!!! Can't wait to see you again!!
Valerie C Gomez OMG im still in shock my son has got to be more careful. Darn haters im so glad he was planen on that trip
Wendy Duran Chavez Great show, Pitbull! Loved your enthusiasm that you put in every song you performed!
Izaskun Gómez And they thank you,too,no doubt.Very happy cause everything keeps being great for you,Pitbull.¡Dale! <3
Goiye Ben Solo Lovely Mr world wide, so amazing and cool. I love the way you do that.

Dallas! Thank you, you gave us everything!

10.7k reactions 171 comments
Pat Dee Had great time with my sis awesome show
Alma Alvarez It was AMAZING!
Martha Hernandez Precioso
Jacob Jonathan Acosta I think pit bull is on top of the world I compare him to all the salsa legends with urban flavor love the women awesome 😎
Elisa Simpson Enjoyed your performance.
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