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NEW VIDEO: Watch the behind-the-scenes video for “Dig Down” now!

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Martin Lesage Freedom! I won't let you down. Freedom! I will not give you up... George Michael Look it up
Fabio Rondinelli Roquetti Great video, indeed. And the lyrics are not bad. But the song itself is really underwhelming.
Si Parsons Bring back the old Muse 😭
Jeremy Farber I got the same feeling after watching Boondock saints 2.
Valentina Gueraldo Raga dai già faccio fatica a guardare dig down aka madness2, figuriamoci il bts

Dom and his Tampa Bay palm trees. #SuitablyWeird

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Tonya Wariner Can't wait. Kansas City.
Eve Têtenl'air Best drummer ever Dom!
Don McLennan Jr. Palmanic Howard
Benjamin Partout It was such a great concert! Great crowd too :-)
Ehis Pounds Hello my respectable guest,i am writing this article to tell the world on how DR ehis brought my ex husband back to me, for about 8 year me and my ex husband has been living happily together,i couldn't believe my eye when he came up to me one day and ...

Reaching out to Tampa. Such a great night. Thanks for making it so special.

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Lisa Docherty So blooming handsome 😍
Giannis Alexopoulos Pls come back to Greece soon!
Lampros Madrid Please come again to Greece.And don't forget to add Resistance to the setlist 😛😛
Nayeli Brown Great show! Thanks guys!!
Mikael Malagies Great gig

Add Muse on Snapchat now ➡️

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Luis Pons Valderrama Daniel Correa para que hables con Batt Melamy
Brett Tisdale Music pretty much sucks now guys. Been downhill last 2 CDs
Sebastien Tassin Emilie Tassin tu sais ce qu'il te reste à faire lol
Leonardo Barni Avete rotto il cazzo
Clément Berthelot Tiens ça pourrait te plaire Olivia

When god decides to look the other way and a clown takes the throne We must find a way Face the firing squad, against the odds You will find a way

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Megan Lily Rensch The song's alright. Wouldn't have thought it was strong enough to be a single though
Stephen D Campbell Like the Max Headroom reference. The song is leaving me a little cold.
Craig Thornton It's a only a song.. some will like it some won't.. that's music for you 🎼
Giuseppe Buck Fabbrizi Mah... più no che si (what the cazzo state a do Matthew?! Mannaggia ai little fish, mannaggia).
Alex Lyall My brain is so loopy right now, I read it as "face the squid"

West Palm Beach. #GreatNight

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Christine Saladino I was there! Freaking amazing!! Love you guys 😘
Lori Rose Great show last night! You guys rocked!!!
Kyle Rodriguez One of the best nights of my life! Incredible, truly Muse
Jennifer Adams omg i hope me and my son can get tickets to your Nashville show ..the site is busy waaaaa
Sasha M. Calo I have 2 lawn tickets for $30 (both) for the show at Tampa tonight. Can transfer via Live Nation. Message me!

Day 1 on our Amphitheater tour! Can't wait to play here in West Palm Beach. Gonna be rocking.

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Jo Ann Corso Can't wait to see you tomorrow in Tampa's amphitheatre! This will be my second time seeing you live. Love Muse!
Sebastian Helin The new single took a few listens to hit me good! Now it's in my top20 MUSE song :) come to Finland again! Last year Drones tour in Helsinki was awesome.
Edwin Isensee Please, say that the next album will have nothing like the dig down song :B
Carrie C. Patrick Third time seeing you guys and it was phenomenal.
Tod Colby Wow. My first Muse show. How have I missed these guys all these years?

The North American tour starts tonight in Florida! Support: Thirty Seconds to Mars & PVRIS

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Dionne Davies Gutted, this would have been my dream gig!! Same line up when you tour U.K.!!
AmBeezzy Oputa 2 weeks from today, Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville!!! #3rdtime
Kia Jo Jo Shabadoo Muse, you have many fans in Los Angeles. Please don't skip LA. :)
Melissa Arno Great show. Best concert I've ever been too. Ready for round 2.
Tony Qpr Spence Hope you're doing more than just 3 UK dates that are listed

Listen to the interview with MistaJam on BBC Radio 1 now!

Muse - Dig Down, MistaJam - BBC Radio 1
Muse - Dig Down, MistaJam - BBC Radio 1

MistaJam’s Hottest Record In The World for Thursday 18th May 2017.

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Jareth Franz Is this a tribute to George Michael's freedom? Or you are just lacking of ideas?
Michael Gibbs Love this song!! Definitely had a Second Law feel to it, love the guitar in the middle of the song! Epic!!
Juan CV 💩
Morgan Ence Your money will continue to be made via your concerts. Nobody wants to watch you play this.
Sharon Higginson Stick with your rocky edge and epic anthems Muse. This is too toned down and a bit dull...

When hope and love has been lost and you fall to the ground You must find a way When the darkness descends and you’re told it’s the end You must find a way

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Mike Wyka Listened to this, then Madness, and honestly liked Dig Down more. It's more impactful. Like the new direction, and agree with all other people posting about waiting to see the context of this song in the album as a whole. Hope it's a concept album!
Raoul Van Heerden Freedom 90 - by the late George Michael. I tend to like the chords and scheme.. and I can't imagine this wasn't done on purpose actually. Easy listening song.. not bad.. but definitely not special.
Sammy Ruddock Warp warp warp waaaarp waaaarp waaaarp. Love it. 😍 it's fresh and a new direction for Muse, yet still undeniably Muse. The more I hear it the more I want to play it again. I do hear elements of Queen n Massive Attack but that is no bad thing as they are ...
Leslie Beale Matt and the boys are constantly evolving. Very talented lads who know how to layer a song. Listen to each verse. It builds to a subtle crescendo. Love it. They never disappoint. Just hope they don't release half the album on you tube before the album ...
Gabriel R Martin Sitting in my chair hooked up to a heart monitor to figure out why I have started to pass out when standing. Which sucks because I have tickets to your show in June in Austin. Hoping by June my cardiologist has some sort of handle on my heart so I can ...

Check out Matt & Dom’s interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 now!

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Graham Smith Find it to much like the song madness and I like that aswell but i was hoping something more like Hullabaloo style.
Kyra Lindsey Y'all getting mad need to let them grow as musicians. Maybe this is where you get off the ride as muse fans
Erik Castañeda H It would be perfect for the return of a fallen heroe in a movie or something!
Andrew Marsden Hopefully the new album will help erase the memory of this song..🙏😖
Tom Hobbins I love the new song! Gets better every time you listen to it, which is like every muse song...

Watch the music video for “Dig Down” now: Download or stream the song here:

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Gabriel Sa Pinto How do I put this without sounding like a hater... Well I don't want Origin of symmetry... Drones was a pretty darn good album, and this single I'm hoping is just the mainstream side of the new album and there'll be better stuff in there just like all ...
Matt Bland Max Headroom returns. The boys are definitely fans of 80's sci-fi and cyberpunk. The lift scene reminded me of Aliens with Ripley so much. Not a big fan of the tune, it's ok, I don't dislike it. I think more thought went into the video. I'm waiting to ...
Ida Naimi It's not a question of past or present... it's simply something that sounds "not new nor innovative nor powerful but just a little bit boring"... anyway they are still my favourite ones and will be for ever and ever! Nobody's perfect!❤️
Marit Kvamme-Vik As always, have to keep hearing it for some times to love it. For now, I like it;) it got stuck in my head quite fast! My twin daughters (3yrs) loved it right away, though. :)
Neil Handa Oh dear. I don't know what this is but it's not the same band that gave us OOS and Absolution. They dropped two great tunes (Fury and Futurism) because the albums they were destined for were already great. It shows how far they have fallen when their ...

PREMIERE: Watch the music video for the new song “Dig Down” now!

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McKinley Davis I've been a big muse fan for several years and this is the biggest let down I've ever heard from them. it was so boring, there was no hook and it felt like it just went on and on. i've never disliked a muse song before this one. yikes.
Tim Montoya It's ok. Not their worst but certainly not close to their best. It's repetitive and waits too long to get going. Hoping the rest of whatever album this ends up on has much better songs. Been a fan of Muse since Absolution and while I embrace change, I ...
Dan Arcuri Buzz Bryce Jonathan You can tell it's a new muse song because "hope" and "love" are mentioned in the first 10 seconds and the crescendo is never as good as you hope it will be
Tin Tin Nguyen Music is a creation that is meant to be continuously evolving and we can't expect all bands to keep their music similar all the time, notably Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy and Paramore in recent months. Muse has experimented all sort of music from pop to ...
Jon Clifton Well I like it even if nobody else does 😂 instead of telling a band you once liked to 'go back to their roots', how about you find some other music you like, there's really plenty of it about. Artists will always have to progress, move forward and ...

Dig Down, out tomorrow

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Biagia Scannella Also we all know this is for Blade Runner that's not exactly a secret, the layout of the film poster and this ad are the same. Let's just hope it's a fab standout song.
Simon Hogg My fave thing about muse is the fact it all sounds different they can do a pop like song then go into something so not ever played on the radio its great keep mixing it up keep changing but dont go country please god no lol
Paul Harms Just as I suspected but hoped wouldn't be true. The first release Boo! Man, I loved this band and they have just gone flat. Take some time off, find yourselves again. We can and will wait.
Jowita Querbach von Raffini we are waiting:-) My 8years old daughter loves You too! She is watsching all Your Videos on Ipad and listenes to Your CDs all the time, You are Nr. 1 in our House right now...bevor it was Rammstein and Europe:-)👏
Sandy Wiegman Origins is by far my favorite and I wish they'd play some songs from it and showbiz but I respect their efforts at diversity in their albums and enjoy them all. The best live band to date


13.2k reactions 546 comments
Andy Hoskam Looking for some engineers to help build a timemachine..
James Ferguson Not holding my breath for this at all. I was so disappointed with Drones :(
Steph Caron Geraldine Le Chanjour tu sais ce que c'est ? Ce suspense est insoutenable !! 😊
Anna Sieczkowska Aleksandra Kosenda czekamy my też! And it is going to be UNFORGETTABLE :-)
Zaira Mejia Cruz Ya quiero verlo 😍 Nos están torturando, mejor ya subanlo ❤

Chris in the zone at rehearsals.

26.4k reactions 188 comments
Katrine Dean Phwoar!! He can get in my zone anytime😜
Eliot Boisteau 2nd best bass player alive ... legend
Lisa David Courtney Hague Lord, does he look yummy. Yes, indeedy.
Mark Terrell Bring the filth


11.8k reactions 123 comments
Miguel Ángel Salvador Alexis este es el pedo que te decía.
Alessio Tortini Riccardo Posla QUELLO E' UN CONTRABBASSO AIUTO
Anaé Lps Margaux LOOK AT MY MAN GO I can't wait omfg
Jessica Sandoval 😒😒😒
Amber Louise Northwood Nicola Gauld we can't forget Chris.


17.6k reactions 185 comments
Matthew Tyler Saffle Im thankful for Dom's flower power #DigDown
Andrea Kippers Ruben LIFEs short and filled with stuffff
Hendry Wonx Ndjeporo Pokoknya Gw jadi penggemar setia postingan Muse. Jadi slalu setia hadir. :D ??? NDOBOL ??? [+] Komen meluncur 100km 0.3 detik [+] status yang ke 1255 yang saya komentari ? Jum'at, 12-05-2017 - Jam : 11:25 pm [+] Met Malam,, N Met Istirahat...
Nancy Galindo Claudia Hernández Arreguín D: para que te eches un taco de ojo xD
Joy Behold Both Matt and Dom look really young with their hair slicked back 😂


24.7k reactions 300 comments
Aspa Piperaki Ελενη Κονιδακη φλώρος του κερατά με γλυμμένη αγελάδα στο κεφάλι του...πού πάει έτσι ο γραβατάκιας;
Nix Garnix Does somehone has the same feeling like me? I can't wait for the single, but im scared after Linkin Park, Paramore ect. Dx
Céline Friand Sure I'm ready to be hypnotised! How much the session? ;)
Koma Komarac Epic song coming big wave crush pluto travolta paradise tough wallet firefighter
Clémentine Jailloux Ouais là ça pue grave par contre ^^ Bnj Lct Tiffany Crepy

“Dig Down” new single coming 18 May

61.1k reactions 6031 comments
Juan Aprily Gobel Damn ... for 0.5 second i thought that was new 25% off for the costume sale in GTA Online
Vitor Pitta In Brazil we don't say "Dig Down", we say "Dig Dig Joy Dig Joy popoy" and we think that is beautiful
Veronika Suhareva For all of you who are also amazed by fashionista Bellamy
Cate Taylor Can someone tell me what time it is to be released on Thursday? I've got my GCSE chemistry exam and really wanna listen to it the second it comes out 😂😭x
Regine Angela WOW!! Great to hear that News!! 😎🎼🎤🎸 I will never forget those two Concerts here in Berlin, you Really! captured me with your Music!! :) <3 Last Time my Son was with me, Summer 2016, he plays a rough Guitar, too, so it was a very, very Special Memory, ...

11.9k reactions 519 comments
전수빈 최종원이준최현일 뮤즈래 미쳤냐???!???????????????? 엉엉
Valentina Pizzoccaro Mmmmmm....amazing,real interesting.....I'm so exciting for the new work of You,sweet guys..sooo.. come on..come on..#soon !!!!
Juan Gallardo Angel TCervantes Hijo de tu puta madre por que no me etiquetaste?
Dash Hery Kan Han LI Chloe Milla Cwy Damn, that is totally going this way!
Rasmus Møller Blangsbøll Bastian Preisel i cant take it anymore... Hype overload!


6.5k reactions 78 comments
Carla Trentini Kupka Fun!! Love his radio show! But Love my MUSE even more!!
Javokhir Abdullaev Hey there, I ...
Amanda Moore Matt, are you wearing flowers?...hee hee hee.....
Michał Szyszkowski witam moze nagracie nowa plyte
Melanie Butuso Love you guys ❤️

14.6k reactions 1052 comments
Julio A. M. Jimenez New Muse with 80´s vibes and i´ll throw my money to the screen!!
Danni Williams i'm excited and i don't really know what's happening
Sebastian Lopez Martinez Sandy, si vienen a mexico aunque te pague el boleto tenemos que ir jajaaj
Stuart Wootten Recent instagram photos have also included #crockettstheme #janhammer from Miami Vice which was a firm favourite back in the day. Maybe a similar style new song?

8.4k reactions 77 comments
Aurélie Roumy Chris ❤❤❤
John McNichols Muse is my favorite band. Period.
Carla Trentini Kupka I HOPE TO SEE THE RETURN OF THE JEANS AND CONVERSE COMBO!! Can't wait to see my MUSE in California!!! <3 <3 <3
Alicja Czerwiec Chris is the most beautifull man i've ever met!!!
Els Huysmans Hello Muse.....Europe is still waiting!!

Rehearsals in full swing.. 💀🥁

11.5k reactions 72 comments
Gisel Deamelio i want to hear some!! 🎵
Matt Freund Ya mind if I step by?
Armelle Darcy Howard Sexy Domi (as usual ...) 😍
Alejandra Vega Hell yesssss!! <3
Sajitta Andrade Looks like the perfect time to rehearse . Stick to it :)

..Muse: LA rehearsals

15.8k reactions 148 comments
June San Filippo-Noon I will see you in July, MUSE! Can't wait!
Gautier Poncet Lydie on y arrive !!!!
Eric Hillner See you in 5 weeks!
Gunter Danlcoin Hâte que le nouvel album arrive !!!!!!!! <3
Ivan Mosby Awebooooooo :D

Designed my first custom Manson acoustic. Nice piece.

43.2k reactions 510 comments
David Denke Accoustic and classic D major! Switch on distortion and get Feeling good!
Bryan Quick Acoustic complete with Kaoss pad and a built in fuzz factory circuit
Andrew Lane Cummins Well, now you must make an acoustic album. Just saying. 😎
Kieran Hullabaloo Robinson Jim think that pretty much confirms an acoustic song on the new album!
Jacob Carl Howden We want a vid of it.... dont want to wait for the next album to hear how it sounds.

#tbt Photo by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

16.4k reactions 144 comments
Trevor Cornwall No Stadium tour of the UK this time :-(
Έλενα Περσίδη Σεμνοι και ταπεινοι😍 Artemis Kotso
Ange Chaud Lait J aurais tant aimé y être. ...dommage mais au boulot...
Cindy Ngao Jessye Ngao souvenirs souvenirs 😍😍😍
Diego Agudelo Stephany, uno de estos <3

Lowlands Festival '06 📷 by Hans-Peter van Velthoven

7.5k reactions 45 comments
Patrycja Kiełbasa Dominika tak wyglada piękno 💝💖💖
Oscar Sabiu Sei un grande.
이선교 신예성 와이거약간사기
Rachel Bennett You're so cute :)
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Great Band!

Enjoying some Art with a capital F.

24.3k reactions 487 comments
Maxime Jakob Guillaume Rein elle vient de la ta passion pour les licornes ?
Gwendoline Zehirmann Kl AiRe, parce que tout le monde aime les ponais a corne et les casques de Crom :D
Alexis Poncelet Gaïen De Gabii je sais pas ce qu'il a pris mais c'est du lourd
Rasmus Møller Blangsbøll Bastian Preisel No drugs were involved... We promise...
Angela Michele Gozzo Come on Matt! Release a new album! "TIME HAS COME TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT" ! 😂😂😂
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