Demi Lovato

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Shaka Chaka W thank you Lord for leading me away from Temptation
David Cowley Gorgeous sexy beautiful beauty in you stunning amazing beautiful beauty
Ashley Fischer I'm so upset why can't I find someone to go with me on Thursday to see you😢😭
Jose Llanes MAMI I'am so mad the I can't help, Its becuse I'am poor..
Chloe Louise Shelton Oh my 🙈😍😍 saved my life and inspires me 24/7 xxxxx

Thank you for having me on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!! Love you BFFFFFFFF Jimmy Fallon ❤️ #SorryNotSorry

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Lisa Johnson Demi, next time you have a party at your house lay your rules down it's your place and if they don't like it tell them SorryNotSorry.
Annabel Doyle Demi lovely song--you look fantastic!!!
Jacqueline Yang Saie Joshi Haven't watched yet but you should
Paige Strunk Blake Bierhaus have you heard this song yet? Banger
Alissa Jackson Je me suis avec toi et danc et comme ok danc Gmail avant de vous Too many times and how are you doing çe soir ok elles

Hanging out with my BFF Jimmy Fallon TONIGHT on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 😈 Don’t miss it!!

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Sandy Guevara thought your BFF was Nick 😝😝
Antonie Johannes Pienaar Demi you are awesome and your peformances and work you do is brilliant i love it
Cabanes Loma Daisy I love u dime you look beautiful all the time you are my idol,,
Steven Sarubbi Tara Johnson Gibson watch this if you missed it, interview and performance
Dave Allen I'll pass... sick of the liberal BS on TV these days

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Taylor Rose Gainey Demi you're so beautiful inside and out. Keep being you
Samantha Nicole Peters Zehra Orhan please come on Tour Demi Lovato
Kelvin C Finch OMG IN LOVE WITH DEMI!!!!
Rafael Luiz Queira Cristiano acho que não foi essa Demi Lovato que tu viu no Villa Mix 😂😂

I’m SO ready to see what you guys got! You ready to sing #SorryNotSorry with me? 😈 Smule

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Hearts Eny Oh yes I am for when I ready to become a super star how can ibgo about it o can sing
Hearts Eny I want and sing salsa r&b freestyle slow jams watch
Jairo Torres Demi is an FC Barcelona fan and Ariana is a Real Madrid fan.
Idowu Jacob I love the song sorry not sorry I may not really know the song well but I will definitely sing it with you
Ashley Fischer I want to sing along to your song but I don't want to mess up 😬

Happy birthday to one of my absolute best friends Nick Jonas. Many ups and downs over the last 11 years together but we're still here for one another no matter what. Hope you have an amazing year, you deserve it! Ps. We need new pics together 😝

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Rosey Severide Happy birthday Nick Jonas,hope have a wonderful birthday. Today's my 20 birthday with my uncle
Cris Johnson Hey Nick its my birthday too!!! Happy birthday!!!
JE MI Na HappY Birthday Nick Jonas 😌😌😌 Tons loVe ,,😃😁😁 💘💘 frm NEPAL😌😍😍
Luvlia Hr BFF..Demi & Nick Jonas ♥️ Happy Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 Cutie Gorgeous Nick 👄
Renato Fio DE Luz Parabéns e muitos anos de vida e muita unção de Deus na sua vida Nick Jonas sucesso ambos em nome do Senhor Jesus Demi 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍


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Jacinto Nevarez enjoy sweet
Coley DaMoley Darmenia No singing guh
Beatriz Vasconcelos ❤️❤️
Maria Angélica Rosa Te Amoo

I 💗 my Lovatics. Thank you for last night Spotify!!

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Juan Gomez Awww Demi, always beautiful sexy and attractive, especially when you smile 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗
Dinorah Flores Como desearía ser esa chica!!! Qué afortunada! I LOVE YOU DEMI! <3 #MEXICANLOVATIC
Ashley Jean How in tf do ppl get invited to these things????
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend with Demi Lovato

💪🏼 Fabletics

54.7k reactions 383 comments
Roy O. Coffey Jr. Baby, what does lavato mean, tell me, lol?
Lionel Mike u'r always been perfect , keep doing u'r thing
Bk Roberts Buy NOW for 15% off SHOP HERE ~~>>
Amitakash Jha Fitness..with cute smile ..
Kound Htack that's enough to slim bae hold on ;)

Speaking at the GRAMMY Museum tomorrow & we’re live-streaming the conversation!! You guys will be able to watch at ❤️

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Louise Clarke Yas! Can't wait to watch it! 😍💖😁x
Stefany Paim Godois So proud of you my Girl 💜 love you 😍
Alissom Youke I just love you
Nick Helpap that be fun one
Renato Fio DE Luz A vagas com você?

Big congrats to Jax Jones on his new Beats 1 radio show!! Tune-in at 3pm PT for #HouseWork at 😈 #Beats1JaxJones

8.2k reactions 35 comments
Ilias Ma Sofian Ouahchi
Juliana Minari Lari Souza aaaaaaaa
Fırat Çelikkaya <3
Serhat DL Okçu <3
Larissa Gouvêa 😍😍😍😍😍

Photos from Demi Lovato's post

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Leslie Stevenson Thank love goodness today you for
Abraham Santillana What time you go out for the bread? Te amo gracias
Ian Minjiras Adriann LaMear I am dead now. I can't function today. I am overwhelmed with feelings.
Chris Mills That is an ugly couch.....
Luis Villaseñor what kind of brazzers is this?

‪Wanna see a little behind the scenes of the #SORRYNOTSORRY video? Shazam this video now 😈‬

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Rose Paniagua Great night!😍
Mayra Támara Perdomo I love you so much💝
Edgar Manning Cervantes Perfect.
Barkly Haz Bernal Queennn
Shenchu Beryl Maley Beautiful

I’m flying YOU out to join me on set and be in one of my music videos! Yes, for real 😊 All for a good cause! GO: Omaze Global Citizen

65.0k reactions 1746 comments
Kourtnei O Romig Yeah... it does stink that there is a very small chance for someone to win this if they arent rich... BUT it can never hurt to try. And even if you dont win, you can still help donate money for a good cause. So... why not? If u have $10... donate it... ...
Jennifer Crivelli No well I can't belive that 😍 that should be like a dream came true..unfortunally I'm staying in Italy 😔 so far away from you...but I don't wanna give up right now..I'm 24..I still hope to see you one day, and maybe hug you. Love you babe ❤️
Cassie Michelle This would be an amazing opportunity, but I already know I wouldn't be the winner, couldn't afford time off of work for the life of me, and I never win anything. Hope it's an unfortunate soul and it does something for their life. ❤️
Areli Valdez If i was in the video of Demi Lovato i take in to china or to another place where no one finds it is not sefe for Demi that i am there;)
Janell Marie Rodrigue Richard My son is a kid with a disabled behavior and we love ur music.the sad part is we or barely making it I GT in a second car wreck and can't hardly work so I couldn't buy ur tickets for me and my husband and son to go see u I prayer one day I can buy us ...

Timeline Photos

6.9k reactions 48 comments
Stephane Brito JB BR 💜
Celly Ogioni Demi sua linda! 💖
Rafael Leonilio O Grammy te notaaaaaaa !
Camilli Gava Canta muito !!!! Que voz é a sua !!!! 💙
Andrea Cristiane Pereira Beautiful

#TMYLMtracklist is out! Which song are you guys most excited for?? 😏 Pre-order here: ✨ #TellMeYouLoveMe

16.6k reactions 308 comments
Rabia Elmas Şahin Only Forever and Lonely. I love you so so much babe 💖
Brianna Herrera Just saw daddy issues and cry baby and thought of The Neighbourhood
CJ Sinfuego I can't choose. But I think Hitchhiker and Ruin the Friendship are my favorites.

Woke up ready to work. Fabletics #Demi4Fabletics

53.0k reactions 735 comments
Hayden Young Hello, lookin sexy as ever showin off all that boobage. You're lookin good gurl 😍♥️
Pasi Rajala You are Amazing and Beauytiful and Awesome Lady ⚘❤⚘
Nick Cacciacarro Nicole Toth bust a nut now I'm back to thinking money
Staid Staind Sunday Sunday My dealing I wanna love you now,, just keep your body for me
Deepak Gaur Gorgeous Nd Cute Nd Must Pic Yaar Demi Darling Good Morning I Love you

221.6k reactions 2467 comments
Nna Emeka Did a wonderful job at the event tonight. Heroic and kind of you to do that for people to assist in the relief of the tragic time event. Appreciative. You looked and performed A+ . Txt you later. Peace and love.
Shane Cresswell Everything you do is beautiful Miss Lovato. You are on fire girl and no one gonna put out your flame thats for sure. 🔥
Andreas Klein Demi, you're a beautiful woman! Why are you doing this? You destroy your natural beauty! Please think about it ...
Yanica Bszrf It's not demi anymore 😐 so much make up :( but i still love her music and she inspires me every day 😍 she is the best xxx
Lincoln Williams Have a great one my good friend and good things always happens to you and the future that brings out more inside of you from the Lord

Taking over Beats 1's Chart right now!! Open Apple Music, tap Radio and press ▶️ to tune-in 💗 #DemiBeats1

20.9k reactions 183 comments
Ева Досева. QUEEN
Oskar Ignat Venegas Carcamo Gonna be a great show!
Luiggi Yannuzelli Demi , écoute moi tu es le TOP. Luiggi.
Percie Okako Nice baby
Pablo Andres Mure Mercado Talk the talk baby 😍🎧🖤

Texas girls Brooklyn and Bailey ❤ Thanks everyone for coming out to my Fabletics event & helping support #HurricaneHarvey relief and Girl Up!!

24.3k reactions 115 comments
Violette Risberg Love ya demi
Omar Silpot Looking real good
Alessandra Wentz my proud
Alessandra Wentz love you demi!!
Alessandra Wentz you are my queen


47.4k reactions 505 comments
Reggie Bronson I love you and you are my favorite singer
Brock Palmbos I think we all love you, Demi....
Kev Buder Please kick despacito out of the Charts with your talent!!!❤
Ezequiel Garza I need You like a needle to my vein!I need you like Hustler a needs Bread! I love you!!!
Laura Carina Luiz Francisco cara tiro que eu to levando com as fotos dessa mulher nossa senhora

We added a little something to the #SORRYNOTSORRY page on Shazam... 😈

13.4k reactions 118 comments
Gean Barbosa Pisa menos vadia 👑
Alessandra Wentz i love you demi
Alessandra Wentz love you so much
Laísa Barbosa Queen 💖
Maikel A. Santana Revela el tracklist, mamaweba


78.5k reactions 519 comments
Riley Pearce Still can't believe I got to meet you!
Nakayenga Susan Helon Lv u en ur style Demi, ur most loyal fun from ug
Juan Gomez Beautiful, glamorous, and attractive Demi 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Taylor O'Connor Absolutely sexxxxy as hell keep it goin
Juan Palacios Wishing you were here with me in love. In my arms 💖😥

Hanging out in my hometown Fabletics store for a special #Demi4Fabletics event today! Should I post more pics on IG Story?? 😏

41.2k reactions 435 comments
Renato Fio DE Luz Algum deixará que eu a vejo? Sim ou não? Não demores ou o que impede diga em nome do Senhor Jesus 💟💟
Rebecca Martineau I'm wearing my fabletics too!!! ❤ The only issue is the seam down the front is unraveling slightly
Joseph Nerk Beautiful sexy immaculate skin femme par excellence
Jessica Burden Helllll yessssssss💘💘 post more! Love you so much Demi pleaseeee come to Belfast in Northern Ireland or Dublin 😩😩⭐️💖💖
Randy Johnson You are one of My favorite Celebrities, You are Beautiful and You have a Huge Heart!

‪You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore‬ ‪#TellMeYouLoveMe‬ ‪‬

40.0k reactions 303 comments
Nikola Vučković Milica Vucetic Okay, she's killing it
Malik Jackson Demi I mat you I porson befor winn I was a kid .it was teen demi I mat
Malik Jackson I can,t play ball like that .its two thing am saying your photo and me
Skizzy Jay You are so beautiful and its always for u. Don't worry
Paloma Alwaysrock this song is emotional ..

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore #TellMeYouLoveMe 💚 Spotify

84.2k reactions 683 comments
Բորիս Վարդանյան Demiii. MY QUEEN MY WORLD MY IDOL MY ALL. PLEASE COME TO ARMENIA 💔💔💔💔 #ArmenianLovatics #ARMENIA #lovaticforewer #DemiLovato
Shenouda Makram Taylor Swift better than you in everything
Ylenia Castiglione You are so beautiful gosh I love you and your voice YOU ARE ART
Santiago Castro I love you so much my queen
Kristian Polland I am the Papa. I listen to Demi Lovato. Bubba plays in a rock and roll band called Kings Theatre.

Taking over Beats 1 Chart to count down the 20 biggest songs Monday at 11PM PT/7AM BST 💗 Don't miss it! #DemiBeats1

19.1k reactions 115 comments
Hevelyn Ferreira Alves Letícia Rocha Cardi B ataca novamente
Adriana Piña Lopez No entiendo nada, pero te ves perfecta mi amor 😍❤😂
Glenda Lovato AAAAAA Como eu amo essa mulher <3
Arbert Clarion Cazanova 😊👌👍👍👍

75.1k reactions 639 comments
Vinny Ortega I love you music and you are one woman awesome Demi Lovato
Norm Tallant Fierce, just the way we love you :)
Giovana Botton Deus me defendaray com esse cabelo dividido no meio, mas tá linda bb
Kristi Victoria Vazquez Davalos Demi Demi Demi Demi and I Demi Akemi Okay, not the easiest poem. I adore you!
Kristi Victoria Vazquez Davalos I love you and you are beautiful and my hero

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore Out now on Apple Music 💙 #TellMeYouLoveMe

37.8k reactions 1037 comments
Dime Wayne But I just told you I loved you, now I'm haha
Angela Ubaldo Anna Noij can u like imagine singing this. itd be a nightmare to even try 😭 how does she do it
Alejandra Tenorio Omg this is my new favorite song! Love you demi
William Barrett You don't do it for me either never have never will!
Jennifer Hunter Jamie Youngs Im going to see her when she goes back on tour!

You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore ✨ TONIGHT at 12am ET / 9pm PT #TellMeYouLoveMe #TMYLMpreorder

23.7k reactions 232 comments
Young A.B More fire! 🔥🎹🎶🏚 Brand new banger "Back To The Trap" is now live!
Pritha Dutta Majumder I love you from the core of my heart 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Amy Demi Leigh Lovatic What channel number is this on Sky?
Chloe Jade Yassss soo exciting Demi!😭 Love you my Queen👑💖xoxox
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