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The one influence that runs deepest in Zac Brown Band, more than any other, is the Allman Brothers Band. We had the pleasure of playing with Gregg many times and each time was a blessing. We would like to send love to his family, friends, fans and fellow musicians. Rest In Peace Brother Gregg.

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Jewel Martrich Awesome band! So glad they were a part of my generation! RIP......
Karen Michelle Ayers RIP Greg Allman.... Prayers going out to his family and friends 🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇🙏🏻😇
Tammy Pierce Clemens Went to Duane's gravesite when in Macon last week. They had such an influence on so many.
Sally Vaughan The music world just lost a One of a kind Artist. R.I.P Greg 😥
Cliff Bagwell Rest in peace, Gregg. Another great one gone to the band in the sky.

Our very own Chef Rusty Hamlin is competing on the 13th season of Food Network Star! Tune into the premiere on June 4th at 9/8c.

Atlanta’s Rusty Hamlin Preps For ‘Food Network Star’ Greatness
Atlanta’s Rusty Hamlin Preps For ‘Food Network Star’ Greatness

The Zac Brown Band’s executive chef sounds off on how he’s preparing for his biggest culinary challenge yet. #atlanta #foodnetwork #next

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Eric King Deric King
Jim Gain Roxanne Gain
Rich-Pam Pritchett Awesome!!! Good luck Chef Rusty
Sandy Prescott Good luck Rusty!Show them how it's done!
Rory Davies Good luck Rusty!!!

Go behind the scenes with the Zac Brown Band fan club director as she explores the studio where the band recently recorded ‘ Welcome Home’

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Scarlett Anne Staab Show is Alpharetta was amazing! Trying to see you guys in Milwaukee too
Scott Hesson I was in the pitt last Time you were in lexington ky it was great
Kelly Jean Weiser I believe your mom is neighbors with my Aunt Dorothy & Trey~😆
Brian J Cardis Can't hear a thing here at the Pens game. Can only hang for a few minutes. GO Pens
Carol A. Fielding Hello from Ontario! Zac's voice sounds better than ever I if that's even possible!

Make a note, set your alarm, do what you got to do to remember an all new Backstage: Southern Ground is happening right here on Facebook LIVE tonight at 9pm ET.

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Ellen Brink An hour off!!! Next time
Sharon Bockmon I got all down in my brain so I won't forget it love you

We're on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight! Tune-in to watch us perform a few songs off our new album WELCOME HOME!

1.1k reactions 62 comments
Dora Howell Watchin
Margie Farkas Thanks. I will
Kathy Fronduto Butler Love it!!!! Fav band !!!
June Brown Howansky Love the new album!!
Angela Honaker Can't watch, can't stand kimmel for the most part

New episode of Backstage: Southern Ground happening tomorrow night at 9pm ET right here!

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Cary Coleman Jenny T Bird Gabriel
Sharon Bockmon Planning on it

Join Matt, TBird, and the rest of the gang as they walk through the Southern Ground Nashville Studio we called home during the recording of WELCOME HOME this Thursday 9pm EST on Facebook LIVE!

333 reactions 9 comments
Erik Tasker Sherry Krenz Benson
Alison Dealy Studio Mama!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sue Jewell Looking forward to this!!!
Nicole Brown We love you T bird!!!
Kevin Molloy Can't wait for the next episode!

Get an inside look at the making of our new album WELCOME HOME this Thursday at 9pm ET LIVE right here on Facebook as T-Bird interviews a few of the creative minds that made it all possible.

309 reactions 6 comments
Louise Chadborne AmyBeth Wahl
Janifer Mejia Love me some zack brown peace love pray.
Kris Johnston I'll be here!
Rochelle Smith That's a pow wow
Sharon Bockmon I will be waiting and watching it on Thursday

We are saddened today by the loss of a friend and a true Rock and Roll legend. We were blessed to have had a chance to work with him. Much love to his family.

8.3k reactions 88 comments
Terry Lowe Rader The business you are in is brutal. Stay humble Zac Brown band.
Nathan James Rumble A true rock legend. He kept the music alive and influenced so many. Very sad day.
Richard Spalletta Amazing voice and talented guitarist/lyricist! Will be missed
Vicki Jankowski I bought your album specifically because you played with Chris Cornell - so he is the reason why I even know your music :)
Diane Paul I was listening to your collaboration earlier. Such as sad loss.

Relive our performance from the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC and get some insight on the making of WELCOME HOME below!

Zac Brown Band Shows Fans Their Roots During iHeartCountry Album Release Party | iHeartRadio LIVE | iHeartRadio
Zac Brown Band Shows Fans Their Roots During iHeartCountry Album Release Party | iHeartRadio LIVE | iHeartRadio

Zac Brown Band released their new album Welcome Home on May 12th and celebrated by sharing their new music live during their iHeartCountry Album Release Party -- an intimate concert for fans at the iHeartRadio Theater in New York City. Welcome Home is Zac Brown Band's seventh studio album, and is th...

595 reactions 6 comments
James Mortimer Robbie Mortimer
Brandon Buelow Eric Ploeckelmann
1037 CKY Amazing
Jeannie Uhlenkamp Nice job!
Sharon Bockmon I wish I could get it but my stupid phone won't let me

It was an early morning on the Today Show yesterday, but seeing all the fans that were up and waiting for us made it all worth it. Nothing but smiles! photo Andy Sapp | Southern Reel

2.6k reactions 43 comments
Alissa Smith-Dirks Love your smiles!
Rebecca Beasley Love the new album!
Jared Dodge Can't wait to see you in newhampshire
Jeanna Wheeles Brewer Yall where great!
Chris Majewski Can't wait for Hershey Park

Thank you Atlanta for always welcoming us home with open arms and helping us kick off our #WelcomeHomeTour with 2 back to back sold out shows! (📸 by Andy Sapp | Southern Reel)

1.8k reactions 48 comments
Faye Perdue Johnson Great night..great music!!!
Princess Die Love love love it watched live stream . Great band and concert as ALWAYS
Bill DeMartini Incredible show!
Angie Howell Young Had a great time Friday night. The show was awesome! Your music speaks to my soul. Makes every day a great day!
Brett Reid Levine Great idea that Twitter allowed us to watch it..

Our friends at the Artists Den are giving away tickets the #WelcomeHomeTour! Head over to to enter! #ZBBArtistsDen

992 reactions 28 comments
Jill Clayton Shizas Anthony Shizas
Jaclyn Rodarte Marcee Gregory
Jeanne Christensen Jason Christensen Kari Christensen Gage Christensen
Berend Adan Alain
Tuesday Brown Sheryl Brown George Brown

We’re chatting live now and we’ll be taking the stage to perform starting at 8:30am (local time) on the Today Show!

496 reactions 29 comments
Holley Dexter Greg Willis
Jonna Frontiero Mills Matthew Tumbiolo!! Jody Kear McDonald
Nancy Willis waitingn❤️
Mike Daniels " Tradition "
Selz CM Watching now

In case you missed it, our iHeartRadio WELCOME HOME album release party is playing again starting right now!

578 reactions 13 comments
Jonna Frontiero Mills Matt Tumbiolo
Mick Stokes Kieran Stokes
Brian Kenney Mark Kenney
Conny Schroeder Hannah Schroeder 😍
Tara Salvage Whitney Harvey Daniel Watkins

Zac Brown Band Radio has a different live concert every night at 9pm ET! Check the schedule for a favorite, or just tune-in for them all. Whatever you do, turn it up!!

414 reactions 23 comments
Kayla DeReamer Rob DeReamer
Tori Heller Tritchel Anthony Tritchel
Maggie Molloy Arii French
Carli Birckner Christopher Brown
Ashley Muehleman Andrew Goggin Audrey McDowell Bastidas

30 MINS! We are performing live in the iHeartRadio Theater in NYC for our #iHeartZBB Album Release Party at 7pm ET! WATCH:


iHeartRadio wants to connect you with to the artists that play the songs you love on the radio. See exclusive interviews, live concert performances, fun chal...

562 reactions 13 comments
Kelli Cartwright Bryan Cartwright
Ay Gee Steve
Marianne Flanders McBride Morgan Reedy Brad Lawson Justin McBride. This is making me so excited for October!!!
Marie Gagne-Kiehl Watching them on the Today show at 8:40 a.m.
Brad Lawson You know I like my chicken fried!!

Tomorrow, we're taking over NYC in the iHeartRadio Theater for our #iHeartZBB Album Release Party! Watch at 7PM at

526 reactions 17 comments
Brandon Hargrave Sam Hargrave look at this photo
Carol Usher Chicken fried
Ellen Brink Have fun!!!
Yonatan Gray Any tickets available?
Jacki Izinicki Please let me in.. after all we are #zamily

Want to come see the #WELCOMEHOMETour in Chicago and meet us? CMT has the hookup on how to enter to win.

210 reactions 12 comments
Michael Amore Brett Willman
Tara McElligott DelGrosso Kelly Lac see ya there
Melissa Meier awesome
Jen Blair Woohoo! Crossing my fingers 🤞
Shiene Mann Please come to the U.K. to tour! 🙏🏼 you smashed it at c2c

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers in our lives who allow us to do what we do every day. And to all the mothers out there, we hope you enjoy your day - you deserve it!

2.0k reactions 35 comments
Trisha Burnham Thank you much!
Frode Hummelgård Sofie Petersen Hvor er det altså bare smukt!
Melissa Woody Roach Thank you! Y'all are wonderful!
Susan Hendrix Wonderful concert Saturday night.
Sherri Wyman Thank You !!😍😍😍

We just added even more from WELCOME HOME to our Country Pop Radio takeover on Pandora. Tune in at

283 reactions 6 comments
Molly Friday Country pop...yuck.
John Cole Should be on Spotify!!!!!
James Testerman Country pop....Noooooooooo
David Jenkins Great album! Can't wait to hear it live when you come to Milwaukee's Summerfest.
Sherry Kizer Belonga I LOVE Zach Brown Band! Awesome talent! Such diversity!

We're streaming LIVE NOW from the WELCOME HOME Tour in Atlanta on Live Nation’s Twitter page (@LiveNation) or click the image below!

551 reactions 33 comments
Diane Vring Love you Zac Brown Band
Marcee Gregory Watching on twitter!
Danielle Oakes Carneiro Couldn't stop listening!! ❤️❤️❤️
Kathy Fronduto Butler ❤️❤️❤️
Steve Clinton Amazing!! Thank you so much!!

We'll be live on stage in just a few minutes, so tune-in now so you don't miss a thing. #ZacBrownBandRadio only on SiriusXM Radio channel 61!

443 reactions 18 comments
Leslie Sullivan Sarah Collazo
Nicole Seiler Just the pick me up I needed!!! Sounds great!
Marcee Gregory Got it!
Jeff Smyth That whipping post was incredible! Love this band!
Dawn Odom Smith Sirus pissed me off so I can't listen.

Starting right now SiriusXM Y2Kountry (ch.61) is officially Zac Brown Band Radio. Tune-in and help us celebrate the release of WELCOME HOME! AND at 8:25pm ET tonight, and tomorrow, we'll have the live broadcast of our two hometown shows!

392 reactions 8 comments
Ben Martin Cassie Seeberger Martin
Heather Dill Misenheimer Quentin Cowart Misenheimer
Sharon Bockmon How do I get there zac
Kyle Patee Can you go FB live tonight that would be awesome!!!
Craig Woolbert AWESOME!

Thanks to Apple Music for including "Start Over" in the Best Of The Week playlist!

Best of the Week by Apple Music Pop on Apple Music
Best of the Week by Apple Music Pop on Apple Music

Our editors select some of the world's most exciting new music.

430 reactions 11 comments
Eric Koning Kevin Keijzer
Mary Ann McGuriman Love the Zac Brown Band
John Rives Minton I think it's my favorite cut after the first listen...
Judith C Warren waiting for mine to arrive in the mail
Sharon Bockmon Wish I could be at a beach listening them

Our new album WELCOME HOME is available now on Amazon Music!

Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band
Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band

Preview, download or stream Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band

199 reactions 27 comments
Dylan Taber Cody William Markham
Nicole Joyce Scotty Ando
Sarah Eskenazi Kory Eskenazi 😜
Carol Bryant Dustin Sky Smith. Its out. Yay! 🎶❤️
Thomas Myers this album is amazing!

This is the most personal album we've ever written, and we're really excited to finally share it with you. WELCOME HOME out now!

Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home
Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home

Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home

2.3k reactions 169 comments
Michelle Polizzi Awesome music!!! Love the new album ZBB!!! You guys are the best! 🇺🇸💪🏼
Troy Eckhardt Bought it 4 hours ago and listened to it twice and is a great album 👊🏼👍🏻
Karen Aquino Listened to it this morning. Great album. Classic ZBB, but still fresh!
José Valenzuela Extremely short album, great musicianship anyway. Thanks guys.
Benjamin Needham Y'all, I can't pick a favorite My 19 month old loves to dance to all of them. Thanks for making great music!

We're streaming our hometown concert in Atlanta LIVE this Saturday, May 13th on Twitter! Tune in at 8:25pm ET to Live Nation's Twitter page & at to watch. We'll be playing new tunes from Welcome Home (out tomorrow!) so if you want to sing along, get the album here:

1.2k reactions 55 comments
Drew Spinozzi Buffie Morrison Koehler Christina Spinozzi
Ashley Baker Allison Medrano
Debby Hall Bishop Brendan Bishop
Jenn Davis Stohrer Can't wait!!! See you boys in Atlanta 💃🏻💃🏻
Julie Mallen ZBB rocks!
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