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Martin Banham I am really, really disappointed with this album! I have been into LP right from Hybrid Theory through to The Hunting Party and have genuinely loved evertything they have put out ( ok so I wasnt over impressed with A Thousand Suns but it was "alright" !...
Justin Talbott I have always loved linkin park. And actually some of the songs do grow on you but the entire time I am waiting for Chester to just belt it out and get angry. And it just doesn't happen. Such an awesome voice and I am left hanging.
Ricardo Brown I don't know which member of linkin park was behind this but iv suspected an idiot in the group for a long time. I always assumed it was the rapper but i really don't know for sure. Cheers to a band that could of been the best in the world.
Craig Parmley I personally love the new album. It's a different style, but it works. For all those saying it's not Linkin Park, come on. It blatantly is. How can you not hear it? I am a Linkin Park fanatic and I'm just glad they're still about making music. Stop ball ...
Laura Linder You know. I legitimately hate HT and Meteora, but this is just flat worse. This isn't even good pop. It feels like there was no effort put into it. I figured at least it'd be like well produced pop. If it had been I wouldn't feel so disappointed :(

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Simon Raeburn Good on you guys for following your own person ideas and dreams, loving the variety in your music :) One More Light is such a soft and beautiful song! Keep up the fantastic work guys!! Love you!
Gemma Brown Best album ❤💜👌🏻 although I love the classics, time moves every second and so does change! I think the lyrics are beautiful and the songs just fit with my life right now - thanks guys xx
Gabriel Aaron Howard Jesus fucking Christ this is horrible - I could spend half an hour on my laptop using Magix and FL Studio pro and make something better than this overly sequenced copy and pasted travesty. Linkin Park - Rock band turned Kesha parody....
Jan Michael Elguera Just notice how most of the positive comments come from teenagers and girls who never listened lp before "I ❤❤❤ this album, lp the best!" And not only here, in YouTube as well. This is my problem, this album is crap as LP album, was only made to gain ...
Saif Shalan LP ignore the hate <3 Yes the album was a departure from who they were back in the day ,to say the least! But it's still LP <3 and some of the lyrics in here are incredible,and the album was beautiful and made me happy!!! I love this album specifically ...

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Daniel Hicks Taylor Griffin Reynol Thomas
Ian De Novellis Elena LaEle Compagnoni
Styloo Boy Jeet watch how to make your own website in 5 minutes
Govinda Dansana 😉❤💪🔫💉 👇👇👇👇👇 ❤❤
Alice Romero Torres los amoooooooooooo

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Mohd Hanafi Azhar You guys the best band ever keep going ignore the stupid haters
Andres Laanes The moment you are hanging out with libtard Jimmy Kimmel. Gets you backlash.
Mercy Fae Parizeau Keep being amazing, LP. All of their music is great. ALL of it.
Joshua Cottrell Why are Farrell, Delson and Bourdon even in this picture. They don't even use instruments
Michael Ayars Unbelievable. Those of you who continue to trash LP's latest music for not sounding like Hybrid Theory need to get over it. Music evolves, bands evolve, sounds change, it's creativity! LP you continue to surprise and impress with your versatility, ...

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Sasha Ram Linkin Park is a delicious cupcake!!!
Sasha Ram Linkin park is so damn cool!!! Mike you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Jay Lim Linkin Park should be taking notes from Paramore on how to make a good Pop album...
Mateen Ashparie Ali Baluch isn't that where we went?
Julieta Bandurek This is awesome! :)

Happy birthday lil kiwi Kiiara 🌅

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Antonio Formisano LP can you let me say to my friends that I chatted with you answering this comment plizzz🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 If this happens I get wet 😅 Ahh ehmm... happy birthday Kiiara!!😘🎊🎉🎊🎁
Saif Shalan Never do anything with this girl again,I love the album <3,but heavy is the only song i skip!!!especially because of her.
Randall Johnston I want to meet Chester so bad ..he inspires me ..and Mike too!
Devin Teig No one caaaaaaa-aaaaares...why is every song so shitty?
Bartek Oniszko All you fans of One more light and Heavy...kill yourselves

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Nicola Depaoli Totally a fail
Brad Procyshyn Who cares, this album sucks! And that's hard to say because i hae been a Linkin Park fan for years
Fabian Escorza Me quede dormido escuchando la wea fome. Con el disco anterior pensé que volverían a ser los de antes (un poco) pero me equivoqué. 👎
Kyle Coffey Im curious how they are a band of 6 when they make all thw music with just hahn, chester and shinoda...pop galore
Sam Meza I've never seen so many LP fans dislike an album like they dislike OML.

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Tommy Baron Garbage cans . Lp is dead
Jayson Alapag I think this interview was totally disrespectful and unprofessional. I wish Hitler was still alive. #NoOffense
Jayson Alapag Linkin Park, why some of your old fans cries about pop music? Isn't that gay? Real men don't whine about pop. #NoOffense I love your album guys. Keep on creating good music.😂
Omar Ferbnando Hernandez it was rlly heavy
Sean Fanelli I'm no interested in the original video of Heavy with no music added Linkin Park

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Julieta Bandurek It's a gift to be able to do these things with such an excellent quality - both on the record and super live shows, combining past and present materials - and yet, no matter what kind of songs you'll be creating or playing (covers), there will always be ...
Kushal Shah Guys you people do not have to try to collect new fans! Trust me! Your songs from the first 6 albums are loved by your fans! Your fans will practically shout it out their friends and family and with word of mouth you will get new fans! I do not think ...
Jackson Matheny I've seen many people calling for more songs similar to the days of HT, but what has always made them stand apart to me wasn't their unique sound that always seemed to speak to me. What always hit me was the deep meanings behind their songs, some songs ...
Kelly Harper Ya that one part of being really true to the artist, because that's who they are. You guys didn't do that with this album, there are like 2 songs that could have been slower softer songs on another album but the rest are ehhh bleh, use it as an ...
Alex Jahn Hunting Party compared to one more light, hell yes. Thp compared to living things, hell no. In my opinion living things was the record that was the truest to you guys. It had everything, it was just perfect, feel free to create the kind of music you ...

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Belynda Brewer Love the new album. I have been with you from the beginning and I appreciate your diversity and trying new things. Music is about feeling and I love everything you do. Keep it up.
Valerie Valdez Got mine just right now. Bout to pop it in the player.
Gemma Brown With all that's happened in our country in the past 24 hours this song brings me to tears. Thank you for finding a way to connect us without even realising the impact at the time of you making the song ❤🌎🙏🏻
Jean-michel Boudens Étant un fan de la première heure il est vrai qu'au début le nouveau style de cet album est un peu déroutant mais j'aime bien,après c vrai que les fans qui attendaient un album comme meteora ou autre vont prendre une claque mais bon moi j apprecie c ...
Isa Carola Uma pena, mas é um disco ruim. Pela primeira vez, desde que o LP surgiu, não vou adquirir o cd.

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Arnab Deb OMFG! LP and MGK on the same stage! Can't fucking wait no more
Clayton Tye Frantz Trying to copy papa roach ? It's gonna take more than that to save this album.
Sandra Schmidt Und wir sind dabei 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Basti Basti Gutjahr
Matt DeAngelo I was saying Mike change his rap style to match MGK. Point proven
Bryon Wolfe BTW why you guys have never done a "bring me to life" cover from evanescence, I'll never know. I think that would be nuts!

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Pawex Dador i love the new album.... and oh Invinsible rocks!
Muhammad Fahri Fadillah I love linkin park 😍😍
Bernt Westerholm
Thomas Ferrari Absolutely love the new album!!!
Ajay Bhogta I juss..Talking to my self😍😍😍😱😱😱

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Chris Kervick I've held off commenting on all the shite music these lads have put out lately but this genuinely sounds like the default practice backing track on free music software
Skylar Bannon This sounds like a boy band live lol. I had to double check that this was Linkin Park that posted this.
Cinthya Soledad Muñoz Iturra No es por ser negativa, de hecho estuve en el concierto en mi país Chile y lo disfrute mucho, pero ahora que escuché estas últimas canciones "sorry for now" y "Sharp Edges" es como estar escuchando a Justin Bieber y los Jonas Brothers sin ánimo de ...
Pedro Ivo I din't like this song, but I liked some of them, as I liked some of the previous three albums and disliked others, this is Linkin Park, I hope one day they do something oldscholl, but until then they do what they like and with good quality, as always.
Tommaso Genovesi New album started growing on me after a few listenings. It's still my least favorite out of all of them, but there's some neat stuff here and there. I've been a LP fan since I can remember and I saw them change, going back to their roots and then change ...

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Jason Trageser Sell outs!
Joshua Adam McCann Linkin park literally went to Harvard university after their last album and asked them to study how they can stay relevant. Harvard said to diversify. So LP brought in outside writers, collaborated with more people, and used producers who worked with ...
Tober Ma I can clearly see that Battle Symphony will be your next hit-single, guys!
Chad Bennett NO thanks
Gabriel Vazquez with all respect, your new album sucks :v

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Marangely Adams You guys as always, were amazing!!! Can't wait until August 22!!! See you in Houston, TX!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gabe Krug Man Really wish Chester kept that style, he looked AWESOME!
Jonny J. Crawford The new song and album just blow. They need to stop being sell outs
Irene Kyes Stop making stupid remarks about U2!! Mind your business. Let's see if your even around in 10 yrs!! You big baby!!!🖕🏼
AJ MItney seent them 6x's last time i saw them live they seemed old and boring

Thank you for all your support #OneMoreLight 🌅

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Carlos Hurtado If this is " evolution " and music from the heart ¿ why you went to Harvard to get advice for better business ? It is a contradiction in itself ...
Rob Furnish I've been a LP fan since Hybrid Theory and I personally love this album. If you really pay attention and listen it's amazing. Different but amazing.
Sidec Blodgett At the rate the emotional intensity of your albums is deteriorating I expect the next album to have the following singles "Mom bought off brand Easy-Mac" "Stepped on a Lego (your heart)" "Sorry Dad -Featuring Justin Bieber"
Stefan Holt Fan from the start and love how you guys always try different styles/sounds. But wow this is something different. Not sure yet if this is working out for me.... I agree with Naz Miah.
Andriy Solomakhin And I still need to w8 3-4 deals before it arrive:(( sad . Start to Love this album after 3 time of listening it carefully but still trust that LP will back to their roots , sad to hear from Chester that that songs that they made before was popular just ...

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Nico Bruno Julian Fernandez
Adri Linkin :3 <3
Alex Apex Likin Park are saleouts. There I said it. Wtf you gonna do about it?
Geki Lpl Ballsack
Gold Ari :)

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Linkin Park - One More Light
Linkin Park - One More Light

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Dawood Swaidan I rushed to hear all the other albums, enjoyed them all, but this one is nah, I feel scared to listen to it
Dalton Peppers Sell out
Marcin Kaczka They create what they want. Ok, it's pop not rock. But at least a good one :)
Vicki Hawn I'm a huge fan of their lyrics but I can't get past the pop sound. Still a fan but not pleased with this album.
Mark Jefferson Jesus Christ what a fucking mess, you boyz are done. Perhaps next nomination cycle your band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You now seem to meet the criteria: 1. Shitty music, 2. Not rock.

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Jeff Sodusta So proud of you guys. Forget these so called "fans" these songs are deep. Ive been supporting you guys since minutes to midnight. I'm on chester's side on this
Cindy Mitchell Remember that whichever genre your albums are made in, respect of the people who allowed you to have made your 7th studio album will never go out style. People are entitled to critique your art. To have an opinion. To discuss and dislike. Be wary of ...
Christian Wieczorek Das Album ist geil ihr ganzen verschissenen Hater...Ich höre die Band seit 2000 und habe mich noch nie über Sie beschwert wer was anderes dazu sagt soll mal schön was anderes hören.Sie sind schließlich in der Position was Anderes zu machen worauf sie ...
Will Brown I listened to the album twice and I tried to get into it I'll probably never listen to it again I'll stick the best first two albums
Christopher Svensholt i love the new album. I don't know why other people feel like they need to complain so much if they don't like it. If you don't like it don't listen.

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Stephie Rocko When are the winners of the presale contest going to find out about their prizes?
Nam Phan Tôi ở Việt Nam và Tôi rất hâm mộ nhóm nhạc của bạn, các bạn có thể tặng cho tôi chiếc áo có hình logo nhóm nhạc của bạn được không
Gregor Baumert Such a Bad Album. You have sold your Soul for a lot of money. Shame on you!
Geki Lpl I'd rather buy a HYBRID THEORY or METEORA or MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT shirt.
Heinrich De Beer Too bad those shirts are gonna be covered in puke as soon as you listen to the album

#OneMoreLight 🌅

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Jackson Richards Might need to change the name of the band. It's a good sound for what this CD is supposed to be... But what this CD is supposed to be is vastly different from LP. A new direction needs a new name. This isn't the same. Some of what I've heard is decent. ...
Chris Elliott Is there someone I can contact regarding my order that was sent missing items? Full Screen Direct is absolutely horrible with customer service, has been ignoring me for weeks, and when they did reply almost a month ago promised someone would get back ...
Michelle Betterley Unlike a lot of these comments I absolutely love the album. I have listened to it almost constantly since downloading it on iTunes. I love the older music as well but this album has to be one of my favorites. People change and grow so I think this is ...
Patrick Zeppwalker Zepp I always heard every new album ,some were brilliant and powerfull some had a mysterious sound but thats ok ! But one more light is the weirdest and baddest album iv ever heard! LP is no more the band with the style which i loved so much!! Sometimes is ...
John Mark Mccoy I think I'll stick to listening to the hunting party for another 3 years at least you guys actually worked on the hunting party

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Linkin Park - One More Light
Linkin Park - One More Light

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1.8k reactions 127 comments
あらい みつくに Thank you for wondeful album Thank you so much for your best perform ance of music From old days, I love your music I am looking for ward to seeing LinkinPark in Japan
Kelly Pannell Very sad with the new album I only like 2 songs I been a linkin park fan from I was 9 years old and even seen them live when I was a kid I love all there albums but this one I just don't know I wanna love it but it awn full very much they like ...
Jim South I love this album! The only problem is there is only 10 songs 😭😭😭 fingers crossed for a delux edition in a year hahah 😘 #ONEMORELIGHT
Danielli Karolayne Linkin Park made me have the taste for Rock, for loving guitars and the sound they make, but I still love the band in their new style, their songs are perfect in any style because LP is too fucking. I will always love Linkin Park, my life. 😍😍
Jorge Bocacci At first I was a little bit confused, but after listening 2, 3 times I understood the whole sense of the album, and now I can't avoid enjoying it. Thanks for the music Linkin Park, and I hope that in the future the whole family can do it, as often ...

Linkin Park - "Strangelove" Depeche Mode Takeover

4.5k reactions 99 comments
Willy Reis Minhas duas bandas favoritas, continuem mandando bem.
Jess Bounty GV LP & DM my 2 favorite bands !!! <3
Eloise Pereira 😍😍😍
Myro Guy Begay Linkin park you sale out, you guys suck. New linkin park suck

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21.8k reactions 174 comments
Szilágyi Miklós Such a shame... One of my favorite bands going "all-pop".. Really wish that this excursion is a one-time album, and you are going back to old Linkin Park sound...
Paul Stevenson The new album is rubbish, too soft and pop for my liking. Sorry Linkin Park but I use to love you but now I'll move onto other bands. Stick to your roots even if you think it's boring, you don't see ac dc or Metallica changing genres
Sketch Triplew Just bought it,and like all their albums,they're like all i wanted from them since the beggining...Different,unique,smart,awesome lyrics as always,and in the end,STILL LINKIN PARK. Thanks LP for not dissapointing
Mariano Villaraza Being there and hearing the new songs live, seeing the emotions and feeling the vibes was amazing. Actually loving the new album even more. You guys are the best.
Shraman Mitra What people don't understand is the same kind of music again and again and again becomes boring even for the performers. Music is not meant to be static and caged, music is meant to be evolving and free. Yes! I grew up with Linkin Park Yes! I loved ...

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Linkin Park - One More Light
Linkin Park - One More Light

Download or Stream One More Light by Linkin Park now on Apple Music.

2.1k reactions 140 comments
Matt DeAngelo Also props to Mike his singing is a million times better than when he started to sing with In between(was the worst LP song before heavy might still be) lol
Zach Wightman This album is excellent and sounds great for what it is. Don't listen to the people that say they want the "Old LP" back. They need to accept the changes because whatever genre of music you guys make sounds incredible. Keep it up guys
Raffaele Forget 17 ans...que j écoute du LP,neo métal,hip-hop,pop-rock,électro,et maintenant malheureusement,c'est la première fois que je suis déçu à ce point pour un de leurs album...rien...oui les paroles sont forte d accord,mais le reste est vraiment bof......
Geoff Lewis To everyone suggesting LP have sold out or just produced another generic pop album, this is anything but a sell out; to sell out would've meant doing what all the whiners want and produced another HT or Meteora just to sell more records. And as far as ...
Jhet Fernandez Please stop using that high pitched whatever preset vocals in any of your songs, like the one in Nobody Can Save Me. No vinyl scratches from Johann is a bad idea.

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14.1k reactions 5586 comments
Sharona Mashiach It's seems like you're all love each other and you don't have an ego struggle am I right....and if the answer is yes how do you maintain your good relationship?
Balázs Mónos #onemorelight Most of the songs are in the style of Waiting for the end, which is a great song, but doesn't really work live. Aren't you afraid that the new songs will work only on album, but not live?
Matt V. Kleiber Mike you are a legend. Let the haters hate. Linkin Park has meant the world to me since your first studio album. Please don't ever stop. I truly love everything you guys do!
Harry McShane Dude please give me a quick shoutout! Been a fan since I was like 6 years old and I've just turned 19 tonight! Love One More Light so much already!!
Justin Egberts Mike said by FBE that a song with screaming okay was in 2000s but not in this time. Why can't you try? Maybe people will listen it a lot?

Congratulations on your fifth consecutive championship win FC Bayern Munich

25.7k reactions 1120 comments
Andrea Saldaña Mariafé Wong Saldaña me mueeeeeero muertaaaaa!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 mi banda favorita y mi equipo favorito 😍❤😍❤😍
Denice LP Hey guys what is this... ? I mean you are make so awesome music and now this ? So Bayern München is not the right way. So pls dont do this again. In the end you use this jersey
Ryan Csoka you guys once did a tour with chris cornell, and he did some songs with you guys. . .and you guys dont even acknowledge his passing and then post silly crap like this? smh linkin park
Hagen Schaudt Spätestens jetzt ist Linkin Park für mich gestorben Josch Ka
Dirk Siegmund 😡👎

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5.4k reactions 172 comments
Ishmail Sawyer Nu metal was great, first time I listened to nu metal and it was awesome. Minutes to midnight fucking great living things sounded different but it was really good. Hunting party I don't even know what that was one more light is pop but not the good ...
Jessica Lotzkar I actually really like it. It's different. I wasn't a fan of Heavy and kind of feared the album. But damnit...I like it. Ben Lotzkar
Steven Rehbein I tried. It reminded me way too much of Owl City. Better luck next time boys.
Alexander Silva Compreendo que cada vez mais, para as bandas sobreviverem, tem que se tornar um tanto "comerciais á força ". No entanto , acho que devem ter sempre uma raiz e essa não se perca por completo. Em relação a este álbum ,sinceramente, (é a minha opinião) ...
Caroline Maher Well, it's seem that the opinions are 50/50 For my part, I'm not sure if I like it or not, some songs have a nice sound, others not.... It's very different from what I was hoping for... But, I have LP tattoo on my heart so : LP for Life ✌🏼️❤️

Listen to One More Light, available everywhere now.

Linkin Park - One More Light
Linkin Park - One More Light

Download or Stream One More Light by Linkin Park now.

1.7k reactions 68 comments
Marc Hachey Great album!! Very diffrerent, totally original. Love it
Troy S McGuire Dissapointed in this. Where the music from metera and hybrid theory??? Lucky i listened to it on spotify and not brought the album.
James Edward Hill Stacy R Sosa Hajduk it's a loooot lighter sound some a bit like shadow of the day
Marc Landry Wtf its that I'm a big fan and this record is @&/&;$&@""/&:&;&:@/"-"@&&$$?!
Rosamari Rissanen You make me feel with your songs more than any other band. And One More Light wasn't dissapointment.

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11.5k reactions 352 comments
Alex Whyde I like the album. As someone who has followed you since Hybrid Theory, I can say that even though I love your old stuff, your new stuff still sounds good. It's interesting to hear Chester singing instead of screaming
Cody Pundsack I love this album. Each record you guys release is better than the last and has always come out at certain milestones in my life, most notably: A Thousand Suns. That being said: this album is a more matured, wiser look on things. One More Light is ...
Jarod A Miner Been a fan of yours since begining. Have every album and seen you live a few times. Tried so hard to like stuff off your new album but unfortunately was not able too. You alienated alot of the fans who've supported you thru the years by going completely ...
Valentin Delchambre My really first album in my life was Meteora. What a pleasure it was to listen to you at this time. I was such a fan... With living things and a thousand suns you have lost me but i've always had the hope to hear the sound that made your name... With ...
Simon Scott I had it running on repeat yesterday and I have to say some of the tracks grew on me , they could have released under a different name , like other bands do ( Corey Taylor and stone sour ) , and maybe bring out a ( proper ) linkin park albums later , I ...
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