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Y'all having a good time out there?

11.9k reactions 199 comments
Kim Haddock Don't stop the Party!!!❤
Clare Reyes Gonzalez Love me some Pitbull!
Jennifer L Radich McCann With you...always💃🏻
Karen Kruse Si but would be better with you ...oyale,Dale
Moses Yuan Good morning, Pitball!

Come on mami, you know what it is

12.1k reactions 273 comments
Aaron Kharwar Ron dale 24/7 vamos chicos y chicas
Eileen Strohbach Happy Sunday Pit ❤
Paul Boulom I do know what it is
Abbi Myer hola amor!
Sandra Porras #dale

Walk this way!

9.7k reactions 150 comments
Fahad Farooque Dale
Mahatabul Alam This way,DALE😂😂😎😎
LuAnn Hembree Yes Daleeeeee ! ! ! !
Yuliana SchMi Mi Chulo que bien se te ve ese color de ropa.... DALEEEE
Natjarawee Peyre (Y)

We're taking it down

10.8k reactions 184 comments
Mark D Bill Looking awesome and good luck with you and Enrique this summer to.
Corie E. Gilbert Love you Pitbull would so love to meet you one day.
Rohit Kumar Love you sir
Yamann Sood Amanjot Singh dekh sala kinna khush 😂
Peggy Johnson Miller Who won the contest for dinner and a show?

Young man, old soul

3.8k reactions 198 comments
Kelley Faulkner Pitts #myboi
Tracy Sharp luvv him xxxx
Heidy Mora Ilyy Pitbul te Amo soy tu mega Fan 💖🎵🎤
Vanessa Anderson So sexy! Dale <3
Natjarawee Peyre (Y)

Let's go! Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners Support Ethan & our kids future. Approve #SomersetSunset #HelpEthansFuture #doitforthekids DALE!

1.8k reactions 110 comments
Lendy Marrero Yes to kids Love you
Xtrema On Line looking good
Nozar Schaiegy Smart boy Pitbull.
Rex Azim Nice
Lori Bitar Let me know how I can help!

Think we're giving away our lives and our privacy? Think again. Great new rule from Bill Maher. Let's make life about leading more than following.

2.0k reactions 50 comments
Alessandro Lazzara YES
Abdelwahab Abbie Radouan ;) DJ ABI – Hot Party Mix #9 = REAL DRUMZ + CLUB HOUSE Norty Cotto-Marimba Magic (Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Rmx) Martina Camargo 2Dope-Manguelena H O T Alex Acosta-Piano Drums DJ Nibblez Ft.KS Drums-Feeling The Drums The Kwaito ft. Dj ...
Sejal Shah Pitbull😘
Kevin Kelly Dale
Eileen Strohbach 😉

Work for success

8.8k reactions 178 comments
Joanne Rullens Britt Kortis [email protected]@!!21
Sean O'Connor Adam O'Connell again such wise words
Elizabeth Rose Lambert Love u 😘😘😍😍😍
Rahul Kumar Yes, I got it pit.
Nevada Rain Kalai Success is Breathing! If you breathing you are successful!!

¡Feliz día de la madre hoy y todos los días! #MothersDay #DíaDeLaMadre

18.0k reactions 268 comments
Bernice Whitfield Happy mother's day to your mom to pitbull
Monique Gonzalez you can not marry a woman who dont know how to cook, but they do know how wash dishes very well.
Arianna Donna Durucz I love you Pitbull! I like to hear .... Arianna song ........ thank you😍
Dhanaraj Barman How pitbull celebrate Mother's Day! Once he had been driven out. Hats off u man
Bahroz Mustafa Akar Shex Rauf Yad Shex Hewa Hemn Latif sayry kan hhh.. enja ama bo mothery key pewananawa :D

Happy Mother's Day today and every day! #MothersDay #DíaDeLaMadre

17.2k reactions 207 comments
Mari Luisa Happy Mother's day to your beautiful mamá!! GOD bless her and you
Daisy Cardona Thank you 💝! Happy Mothers Day to your Mom.
Monique Gonzalez brb later. going on some errands around town in California.
Meet Bro Happy mother day
Esla Stapleton Happy Mothers Day.

Meet up at #TheAxis Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino this summer? To enter, go to photoandgo.com/pitbull

2.9k reactions 215 comments
Jennifer L Radich McCann I sure hope so!!!!!
Steve Perry You're carrying the musical nuclear codes
Alvarez de Sanches Mr.305❤
Zenaida Zveligh #Dale..

We only have one life, we gon' live it up!

24.7k reactions 352 comments
Praphassorn Taritchat #PitbullCancelLiveInBangkok 😭😭😭😭😭
Yukari Rainanik Why don't U coming Bangkok?! We, fans waiting for U're live performance!(T_T)
Mehdi Dilmi Live it up mister 3 0 5 ;) why we have the fucking money ;)
Sàlman Ahmêd Only pitbull is real...
Monique Gonzalez Pitbull,😃😎👂👀👓You should join Carlos Vives & Gente de Zona tonight at the concert bring your hot dancers & all sing.

Let the beat take over

13.9k reactions 219 comments
Elsa Alvarez #Dale#305#YouRock
Virginia Mae Wood Every time I play your music
Minsun Park 😤
SimOo FarOuk Dale 💜
Sary Millares Castillo Dale ! 😂

Viva Las Vegas! Win a free trip to see #MrWorldwide in concert and meet up for dinner. To enter, go to photoandgo.com/Pitbull

1.8k reactions 120 comments
Deborah Beysthefield Thanks for sharing ALWAYS
Jennifer L Radich McCann 😍😘😍😘😍
Laraib Nasir I think I will have to fly! 😂 NNazia Khan
Masako Taguchi Wish I could go!
Janet Neykova Amazing LOVE

Live the cabana life! Norwegian Sky, all-inclusive, from the 305 to the Bahamas & Great Stirrup Cay. #CruiseNorwegian http://bit.ly/2pWIn8S

8.5k reactions 187 comments
Cara Johnson Tarricone Someday I might be lucky enough.
Nadia Karim Jui Wow what a view
Tabarek Al-abdaly 💙💙
Jennifer Peter I wish
Elizabeth Herrera Stephanie look how pretty!!! Vamonos!! lol...

The Big Picture. Pause. Reflect. Celebrate mom when you enter to win a trip to Vegas. Enter to win at photoandgo.com/pitbull Photo & Go

7.8k reactions 173 comments
Sam Kiernan Lilly O'Neill a goddamn inspiration
Mike Perryman "Yeah yeah baby, now jiggle it baby, let me tickle it baby" #mrWW
Arianna Donna Durucz Stay with me always, without you I'll be lost in this world! You are my soul, you are my heart,
Elizabeth Dumais I love your music more touring with JBL speakers Crown amps Harman International brands...were International...
Fonseca Dahlia Please choose me i am a party lover day and night always listsening to reggetone and spanlish music ok dale.

Stay motivated

14.2k reactions 223 comments
Thomas Dolfi #MondayMotivation 🙌
Hannah Reyes Joshua Cooke now I've associated you with Pitbull
Sean O'Connor Adam O'Connell daily motivational quote from our hero
Anas Patel but how do we do that pit? Jaymesh
Dean Watson Taylah Jackson he will be so good on Saturday

We are bringing "Hey Ma" to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, tonight at 8/7c on MTV!

13.9k reactions 148 comments
Janet Neykova Super LOVE
Tarun Juneja I miss u
Tarun Juneja Paaa ji
Gloria Martinez Hola, from Corpus Christi, Texas Dale!
Reinkarnasi Maya thanks for the share

Win a trip to Vegas for you and your mom to meet up with yours truly for dinner and a concert. To enter, upload a photo of you and your mom at photoandgo.com/pitbull

17.9k reactions 565 comments
Austin Crawley Isaac Crawley If you don't go to Pitbull with your mum then is she really even your mum?
Ryan Creel Char, you could eat dinner with the one and only!
Ashley Logian Dina Gonzales I entered us. Your dreams could actually maybe come true! :)
Norma Harris Aww Meghan Lisa, how fun would this have been?? Sadly, it's not open to us 🇨🇦😢
Mika Nakoma Chee I could only wish for , 😣😭😭 I am morherless so I can't participate, how sad

Watch, learn and listen

9.5k reactions 209 comments
Masako Taguchi ❤️
Kawthar JA I feel happy when I listen to your songs ❤😍❤
Juliette van Berkum Elise friday, learn
Mi Deh Yah Grinding 👀 that meat big god damn
Anca Gherman-Jude Always....it's a good advice

Stay blessed

19.2k reactions 400 comments
Hilda Jesse Garcia Dale!
Estela Cervantes Te amoooooo siempre te amareee
Fahad Abbasi Like me if you love pitbull
Sila Khan Amazing
George Pitsounis Pit i'll be in Miami this december to celebrate christmas hope you be there cauze i am your biggest fans since i was a little kid...

Connect through the music

2.7k reactions 179 comments
Mi Deh Yah Grinding ❤️All part of Globalization💦
Krystle Mai ***Have floor seats to Houston concert June 18th. Message if interested **
Mi Deh Yah Grinding 🔦"I don't need ice for women to chill with me"💎
Mi Deh Yah Grinding 😜"One's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party"🤑
Rohit Kumar Love you sir

Let your dreams carry you

8.5k reactions 208 comments
Armando Christian Perez Srilankan we love you pit
Gloria Martinez Hola, from Corpus Christi, TX Dale!
Elsa Alvarez #Dale#305#YouRock
Lorraine Meneses 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️
Eliana Salazar 😍Dios Te Amo Infinitamente #Pitbull 305 😍😘

Win an all expense paid trip for two to see yours truly in concert and meet up for dinner in Vegas. To enter, upload a photo of you and mom at photoandgo.com/pitbull

3.4k reactions 246 comments
Jody Hoppe This beautiful woman is my daughter. She is my best friend and my rock. I knew the first day i met her she would be my best friend. Please pick us we need the time of our lives.
Leslie Zambrano Jennifer Zambrano Michael should enter their picture with Pitbull she would love to go to Vegas lol
Liana Soto This lady is the best . La mejor madre de el mundo . I don't know what I'll be without her
Ada Gilda Mitchell Mi madre está en Honduras 🇭🇳 la podemos mandar a traer te lo voy agradecer 😘besos
Lies DL Henk Tonia ma ik heb een foto van ons gestuurd! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 zou leuk zijn samen 😘😘😘

We are sorry to inform fans at the New Orleans Jazz Fest that Pitbull will be unable to perform today. Due to flight safety and weather issues he was unable to make it to New Orleans. Pitbull is extremely sorry to disappoint his fans and the Jazz Fest community and looks forward to being back at Jazz Fest in the future.

2.5k reactions 214 comments
James Holt That Nigga just scammed all those people for their money....SUCKERS!!!
Glenda Starling Stanley Pitbull we understand love you anyway there be other times.
John Davies We Love Ya! Pitt!!!!! #jazzfest2017 💿📀💿📀®
Laura Rodriguez Que pena Calvucho yo que había comprado el tikes !!bueno así conozco más New Orleans!! Suerte para la next!! Laury
Pam Iverson Totally understand. Safety always comes first. Still love you and respect you even more.

Make the party last

12.7k reactions 235 comments
Melissa Keser Thats great and right : King 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Shantie R Dhanantwari Yeah
Monique Gonzalez https://www.facebook.com/jellie018 Exactly, Julie mother's needs to get her straight.....not try to stop other people.Look at Home first Julie mother lady....figure out the real problem
Panchis Martinez Belllo como el solo
Arnold John Chipakuza Nice!!

Create your own lane

5.4k reactions 217 comments
Monique Gonzalez she know she a liar & was reported. www.facebook.com/erika.c.figueroa Was going to say the wrong but didnt she mean what if i had on or something, but i dont have a son and if he was being bullied on facebook cause that is what erika is doing even ...
Badshah Xsz Awsm sir awsm
Isaak Cohen Jules DALE in the fast laaaaane
Melissa Keser The Best //// King ////:::👑👑👑👑👑
Moni Loly Maravilloso papichulo Dale.305'my angel. Sexy

#TBT Rocking the crowd with"Give Me Everything"

8.3k reactions 184 comments
Ken Davis That was fabulous loved it
Janet Neykova S Wow amazing LOVE
Joe Tolley We'd be tearing it up Devon Stanton
Somrudee Cannard I like you and your song 🎵🎵❤❤❤
Niurka Melendez Todo lo haces con mucho deseo y amor 😊😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Take advantage of tonight

8.6k reactions 186 comments
Elizabeth Rose Lambert Hello
Kiran Shah Thank u for ur lov... Pitbull😘
Melissa Keser ((((( King ))))) 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Eva Reineke Rachel Hutter hoodrat thingz #dale
Mohmad Bilal #NoFlyZone4Rojava

Thank you to The Marley Brothers for having us out to celebrate Kaya Fest

10.1k reactions 193 comments
Naazra Zak 😀😀😀I know you want me.... Love the song
Suraj Kumar You the best MF
Monique Gonzalez she verbally wanted one of the Ortiz twins, she could have asked me for one or the other not put pics with something that belongs to me. Stalker, Stalker. https://www.facebook.com/MzTatz89
Njeri Wa Nganga Options-ft Stephen Marley is a good song
Irene Lopez Handsome
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