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Dude, Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is streaming on Netflix now! It’s gnarly!

1.5k reactions 67 comments
Tiffany Baker Will it be on dvd?
Joseph Barnes Not impressed. Major let down.
Charlotte Vaughan Amy Bacon look what on Netflix 😁😁😁
Christine Phillips Ha Ha That's Funny I like the Picture of Peanut He is Funny Peanut is my Favorite Dat's Good Dat's Good Dat's Good I like Jeff Dunham He is ba Funny Guy
Tancy D. Stewardson I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!

Put the kids to bed early! Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is streaming now on Netflix!

2.6k reactions 131 comments
Jennifer Cox Didn't enjoy peanut as I usually do and where was Jose jalapeno on a stick ?
Tiffany N Mike Wapniewski We laughed so hard when we watched it.
Jeff Cain brilliant show , we were sat in 8th row and had a great view , roll on the next show :)
Rey Auditore Vazquez Peanut almost made me die of laughter
Christymar Rivera Awesome except Jose Jalapeño wasn't there 😡

Watch my brand new comedy special #RelativeDisaster on Netflix now

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Ahna Dill Tyler Dill, can you imagine Luna seeing this thing?
Sharon Collins Have really enjoyed Jeff and co. till this latest one. Too many f-bombs for my liking.
Roger Gregory can't run faster than a bullet
Zach Irving I keep a gun next to the bed. Now it's called Target.
Joey DeCarlo Does it come with a hammer to shut it off ?

All the guys in the trunk and I will be coming to Texas in November!

3.6k reactions 341 comments
Kayla LaRochelle Ha! Krysta Lynn - you were just talking about this at our STPT
Lauren Killion Sarah hahahaha I can vouch for this
Jeremy Robert Morris Well the only good an open one😂
Midell Tamez Don't forget the sweet tea.
Duane McNeil If they don't have good salsa or chips I won't go hahaha

Is Throw Back Tuesday a thing? Here are all three of my girls, @kennadunham, @ashlyndunham, and @breehemphill one year ago Disneyland for Jack & James 1st birthday!

2.7k reactions 71 comments
Lisa Ratliff Beautiful family
Kathleen Davis Beautiful girls.
Dianne G Rock Beautiful family.
Beverly Sladky Beautiful picture of your kids 💖💖💖💙💙
Richie Mattes Beautiful family picture need's you and your wife in it though

Apparently my hair is the best way for Jack to hang on when the Car Tree Monster is about to get you at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park!

6.6k reactions 93 comments
Jenny Hall I did the same thing to my grandpa and he accused me of causing him to go bald. LOL
Amelia Marie Is it still raining ashes over there?
沈定宇 Jeffafa, you need this piggyback helmet.
Susan Isbell Hope the fires aren't too close.

🎃Happy Halloween!!👻Awesome couple of days with the family at Disneyland! A place that couldn’t look cooler this time of year!

7.7k reactions 112 comments
Roger Shoemaker Beautiful family jeff dunham your awesome
Bernadette Siravo Wait where r the boys?😊😀
Dale Dietrich The sky looks weird. Is that from the fires there?
Maria Ann Smith Especially with all that smoke and destruction in the background.
Jason Holland Laura Walker I can't wait to we go am going to love it lol xxx

Haunted Mansion Holiday... how did the kids do?

4.0k reactions 276 comments
Stevie Ramey Hello Jeff looks like you and the family are having a great time on vacation have lots of fun
Savanna Emanuel Jeff you should take your kids to Tomorrowland
Ruth Wheeler You should do a Halloween show again
Janet Weitz Your kids are gonna be so well rounded!!!❤️🎂🎂
Yvonne Pryor Love the videos, cute family thanks for sharing. Love you Jeff

It’s Halloween at Disneyland... Taking the Boys into the Haunted Mansion Holiday for the first time!

4.7k reactions 531 comments
Larry Salas Happy birthday to the boys...have fun
Paul Bauer I drive the floats there for the Parades,,, SEA-YA Backstage.... have a Magical Day.... my Father was the First C.E.O. there, I had the pleasure of being the first one on every ride when it opened.. took my whole class there for my b-day year after ...
Sue Livingston Seward loves Jeff and family. Halloween is our favorite.
Debbie Prentice Have a great time at Disneyland. Say hi to Ariel for me!
Cindy Chow Rumph Awesome trip in Disneyland. Can't go wrong.

Live at Disneyland with Jack and James for their 2nd birthday!

16.1k reactions 1698 comments
Kimberly Talley Eazell Happy Birthday Jack and James and Jeff Dunham how did you end up going to Disneyland on Gay Day's weekend. LOL!
Linda Negrete Happy Birthday to your boys 🎂 have a great time 😃
Christine Phillips I Like the Live Video of Jeff Dunham with his twin Sons at Disneyland his twin sons are cute & getting Big Happy early Birthday Jack & James
James Teague Ahhhhh. Mickeys fun wheel. Aka mickeys wheel of death as my wife calls it after riding in a slider car.
Rhonda Johnson Lott They won't remember a thing..take them back when they're 6! We took our boys ages 4 1/2 & 3..they remember nothing.

Havin’ loads of fun at #Disneyland for Jack & James b-days! Stay tuned for pics and FBLives tonight & tomorrow for some firsts on their 2nd!

19.9k reactions 350 comments
Paula Kilgore-Evans Fran Boller-Hadaway look Jeff Dunham and his family have matching shirts on too. See Tim Bell and Charles Stevens III Fran is not the only family there with matching clothes!
Paul Aschenbrener If i was jeff, peanut would have been there too!! After all, i do believe that peanut was his first actual kid!
Cheri Janson Love the shades,cannot believe they're going to be 2,already! Praying for Mom and Dad!! Terrible 2's doubled!!!
Scott Mc Alexander Ok Jeff the kids and wife can sport the Mickey shirts, but as Walter would say, you look like a dumb a$&. Lol have fun
Susan Isbell Happy birthday boys.🎈🎂🎉🎈🎂🎉. Today is a popular day for birthdays. My sister, best friend and in law all have birthdays today also.🎂💋🎉🎈💋🎉

No words to describe my sadness or disbelief for the senseless and terrible violence in Vegas last night. Prayers for all families & victims.

10.5k reactions 129 comments
Andrew Baker My condolences from Australia to the families of the victims we send all our love
Nanette Harkey My thoughts and prayers for everyone in Las Vegas.
Nathan Priano Sad I think peanut should cheer everyone up
Mary Bigda L.V. Blvd is still shut down. We're all in so much shock! I know you love our city Jeff Dunham!
Kenneth William Weinbrandt Even Achmed shakes his head at this violence and he's a dead terrorist

Achmed KEELED it in Ireland! Jeff Dunham’s “Relative Disaster” is streaming now on Netflix!

1.3k reactions 112 comments
Ivelisse Viruet Hopefully I can go back to Philly from Puerto Rico and I will be able to see it!
Joyce Aldred Not as funny as most of his shows but certainly had great moments! New character introduced!
Phillip Coyle Jr. I was actually disappointed, I also missed Jose
Mitchell Waugh Apparently some people here have only watched his edited for content shows before lol..
Joann Klem It was funny... Wasn't too sure about the baby...

All the guys in the trunk and I will be in Texas this November

1.6k reactions 179 comments
Brian Bird Nah, I'm down for expensive gas. Boom pay.
Amanda Christensen Switch gas and tequila and you've got it right, lol.
Eirin Auld Holly and this is a bad thing why?
Filipiniana JC If you see Luby's cafeteria, you're in Twexas. Lol😋
Brian Stenglein Too bad they're wrong so often.

Stream my new special #RelativeDisaster out now on Netflix

3.3k reactions 64 comments
Joey McCain I. Know. A. Talking. Ice. Cream. On. A. Stick.
Kathy Stookey Mabrey How is Jose jalapeno on a steeek.?
Stephen Parker Eh u likee this ee. No need chop o stick o
John McMillan Ole Jose!
Greg Bradburn Not 'on a stick' but 'on a steek!'

Hey Texas! All the guys in the trunk and I will be seeing you in November!

11.4k reactions 202 comments
Gary Green Yes come in my yard and that just mite happens to you
Emma Jayne Paterson The show in Newcastle England this year is unforgettable! I still laugh about achmed
Maile Gordon Walter and Peanut jusr put smiles on my face no matter my mood. Yes i know its really jeff.
Jaime Wendt When are you coming to Missouri
Amanda Albanese I love watching his comedy!

Jeff Dunham’s RELATIVE DISASTER is now streaming on Netflix and Walter’s attitude hasn't changed a bit since High School.

8.3k reactions 228 comments
Scott N Paola He Looks so different w hair
Michael Haderup Watched it today, great show Jeff.
Dale Benson Stud had hair, back in the day.
Hilde Daffa Bjerkhagen Im watching it now and im laughing so hard im crying xD 😂😂😂
Esther Gutierrez Doug Bisson: is that how you looked when u were younger lol

My new comedy special #RelativeDisaster is out now

944 reactions 165 comments
Amanda Akre Dave Akre let's get one please
Arias Clark Robert you know you would
Tricia Stafford Tanner Herber I found you your new car. Lol
Robbie Lundy Biff Smith I instantly thought of you
Adriane Gilder Randy Lindblad. This rig is for you & Tank.

Wow! This was a great article to wake up to this morning. A very big THANK YOU to all of my fans for all of your support on our upcoming Passively Aggressive Tour! Get your tickets now before they sell out!!!!

America's Favorite Ventriloquist Goes on Tour this Winter

Jeff Dunham's Passively Aggressive Tour takes the No. 1 & No. 12 spots today. George Strait, Linkin Park, NFL & MLB are still popular tickets.

2.8k reactions 124 comments
Sarah Campbell WILL U BE COMING BACK TO BELFAST??? Hope you will have baby Seamus animatronic doll
Brenda Lisy I just bought tix for Ben Smith and I!!! Our first time seeing you live. 😱😍😬
Judy Clapper Can't wait to see you in January Jeff ! 😊
Robert Fleming Hope Jeff seriously considers maybe taking Darcie Lynn Farmer on tour with him. They would make an INCREDIBLE duo
Greg Jones If he takes Darci lynn with him We will come.

Catch all the guys in the trunk and me in Texas this November!

2.4k reactions 526 comments
Julia Holmes Marcia Coburn we arent from Texas but this is us!
Austin Scroggins Sara Palmer I'm not from Texas but yes yes yes
Ashly Morgan McAughey Ronnie Stacy Thomas or a butter bowl LMAO even though you're not from Texas
Brianna Huber Bobby Etta looks like u need to move to Texas. They are your people. 😂😂
Milena Ulrdahtihk Whaaat? My mum never told me, I'm from Texas... Silke erklären Sie mir dies bitte :D :D

#FlashbackFriday to when Walter and I got to meet the amazingly talented Darci Lynne and Petunia on America's Got Talent!

6.1k reactions 273 comments
Michael Barr Would have been happy to watch it but could not turn off the advertisement. Not interested in commercials Jeff.
Tobie Gentilucci Jeff Dunham rocked that ending! Was so amazing to see him so supportive of her and don't for Walter too.😜
David Lesko Darci was amazing! Especially for her age. I'm not sure which of her performances on AGT I liked best.
JoAnne Hensley Owler This young lady is an absolute treasure! She is so crazy talented! I expect to see even more great things from her in her bright future!
Mary Speranza She was awesome. Glad she won. I also think you and Terry should work with her. She would bring youth to it.

Watch my brand new comedy special #RelativeDisaster on Netflix now

4.1k reactions 120 comments
Victor Villa Still a better option than staying on the third rock from the Sun. Safer.
Brian Collins And no one can hear you scream in space... silence I kill you!
Skylar Decker Geist Seamus instantly became my favourite.
Alex Austin It was awesome...cant wait to see you life in hamilton Canada...woot woot..
Melody Gustavson You are to funny, I enjoy your shows, have a good weekend.

We're live at Facebook LA HQ! Ask your questions in the comments NOW!

9.0k reactions 7100 comments
Cortney Stoner Sprague Hey Jeff!! Can't wait to see you in January in Rockford Illinois!! Will we be seeing the new Irish baby that night?
Kate Canuck Can't wait to see you in Hamilton Ontario December 29. Will be my third show. You are so awesome. What's the most challenging thing you find having twins?
Dan Velasco II Hi Jeff, from Sterling Heights. Co Congratulations on your walk of fame. You deserve it and keep up your great work.
Bernadette Cynthia McGrath Congratulations on your Walk of Fram. When are you coming back to Raleigh, NC. Hoping that Darci Lynne can do an act with you while in Vegas. Love you and your family. Love yours shows.
James A. Nunn III Hey Jeff congratulations on getting your star on the walk of fame u very much deserved it......Walter if u could go back in time and change on thing in your other than marrying your wife what would it b?

Join Walter and me today at 11:30am PT for a Facebook Live Q&A!

3.9k reactions 102 comments
April Hill Congratulations Jeff Dunham. Well deserved.
Emma Hall Congratulations Jeff Well deserved
Gary Spitler Love your guys live in Las Vegas your great.
Gregory Yount I bet Walters mad he didn't get a Star.
DeAnn Wheeler I think Walter is upset that his name isn't on there as

Join Walter and me tomorrow at 11:30am PT for a Facebook Live Q&A!

1.6k reactions 50 comments
Lori Smith Walker Congrats on your star!!!
Antoine Kassaka it true that...jeff is your son ?
Kevin Lafaso Need to set a reminder
Marty Kolodziej 2:30pm edt
Greg Johnson Oh sheesh, quit yelling at yourself! ;)

This was unbelievably cool! A big thanks to Jay Leno and Howie Mandel for being the guest speakers at my star ceremony! (Looks like we're posing for an album cover...)

15.0k reactions 175 comments
Rich Mater Hey , Make Leno talk ! Howie was already a dummy once !
Richard Charles Spear "The Dunham boys" could be your band name
Jimbo Allen Holy crap, did his chin get bigger??? Oh, ya... and Congrats man!
Guenthard Erin who plays what? Howie on keys, Jay on drums, you guitar?
Tim Butler Howie Dew Master of Puppets (garage style)

What a day! Thanks to everyone who helped make happen, my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! And thanks to all my family and friends who were here for the ceremony!

47.3k reactions 1174 comments
Lorraine Jay Harmsworth Congratulations - I think you stand up shows are absolutely awesome. You really do have me laughing, and I have not Known of the comedian with a similar style humour. It's great!
Christine Lovins-Newman Congratulations !!! You definitely deserve this Jeff! You've brought us some joy and laughter..thank you!
Matjaž Alič Congrats! You deserved this star for making my family laugh as much as we do! Welcome to Slovenia one have a big croud of fans with us. Enjoy your well deserved prize!
Wayne Debbie Boyer You deserve all of this I've had many health issue and I put in your cd and makes me laugh....thanks
Tammy Slick CONGRATULATIONS! Remember seeing you in Reno in early 90s..I think it was on the Rising Star stage at one of the casinos, then again in a tent at Milwaukee's Summerfest a few years later .. Been HUGE fan ever since. So hoping to get tickets for Green ...


50.8k reactions 1521 comments
Bryan Meagher Congratulations Jeff. You and your family should b happy you bring so much to so many. U read my wifes dear ackmed at the westbury showcase a few years back
Dan Wohlgemuth Mr. Dunham, your last special seemed flat and forced. I d hope that you are ok, I find you a fine comedian and a good ventriloquist. I miss the "old" Jeff, no apology on the pun. There are resources if you need them
Jess Martin Congratulations Jeff... Your truely deserve this hall of fame star... I watch your shows and you are just awesome!!! I love Walter and achmed .. such a lovely family... good luck to you.
Rob Johnson McKayla Johnson. Leslie Palmer Johnson. What's scary is we know the sidewalk and what there kneeling on!! check it out you can't see anything behind him or to the sides but yeah we know where this was taken scary!
Phil Corbett Congratulations Jeff!! That is such a huge accomplishment. You certainly deserve this!! Beautiful memory captured with your family images. Congratulations love from huge fans from Fergus Ontario Canada Cheers!

Almost ready to start the star ceremony!

6.3k reactions 860 comments
Mike MacEachern Congratulations jeff tell walter hello ftom mike in boston
Catherine Brumm Hello from Wilmington, North Carolina
Maria A Partala Woot Woot!! Congratulations Jeff Dunham!! You deserve this more than you know!!
Debby Kellner Relative disaster??? Sounds like my family reunions! LOL Congrats
Gracie Lenora Duffy Ant wait to see you in Rockford Illinois in January
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