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Are you ready for round two of Zac Brown Band Trivia?! Find out how well John Driskell Hopkins & Sweets know each other by watching episode two exclusively on the Zac Brown Band app in the band section! Available now for iOS and Android at:

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Josh Jones Senior
Gloria Leibig Love these guys ❤️
Sharon Bockmon Who is going to be next I hope its you and jimmy zac
Melanie Anne Mizell I am ready for West Palm Beach. Got my tickets but didn't get email for cd or download ?
Paul Kingsley I'm ready for some Daily's place in Jacksonville !

Austin, you were great! Download the new ZBB app for more photos from last night's performance and the rest of the WELCOME HOME Tour here: 📸 By Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Gordon Rae Any uk your??????????
Angie Spain Best show ever!
Johanna Morales Come to new orleans!!
Sharon Bockmon Good picture of you zac
Katie Reborchick Amazing show!!!

Tune in now for a free stream of our opening songs live from Austin, TX. Watch the full show at

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Kirsten Chelmo Wagner Please come back to Minneapolis! Favorite band!
Gary Grose Grand Rapids Michigan love Zac Brown band!
Cary Bailon-Engelmeyer Can't wait to see you next Saturday..
Milynda Bland Tays Just saw them Friday night in Dallas! Awesome show!!
Carol Leighton Chiarito Top row at Rockies stadium this summer! Better view here but loved they show!!

Tune in now for a free stream of our opening songs live from Houston, TX. Watch the full show at

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Abby Brewer Love your music. You were amazing at We fest in Minnesota
Martin Gosling I was at the Sydney concert this year.. amazing!!!
Jeremy Keith Corbus Nothing here can't see anything but stay tuned
Jeremy Keith Corbus Oh yeah now we are cooking with propane

Tune in now for a free stream of our opening songs live from Dallas, TX. Watch the full show at

2.5k reactions 672 comments
Becky Bishop Adwell Love you Zac Brown, have been to 4 concerts in Tampa Bay, can't wait to see you live again😊
Holly Molina Wow there in dallas didnt get to go but get to see luke bryan next week
Tammy Kriz Glasbrenner My favorite band them!
Deb Hecht The crowd needs help in singing Toes in the Water!!!! :)
Thomas Moore Deans Wish I could win backstage passes

Can't make the #WELCOMEHOMETOUR? Watch this weekend's performances LIVE from the comfort of your couch over at 100% of the proceeds go to Camp Southern Ground!

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James Freeman Grace Elizabeth Freeman-Chambless
Kammy Nasse Reece Brad Reece
Priscilla Neumann I wanna go 😥 Tommy Neumann
Pam Smith Can't wait!! Susan Jeffries Perez
Anika Gerhardt Please come to Germany!!!

A few updates regarding tomorrow's Houston show.

3.1k reactions 110 comments
Kellianne Connell Flynn Only $1 ?????? Should be much, more!
Jason Jones We'll be there with donations! Looking forward to another great concert!!! 🎤🎼🎸🎻
Valerie Bottorff Ventresca Y'all need to stop judging. For goodness sake. He and his wife dropped a chunk of change into our kids. HLSR gives the money for scholarships. READ THIS: http://www.khou....
Valerie Bottorff Ventresca Hey, y'all focus on the the OTHER part? They're giving away free tickets to our selfless First Responders? #Getagrip
Sharon Bockmon I wish could but I have no way of going tonight tomorrow or Sunday I will thinking of you at three shows

1.6k reactions 173 comments
Georgia Burke Wow... you've come a long way
Shanna Huffman Quiet isn't bad
Ruthie Conley Horner Cannot wait to see y'all tonight! Woo Hoo! 😊💙🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Jana Stevens Ron Kiolbassa maybe a new one to visit!
Cory Schmidt Grant Jordison. We need this in our lives.

Like kids in a candy store! 📷 Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Mary-Jo Napoli Michael J Napoli Brian Wills 😉
Discounted Clothing 💞💞
Justine Seitz SAWEEEEEEEET❣❣❣
Stephen Sederstrom Great music 🎶
Roseanne Pachioli Love it!

We're heading off to Texas this weekend with a stop in Rogers, Arkansas along the way. Come sing along with us! #WELCOMEHOMETour

859 reactions 64 comments
Alissa Tapia Thomas, now I really wish I could be there! Love the Zac Brown Band.
Michael Piper Georgia native classmate of coy bowles please come to bozeman, mt.
Raleigh Keegan Band Yesss!! Love it!
Sharon Bockmon Wish I could but plans for the concert in Dallas were canceled
Roseanne Pachioli Would love to be there!

Castaway with Southern Ground is officially on sale now! Book today and join us in Mexico for the ultimate all-inclusive concert vacation.

448 reactions 70 comments
Eric Meyers Christine Stark I wanna gooooooo
Lincoln Gutherson Michael Oldfield Chris J Symes all inclusive 😳😳
Jaymi Maria Keith Jackson Megan Randall for ur honeymoon!!
Danny McLaughlin Pam Hagan Julia McLaughlin Ellie McLaughlin We should just go all out one year to go to this...
Jackie Guevara Maldonado Patty Phillips Andrew Phillips Ed Maldonado let's go to Mexico 😂

It's an honor to be nominated for this year's CMA Country Music Association awards!

3.5k reactions 117 comments
Debbie Peterson Jenson You deserve it ~ favorite band~ best show
Sasha Almanza Vocal Group of the Year Lady Antebellum Little Big Town Old Dominion Rascal Flatts Zac Brown Band
Barb Moore I don't pay attention any more since they ignore Zbb every time. Smh
Shannon Menear Should have received Album and Song of the Year nominations too.
Mark Wiggins Should have won this category several years in a row. Simply the best.

199 reactions 6 comments
Sheila MacDonell Hugs and prayers
Smitty McSmith Most likely medically retired.
Tim Tromley Don't think I would associate with that bank. Especially for our veterans.
Wendy Weirich This was the Hershey concert I was there loved every minute of it!!! ❤❤
Jon Irelan I'm all for supporting our veterans. However, doing a 3-4 year hitch and getting out does not qualify as "retiring".

Your light painted the sky last night. 📷 Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

2.4k reactions 106 comments
Deanna Zee Another amazing show from the ZBB!!!!!
Scot G Maneval Another great show!please come back!
Andy Levy That was a cool moment!!
Janifer Mejia So cool love zack Brown.peace love pray.
Tom Westover Awesome show. First one of many I hope to see

975 reactions 15 comments
Michelle Little ❤️😊
Tammy Hasessian Love Zac Brown!!!!!
Laurie Turner love these guys
RJ Gagnon What a honor to be part of this..glad I was there..zac you are a class act my friend
Kathleen Fenton Eder What a true honor to be present to see such a heartwarming presentation to this wonderful veteran. Zac you ROCK

This one's in memory of every dive bar we've played!

1.8k reactions 52 comments
Sheri Hartz Bonneur You haven't played at our bar yet Thirsty Hog!
Dawn Morrell Johnston I can't wait for October 7th. My birthday and Zac Brown!
Lindsay Sandor Stoner Wish you would've played Roots at Indy-Noblesville! 😒 Still love the music though! 😍
Coral Ozyjowski Johnston They are a awesome concert!!!
Coral Ozyjowski Johnston Where are you seeing them Virginia or South Dakota????

Things got wild in Toronto! 📷 Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

1.6k reactions 51 comments
Dawn Hamilton Haha! It's Tony The Hawk! I love him!
Susan Skinner What an amazing show. Thanks Zac.
Irene Tolisz-Huffman Awesome show in TO 👍👍😊😊 with Nikki Huffman-Copp🎸🎸
Katleen Bush Earn $400+ more dollars taking rapid surveys paid ➞ #paidsurveyus
Jarod Jayz Béland Merci chum 👍

When you remember it's FRIDAY! 📷 Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

3.9k reactions 97 comments
Harry Railton Jet Campbell I'm still fan girling hahaha 😍
Ashlee Folkemer Margaret Folkemer - & when you remember it's TWO DAYS until ZBB! 😁
Lynn McIntyre Friday night's show in Toronto was usual❤
Anne McDonald Black And tomorrow is Sunday! See you in Hershey!!!!
Gareth Richardson You know i love my chicken fried, cold beer on a friday night 🤠

Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my roots, I'm home. photo Andy Sapp || Southern Reel

1.4k reactions 39 comments
Caroline Mahoney Cali Milewski I'm crying still suffering from post concert depression
Andrew O'Connor Ben Morris never too big for your roots
Cary Bailon-Engelmeyer ZBB🇺🇸💗
Kaily Burns See you in Mountain View!!
Mary Anne McCormick Have fun in Toronto! Wish we were there!

How well do Clay Cook and Coy Bowles really know each other? Find out by watching the full first episode of Zac Brown Band Trivia exclusively on the Zac Brown Band app in the band section! Available now for iOS and Android at:

245 reactions 5 comments
Nicole Kambourakis Kulhawy Jim
Melissa Goldberg ha!
FlareXpress Smashing
Sharon Bockmon I hope you and Chris Frayar are the next ones on the trivial I want to see how well he knows you

Enjoy some easy living down in paradise at Castaway with Southern Ground 2018. Join us this winter for an intimate all-inclusive concert adventure! Zamily & Returning Guest Pre-sale: September 6 Public On Sale: September 7

681 reactions 148 comments
Connor Osato Emily Kawakami
Jade Nicholls Alyssa White
Chase Deavours Megan Deavours
Sharon Bockmon My life sucks really bad zac I need one of your songs for a pick up me tomorrow night maybe loving you easy will do it
momo scallon Katie Heintz Meredith Allin Lauren Hoffman ummmmmmm ok ok ok ohhhh boy

We’re heading down to Mexico for the third annual Castaway with Southern Ground! Join us at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya March 16-20, 2018 for one of our most intimate events of the year. Zamily/ Returning Guest Pre-sale: September 6 Public On Sale: September 7

1.4k reactions 381 comments
Kristina Bean Hufnagle Melissa Moran Hufnagle Katie Hufnagle this is over my spring break....... 🌊🌊🌊
Pamela Stival Cesar Deitos Alves dá tempo de reprogramar as férias?
Michelle Acero Babbbbbyyy it will be close to my birthday this time!!! 😇Emilio A. Perez
Monica Mendogni Sara Casolari!!!!!! Ho trovato il prossimo intercontinentale!!!!
Carina Amdahl Åååå Andreas Gaares æ vil på d hær æ😮

Our prayers go out to the Gulf Coast and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Texans are strong, but they need your help. Our friend JJ Watt has set up a donation page which you can access below. Any amount makes a difference.

Click here to support Houston Flood Relief Fund
Click here to support Houston Flood Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey has taken a catastrophic toll on our great city, while leaving many stranded and in need of assistance. We must come together and collectively help rebuild the aspects of our community members lives that were damaged or lost. Any donation that you can spare, no matter how large or.....

2.8k reactions 30 comments
Sharon Bockmon The reason I'm donating 10dollars I have family that lives there please I need you to see my post zac it would mean alot to me since I won't be able to go to your in two weeks so if you see it will you reply to it just you nobody else
Denise Guzski Powers Trevor Powers Tom Powers
Kittrin Fralc Amanda Nelson
Lisa Rhine Rhea West ❤️
Yvette Baysinger Fitzjarrald The Salvation Army USA is a great way to donate!

434 reactions 5 comments
Sharon Bockmon Way to zac for honoring the veterans
Michelle Little ❤️
Jim Karp Enjoyed the Big Surprise as well! I Salute You !!!
Laura Kliza Mccabe Yes it was!!
Tom Foster Was a great show Saturday!!!

Some days you wake up in the middle of a dream. Thank you, Chicago! #WrigleyField #WELCOMEHOMEtour photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

3.0k reactions 76 comments
Sharon Bockmon I do wake up everyday dreaming about you zac you are always on my mind
John McKittrick Thank you! Best concert I've seen! Thanks for playing all your songs & such a long playlist
Tracy Bennington Barth Great show! Thanks for a few 80's hairband songs too. It was awesome!
Terry Deighton Cannot wait to see you guys in Toronto on September 1
Anne Spalla Oswald Great concert

Catch a free stream of our opening song live from Wrigley Field and watch tonight's full webcast at

4.0k reactions 811 comments
Mindy Peterson-Burns From Mountain Home, AR. Wish you guys could play here.
Tina Fountain Can't wait till tomorrow night in St. Louis to see ZBB!
Shawn L. Arnold Watching from Denver, see y'all in Dallas and 1st show @ the Hollywood Bowl
Daisy Ospina-Weinstein I really wish I could make one more concert this tour!!!!!
Esty Merlo Can't wait for Dallas and Houston! We will be at both on back to back nights!

A magical night in Ohio. Thanks for sharing it with us! #WELCOMEHOMETour photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

774 reactions 24 comments
Danielle Simonian Melissa Davis
Deanna Macherzak Marvin Jim
Bonnie Storey Stewart Sandy Manz Gobrish Wayne Palm Anelisa Tarrant we are in this photo!!!😄😄
Chris Jacob Appugliese Great show last night!
Jason Holland Looking forward to Indy tonight!

We’ve had a ton of fun performing “Roots” out on the #WELCOMEHOMETour but nothing will compare to the first few hometown shows where this music video was shot . The energy from the crowd was electric and made us feel like we were right back at Dixie Tavern jammin’ the night away.

59 reactions 76 comments
Troy Eckhardt Great video ZBB
Michael Tarr Going to see them in Tampa On the 24th of September
Jackie Alfonso-Adams So great!! ❤️
Trudy Gainey Love this song!!!
Hilary Forster Great song, all time favourite band! Yeah zbb ❤️❤️
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