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Can’t wait to hit the stage Live TONIGHT at the #AMAs at 8|7c on ABC!! Don't miss it 😈 #SorryNotSorry

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Apryl Renee Krouy Mary Ann we can try and get the antenna to work so we can have this on while having dinner 🙂
Angelyn Jeon Whats the logo of ABC?
John Flynn Missed it..forgot it was on.
Austin Angel-Powers AMAZED!!!! <3 <3 <3 #AProudLoveatic #RealOne #SorryNotSorry #UnApolegetic

‪Tomorrow. 8pm ET. American Music Awards. You ready?? #SORRYNOTSORRY #DEMIxAMAs ‬

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Michael Catney DEAR Demi Lovato 1Q R U READY????? 😎🇨🇦️❤️
Kwin Nanya Oh Yeah,am ready show them ur stuff demii!
Jazmín Alvarez you have to sing ANOTHER SONG NOT SORRY NOT SORRY PLEASE
Matthew Cheng You looked very gorgeous in the poster, Demi!
Dennis Huver Can't wait to see my girl show us it's done girl U Da best Girl♥

Love this pic 🔥 Luis Fonsi #echamélaculpa

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Ivan Junior Parras I never seen Demi as pretty as this video. Love you mija. Muahz
Jéssica Paiva Silvania, a Demi linda como sempre, mas... É impressão minha ou esse cara parece o Latino? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Теди Ангелова I love you so much Demi and Luis
Josh TheSupremě I already downloaded this song on my iPhone 7 😁😁😁😁
Arenita Castro esta bellisima la musica con fonsi Demi Lovato <3 ojala sigas cosechando muchos mas exitos felicidades.

Just saw we broke the Vevo 24 hour Latin record?! Thank YOU Lovatics ❤️ #EchameLaCulpa Luis Fonsi

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Eddy Amadeo Huanca Rubil Ag PS te amaba Demetria te amaba ... Por qué la tenías que cagar con ese tema y con Fonsi RIP lovato
岡田哲夫 Hello, Demi Lovato.😍 It is wonderful.🍇🍎✈🏰🚌🎶💃
R'Angelica Floress So prouuuuuuud!!😍 i love you my queen!👏👏👏👏👏💚💚💚💚💚💚 arriba la Música Latina!😍
Amori Patrick Anderson Leweni Jr. The next despacito.. Really loved your new song Demi and fonsi.

#EchameLaCulpa video is here!! Best dance party ever 💃🏻 ❤️ Luis Fonsi

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Allison Deno Seriously loving the yellow but not liking the green and red together. Either way your so beautiful, great job
Talia Miliani I love the concept but the lyrics just weren't that good. It could be so much better. But you look and sound amazing.
Leanet Andino González I love it ! You both guys are amazing . I love the video , the song , the style . My favorite song now , something new and fresh . Demi thanks for be singing a Spanish song wow. 😍😘
Demargo McMillon That was kinda off but she should of sung in Spanish matter of fact she need to do some reggeaton songs with adassa
Mariela Uhila I ❤❤❤❤ it keep singing lady. Either language was awesome to hear. Can we hear some more spanish tho. I thought that was amazing. Luv it.

#EchameLaCulpa ✨ OUT NOW Luis Fonsi

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Di Yapu Demiiii. 😍😍 god... You're so incredibleeee. ... 💛💛 amoooo la canción... Está buenisima!! 😍 keep singing in spanish :3 😍😍💛💛 love it!!!!
Gilbert Ray Mckenzie Brown Te sirvieron de algo las pocas clases de español que te di ¿? 🤗 Que linda suena tu voz en ese idioma 😍😉😚😋😎 All ways keep it rocking bby
Rachel McCully Aye aye aye! Love it!!!! If you don’t like it, why waste your time commenting! Jeez! Clearly you guys don’t have appreciation for the ART of music
Jesús González Don't mames eres súper arte Dios inclusa en inglesa y en española Iconik como siempre Diosmi siendo patrona de Ariana Selena y Miley, y la videa súper iconik muy hermosa una vez más demostrando que Dios está entre nosotros, y, bueno, lindo Luis Fonsi. ...
Rubén Aguilar I feel this will be everywhere on public buses.

Let’s do this MIAMI! Celebrate NYE 2018 poolside at Fontainebleau Miami Beach with me and Kygo 🎉🎉🎉 Get tickets at

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Chris Bell Hi Demi Lovato U Are So Awesome...
Jenna Catanzarite Let’s go to Miami 👍🏽 McKenna Smith
Frederick Kriegbaum Madsen Luise Sand Kristensen Hvis Kygo og Demi laver et collab... så dør jeg <3
Kaci D'Angelo Amanda Smaniotto told you we need to go to miami lol

One of my favorite Fabletics looks 🥊 The Champ Outfit #Demi4Fabletics

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Sang Duong Look a little cross eyed but still cute lol
Brandon Tweet Let's be real she could slay in a garbage bag
Vincent Francis Confidence is so attractive...
Marcus Motley I would let your mama stay with me if she got old and gray

#SORRYNOTSORRY is officially double platinum??? Thank YOU!! Love my Lovatics so much ❤️❤️

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Melissa Mendoza Demi Lovato you go girl. 😝♏️ may god continue to bless your successful career 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💕
Rupnath Devadi Dev Brahmaputra Allways love to your lovatics
Afaf ElBadaoui Congrats Ma DeLo *,* We Adore you , i'm proud to be a Lovatic <3 #Muchlove . Cannot wait for the Next Album Gaah !!!
Michael Moline You deserve it Baby Girl you rock Demi Lovato. You really light up a room with your presence. Your such a beautiful Angel to me Demi.
Marcy Caceres Love this song and your album. It definitely has a more mature sound to it :) congratulations!!!

#EchameLaCulpa ✨ November 17th Luis Fonsi

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Camila Villegas Gonzalez Francisca Fernanda Torres esto se esta saliendo de control jajajja nunca en mi vida pense que esto pasaria Xdddd
Noa Ouahmed Bilel Mezidi it looks like wild thoughts video
Brianna Lombera Jesus idk who I’m more here for Demi or Luis Fonsi
Devesel Alexandru Dorin Wey no mms ustedes dor harían una pareja muy linda jjjj! Ps. Espero la canción! 😍😍😍 ME muero por escucharla.
Jenn Gomez no imagino esta colaboracion, ya quiero escuhar la cancion y ver el video!!!!

November 17th 😏 Luis Fonsi

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Lion Garrix Diego O por dios es increible su vos de demi en español sera una cancion enorme pegadiza y fantastica para escucharla todos los dias te amo demi
Justin G Anderson I quit all my Spanish classes in the past. I dunno what is said in this song but sounds like rhyming
Korneel Dobbels Baeza Daisyy I'm gonna need you to teach me some more Spanish :p I wanna know what Demi is singing haha ;)
LaQuinda M Smith Handy She has song about 3 other songs in Spanish. Love it, even though I️ don’t know what she’s saying! Lol
Monse Rodriguez Amo a Demi y lo que quieran peeeeero , no manchen en esta canción su voz se escucha de señora, ya se que es otra lengua y lo que quieran pero si cambia muchísimo ,0.o igual la sigo amando

‪Had the best time performing on the #MTVEMA stage last weekend 🇬🇧❤️ I love you London!!!

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Amy Boni not from London I am from Scotland but I love you 2
Thaline Nunes Por mais apresentações de tell me you love me assim 😍😍😍😍😍
Eric J. Quiróz Sr. Omaigah....
Dominik Maric Jeanine muss einfach sein 🙄♥️
Thembelihle Sibisi I would kill or do anything for demi to come here at SA coz I would love to see her... Oh TELL ME YOU LOVE ME I need someone on days like this I do Oh can you hear my heart say... Ooooh oh You did your best or you Sometimes I think I hate you I'm ...

Always love visiting the BBC Radio 1 #LiveLounge. Thanks for listening!! #TooGoodAtGoodbyes SAM SMITH ❤️

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Kyle Schramm Jess Fick haven't listened yet but !!!!!
Emerson Franklin You were wonderful, always.❤❤
Collette Mitchell You were amazing on here and at radio live!!😍 Bring on the UK(Europe) tour! Can’t wait! 😜😍
Taylor O'Connor I cant wait to hear it lol
Jill Taliaferro I was the 666th person to share. Love it!

Having a blast in London 🇬🇧💙

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Kayla Clancy Ryan Nishan Sirian they are all wrong .. 1️⃣0️⃣
David M. Robbins I bet . Never been . Hopefully I'll get to see the world before I die .
Michael John Clark Lovely,hope you took a jacket.
Joshua Neace How do you upload pictures to YouTube?
Maddy Walsh-Haworth Kayleigh Gray she couldddd be having a blast in Manchester releasing these tickets for us 😆😆😆


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Judy Sentell No matter how a person feels about themselves, this look is still called indecent exposure. Still, I'm proud of you and your accomplishments, Demi. 💖
Sofie Nilsson So it's fine when guys comes dressed like that, but when a girl does it, then it has to be commented on?
Kari Emore Demi, I'm your biggest fan, this not a huge fan. Your flawless in n out, your smile is electric, your so talented. Your face n everything else about you is sexy enough you don't have to dress like this. The worthless Kardashian. Keep in it real is why I ...
Katine Anna Oh gosh.. This is crazy Uffffff (scared ME) Demi I don't think that you are going to wear like this ...but it doesn't look good you know? no no.. You gonna sell your own body wit an unreasonable price 😚 OMG I didn't know Wat to say, I was ...
Andrew R Smith Pardon me....are you currently taking applications for potential stalkers? I think I have what it takes! Love you HARD!!!

I 💜 Birmingham

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Hamza Arhab Yay, i'm early 😂 i feel like i have achieved something in my life 😭, hi demi 💜.
Marina Flores Paola mira la demi le gusta la escuela de inglés a la que vas 👀 que popu amiga
Steph Addington Need to play genting arena on your tour
Daisie Leigh Birmingham loves you too!!! ❤️❤️
Leah Marx Chelle I know you already saw this, but I barely found it. Oh my god.

Sounds Like Friday Night!

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Anthony Vito Reyes G-D Bless you look great, Demi much love & respect.👼😇😎✌💖😊
Jessica Joan Mcgillivray You look beautiful your such an inspiration and I love you
Luiggi Yannuzelli Si une femme plait, elle n'est pas libre. Les femmes qui méritent d'être aimées sont inaccessibles .Luiggi.❤️💛💙💚💗💥🌹😯🏝️🇨🇵️
نرجس ظافر الكيلاني I’m In Love With You Demi You So Beautiful 😍
Tony Arias sincerely mind God created beauty through demi lovato

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Ariel Gonzalez I know you hear this all the time so I'm sure one more time won't hurt but you're so perrrrty 😁
Fernando Warner Pamanes Vicky García dime cómo voy a dejar de amarla! Hermosa mi.amor!!!
Steven Bell i miss the tiger cup!!! ;-) think about it - and please take your time!
Gabriel Rosado Flawless my queen, love from Ecuador
Drelli Tapia I swear I'll do all good things with u vibe with a nigga

Hey Fonsi 😏 Luis Fonsi

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Faith Gower Please tell me you are working on something good with Luis Fonsi 🙏🏻😃
Mimin Hansing I thought Luis fonsi was short but Demi's even shorter hahaha LOL
Zahra Suleiman Fonsi nd lovato's gonna be awesome
Natalia Pilich Deeeespacito, Demi come to POLAND now not Despacito 😂 cause we want your concert in our countrito 😂 Martyna Simińska
Virginia Gonzalez Espero que la colaboración que hagan no sea una versión de despacito 😂😂😂😂 Daniela Melendez

Hustle 💪🏼 #Demi4Fabletics

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Janice Mendez Wow..your so beuatiful hot sexy demi..ilove you..
Boston Tique Evans What's wrong with being confident
Fay Res I’m wondering how many times you have truly run up and down the stairs looking great and healthy 👍
Jeremy Landreth How do I go about getting some of that??

Can't wait to guest-host #SoundsLikeFridayNight on BBC One tomorrow 💗 Tune-in at 7.30pm!

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Jimenez Maria Wuapisim my demi 😍😳
Jhan Zednem Ilove you so much Demi Lovato Im janice mendez from philippines i am a big fan of are my love ihope some day i cn see you in personal.♡♡♡
Donald Allan Have a wonderful time on the show Demi will be watching it tomorrow night.xx
Mackenson Joseph Jordan Sparks would flash a better smile
Patrice Passet You are my heart live 2017 demi lovato kiss😱❤❤❤

Thank you SO much to The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation for letting me play with your rescued cubs.. what an amazing way to start off the morning!

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Luiggi Yannuzelli Mon Dieu , si cette accolade m'ètait donnée , je serais le plus heureux des Hommes . Bisous Demi : I love you . Luiggi.❤️🌹😀😘🏝️🇨🇵️
Ricky Halloran This pic is so beautiful, you are so kind to the little lion
Nitin Nitin Nitin Nitin You looking beautiful and gorgeous with cute baby jaguar
Autumn Joy Rivers and just like that......I fell in love lmao
Norbertito Arrighi Blaquier QUE HACES LOCA ??? , ES GATO JODIDO !!! THE KING & THE QUEEN !!! TE AMO REINA 😀

#SimplyComplicated 💗

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Ashley Mitchell I absolutely love this ! Thank you Demi Lovato!
Emma Absalom Watched this yet Mikey? If not here ya go!
Danielle Card Pace This was so inspiring and such a powerful message! I helps me realize that we can do anything and recover from anything that happens to us. As well as seeking help isn’t something to be ashamed about. It has helped me to seek help for problems from my ...
Jaala Baldwin Georgie Next time you have a spare hour 20 you should most definitely watch this
John Cruz Saw it already and I'll say it again:loved it

Alright guys!! MTV EMA voting ends on Saturday. Head over to to vote ❤️

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Elijah Olawoyin Demi Lovato a girl of her words
Kylie Debono 😍😍😍
Bryson Base I voted for you Demi Lovato
Chloe Spears Ahhh YEAH IM VOTING ALL THE WAY FOR U Demi Lovato!!! <3 Ya'll cant miss this Lovatics!!! It is gonna be AMAZING!!!
Patrice Passet Voted love so much demi lovato kiss💘😱

Worked on something special this weekend... can’t wait for you all to see.

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Ronald Dam Vamp rock and roll wow this is demi
Lyndsey Parnell Love you demi can't wait to see what you got instore for us
David Tipping I love you Demi, i look forward to everything that you do.
Fred Durkee Demi, you are so beautiful. Stay focused, and keep up the great work!! So love you. Just saying.
Nora M. Elaaraj Daher Basset you can't go to her concert without me that's unfair😞😣


117.2k reactions 1947 comments
Joy J. Aidens I can’t help but think of “Cleavage?” “Always.” Anytime you upload a picture.
Thomas Michael Kielbasinski Demi is way better than taylor!!!!
Mina Martinez Someone over tanned? I think you have ok looks, but you show off too much. You have a fat girl butt and shoulders. Not jiggles, exercise but fat.
Rachael Marie You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out!
Luis Pinto 🌸hi Demi Lovato nice to have you here on face🌷hope you stay here for long time🙂my self some times think to live Facebook but hi end up blocking people😤or Unfriendly some people's😝have more unfriendly people than friends🤣 Demi Lovato good bye now🌼🌷💋

SO excited to take the American Music Awards stage on Sunday, November 19th!!! 😈 #DEMIxAMAs

14.5k reactions 182 comments
Sonny Jay Flor Our Queen will always set fire to every events she will be performing..!!!
Larry Lorent OMG, I wanna see that so bad. Glad you're on the AMA'S Demi
Alysha Barkers Ahh omg !!! Gonna be amazing THIS IS YOUR YEAR GIRL
Larry Rodriquez Whatever you do perform a bonus track from the latest all of them should be singles
Dana Johnson Love u honey stay safe out there come back home safe to

SEE YOU ON TOUR 😈🎉 #demixkhaled

6.0k reactions 173 comments
Maya Lovatic i love you Demi LovatoCOME TO PERU AGAIN PLEASE QUEEN...😍😘🖤💜💖💋💋
Jayne Marie I have a ticket for resale for Boston let me know if interested close to the stage
Lauren McNeil Kasey Gehlhaus ok if the tickets aren’t expensive I would consider going....
Scott Wilson How many videos do you need for one tour lol but seriously cant wait to see you 👌
Chloe Spears I bought mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I love u so much Demi Lovato!!!! u mean everything to me!!!

Sometimes you gotta ride through The Grove with a marching band & DJ Khaled 😈 Get tour tickets at!! #demixkhaled

9.4k reactions 73 comments
John Joseph Sanchez Demi = mi BABY y mi Corazon
Arbert Clarion Cazanova 😊😊😊👏👏👏👍👍👍
Viníc Alves 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😱❤️
Thenjiwe Ntuli We coming demi
Milena Carla Da Silva 😍😍😍

We're live!! #demixkhaled tour tickets are now on sale ❤️ Get your tickets at

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Caitlin Harries I feel like you’re one of the only real artists out there. You’re so relatable and an amazing inspiration to sooo many people all over the world. Your documentation was so touching!!!
Jewel Woods I love you so much, thank you for being a part of my life growing up and still to this day! You’ve changed me and turned me into a better person ❤️ I hope you come back to Calgary ❤️
Haylie Hogge I’ve been listening to your music since you were in camp rock. You inspire me everyday to keep on keeping on. I love you and thank you for everything you do. Your and inspiration to everyone! 💕😊😘
Penny Mercer Celebrating 16 years being clean and now I am going through a second life change and quitting all my other vices. Stay strong, trial by fire!!!!
Darryl Ramon Marsh That’s great it’s all what we be like , I’m inspired by those words Thanks , although I haven’t came to the store I’m here 1044 Morris AV 2ndFlr Rm#4 my building mixed race , hope to get to you soon .
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