Cristiano Ronaldo

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Hala Madrid 👍👌

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Azzou Batna أنا صراحة حلمي مغادرة الجزائر والذهاب الى ايطاليا ليس من أجل العمل أو البحث عن فتاة فقط لأسئل غلام علاه ماخرجهاش للتوش اتهلا سقسيه يا كريستيانو في الماتش تاع الروتور
Ivana Križan The sunbath season starts in juny and That could be a big problem for you,i m not being mean but we all know how That can be hard for you,imagine all That girls and you cant be at ten places at once.cant wait to get That video😂
Mahe Junior The worst team in the world is of course Real Madrid and Real Madrid is nothing front of Brazil . The best in the world is Brazil neymar jr,Gabriel Jesus,etc
Gamaliel Monge Ruiz Breaking: James Rodriguez said doesn't know if he will continue at Real Madrid because he was photographed on the left side and not at the center. Also explained he doesn't feel comfortable in that position.
Yo van D'syachine assalamualaikum .. my name yohan Shah and my future goals become heroes,, if you guys can give me funds for children syria war,, and we here are very safe to practice jihad ,, and the fund was only USD 30000 OR rp 330 million for ana recruit young ...


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Maria Hernández Torres Precioso.!!!!...pero yo soy más de utilitarios sencillos q luego cualquiera mantiene esos bichos, si alguna vez vas a desechar alguno más pequeño, acuerdate de mí, q siempre tengo el C4 en el taller y me está arruinando....gracias!!!
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Nicxie Sanguine Hi C.Ronaldo. I really respect you in what you doing for people. I do hope to see you in person and visit your museum. Peace!
Trung Dũng Trước đây hồi nhỏ ai cũng bảo mìh giông ronaldo và sau này sẽ giàu như anh ấy!! Vậy mà bây giờ tôi còn đang không có tiền để ăn để uống 😩😩
Rui Miguel Rebocho Tenho um Nissan Almera de 1999 e sou sócio do Sporting (o meu grande amor). Grande Cristiano, o nosso maior símbolo, se quiser dar uma ajudinha a um lagarto para mudar de carro, ficaria contente e orgulhoso. Saudações leoninas !

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Raj Shahi u r vry important celebrate in tha world..everybody people's like football aalot of crezy football u r come in our country in nepal I,am yr real hrt fyan....our country in everything they're mount everest rara lake..pasupati tampale...etc...
Abdulrazaq El Haroon Barcelona losing against PSG, was not only painful to the football fans but to the players too. So then Messi , a player in the Barcelona squad, saw it better to disguise himself and dress like a lady when going to town so not to be recognised. Whilst ...
Saven Mi CRISTIANO RONALDO (CR7) is the the best player in the history of football ...LIKE IFF U ARE AGREE . LOVE YOU CR7
Setanta Helferty Maybe u start focusing more on football instead of this u will score more goals. Your link up play has improved but we need u scorin goals again Cris. HALA MADRID!!!
Karina Bautista Hernández Vic a mi no me engañan, también estaban bailando el pasito perron jajajaja 😂😂 Cristiano aparte de ser el mejor, es todo un Loquillo 🙊😅


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Jürgen Bindl Surely you are the best. But in FIFA 17 Duli and Alfi my Sons, they will make you cry. And in Dark Souls, you have no chance against me!! Is this right David and Daniel?
Lily Tijana I start flerting I think I am in love with C.I know I am falling in love.."Heartbreaker" [Jay-Z:] Yeah Aight ([MC:] We're gonna do it like this) Let's go Jigga [MC:] (Gimme your love, gimme your love) (Gimme your love, gimme your love) [Jay-Z:...
Wioletta Skonieczna All under this cup + organ hidden in the chest are responsible for success, beautiful legs are "only" dependent variable. :-) Last game was perhaps quite good ? :-)
Neno Aditya Semoga allah memberimu hidayah ke jalan yang benar.. seperti mohammad ali(boxing) itu akan memberi lebih dari yang sekarang.. Keep spirit.. make beautyfull play football and make the winners. Allah bless you.. to change your lifestyle..
Jackson José Moreira Boa tarde Cristiano Ronaldo! VC e um fenômeno no futebol mundial! Gosto muito da sua determinação en la cancha! Abrazo meu para ti desde Brasil são Paulo jundiai

A verdade é esta, eu gosto de me rodear do que há de melhor no mundo, como a TV do @MEO. Descubra aqui porquê

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Umair Nasir A kid was missing... His family uploaded a message on whatsapp with his photo. He was found !!! Thats a big thanks to whatsapp... Now it is more than three months... He is not able to go to school... Why...? Because whenever people see him, they drop ...
Diredi Achref You are the best in the world and you deserve the best man Raya but I want humanitarian assistance you please help me I hope that this message reach you this is a dream that check
Signore Rachad كما قلت سابقا ولا زلت على قولي، تريد أن تفتخر بنفسك بإنجازاتك إبدأ من الآن، ولا تمجد أشخاصا لم تلتقيهم إجعل من نفسك شخصية قوية وباشر البحث عن مكامن قوتك لتصبح مشهورا وتصبح قدوة للكثيرين تحياتي لكم جميعا مرحبا بكم على صفحتنا #لنرتقي C.ronaldo hala madrid
Liliana Moreno Quieres que alguien sé te declare 1. besa tú mano(derecha) 2. Di el nombre de tú amor. 3.Cierra tú mano (derecha) 4. Di nombre de un día de la semana. 5.Di tu nombre y Abre tu mano. 6. Pega esto en otros 15 comentarios y el día en que dijiste, ...
Pereira John ter saude e milhor que ter dinheiro podes ter o dinheiro tudo do mundo sem um grande amor i saude nao tens nada


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Mustakeem Tayea I want to be as Cristiano because he is real leader. He never give up to obstacles. Many times the team is losing then Cris who takes the team into normally situation again. For example, last match , although he couldn't score, he supported teammates ...
Mohamed ELmasry ياجماعة انا جايلي عقد عمل الكويت ب 200دينار والاكل والشرب والسكن والمواصلات وكل حاجة عليا محدش يعرف حد شغال في الكويت او يعرف العيشة في الكويت غالية ولا رخيصة بحيث اعرف ال 200ديناو دي ممكن اوفر منها كام ومن حيث كدة اوافق عليه او ارفضه بالله عليكم اللي ...
Wanderley EliteFest Continue assim, partindo pra cima, driblando e fazendo o que sempre fez, ontem foi bonito te ver jogar, jogue pelo show, os gols será consequência do bom futebol. #CR7THEBEST
Kamilovic Cas Car Grande cristiano ! Jugaste muy bien en equipo crack 👏😉 eso te hará mejor siempre hombre ! Déjate de comparaciones y tonterías vos sos un monstruo y alé! Buena suerte parcero ! 😉 #HALAMADRID Cristiano Ronaldo
Jôhñ Máñg You played very well. Don't compete with other player and never compare yourself with other. Be better than you were, don't get tired of winning. We love to see you win. We are proud of you when you do well. God bless you.

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Moaaz Abdo We are the people of madridista we want to re-ultras (sur)to bernabeu again ... please help US spread the demand for re-fans bernabeu again .... participated in Twitter #bernabeuneedsultrassur
Aldagreghi Greghi Parabens querido atleta que jodo lindo que voçes fizerao 4 o no barcelona maravilha tu es o melhor jogador do mundo parabes para voces sua fan que torce muito prati,,
Ramazan Kshayare اللەا🌼اللهم صل على سيدنا 🌼محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 كما صليت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد مجيد وبارك على سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد 🌼كما باركت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم 🌼وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد ...
Muhammed M. Kasem One day , My comment will come on top. I will show it to My college teacher Miss sedrati , who said that I can't achieve anything in my life😂! Like it Please.
Stephen de Vries Kimi Räikkönen juega tan bien cómo Cristiano Ronaldo. Creo que Kimi Räikkönen es el mejor amigo de Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo es sin duda también un muy buen piloto luso y Kimi Räikkönen también un muy buen futbolista finlandés. Quiero que ...

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Yago Filizzola Infingardi Felipe Buarque Vieira olha o que cr7 aprendeu comigo EOKSAPEASOEKSAPOEK
عقلية عالمية crazy man 😂😂 but we love you in any time because you are the best 😍
Keyla Sagastume Hahahaha my crazy 😍😂😂😱
Yasin Toprak My name is Yasin.My years old twelwe.My you Love.My please e-mail at.
Marta Oliveira I won't sleep tonight ... ... who needs "saw", when you have Ronaldo!?

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Maria Coelho Cristiano eu sei que você deve reseber minhares de pedidos de ajuda se voce axar que merecemos faça o que sua consciência lhe dizer eu tenho 4filhos grades 2deles estão sem emprego e prestes a morar na rua eu vim para França porque perdi meu trabalho ...
Tofix Saiyad I HAVE TRUST IN YOU CR7...... one day all people says that the age is just number for you..... Come back in your form and shut the mouth of haters as you done always.... God bless you cr7...... 😌😌😌😌😌😌
Alberto Hamirc Querevalu Olivares Cristiano Ronaldo soy peruano muchos saludos Hasta luego quiero hablar contigo en español se puede o no se puede y quiero que me comuniques Cómo puedo hablar contigo
Joel Gutiérrez S Dear Ronaldo, yo te aprecio, te estimo y te considero el mejor. Pero bájale al precio de tu ropa we! :v Está muy cara hasta en las rebajas! Oye a tus fanses we! :'v
Ruth Jazmín Cid Sáurez Ruth hoy es tu cumpleaños y te mereces... LO MEJOR Feliz cumpleaños, preciosa!!!!!!!!!! Te amo mucho

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Štûpendõux Ãhmêd If you love ronaldo plz read this. I am from Afghanistan and our village was attacked by taliban and my father is killed my mother is cancer if any one wants to help plz reply me plzzzzz
Joao Figueiredo Olá Ronaldo por várias vezes já ajudaste pessoas, eu tenho uma vida de mer.. e gostaria que me ajudasse numa coisa que me é muito querida a minha gata pariu um gato morto e acho que tem mais gatos se igualmente estiverem mortos isso vai causar uma ...
Stephen Anthony Mulele Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may flow in the same directions but the fact is cristiano is classic #king of football..... #team Nike
Alejandro Estrada Dont you ever mix reggaeton and TAG heuer. I like both, but just don't mix them. They used to have Leo DiCaprio as their ambassador. This was a bad move. Famous is not the same as classy. You are not classy sir
Rs Afridi Like if you hate this comment . . . . . . . . . "Tʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵒ⋅ ᴰᵒᶰᵗ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᶦᶰᵘᵉ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵘʳᵗ ˢᵒᵒᶰ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ⋅ ᵂʰʸ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗᵒᵖ﹖⋅⋅⋅⋅ᵍᵒ ᵃʷᵃʸ ᵇʳᵒ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉᶰᵗ⋅ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ...

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Joseph Santula Lying to a Girl has become easy this days: Girl: baby can you speak Spanish because you like watching their soccer so attentively. Boy: yeah I understand everything. Girl: can you speak a little of Spanish so that I can hear you? Boy: neymar totti ...
Rslan Alkahteb ممكن متابعه 💛👌 Good ??friends??are like ??STARS??You don t always see them, but you know they are ALWAYS THERE?? ?الأصدقاء الحقيقيون كالنجوم ، لا تراها دوما ؛ لكنك تعلم أنها موجودة في السماء 🌼 Please, ("Follow me")😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
احمد عبدالله Follow please + add ممكن متابعه + اضافه ❤️❤️ السعاده ليست انت تمتلك كل ما تراه جميلا ❤️ لكن السعاده ان ترى كل ما تمتلكه جميلا Happiness is not that owns everything you see beautiful, but happiness can see all of its holding beautifu 💜💓👌
Tar Ar Ais 😄댓글알바 모집 주 35 일 5 카톡문의 10405060 어떤 고딩 여학생이 학원 수업을 마치고 밤 늦게 집으로 가고 있었습니다. 어두워서 잔뜩 겁을 먹고 가고 있는데.. 저 멀리서 불량 남학생들이 모여있는게 보이더래요 이 여자애가 피해서 다른데로 가려는데 그 남학생들 중 한명이 "야, 일루와"~ 그러더래요 근데 이 고딩 여학생이 넘 움츠리고~ 겁을 먹은 나머지 잘못알아 듣고 "야, 날라와"~ 이러는 줄 알고잠시 고민하다가 무서워서 ...
Karo Rapar من موسولمانم ئيسلام دينيكى كامڵه (بێکه موكورتى) به لام من مرۆڤێکی کامڵ نيم ئه گه ر هه ڵه يه كم كرد سه رزه نشتى ئيسلام مه كه ن سه رزه نشتى من بكه ن I am muslim Islam is perfect, but i am not, if i made a mistake, please don't blame my talth, don't blame ...

Good morning!

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Hernandez Benjumea Mery Luz El comandante está bien parchado ... Mucho éxito para lo que,queda de temporada que Dios te bendiga y te de mucha sabiduría les deseo mucho éxito en el partido de fin de semana juntos vamos por más hala Madrid.
Nicolas Verheyen Gio Vanni als dieje voor elke foto dattem post ne goal zou socre zouket nog begrijpe.. mar gen paasei in 2 sjotte en elken dag poseren gelek een janet da vinkik nimmer normaal
David Muños Acuña Que Dios te siga bendiciendo cristiano. Eres ejemplo para muchos, eres el mejor del mundo, y sigues siendo humilde. Y ayudando, alos necesitados. Saludos de colombia.
Pronoy Sarkar A girl went to a gallery and saw a painting. She shouted and said what an horrible painting is this. The attendant said mam, thats a mirror.
Venkata Nagendra Koormachalam Hai... Very nice and stylish looking dude... mostly you are so handsome and one of the great football Player in this world...awesome playing I'm also fan of you you have all Success in your future, lot's of love happynes Health n Wealth peace full ...

🤔 thinking TAG Heuer

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María Isabel Lyka Cristiano Ronaldo better than all barca players 💪 The best in the world 👑 King of World Football 👑 Live Legend Vamos Madrid Vamos Cr7! Hala Madrid.
Alee Pereira Cristiano Ronaldo Luchando solo contra MSN La historia diraa que el mejor de brazil Y el mejor de uruguay ayudaron al mejor de Argentina para ganarle al mejor De la historia cr7 que grande ss. Cuanta felicidad da verte jugar crack... Si algun dia te ...
Mahdi Hammami Don't think so much bro, if u need money , u can call me
Moises Baez Rendon Cerra tu puño. 2. Di el nombre de tu amor. 3. Di el nombre de un dia de la semana. 4. Di tu nombre 5. Abre tu mano. 6. Pega esto en 15 comentarios y el día que dijistes. 7. Te va a decir que le gustas y te va a pedir que sean novios. Si rechazas te va a ...
Arelys Rojas Quesada Hola buenas noches Cristiano Ronaldo como están, un saludo muy especial para toda la familia, que les vaya súper bien en el partido de la Champions League y que tengan una noche maravillosa.


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Roldan El Sorprendente Holaa,Cristiano Ronaldo Soy Roldan Escribo esto Esperanzado que alguien de buen Corazón lo lea. Vengo humildemente a contarles que mi sueño es Ser Cantante pero no tengo los recursos necesarios y este es mi sueño, mi vida! Me ayudarías muchísimo si le ...
진재호 Great pic ! My son is your big fan and he's trying to be good soccer in the near future. Please remember my son name Hyunjong Chin^^ hope this year will great to you
Consuelo Palacios Silva Hola como se llaman las tiendas donde se pueden comprar los productos CR7 y en que países gracias son mis nietos de 7 y mueve añitos Que son locos con Cristiano y sus guayos
Ngọc Tâm Kp Tao góp ý nhé . Ý kiến của tao là như này ,nếu tao nói ra có mất lòng ae thì tao cũng chịu, tại vì tao chỉ muốn đóng góp một chut y kiến cho ae biết là tao cũng là một người có ý kiến. Đấy nói tóm lại là tao góp ý vậy thôi còn ae hiểu hay không thì cũng ...
Ana Filipa E Eu sei q ninguém vai ler mais funciona mesmo leia em silêncio 1-beije sua mão 2-feche a mão 3-diga um nome de um dia da semana 4- nome da pessoa q vc gosta 5-abra a mão 6-cole isso em 15 comentários e bem no dia q vc escolheu.ira dizer q gosta de vc.e ...


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Celina Costa Muitos parabéns Cristiano Ronaldo! Espero que estejas muito feliz ao lado de quem te ama :) O meu maior desejo é puder ver o excelente jogador, com uma personalidade muito forte :) Ser campeão em todos os aspectos :) Abraço :)
Tang Charopa Happy birthday Cristiano Ronaldo. The star of football world and the icon and role model for millions out Cristiano's success on and off the field is unstoppable and he shows no signs of slowing down. Wish him lots of success and happiness in the years ...
Guilherme Casartelli de Moraes Parabéns Cristiano Ronaldo que Deus te abençoe tudo de bom pra vc e pra sua família sou super fã do Cristiano Ronaldo pois ele é uma das pessoas mais humildes do mundo e sempre será o maior ídolo dentro e fora de campo e sempre o apoiarei ele é um ...
Ratna Ningsih Uchida I'm not a big fan of foot ball but I'm a big fan of you because your kindness and generosity to help people in need , respects of you Sir, May God always blessing you with long age and healthiness and of course with happy family's
Guilherme Andrade No dia 5 de fevereiro de 1985 nasceu esta lenda, um menino chamado Cristiano Ronaldo. De Funchal, na Ilha da Madeira, para o mundo. Cristiano passou por Andorinha, Nacional da Madeira, Sporting CP, Manchester United e agora está no Real Madrid. Deixou ...

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Jhon Jaider Salazar Garcia RONALDO : si la envidia toca tu puerta , abrele e invitale a entrar para que vea con sus propios ojos lo que se logra con esfuerzo ......mientras ella solo mira como te puede criticar . DIOS TE BENDIGA SIEMPRE C R 7 .
Rosalina Aguiar Please Mr. Anil K. I respectfully ask you.Please do not think like that, the Buddha is far away in the back and beautifully respected adorn with flowers.If anything his foot is in front of his car.Please look again Thanks.He is just trying to sell the ...
Carlos Alberto Fernandes Camacho Boas tenho uma notícia para ti neste teu dia de anos, sabes que é que sabias que ias ser grande em tudo? Como homem como atleta, como jogador craque como és, sabes, sabes? Teu querido pai sim esse sim, sempre te acompanhou quando eras miúdo, tanto no ...
Arelys Rojas Quesada Hola buenas tardes Cristiano Ronaldo tu eres un excelente jugador, que les valla súper bien en el siguiente partido, eres un buen muchacho, le ayudas mucho a las personas, tocas muy bien el balón en la cancha, demuestras cátedras de buen fútbol, luchar ...
Namoraya Belg I love my Prophet Mohammed.I love the people whom yust try to follow his footstep. But Cristiano Ronaldo does a lot good he take cares off the womens in his life(mother,sisters,)he feeds the poor helps the needy. I think he believs a lot in God as the ...

Be serious 😉😉😉

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Jonathan Figueiredo I always hear from people that I will not get anything in my life. But I want to be someone in life to be like you Cristiano Ronaldo. You are an incredible person with so much to offer the world yet and you help people with donations to those who need ...
Samir Nametak Ronaldo you are very good player! Please help me out with like 25k but just if you can that would help me a lot.Thanx bro... :)
Luis Carrasco Adoptanos cris,somos dos adultos y dos damos mucha guerra,si quieres puedo ser hasta tu chofoer...pero eso si,,sin mariconadas😉😉
Julien El Guerrero Soy julien de cuba te admiramos mi pueblo sufre mucho en estos momentos nos secuestran nos matan en fronteras por llegar a usa creo que tu imagen vale mucho eres como nosotros humilde trabajador te esfuerzas dia a dia pero nosotros no tenemos ...
Clary Zendelova Dearest Cristiano! I am curios which of your cars you are driving? Your choice or your son's? 😉 Saw your film! Wow❤️how you raise your son and the respect for your family!!! You are special!!! And thank your mother! 👏best for ever!

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Nasro Belhadj اللەا🌼اللهم صل على سيدنا 🌼محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 كما صليت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد مجيد وبارك على سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد 🌼كما باركت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم 🌼وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد ...
Yazed Muhaisen اللەا🌼اللهم صل على سيدنا 🌼محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 كما صليت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد مجيد وبارك على سيدنا🌼 محمد🌼 وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 محمد 🌼كما باركت على سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم 🌼وعلى آل سيدنا🌼 إبراهيم🌼 في العالمين إنك حميد ...
Lale Brilliance RONALDO king of World Football 👑 The Best in all of times, better than all barca players 💪 Cristiano Ronaldo Future de Madrid 💪 Live Legend Vamos Madrid 👑
Amiin Mohamed May Allah show you the right path since you've done alot of good things for the the Muslims in Palestine and Syria.Me and you are the same.we both hate assasins (israel)
Cidalia Rocha Maria Ronaldo Desculpe eu venho fazer um apelo, não para mim mas para uma amiga que está numa situação terrível.Ela tem 32 anos .E tem câncer .Já nem pode fazer tratamentos porque está muito frágil , Presisa de remédios caros. Para ter mais defesas . Para ...

1 vs 1 at the training. Contente por defrontar 1 dos defesas mas difíceis de ultrapassar do mundo meu mano coentrão 👌👌🇵🇹🇵🇹

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مجلة الفن اهلا بيك في مجلة الفن لو حضرتك عايز تعمل اعلان علي الصفحة يوصل ل 7 الاف لايك لصفحتك بسعر 50 ج بس للاعلان احنا تحت امرك راسلنا
El Tuto Flow Revilla Sigue dándole promoción por eso cada vez el fútbol es menos creíble y más negocio Coentrao no es titular ni en el rayo Vallecano hasme el favor
Ahmed Charghini 1 international trophy 2 fifa player of the year 4 ballon d'ors 4 golden boots 1 puskas award IS BETTER THAN 0 international trophy 1 fifa player of the year 5 ballon d'ors 3 golden boots 0 puskas awards I love your Ronaldo The best In ...
Tiago Ribeiro Isso é porque ainda não viste o João Bessa o Troçonaldo xD
Jose Miguel Gomes Cristiano chará do meu filho ! Novidades ? meu filho , meu melhor do universo ! Eu tenho um reparo e Conselho , ultimamente tens feito muito fora do jogo ou seja es muito prejudicado por ligeiros adiantamentos , mais calma e muita finta e golos é meu ...

Shooting day👌

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Abdelwahab Moussa #Monsieur_le_1er_ministre_Sellal_Sauvez_la_medecine_dentaire #نطالب_بحقوقنا_المشروعة_لسنا_ايادي_خارجية_اجورها_مدفوعة #طب_الاسنان_مهنتنا_انقاذه_مسؤوليتكم_و_حقنا #La_Catégorie16
Christine Guillermin Ola Cristiano tento mandar esta mensagem sem muitas esperencas. ..O eu filho tem 20 anos hoje à maior alegria que ele possa ter e uma mensagem de Cristiano. ..ele e um jovem muito calmo adora sporto adora à vida e Cristiano. .. espero que esta mensagem ...
Maleek M'j Beware Beware, O son of Adam Htendm in the Hereafter * Says peace be upon him "Convey from me, even if the verse" This message may be sending us to others has reached a verse you stand Patroness Doomsday * [Punishment for neglecting prayer] narrated ...
Étienne Durand very manly cristiano Nike campaign they have very well to choose their representative because you incarnate masculinity and the perfection of the athlete in action
Bada Ademola everybody like RILEY KUSH Riley kush entertainment to hear the latest song i did for cristiano ronaldo.....i am sure you will love it


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Adele Cummings Lindsay Proctor he had highlights other day with me while I just got a trim didn't want people thinking I was a wag 👀😁... Jacket matches them sneaks from other day. Full of sass this lad xoxo
Maria Maya Ronaldo, your pictures put a smile on all our faces as the world is in political turmoil. Don't forget the refugees if you can please help them I am sure God already has a spot for you in heaven. Obrigada !
Nikki Vespera Our Sporting team from Toronto is heading to Madeira on April 8 for a tournament. Would be a great honour and surprise to our Sporting boys if you made an appearance. We love you
Gian Maria Sainato Selfie 🔝👍
Usman Ch 2 minute silence for those who still think #messi is better than #Ronaldo ..... Love from pakistan <3 He is not only a good player ....he is a very Good and kind hearted man also :)

Crash and burn Dwyane Wade. ⚽💯 #raiseit

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Braddy Looking to get your video on my page? Send me a msg for more details.
Rasa Rozite Yes, a very creative training. Maybe just don't beat the airdog but give it a target under and let many fly around. Show how many you can hit. :-)
Marcia West-Riches Ronaldo is better than messi I love you lots Ronaldo your shooting is good. 😎⚽🥉🥈🥇🏅. You are the greatest Balloon d,Or winner of all time
Amaury Ringeval Loic moi je bosse pour m'acheter un petit drone sympa et lui il les brise avec des ballons tranquille normal ... 😱🤔😢😜⚽
Marco Bazzi Lorenzo Franchini Sara ClericoGiulio Nannetti c'è questo si diverte a buttarli giù con i pallone e io ho bestemmiato 3 giorni 🤔🤔


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أبو المجد عودة Islam is Islam's mercy amended Cristiano I hope to God that guide you to Islam in order to gain eternal comfort Enter the Islam is the religion of Islam Cristiano best in the world and you're the best player in the world Best deserves the best You ...
Joshua Kweku Benson I think ronaldo as a subject should be thought in soccer academy. Cox this guy is to be studied now n even after he's no more.
Muhammad Adzka Al Habsyi Cr7 is the best ...ronaldo sbnrnya tidak pantas di cemooh sm pendukung madrid saat bertanding karena bermain di lapangan tk semudah menonton di pinggir lapangan..bagiku ronaldo tetap idola ku walaupun di saat ia terjatuh aku tetap memujinya bukan malah ...
Edison Fabian Acevedo Montañez Es el mejor frente a messi pero estas aflojando CR7...en ocasiones te vez indiferente y sin ideas para cambiar un partido eres el cerebro y columna vertebral de Real Madrid.... Quiero ver mas entrega cada partido y mas liderazgo mas alla de irse al area ...
黄世杰 Now people comment just like "Look! Ronaldo post a picture, and we just need to comment something about Ronaldo is the best player in the world and get a lot of like".

Tag the friends you would definitely beat at my game Kick’n’Run ;)

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Raish Gorasheth DIGITAL INDIA JOB OFFER 🌀 No investment 🌀 No Registration fees 🌀 Boys & girls both are join 🌀 Only 2 hours work 🌀 Earn 500-1000/- daily 📢 Interested candidates, contact me on Whatsapp no.type #DIGITAL_INDIA 7600203500
هبة ابراهيم وعن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه قال قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم :]المسلم أخو المسلم : لا يخونه ولا يكذبه ولا يخذله كل المسلم على المسلم حرام : عرضه وماله ودمه . التقوى ههنا بحسب امرئ من الشر أن يحقر أخاه المسلم[رواه الترمذي وقال حديث حسن Abu ...
Nicola Mceachran Mceachran I havnt got the tap app, but I'm Pm you to oppose n kick 'n' run to show wholl win best to eat in a sport! A challangey I am will to take on!!!
Olofu Jerry Up C. Ronaldo! The MVP in the entire world. All Ronaldo fans, pls kindly click on the link below and testify to others! ..You will thank me later!
Anders Karlsson Love , I don t get it, If there is anything I can do, need to know what, I wish you could rest dear. I understand text ? Love Julia (I do comment from this page for the time being)

This Valentine’s Day give to your loved ones my ultimate comfort #CR7blankets. Save 15% with promo code: LOVECR7. Head to to place your order.

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Omar Yossef عيد الحب يا واطي عيد الحب هاد يلي طلع معك..ابني شد حالك اليوم عندك مبارة مهمة يول ازا خسرت لا تلوم غير حال..شد حالك بشرفي عيب عليك فضحتنا ياو خلي حدا يشوف مناشيرك والله رح تسيير مسخرة...بقى سجلك كم هدف اليوم برضاي عليك..
Veronica Sanchez Marin Arantxa Moreno Marin yo lo quierooo!! Regalamelo para san valentin, que se que me amas 😌😌 si no puedes regalarme la manta no pasa nada. Me conformo con que me regales a cr7 😆😆 me encanta muchiito 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Maria Luisa Arana Suarez Cristiano yo se que no hablar inglés como tu ,pero yo se que me entiendes porque te oído hablar español CR7 te deseo muy buena suerte en los partidos yo soy hincha tuyo desde que estabas en el sporting y te vi triunfar en el Manchester U. Y ahora en el ...
Carvalho Virgolino Cristiano tem ajudado muitos e tenho pena que ele próprio não tenha uma fundação com seu nome em Portugal 🇵🇹 para ajudar as crianças 👶🏾 mais desfavorecidas, ou uma instituição que recolha crianças sem recursos com ou sem familiares. Um grande bem HAJA ...
Jofman Tovar Ronaldo is getting bad and is becoming very often with a lot of misses in front of goal. Against malaga ,bilbao, etc. Hes a veteran in his last year of carreer . but. Great player he was some time ago.

Thanks for the support of Chinese fans. Glad to be the 懂球帝(All Football) 2016 best player.

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Rijal Irama Cristiano Ronaldo semoga anda selalu terpilih menjadi pemain terbaik sepak bola di seluruh dunia.. And anda adalah pemain sepak bola sepanjang masa Cristiano Ronaldo The Legendaris.. Ex.. rijal irama fans atau penggemar berat anda from indonesia - ...
Majd AL Khatib If Ronaldo has million number of fans, i m one of them <3 If Ronaldo has 10 fans , i m one of them <3 If Ronaldo has no fans, that means i m no on the earth (y) If world against Ronaldo, i m against the world (y) I love Ronaldo till my last breath <3 ...
Jordan Holmes I quickly scanned pass and saw Chinese and Ronaldo was standing there and I'm like oh no but thank God it's just an award.. Never go to China Cristiano!
Dr-Samer Adel Al-Taki Keep the momentun high, take care of your health, enjoy the love of your fans, hold on with your teammates, because a lot of important stations are on the road this year.
Ninos Zaya you should be more focused on defeating Celta Vigo tomorrow because thats what players do for their teams or elsewhere why did Real Madrid C.F. buy you ??? to only post pictures and play poker on Facebook ????

My team👌👌👌

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Hasan Yılmaz Hello, thank you for the help you have the Ronaldo Palestinian Muslims, I wish some of the brave and courageous man like you, I love you had
Navdeep Sehgal Hi best footballer in the world please one day can you come to me Milton Keynes.I am the person that Sent the letter to you.My name is Aryan and if you get this please send mail back!I am so happy!!!!
Maarouf Med No thing to say more then top top ronaldo even trough his bad situation when he was young and horibol life no support no thing he shows every one thats i can be whatever i want still the best well done :*
Étienne Durand Super team of pilot of planes with them you are in the seventh heaven in all tranquility in your plane cristiano hello the aces of the sky
Berry Faith one day i will have ronaldo in my bed as a special gift for him for doing great things Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player ever to win the Champions League, Euro, Club World Cup and Ballon d'Or,best Fifa Men's player in the same year.


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Delfina Freixo Cristiano Ronaldo acho que já estás a pensar na próxima bola Douro ! Ou será na bota Douro ! Ou talvez nas duas ! Desejo que ganhes tudo ! És o maior e por isso fazes inveja a muita gente ! Felicidades para ti e tua família !
Maria Manuela Reis Que tudo te corra sempre bem na vida e continua a ser solidário como tens sido às vezes quanto mais se ajuda parece que Deus nos ajuda mais por isso Deus te tem ajudado a vencer todos os obstáculos continua assim há muita miséria muita dela escondida ...
Pilar Velez Ganarlo todo debe resultar extremamente motivante, pero estoy segura que también pone en tus hombros una pesada carga por el compromiso que adquieres con tu equipo y personas que te apoyan incondicionalmente. Saca a relucir tu arsenal de talento, ...
يزن أبوحصان جس الطبيب خافقي ❤ وقال لي : هل هاهنا الالم قلت : نعم فشق بلمشرط جيب معطفي وأخرج #القلم ، فهز الطبيب راسه ومال وابتسم😊 وقال لي : ليس سوى قلم فقلت : لا يا سيدي ، انه يدا وفم رصاصة ودم وتهمتن سافرتن تمشي بلا قدم.😔 #الشاعر_أحمد_مطر.
Dale Smith 1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wondering why you're still this reading this 8. You saw that mistake... right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. ...

I can rise to any challenge Dwyane Wade gives me. Tell him who you think won? #raiseit 💯😂

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Raoul Siemes Everyone hating on cr7 well u cant call urself fans so go and support messi!! Always a ronaldo fan in bad and good times!!!!👌👊
AL-Mattari Rajab ast 30-year America had 30 wars, 14.2 trillion was spent through.. imagine !! 14.2 trillion spent to deconstruct countries ,just have a look to Iraq, Syria , Afghanistan.And of course we all know why Iraq was attacked :) 'The mass destruction weapons' .....
Orlando Recio Caballero Nadie te alienta como yo..,pero ya no eres el de antes, dedícate más al fútbol y menos a ti imagen, demuestra q eras el mejor porque así como estas ahora no eres!!!
Luis Carlos Meneses Calle Igual sos un inservible bueno para nada yo te ganaría en cualquier cosa! La única diferencia es todo el dinero q tienes pobre incompetente!
Ernesto Santamaria Gomez No entiwndo muy que el madrid hace una semana era bueno y ahora no . es injusto perp el futbol ed asi. Los periodistas critican sin saber nada de nada


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Ahmed Ateya Dear ronaldo ; there is no doubt that there is no one loved you more than me from the moment that you start playing ^_^ but where is ronaldo the best player in the world 4 times !!! i feel that you lost passion and fighting spirit in the pitch your ...
عبدالرحمن الاوجلي Christina Rincon Hey bud congrads. You deserve it. Animo in the future and P.S. You look real HOT in your picture. Lol. Thanks for everything. Besos y buen dia migo
Mohammad Ali Shhadeh بماعيتك قلو ل راموس اجيت لتكحلا عميتا قلو لا بقا يخربط يفداعردو وأحلا شلة انتي وبيل وبنزيما وراموس ومارسيلو وكمان شيخ الشباب توني كروس عراسي يا غوالي كلياتكن وأحلا فريق بعرض ستي 🐸
Juan Carlos Podadera Guerrero menos ánimos y mas correr y sacrificarte por el equipo que cada vez tienes mas cara! si fuese modric....ramos...q se parten los huevos te diria unas cuantas cosas! echale huevos que estas en el Madrid!
David Wong Keep going Christiano 💪👍👍👍 Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!! Greetings From Belgium 😊 I was in bernabeu with my friends 2 years ago but we didn't see u playing that match bc u got the red card the match b4 🙈😢
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