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TUESDAY: Donny Deutsch weighs in on the latest Hot Topics and tells us about his SiriusXM show, #DialingDonny.

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Cecily Gilmore I'm done with this show! Your show is so one-sided now. Your true colors are starting to show Wendy SMH
Sabrina Gualco Done watching your show.
Phyllis Surprenant Done with this show after you let him rant like that on the president
Kathy Todd Bushee He is ridiculous..he said whatever he thought would get the crowd stirred up.. Such a back peddler!!
Susan 'Bush' Hancock Worst guest ever! Changed the channel for the first time.

HOT TOPICS: Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss tweeted a war of words last night. Keep watching:

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Christina DeJesus But who really cares about her sex life with her husband. Why is it such a topic, Kandi is the most neutral one there and her turn up is real they need to stop poking the bear, Kim don't want😂
Laverne Palmer Wendy U need to be stop throwing rocks and hiding your hand!! Kandi need to come for U in a serious way, Wendy U don't know what goes on in Kandi's house, Kim is just trying to get a check that's all!!
Kelly Friedlander I don’t believe Kim!! She is drinking the Kool Aide Porsche is giving her! Even if it were true , who cares!!! Why run your mouth when your suppose to be friends????
Jonathan Lewis kim never said kandy asked to eat her out she said with a mouthful of food and the napkin cleverly placed over her mouth she said she wouldn't let kandy ear her. sheree took it as kandi asked, but kim was wrong for not correcting her.
Renee Martin So, they will do anything for a story line. Here goes mine, Kandi wanted me too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. This is getting so old.

#AskWendy: What should you do if your husband gave you a dog for your 50th birthday, but you hate dogs? Keep watching:

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Angela NIcole Theresa Milioto She was the dumbest person I ever saw
Kathy Weeks Buy a big dog🐕 house and but them both in it. Lol😂😂
Nancy Malone Heafy If you hate dogs, their is something wrong with you.
Shirley Rhodes Lmao!! That was funny to me. Put him and the dog in the Dog house. Lol.
Dienene C Williams Who doesn’t love dogs 😲🙄🤨

AFTER SHOW: Wendy’s parents join her for the After Show!

Wendy Williams | After Show: I Have a Dream
Wendy Williams | After Show: I Have a Dream

Wendy's mom and dad join her for the After Show!

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Simone Bagot To Paulette. . We are Always "Kids"when interacting with our parents. . . It wasn't "made for TV" it was the After Show( are u a bit silly?) I find it refreshing Wendy letting us in on her private bits... if you don't like her,why are you watching?? ...
Gary Edwards Wendy this is my first time watching the after show and I Bally Sue Edwards am in LOVE with your parents especially your DAD he is really a blessed man to be able at his age to be able to remember and recite such historical speeches.
Lily Nowack love your parents. Wow, they put up with you. I know they know you are between a rock and a hard place. Just get your ducks in a row. All will respect you when you do.
Elaine Vrba Jackson So sad Wendy that your loser cheating husband is making your life a living hell you have now become so hateful, it really shows and it's a ugly look. Soon you will be that old prune yourself and no moisturizing will help!
Simone Bagot I really enjoyed this. . I didn't see any "meaness" at all, isn't that how kids talk to their parents? Sometimes we josh them 'cause they're"embarrassing " but sure, the love shines thru . You're Dad is gorgeous. . "All the World's A Stage". . I wanted ...

James Franco has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct. Keep watching:

248 reactions 124 comments
Nikki Hummel So sick of these opportunists screaming rape.
Luis Collazo Lies! Itvwas mostly about doing topless scenes. Hey lady dont be a porn star then say you got harrassed!
Celis Azon I am so tired of this like men do this all the time only reason why is big deal is cuz he famous . Men making 30,000 a year act this way smh
Gina Crystal Rodriguez I will never understand why women wait so long to speak up , I get ur scared and ashamed by it. But dam speak up sooner
Rosanna Hardeman He had that situation with the 15 year old years ago, that he accidentally was sexting...not surprised.

#RHOA Recap: A medium was hired to read the ladies, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta decided to read each other.

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Olga Shaw Didn't Kim learn from Porsha and Phaedra's mistakes. Should let Candy be, she's a mom too!
Christina Thomas These housewife shows are in every hot topic boooring who cares
Evelyn Murrell Bethel gospel assembly church in harlem NY !
Gloria Queen Kim needs the check her husband not working
Bonnie Lugo These two deserve each other..they have class, third class.

There was a terrifying false alarm in Hawaii this weekend. Kandi Burruss & Kim Zolciak had a war of words and Selena Gomez's mom is not amused. Get all the tea in today's Hot Topics Rundown!

Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 15th, 2018
Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: January 15th, 2018

A scary false alarm in Hawaii and the latest on Harvey Weinstein in today's Hot Topics Rundown.

162 reactions 44 comments
Carolyn Angel Le Wendy hasn't acted the same since she fainted in October. She needs to get the medical help she needs.
Jacqui Clark Blevins Mark Whalberg has more class than you will ever have
Teri Ponciano Wendy’s parents are classy looking. Too bad they bread the likes of Wendy.
Melinda K. Harless Does anyone else think Wendy has been off since coming back from her break? You alright Wendy?
June Brown Changed the channel after making fun of Mark Wahlburgs looks. Rude, uncalled for.

Warm up with these Hot Trendy @ Wendy deals! Shop now! 👉🏾 Sale ends 01/23/18 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Taxes/shipping not included.

119 reactions 14 comments
Melissa Williams Kristi Hallowell Guillemette
Elsa Montanez-Hernandez Love Wendy
Sue Bickford Where is suzanne.
Kathy Weeks Great show today Wendy! ❤ you!

Today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr whose words still ring true today. #MLKDay

2.7k reactions 75 comments
Sally Burke Why do u hate on people so much?😡 you better look in the mirror😩
Janice Hall Happy birthday Dr.Martin Luther king Jr
Sammy King Happy Dr.Martin Luther King Day We're Not quite where we need to be but we're still in the process
Marilyn Francis Happy birthday Dr Martin Luther King Jr he was so amazing never will for get you God bless rip
Erin Simpson Why are y'all acting like you don't know her damn job this is what the hell they pay her to do stop acting so surprised

MONDAY: Start your week off with a Hot Monday full of Hot Topics!

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April Williams Why is it "Wendy" thst you feel you ALWAYS have to put other people down for trying to do something good in this world, especially another woman? This is why I never watch your show. But, today I just happened to be flipping the channels and heard you ...
Franklin Myers I
Patricia Nixon Loved your dress today!!! LOVE! ❤️💕👌🏽👍🏽⭐️😍
Dienene C Williams I like that dress.
Tanya Noble Love, Love, Love it.

Margot Bingham talks about what it was like growing up with her football star dad, Craig Bingham.

96 reactions 4 comments
Frank Mollica Jr Tv sponsors must be really in bad shape.
Petunia Maria Pasos I wore that hairstyle when I was 5..

Lindsay Lohan updates us on her relationship with her parents.

205 reactions 18 comments
Monica Amezola This was stupid she never says the truth it was a waste
Barb Weets Sallade Great interview!
Patricia Nixon Not really a fan of Lohan but great interview. Never knew her before but great interview.
Dee Berry Wow she looks different. So happy she is able to bounce back.

Yolanda Hadid discusses if there is any competition between Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid.

101 reactions 8 comments
Jack Bacow Rachel Malina
Gregory Lamont Brown Competing to see who can sleep with the most old white men.
Daniel Kostadinov Competition is everywhere:.. be more honest for future!
Marcy Wysocki LOVE Yolanda! Classy lady!! 💖
Jessica Ann Gonzales Gracefull beautiful lady that carry’s herself well & her interview was intresting🤔💁‍♀️

Lena Waithe opens up about coming out to her family.

1.2k reactions 47 comments
Funch Funch Who cares
Crystal Ferguson Whats a diddy bop? Educate me
Allen Todd Boyd Jr. Wierd.
Qsweets Sweets So dope
Michelle Ford-Moseley Sorry. But who is she?

Sis, that coat has got to go! #AskWendy

194 reactions 58 comments
Suzanne Welliver Mitch I guess he sent you a message and you fell for it lol
Elisha Myers Wait. She put up air quotes and said “parentheses” lmbo Destiny Lewis Christopher Richardson
Brenda Lackland-Nixon Don't block the Child's Blessings with pettiness! CARRY ON
Kim Jones A lil girl should always have variety....if it's cute it's a keeper and i'd say thank you...
Paula Lily Keesher Donate that coat and buy your child a coat. Im #TeamPetty #FuckDatBishandHerCoat

Finesse gets our stamp of approval, Cardi B and Bruno Mars!

Wendy Williams | WENDY’S WEEKEND PLAYLIST: January 12, 2018
Wendy Williams | WENDY’S WEEKEND PLAYLIST: January 12, 2018

The year 2018 is so good, but Wendy's Weekend Playlist will make it even better.

450 reactions 19 comments
Rose Chinaelo Lol the ignorance that Americans have towards south countries in Europe is least read some papers before sending black women to those countries
Ivan van Faassen FUNKY!!!!
Mercedes Buchanan All I wanna know is if you really a man Wendell 😂😂😂
Bev Rose Marcia Bailey Why is she on the show. She pisses me off when the Attorney took her out for dinner while trying to make conversation she misunderstood everything he was saying because her ignorant A...thought he was talking about love right away and so ...

Margot Bingham talks us about her Pittsburgh friends you may have heard of, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

61 reactions 3 comments
Rosanne Rousseau Ashley Pulbrook
Jodi Jod She bragged all about that
Michille Anderson Who is she?

Yolanda Hadid opens up about her struggle with Lyme disease and gives us an update on how she's doing.

232 reactions 21 comments
Nanuka Gogichaishvili Nini Gogichaishvili
Jozefien Hinloopen Heleen Huppelschoten
LaQuana Simmons How did the contract that?
Shevon Conley I like that dress u wore super cute...
Barbara Zeleny Such a beautiful woman, inside and out!

Lena Waithe tells us how special the #GoldenGlobes were to her and what it was like to see Halle Berry!

211 reactions 12 comments
Melanie Whitehead Great interview!
Jerry Guilloud Wendy's a cow.
Christic Prout Syreeta Dukes the woman behind The Chi
Chamya Jackson Wendy needs to worry about the skeletons in her closet about that 10 year affair
Darlene Jimmerson I really enjoyed listening to her.Shes smart and cool as hell! She knows what she wants and doing the damn thang! She didn't let Wendy intimate her! Like she does to some guest!

If your boyfriend's friend is annoying, how can you get rid of her? #AskWendy

184 reactions 19 comments
Annette Smith I had a gay best friend and he met this gay guy and his gay guy friend did not like me and he got rid of me and I was there first
George Voudouris Our boi? Ziya Burke Christiaan Jooste Caitlin Broad Matthew Bayne
Marco Behal Oscar åslund
Saby Edouard Jean Licoit Emmanuel Dolin
Lois Westbrook Maybe trying to get with you

Jillian Michaels gives us a marriage update!

255 reactions 21 comments
Sandra Stormy I enjoy the good segments.
Frank Mollica Jr Where did they find this thing.
Ramona Camacho Her hair looks great.
Anni Cardoza Sad
Hilary Ennis She has not aged at allllll!

Sheryl Lee Ralph is a Capricorn queen! See our other favorite celebrity capricorns! #CapricornSeason

Wendy Williams | Celebrity Capricorns
Wendy Williams | Celebrity Capricorns

It's Capricorn season, and we have a list of our favorite celebrity Capricorns.

457 reactions 90 comments
Jacqueline Affatati Love this. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Capricorns!! 🎊🎁 Cheers!
Monica Owens My husband, November 24, lovely and romantic man I ever see.
Ky Daniels Capricorn's are awesome! We start and end the year..... trust me we really don't care if you like us or not. We run this 😉

Lena Waithe tells us about growing up in Chicago and her newest project, #TheChi.

23 reactions 18 comments
Ktina Doche Angie Rena
Ellen Fabiano McPherson great show
Anquisha Winston Love Lena!
Sherry Moore It's a really good show
Zan Nimo Gachanja Waithe, kikuyu from Kenya right there

Do Lindsay Lohan and Oprah still talk?

241 reactions 38 comments
Celi Miller She looks so different!
Kim DiRienzo yep. LL said she called OW the other day -
Nini Vaquine Poor nose
Melinda Beth Quiñones Suzanne should get her own segment
Nikay Fowora Glad she is doing good!

Five gorgeous black women from America are looking for love, so Bravo sent them to Rome for five weeks!

Wendy Williams | WENDY’S WEEKEND PLAYLIST: January 12, 2018
Wendy Williams | WENDY’S WEEKEND PLAYLIST: January 12, 2018

The year 2018 is so good, but Wendy's Weekend Playlist will make it even better.

233 reactions 15 comments
Lori McGovern I see 6 women
Patrice Darville Fisher Damn I wish it was me!
Judi K. Bickham Ryba They could have just went to South Side Chicago
Marcia Bailey Ms Neely was very critical up tight condemning YOU WERE suppose to be in a city to find love with guards down and she spit on the first one that was making a magical connection shame on ms Neely and those that expressed her view point. It was like ...

Margot Bingham tells us about her movie, Saturday Church.

45 reactions 3 comments
Jeffrey Martin Y'all keep posting about this woman but nobody knows who she is
Teri Francesca I feel bad for this lady's,because the way things are in the world today with the sexual harassment,most men's are getting afraid to approach a woman,is becoming an epidemic,I don't know if most of the accusations are true or not,but is really getting ...
Michelle Jackson Williams I saw the original film. Its just unnerving too me. I like envision myself in roles Nola is whoo one piece of work too me. You are Good for it. I know some Nolas' and they are the definition of the stigmatized "Man-Eater"--in Nolas case woman-eater too. ...

Yolanda Hadid opens up about her love life!

198 reactions 12 comments
Jannea R. Prescott Sham Jones
Lina Cat Very clever and wise !
Frank Mollica Jr Looks like the networks are getting desperate.
Louise Feinberg So happy she is looking so healthy & that she has successfully moved on to bigger & better things⭐️❤️
Mical Lewis I like her great interview

If Yolanda Hadid and Kris Jenner are at a restaurant, who gets the better table?

260 reactions 36 comments
Karen Gagnon Do they go to same plastic surgeon...... 🤔
Marcia Terry Hallums Kris! Love ❤️ her and her! Haters gonna hate tho🤪
Lacey Jay Provost Kris
Mary Jones Yolanda
Ginger Phipps Who cares?
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