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Last updated: 06:30 09/19/2017

If you missed today’s season premiere, you can catch it tonight, late night on VH1! #finallywendy

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Will Henley 😒🏁😳Lol🌇🌉🎬🎨🍓🌻🌎Keep up the awesome job ..🆗🐊
Dee Place What time and channel for new shows in Houston tx
Peter Wyart Talk about fake news. What's not fake about her
Rosemarie Barela GREAT SHOW! Soooo VERY HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! Break a LEG!
Lee Lee Price you don't seem to be where you were before, what happened?

Everyday we LIT!!!!💞

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Lauren Wilson Wendy CeeCee was fabulous, not Michael..
Deborah Blacks Your Big when you get ypur colors on the Empire State Building. How you dooin Wendy💯👏👏👏
Kay Joy Why they jocking you so hard? Doing too much, making me think these post are staged. Anyway good luck on your new season...
Johnson JoJo So glad you're back. I make it a point to watch your show daily - love it !!! "I'm on facebook and Instagram "
Tracey Dallas Dunnigan You Look Beautiful Wendy! Love You! Sooo Very Happy You Came Back Today...Boring Afternoons All Summer Without You! Empire State Building Looks Beautiful Too..Not As Beautiful As You!

TUESDAY: Eva Longoria Baston dishes about her new collection, marriage, Fashion Week debut and tells us about the “Kiss This 4 MBC” campaign.

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Jene Fields Wennnnnddddyyyyy!
Tye Merricks Its the 12.
Essie Gilley WOw,...
Carol Dee Missed whole show Trump at UN!!

HOT TOPICS: Kevin Hart is in the middle of a HUGE extortion scandal after he was allegedly caught cheating. Keep watching:

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Kathleen Rose Wendy should get her husband to counsel Kevin. Wendy should counsel the new wife, by relating her similar experience as to how she dealt, and cope with her husband's betrayal. Did she encourage him to lie..lie... lie? People in glass houses should ...
Lavashia Holt So now she is trying to give pointers to enlighten others how to cheat the right way! Not cool Wendy.
Kim Jones That wasn't was just another homewrecker in her feelings about being like golddiggers do she attempted to jump in his pockets a lil for coins due to her svcs no longer being required...
Bonnie Lugo Once a cheater always a cheater..he thinks because he has all those millions of dollars it won't be so bad to pay all that spousal and child support monies and still cheat...feel bad for the children, what does it teach them...
Brandi Garcia He cheated on his ex wife w his current wife are we even surprised ??! And no we shouldn't feel bad for his current wife because she should have known better. He wasn't gonna change, no matter how beautiful you are or how good of a wife you are that's ...

The Empire State Building is looking like a Wendy Watcher tonight with all that sparkle in honor of our season premiere. #FinallyWendy

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Betty Sanders Congratulations!!! So glad ur Back!!! Ur The Best Ever!!! #1!!!! How U Doing!!!👑👑👑👑👑😍😍😍😍💯💯💯😘👏👏👏💗💗
Dina Flood What can of connection Wendy have???? HOW YOU DOING😍 BEEN A FAN SINCE 2008
Lynne Brown Cool thanks for posting it. Nice honor.
Toria Williams That is not for her show its for something else they would never light it up for a tv show
Memyselfandi Sieeda I love it. Great color choice Wendy. Love and Light.

Wendy takes us behind the scenes at her photoshoot for the new season. Keep watching:

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Bryan Di Leo Gonzalez She gives drag queens a bad name
Drucilla Mcgill Love the silver outfit
Jan Nurse NOT a fan any more....Boring
Jerrod Green AWW!!!
Carmella Malone Wendy can you provide where to get that black and white dress you wore on your show today September 18th? The dress is very nice and I would love to have it. Thanks

What was your favorite part of the #Emmys?

Wendy Williams | Emmy 2017 Breakdown
Wendy Williams | Emmy 2017 Breakdown

Miss the Emmy's last night? We have the breakdown!

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Lulu Lipshitz Not watching it. Was AWESOME!
Susan Betz Not a thing boring
Vickie Reaux Johnson Boring! Too political!
Rebecca Soto None!!!elections are over Country moving FORWARD!!!
Cmajor Porter ...the guy singing the Stevie Wonder song, Ms. Cicely Tyson...and Oprah...

CeCe Peniston performs a special version of her hit song, “Finally”.

Wendy Williams | CeCe Peniston “Finally”
Wendy Williams | CeCe Peniston “Finally”

CeCe Peniston performs a special version of her hit song,

479 reactions 54 comments
Kimmie Williams Love her! Memories 😍😍😍😍
Jennifer Gaffney Bishop Love her! She still looks great
India Williams Struggling Parents 👩‍👦‍👦💆🏾 Message Me 💰💰💰 Need Funds 🗣💰💰 Contact Me ASAP
Ann Ladee This song has been hunting me all day!
Marion Borre Hey Wendy, I want to compliment you, you looked gorgerous on your premiere show.

Just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better, the Empire State Building is getting Wendy-fied tonight!

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Mattie Gorden Wendy You Looks Sensational With That Dress 👗On Top Of The Empire State Building, In My City 🌃 ❤️
Judy Maloney That color looks great on you..... love it 💛💛💛💛💛
Sonia Lerebours Beautiful, for your info, Seriano is NOT from NY, he is from Maryland...Research, baby!
Tammy Tennile Wendy you look good...I'm also top heavy with a small frame...keep your boobs hunni...haters gone hate.
Key Washington Y'all so damn mean on here i bet some of yall shape like a loaf of bread or a damn pepper, i love Wendy!!!

So those bikini pics... Can we talk?

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Julie Raudenbush Heenan Leave her go with your p shape girl 😉 I'm the same.. skinny legs flat butt and big boobs 😜 you look great❤ you don't know the pain of finding a bikini top that supports these things 😂😂😂
Evelyn Jones I have a little butt also n med breast size. Never bothered me. Those big Butt's are full of cellulite anyways
Shae Pinckney Wendy that was hilarious..everybody don't have a big butt...when since that became prerequisite of looking good in a bathing suit
Nancy Santana Pereira We are all entitled to wearing a bathing suit - 1 piece or bikini. If you feel good about yourself - DO IT. I don't wear one to please anyone, as long as my hubby loves me in it that's all that matters. People will always talk. You look bad - ...
Leebee Lee Look like I said when I first seen the pictures you have always said a** is something that you don't have. Like who cares you are in a certain class and for that class that you're in that look looks marvelous. And you going to have to shake out the ...

Mel B's divorce is still going on and Michael Yo has the #InsideScoop. Keep watching:

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Adam Wheels Penny Wheeler
Thays Spierto 🙊🙉
Lady-felicia Jones Wow
Lisa Williams Wow
Joeann Isaac Valcin

Janet Jackson’s brother Randy is doing a lot of talking.

Keeping Up With the Jacksons
Keeping Up With the Jacksons

Randy Jackson claims Wissam, Janet’s estranged husband, was verbally abusive to Janet throughout their marriage.

707 reactions 370 comments

The “American Idol” reboot is in trouble. They are allegedly paying Katy Perry $25 million to be a judge. Taping starts in 4 weeks and they reportedly can't find other people to join her.

Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 18
Wendy Williams | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 18

Related Posts:Kevin Hart Robbed!Kevin Jonas Fired!HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: August 22Kevin Hart and Wife Eniko Are ExpectingKevin Nealon on the SNL Anniversary!

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HOT QUESTION: What do you think of Kevin Hart's apology?

Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal
Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

Kevin Hart was caught on tape having sex with another woman and tried to extort him for millions.

707 reactions 369 comments
Tammy Cortez What trips me out. #1 haven't even been married a year.... #2 she's pregnant #3 why is he not home at 5am Stupid girl. He's a hot mess and will Always cheat. And the ONLY reason he can find a woman is the money he has. Cause if he was poor. He would ...
Betty Townsend I have said all along that the judges should be past winners and not high paid stars....go back to the roots of the show! I think that was what really caused the show died before (like the feud between Mariah and Nicki)! Before Katy Perry, I heard ...
Kathleen Fox Good for him for nipping this extortion/blackmail in the bud, the cheating news would have come out eventually anyway, it always does...He sucked it up, owned it and now can move forward w/out having to look over his shoulder everyday..Just hope he ...
Brianne Brown Making his apology public just acknowledged the rumors and embarassed his wife. Even if she was the other woman, during his first marriage she didn't need to be embarassed this way
Donald E. Graham Jr. I'm not here to judge Kevin, because I've done things in my past that I'm not proud of. However, I believe one of the smartest decisions a woman can make in life is to walk away from anything (and anyone) who doesn't recognize her value. I honestly ...

FINALLY! Wendy's back!

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Linda Burrell Welcome Back my people we love ❤️ you
Talisa Bridges Thank God Wendy's BACK!!!
Susan Oakley I'm so excited, Kentucky gal ready
Jai Cee Glasgow Scotland has has missed you!
Karen Veronica Palmer Hi There, So glad you are Finally back

AND COME ON BACK! #FinallyWendy

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Ngiculela Wonder Can you please come on another station in Middle GA besides 41NBC Daybreak (WMGT) All summer they were able to play your old eps, but today...on the season premiere what were they playing? Maury!! WTH?!! My guide said Wendy Williams 4pm not Maury. And ...
Lisa Lisa Ann It is about time! Feels like you have been gone for months. Can't wait
Dorah Mokale Can't wait for our turn in SA👩‍❤️‍👩
Alason Greenidge I'm so happy you're back looking great and it's nice to hear you went to Barbados my home yeah
Cionna Rasulsgranny Taylor You're not on at 3 anymore on CW50 in Chicago?? I was looking forward to watching the new season.

How you Emmyin? Who do you want to win Best Comedy?

2.2k reactions 735 comments
Alesia Moore Mitchell I sure wish that I could come and be a co host!!❤
Kim Cuff Edison What did Jane Fonda do to herself. She looks so different
Robin Merced Not Blackish thats for sure..isn't that RACIST...
Doreen Arroyo Hello everyone! Modern Family or Blackish. Love them both
Cathy Wedner How you doin? Wendy see you tomorrow morning can't wait to see you back on Wendy show

The Emmy’s are about to start! Who do you want to win Best Drama? I'll be dishing about the Emmys and latest Hot Topics on tomorrow's season premiere!

1.2k reactions 292 comments
Joyce Johnson Wendy luv u* glad u back*mon will be so serious*whooop whoooop
Rhonda Mcneair GOT, THIS IS US. Oh hi Wendy from Rock Island IL
Frankie Easterby One thing for sure! I am "muting" Steven Colbert . He is no longer funny. Very irritating. And I am from S.C.
Susan Draus Omg I'm so excited. Hope you had a wonderful summer but glad it's over lol xo
Ruth Branford Monday is the WENDY'S SHOW

Grab a snack... #FinallyWendy

1.1k reactions 119 comments
Lois Morris Are you still on BET... my only way to see you?
Bonnie Florentine Can't wait see you Monday
Ki Young Cnt wait to her tryna defend her pancake butt n those scary bikini pix 😝😀
Evangelist Angela Badgett Welcome back miss you hope you enjoy your time off
Shurri Dixon Yaaaaasss and I'm still off from Hurricane Irma I can watch in real time 👍🏾

The Bureau is hard at work. #FinallyWendy

312 reactions 88 comments
Jackie Ayers Yeah about time can't open your app what's going on
Joyce Bradley Yeah talking about you in that bikini.
Mary Ann Taylor Girl...after the damned hurricane Irma....cant wait to see ya !
Dee De Luca It's about time u had a very long vacation
Lucy Tawaerubun Hi Wendy your show still on Fox channel ?

MONDAY: The wait is over!

846 reactions 109 comments
Michelle Thomas Can't wait hope you meet Suki maybe let her do something for your show
Antoinette Mawa Itoka She so right.. we already talking about her body..
Laurie Roach Give it to them goooood about body shaming you!
Nani Quiroz Girl my toddler will be asleep nap time early...
Renita Doyle You were on kzou in Missouri then on the fox now I cant find you on either one okay Wendy

Come closer to the screen. I said, come closer! #FinallyWendy

603 reactions 47 comments
Louise Feinberg At last😄👍
Michelle Jackson Williams Yes Ma'
Veronica Moton Let me see what you got up Wendy!☺
Brittnie Williams I cannot wait Wendy for new shows
Patricia Hazelton Happy days.

Had a blast getting the tea on all my #WendyWatchers’ lives. If you missed me, don’t worry. You can head to Barclays Center starting at 9:45am to get a chance to record your #AskWendy question. I may just answer it this season. Oh yes, oh yes.

218 reactions 25 comments
Julia Marie Field
Jerry Davey 👍👉👋
Katherine Robert How are you doing?
Darlene Boyd How you doing?
Michelle Seaman how .nice wendy

Spill the tea, Wendy Watchers! #AskWendy

550 reactions 174 comments
Maria Moreno Wendy my honey is going to be 80 yrs.old this Wednesday and we are 25 years apart..his oldest daughter is my age..we are doing great...
Erica Durbin My boyfriend is more then 15 years older then me its the best relationship i have ever been in i wouldn't have it any other way
Toni Smith Yes, my husband was 20 yrs older and the best thing that ever came into my life...30 great yrs...until he passed away.
Pam Ling Toth My husband is 15 years older than I am but I am sure not to marry any one so many years older again in this life or the next!!!
Lori Dixon I could try but I've always been a cougar. 42 dating dudes in their 20's. I did like a dude that was 60 but he moved.

My mouth is watering! #FinallyWendy

551 reactions 52 comments
Kez Williams Jr. U need to b layed
Montoya Will Nice legs wendy
Casey Fazio I can't wait! I love you Wendy :-*
Evelyn Oliver McMillian Bring it on Wendy
Brenda Vallian Smith Adorable Wendy Williams

It's cloudy in NYC, but I'm here to bring the sunshine! See you at 46th and Broadway at 9am! 😘

995 reactions 56 comments
Sue Que Cool anxious for new season
Mattie Gorden Love You Wendy ❤️
Tammy Russell Wendy I am your people
Rosemary Donato Damn I miss being home. Hate living in Vegas. Give me Jersey any day

The purple doors open at 9:00am at 46th and 7th. Come ready with your #AskWendy questions because you know your Aunt Wendy has lived and will give it to you straight – no chaser.

1.2k reactions 95 comments
Larry DeLeon Martin I won't be watching any of it
Julie O'Loughlin What day will Wendy be in Times Square?
Howard Holland Congratulations!!!! Waiting patiently for those new episodes Love some Wendy!
Mandi Janusczak Cant wait to hear her get them haters!!! Love ya Wendy keep doin yo thang!!
Brian Wilson Wright Finally this coming monday and go get those haters talking about your body give it to them good.

Ready to Dip it and Do It? Come to Times Square tomorrow morning for a chance to meet me and ask your #AskWendy question in person! Check back Thursday at 6am for the exact cross streets. I can’t wait to see you.

358 reactions 43 comments
Tricia J. Avery Dang i wanna go
Belinda Gritter If only I could!
Andrea Stevenson Damn I just left NY....
Michelle Kelly Ask where she gets her brows bladed
Michelle Kelly Ask where she gets her brows bladed

The “Hand in Hand” Telethon earned MILLIONS for hurricane relief 💰💰💰

Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 13
Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief Telethon | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 13

Hurricane season has not been forgiving this year, and celebrities have been stepping up to the plate to raise money for those affected by the disasters.

244 reactions 20 comments

Joe Giudice wants help for a serious issue, but the prison is reportedly saying no.

Joe Giudice  | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 13
Joe Giudice | HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 13

Joe Giudice Wants Prison Rehab, But Big House Allegedly Won’t Do It

244 reactions 20 comments
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