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240-year-old nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than we knew

240-year-old nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than we knew
240-year-old nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than we knew

Half of the coral reefs recorded in the 1770s have disappeared.

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Chris Breier Oh surprise,surprise what did you expect, we never learn, most don't give a damn....This isn't surprising but still very sad...
Lynn Rogoff I have seen it first hand in the Caribbean. In the reefs of St. Martin this winter the coral were bleached where I had once seen beautful coral
Nicola Pieroway I've seen coral reefs in the Maldives so beautiful makes me so sad that one of the wonders of world are dying sad sad sight 😭
Dan Maxwell we MUST Eliminate ALL Republicans,Conservatives,Deplorables NOW they are too stupid to learn they must be ELIMINATED...Military Coup,Civil War
Krystyna Chlipalski (Scientists are Judges and the Jury) -- Read the following: "240-year-old nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than we knew " ... a natural phenomenon to be studied and acted upon. The known Data is that Land-based pollution and fishing were ...

Let's do this, together. Call your assembly members today and let's pass #SB100 to get California to 100% clean energy for all.

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Nahtasha Budhi Let's do it Leonardo DiCaprio 🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️I'm wth that sir.
Claudelle Murray LEO Lets Do This, im right there with you. Sharing the Luv my Friend xc
Nathalie Tachet Please stop calling it clean energy .... 😫 Call it another way, it is irritating .. But yes harass your assembly members ... because they need to take their job on.
Shelly K Ramsay-Zamarripa Ok Leo I will. If you call your senator to get Medicare for All passed. Good looking out man!
Aliyan Khan "My Great Leo, If i Become the King of any State/Land. My Country's Currency or Coins Contain with ur Picture".

Let's pass #SB100 and get California to 100% clean energy for all.

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Craig Ler Will Canada still continue to export millions of barrels of Oil per week? Haven't seen any protests there?
Maze Wissen Leonardo, just wondering if you are willing to commit to that clean lifestyle? Hypocrite much? Lead by example?
Mary Vincent Barry James, you know not of what you speak, climate change has not been debunked!!! Several thousand scientists have confirmmed it, you have accepted the two that were bought off by trump as naysayers. Obviously because they are in cinc with your ...
Robyn Thomas Leanardo im begging you to save the chimp that was in your movie wolves of Wall Street.he needs to go to a sanctuary
Frank Strzalkowski I'm sure 100% will work but only in Hollywood. There everything is possible if you believe what you see in the movies.

Join us tonight for a special telethon to raise support for the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Tune in on Facebook Live at 8pm ET or on all major networks. Learn more: www.HandInHand2017.com #HandInHand

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Dottie Fornaro Thanks for answering phones tonight, I saw u on TV. The hurricane victims need all the help they can get 💕
Debbie Vandergriff What about Montana California the rest that are set on fire the animals the homes that people have y'all forgotten them
Rohan Agrawal Son: Dad, what is an idiot? Dad: An idiot is a person who tries to explain his ideas in such a strange and long way that another person who is listening to him can't understand him. Do you understand me? Son: No.
Eliza Baal Prove you care!!!! Jet on over to #RVA Dept of Environmental Quality to bring awareness to pipelines being rubber stamped here & across the country. Join People's Pipeline Protest Sept 13 & 14
Daut Zayni Hello Leonardo DiCaprio!The king of criminals keeps in awe all planet , if Leongardo DiCaprio plays a role in movies "The Adventures of Prince Florizel" or "The Suicide Club". according to R. L. Stephenson's novel. Excellent idea and a new image and a ...

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil

‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil
‘Uncontacted’ Amazon Tribe Members Reported Killed in Brazil

Investigators are looking into reports that around 10 tribe members died when they were set upon by gold miners.

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Kyla Destiny amazing how many of these articles have zero sources cited and no physical evidence reported, only words from witnesses and alleged conversations with investigators. in a world full of fake news, people sure are quick to believe everything without ...
Olivia R. Herrera Read about this yesterday... it is sad news especially for the tribes remaining loved ones. Horrible the guys that did that.
Ula Krokiet-Tabs I appreciate all your efforts Mr DiCaprio but as humble as possible I hardly believe we will make it. Humans are rushing to their end, there is no evolution of humanity, there is only evolution of greed. And it will finish us all I suppose.
Marcello Musto Who is gonna pay for all of those crimes ? Whoever there is no price for those crimes but there is also no justice from the beginning till the end
Beth Munoz This story makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. These tribes and land need to be protected. For those individuals who slaughter, invade, etc these tribes and their lands they should be punished to highest extent possible. We need to learn to live ...

Pope condemns climate change sceptics

Pope condemns climate change sceptics
Pope condemns climate change sceptics

The pontiff says Hurricane Irma let people see climate change effects with their "own eyes".

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Susana Lopes Maybe now people start listen to you and other like you who are trying to help our Planet... Climate change is a gut them fact!!! Keep up the good work Leo! (Y)
Bioroot Energy Leo, we continue to inform the world about higher mixed alcohol fuel. What does an alcohol fuel produced from society's trash and garbage have to do with climate change? Tons.
Rue Clemens Mammoths, caveman, and dinosaurs condemn climate change as well. But as a race we must hold the large production countries accountable. That would mean higher cost of the amenities the modern world enjoys. Cannot have both but people do not like to be ...
Marally Voskanian Your Holiness you rock on so many fronts . By far the coolest Pope ever and it is safe to say loved by so many from All corners of the World by All religions ! Thank you for Always speaking out for what you Believe and know to be right ! ( even if not ...
Tammy Benson Trump refused to sign a CORRUPT PARIS AGREEMENT which not only would have FORCED America to pick up most of the BILL but also linked gender neutrality BS to it...as if ones gender has anything to do with weather trends that have been happening for ...

Watch Fire Chasers on Netflix now.

VIDEO: First Look - Netflix
VIDEO: First Look - Netflix's Upcoming Documentary Series FIRE CHASERS

Plunge daringly into the world of wildfires -- check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary series FIRE CHASERS, launching globally on Netflix September 8.

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Sayed Elbahtity To be interested in the nature and wild life is a very good behavior , But what about what is happening with the people In borma ?
Fernanda Nogueira Leonardo, This summer Portugal had many fires. It was very difficult. The climate change affects the balance of the planet.
Annette Prehn Good public awareness - increasing resourcing for rapid aerial surveillance and response will be critical with the increased lighting strikes resulting from climate change to put the fires out more quickly before they become a catastrophe - protecting ...
Terry Giannios You read my mind! Was trying to find that post from A.S. and coincidence I think not you post! Literally!
Alice Darby As awful as Trump is it's unthinkable he'd intentionally not help put out Western wildfires. But he refuses to approve largest firefighting aircraft on earth, citing budget concerns at Natl Forest Service. The SuperTanker can drop 2x the ...

A special thank you to Tiffany & Co. for their commitment to saving the elephants and the launch of the #TiffanySaveTheWild collection. 100% of profits will be donated to the #ElephantCrisisFund. Learn more: http://elephantcrisisfund.org Photo credit: Susan McConnell

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Bhupinder Singh This is really great effort @Tiffany & Co
Zeinab Zee I just hope Tiffany & Co isnt selling blood diamonds though...
Evelyn Tanaka Is anyone else getting contacted by someone posing as Leonardo to try to get Western Union donations? I've reported the person to Facebook.
Vicky Ferre Blood diamonds??? Sorry. Don't trust too much nowadays. Especially companies like Tiffany..
Annamaria Stephens Thanks to Tiffany&Co and you Leonardo DiCaprio for all you do! I love ❤️ elephants much!

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is proud to be a long-time supporter and partner with Save the Elephants and Wildlife Conservation Network in the Elephant Crisis Fund. Together we have funded more than 160 projects across Africa and Asia to stop the killing of the elephants, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand for their ivory. Watch the video and visit the new website to learn more about how you can help protect elephants: www.elephantcrisisfund.org

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Cath Meadows With all the catastrophes and devastation, I fear the animals may be lost in the storm. We are defenders of the wild, so PLEASE find ways to save the elephants. They need our voices. It is all so terrifying and we must not ley
Heinz Pütter Wir müssten den Ausstoß an Treibhausgasen weltweit ab sofort um 60 bis 70 Prozent verringern. Andererseits gibt es einen Grund zur Hoffnung: Haben wir Menschen nicht oft gezeigt, dass wir zu scheinbar unmöglichen Anstrengungen in der Lage sind, wenn ...
Lourdes Beatriz Escobar Nos da gusto que ud. se interese en proteger a estos bellos animales y que existan fundaciones que los ayudan para que sigan viviendo y no desaparezcan de nuestro planeta, gracias mi estimado Leo y cuidese mucho
Jacob Andrew Garcia Hurricanes going on and wild fires. People losing homes and everything. And this man is worried about elephants. Good actor but come on! Lol these Hollywood people are so out of touch.
Terri Kizziah I had no idea things like this were going on in our world. I apologize for my ignorance. I was invited on a safari once, but I don't accept trips with people I don't know and I don't even have a passport. So, once again I apologize and hope your ...

Thank you Laurene Powell Jobs and Emerson Collective for standing with #DREAMers. Watch and share their latest ad. #DreamAct http://www.emersoncollective.com/dreamers

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Kristina Luciano He was a great man! Your boy is currently reading a book about him & is so interested in visiting the 'Ronald Reagan Presidential Library' someday...so we're going this Spring when we take our little trip down the coast.
Dennis Broe-Ward Reagan represented Great America and Republican Heart...Trump is the antithesis, shaming America in broad daylight on the world stage.
Neelam Bhatia I stand with dreamers from the DACA program.we will fight to ensure,they can stay in the country.we must take a Dreamers into their home and protect them.
Marcela Saccone If Reagan and Trump were and are presidents of the USA ... you too can be the future president of the USA ... but you have to prepare ... politics is not for everyone. 👧❤❤
Phemelo Mampane I AM the Freedom of the I AM. I AM also an Alchemist, I come bearing the Violet Flame to assist mankind transmute his karma and be set FREE from darkness. Do you want to be free from all forms of struggle? Do you believe in the Power of Love?

Nearly 1 million young immigrant #DREAMers will be at risk of deportation if Trump ends #DACA. Learn more.

‘Dreamer’ Plan That Aided 800,000 Immigrants Is Threatened
‘Dreamer’ Plan That Aided 800,000 Immigrants Is Threatened

A group of conservative state attorneys general has threatened to sue the Trump administration unless it begins to dismantle the program by Sept. 5.

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Aubrey La Fenice Why it it Canada,England & plenty of other countries deport plenty of people who lived there but, since their parent's aren't married or whatever no one bitches about them? Yet, American's are ALWAYS supposed to pick up the tab for everything & DACA ...
James Snyder No, they finish their school here. Incorrect news, falsely spreading it. Like the gas shortage now. A device of war and controlling the people do get a prescribed outcome.
Mickey Elvis Moran That would open up 800,000 jobs, assuming they all work. The corporations want them to stay for cheap labor. This has to create quite a dilemma for liberals. They want to protect illegals but they want to double minimum wage. 🤔🤔🤔
पण्डित सिन्धु कमल भारद्वाज़ In today world when world is shrinking as a village and various kinds of issues forces humans to trespass the border for safe living it is very sad to hear this type of assignments by world's glorious democracy ! Should think again and find out the best ...
Robert L. Fortner Bullshit Liberal talking points. It takes a Liberal POS to create and post the worst case possibility for a tactical assaults on Mr. Trump

Proud of my production company, Appian Way Productions, for their part in creating Netflix's The Last Shaman. Learn more: https://www.thelastshaman.com/

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JC Schutt This is so beautiful 😍 I loved this movie and so glad to see you're apart of it! Very awesome of you!
Marina Del'Elmo And I am so proud of you too....you are like my children...fighter and hardworking...always looking for the right way, the good and the spirituality...God bless you...Aho !
Kyle Pollock Wondering if LeDiCaprio thought about making a movie similar to MNS's the happening. The idea of nature releasing toxins to protect itself against pollution.
Pho Dem Where can my soldiers and I get copies of this movie? Would love to have it. We are at Ft. Sam Houston San Antonio, Texas and Camp Parks Dublin, California :-)
Windy Stellarjay Wow thankyou for making this. Its imperative that people learn about ayahousca.The medicine is the elixir of life anad everyone should get the opportunity to drink it.

How Climate Change Likely Heightened Harvey’s Fury

How Climate Change Likely Heightened Harvey’s Fury
How Climate Change Likely Heightened Harvey’s Fury

Several factors have conspired to make Hurricane Harvey so destructive in Texas, and warming temperatures are likely part of the problem.

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Hayley Rose you are disgusting, there were floods in biblical times too and there was NO climate change back then, its called you can't predict or control mother nature because she is greater and bigger than you. Houston also lies below Sea Level so please STFU. ...
Chad Clegg Get real, Leo! We both know what, or rather who, causes global warming/climate change and Harvey, and most likely Irma . Not all of us are asleep! Your buddy Al Gore has made a killing on the fabricated 'change' being pulled over the sleeping masses ...
Lucy Heasman When i see this disaster i can feel like there is no escape from potential catastrophes worsened by climate change. Yet, people are striving to make things better and renewable energy and electric cars will be huge solutions to this problem. I feel ...
Brayton Scott Those assholes needed an excuse to raise gasoline prices. They were praying for a hurricane. Hurricane Ike in 2008 did the same damage, I was there, but the economy was busted from the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, investors had no money to invest in ...
Anne Budd My state of Montana is burning, at almost half a million acres. Yet we have to grovel for federal funding. Two firefighters have lost thier lives, people are being evaluated and losing their homes. It would be nice to get some media coverage for a state ...

Opinion | Harvey should be the turning point in fighting climate change

Opinion | Harvey should be the turning point in fighting climate change
Opinion | Harvey should be the turning point in fighting climate change

Houston, the country’s epicenter for oil and gas, should become a world capital of alternative energies.

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Kiersten Miller My post on my FB early this morning: "The only good that may come of this storm is maybe it will be the push America needs to have a revolution on energy. This storm will heavily effect the nations economy not just for disaster relief but also food ...
Gaston Caminata Love climate, love life, love matute, love humans, love everybody, we are all One. We live in Argentina and we need support down here, that my next Tuesday we are going to Washington an California looking for help, we want to clean the beaches in ...
Jaap Beets If it works for the Americans to start actiegroep against climate-change, it's okay for me. For people who are more aware of the rest of the world, the floodings in Asia are more pressing, I hope.
Liv Bis u don't listen u meet me today or u get more of this for the people u don't care about ur dick to feel good with ur whores sluts dogs getting born from u the father I am the wife u never allowed to be with them only me in reality
Fabiola Adriana Bonilla Todos tenemos conocimiento que el cambio climático afecta nuestras vidas y es lamentable que no podamos hacer algo más para cambiarlo ,pueden haber muchas opciones pero difícilmente se llevarían a acabo.

Conservative groups shrug off link between tropical storm Harvey and climate change

Conservative groups shrug off link between tropical storm Harvey and climate change
Conservative groups shrug off link between tropical storm Harvey and climate change

Myron Ebell, who headed the EPA’s transition team when Trump became president, said the last decade has been a period of ‘low hurricane activity’

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Kevin Ganey I watched a video from Vox recently that showed how Republicans gradually shifting from being climate change fighters, saying the evidence is obvious (even with a video ad of Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi appearing in an environmental PSA together) to ...
Casper Serria Why should we be surprised conservatives still do not believe in climate change! Industry which is one of or main cause of climate change, provides most funds employment etc for TX is responsible for all this destruction. God must of been drunk when ...
Ma Theresa Rivera Why don't ask the companies how to save the earth from global warming beside they pack with plastic and styrofoam of each product they sell to the people. They spend millions for the advertising but they don't know how to save the earth or ask them to ...
Alice Darby Dr. James Hansen from NASA, maybe the top climatologist in the world, sounded the climate change alarm 36 yrs ago. They called him a quack. Exxon did extensive impressive research of their own confirming his data starting in '79! Like the tobacco ...
Jamie Brogan Can we stop giving people that deny science polite names? Can't we call them "Cavemen" or "Dumbasses"? These people do not deserve politeness after all their ignorance.

United Way

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Anita Wagner Grace Our family did donate.
Tiffany Britt-Hooker Thank you for sharing .
Cei Cei I Love You Leonardo DiCaprio... You have a good heart! <3
Angina Richardson Thanks Leonardo But I Took Salvation Army's Route And My Donation Of 200,000 Hot There It Was Great & I Got A Tax Write Off
Mohamd Moneim Extreme honorable for Common sense actual thanks donate our communities and nation all hearts ♥ affected damage in Harvey Taxes . Trump 2020 Disruption must be life's and safety !!

Questlove Tells Us How F*cked Up It Is To Not Care About The E...

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Taylor Jones Queue the uneducated American responses calling this BS in 3...2...1
Tracee Tuesday Can one of my fine brothas or sistas pass this handsome dude an afro-pic, please? Oh... wait....
Yvette Louise Jones LOVE it!! Stripping protections that keep us safe and healthy?.. that's F*cked up. 🙌🌎
Cath Meadows I am stepping down from Defenders of the Wild, due to health reasons. Temporary at present. Don Thcron
Hiroko Takenaka An big star Leonardo a fan all everything thank you so much hiroko Princess

Flooding has forced thousands in Texas & Louisiana from their homes. Join me in supporting relief efforts by donating to American Red Cross: www.redcross.org Find more ways to help here: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-weather/hurricaneharvey/article/Hurricane-Harvey-How-to-help-victims-of-the-12003372.php

Hurricane Harvey: How to help victims of the Texas storm
Hurricane Harvey: How to help victims of the Texas storm

Here's how to help the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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Luann Behm Donate to local churches who are helping those in need with food and shelter, a local food bank that is distributing food and water. Not the Red Cross. I used to volunteer, believe me when I say those in need do not get the benefit of your donations.
Maribel Chacon Jácquez Our support and prayers with them, actually the Méxican government admirably sends help to USA and their people on needs , to the victims of this Hurricane, always MEXICO showing its human spirit,and friendly attitude as always.blessings. Leonardo ...
Stella Cobos Obviously, critics and judgemental idiots have not been in a life-threatning disaster where people have died , lost everything they worked for , losing family members etc..Let us know how it FEELS when you lose your house, a loved one or losing your ...
Kitsune Nyx Thank you for your efforts! As a Texan who has only minor losses, I would like to extend a huge thankful messege back to those who care. There have been so many losses, in life, in homes & for some, their very dignity. Many will not be able to do for ...
Nina K Cano Thank you Leo for bringing attention to the needs of our city. Our community is a very generous one. We are first to mobilize units to offer assistance for others in their time of need. So to have sooo many across the country to come to our aide is ...

The benefits of 139 countries switching to 100% renewable energy by 2050

The benefits of 139 countries switching to 100% renewable energy by 2050
The benefits of 139 countries switching to 100% renewable energy by 2050

LDF is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all Earth's inhabitants, focusing on wildlands and oceans conservation, climate change, and indigenous rights.

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Tiffany Britt-Hooker I only wish more Countries were involved ( the U.S. Being one) and that they were shooting for 2030 . Clean energy is the only way we are going to make it . ☮️💚🌎💦
Mike Peine compressed air is the way to go
Remy Surena in 2050 out of 200 countries. that will have access to renewable énergies 139 is a good figure.it is a dream for the children of tomorrow. we will have disppeapared until 2050.in lobby and president and money.it is quite achievable in 2017 certain zones ...
Jonathan Clyburn Leonardo DiCaprio listen I am really a no body because I don't have the financial resources to change the world but I have some.great ideas if you ever want to just chat. I know your busy but I still think outside of the movie industry your just pretty ...
رضا محمود On the authority of Adee bin Hatim ( May Allah be pleased with him),who said: The messenger of Allah ( Peace and plessings of Allah be upon him) said :"Save yourselves from Hell, even if it be by giving only half a date( of a palm tree) as charity ; and ...

We must protect our planet. #TogetherfortheAmazon

Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in
Brazil abolishes huge Amazon reserve in 'biggest attack' in 50 years

Brazilian president has dissolved Renca to attract investment in region thought to contain gold with critics warning of irreversible damage

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Nathalie Tachet As long as capitalism will exist, as long as we don't put down the big corporations, it will be hard to protect the planet, unless we ALL do something tomorrow. Since we are billions of people and most of the population doesn't know, doesn't want to ...
Krystyna Chlipalski “SHAME! We are auctioning off our Amazon! We can’t destroy our protected areas for private interests,” This is what Gisele Bundchem, twitted to the Brazilian Nation ... "Gold versus Amazon river " ... only a referendum should be put to the test ...
Paula Lustemberg Natives in Borneo have 1,200 names for different trees and their corresponding spirits and until two generations ago believed that this is only one of nine different worlds in the cosmos. Just wanted to add that trees are alive. 😥
Ivica Poje Thank You Leo for your carerer. World needs people like You. I am impressed cause your work. You are inspire for others. Everybody can doing something for save planet. Must be starting. From self, litle staps. Everyday is new chance for change world.
Anna Fernandes Some people NEVER see the Light.. see the Bigger Picture of Life as a WHOLE.. these people wear blinkers- Only think of their pockets.. :-( People must Stand up, to Protect their lands/ their backyards, their future... :-)

Inspired by the people of Highland Park. After one thousand streetlights were taken away from the city, residents have begun using solar-powered streetlights to bring back the light. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation partners 100% campaign, it’s clear clean energy innovations like these are pushing the world toward 100%. Consider showing your support at 100isnow.com/SoulardarityShine

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Elisabeth Akers I sent your informants the name An addresss change ur pic every do often to keep thieves away please🙏😘
Ramin Ismayilov Leo thanks u for all u do! its really amazing everything what u do
Jeff Allison thank-you for your hard work Leo. Blessings to your family =)
Suman Trakru This idea should be implemented worldwide. Indeed a noble deed Leonardo.
Christina Sue Lane I have two questions for you Leo...Why aren't you president of the U.S. yet and when can I lick your nipples?

All proceeds from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation #ArtAuction benefit LDF grantees that are working to build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Find out more: www.2017ldfauction.org Bidding closes on August 23rd, 11AM ET. Photo credit: Luke Ellis Craven

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Donna Pethigal Love you Leo 💗
Linda Gioia Yeah Leonardo DiCaprio, now that is good business
Gayle Caudle Good Luck to you and your foundation...!!
Giuseppina Iacono ce n est pas possibles que Vous n avez aucune machine pour l Eaux et autres Idées après tant d années ou les incendies devient trop nombreux Je pense cela sont les djads attentats réfugiées adeptes religieux diverses QUANT ON SAIT QUE LES ÉTATS EST ...
Margie Cabangon Keep up the good work Leo .

Science cannot be silenced. Stay informed.

The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change
The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change

The expert panel’s work has been aimed at helping policymakers and private-sector officials factor the government's climate analysis into long-term planning.

15.3k reactions 535 comments
Lance Shirley Hey, Leo... NEWSFLASH... The climate IS changing. It has been changing since the beginning of time and will continue to change until the end of time. There's nothing we can do about it. No use in wasting billions of dollars trying.
Pat M Gerlits Good. Stop talking about climate change and start doing something about it.
Debbie Humphries We are trying to save the life of a wolf in Yellowstone who could survive with a simple act of kindness of access to lifesaving water...of course that does not fit in to the financial plan of greed! He has been in view of hundreds of visitors and is ...
Kevin King leo for next president
Anna Fernandes ...What do you say about a senseless Buffoon.. I'm so Glad I'm across the pond for the summer.. away to hear any of tis Buffoon's news.. I'm here coz I Love Leonardo DiCaprio's work!! Thank You Leonardo! xo :-)

Great work by Attorney General Xavier Becerra. We must continue protecting the planet at the state level.

Attorney General Becerra Leads Coalition Opposing EPA’s Illegal Proposed Delay of Rule Limiting Methane Emissions
Attorney General Becerra Leads Coalition Opposing EPA’s Illegal Proposed Delay of Rule Limiting Methane Emissions

Rule Prevents Tons of Methane Emissions from New Sources in Oil and Gas Sector

2.0k reactions 113 comments
Elizabeth Brown Burton And we all know when the gop has a meeting they approach world record amounts of methane gas...er ah...
Mati Russo Sharing on my other page "be kind to your mother earth" #beakindhumanbeing #bekindtoyourmotherearth
Alicia Graciela Ayala Hola Leonardo!! Vi tu pelicula "Before the flood" y quedé impactada. Excelente tu trabajo y espero que en mi país Argentina se tomen medidas urgentes frente al daño que provocamos a nuestro planeta. CONFIO QUE NUESTRO ACTUAL PRESIDENTE MAURICIO MACRI ...
Stephanie Rios http://www.thepetitionsite.com/108/680/184/help-end-these-appalling-conditions-and-shut-down-grandview-aquarium-in-guangzhou-china/?src=ca_facebook_ads&campaign=sign_108680184-23842607735050466 Hi Leonardo could you please sign this petition? It would ...
David Jarboe Omg wow thanks for everything your help off our country and for share good night to all. .thanks.

Proud of the continued efforts from Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantee, Our Children's Trust.

Students, Cities and States Take the Climate Fight to Court
Students, Cities and States Take the Climate Fight to Court

A wave of lawsuits across the world asks judges to do what governments have so far failed to do: aggressively confront global warming.

3.8k reactions 106 comments
Xiomara Acero You are a wonderful example for all! greetings from Venezuela!
Thangalaxmi Nadar Following you Leo my friend...... Let the Almighty give you protection and success from all the ten directions.... Proud of you
Tiffany Britt-Hooker I hope they win! I love both LDF and Our Children's Trust. 💚☮️🌎💦
Antoinette Cumming Some may throw rocks, but he dodges them and keeps moving. He is too strong to waste time on the useless weak.
Jill Beverly @LeonardoDiCaprio, I hope you can at least call this man. Tell him he can do you a great service, if he leaves monunments for a longer study. Zinke Goes on Mediterranean Vacation Instead of Visiting National Monuments on Chopping Block! In less than one ...

We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants.

8.3k reactions 356 comments
Gayle Caudle thanks for your sweet comment, if you sent it to me...!! I came because I wasnt sure if it was really you... Theres a lot of people who steal your picv and profile...!! God bless You...!!
Tati Rezende RIP ... We need more people like Wayne in this world . God bless his family. The human race has no salvation, is too much hate and destruction ... :,(
Bonnie Beach I just meet his group at WILLIEs Picnic in Texas,,,What a great organization,,,and great bunch of folks,,, So sorry for the loss of this beautiful human...
Lidiya Angelova Why you and your organisation didn't get him bodyguards? He was in danger and shoud be protected....A bit of hypocrisy, no?! It's easy to rule the world from the Hollywood ivory tower. ...
Teresa Barrett Why does this bs keep happening?! If I had tons of money and an army Id take out everyone that is hurting the earth, our animals, and our good people! Thanks Leo for your work and being a voice the planet needs!!

Protect our planet. Now until August 23rd, you can bid on exclusive pieces of art work. All proceeds go to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantees that are working to build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Find out more: www.2017ldfauction.org Photo credit: Patrick Zacharias

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Natascha Cartolaro Great idea to use art for the planet, I wish I could spend a ton of money right away here.
Connie Di Bratto :( Sorry but your lowest starting bid would be my maxium bid. I certainly can't afford anything you have in this auction.
Laura Vergani 2) Mister Di Caprio non.chieda soldi a chi non ne ha li chieda a chi ne ha parecchi. Il suo mondo holliwodiano può provvedere a questo.Vi vediamo andare in.vacanza con magnifici Yacht,elicotteri personali,Jet privati..le pare giusto Mr. DI CAPRIO??
Paulo Carvalho Hello, Leonardo, I have more than 18.000.000 followers. But they also love you ... Best regards. No humor, worst disgrace - MICROCOSM.
Fernanda Nogueira You are doing a great work, Leonardo. You fight for important causes such as protect, preserve planet earth! Keep up your good fight!

Refugees of a different kind are being displaced by rising sea levels — and governments aren't ready

Refugees of a different kind are being displaced by rising sea levels — and governments aren
Refugees of a different kind are being displaced by rising sea levels — and governments aren't ready

Environmental watchers raise alarm over climate refugees, millions of whom could be displaced by the effects of a warming globe.

5.5k reactions 201 comments
Andria Smith We could plant a lot of trees in 50 years. How many trees can a city plant in one month to save the environment? They have budgets of 10 million or more each month in every city for this kind of thing. So, Who is actually using that money in every ...
Lucica Butnaru Yes, there are important climatic phenomena that can lead to disasters, even the ruin of a world so thex have to be trated with great care, involvement and money.
Victor Abraham George Take a look at what happened in SIERRA LEONE 🇸🇱 yesterday. Your Movie 🎥, BLOOD DIAMOND 💎 is about the place bro. Can I suggest you do a Fund Raiser for Sierra Leone 🇸🇱, LEONARDO?
Deborah Mariah Martin The infrastructure should be a path to large ships that are equipped with Dr's , food,water, bathrooms and places to sleep.
Jason Dunn The sooner these floods flow through the doors of governments and political parties and cleanse the hardships these idiots continuously bring down on us the better.

Tell the Administration you support marine sanctuaries! - National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Tell the Administration you support marine sanctuaries! - National Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Tell the Administration you support marine sanctuaries! - National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Contact: Marcus Reamer, [email protected], (301) 608-3040 x 311 President Trump’s America First Offshore Energy Executive Order issued in April d

1.5k reactions 69 comments
Emma Dve Kfn I love you so much Leo !! 😍😍😘😘💘💖
Akashdeep Singh You to happy sanctuary day Sir
Aliyan Khan Gr8 Work, Leo keep it up "A Journey of Thousand Miles Start with a Single Step".....
İlona Vilit How wonderful to see smile at their faces
Nancy Fearon I want a job there. Tired of nursing.

Standing up for our planet starts on your home turf. It's time to tell your members of Congress that we will not stand for Trump's dangerous policies that destroy our environment, our planet, and our future. http://climate.indivisibleguide.com

Stand Up for Our Planet | Indivisible
Stand Up for Our Planet | Indivisible

It's time to tell your members of Congress that we will not stand for Trump's dangerous policies that destroy our environment, our planet, and our future. Are you in?

14.1k reactions 360 comments
Galina Yuri Make a channel 😉 We all we'll watch it & our mind will get reborn on it's own. We are lazy to stand for anything, because all work & have own stresses going on. Unfortunately, we can't get that it's our fault, yes. But we all can start thinking ...
Alicia Ewoldt Penner People have no passion anymore. They don't want to help or think, they just think only their lives matter to them and it will continue on... well it won't if we have no place to live. We need to stop what our government is doing and save our home! Save ...
Brice Howe Standing up for our planet starts in our home! Are you still using 'single-use' plastic? Are you recycling? Do you/your children clean up their plastic in public places (I live in Florida...it's a shame what is left on the beach). Are you mindful of ...
Mugambo Patrick Immanuel I liked this page because of the love I have for your movies especially wolf of.....you are a great actor and you are the only celebrity I follow on social media but home and abroad ...I sincere wish you will stay out of politics ....especially ...
Thomas Wright Hey DiCaprio: why don't you give up that boat that uses more fuel in an hour than my vehicle uses in a month? Then we can talk. I'm not Trump's biggest fan or anything, but seriously, I get sick of hypocritical Hollywood mouths flapping in the wind ...
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