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Hangin out with 2 of the best RB’s of all time from Georgia Football. @tg4hunnid @therealterrelldavis

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Bill Cooper Sorry your team didn’t win Jason, Roll Tide!
Robin Collins Georgia Dawgs are true Winners! Alabama players were disgraceful from cursing Our President to fighting with one of their own coaches. ...
Chris Pizzolato Surprised your wife wasn’t in the pictures too. Are you opening for her on your next tour?
Christy Ante TD!!! My fave player!!
Vincent D'Anna The Dawgs took that L.

National Championship Baby!!!!

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Bob Vogel Sorry Jason but got my $$$ on Alabama tonight. I do enjoy your music through!
Vanessa Taylor Saw you two on the sidelines. So cool.
Janea Maxberry Maia Harney I told you I loved this man! He’s a Georgia boy!!!!
Nikki Giamarino This AUburn alum says Go Dawgs!
Steve Flegal Roll Tide! Love your music! Saw you guys on the sideline!

alright lil man.... Bring Daddy some good luck tonite! Its ur first #NationalChampionship game and u look better in red and black!! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 #godawgs

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Barry Green Mad respect to you jason but RDT!
Holly Fordham Varnadoe Look at those cheeks! Oh my goodness!!! Let's go Dawgs!!!! 🙌🏈
Jessica Mutter-Duncan Love to get free stuff? 1. Search verydice in the App Store 2. Put in my referral code 206067 3. You will start off with 50 rolls once you join. you roll the dice earn tickets and turn those tickets into free items that ship from amazon totally FREE 4. ...
Andrea Braha love you Jason but sorry, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Debbie Cox Jason what a cutie, but I have to say Roll tide.

It's #NationalChampionship Game Day! To celebrate, we're having a special sale in the Jason Aldean Online Store! Get 20% OFF Select Items now here: store.jasonaldean.com Georgia Football #GoDawgs

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Vanessa Naranjo Gaby N Richard
Julie Wallin Lisa Byrd
Cathy Cooke Roll tide roll
Manley Lytle Go dawgs!!!!
Tim Bourne Go DAWGS!!

This lil guy has brought alot of happiness to our world. So thankful for him! #mymainman #memphisaldean 📷Photo Cred- @maddiemorstad

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Eva Marie Olson He's so adorable. He looks just like you Jason. Such a cutie. Congratulations. Ya'll done good😊 Thanks for sharing his picture.
Mason Jordan Can you say dad is the best singer ever and mason is about to flip out cause he's going to dads next concert lol
Debbie Boone Congratulations on your adorable baby boy may God bless you and your whole family and keep you in his grace.Awesome picture.
Kelly Miller So happy you have a son...now you got a hunting and fishing buddy! Love you and your family and music! Your music has brought hours of immense joy to my world!
Brenda Harry Bienick So precious and he looks just like you Jason hope he has your talent for sanging lol best wishes for him and your family 💙💙

Dawgs are goin to the show! #nighttrainisrockin Georgia Football Tyler Farr Kane Brown

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Reyna Moctezuma Lobato May The Best One Win. Good Luck To All.. Both are Great Teams . (Tyler Farr u ain't from Georgia lol.)just kidding. Love Tyler ,Jason,Kane..Lots of people will be going JUST TO CATCH A GLISPE OF YOU 3. BTW WHERE IS COLE ,AND FGL? THEY ARE FROM G.
Michael Nisiewicz That dome might be in Georgia but you know it belongs to Bama
Chris McCormick Been a OU fan all of my 57 yrs that was a great game good luck with bama
Kelly McWilliams Don’t be dissin JasonAldean just bc it was a close game now IM STILL A SOONERS FAN AND WILL ALWAYS BE!!!!! Lol BOOMER SOONER!!!!!! Still love your music to btw
John Witzke The dawg may be able to swim. But not when the Tide is rollin. #Rolltide

Maybe the coolest Christmas gift ever from Brittany Aldean and the kiddos. The new Bowling Championship belt for Night Train Laynes. 🎳 #jetflyinglimousineridingkissstealingwheelingdealingsonofagun

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Lenny Perry And I’m having a hard time holding these alligators down
Carol Goetz What an extraordinary and unique gift. Merry Christmas to all🎄🎄🎄
Jason Briggs Got some guy trying to run scam on me using your name an pic
Mark Dunlap That's kinda cool man...
Nikki Giamarino These are the best kind of gifts!!!

Merry Christmas everybody from the Aldean Crew. 🎅🏼

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Graham Damon Merry Christmas!! Wishing you and the family the very best! Congratulations on the little man! Be good Brother!
Rita Jackson Merry Christmas to you and ypur family. The brightess blessings in the coming New Year! From the Jackson Clan (Lowell, OR)
Ryan Penner RJ Merry Christmas Jason! Hope 2018 brings you the best you have ever had! Cause you deserve it! God Bless You and yours!
IdaMae Campbell Sinclair Merry Christmas and Happy 1st Christmas to the little guy I can see the big sisters are loving him to pieces!!!
Debra Earl Wishing you and your Beautiful family a Very Merry Christmas and filled with lots of presents and Blessings!! From Akron, Ohio

Carry the tool my crew relies on every day. Enter to win a Gerber Center-Drive for you and a buddy. To Enter: 1. Like Gerber Gear's page 2. Leave a comment telling me where my crew and I should head next 20 winners will be randomly selected. Giveaway ends 12/20 Visit bit.ly/2APjL5A for official rules

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Harley Johnson Grand forks North Dakota or bemidji Minnesota closed places I go to concerts at. Did see you in grand forks before it was awesome
Trent Shotton Mate, you and the crew have to come back to Australia. The gigs are a blast and there is A LOT to do in your time off. C'mon you know you want too. Melbourne was awesome last time with FGL. If you get a chance to go bush I guarantee you'll use your ...
Lisa Alexander Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...would love to see you here!! we got the best, the Pirates, the Penguins and the Steelers...now all we need is you and a concert...Perfect match!!
Jennifer Bridges Jason you should come back to Prince Edward Island Canada 🎤Cavendish beach festival love your music 🇨🇦 my hubby would love love to win some Gerber Gear best of luck
Tracey Grice You should come to Billings MT !!! SO many country fans and we can show you a good time !! My husband is a small engine mechanic who owns his own shop so I know these tools with come in handy 😊

#ThisShirtSavesLives. So can you. Check out this awesome St. Jude Children's Research Hospital shirt, and learn how you can get your own here: thisshirtsaveslives.org

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Linda Seibert another reason i'm such a huge fan giving to others like you do I want one of these shirts to support a great cause God Bless You
Randy Aaron Thanks for your support Jason and congratulations on your new addition to the family.
Cindy Fox Always a heart of gold! That looks just a lil to big for Jason Alden!
Elaine Hassmann I so want this shirt! Makes it extra special w your little bundle of joy!

Cheering on the Dawgs from the hospital with the newest member of Dawg Nation. #secchampionship #godawgs

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Debbie Lancaster-Alonso He is adorable looks just like daddy. It’s going to be an extra special Christmas. I made something but not sure where to send it.
Sandra Hazen You have a beautiful family, Jason! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Bulldogs are looking good.
Stacey Bezek Congrates to you all and so cute he is many blessing to you all have a happy blessed Month And A merry Christmas to you and your awsome Family .........Your so awsome you Rock congrates may God always Keep You all happy Health and safe ...
Bridgette Ang Beautiful family picture!!! One proud momma and papa and Britney don’t look like she even had a baby, she looks amazing. Have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year!
Beth Osborn Such a beautiful family. I’m so very happy for you Jason. Keep smiling 😊 That’s what life is all about. Celebrating the little things that make big moments.

So blessed today to see my little man come into the world. In a year that has been a rollercoaster ride, this is what its all about. I cant wait to see what life has in store for this kid. Memphis Aldean... 9lb 5 oz. #mamawasarockstar

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Deanna Nelson All i can say is Praise God for the little blessing He has sent to this couple. What does it matter if she has makeup on or not. Being in the public eye demands you live a certain eay. Come on people... this is a gift from God!! Thank Him and be nice...
Jessica Regan Rosenstein Congrats enjoy every moment and don't listen to anyone that says holding your baby too much spoil them! You hold him as much as you can because before you know it he'll be too big to hold and for a short time you won't even get a hug from him in public ...
Jessica Michele Cefalu Congrats to you both! Love his name he is adorable Happy Birthday precious Memphis Aldean! I hope you have many more God Bless ❤
Linda Beckett Awww beautiful...congratulations to the aldean family...thank you for sharing that beautiful moment ❤️😇
Angel Sandoval-Romero Wow Some of y’all are so rude. You don’t like seeing this on your page then hide it, delete, go past it! Why ugly words in an already ugly world. Congratulations 🎉 God has truly blessed you!

Check out the Gerber Gear page to see how my team gets ready for a show using the Gerber Center-Drive multi-tool. #Ad

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Stefanie Michelle Cody Cheatham
Linda Stapleton Tim Stapleton Paul Stapleton
Catherine S Dauphinee Ken Ken Kinney
Woine Gebrehiwot Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
MAry E White 👊🏻🍎

Between set-up and teardown, my crew needs a tool that does multiple jobs, but still works like the real thing. Gerber Gear Center-Drive gets the job done. #GerberGear #TheyDontKnowTour #Ad

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Cathy Bundz Corry Lol I saw Gerber Gear and thought it was about Baby Stuff!!!
Dana Zachgo Chill people! I’m sure they are paid well!
Dawn Herring-Lawson Thank You Jason And Crew For Getting Things Done And Blessing Others. Eyes That See, Ears That Hear And A Heart ❤️ To Do What Has To Be Done.
Jerry Huggy King curious, how much you get paid for this advertisement
Carl Pugliese I wish I could be part of your team. That would be fun.

For those not able to attend the #CountryRising show, you can still donate by texting NASHVILLE to 41010 to make a $10 donation or visit www.countryrising.org Proceeds go to support victims of the Las Vegas shooting + those who have been impacted by the recent hurricanes.

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Claudia Whitsell Love this amazing man...
Debra Turk Been waiting for this good cause just helped out thanks 👍🤠
Linda Gail Newitt Good job. Hope alls well with your family.
Carl Pugliese Good goin son. Keep up the work and fight the fight. God bless you.
Rob LaCoss If all the celebrities did more I feel more people would be better off

Much respect to all the Veterans out there. Thank You for your service! 🇺🇸

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Linda Ouimet Thank you Jason and Britt
Rocky Miller You are welcome “Proud to Serve “🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Misty Lonetto Would love to meet the aldean for first time
Stacey Shreeves God bless the veterans 🇺🇸

Good times last night with great friends. Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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Jeff Monceaux Happy Halloween bud. Your the best.
Tammy Groce i dont see if Toby Keith Lol
Scott Hale Is that Rich Redmond in the dalmatian costume? lol
Brooke Huffman Craft Dang that's a pretty great group
Tracy Mays Looks like you both are having a great time!!!! Aww!!!

ready to meet my little twin! 😬 #memphisaldean

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Sheila Kemper Congratulations to you both!! Was going to name my son Memphis this time last year but didn't I am excited beyond words that you will be! God bless
Loretta Renteria Delgado Awesome prayers for a safe beautiful birthing experience may Jesus be with you both bringing your son into the world love you both !!!❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼
Jessica Kregger Hes gonna be soo handsome....Just like his daddy....ive always been a big fan of you Jason Aldean.....I wish i was yr wife 😉😉💝💝
Kathy Tierney Hardt Oh my it like a carbon copy of you Jason!!! So very happy for you I know you will have so much fun doing guy things together ❤️
Tancy Marie Oh my gosh I saw the pic didn't even see the name and thought this looks like Jason Aldean then scroll up alittle then it was him congrats to u both ❤

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting by purchasing or streaming my version of #IWontBackDown from Saturday Night Live — https://jasonaldean.lnk.to/wontbackdown! If you want to make another donation beyond the song, click the donate button below that will make it easy through this post! All proceeds from the song and donations will go to the Direct Impact Fund benefitting the victims of this tragedy. Thank you for your support.

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Amanda Brecount You people need to realize the situation. He did the only thing he could do. How did he know the crack was shooting at eveyone.my first though would have been they are shooting at him.He did donate 1 million to the funding to help .believe me he had no ...
Bettye Smith What is really sad is all the money donated by superstars, they can right off on taxes , & all the fund raisers & telethons are a joke, how much do the needy people really get ?? Plus all the scams on on the phones. It’s so scary. It’s a proven fact, ...
Kim Wehr Howe I bought the song! Jason has been a class act through this tragedy. He is only human and acted the same as anyone else. Stop blaming a victim. #vegasstrong
Jeanette Kemp Have visited Vegas a few times Always felt safe !! How terrible it must have been , I just feel their is more too this story of the shooter keep singing 🎤 and won’t back down 👍
Regina Knox Not sure if this is the " real" jason aldean site or not. Been getting scammed and texted by supposedly " jason aldean" so I can't send anything to help. Sorry.

Help our friends in Las Vegas by purchasing or streaming my version of #IWontBackDown from Saturday Night Live — https://jasonaldean.lnk.to/wontbackdown —you’ll be supporting them as they continue the healing process. If you want to make another donation beyond the song, click the coin button below that will make it easy through this post! All proceeds from the song and donations will go to the Direct Impact Fund benefitting the victims of this tragedy. Thank you for your support.

5.4k reactions 144 comments
Steve Fish will you be back next yr? not into country but would go to show support
Kelly Kenison Thinking of those in Vegas!!! Bought the song and shared this!!!!
Cindy Burmeister It was not Jason's fault, why are you so hateful to him
Bill Gould Right on Jason - Cheers brother! Great job on this song.
Kirk Smith The fact that he’s singing on SNL says a lot about what kind of man he is. Just sayin

Tune in tonight and watch the #cmtaoty live on CMT. We have a special performance planned for ya. Its gonna be a special night!

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Karen Hurt Great tribute to Tom Petty Jason.You rocked it!!
Patricia Smirnoff Are you ok? Well u have lots of good friends for support so your probably gonna be ok. I flipped the whitehouse off last night....they've been driving me nuts but maybe that bird can make u smile for a second now that u know why it's there❤️stay safe
Taylore Woodard Freaking awesome and a huge freaking surprise to see me in it! Pretty awesome! Ill NEVER forget you what you did for me! This is why as your fans love you! You rock! and keep all the amazing music coming Jason ill be listening! #JasonAldean #myfav ...
Andrea Brooks Taft Jasonaldean Hi Jason, you are one of my favorite artists and I was at the concert in Vegas running for our lives. It has been such a hard long road, but I started a website to sell fundraising bracelets. All net proceeds go to the victims. I am not ...
Denise Gostomski Zovistoski What a beautiful tribute to all those that were lost in the music world and to the fans lost at Route 91concert🙏🙏

As a result of what happened in Las Vegas this week, we have decided to cancel this coming weekend's shows. I feel like out of respect for the victims, their families and our fans, it is the right thing to do. It has been an emotional time for everyone involved this week, so we plan to take some time to mourn the ones we have lost and be close with our family and friends. Our plan is to resume the tour the following week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our first time back onstage will be a very tough and emotional thing for us, but we will all get through it together and honor the people we lost by doing the only thing we know how to do - play our songs for them. I hope everyone understands why we can't play this weekend and I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed. I want to say thank you for the outpouring of love from my friends and fans we have received over the last couple days. You guys have no idea how much you have helped get us through this tough time. Thank You and God Bless. JA Get more details, including information on ticket refunds + Meet & Greet date changes here: http://bit.ly/2yGYetA

47.5k reactions 5871 comments
Tina Williams May this week bring some comfort and peace to your entire crew. We'll see ya in Tulsa and know that prayers will be with as I'm sure it will be emotional for all.🙏🏻🙏🏻
Dawn Johnson Jason, I was in Vegas too watching you and I know how I feel. Take time, hug your loved ones and be thankful. I know we are.
Lisa Borges-Valente Jason Aldean As for all your fans I'm sure I can speak for everyone and say you are making the right decision. Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone involved 🙏🏼❤ Your music is what keeps us going!!
Megan Stowers We know you’ll put on one hell of a show for us. ♥️ Us okies will lift you back up and honor the victims and their families in the best way- through music and prayer.
Danette Shoop-Stenger One of my friends was one of the victims that got shot. She got shot twice. One just under the shoulder and one in the thumb. She is doing as well as she can be and is in ICU. My prayers are with you and your family.

Over the last 24 hrs I have gone through lots of emotions. Scared, Anger, Heartache, Compassion and many others. I truely dont understand why a person would want to take the life of another. Something has changed in this country and in this world lately that is scary to see. This world is becoming the kind of place i am afraid to raise my children in. At the end of the day we arent Democrats or Republicans, Whites or Blacks, Men or Women. We are all humans and we are all Americans and its time to start acting like it and stand together as ONE! That is the only way we will ever get this Country to be better than it has ever been, but we have a long way to go and we have to start now. My heart aches for the Victims and their families of this Senseless act. I am so sorry for the hurt and pain everyone is feeling right now and there are no words i can say to to take that pain away. Just know u all are in my heart and my prayers as we all go through this together. Time to come together and stop the hate! #stopthehate #prayforlasvegas

268.3k reactions 10054 comments
Shannon Kane I've heard some amazing stories coming out of Vegas. People shielding strangers, saving lives, not thinking about their own safety. Gives me hope that humanity still exists in this cruel world❤💙#PrayforVegas #Stopthehate
Kathie Ehrman Walters You can make all the gun laws you want, the only people that are going to abide by them are the non-criminals....
Victoria Pelon Thank you for your sincerity, my cousin is fighting for her life after being shot in the back of her head. No one has the right to call anyone a coward in this situation as. we have no idea how we would act of put into this situation. All we can do now ...
Dawn Barber Very well said... This country needs to come together as ONE!!! Scary world out here anymore. God Bless all of the people involved in this tragedy. We need to do better.
Laura Brown Skimming these comments.....I think many people don't realize the impact of the media.....on promoting a divided nation.

Can’t make it to a donation center? Shop TIDAL's Amazon registry to get much-needed supplies to #PuertoRico: tdl.sh/PuertoRico-Registry

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Sharie Heading-Deal You wanna blame some one?? Blame the hotel. For not having metal detectors at every door...now they need to put all those in place at every hotel and music venue in that town! Wake up venue owners!!!
Erica Marie Our prayers and condolences go out to all the victims and their family’s. Aaron Williams Therapy is offering grief counseling to anyone who needs help getting through this tragedy. (702)527-9698
George Stokic Way to tell nobody of the shooting you coward! You could have said anything and you choosing to stay quiet showed your cowardice. If I was a country fan I'd boycott you that's for sure
Lara O'Neill Thinking of Jason and his team, thinking of all right now from across the globe in Australia 🇦🇺. Love and prayers going out to everyone involved x
Beth Greco Re: Vegas shooting. So sorry this happeded at your concert Jason, and of course that it happened at all! I so much enjoyed Taste of Country in Hunter Mountain, NY last June. Glad you are safe. Praying for the victims. Hope you will be able to deal ...

JUST ANNOUNCED: #CountryRising Nashville Gives for Hurricane Relief Concert is happening November 12th! Tickets go on sale Oct 6th at 10am! All proceeds will go to benefit hurricane relief efforts.

3.3k reactions 490 comments
Claudine Joly Will some of the money raised go to Puerto Rico?
Sean Holsonback Brandon Mobley this would be pretty awesome.
Bryan Young I can fit 4 plus me in the truck. And then we can bring barrels back.
Valerie Huett I found my birthday present all in one
Vince Schulze And you see whose name is second to last on the list!!! Road trip worthy!!!

#TBT #TattoosOnThisTown

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Lynn Carrington IMHO Jason's always been my kinda party.
CP Slader Tears every time I see this. Love Aldean and can't wait to see you in Indiana next month!
Cathy Bundz Corry Love this song!!! Waiting for that new music we were teased about!!!
Monique Anderson I also like, "Good to Go" and "I Believe In Ghosts".... 🍀
Nora Schwartz Don't know what to say at this time.

chillin with my boys @thubbmusic @playbkplay @russelled @justinmrusek Florida Georgia Line in Idaho on a few days off.

6.8k reactions 208 comments
Susan Loyle I noticed you still don't get to drive the vehicle Jason! LOL
Chris Hutchins We're ya all holding your cranks like country folks do?
Cathy Kitchens Enjoy guys!! Make some awesome memories on them days off‼️ 😎🌅🎶♥️✌️🍺🛤🌄💿💯
Jesse Gruver How did you fit so little talent in one small van
Terri Delaney Listing to his music rite now drink beers!🍻

Jason Aldean's 2017 #ConcertfortheCure is happening on October 20th in Louisville, KY! Details:

677 reactions 36 comments
Ellen Witham nice
James Midkiff I need a cure
Rob Way Road trip
Stacy Spencer Dennis Tess Yates early bday celebration? I wish
Susan D Dixon Yes please

JUST ARRIVED: The 2018 Jason Aldean wall calendar! Get yours now here: bit.ly/JA2018Calendar

2018 Jason Aldean Calendar – Jason Aldean Official Store
2018 Jason Aldean Calendar – Jason Aldean Official Store

2018 edition of the Official Jason Aldean Calendar. 12"x12". The calendar includes the last 4 months of 2017.

504 reactions 28 comments
Chris Hone When's the UK tour?
Bridget Baker Cindy Akin
Jessica Lynn Chris Lynn
Mike Sabrina Mitchell Heather Chasteen Neavoll 😂
Kelsey Pulczinski Emily Meyer

#ThrowbackThursday #ShesCountry

4.5k reactions 105 comments
Rebecca Koenig Great song 😎
Veronica Lopez One of my many fave songs! 🤠💙
Bridget Alison My favorite JA song!!
Linda Ouimet I love all your songs!
Eileen Jose One of my favorite Jason Aldean song.
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