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Pizza, ice cream, and bowling today with this shorty. 🍕🍦🎳 #minisquad #keeleyandbrittmissedout😜

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Steve Bunting Jason that reminds me of spending time with Miss Jessica Bunting when she was little, cherish every minute as they grow up much too fast. 🤠
Brenda Stancil How can you tell he's driving! Yes he's behind the wheel, but for all we know, he's sitting on the side of a road. Great picture Jason! Love you and your music!
Elizabeth Elliott Caudill So sweet , she is so cute and happy. Memories to cherish. Those smiles says it all. Happy , ready for some fun . Daddy Daughter Day. Yeah. Hope you have a great day.
Sam Davis Everyone that knows what the picture is really about. Ignore all the people that don't seem to know because they have nothing better to do than try to bring people down to their level. Keep being adults while those people are obviously children that ...
Dwayne Barber Awesome pic and the haters need to worry about there own personal problems mama said when you stick you nose where it don't belong it will get mashed


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Joshua Thurler Robert Bob Henderson
Allexis Tracy Andrea Ross
Diane Chrissis Norcross Fantastic season kickoff at Runaway Country Music Fest!
Judy Love Kelli Diaz 💜🎶🎶
Megan Applewhite I love that song

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Tina Finerfrock Schur i want the real jason aldean to send me a message i need to talk to him like now ty
Tammy Koch I love our music and our a good loooking man
Samantha Huberty Love the music
Sky Marie Love his music an going to see him on May 18 in Providence Rhode Island
Kathleen Speelman jason sexyyyyyyyyyy as always! win!My number1forever and i'm his oumber1fan forever! So wann

Thats what im talkin about!!! my peeps! #hicktown #orlando

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Kara Merrill Why didn't I know you where coming to Orlando😢
Gwen Conway Mohegan sun ☀️ May 20 pit!! Woooo
James Hogan Red bluff ford objects to this picture Jason ha
Jesse McCullough Looks like it says nicktown
Mark Slyman I need a Night Train decal for my black Raptor!!!

Enter to win a trip to meet Jason from iHeartRadio here: http://bit.ly/iHRCountryStation

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Shannon Nissley Aytes 😘😘😘
Karen Marrow I would love to! So it's a "I do!"
Beth Frush That would be wonderful.
Barbara Rusmisel Would be great to meet my favorite singer

Thank you Orlando for a great night last night. Interesting flight home with this fool Tyler Farr

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Roy Mitchell What kinda hat is that he's wearing?
Roy Mitchell Night train ranch... I want a hat like that!!! Where can I buy one?
Geneva Lee 2 of my favorite me right here ive seen jason aldean 2 times in concert and tyler farr once and cant wait to see them again this year hopefully
Jessica Ann Faecher I bet that was an awesome show man wish I could have gone

Happy bday to my lil sis @kasirosa. love ya sista. 🎉🎁🎈🎊

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Joe Mercado Happy birthday 🎉. ....wasn't she on hicktown video ?
Amanda Stout Jason you don't even look 40, just saying. two years apart... that's me and my 3 siblings are
Wilson Ellis Happy birthday little sis!!!! You have an awesome brother, and you are both so blessed! Your brothers music has made me a happier man riding down the road actually no matter where I am anytime I put one of his CDs in I feel myself in the words he says ...
David Campbell Jason how was your trip to runaway country. Sorry I had to miss it. Had to work the fire department. See you soon I hope
Patricia Griffin Hope this is u .I had a lot of Jason Aldean on my face book saying that that was u. U need to know that . thay was message to. Jason Aldean need to know.

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Shannon Daly Maureen Rowntree Daly
Andrew Thomas Alexandra Lentini Check it out
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Jason Aldean
Anncariina Faith Knudsen I love your music Jason :-) Please please come Copenhagen, Denmark
Susan Uecker Love his music!!!

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Jai N Cass Bella Riley we need these
Amanda Stout Love the shorts!!!
Shannon Nissley Aytes I just bought a t-shirt and a CD of urs on ebay
Perri Melissa Levy Thanks Jason!
Laura Boismier I love you Jason Aldean I wanna meet you sometime if I can and see your show I'm up in Minnesota you really should add a Minnesota date to your tour

thanks to my friends at Field & Stream Shop for sending this toy to the little guy. He obviously is lovin it.

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Darlene Heck Awe.💜 Beautiful
Denise Amigo Leone Haha! It's bigger than your doggie! Too cute! 🐾
Cindy Bales Garmon He's too cute!
Donna Emery Very cute!!!!!
Pam Bell Boss is the boss!

my little man in his favorite spot. #boss

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Dawn Dasilva-Carapella My daughter loves your music! And the puppy is super cute!,🐶
Denise Elling French bulldogs are the best! Wish I had enough $ for one. Little buggers are not cheep. Enjoy your little man ☺
Carolyn Y. Keyes OMG!! Looks just like my frenchie when he was a puppy❤️
Vicki Crispin That's what our lab did as a puppy. Now she is 7 months and still does it.
Renee Blake Ellis How ironic !! I'm actually listening to your iheart radio concert right now.

Day 1 album #8.... comin at ya soon.

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Linda Ouimet Been follwing you since you started love your music 🎵. Thank you for your journey so far love the new song. Can't wait for new album.
Edmond Padier Very happy for you and all your success! Love all your music. You definitely number 1. Country man pure and simple. Thank you man for sharing your talent. Truly are an idol.
Slade Fisher My 13 yr old son sings fly over states and dirt road. Thanks for showing him Country music is king and JA knows how to take it to the next level
Claudia Whitsell Woowho...can't wait...I know it will awesome as is all of them...keep up the great work..love the hot sexy amazing Jason Aldean!!!
Derek Redmond Keep going brother man! Take all the negative comments and push then through the mic as you sing out. Can't wait to hear it!

Jason Aldean - Any Ol' Barstool

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Jimmy Bordeau This and my kinda party are by far the best
Ricky Delosh Awesome song
John Robinson Love the song brother !
Leann Palk Love this song ❤️
Kevin Landy Love She's Country

Check out a behind the scenes look at the "Any Ol' Barstool" music video!

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Ian Walters Not available in the UK....... again. Sort it out.
Ellen Witham That was cool
Donna Emery Love 💖 you more!!!
Steven Dornblaser Loving this album!!!
Justin Cook Love this one

had a blast dancin the night away at the father daughter dance last weekend with this kiddo. #50s #sockhop

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Samantha Huberty Very cool. More parents need to spend time with their children.
Kayla House That's so sweet Jason!! I remember my father and daughter dance. My dad dressed up in his black wrangler jeans and a pink shirt a Texas necklace like design and his grey jacket. I wore my pink dress. He took me out to dinner and we went to our dance and ...
Rob Hoskins Jason Everyone forgets your a real person at times Being a father I am sure it's tough with all the pressure of sponsors and deadlines But you taking the time to just be Dad is great Keep up being real And by the way You are the greatest My wife ...
Tammy Brill Breaks my heart my beautiful lil girl will never get to have these experiences. Jason would you stand in as her dad for me. Lol. Seriously though cherish every moment. You are a great father!!!
Sharlene Hart So sick of everyone getting on his ass, a country singer or a celebrity is still human. They are going to make mistakes just like everyone else Stop judging

Tune in to see Jason perform on the ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards airing live Sunday, April 2nd on CBS!

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Betty Cook-Hall Congrats! Can't wait to see ya win! Seen you in Daytona at Country 500 performance was awesome! Kisses to boss!
Lauren Nicholson Steve Caruso Jason Aldean has a frenchie 🐶
Natalie Weber Holloway Jenn Harker its Jason and a frenchie baby... i think i died
Jeff Ford Love your music. Wish more artist actually performed Country Music. Turning into a Pop Culture
Trina Schisler Congratulations Jason Aldean, love your music and the puppy. Be watching...

New music video “Any Ol’ Barstool" is available now! Check out an exclusive behind the scenes look on TIDAL http://TIDAL.com/JasonAldean

TIDAL - High Fidelity Music Streaming
TIDAL - High Fidelity Music Streaming

The first music service that combines the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and expertly Curated Editorial.

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Robin Hojara good song,love it,love you Jason,huggggggs
Robin Bermel Awesome love this song
Lisbeth Dempsey thank you for your video...forever country...country girl, santa fe, nm
Kathy Hollan Baker I am always singing this song! ❤
Brenda Travis Your a very awesome male singer

Everybody has been askin so here u go.

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Ciera Lopez Rogelio Roger Muniz... I see what you mean.. He has no enthusiasm lol
Gage Bates Morgan Smith even though you don't like him this dog is adorable
Shannon Ingram Ahhh... you were wrong for trickin' us like that!!! Boss is a cutie! 😃💕
George Gunn Jason you and boss resemble each other! 😂 love your music though
Jennifer Harding Lol Bob Harding this would be our type of announcement

Birthday ski trip to Colorado with this ski bunny. ⛷🏂🎿

6.8k reactions 199 comments
Daneen Matulewicz It's gotta be fun for them to be incognito and enjoying themselves :)
Hannah Whiteside Had I known you were here I would have hit the slopes today and bought you a birthday beer. Have fun!
Dave Zimmerman Hope you picked up some of that killer Colorado Weed.... If ya didn't you're lame 😂😂😂
Cambria Corsi Steven Corsi Steve Corsi we literally might have been at the same ski resort as Jason Aldean today 😱
Darlena Faith Ward Happy Birthday! What an awesome way to celebrate it. My husband and I have been to Breckenridge Colorado it's beautiful!

Check out the making of Jason's new video “Any Ol’ Barstool" exclusively on TIDAL http://TIDAL.com/JasonAldean

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Carrie Turner Mimi Corrales Whatley
Simone Coccia Colaiuta My best friend in the world with Jason Aldean
Patsy Womack I love you Jason
Rodney Kuykendall Nice...

Ck out this sweet limited edition YETI my friends at Field & Stream Shop sent me for my birthday!

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Kathy Wortham Newell It is about advertising for Field and Stream! Leave it alone.
Brad Jakab Throw it on the top of your Decked like me and love it even more!
Jonathan Cobb Birthday is in March. Going to be setting by my mailbox and wait on mine!!! Lol
Lee Roberts I'll take it. I'm pretty sure you already have several. Lol.
Sandi Watkins Elliott If you feel charitable you could re gift that to me 😜. I need a Yeti cooler. Hope your Birthday was great! 🎉

Jason's new video "Any Ol' Barstool" is out now! Watch it on TIDAL here: tidal.com/jasonaldean

TIDAL - High Fidelity Music Streaming
TIDAL - High Fidelity Music Streaming

The first music service that combines the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and expertly Curated Editorial.

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Linda Ouimet Jason love the video and song. It's an amazing❤ song.
Christina Manges Absolutely love this song!!!
Holly Hauk LOVING IT
Heather Penelope Edseth JA I swear does not have one song that I do not love! 💌
Lea Seniuk Great

Check out Jason's brand new "Any Ol' Barstool" music video

10.5k reactions 174 comments
Colbie Pinsonneault Why don't I ever hear Comin in hot, bad or they don't know? I love the whole c.d. and never hear other songs...
Laura Boismier I love you Jason Aldean I wanna meet you sometime if I can and see your show I'm up in Minnesota you really should come to Minnesota sometime
Matt Sek I thought this was from 'Wide open' all his songs sound the same now...
Vickie Tatum What a song and video! But Jason Aldean is awesome and has a lot of great songs. That's How Georgia Boys Do It!
Denise Sinkiewicz Straub Love this song....you and your wife seem like awesome people, love the car stuff

Go behind the scenes with Jason on the set of his "Any Ol’ Barstool" music video - exclusively on TIDAL.com/JasonAldean #TIDALXJasonAldean

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Laurie Pandolfi Adamczyk Happy Birthday Jason
Denise E. McClure Happy birthday Jason Aldean 🎉🎂🎈🎈
Beth Frush Jason,You are still the best,better than all the rest.
Sherry Vee Happy Birthday
Linda Ouimet Love your new song the video looks great.

Jason Aldean Premieres 'Any Ol' Barstool' Video

Jason Aldean Premieres
Jason Aldean Premieres 'Any Ol' Barstool' Video

Jason Aldean’s live sets burst with energy as anthems (“Dirt Road Anthem”), rockers (“She’s Country”), and stompers (“Just Gettin’ Started”) bo…

3.5k reactions 147 comments
Kim Larsen Happy birthday, Jason enjoy your day.And good luck your awesome man and your music is amazing.love ya and God Bless
Tanner Holtzapple I love your music and your guitar it is so awesome Jason Aldean
LaVon Herrera Thanks for answering but it takes awhile to re-download the messenger.
Laura Boismier I love you Jason Aldean I wanna meet you sometime if I can and see your show I'm up in Minnesota you really should add a Minnesota date to your tour

#ThrowbackThursday #ShesCountry

9.5k reactions 153 comments
Vickie L Mullins Love it❣️ this song made cowboy boot sales explode!!!
Angela Arnold Frazier I have this on my favorites playlist.
LouAnn Martin-Callahan My cousin's little girl would sing "she's crunchy"
Renea Mayn Abate One of his very best, always gets me charged up!
Tanner Holtzapple Good job buddy keep it up i am so happy for your music :-)

Who's comin out to the #TheyDontKnowTour? Get all the details + tickets here: http://bit.ly/TDKTourNews

1.4k reactions 443 comments
Amanda Graham Are you coming back to Australia with this tour. Please
Micki Snyder We are ready for you in AZ and Route 91 Harvest Festival! Yay!
Katie Mode Look who's coming back to Tampa!!!! Go ahead and be prepared to plan a trip boys!! 😜🤗 TaTaylor HarringtoneGeorge Tager
Allyson Prehn Anymore Canadian dates being added! WESTERN Canada loves you too!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Michelle Suarez Poindexter I want to see it but as of now your not scheduled to come to Fresno CA!! There are a lot of disappointed fans her in Fresno Ca!! Please bring your tour here! ❤💋

Jason Aldean - Any Ol' Barstool (Lyric Video)

9.7k reactions 128 comments
Debra Ramirez Awesome just awesome🤗🤗🤗🤗
Adrian A Escontrias Loveee it
Hope Lynn Snyder Love this song
Marilyn E Bennett Love this song, but then I love them all.
Chris Tanner If I drank this would be my song Amanda Clark

You can vote daily for your favorite #CMCAwards noms until March 5. Jason is up for Artist & Video of the Year! http://bit.ly/2jL7NBm

2.8k reactions 88 comments
Not Jason Aldean Vote JA!!!
Reba Green Jason's year give it to him.
Rachelle Kessler When are you coming back to Spokane!!!
Michael Tromp He's carrying the torch
Theresa Barber Wood Jason Your #1....

#FlashbackFriday #TheTruth https://youtu.be/4tZaIDo_ULk

540 reactions 245 comments
Emily Cartwright You are just meant to wear Wranglers!
Loretta Costelli One of the best!, also LOVE Fly Over States
Apex Custom Homes Spread the word....DermalYouth....Revolutionizing Children's Skincare! Go Aldean!
Pauline Ritz Hi there, I posted an update on we need a blessing for our home. hi, well i know you don't know us. but i a real. you can find me on Facebook and you can call me 775-673-5422 if you have and ???? please and thank you + Read More Donate Now This ...
Amy Pappas Dianne Paul this was a good concert
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