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100 percent of all proceeds for RELIEF will get to those most in need. From the Keys to 305 to 754 to 561 to 407 and 904. Donate $5 to show Florida Love. Thank you, God bless. #RELIEF #Florida

1.3k reactions 53 comments
Armando Pèrez I love you Armando Pèrez
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.
Armando Pèrez Armando Christian Perez, nice of u
Lisa Michelle Underwood Done❤️
Mandy Lovejoy will do it...thank you.

Florida residents and visitors, please be diligent. Evacuate where needed. Stay safe. We will be back bigger, better, stronger. #HurricaneIrma

6.9k reactions 226 comments
Tolotea Tia Petersen Stay safe and prays to all
Joanne Oneill Prayers to everyone there . Stay strong stay safe!!
Kim Haddock Prayers hugs and love from Georgia!!
Jonathan George Zehdar-Gazdecki Thanks for making Miami chill.

Think you have the skills to host your own radio show? Enter to win a slot on Mr. 305's station Pitbull's #Globalization on SiriusXM Radio plus gear from Pioneer DJ and Serato. Thank you DJcity for hosting the contest http://djcity.com/globalization Dale!

Become the Next Mixer on Pitbull
Become the Next Mixer on Pitbull's Globalization

SiriusXM, Pitbull, and DJcity have launched a contest to find an on-air mixer for a new show on Pitbull's Globalization channel, which can be heard exclusively on SiriusXM channel 13.

1.2k reactions 39 comments
Jason Alexander Martin Tom Hammerton 😂😂
Alain Arc Santiago Pardo Rey 🤷🏻‍♂️
Vlad Rodolsky suche single frauen - http://saks.ml/suche_single_frauen/
Emran Haider Khan ^_^ <3 :) (y)
Abdelwahab Abbie Radouan ;) https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/DJABIcasablanca/play/dj-abi---hot-party-mix-17

"You always look better on me"

7.6k reactions 117 comments
Rajkumar Nahid boss..... love this
Mandy Lovejoy Oooo wanna be on you..ha ha
Kritendra Singh Best music composer love you bro
Ðrèäm Bøy Åmär Sexy
Naqibullah Qaderi Nice 😊

Messin' Around this weekend!

9.1k reactions 101 comments
Terry Echeverria Ya tu sabes!!! Deja tu like
Claudia Najera Come mess around in Las Cruces, NM!!
Zain Zarari Dammit 😎😎❤❤❤
Faris Shiko I love you 😍😘
LuAnn Hembree Yes ...DALEEEEE!!!

Dale! 6 months until yours truly takes over the Norwegian Jade to set sail on the Second Annual Pitbull After Dark Party! Join Flo Rida, DJ LAZ (The Real DJ LAZ) and more on this nonstop party from Miami to Nassau, March 2 - 5, 2018! Grab your squad and book today at www.pitubllcruise.com

3.3k reactions 58 comments
عمار اسماعيل كريم وردة <3 VipFB. Vn <3
عمار اسماعيل كريم ⇣❀ <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Mandy Lovejoy my Pitbull.......
Jorge Castillo #ferrocarrildelosaltos
Xheikh Habib Ali Love you go ahead

In 6 months, we set sail on the Second Annual Pitbull After Dark Party with yours truly as captain and Flo Rida as first mate! Join the cruise from Miami to Nassau, March 2 - 5, 2018 for insane concerts, crazy activities, awesome theme nights and tons of surprises from Mr. 305 all day and night! Book today at www.pitbullcruise.com

5.9k reactions 206 comments
Bella Bella Dale
Monique Gonzalez I stop going to rumbass cause someone was charging a for ride & taking advantage.
Julieta Perez Wish I could go but cant too expensive lol sorry hermoso
Izaskun Gómez I'm sure everything will be awesome,Pitbull <3
Lisa Trotter Swan-Fletcher Do you like Pb Debbie what does he sing ?

Give a listen to #Globalization on @SiriusXM radio channel 13. Mixing commercial free all weekend long. Dale!

3.7k reactions 39 comments
Sanjini Nair Wowwwww
Ennikithan Ennikithan 😍😘😍😘😘😘😍😘😘😘😍😘😘
Arbert Clarion Cazanova 👍👍👍
Saber Mzf Dale هيا بنا
Jhonny Sam yes.

Radio and club DJs working overtime on this Labor Day Weekend. Here's a new single with @TyDollaSign for your sets.

2.3k reactions 52 comments
Martina Kucakova super kiss armando
Roxane Olvera ❤💃🎶🎤❤🎵🕺📻
Patricia Baird Love it
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.
عمار اسماعيل كريم وردة <3 VipFB. Vn <3

TBT Stage time with Enrique Iglesias

12.7k reactions 133 comments
Cristita Marie Balonga Oh my!
Lorena Fraga 😍❤️😻
Tolotea Tia Petersen Cool 😎😁
Kim Haddock Atl baby
Janet Torres WOOOOOHOOOOO!....SO COOL!..... 😁....

Chase positivity

3.0k reactions 119 comments
Masako Taguchi Dale!
Demirhan Soifong Kul Pitbull yavaş ciyerimi söktün
Rasel Khan good ...
Yesim Kirak Wow my sexy
Thodoris Stavridis Pitbull with pussycats next to him

A shout out to all the fans this weekend!

10.9k reactions 97 comments
Buitrago Juan Jose Alex Bien
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words
Shahrooz Hosseini Can't wait to see you in DC on October 3rd
Rasel Khan nice black .....
Sandra Porras Leslie Cerda #atanijos #dale #mipelonfavorito :*

FBF The "Fireball" shoot from 2014

14.0k reactions 177 comments
Shawna CallingBull Valos yummy baby 😍😍😘😘 ...
Rıza Tahir Come to BEŞİKTAŞ
Hilda Jesse Garcia Luv u Pitbull Dale!
Md È Ràÿhàñ :)
Joshua Johnson Tom Davison Calvin Lawrence

TBT Getting ready to go on tour with Enrique Iglesias next month

38.2k reactions 601 comments
Yolanda Monje Patino I went to see both of you when you both came to Sacramento. :)
Jacqui Davis Diana Elizabeth Saucedo this time I need to make it through till the end 😁
Tully Bolas Julia De Angelis not washed up old bucks... they still got it!
Maysoun Qasem Ahlam Aqrabawi Aila Aqrabawi it was unforgettable their concert marked before and after in my life ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Gareth Cave Sasha Ward name a better duo, I'll wait

Together we stay winning

7.2k reactions 87 comments
Shawn Thomas #Mr305 💙
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words
Kunal Yaddav Daleeee
Chiraz Boudef 😍
Márcia De Ávila Bueno Adoroooooo

Please show support for Natalia https://www.gofundme.com/natalias-medical-treatment-fund

Click here to support Natalia
Click here to support Natalia's Medical Treatment Fund organized by Maria Frometa

Hello, My name is Maria I'm Natalia's mom. Natalia was a healthy young girl with dreams of being a great professional dancer when she grew up. At 12 she began getting weird stomach symptoms. She was misdiagnosed for several years . She was then diagnosed with gastroparesis which is actually...

2.4k reactions 74 comments
Debbie Tharpe I'm fine Pit Bull!Their lieing...
Lorraine Contreras God bless her I hope she gets well
العاقل really nice of you, i hope she gets all she need.
Merce Garcia Estara en mi oraciones
Masako Taguchi Wishing her a speedy recovery

Share the spotlight

7.8k reactions 73 comments
Yesim Kirak My sexy rocky again
Aping Aping Pitbul dance floor
Jawanto Das I want to meet you
Welinton Hartmann Share the spotlight
Ayush Gupta Ayee... the bad man!!❤️

Turn thoughts into action!

5.3k reactions 90 comments
Jenny Fortner I wish I was one of them up there! 😜
Md È Ràÿhàñ awesome pitbull
Emily Bibby Rhys Field such inspirational words
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words
Helen Cup Sounds awesome!!


8.7k reactions 121 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in getting LOUD
Deividas Kaklauskas Nice
Tolotea Tia Petersen 😎😁
Helen Cup YES!!!!
LollyKen Zamani I Luh You👌

Who's ready for a good time?

6.5k reactions 126 comments
Jordan Brown Yes I am. Who's with me!!!
Robiul Mrh I'm ready but i can't go there 🙂
Carter McFarland William Evans is ready for a good time!
El Genio Mr worldwide 🤘🍾
Junairis Iglesias I am very ready for a good time with you Mr. 305😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Let's enjoy the weekend!

10.3k reactions 142 comments
Tyler Conaway You know I will, Mr. Worldwide! Dalé
Balen Fatah Lo dakay 7iz
Zainab Shanetskaya let's go bb ♥ ♥
Zainab Shanetskaya I ♥u Mr.worlwild
Sorin Atodiresei And pray for Barcelona!

We moved! Find your favorite music and DJs from around the world on channel 13 SiriusXM Radio #Globalization

1.9k reactions 39 comments
Kruti Dudhat 💗💗💗💗💗
Chanelle Girard Louis Godbout-Drouin je veux sirius!!!!!!! Laura Levy
Nozar Schaiegy Hi Pitbull.
Aom Moon Hello sir 🎵🌍👌👑🌛💙🎵🌍
Linda Watson I don't have Sirius XM. Channel#Dale!!!

Car racing at sea? Dale! Check out Norwegian Cruise Line new ship, #NorwegianBLISS, sailing out of the 305 to The Caribbean in 2018.

2.2k reactions 53 comments
Izaskun Gómez Awesome!!Great idea. I'd love to be there,Pitbull <3
Bikash Mondal Nice..
Lisa Henrich wow, that's cool
Masako Taguchi Wish I could go!
La Española So proud to be a Norwegian 😎🇳🇴

On a mission from negative to postive

7.9k reactions 96 comments
Md È Ràÿhàñ hy br
Julia Martin El mio el mas grande, el mejor...Dale
Ayesha Khan Pitbull The Great!
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in words
Onencan Patrice Brown Grt

Small steps lead to big goals

8.3k reactions 221 comments
Ateeq Ansari Hehe gud h
Ateeq Ansari Green light
Adam Ames Rae Costain
Alexin Brilliant Lucky useless man
Onyapidi Mag Geralds Legend

Stress less and dance more

23.8k reactions 406 comments
Wendy Buco As Always! And with a HUGE smile on my puss💃💃💃💃💃💃
Blanca Ramirez Sale☺☺
Áine Ní Chaomhánaigh Words of wisdom, amirite? #dale #saturdaymotivation Sarah Ruth Morla
Rugilė Šaltytė Martyna Michałowska exceptional advice from the one the only
Mohamed Sherif منور يا بيتبول متنساش خروجتناه يوم السبت الجاي مع جينفير وكارولينا ومتنساش تسلملي على الواد مارك انتوني

Fans bring passion around the world

10.3k reactions 115 comments
ヨオ 啓 ㅣㅐㅍㄷ love
Teresa Couser Awsome Mr World Wide
Tuhin Khondokar love u boss
Sandra Porras Leslie Cerda #Dale #mipelonfavorito :*
Andrea Garrido Pitbull the best 😍👌❤️

Move with the people

6.7k reactions 82 comments
Janet Torres Woo love this Pitbull you look great
Moni Loly Mi amor Dale 305
Deep DALE💪
Elizabeth Rose Lambert I love him
Juliette van Berkum Elise wednesday, party

Pitbull's cover photo

17.0k reactions 164 comments
Gracy Garcia Bonnie Ochoa are you ready?? Dalé!
Billy Tsuma Enrique
Sali Soitashvili რა ხალხი რა ხალხი 😂😂😂
Bombon Gonzalez Whoahhhh
Josh Lorey Dale Equid name a better duo ???

Come together through the music

7.6k reactions 81 comments
Guqong Qingzhi Watch please
Spinney Moore Dale
Janet Torres LOVE IT!....:) <3
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS beauty in people
Homam Almzewghi Pitbull ilove you
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