Zac Brown Band

Last updated: 02:18 03/28/2017

Thanks for having us RODEOHOUSTON and for these awesome buckles! Check out our Instagram page for more photos from the event

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Maricela Martinez Trevino Mike Trevino 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭
Rosa Seidemann Congratulation from Germany Regensburg ❣ ☺
Mario De La Cruz ... AWESOME !!!
Josh Blizzard That's a lot of 36-30's for one picture.
Claudine Peppers Looking Great

We love playing these new #WelcomeHome tunes for you all. It's always an amazing feeling hearing you sing them back to us.

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Olivia Egger Will
Sarah Drake Aram Drake
Shannon Adair Lauren Kirker
Chabelita Contreras Muy buena canción....saludos desde.Chile...sigan así
Discounted Clothing 😍

It's always an incredible experience walking out on stage and seeing a sea of lights shining back at us. Watch this great 360 timelapse from our recent C2C Country to Country performance to see the show from our perspective!

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Nicole Cornelius Chelsea Langevin
Luke Alison Donna, Kerry
Becky Smith Megan Trevor Lesley Emma
Steve Wood Benjamin Wood - your first gig... xx
Stefanie Hope Mathis Cool

We're excited to announce we'll be performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 29th!

2.4k reactions 139 comments
Kathy Rhea I'll tape it.....
Dawna Laviolette Gates Awesome! We will be watching from Ottawa Canada!!
Jeanne Valley Me too!! 🎼🎻
Michael J Masouras On my birthday
Kristie Johnson Heather When all your loves collide.

The only thing better than the scenery at #RendezvousFestival was the crowd. Thank you all for a great show!

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Dawn Lowrance Whiskeys gone...
Jay O'Connell Can't wait for you all to come back to the Gorge!
Brandon Day Nah! nah! nah!nah nah nah nah nah Hey hey hey GOODBYE!
Laura Kendzior So much fun!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Joshy Russell Come back to scotland on your own tour Pleeeeeeaaasse!

And here we are cheesin’ for the camera in London... Seriously, we had an incredible time in Glasgow, Dublin and London this past weekend playing the C2C Festival! Special thanks to The Zamily and everyone who came to see us—we loved playing for you and talking about our new album, Welcome Home!

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Sylvie Oustry J'étais à Dublin. C'était juste magique de vous voir sur scène, mon rêve s'est réalisé. Je vous adore. Revenez vite en Europe <3 !
Darren Thompson It would be cool to see Canadian Dawson Reigns team up with you guys while you are both in that area!
Jan Mcleod was at the Glasgow concert with my two sisters and best friend what a great great show my first time hopefully not my last and your queen song well that just typed it for me .xxx see you all soon
Tina Håkansson My daughter went to London to see you all for the 2nd time, next time I will join her :-)
Shaz Austin Had the privilege of being in the crowd for London C2C - you were totally awesome!! Keep rockin` that music guys!!

Our friend Chris Cornell just released a new song and all proceeds go to a great cause. Give it a listen!

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Arron Hayward Danny Rhino
Jenna Schmeidler Dustin Schmeidler
Bobby Lawson Aimee Nelson Lawson
J Mac David Amy Hughes McRae
Carlye Taylor Josh Taylor

Country star Zac Brown is live

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PO Marchildon Laurie Berthiaume Lafrenière 🙌🏼😍
Kris Alexander Kay Louise Lee Stephen Shaun Lee Megan
Amanda Paladeni Michelle Bridger Purcell 😃😍😃
Patricia Delaney Gorman Briege Delaney Noeleen Delaney Boylan Martina Delaney Mccarney Mary Egan
Michelle Dorr Richard Jandreau and his boys - Ben Jandreau and Ty Jandreau

Last stop of C2C Country to Country festival in London last night. What a great experience!

3.6k reactions 123 comments
James Barrington Incredible show, my old man brought me to tears, beautiful song. Until next time!
Robin Van De Wetering Wish you guys came to the Netherlands as well! I'm dying to see you guys perfom live for the past 8 to 9 years now!
Laura Pinn Wow absolutely stormed it! Incredible. Very much enjoyed hearing chicken fried sung by fans queueing for tube after too!
Margaret Leslie-Smith You guys were awesome in Glasgow enjoyed every minute. Brilliant show.
Gaz Sharples U.K. Tour soon please, Liverpool or Manchester 👍

We gave Scotland our best power stance. They gave us their all right back. An honor to play for you all.

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James Midway The modern world brought to you by Scotland, you're welcome!
Sandra Thomson Next time try to keep some tickets back from the "bots" for the rest of us
Helen Moyes We were there!!! Thank you for a great night you were outstanding!!!!!
Lynne Sim Wow. Amazing. Loved every minute. Thank you guys. Come back soon please.
Jennifer McQueen You guys were awesome! Thanks for coming up to play for us, do come back soon!

Sir Rosevelt’s gon’ bring the funk. If you’re in London, come out Tuesday 14 March:

355 reactions 16 comments
Josh Hightower Cayle Moore
AnneMarie Gordon Jose Angel Conesa Garcia Mads Sarah!!!!!
Matt Evans Lisa MacLeod
Ryan Tyler Please bring sir rosevelt to CT!!!!!!
Sam Glasson Can't wait, got my ticket. See you at C2C 2morrow night 😚😚😍😍😎😎

Great night in Dublin at C2C Country to Country Festival!

3.6k reactions 94 comments
Charlene McBride-Bradley You guys are one of my bucket list shows. One day Zac. One day :)
Sean Galloway Thank you for amazing evening ... see you again soon
Terry Keyes Absolutely amazing show.
Catherine Power Oh I.was dying to see them why had they a British flag.what
Catherine Power Oh it was an accident they are in.London.this week end too I think

Ain't nothing like the Real Thing! Hope you enjoy the track and the lyric video. Get "Real Thing" & "My Old Man" instantly when you pre-order WELCOME HOME at

1.7k reactions 322 comments
Erin Jones Love it! can't wait for the album.....But why no Fenway this year ????
Karen Gilman Blanchard Genuine Zac Brown made in the USA :) Keep them coming <3 Love this!
Tom Fingleton 7am in morning and already doing homework - listening- for Dublin tonight . Well done guys and we will all bring the house down tonight .
Mary-Ellen Smith Peffers Saw them in concert with Pearl Jam at Randall's island NY
Kat Hamill Ross You're all awesome. Can't wait for the whole thing.

A little bit more of the "Real Thing"... full song coming tomorrow!

3.0k reactions 248 comments
Stephanie Wizner Ruairi Lynch going to be a good album!!
Mandy Webster Phipps Amie Earls play this for Chris.....
Sini Morris Lisa- can't wait!
Ryan Ditchfield Jenna Elaine Ben Nanni concert in Toronto in September 😬
Steph Colli Are you singing it tomorrow night in Dublin??!

Getting back to the real thing. Excited to share it with you this Friday.

8.3k reactions 553 comments
Shannon Keller Michael J Murphy....Murph, we need to swing ZBB AND Incubus...gotta happen!!
Michael Mackay Joseph Charles Emond to be in that recording studio pwoaaah with this sort of creation taking place
Diana Manny Love that you all are taking it back to the roots!!! I think this is going to be better than YGWYG!!
Raimi Davis Krupp Amber Clayton this is another fantastic country group! Check this out.
Brian Laufman I love what I'm hearing!! Looking forward to the new album!!

We're all looking for the real thing. Find it Friday 3/10

458 reactions 39 comments
David Andersson Johan Bågen Carlsson
Aston Wilson Bayley Loader
Bronwyn Roland Scott Roland
Tara Shockley Crickett Hall 💓
Jaclyn Tout Devin Schneider 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I’m talking genuine made in the USA Ain’t nothing like the real thing. Coming Friday, “Real Thing" from our album Welcome Home.

1.1k reactions 51 comments
John Angelo Pezzini Bruh where's the sound
Kiefer Delorme OH MY GODDD
Michael Waterworth Can't wait to hear it!
Daniel B McGarry Meg McGarry I will also text you on friday to remind you
Ryan Williams Nick T NEW ZBB IS COMING

Great job, James (and Jimmy)!

279 reactions 6 comments
Linda Mckenzie Happy happy joy joy
Holly Dwyer Pass the joy !!! ❌⭕❌⭕
Jamie McMullen What a blessing♡
Julia Hasper Brinks Devil goes down to Georgia
Carol Wilhelm Sipple Best fiddle player I've ever had the pleasure to hear! Hopefully his son follows in his footsteps.

Coy Bowles and The Fellowship have a new album out today. Show him some love and get your copy of Tiger Pride here:

649 reactions 9 comments
Linda White Brandy Ches Reese
Ken Caissie Will it be available on iTunes?
Sharon Bockmon Zac when will Coys new album and cd be out
Vern Greenwood How many fellows on your ship
Bobby Buhl Tried to you tube em got a bunch of marching bands

Zac speaks with Rolling Stone Country about the creative process behind the new ZBB album 'Welcome Home,' and Sir Rosevelt.

Zac Brown Talks New Album, Dance Project:
Zac Brown Talks New Album, Dance Project: 'I've Figured Out a Formula'

Zac Brown discusses his band's new album 'Welcome Home,' working with producer Dave Cobb and the experimental pop of side project Sir Rosevelt.

2.9k reactions 58 comments
Shane Kelly Not long now Joanne Kelly🍻🍻🍸🍸🍷🍷😝
Bob Grillion Good to see the Special Forces Patch on his guitar.
KarenandJohn Mc Seen them a few times they is good
Sheryl Maddox Interesting read Joey Maddox
John Davidson Can't wait

A beautiful tribute from NASCAR featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Earnhardt.

30.4k reactions 1002 comments
Doug Lynch Great song, but NASCAR just ain't the same anymore...
Gloria Sendzik This is beautiful! I am sure every Dale Sr. fan will have tears in their eyes.....Well done Zac Brown Band.....
Maria Meyer I have never heard this song but it is now my number one favorite and I am sobbing like a baby at the video cuz that was my driver he was my son's Idol and I Miss seeing him race.
Lisa Somero Watching this makes me miss my father in law even more.. Will be watching the race today cheering for Jr. Wishing you were here Scott to watch it with me.
Heather Morris DiPianta In tears Zac Brown Band love this more than words can say reminded me of my Dad who is responsible for my love of NASCAR 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

To be honored with the CRS 2017 Artist Humanitarian of the Year Award wouldn't be possible without the support of a great team.

1.1k reactions 38 comments
Lena Johnston Love me some Zac Brown Band!!!!!!!!!!
Jean DeHaan Schmutzler outstanding and so deserved!
Cathy Jean Mauro You make me proud to be a Zamily member.
Linda Dropcho Congratulations 😘
Mary A Roman Schwab very happpy and proud of you keep up the great work

Join us and The Zamily in wishing our brother Coy a happy birthday! Leave him some birthday love below and we'll read it to him one at a time ;)

2.2k reactions 403 comments
Marc Dellow Happy Birthday. Looking forward to 12th March at the London 02
Emily West Happy birthday! Cant wait to see you guys in bethel woods!
Michele Smith Happy Birthday Coy, can't call you, old man, cause that is for Zac, I am Zac's way pasted. But if your the guy, that raced, me several years ago on hwy 20, dubuque, iowa, dodge-devin. Where you zig-zag on dotted lines, real fasted, and raised your ...
Sam Glasson Happy Birthday Coy, have a great day. See you next month at the C2C in LONDON. My 1st time seeing you guys, can't wait xxx☺☺😎😎
Christine Wojtylko Happy Birthday Coy. Tell the guys to let you sober up and you can read all the wishes after the bash. Hope the day proves to be as special as you could ever hope. Continued blessings in the Lord.

So touched by all of your beautiful comments on the #MyOldMan lyric video.

1.8k reactions 215 comments
John Montgomery Beautiful, felt every word with a happy tear, I still wish he was here to thank him for being there for me.
Tammie Stafford-Jordan I never was raised up with a dad but my grandpa was wonderful
Julie Michele Needed this song so much right now. Thank you for your music 🎶 from the heart ❤️
Janet Pritchard Great song....tears are rolling down my cheeks as we speak. Missing my "old man"
Tracey Whitty So powerful, lost my daddy 7 weeks ago and so thankful for all he taught, miss him like crazy !!!!

We can’t thank y'all enough for joining us down in Mexico at Castaway with Southern Ground! Here’s a video recap of all the easy livin’ we enjoyed down in paradise... For more info on #ZBBCastaway visit

1.8k reactions 105 comments
Debbie Rakebrand Jordan What an amazing time it was!
Adam Knowles OMG that would have been Awemazing!!!
Beth Green Ah, I wish!
Jenni Jarvis Can't wait to see you at C2C in a few weeks! 😃😃
Jeff Garbacz Awesome!

Behind the scenes of the making of "My Old Man":

3.0k reactions 64 comments
Shari Harper Great song!
Donna Hogan Tommy Hogan x
Vivian Chillemi Burmester Love this song ...just preordered
Becky Sonnier such an awesome song with so much meaning!!!
Scotty Mac Awesome song. Got me right in the chest...👍🏼

Episode 4 - Backstage Southern Ground

368 reactions 21 comments
Graham Smith Alyson Smith
Conor Willan Anna Souroullas
Eli Watkins Brittany Duckett
Luke Chilcott Dane Winter Michelle Winter
Michael MEv Vallone Chris Vallone

Big congrats to Drake White! Thanks to everyone who voted!

1.1k reactions 42 comments
Judy Hobson Gallipeau Love him!!!!! Can't wait to hear more...
Deb Arnold So well deserved! 🎵
Donna Dreer Sussman Me Me Me !!!!!!!!
Michael Anthony Euefueno Congratulations.
Angie Cranford Fuhrman Awesome

If you missed Castaway with Southern Ground in Mexico, you can catch some of our performances on episode 4 of Backstage: Southern Ground! Tune in to The Zamily's Facebook Live tonight at 9pm ET to experience the highlights from our tropical getaway.

656 reactions 19 comments
Joshua Azouri Dylan Landis
Craig Miller Jessica Gore Miller
Carolyn Mousseau Audette Joanne Dorfman
Julian Dicks Julia Telm
Jenice Stout Mackenzie Gnagey

Another incredible Castaway with Southern Ground in the books. Thanks for joining us down in Mexico! 📷: Andy Sapp / Southern Reel

237 reactions 14 comments
Christine D'Aquila VanderValk Liz Weyrauch
Tanya Kimble Hirsch Katherine Johnson-Severino
Wes Ryce Jaime Ryce Michael Burmester I see you 2 in this pic of Jimmy
Tracy Donahue I wish I was there
Sharon Bockmon Wish I had been there with you love you guys so much
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