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The man, the myth, the legend John Driskell Hopkins #MCM Photo By Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Wanda McNally ❤❤❤
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Arlene Marek-Zaremba 💚💚💚
Laurie Sullivan 👍

Peek backstage with us on the #WELCOMEHOMEtour. Can't make the show? Here’s a playlist to keep you jamming at home:

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Alessandra Gina Samantha Audette Luc Brosseau Dexter Stjean 😍😃💕
Aceves Maria Elena Vince Cruz all you lil brother 🤗
David Iams Great show in Bristow, VA (Jiffy Lube)!

California sun and the California Mid-State Fair with a couple thousand friends. We can dig it! photo Andy Sapp || Southern Reel

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Jason MacLeod I'd love to see ZBB perform live.
Mackenzie Dake Thank you for the great show! We had a blast!
Sharon Bockmon Hey cool cat Zac you look good with those sunshades on
Shelly Robinson thank you for what you do <3
Jodi Custer Dulaney Someone take me to see them

Drum roll please.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY!

919 reactions 37 comments
Lee-Ann Midbo Happy Birthday!! 😃🎂
Alex Miller Happy Birthday Danny hope you have a great day
Jeremiah Eisma Happy Birthday, Danny!
Michael Holt Happy birthday Danny!!!!
Brent Ensminger-Sawatzky Happy Birthday.

Even when I'm a thousand miles away from my roots I'm home. #WELCOMEHOMETour photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Beth Green Ah, love you, Zac. From a GA girl.
Alina Hurley Amazing show! Best I've seen!!
Jennifer Randazzo Can't wait till sept in tampa
Deb Arnold Sure do miss you boys. And that smile! 🎵
Audrey Faust wish you all the success that is possible

We're honored to have been asked to join Joe Walsh in kicking off his foundation, VetsAid, with the 1st annual benefit show to help veterans and their families. To learn more and for ticket information visit

1.5k reactions 46 comments
Megan Sechrist Brian Sechrist road trip???
Rob Robertson Jen Robertson
Shannon Mihalyi Courtney Connelly
Mary Chenery Gregory Maribeth Gregory Singleton, we are available to babysit :)
Michelle Brove-Wasuk Nancy Naelitz

The #WELCOMEHOMETour caravan is rolling into Jiffy Lube Live just in time for a much-needed oil change. We'll see you tonight Bristow! photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Nancy Neiman takes a lot to organize and get to these shows...amazing
Mary Ann Trujillo Bosch I wouldn't trust them to change my oil
Julie Hancock Church Great show!!! 🎼🎼🎼💜
Jenn O'Neill Memories of this venue Maggie Lasko Harrigan
Mark Nederostek Great show!!

Anytime we get to perform back to back nights in the same city it's a treat. BB&T Pavilion let's do it all over again tonight! photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

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Kimberly Altshuler anyone remember what time zac brown band came on stage? trying to make sure we are inside venue in plenty of time!
Lisa Klaus Fisher So sad I am missing this show
Tricia DiStasio Pottichen See you tonight from the 3rd row. Can't wait!!!!
Sandy Prescott It always blows me away what it must be like to play for huge crowds like this.You guys are amazing!
Milissa Wood Sitting here patiently waiting for another great show with you all!! We love ZBB!!!

Backstage is just a series of hallways to get to our favorite place to be - on stage playing for you all! photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

1.5k reactions 33 comments
Scott Klobas zac are you still riding that multistra ducati ??
Scott Lefkowitz See you in Denver:)
Joe Picillo Why not Montreal??????
Mike Bledsoe Still waiting on Taylor Mullins to get me tickets
Dee Lorek-Solecki Shelly's a lucky lady. Lol

We recorded a couple tunes exclusively for Spotify, if you missed it check it out here:

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Teddy Alison Luke Alison
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Sydie Jones Havana Jones
LaDonna Kessler Pam Conway Scaggs
Colleen Murph Nicholas Lubold

Thanks for all the love, Canada! photo Andy Sapp || Southern Reel

1.6k reactions 42 comments
Diane Jait You are most welcome.Drop in anytime.
Kimberley Williams You were awesome! Danced all night!🎼🎸🎻🤘🏼
Tammy Drew Amazing show - thank you so much:)
Lewis Morrell What about New Jersey Zac Great show
Jessica Rink See you this Saturday coming up. Can't wait

Chef Rusty Hamlin with some of the North East Zamily this weekend sending a message out to everyone… Check it out! #TeamChefRusty

204 reactions 6 comments
Cathy Jean Mauro
Daniel Wilson Did it.....Go Rusty!!!!
Kathy Rhea I'll be watching you...
Sharon Bockmon Where is your concert tonight Zac
Nicole Zurfluh go rusty we are rooting for you

The crowd brought a great energy last night. We're ready to do it all over again in few hours for night 2 in Jersey! 📷 Andy Sapp || Southern Reel

1.5k reactions 51 comments
Laurie Handel Miller I'd love to go to a concert but can't afford it.
Debbie Levesque Buss See you in Tampa Florida!!!!!
Gina Dator-Ruzzo Played Whipping Post in tribute to Gregg Allman. They killed it! ❤️
Jackie Keller Wurdemann Awesome concert!
Chris Smith Zac has become a cheesy sell out

Timeline Photos

1.6k reactions 31 comments
Judy DiMaggio <3
Christine Metzger Davison 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
Robert Cobelli-Zizolfo I was there last night! Amazing! Zac Brown Band
Patty Stevenson Love Zac Brown Band
Reta Rockenfelder God bless you Zack

Life. Is. Good. 🙏 #throwbackthursday

16.7k reactions 404 comments
Elena Gallegos Counting down the weeks to Daytona Katie Pfennig Taylor Hope Hurst
Otto Lombardo Life is good every day. However some days border on greatness.
Abbey Baslock-Bechler Justin Holmes I think of cruising through Maine every time I hear this song!
Dawn Duncan In 9 days that will be me, except it will be a mojito in my hand! 😊
Amber Doyle Daub Today is my puppy's first birthday! I named him Zac Brown. :D

We just added Caroline Jones to a bunch of shows (7.6 - 7.8 & 7.14 - 7.16). She played on our NY dates & killed it. Come out early to see her! Full dates and tickets:

759 reactions 23 comments
Luke Clough When are you coming to the uk?
Jen Frizell Emily Shimp
Bruce Paone Theresa Paone
Bailey Mccarthy Mike Provenzano
Tara Sheridan Guardado Amy Sheridan Frey and Heather Sheridan Dean FYi

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

3.3k reactions 52 comments
Janet Hawks Eskra Happy Fourth to you!
Kristina Croci Inserillo God shed his grace on thee 🇺🇸🗽
Rhonda Lee Roberts Best concert ever
Celeste Deanna Zac you & I have a date Friday at PNC-CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!
Janifer Mejia Have a bless day Zack Brown peace love pray.

Summerfest last night was seriously awesome. Thanks everybody! photo: Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

2.4k reactions 66 comments
Heather Griffin Can't wait to see you on the 6th!! I am so excited!!!
Estelle Atchison Grant You guys crushed baba O'Riley!
JimmyJames Pfaffl It was an amazing experience!!! Thank you!!
Eric Ploeckelmann Brandon Buelow see you guys in Denver!
Brooke Marquardt best night of my life

Who else is hanging out with their best friends today? (ps. we're playing Summerfest tonight!) photo: Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

1.6k reactions 86 comments
Regina Greco Glanville Yup! Hanging with best friends and saying how we can't wait to see you in Camden!!!
Connie K Cook Headed to Orange beach for the week with the fam. Any other Zamily gonna be there
Sandra Zetting Liederbach Stop over for patio party guys!!!! Pool, etc.
Scott Pankow Already hung out with Hop and Danny this afternoon at the zamily gathering.
Kim Schultz Sitting in the bleachers with my bestie waiting for you guys to hit the stage.

Zac's got a new restaurant in the works! Zac Brown’s Social Club is coming to the Atlanta Hawks' Philips Arena. Get all the info below!

Zac Brown
Zac Brown's Southern Ground Announces Restaurant Opening In Philips Arena | Atlanta Hawks

ATLANTA -- Three-time GRAMMY award-winning artist Zac Brown, of Zac Brown Band, has teamed up with the Atlanta Hawks to open the next restaurant under the Southern Ground family of brands, Zac Brown's Social Club, in the heart of Atlanta, Philips Arena.

1.8k reactions 97 comments
Jolly Smith Following Jimmy's footsteps!
Todd Ferrara Awesome
Steve Athey Bring one to reno, nv
Brittany Schweers Joe Viola we will have to check this out one day!
Drew Carney Looks expensive, like his 100.00 lawn seats!

Check out this great interview with our man with the fiddle Jimmy De Martini over at Milwaukee Magazine!

Our Q&A with Zac Brown Band Fiddle Player Jimmy De Martini
Our Q&A with Zac Brown Band Fiddle Player Jimmy De Martini

Country giant Zac Brown Band will headline the American Family Insurance Amphitheater Sunday, July 2. In anticipation of the band's performance, we sat down with Zac Brown Band fiddle player, Jimmy De Martini, to ask him about the band's return to Summerfest and their new album.

951 reactions 21 comments
Audrey Shock See you in Indiana!
Shane Dunn Carly Dunn
Zach Vogel Jaime Brace
Brooke Logsdon Lydia Copeland
Len Spada Jake Spada

Big thanks to everyone who came out, hope you all had as much fun as we did! We just added a bunch of photos from the weekend to the site if you want to check 'em out!

789 reactions 32 comments
Lance Warriner Can't wait for September 17th in Austin Texas!
Jay O'Connell Can't wait to see Zac Brown Band at The Gorge!
Karrie Chastain love it😎💙
Josh Gacioch You guys rocked! I was in Syracuse! Awesome show
Jennifer McGee Awesome show last night! #Secondyearinarow

Last night at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was one for the books! #WELCOMEHOMETour photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

729 reactions 26 comments
David Heimnes Per Harald Hevrøy Lie
Adrian LeMay Who is their opening act for this tour?
Brooke Edell Woodstock!!!
Jason Henken Great show!
Sharon Bockmon I wish I could have seen it

Sneak peek of the limited edition poster for the New York shows. We'll have them at the merch booth all weekend!

847 reactions 24 comments
Lindsay Rae Barnes Leigh Barnes
Angel Vega Chrystal Terry
Cheryn Alletzhauser Bethany Alletzhauser
Daisy Ospina-Weinstein Loveeeeeeeeeee
Need A Musician Now Directory posts about making music are why everyone likes this page

Tunespeak is giving you the chance to win tickets to a whole bunch of new #WELCOMEHOMETour dates! Enter to win tickets to your stop below!

Win 2 Tickets to see Zac Brown Band on the Welcome Home Tour
Win 2 Tickets to see Zac Brown Band on the Welcome Home Tour

Win prizes from your favorite bands just by being a fan.

441 reactions 27 comments
Amber Harmon Hauber Abbie Hauber
Adam Coolbroth Amy Coolbroth
Kellianne Connell Flynn Dave Lamb
Chris Sedorus Meg Sedorus
Amanda O'Neill Charlene Colbert O'Neill

The #WELCOMEHOMETour is headed to New York this weekend and we're bringing along Darrell Scott & Caroline Jones to join in on the fun! For a full list of tour dates & ticket info visit

812 reactions 39 comments
Anika Gerhardt Please come to Hamburg, Germany!
Lauren Dentinger Mer A Nevs Bethel is only 4 hours away... just saying😉
Sharon Bockmon Wish I was there too
David Gosselin Y viennent a Toronto
Cary Bailon-Engelmeyer Can't wait until September in MIA

Zac and his Dad joined Willie Geist this morning for a special Father’s Day Edition of the Today Show's Sunday Sitdown and included stories from Zac’s Place to the early years of touring to Camp Southern Ground to ‘WELCOME HOME’ and the inspiration behind “My Old Man”. Watch the full segment below.

Zac Brown is living out his dream: playing music and building a camp for kids
Zac Brown is living out his dream: playing music and building a camp for kids

In this week's Sunday Sitdown, Willie Geist joins Zac Brown, the lead singer of the Grammy-winning country band that bears his name, at a farm outside of Atlanta, where he's building a summer retreat for kids of all abilities.

5.5k reactions 99 comments
Kathy Riddle The ONLY band I want to see LIVE 🎸🎻
Sue A. Bolin Great man to help children! Love the Zac Brown Band!
Karen 'Manke' VandenBranden Great music. Happy Fathers Day
Laura Turner Loved this interview! Love Zac Brown band!
Everett Smith Thanks for abruptly closing your restaraunt and putting people in my local town out of work. :)

‪Happy Father's Day! ‬ ‬

6.0k reactions 45 comments
Becky Smith Happy Father's Day!!
TL Smith Happy Fathers Day!!
Linda Dropcho Happy Fathers Day Zac
Jennie Desvignes Happy Father's Day!
Janice Bernhardt Nice pictures -- thanks-- Happy Fathers day to all

Tune in tomorrow morning as Zac joins Willie Geist on #SundayTODAY on NBC for a special Father's Day segment - Check your local listings!

4.7k reactions 74 comments
David Hartford Zach Brown is awesome!!
Sherrietrouble Dixon Love you Zac Brown!!❤️🎶🎵💜💜
Beckie Holmes Got it set to record!!!
Barbara Davis Got the DVR set
Wayne Houck saw them at jones beach they were awesome

If you want to show dad a little love on Facebook for Father's Day, we've got a few "My Old Man" profile frames for you! You can find them by searching "My Old Man" at

2.1k reactions 43 comments
Rosa Seidemann Gänsehaut pur ❣ 😃
Jennifer Deslauriers Beautiful song 😭
Arlene Packard Love the song
Sarah McClung The smile on your face says it all!!
Irma Marshall Love this song, my Dad was my best buddy!
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