Lindsey Vonn

Last updated: 23:30 12/14/2017

As I head to France for the next races, I would like to share with you my reflections from the past few days. I've received a tremendous amount of feedback, both positive and negative, about my recent CNN interview. The point that I was trying to articulate is that all Olympic athletes represent their nation as a whole, and are not representatives of their government or any specific political figure or party. None of us work tirelessly for years on end to compete in the Olympics on behalf of Democrats or Republicans. The Olympics are a non-political event, a chance for everyone to put aside their differences and be on the same "team.". That does not mean that Olympic athletes don't have political opinions. As an American, I am extremely proud that our great nation was founded on principals and ideals where citizens can express our opinions openly. It is a privilege that some others around the world don't have. I am proud to be an American, and I want our country to continue to be a symbol of hope, compassion, inclusion and world unity. My travels around the world have recently made clear that this is no longer how people view the United States. You cannot pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV in Europe without noticing how people are questioning our direction. It seems to me that we must lead with understanding and strive for unity in our relationships throughout the world. As for myself, my recent comments opened up my eyes as to how divided we are right now. It is hurtful to read comments where people are hoping I break my neck or that God is punishing me for being "anti-Trump." We need to find a way to put aside our differences and find common ground in communicating. Is it wrong to hope for a better world? All of this is much bigger than skiing and the Olympics. I am going to take the next two months to focus on what I can do and right now that is competing for my country. In doing that, I will be hoping that we Americans can still be that "shining city on a hill."

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Nick Maggio Your job is to ski and win and represent your country in the Olympics. Stay in your lane because you have not presented any evidence to convince the majority of Americans that you are capable of understanding the complexity of politics. I understand you ...
Ray Gilmore 1) As a retired service member, I support your right to speak your mind. Just as I support your critics right, to speak theirs. 2) As a parent, of young girls, who love skiing; I wish that you had been a better role model.... destroying a binding ...
Earl Zemba What a shame, we all have our opinions and it’s sad you used your status to promote yours. What’s next? Are you going to take a knee on the podium? I don’t wish you Ill but I would rather we won zero medals than have you win one. I didn’t care for Mr ...
Joe Mandichak Lindsey Vonn nice try but you said what you said and now had a few days to think about it and how to try and save face. Representing the president also is not representing government or even politics for that matter and it isn’t republican or democrat ...
Ted Roethlisberger My family appreciates you. Thanks for representing our country with dignity and poise. Best of luck, we’re rooting for you.

Driven by ambition and focused on speed. I block out the noise🎧 #AboveTheNoise Beats by Dre #ontheteam

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Kyshia Brassington Lineberger Gosh Lindsey, i hate to inform you of this, but when you ski in the Olympics you are representing the country, the president and the people. Shame on you. I don’t want you representing the USA.
Jason Lathem Congratulations, you will be the first American that I will root against in the Olympics. Don't crash....karma is a bitch!
Christine Nettles My President is doing more for the United States than skiing. He is making a difference that will last way beyond the Olympics.maybe you will get that later when you understand economics.
David Smith You should write a book,”How to alienate half your fan base with one statement for no possible gain”. Skiers have never been known for their intellect,but Jesus you’re an idiot.
Jeffrey Wheatley She's wearing "Beats", so she can't hear any of this noise anyways. Do you want her to hear you? Voice your opinion to Red Bull. She will hear us all loud and clear when they drop her.

Lindsey Vonn's cover photo

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Raina Bright Bourne Whoa. These comments, though. This incredibly talented and strong athlete has every right to speak her opinion, just as you all do. And she speaks hers a helluva lot more intelligently than most of you. I can't even. "Next, you'll be sleeping with Colin ...
Guy R Blickenstaff Oh God, not another one. We the people don't support you then, just think how crappy you will feel when everyone turns there backs on you as you take the podium. Make you feel pretty bad huh, but gee you were sent there by the people...right? So was ...
Cindy Williams I voted for Trump so you are not representing me and I'm happy about that. Not wishing you injury just hope you lose.
Charlie Morris Such a dumb girl who would have thought,guess it's the first time I have heard her speak,now you can shut up,you will not win u has been.u fit the mold of tigers mistresses
Joel Laneri Wow next she'll be screwing colon kapperdick,, and killing the OLYMPICS like he's killing football !!!! Like they say in Hollyweird BREAK A LEG, AND A JAW while your at it,, there goes millions in donations....People will really pulling for you to ...

It’s here! Steep Road to the Olympics officially releases today. Excited to bring this to life - check out the launch trailer for the video game that features interviews with me and other Olympians :) More info available at

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Marc Eggmann Geil! Mit Steep hat Ubisoft eine neue Ära im Bezug auf Wintersport-Games eingeläutet und das mit Erfolg! Miran Benz
Chris Heinzman We don’t want you representing America! Please do not participate!
Dana Ellis Hope anyone wins but u... Hope your sponsor's go to. God bless America
Robert Mull Hope you fall and break that fat ass of yours...
Wayne Gill Your comment about not representing our President was just ridiculous!! You will realize what a great President he is one day! Hoping you don't fall and break a leg -again - or maybe just go ahead !

It's official! You can now buy my race helmet for yourself! The helmet will only be available for a limited time and proceeds will help support The Lindsey Vonn Foundation. Check it out at .

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Darius Bowie Congrats Lindsey!!!! much love to you
William Hunt I hope your fundraiser goes well
Michael Turo is it autographed?? how much for the helmet
Pietro Sarzi Amadè With “you know u want one” you just sold one
Julian Heyward That is awesome Lindsay

Did I mention I love my job? Speed, adrenaline, great team, beautiful mountains and super cute kid fans. Doesn’t get much better! #perspective #workhard #havefun

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Mark Moss Are you doubling up as a bike rack?
James Burton Awesome
Brad Putney It's a good gig.
Harold Cravens SPEED QUEEN!
Jerzy Slezak 🎿⛄❄🚀🏆👍🌹😄🌷💟😘💐

Happy to be back doing what Grandpa and I love to do most-SKI!

13.9k reactions 150 comments
Paulo Dias E fazes muito bem mesmo felicidades para a tua carreira beijinhos
Heather Roberts Taormino He is now with you everyday Lindsey!! Love you ! It was nice to spend time with you!
Kosmak Thomas Viel Erfolg für die kommenden Rennen Lindsey wünsch ich dir lg Thomas.
Liliana Krasnodebska We Love skiing as much as you do too!
Stephanie Glover Skiing has always been my grandpa and I's thing as well. So sorry for your loss

3,2, testing is done and now it’s time to get back to the slopes! Looking forward to being on the mountain again for so many reasons, but first i have a hard weekend ahead of me. I will share more soon. ❤️

5.1k reactions 197 comments
Giorgio Verdiglione Questo sacrificio riempi la tua bellezza è il tuo lavoro non mollare mai 💪😘😘😘
Ali Naghi STOP!The dog ...sleeping..
Robert Buterbaugh My puppy does the same thing.
Kc Lowe "We the People" are rooting for You, Julia, and Michaela to bring home the GOLD!!!
深谷和彦 Wishing you to get the best prise in this season.😄

New exercise! @theraband resisted lateral shuffle. Great core/agility exercise, work on keeping the upper body stable and exploding off of your outside leg. Enjoy :)

2.3k reactions 47 comments
Manolo Fabio Lindsay la stagione sta per cominciare ti aspetto ancora più forte.
Florian Panhuber Push on 💜
Peter Linnarsson Good jobb!!!!!! 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Jukka Airola new !?!?😯
Marco Antonelli It is interesting💪💪💪😜🤙🤙🤙

Celebrating art + film last night at @lacma gala honoring the work of Mark Bradford and George Lucas. Proud to be your guest @gucci ❤️

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Andy Wilson The most beautiful Dress Ever xx
Тодор Петков art+film+Gucci dress= top-model Lindsey Vonn :)
Richard Martin I’m sorry but what in the holy hell are you wearing?
Fernando Shaman I complety carried away........& I didn't choose to"
Ron Kiriu OMG 😮 gorgeous dress worn by an incredible woman! You are perfection!

100 Days until the Olympic Winter Games! I’m in NYC today in partnership with Bounty chatting about all things #Pyeongchang2018. 🙌🏻🎉#QuickerPickerUpper #sponsored

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Brian Stackhouse Good Luck at the Olympics
Cyril Michel Adrien Michel c'est le sponoring le plus pitoyables du monde!
Tommy Wiklund I bet 100$ that yoy take Stenmarks rekord, abervis i send you a invois
Marcus Bergqvist Smashing!! Finally The Skiing Season is here. ⛷🏂🎿🥇🏆

What would be the toughest exercise for you? 🏋‍♂

11.9k reactions 689 comments
Ld White Just reading this wore me out. Nap time
Paola Daris Sylvian I don’t see pistol squat on the bosu here;)
Andreas Maschler Ich esse lieber einen Hamburger.😂 Ihnen wünsche ich viel Erfolg in der Saison.
Alberto Salvi Alberto Morena più o meno come mi sto preparando io alla stagione sciistica ahah il 5 fa paura
Linn Larsson Josefina Cyréus Detta är då universums coolaste slalomkvinna och du förstår varför jag kör lite speciella övningar på strandis ibland 😂😅

It may not have been the result I was looking for this weekend but i was happy to be back racing GS after not racing that event in over 600 days. I’m a little rusty but I know where to improve. On to the next one! Lake Louise here I come!!!

3.2k reactions 76 comments
Thai Xuan Nguyen Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.---Coach Wooden
Bojan Martić We will see Lindsey next year on the Golden fox in Maribor?
Brian Bane Go get them Lindsey. Way to work hard to get back!! There is no stopping you.
Bubba James You did a wonderful job keep up the hard work
Christine Etem Litsey If anyone can do it, you can! Best of luck!

1.8k reactions 45 comments
Brian Thayer Lucky !
Sandström Teukka Yes. Go On Lindsey!!
Barb Combs good luck Lindsey
Allen Trueblood Go girl go!!!
Kurt Anton Brugger Thank you Lindsey! Go for win!

My birthday thoughts...I’m another year older...but no matter how old I get or where life takes me I’m always thankful to have so many amazing and caring people in my life. They keep me grounded and love me no matter what...even when I get old 🙈 I love all of you so much! #33andthankful Stay humble and hungry. ❤️

3.5k reactions 459 comments
Don L A Munday HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lindsey from across the pond - have a lovely day (y) :)
James Michael Proctor Love you too golden snow bunny. HBD LINDSEY :)
Darrell Rowe Happy birthday Lindsey. Thanks for sharing your life with us
John Wallek And we LOVE you too! Happy trails and thanks for sharing your life with us! <3 <3
Raul Tejeda Happy Birthday Lindsey, such an amazing Woman! Have a great day, get spoiled, have fun, get your Happy on, haha

Fun times with my sister this weekend at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. ❤️ It was my first Polo match and it was amazing!! Well...anything with horses is amazing 😁

14.2k reactions 167 comments
Fabio Monti Andrea non te la darebbe nemmeno se fossi bello haahahahh
Mark Keiser Beautiful ladies..we are very proud of you,..mark and beth keiser baltimore , Md
Ali Naderi You look so pretty Look me up when you come to SF,
Vijay Dahiya Most gorgeous lady on the earth Lindsey vaan
Hans Peter Wilms pretty swanky, looks like the weather was perfect too : )

Check out this preview of Steep: Road to the Olympics and hear pro athletes (including me :) describe the Olympic Winter Games as we gear up for PyeongChang 2018 💪🏻This expansion releases on December 5th🎯

1.5k reactions 38 comments
Micha Waldmeier Pascal Waldmeier Giess Reto
Carl El Asfar Samer
Sarah Mannekens Vincent Mannekens
Matt Tyler Alexandra Botterman
Dominik Parr Marcel

#UnlikeAny Under Armour Women

5.6k reactions 47 comments
Una Rosita The best ever ! ❤
Peter Linnarsson Looking strong!!!!!! 👍 👍 👍 👍
Achille Guidotti Love you
James Burton Awesome
Mersi Nu hey Lindsey, hab gehört du startest mit den männern in kitzbühl 🤣🤣🤣🤣

My trip to Boston for the #under30summit with my sister was an amazing experience. Sometimes it's hard to see hope in the world we live in, but meeting the great young minds of the future certainly made me more hopeful. Thank you Forbes

7.2k reactions 88 comments
Bruce Thomson LV99 (y)
Daniele Brunotti Beautiful!!!
Roman Strupih beauti😻😻😻
Chad Papenfuss You look awesome!!:)
Oleg Chris Krishtofovych nice!

Morning session with the pups 💪🏻🐶🐶🐶

7.2k reactions 89 comments
Patrick Dobernig Angelo Memmer du wast mehr über diese Frau haha
Elias Duarte-Lopez Cute pups :) You are really fit Lindsey Vonn ;)
Doug Robison Pups beware---here comes Lindsey!!xo
Mauro AndradeWenk * Lindsey & Nice Dogs. < 3 ...! *
Dimitris Goukos Nuclear powerhouse!178 cm tall?Da!!Best wishes for your Olympic season!

Lindsey Vonn's cover photo

18.8k reactions 180 comments
Tomaž Burchy Bura Raketa🚀🚀
Valentin Arpin Maxime Possoz grosse pensée pour toi ;)
Khlo Beugin Sa Ri vivement le ski 😎
Stephen Bellows Not big on this 1 .........L sorry ......
Andrew Richtmeyer Halloween Ready. ;)

Getting some great GS training down here too. Makes me smile 😁🙌🏻

10.4k reactions 68 comments
Miha Šink beautiful rainbow suit :)
Una Rosita Have a great time Lindsey !❤❤❤
Dennis Rowe wow you sure have slimed down
Jerry King You have a nice butt
Bernd Drienko Bitte komme ohne Verletzungen durch die Saison.

Amazing sunsets down here! 🇨🇱

3.4k reactions 36 comments
Diana Boyd 😮👍👍
Waylon Riggs Cool
Harri Pinta Sweet lowely weekend to you lindsey
Adrian Lamon Nice
Bianca Stumpp Super schön😊

Weeeeeeeeeee!!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!! ❤️🙌🏻 #LVeclipse lol

15.2k reactions 251 comments
Gregory Larson Total Eclipse of the Vonn...
Burno Staelen More than a job, just passion 👍💪😍
Holly Addison The Empress of Alpine is working!!!!!!!!!
Monalisa Aguilar Wow / Nailing it!!! It looks beautiful there
John Young the photographer was in the right place for sure.

Lindsey Vonn

26.5k reactions 379 comments
Nedja Hachicha 🐣 God morning Bella , Love you 💓 you're so beautiful 🐥 kokokoko
Star Gemina Ahhh, love this dress, looking very fast! High speed and great smile! :)
Lou Coatney This woman should be having babies as beautiful as she is.
Kosmak Thomas Hi Lindsey ich wünsche dir für die kommende Skisaison alles alles Gute bleib gesund und gewinne so viele Rennen wie nur möglich
Jack Easthead Nice to see you after a llong time....

So far so good! Chile has been treating us well and conditions are great. Having fun training with the @usskiteam men as well.

2.6k reactions 65 comments
Bill Bishop Yummy
Andreas Schabel Zieh blank Lindsey !
Barb Combs good to here have fun
Sam Perri Beautiful photo's!!🌹💓
Brian Daigle Enjoy, work hard and be safe

Lindsey Vonn

19.1k reactions 352 comments
Jeff Sullivan Now go wreak havoc on the tour, ski girl ⛷
Robert Wayne Webster I want to see that smile on many podiums this season! !!
Marco Lausegger Prototype of perfection and beauty 😍💪
Paulo Dias A nova época está quase a chegar queremos a bela princesa do ski em boa forma para poder vencer mais títulos .
Kosmak Thomas Hi Lindsey ich würde mir wünschen das du jeden Tag von Chile berichtest Dankeschön lg Thomas

Had a great few weeks of training in Colorado. Now off to Chile to finally see the snow again! All of my hard work is going to pay off 🙏🏻💪🏻❤️

7.7k reactions 104 comments
Mauro AndradeWenk * Lindsey Vonn. ♥ ...! *
Jack Lancaster You keep getting even more beautiful.
Jeremy Sipes So beautiful!Wasted it all with no self-esteem!
Pietro Zwach Ready to start little prinzess!Good Luck!
Ali Ridgwell All the best Lindsey Vonny you deserve it <3

Last day off training here in New Zealand and it was epic! We had a blast and making big steps for this coming season. Thanks to my crew for having my back. Love you guys!! #TeamLV ✌🏻

7.5k reactions 87 comments
Sven De Roeck Top athlete!!!
Dennis Gervais Just stay safe!
Fabrizio Brisotto My love
Brian Flores Awesome Mz Vonn!
John Kellsen Nice butt
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