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Cath Meadows I have 2 Humane Economy Books re Treating animals.
Angela Esmeralda Thank you baby! Sharing & spreading the word
Andreas Kuhnert Thank you for sharing All the best
Rebecca Wesley Have to say it's great, comedy gold perhaps. Haven’t LOL'd this hard in forever. Is this serious? 😇
Henrika Lee It's a pity that I can't expect to hear from you an "I'm sorry, I did not want that!" ...

Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

A total of 210,000 gallons of oil leaked Thursday from the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota, the pipeline's operator, TransCanada, said.

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Jackson Teather I don't think there are very many people here that understand how important pipelines are.. Quick google search will tell you how much oil goes through a pipeline in a day. The number of trucks and trains needed to transport that kind of volume isn't ...
Kristina Lipuma Thoughts and prayer are not enough to save our planet from ruin. Whilst all you bible totalers pray us real people living in a “real” world are scrambling to fix this broken rule of things. You keep on loving Trump and praying. You will meed it when ...
Niccola Ngarui West The state officials never intended to listen because they thought they knew better but karma does work in mysterious ways and for that everyone now suffers because of the damage The Greedy have caused😢 The Land has spoken. Your people have spoken. Have ...
Nichole Proctor Everyone complaining are still driving their cars, taking planes, taking trains..... on there big ole fancy boats.. .
Lucy Heasman Does anyone actually care, unless their drinking water has drops of dirty oil in it and their bath is grimey with a scum where the water has been, not because of a dirty body. I dont think people care much if they cant see it in their personal ...

"How someone could want to shoot such an intelligent, empathetic animal as an elephant is beyond me…But what is most concerning for elephants is that renewed imports of trophy ivory into the US might undermine the all-important ivory trade bans put in place by America and China.” -Frank Pope, CEO of Save the Elephants, a grantee of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation with the Elephant Crisis Fund. Read more.

US to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe
US to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe

Campaigners fear move by Trump administration will damage global efforts to end the ivory trade

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Lucy Heasman I have just read this, how can hunting be a way to manage conservation of an endangered species. Nonesense. It is a brutal and ugly sport which the fashion for, died many years ago. People do not like that kind of thing anymore. It is in the majority to ...
Lucille Marron This is an atrocity. If you know a single thing about elephants you know that they are highly intellugent, warm hearted, loving and tremendously loyal. They deserve the same respect we give fellow humans and should give all animals. Elephants are ...
Scott Stevens Sucks spite for Obama drives him to do these things. There is no reason in the world to shoot an Elephant. They are kind, he is not.
Eileen Moriarty Johnson So Trump lifting the ban is a win, win for his family. They can gleefully hunt them down like salvages but at the same time it's for the good of the Elephants. The Trumps must be laughing it up! Such a sad and sick world!
Shylo McLeod I've heard of alo t of despicable things people do....and this jumps right up there in the top 10. Wow! And just when you think it couldn't get any worse. Those poor defenceless animal. A sad sad day.

The road to a low carbon future

The road to a low carbon future
The road to a low carbon future

There are multiple ways the U.S. can reduce carbon pollution and save money for consumers while creating sustainable new businesses and jobs for American workers. Once such example is California’s Low Carbon Fuels Standard.

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Heather Smith I agree with the need for change but lets be honest, most of us can't afford a tesla. Replace this pic,with a Nissan leaf or something lol!
Francisco Rojas Bustamante Would you run after the "so-called first world nations" that dump their garbage in the third world like Canada? This nation dumps its garbage in the Philippines. Could push this nation to retrieve its garbage in 2013?
Sandra de Leon Everyone talk about been President ...smh they haven't even put a thought compare to your work and you have worked hard on this issue...wich reminds me THANK YOU .......... lol
Lennart Schwenck You see money doesnt just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better women, it makes you actually a better person. You can give generously to your church or political party of your choice.
Corey Sundog Mascio Good work Leo and crew. Let’s bring back the buffalo, who will bring back the Great Plains grasslands ecosystem, which will clean air better than any filter we can ever make, and honor First Native Nations. Works are under way at a Pte Oyate, we are in ...

Biologists and computer scientists team up to map a global ‘safety net’ for the planet

Biologists and computer scientists team up to map a global ‘safety net’ for the planet
Biologists and computer scientists team up to map a global ‘safety net’ for the planet

Protecting and connecting 50% of the world’s wildlands can ensure the integrity of our biosphere and support a growing human population.

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Ariel Stark Just watched Blood Diamond. Great movie Leo, glad i am not a materialistic gal.. No diamonds in my home!
Margo Frd Pouvoir cohabiter tous ensemble devrait déjà etre le cas, et se filet de sécurité me fait penser a un plan B! c'est une première mondiale qui m'angoisse, elle me donne l'impression qu'on arrivera pas au objectif prévu par les accords de Paris, a ...
Christina Galaviz Leo, let's talk about this over coffee but only if you quit calling me late at night. I need sleep, man! 😉😁
Siddhartha Singh Rajput If you want money I don't have .But I a Have time .More expensive that money . When you want telling me I am always for the world
Dan Maxwell you cant have any consistant intelligent actions as long as republicans ,conservatives are legislating for the benefit of the wealthy...They ALL must be eliminated

The Largest Ever Tropical Reforestation Is Planting 73 Million Trees

The Largest Ever Tropical Reforestation Is Planting 73 Million Trees
The Largest Ever Tropical Reforestation Is Planting 73 Million Trees

The project in the Brazilian Amazon is using a new technique for planting trees that results in more, stronger plants–and hopes to cover 70,000 acres in new forests.

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Alice Darby I could cry for more reasons than one. But that one is elation! This couldn’t come too soon. The rainforests are the last bastion of our survival on earth. Essential if all else fails. Don’t know how CI got that ruthless Temer onboard. Bully for them! ...
Jill Langford It's good to read they are re-planting the forest, rather than create an orchard of all the same trees. The orchard effect is why replanting often fails, or is at best ineffective.
Ev Tanaka This Brazilian story reminds me so much of the great Japanese father of permaculture Masanobu Fukuoka who made clay seed bombs for his farm but thought we could apply that idea on a much larger scale. Imagine if we put seed bombs into planes and rained ...
Pammy Neal Though this is a remarkable project, the fact remains, unless we can solve the root of the problem, (poverty in those areas) deforestation will still be prevalent in the tropics. I'm hopeful there is such a project coming to fruition, I only hope these ...
Cristy Oralso @ Lillian Sisson. You make a point Lillian. Practicing vegan is healthy in many ways for us and our animals. However, I was a vegan for four years till I got so fed up with stuffing myself with too much of the stuff that would make up for the lack of ...

New Great Ape species discovered: the Tapanuli Orangutan

New Great Ape species discovered: the Tapanuli Orangutan
New Great Ape species discovered: the Tapanuli Orangutan

Scientists have identified a new species of Great Ape on the Indonesian island of Sumatra: the Tapanuli orangutan. With only 800 individuals left, this is the most endangered Great Ape species in the world.

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Denise Lavolpe leo habla denise soy argentina y my vida esta desbastada y nesesito que me ayudes a cambiar este mundo nesesito que me ayudes te lo suplico si tu manager puede leer esta plublicacion seria de mucha ayuda tengo una teoria de como cambiar este mundo pero ...
Айгерим Толепберген We have a similar childhood, but I do not know if I can get out of the mud to the prince like you. Probably, not
Andresa Monteiro Linda espécie...aliás todos animais são mágicos, triste fato que o homem está destruindo tudo...muito triste... Quero saber onde este mundo vai parar? ?
Małgorzata Pasieka Leo this is my sister who takes me to psychiatric hospital every holiday because I am more pretty and wiser.
Fernanda Nogueira Hi Leonardo, It's interesting! Each species has its function in its ecosystem.In nature everything is interconnected.

How young people are tackling climate change through innovative business

How young people are tackling climate change through innovative business
How young people are tackling climate change through innovative business

Climate change is not all doom and gloom, it's a business opportunity. Young aspiring entrepreneurs are growing profitable businesses that are helping to make the planet a more habitable place.

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Krista Danielle Antonini I'm a Blacksmith,... you guys seem to have most things covered, nice. We shot a rebel sharp shooter down in Ukraine, she was trying to shoot the President. Our ground bolistic's look pretty good. (nobody cares)
Ximena Flores Flores Que bien eco-negocios interesante esta eso , este cambio climatico si que es preocupante los soles que hacen aqui en Ecuador nos afectan a la salud esas radiaciones solares son fuertes pueden hacer algo sobre eso gracias leonardo y equipo de trabajo ...
Fernanda Nogueira Hi Leonardo, It's important to have new ideas to deal with climate change.This means that they are concern about the future of the planet, and they will take actions to figh the climate change, and protect the environment.
Betty Kadow Happy Early Birthday Leo !! Mine was on the 3rd of this month I stayed home and watched the titanic on Demand my brother in law shares your birthday my cousin and uncle.
Aon Paraxox I'm watching the lightbulb in my room... electric bill got cheaper... of course adding to the circuit... would mean even more so... not. Steer clear of gimmicks. Pro ways to make free energy. There's a lot of examples around already, improve on those ...

Nature is one of the most under-appreciated tools - Anthropocene

Nature is one of the most under-appreciated tools - Anthropocene
Nature is one of the most under-appreciated tools - Anthropocene

A new study shows that better global land stewardship—conserving and restoring wild habitats and practicing more sustainable farming—could get us mor

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Ann Richardson Agree more trees. Land management makes a difference (in carbon & oxygen levels; soil content, impact on levels of erosion & corrosion, crop rotation too, nutrients back in not just taken out, not just used to level of destroyed, depleted)
Kathy Marsh Thompson Will the real Leonardo DiCaprio please stand up? Lol. Someone seems to be using your gorgeous picture and name in vain--creating false Facebook pages. There is only one genuine you! Thank you for your continued work even in the face of ignorance and ...
Gabriela Inacio I learned that that accident in Fukushima to this day plays in the Pacific ocean radiation. There is radioactive water arriving in california and canada. And I knew it would be simple to solve it. Do you know anything about it? Leonardo DiCaprio (sorry ...
Nancy Sheedy Thank God for the all knowing God that is also aware of Chaos our natural disasters! Do you believe in Terrence Mckenzies PHD Mathematics from Harvard university theory of Chaos? When a tree branch falls another one grows in its place! Next scriptures ...
Krystyna Chlipalski “Managing our lands better is absolutely key to beating climate change.” If we only knew this before... what we were always concerned about was money, money & more money!!!

Are Antarctica's Ice Sheets Near a Climate Tipping Point?

Are Antarctica
Are Antarctica's Ice Sheets Near a Climate Tipping Point?

Nearly all coal emissions need to stop by 2050 to avoid accelerating ice loss that could lead to 4 feet of sea level rise this century, scientists say.

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Margarita Galan Question : what can I do for the major actors ( politicians, companies, etc) to be aware of the problem and stop polluting/ destroying the environment ?
Tina Sukanta See the fact is we are concerned but it's very difficult to control the melting ices from north and south poles.... we already damaged the environment... it's not an recent time problems...it's like slow poison... we are injecting poison( ...
Giuseppe Civitella Although it is quite definite that over time the water levels will increase and the ice sheet will diminish.Don’t forget that the ozone layer of the Earth is much seeker than it was 30 years ago.People are wearing 60 protection from the sun .Sometjing ...
Rafael Käfer Hey Girls I am an vegan an raw food loving Men. I can look like Leonardo, can live love and love live. Germany is very bad. I need to find the right girl,women, I am 36. When this world go under very fast it is just love who can bring us in other ...
Buthayna Taha Sadly to say, the worst is yet to come since we are frozen in action. What a shame. We will be cursed by our new generation.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History to host esteemed panel and screen Before the Flood

Carnegie Museum of Natural History to host esteemed panel and screen Before the Flood
Carnegie Museum of Natural History to host esteemed panel and screen Before the Flood

Carnegie Museum of Natural History will host a free screening of National Geographic’s blockbuster documentary Before the Flood and host a panel featuring the film’s director and representatives from NatGeo and LDF.

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Amelia Foreman Chambers Y’all someone is messaging me from this page saying they are leo. Obviously a hacker. Be careful ladies!
竹中 博子 An big star Leonardo A fan all everything thank you so much sharing Hiroko Princess
Angela Esmeralda Thank you, Leo. It’s Great! I hope it shold Be streamed on line too!
Andreas Kuhnert Thank you for your great work

Brazil national park ravaged by fire

Brazil national park ravaged by fire
Brazil national park ravaged by fire

The fire, which has destroyed almost a quarter of the park, is believed to have been caused by arson.

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Eliane Ramos Amaral Leonardo DiCaprio, infelizmente a situação em nosso país e no mundo não esta facíl, isto devido a pessoas gamânciosas e ignorância ! Estão querendo acabar com nosso planeta! Como o senhor tem uma popularidade em ser um grande ator, tenho uma ...
Marith Aagot Rene'e Adman The rainforests are our world's lungs,home to tribes yet there is companies who with bribes to politicians are allowed to saw it down,take the roots out and start farming the land. And when those rainforests are gone- what then and for what?! People who ...
Saeed Sadooni واقعا جای تاسف داره ولی به نظر من این تاسف باعث نمیشه که چنین اتفاقاتی دوباره تکرار نشن ... . امیدوارم به محیط زیستمون و پارک ملی برزیل بیشتر اهمیت داده بشه و همینطور امیدوارام جنگلبانان و آتش نشان ها عملیات اطفا حریق رو سریعتر و با موفقیت به اتمام ...
Chris Dabzy i woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed and i just got the thinking about all thoses things you said eat the rich its the only thing that there good for
Mia TDinh Coming from the Amazon Forest, i can tell you that's a take down from the corporations that want the land and want to get rid of the Native tribes standing in the way.

Renewed hope for protection of East Antarctic waters

Renewed hope for protection of East Antarctic waters
Renewed hope for protection of East Antarctic waters

There is renewed hope a proposal to designate parts of Antarctica's east east as marine protected areas will get the green light.

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Gareth Horn The water looks beautiful. I would love to visit Antarctica. The coldest desert.
Sally Martin Thanks for your dedication Leo <3
Valérie Caboni 😊Never give up Leonardo,hope with you,always!💙
ندى الزهر عن عائشة رضي الله عنها انها قالت : قال النبي صلى الله عليه و اله و سلم : اي الاعمال احب الى الله قال : " ادومها و ان قل ................ وقال " اكفلوا من الاعمال ما تطيقون Narrated A'isha (may Allah be pleased with her " The Prophet(peace be upon him) ...
Bi Bi Wir müssen den Planeten schützen, er war vor uns da. Die Menschen haben kein recht ihn zu zerstörten schließlich versorgt er uns.

Fiji partners with LDF to develop innovation renewable energy solution for rural communities

Fiji partners with LDF to develop innovation renewable energy solution for rural communities
Fiji partners with LDF to develop innovation renewable energy solution for rural communities

LDF is proud to announce our participation in a new model that will bring renewable energy, storage, and smart grids to the rural villages in Fiji.

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James R Tinney Well I'm in to green energy when can we talk call me 805-451-6728
Amelia Foreman Chambers Is anyone going to point out that Leonardo DiCaprio is the real life Captain Planet?
Grażyna Sapalska Leonardo or are there any help in finalizing such Iinvestment? <3
Alice Darby Absolutely fantastic! LDF on the move on the front line. To help our beautiful islands! Meanwhile Trump screwed up royally in PR. Now sending a beginner to restore power after an unprecedented climate disaster. All for $1/2B all told bc Zinke set it up. ...
Jeanmarie Michelle Great work!! You are doing such good things. Thank You!!!

Pope implicitly criticises U.S. for leaving Paris climate accord

Pope implicitly criticises U.S. for leaving Paris climate accord
Pope implicitly criticises U.S. for leaving Paris climate accord

Pope Francis walks past a bed of daffodils as he arrives to lead his weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican March 30, 2016. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

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Rahul CK Americans are ok with spending trillions of dollars fighting wars where logically they have no part but they have problem spending fraction of that money to save the only habitat humans have. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 God bless America
Niklas Ohlsson Its not that easy. USA have shown before the impact on the global economy. USA could do so much, but other great ecomomies must do equaly. Like china. Otherwise you disrubt the balance of economy and we have a new crisis. Hope youll find a way soon
Tyr Arrow All the kings horses and all the kings men with all the money in the world can't fix the climate issue...the question is what are they doing with all the money...giving it to Africa as competition for global warming? What are they doing? Are they even ...
Hayley Rose the Climate does Change its called the different SEASONS you dummy which is quite normal on earth. Stop your bs and go feed the homeless on skidrow.
Ann Richardson Bloomberg post / article "America is now a second tier country" "Some 17 others, including all of Scandinavia, outperform the U.S. by a wide margin when it comes to well-being. America leads the world when it comes to access to higher education. But ...

Jane Goodall’s work changed our world. Watch #JANE in theaters today www.JanetheMovie.com

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Yvonne Mavgirl She visited our university and gave awonderful lecture .she is an amazing person. She has studied chimpanzee for years..
Karen Stout I can’t wait. She has always been a inspiration to me. She is a amazing brilliant light in a dark and dim world.
Lucy Heasman Oh dear Mark did not like the dual idea very much as he said one of you would have to die! Oh no, i could not bare that!! ha x
Dennis Murray Dennis Murray still waiting for her to act on saving the dingoes, she met our dingoes years ago and said how lovely they were, since then nothing.
Sue Sorensen I saw most of her work for NG back *then* and truly didn't understand the significance. I have no one that I respect more.

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030
Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030

Paris authorities plan to banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars from the world's most visited city by 2030, Paris City Hall said on Thursday.

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Sandra Mastorakos solar powered cars are the future - I think electric cars are a waste of time & money. I believe we shouldn't allow governments to 'milk the cow anymore' than they already have!🙄 electric charger point charges etc etc.
Nalyn P. Cañones Well having electric cars maybe good for the environment in the long term but if some natural disasters happen like hurricane Irma that damaged everything from houses to electrical post in Puerto Rico they don't have electricity, imagine if they now ...
Natascha Cartolaro But the waste of materials and ressources continues. The industry is built upon wrong premisses, that follow rules that lead to our ultimate destruction. It is horrible to go into supermarkets, really very sad to think that now we "have" so much, too ...
Condesa Catalina Caicedo Jara Hola Wilhelm! Me encanta tu forma de pensar, la manera de querer salvar el mundo, la preocupación por la humanidad, de mi parte te felicito tienes una mente brillante y además tus intenciones son excelentes. Yo se perfectamente que tu deseas salvar al ...
Ju Lie And Paris will finally become a city of elites. 😓 if only transports were develloped wisely, but no. And think about how electric cars are an error : big and toxic batteries with lithium, difficult to recycle. This is the biggest lie ever. Sorry my ...

How Open Ocean Wind Turbines Could Power the World

How Open Ocean Wind Turbines Could Power the World
How Open Ocean Wind Turbines Could Power the World

North Atlantic winds are so strong, floating wind farms placed there could generate 3 times more renewable energy than those on land, a new study says.

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Marlenes Shepard is anyone else getting personally messaged by a person claiming to be Leonardo? This is the second time. Please advise!
Nate Schell For anyone that is concerned for the planet you should really check out the Amazon rainforest its almost gone.
Francine Nóel Cowart Technology can Truly be Amazing :D See Everyone, Theres so much hope for saving this planet and all that inhabits it <3
Grant Robinson We dont need centralized power production. We need personalized power production. Get rid of the energy conglomerates to help restructure global economies away from energy.
Neil Andfred O'connell I have no doubt that you are correct Kirsten. Maybe big business with agendas don't flourish in Denmark like they do in the U.K.. I am all for the new way. Well done to your country.

Shifting the protein in your diet from animal meat to the plant-based proteins developed by Beyond Meat is one of the most powerful measures someone can take to reduce their impact on our climate. Proud to be an investor in Beyond Meat to help combat climate change. Learn more here: http://beyondmeat.com/about

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Seth Marquette Go hop on your private jet Leo and fly back and forth coast to coast be sure to calculate how much fuel that puts in the atmosphere and then we can talk climate change dumbass
Alison H-Giraffe I was a vegetarian for a year, and let me tell you it was hard work.. This burger looks very appealing and the nutrition you get from it and the soy based protein , instead of using animal protein looks amazing as well. The thing that I think sets this ...
Zandris Zan Zin Big Thank you Mr Leo 👍 There is many opportunety to choose good and healthy food and also are super for and benefit the climate , environment , but also animals cows and all Animals needed because open up all the landscape so that not growing all forest ...
Teemu Toppinen Tinatčhoff Thanks for the movie Before the Flood. I watch it today in Finland. I try to make my little work for the world. I plant this summer 5000 trees to my land and I hope it will be some help to the world. Great spirit bless you in you job. Keep energy going.
Julie Gregson DiCaprio announced he is investing in LoveTheWild, a food company that supplies sustainably sourced frozen seafood meals that are free of hormones, dyes and antibiotics. You'll be making millions of dollars ...you're so smart telling everyone not to buy ...

Puerto Rico has 3 million people without power and 40% without water. GivePower, Sunrun and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantee Empowered by Light are deploying solar and water systems in partnership with fire fighters and first responders to power the island. Learn more.

Empowered by Light, Sunrun and Givepower Partner with Firefighters to Deliver Solar and Water Systems to Puerto Rico
Empowered by Light, Sunrun and Givepower Partner with Firefighters to Deliver Solar and Water Systems to Puerto Rico

Groups Offer Emergency Relief to Fire Stations and Remote Communities to Aid Recovery Efforts

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Felichia Ritter Glad to know Puerto Rico is receiving help to get solar power & water I'm really grateful Mr. DiCaprio created LDF & helps so many people & animals; we are all tenants on this planet & need to help each other.
French Skinny Towers I've always loved you but now I love you more. Thanks for all the help for my island. You have a space guaranteed in heaven. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! #PuertoRicoSeLevanta 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Linda Pacheco I thank you ever so much on behalf of all of those precious souls that need it! God bless you...there'll probably never be another one like ya. I wish though:) Much love!
Terri Bennett Way to go DiCaprio! You have restored my faith in humanity and we are so blessed to have you...Thank you!
L JMelesio Lopez Ughhhhh it’s no wonder I love you! I’ve always had a crush on you since I was 7 now I’m 27 and I still have the same enormous crush! And with actions like these you’ll be my forever crush!!! If I should have another boy Leonardo will be his name for ...

Thank you Enrique Peña Nieto for your continued efforts to protect our oceans.

Largest Marine Protected Area in North America to Be Created off Mexico
Largest Marine Protected Area in North America to Be Created off Mexico

The Revillagigedo marine reserve will protect a vast area in the Pacific and is home to many sharks, rays, and other life.

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Cheikh Lamp Your faith can move mountains, and your Doubt can Create them.
Stephanie Solis What about the Vaquitas they also need help
Lowell McGee Sea levels receding according to NASA The same God who created us is the same God who protects our planet.
Anna Dagva I'm so fascinated by WHAT this Great Human - Leonardo DiCaprio - protects,saves The Biggest Home called Nature! To be very honestly, in my thoughts Leonardo was just an...actor from Hollywood: the Great Actor.But recently,I found out Leonardo is a ...
Shelby Owensby Omg, beautiful and just mesmorizing. If we bring back the Earth our ancestors will be Happy and come back

Why We Need the Clean Power Plan to Fight Climate Change

Why We Need the Clean Power Plan to Fight Climate Change
Why We Need the Clean Power Plan to Fight Climate Change

Trump’s EPA chief will be signing a proposed rule to roll back a major Obama-era rule on greenhouse gas emissions—and we must not let that happen.

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Jill Beverly We know, but we have a monster and his cohorts running our government. Strangly, the monster is already running for 2020.
Karen Bassett That's what we need in Puerto Rico to help those people. Something has to be done to help them that will work for a long time.
Priscilla Galbreath Madore Hi Leo, someone has hacked your account and is messaging me under your profile, most definitely a secret operative for the Republican Party. LOL! Anyhow, I doubt he’s as cute as you. Please change your password, so this naughty hacker will leave me ...
Lisa Mitsui Fire has occurred in California! A lie voice, or fake news? I think that it is true because it is TV news probably ... ha ha ha! I think that the fire occurred and the president is also saddened by discharging a lot of carbon dioxide Eco activities, ...
Ximena Flores Flores Que bien que existan estos planes porque el cambio climatico es algo que nos afecta a poblacion como existe tanta contaminacion ambiental y su consecuencia la aparicion de emfermedades respiratorias virus en el ambiente saludos desde ecuador

Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan
Pruitt announces withdrawal of Clean Power Plan

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday his agency's plans to withdraw the Clean Power Plan, the sweeping Obama-era rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

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Liz Kavan This impacts upon all of us, not just the U.S. Your govt must take responsibility for placing all at further risk. Ours is not doing much better by the way.
Darlene Marie 45s plan on how to save money ..... pass bills that put money into his pocket that kills the rest of us..... Par for the course. No pun intended. Didn't someone come up with exploding golf balls yet?
Caroline Bentley Barker Is this another way the current administration is "Making America great again" ? Great at what? Backward thinking, destroying the environment, increasing global warming, wiping out wildlife or poisoning water? Please America, I beg you, don't let them ...
Arja Greene What is wrong with these people? I guess making money to fill your pockets is more important than taking care of the planet. These fools are ruining everything and they could not care less.
Marsha K. Urton Give us directions that we can follow in order to prevent this destruction of the goodness we finally have committed to save our planet and her people!

There is no excuse for sexual harassment or sexual assault — no matter who you are and no matter what profession. I applaud the strength and courage of the women who came forward and made their voices heard.

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Maria Laura Repicky Painful and sad this evil/sick behavior. A scourge happens more and more frequently no matter age, gender, social class, education, belief, philosophy. Victims never shut up and always denounce. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙁
Sara Luberti Leo you are a wonderful person of heart and a amazing soul and incredible actor. I love the way you want to protect our world from all this human garbage we don't deserve this wonderful world. Go on like this Leo I'll always be with you and thanks to ...
Trude Kyle sure would be nice if everyone was this outraged at the inequality women face in all areas in our paternalistic society. Meanwhile our government takes away women's rights to healthcare and family planning. No wonder men think they are entitled to abuse ...
Mike DeYoung Leo - love your movies and your message, but this was known in industry for years and you continued to work with him. Plus, it has been out there for days in the public - were you too busy to write this a few days ago?
Freedomishanayaliania Hunt Such an amazing actor Leo , You absolutely right, no woman should go through sexual harassment of any sorts. I applauds the women who speaks up and not allowed themselves to be victims. I will never let a man get away with it if I was happened to be a ...

Leuser ecosystem: one of most biodiverse places on Earth under threat – in pictures

Leuser ecosystem: one of most biodiverse places on Earth under threat – in pictures
Leuser ecosystem: one of most biodiverse places on Earth under threat – in pictures

The Leuser ecosystem spans 2.6m hectares into the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. It’s the only place in the world where tigers, orangutans, rhinos and elephants coexist in the wild. But it’s under threat from agricultural industries, including palm oil

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Francine Nóel Cowart I sit back and watch, analyze and come to conclusion...For this I am disgusted in every way, form, and fashion....Mankind is failing this planet and has been for over 100 years, but mostly it gets worse in the here and now....The Natural Planet and All ...
Lucy Heasman This is very sad to see such a beautiful place destroyed for something so needless, why cant they make palm oil plantations somewhere else? Some people are so stupid. It makes me feel very upset as the Leuser ecosystem looks like such a place of wonder, ...
Yvette Louise Jones YES it's under threat. Save the Leuser ecosystem ✨🐒🐘 been donating since you posted your Orangutan encounter Leo. Fell in love with these beautiful guys. We need to protect them 🌎💪⚔️
Cakoni Sijercic Dear Leo Bosnia admires You <3 Come to Sarajevo try Cevapcici,and other dishes , you are going to love it. Trust me you would like to sit in a small downtown having bosnien or turkish coffee with all those positive energy around you that comes from ...
Jyothi Das Never thought I would ever say that I admire someone representing Hollywood....but this guy shows the rest of us how much more we all can do for our precious planet and is the perfect role model for all of us who are interested in preserving nature!! ...

The island nation of Niue has announced the protection of 40% of its waters. The protected area will include deep ocean seamounts and the biodiversity-rich Beveridge Reef, home to the highest density of grey reef sharks in the world. As the global community comes together at #OurOcean 2017 to address the challenges facing the ocean, this South Pacific island is taking an extraordinary leadership role by establishing a park of this magnitude.

New Marine Parks Protect 290,000 Square Miles of Ocean
New Marine Parks Protect 290,000 Square Miles of Ocean

The parks protect a combined area in the Pacific Ocean more than twice the size of Germany.

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Daut Zayni Hello Leonardo DiCaprio! The person and the genius - the scientist who looks for truth and the free thinker if Leonardo DiCaprio plays a role in the new version of the fantasy movie"Märchen einer Wanderung". Also will repeat a fantastic feat of the ...
Daut Zayni Hello Leonardo DiCaprio! Image of the noble pirate and captain who loves risk. And, above all for the pirate is an honor and courage. If Leonardo DiCaprio plays a role in the new American version of the movie "Die Piraten von Tortuga".Thanks! I will be ...
Raul Garcia Watch Out, Donald Trump might get wind of such a place and may want to go out there and Drill for Oil. Just because he feels like it.
Aritz Tago Hey Leonardo, we would like to invite you to dive with us, Buccaneer Adventures Niue Dive will show you this amazing underwater world. [email protected] #Niue #Polynesia
Kajol Das Hi Uncle Leo. I don't know you will reply on my comment or not. Anyway I am talking from India to you.....

Great work, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Phoenix Barr Leonardo DiCaprio you should run for president
Emanuela Rebella P.R. x 100% R. Energy. 💙
Monia Maamer thank you
Mary Dumont Wonderful.
Yvette Louise Jones 👌 Great Work! 😄✨ 🌴

The people of Puerto Rico still need our help. Find out how you can support hurricane relief efforts here.

How You Can Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico
How You Can Help Hurricane Victims in Puerto Rico

Figuring out the best ways to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico can be difficult. Consumer Reports explains what to do look for.

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Ann Ginsberg I have been in LV, helping fill in for nurses and counselors where ever I could. This is a different kind of disaster than that in Puerto Rico, but a disaster just the same. It is important for all communities to work together to notice what is going ...
Laura Morinigo Quiero que sepas lo mucho que admiro LEONARDO la ayuda a le das a la gente.por el. desastre del huracán también en Argentina estámos preocupados por las lluvias y por el terremoto en México
Tahda Alexandra Ahtone Our homes have been tested to be hurricane resistant. Maybe we could partner to build sustainable homes for people. www.jackrabbithomes.org
Mohamd Moneim We are prayers Too victims in las Vegas hurricane 🌀 thanks you 😊 for stepping !! GOD BLESS FOR THEM .... GOD BLESS AMERICA ••!
Melanie Knapp A choir could sing about healing after the storm and the angels could heal people's spirits....and I just want places to be okay. Good luck!

If the Endangered Species Act Falls, We All Fall.

If the Endangered Species Act Falls, We All Fall.
If the Endangered Species Act Falls, We All Fall.

Our ecosystem is a delicate balancing act. Since 1973, the ESA has been the one act that has saved iconic species from toppling into extinction forever. Now the ESA, and all the living things that depend on it, is at risk and only we can save it. What will your one act be?

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Casper Serria Americans who are concerned about the environment, need to get out and vote in 2018 to prevent a more intense environmental erosion! Every generation has lost a part of natural world. This lost becomes a norm, become accustom how present state of ...
Yasmina Karam Our voice joins the protection of planet life and creatures from extinction💙🙏🌏🌎🌍
Mari Sol Leonardo please help with the Rain Forest in Puerto Rico El Yunque suffered much damage
Mohsin Ennasri Fine ending...Talking film... The continuation is in keeping Sharing now!
Kristina Lipuma Well gotta get rid of Trump or we are all gonna be endangered.

The opportunity of the commons - Teaser

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Liv Bis Who is this saying this cause the dead husband of mine knows nothing about this matter only to eat my money with whores
Viera Caro Human's greed, indifference, ignorance and basic compassion for others, human and non human, will be their demise.
Bruce R. DuPont Our cosmic consciousness is being cut off. Everyone needs to reconnect with nature and let the healing begin!!
Jen J Jenz Sincerely grateful to all of those who are making a difference on this earth. Well done Leo for being our voice 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾
Zhanna Karetina The humans are very cruel and stupid creatures. They continue to kill their own planet and spit on the future of their own children.
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