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MONDAY: Wanda Durant stops by to dish about her son Kevin’s big NBA title win!

224 reactions 24 comments
Robert John Kinnison all gays should be thrown off a fucking building
Melody Henderson AWESOME
Tye Merricks Goodnight kiss.
Corliss Brown Can't. Not twice.....
Damaris Isales Wanda you made my day today. Blessings

We'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't go into the week with a little Cardi B wisdom!

Wendy Williams | Cardi B’s Words of Wisdom
Wendy Williams | Cardi B’s Words of Wisdom

Are you chasing a dream and need some motivation?

623 reactions 47 comments
Melody Henderson NOOO
Shana Myer lol
Luyanda Lulu Dlela She is so cute
Jennifer Knight I'm not a fan of Cardi B but I'm glad she was on your show
Diane Onofre U so cute and smart girl😘

Brooklyn here I come. My white outfit is waiting. BIG fun. I'm ready!! Get your tkts now and head on over to the Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk.

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Seana Ferguson Nightingale I love you Wendy, but I don't like those shades. I saw you try them on the other day, and thought "NO!". Oh well, you always look great, have fun!
Monica Felix Téa Colon am I losing my eyesight? This doesn't look like Wendy.
All Shades Brighter WENDY!!!! For a person who don't have anything good to say about anybody must always make sure that they figure out their flaws first. #WORDSOFWISDOM
Claudia Darragh Don't think she's looking good at all!!! Just my opinion !!!!!
Lyn Moore BLEACHING Wendy...???? Are you not happy with your born color or looks ???? I AM LOOSING LOTS of Respect......Who the Fcuk r you ???

Make sure your relationship deal breakers aren't petty!

Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!
Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!

"Girl's Trip" is in theaters, Cardi B came through for Wendy's birthday, and so much more!

1.2k reactions 91 comments
Lynne Brown Won't Support Jada Pinkett.
Tessa Bonman-Robinson I saw it friday night and it was totally hilarious!!!!!..just the movie i needed to see with my friends!!

Who is seeing Girls Trip this weekend? 🙋🏽

Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!
Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!

"Girl's Trip" is in theaters, Cardi B came through for Wendy's birthday, and so much more!

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Sunshine Wade Saw fri morning with my girls and it was fantastic I could not stop lol from beginning to end.

We're not doing anything tonight before listening to Cardi B!

Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!
Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!

"Girl's Trip" is in theaters, Cardi B came through for Wendy's birthday, and so much more!

593 reactions 79 comments
Chioma Okafor Was worth the wait
Paula Popp Sad that a movie depicts how we need friends...high school is over!
Wanda R. Duffie I have Wendy and this movie is awesome Jada Queen Latifah Tiffany and Regina did a good job in this movie kudos
Jan Sklair No thanks....Another raunchy flick that gets old after awhile...Saw DUNKIRK AND IS GREAT!
Gloria Nosyd Yes...Yes..I got my "Girls Trip " Badge! I wish you could see my squadron picture! We laughed, we had a Bomb Diggity good time! I'm going back for a second time! Hilarious!

Want healthy food, but want great tasting food as well? Hilaria Baldwin to the rescue!

Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!
Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!

"Girl's Trip" is in theaters, Cardi B came through for Wendy's birthday, and so much more!

593 reactions 65 comments
Shari Fauntleroy About 50 of us went TODAY!
Miechelle Fudge Isrel It was so funny lol 😂
Brenda Kendall Funny Movie!! Loved it!
Vanessa Hutchison Hill Saw it and loved it,thinking about going seeing it again
LaDonne C. Davis- Felton I did 👍🏼

Memsor, Merrell & Robyn reveal their favorite Wendy look of the season!

Wendy Williams | Wendy’s Glam Zone: Favorite Looks
Wendy Williams | Wendy’s Glam Zone: Favorite Looks

Memsor, Merrell and Robyn reveal their favorite Wendy look of the season!

143 reactions 10 comments
Venus Jones 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Ronn J. Olszewski There's A LOOK? 🤢🤮
Mary Koufalis Does Wendy not do anymore After Shows?
Greg Hills None
Ds Hubbard I would love to see some early seasons shows during the summer break. :)

So you think you're ready to get your groove on again... Keep watching:

244 reactions 19 comments
Jerry Griffin 😎
Tye Merricks You know me as a hustler.
Melody Henderson WOW
Debbie Vargas Wendy your looks say it all lol
Shelley Case Love you Wendy ❤

This weekend is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥! Get your tickets to my first Mixtape Beach Party on Coney Island at or

Wendy Williams Brooklyn Tickets
Wendy Williams Brooklyn Tickets

"Great seats for Wendy Williams at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk, Order tickets to Wendy Williams."

134 reactions 21 comments
Gina Beena David Thom
Tandee Randee
Venus Jones 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Let loose with your girls this weekend with our weekend playlist!

Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!
Wendy Williams | Weekend Playlist: Girl’s Trip!

"Girl's Trip" is in theaters, Cardi B came through for Wendy's birthday, and so much more!

593 reactions 27 comments
Venus Jones 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Venus Jones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
DickensonEdna Jean Gilles I saw it last night...great movie👌

HOT TOPICS: Lamar Odom is reportedly writing a tell-all! Keep watching:

1.4k reactions 122 comments
Tearia Hewlett Wouldn't he get the 10 million no matter what? So if the book doesn't sale it wouldn't be him out but the book company right? If that's true it would be a win/win for him.
Linda Andrews If this book here have anything to do with the Kardashians peoples going to read it because for some reason these people want to know about these witches and if he's going to ride it I would like to see it myself, because nothing out the table means ...
Grace Jackson I NEED that dress from today! Does anyone know where to find it?
RafaMaricela Garcia Miss Wendy.... I think you got this one all wrong. People want to know the dark secrets of the Kardashians..... Your write it.... they will read it !
Christine Brown 7 books about Wendy? Hell no we wont buy that trash when there are great writers to read!! Ill pick them up at garage sales for a quarter!

Havoc opens up about the passing of Prodigy. Keep watching:

769 reactions 29 comments
NikitaMarie Whatley Kenya Bolden
Ashley Carroll Kev Carroll
Tiyarn Grehm-Bullock Tgia Browning
Jennifer Renee Danielle Williams
Venus Jones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Abby Elliott dishes about the new season of Odd Mom Out on Bravo!

190 reactions 27 comments
Anis Afkir Kevin Smiley Lopes she's so cute
Venus Jones ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rayshaun GreeneParrott Calhoun Join The Houze Of Luzifer Group Page N Return FB 6000000 Blessingz
Vasan Ayyar I don't like this show at all! Block!
Kenneth George Hi Wendy

Naughty By Nature performs their classic hit “Feel Me Flow” and tell us about Wendy’s Mixtape Beach Party.

Wendy Williams | Naughty by Nature Perform “Feel Me Flow”
Wendy Williams | Naughty by Nature Perform “Feel Me Flow”

Naughty by Nature performs their classic hit

341 reactions 27 comments
Daniel Clyburn Vinnie you guys look and sound great. Represent East Orange, NJ
Brandon Warner See you later Wendy in September
Uruemu Sokoh Sparde I can kill for Wendy show, cos I love it
Shelvie Foley love your clothes
Valerie Alvarez Thers a way to carry yourself .

THURSDAY: Naughty By Nature hits the Wendy stage and Abby Elliott dishes about the new season of Odd Mom Out!

109 reactions 35 comments
Erica Drake-Coleman what are signs of drug use.
Kerrie Snell Where can I buy the dress she is wearing today?
Cindy Dwyer Geez Wendy, can you not slam Tampa so hard!
Elaine Latham It's been great all week. Many blessings.
Laura Basic-Bengero Enough about O.J. already. Not funny at all. Move on.

HOT TOPICS: Kanye West vs. His Fans! Keep watching:

360 reactions 41 comments
Leonore Janelle Mayfield Love that dress! Absolutely beautiful!
Kelvin Jamison TELL'EM WENDY....🤔
Justice Justice Your hair is cute
Breanna Yarbrough She actually looks cute here! Go Wendy
Trent Ledford Tidal is free for the first month.

No vacation? No problem!

Wendy Williams | No Vacation? Have a Staycation!
Wendy Williams | No Vacation? Have a Staycation!

If you don’t have a vacation planned, a staycation is just what you need.

145 reactions 16 comments
Gabriel Pu Okay Wendy the party is over here Soul Night Events
Charlene Lenell Lattimore Just had one last week
Chris Reed Happy birthday Wendy mine is next week going to Mexico🌴🌴
Elaine Latham Enjoy your birthday week.
Tanya Sappleton I need a vacation lol

Vivica A. Fox and Columbus Short dish about their new movie, True to the Game.

2.2k reactions 147 comments
Molly Jones He look well and happy to see him back. V, stunning as always....
Madeleine Carmona I hope he's really getting it together. He's too talented to let it go to waste.
Lauren Wilson Glad to see them, they deserve a chance..Glad Vivica was there. True to the Game..
Lettisha InGoditrust I'm so loving her dress
Amelia R Sanchez Munoz Didn't watch today don't like Vivica Fox. Unk why. To me she comes across as needy n fake. Just my own opinion

Columbus Short opens up about his struggle with addiction, being fired from Scandal, and his toxic marriage.

5.1k reactions 352 comments
Dashona Williams I'm not going to judge I'm not perfect with that being said hopefully he's on a strong road to recovery we know the destruction drugs can do to people...
Tina Harris I still love him every since stomp the yard. I look at it like we are not perfect we all make mistake but we get back up and keep going no matter what people say.
Mekeyta McClain Great interview! Glad to see Columbus Short back to acting but he really need to make things happen to see and be apart of his daughters life. No excuse for that!!
Debbie Rice Blaming his Ex wife when meanwhile he admits he was on cocaine and needed rehab. I believe in second chances too, but not seeing your child in 3 years and still blaming the mother of his child for his actions on tv- he needs to grow up.
Julia Jones I love it when Wendy put it all on table before them instead of trying to hide the issue, it's not to embarrass them an any way. I fill she genuinely tries to help them see their mishaps and move on. Like she said everyone deserve a second chance. ...

HOT QUESTION: Will you be watching Bachelor in Paradise?

“Bachelor in Paradise” Promo Outrages Viewers
“Bachelor in Paradise” Promo Outrages Viewers

Bachelor in Paradise released their first promo for their upcoming season, and it has people outraged. People think the tone of the promo is lighthearted considering the accusations that took place during taping.

225 reactions 51 comments

Madonna filed an emergency court order to keep her personal items from being auctioned off.

Madonna Gets Court Order to Halt Auction
Madonna Gets Court Order to Halt Auction

A site was planning to sell 22 of Madonna’s items, including a pair of previously worn panties.

225 reactions 51 comments
Jake Springer Garbage show
Chance Lebron She should have..
Pamela Eisley Can you say "Welcome to the View"?
Luke Le Veaux Karma!!! She's rude vile n disgusting
Kesha Myers Corny show

WEDNESDAY: Vivica A. Fox and Columbus Short dish about their new film, True to the Game.

207 reactions 35 comments
Beverly Wilkinson I will definightly be watching this.
Codie Williams Okay I been waitin on it
Judy Cordero Wendy how you doing

HOT TOPICS: R. Kelly is being accused of running a “sex cult.” Keep watching:

1.1k reactions 238 comments
Pamela D Jones Hugh Heffner has kept women for years because they wanted that life. This girl's are about that life that Kelz is providing none of them are under age...just like Hugh Heffner girls...You people in media need to stop it the girl in question has done ...
Robin Drummond He DON'T have no damn cult ,you people believe anything ,why hinder woman ,when they will follow him on there own
Nichelle Johnson-Mosely Wendy. Please suggest that someone look at the shadow on the young lady's sweater at the end of the video when asked if she can leave. Someone was coaching through hand signals. Also, does it make sense that we are in the HEAT of summer and this girl ...
Jay Kurth He makes GREAT music but he is NOTHING to look at. So I wouldn't even want anything sexual with him or even be at his command.
Marc Stock He does more than tell you when you can go to the bathroom but in some cases you are the bathroom...golden showers n scat is what he is famous for on the streets n on record from charges yrs ago so if that's your thing go for it..ugh!!!

It's Cancer Season baby! ♋️See what other celebrities share Wendy's birthday!

Wendy Williams | Celebrities That Share Wendy’s Birthday
Wendy Williams | Celebrities That Share Wendy’s Birthday

Wendy’s not the only famous person born on July 18th.

304 reactions 44 comments
Shameeka Meek Happy Birthday Wendy! I'm no celebrity but Happy Birthday to us 🍸 💋
Ruth Cerniglia Karbalai Happy Birthday beautiful Wendy! xoxoxoxo 😘💕🎂🍰🎁🎈🎉
Erica Clarke Happy birthday Wendy fellow cancer mine was the 15th ❤❤❤
Betty Neal Happy birthday
James Black Hello Good looking women

Rick Ross surprises Wendy on her birthday show and tells us about his new VH1 show, “Signed”. Keep watching:

2.2k reactions 197 comments
Mark Mcduffy For a show celebrating Wendy's birthday , today's show was wack . Rick Ross is popular , but he's not as popular as other celebrities .I was expecting bigger names , as surprise guests . Only two guests Rick Ross , and that wack rapper chick . ...
Roy Mackey Wendy looks just as trashy as rick Ross she's showing more legs like her and rick Ross gets it in on the side.
Audrey Thurman Love rick ross.
Betty Sanders Happy birthday Wendy!!! Drop that MF like a Hooooooootttttttttt Tater 👅👅 how u dropping😂👑👑🎂🎂😘💗💗💗✌
Pamela Wilder Wendy been FAT Her entire Life, After Surgeries and Starving HerSelf, She Finally Think She's a DIVA!! Hopefully Her DressCode and Behavior will Pass Soon! :(

I had so much fun on today’s show. Thank you to Rick Ross and Cardi B for helping me celebrate! Thank u all for the birthday wishes. Now I’m off to the club! xox

6.9k reactions 631 comments
Patricia Sanders Happy birthday Wendy from the British virgin islands enjoy yourself tonight turn up
Lorraine Russo Vitelli Happy 🎂 Birthday 💐 Wendy hope you have an amazing day ❤ from Lorraine in Lake 🌴 Worth Fla 😘
Marybeth Hall Happy birthday Wendy, loved the show and have fun clubbing. How you doin Wendy? Love you and your show.
Crewless Derouen Spank a dollar for me, I know you are hitting it up right now, Happy Birthday Wendy, me and my husband love your show!
Donna Davis Happy birthday may the Lord continue to bless you with many more

Cardi B shares some words of wisdom! Keep watching:

1.6k reactions 203 comments
Nay Rodriguez She sounds so un-educated, while she's thinking she sounds cute and smart. I was born/raised in NYC. No excuse to speak so illiterate.
Forrestine Harvey Personally, I never understood what she says even the times I watched the show. When you are on someone's show, don't you think she should speak English. Wendy had no idea what she was talking about.
Anassa Miller Cardi B is doing the damn thing. I have so much respect for her because she keeps it 💯. She works hard and despite everything she is making money and getting recognized. #Foreva
Chareese Nikole Here's some words of wisdom for Cardi... Take that dry blonde wig off.
Michele Davis Wendy, it was so annoying when your first guest came out with roses and you did not introduce him. I had no idea who this person was. Why didn't you give us his name at the beginning of your conversation with him? Finally, at the end you introduced ...

Mario Cantone takes Wendy on the Sex and the City tour in NYC!

Wendy Williams | Sex and the City Tour!
Wendy Williams | Sex and the City Tour!

Mario Cantone takes Wendy on the Sex and the City tour in NYC!

495 reactions 30 comments
Victoria Griffin
Jennell Munoz Danielle Houseknecht
WhitneyLeann Gilbert MizzReesie Turner 😍
Carla Grady Colleen Nero
Danny Brunello Zetino My name is Danny Albert Zetino I am 33 years old gay male. Best Buy's CEO Hubert Jolie is committing a gay hate crime with me. I worked for Best Buy Pacific Sales for 10 years and I was fired July 9th 2016 while I was on approved medical leave by a ...
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