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Last updated: 15:24 01/14/2018

Abby the Wonderdog has found my book " Not for the Faint-Hearted" excellent holiday reading. It had plot, character development, Qld country setting - and is excellent for burying in the backyard:) Was signing copies at Mary Ryan's bookstore at Noosa yesterday. Also at a bookstore near you. All royalties going to the National Apology Foundation.

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Lizzie Allan A Merry Christmas & the best in the New Year
Leonie Simmonds I have an official copy of The Apology, i'd love a real signature on it.
Mary Kernaghan Only because he has nothing to lose, haha
Robert Smith Lend her a couple of bucks to buy one Kev 😊
Seon Ferguson My mum loves her copy I got her for Xmas.

Given China affects everybody these days, I argue in this speech that we need a new approach to the teaching of Chinese language and culture in our schools and our universities. Full text here:

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Andrew Caratzas Chinese is a challenging language teach em when they're young
Andrew Wilson Why the hell do we need the Chinese they need us more then we need them but then again you and other people like you Mr Rudd have let them buy out our country anyway.
James Anderson No Kevin English is the Universal language most chinks speak it anyway!
Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke

Everyone around the world is anxious about North Korea. Here are my thoughts (delivered in Seoul) on where the diplomacy could land:

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Issy Stewart Thanks Kevin
Coral McBride Huge worry
Len Clark Oh Kevin the world is listening,save us all with your recommendations
Kerry Wright Very important update. Thank you once again Kevin.
Kathy Gould Thanks Kevin for your update and a Merry Christmas to you and your family

It may be 11 years ago - but when writing my book, it wasn't easy to re-live the day I challenged Kim Beazley. My eye was on defeating John Howard - but the cartoonists saw more. #kudelka #notforthefaintedhearted Pan Macmillan

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Olivia Kerr Joe Hatch 👀
James Rowe Michael Francis savage Kev
David Pink Christopher Warren wow
Louis Devine Joshua Bruni Jamie McDonald Isa Pendragon the salt is too real
Pierson Parslow Ethan Leotrix Wright Kevin 07 straight up willin

Have you had a listen to 10 Questions with Adam Zwar? He caught up with me while I was in London to ask when I was most happy, when I last cried, and even what I'd like my last words to be.

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Len Clark Zzzzzz
Cody Xie 哎!岁月是把杀猪刀啊!他年轻时跟我姑父一样帅!
Laetitia Encarta Lookin good Kev <3
Jacqui Toohey Nice pic.
Rahimullah Rahimullah Very nice picture sir

10 years ago Australia ratified the Kyoto Protocol as the first official act of my Government. Here I am handing over our instrument of ratification on 12 December 2007, the same day the #ParisAgreement was born eight years on. Climate change is still the greatest challenge we face.

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Jacinta Splinter Excellent effort👍
Ant Berrill America is the greatest challenge that climate change is facing.
Benedict Carey Good on you mr Rudd and Labor. This vision should not be so easily cast aside.
Val Power Great vision, sad those that follow do not share your vision.
Len Clark No the greatest challenge we face is moving you on

When one Kevin is not enough... This weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of the swearing in of my first government. Great celebrating last night with Anthony Albanese MP.

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James Chuang The real one looks younger than the cupboard cut off
Katherine Wilson Where can I get a lifesize cut out of my own? #superfan
Shaun Monk And thanks to you mate they serve more chicken dishes on airlines, cheers
Colleen Gobbe You should never have left politics is a man eat dog profession 🙁
Nana-leonie Trevanion He would have been our greatest PM ever if he had been allowed to stay the course

Great result for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Despite the consistent, outrageous anti-Labor bias of Murdoch media.

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Jan Wilson Only people that read Murdochs dribble are the libs and the idiot sheep..
Debbie Lee Andrews
Les Cooper It isn't Labor any more you idiots, it is now called the New China Party with so many back handers going on and a Chinese City being built in your State why don't you just give the place to them, I guess you wouldn't have any Muslim problems after that ...
Shan Ro Under your watch no less
Judy Harris No sorry Kev. Not the best result

Celebrating 10 years since the Kevin07 campaign and the election of my government. These guys printed their own shirts here in Oxford. That's serious dedication!

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Lynda Mitchel My son was born the day Kevin Rudd got in it was a good day for all
Lachlan Coman Nothing but respect for MY prime minister
Maggy McGuire Can we see you at the next election in replacement of Bill Shorten?
Scott Taylor It could've worked out so different if those panicky idiots from that night in 2010 had've just did nothing.
JM Atkin-Walm Bring back kevin 07. We the people didnt vote you out! We wanted you. Start another party!!!!

Always great to see the Murdoch Press exercising their customary practice of fair and balanced reporting 🙄 - this time in the Queensland election. The Labor Party facing the usual coalition : the Liberal Party, the National Party and the Murdoch Party. How do these guys manage to keep a straight face?

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Jack Delfs It’s cause it’s a still image Kev, their faces won’t change making a straight one super simple. Hogwarts isn’t real
Cindy Dixon Tim Nichols has a fake smile he has hidden agendas on his mine. Its taken Labor 3yrs to fix the damage him and Newman did last time. Labor for me
Patty Egan They never back the winner so my way of thinking it’s good for Labor , just check out previous editorials
Judy Hodder You are so right Kevin. I shouldn’t be surprised but that front page yesterday was the most bias reporting I’v seen yet. Go Anastasia!!
Douglas Rouse That murdoch consortium (deluded scumbags) also support trump through the fox network. They spread false news all surprise a good dose is applied in australia. DOWN WITH THE LNP !

澳大利亚的华人朋友们,大家可能知道了,我刚刚出版了自传:Not for the Faint-hearted: 在澳大利亚的书店里都很买到。 朋友们都提到,这个题目是比较难以翻译成合适的中文的。 所以,我在这里向大家求助,请大家帮忙翻译。 翻译得最好的,我会寄一本签名版,做答谢礼。 老陆

299 reactions 67 comments
Judith Baker Sexy kev
Scott MacRae 凯文有海绵手,他一生中从来没有工作过,当我握手时,我无言以对
Lawrence Hobart Where can I get a signed copy Mr Rudd?
Jacko Summers Fair shake of the sauce bottle Kev
Vivien Leung 不可或缺的心志

Congrats #NewZealand on winning the IETA Carbon Pricing Champion Award. Appalling that in Australia, Abbott and Turnbull voted the ETS down twice & repealed Labor's carbon price.

151 reactions 15 comments
Ron Dent Go labor
Jennifer Wells Loathe them both👎🏽
Carol Burns Good on NZ... puts us to shame👍👍
Issy Stewart Go KEVIN.
Len Clark The climate change HOAX is alive and well

My book, 'Not for the Faint-hearted', is dedicated to Therese, Jessica, Nicholas and Marcus - without whose love, care and nurture, my life would be small indeed. The importance of family all feature in my book - and in Therese and my's interview in this month's The Australian Women's Weekly. The article is also Mei Mei's first magazine appearance📸

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Peter Haupt Morgan Spence much better taste in shoes than fiscal policy
Susan Thomas Just been reading the women's weekly looks like a good read...🌟
Maggy McGuire Mr Kevin Rudd, please come back to be our PM. You have my vote!
Lorraine Terlecky Kevin Rudd was a good Prime Minister victimized like Gough Whitlam was he should have been allowed to serve out his term in office.
Lorraine Terlecky Nice photo good people all the best to you both and your family.

Well my book is doing fine here in the Middle East. A real page-turner. Although there is some local puzzlement about growing up in tropical Queensland, a little different to the sands of the Arabian desert. Back home, "Not for the Faint-Hearted" available at your favourite local bookstore.

473 reactions 40 comments
Amir Ansari Was it a commercial?
Rick Kelly She's a big'n
Damian Bridge I love a good fiction read.
Linda Hadson Would make a gret xmas present
Kierian Wilson Already have a signed copy! Awesome read!

Happy to be out supporting Queensland Labor MPs and candidates and their campaigns over the last week. David Greene - Labor Candidate for Everton Joe Kelly MP Kate Jones Jess Pugh for Mount Ommaney

464 reactions 38 comments
Gregory John White Good luck from Coffs Harbour Labor
Russ Mitchell Labor has my vote!!
Leith Erikson #QldLabor #KickThemOut
Irma Kingi Welcome home Kevin.
Jeremiah Edagbam Come back to politics pls :)

Yes I can confirm I returned to the handball court this morning for a match against the Kelvin Grove SC Year 12's. It was hot. It was tough. They play to win. #futureleaders

1.4k reactions 215 comments
Owen Sandry Ruddy would be very experienced at passing the ball 😂😂
Katherine de Heer I hope you went easy on them!!
Keenan Bass Ben Boyd This is exactly why I got into politics
Jorge Samios Matt Hickey hahaha mate they always play to win
Sarah Ailish McLoughlin Awesome, itll be sweet to see it

Kind acknowledgement of my handball prowess - signing a ball at my book launch at The Australian National University tonight.

214 reactions 25 comments
Nicholas Moses Vincent Minutolo
Jackson Herz Nathan Dowrick
Jeremiah Edagbam Matt Phillips
John Boyd Dingo Wood Dougie Bolger 😍😍😍
James Kerr-Nelson Georgia Kerr-Nelson Kevin07: Downball king

Another superbly annotated book. Thanks Jane Hutcheon for the fascinating and thoughtful discussion. You can catch it at 1pm on Friday on the ABC - and it will be on iview and the One Plus One website

287 reactions 22 comments
Ryan Farrow Chaille Townsend-Paul I want this book please
Hamid Alizadah You are best
Nic Wright Geek alert ! 😍
Fiona Abercrombie Howroyd My kinda reader
Julie McGrath Stanley I've always liked our Kevvy 👍💖👣

Tonight on reddit from 5:30 Qld time. Ask me anything.

350 reactions 54 comments
Debra Shelton can you send me a copy of your book please
MN Donnie Oh boy. Here we go.
Carrie Oct My question is: Can I meet you?
Frank Dirscherl Please come to Wollongong.
Mark May Why are you such a wanker?

The book does mention the 'ear wax' incident - but sadly, no ufos. Thanks for the laughs Kyle and Jackie O Listen:

89 reactions 7 comments
Sambo Johnson your book isnt at the shops yet
Aliyah Ravat how does this make you feel Blake Fry
Isabel Hodgins Kyle and Jacki - get over the cheap (and boring - and oh, so obvious) shots.
Edan Collard-Wynne Kev is that innuendo or a paradox..
Evan Parsons Your street cred is through the roof now

Just met with journo. Impressive annotation of my book. Almost as comprehensive an analysis as Mei Mei's read-through.

372 reactions 30 comments
Tony Clarke
Naomi Chiu Chiu Train Simeon Chiu
Rowan Payne Martin John de Rooy looks like your copy
Taryn Kerr Christmas present
Ailsa Walsh Davidson Damnnnnnn

Don't you just love the Murdoch boys. I arrive back today to launch my book that deals with the impact of Murdoch-land on the deterioration of Australian democracy, and they launch this bullshit story on the front page. Give us a break boys.

295 reactions 139 comments
Garth Templeman Kevin Rudd the print circulation for " the Aussie " in NSW is only 35,000 don't worry no one reads it. Hasn't made a cent in over 15 years.
Blake Fry Are you talking about the the small article about yourself or the suicide bill that’s in jeopardy of being defeated? You really are pathetic
Steve Finn KRudd...the biggest BS artist in Australia's history using this story to help launch his propaganda..don't you just love politics...not..
Regus O'Regan Don't worry Rudd. Anyone with a brain understands what the Murdochs intentions are. Self-serving parasites. Am interested to read the book.
I'm with Stupid I’d say their treatment of the euthanasia bill is far more important than whatever decade old issue they’ve dredged up about you.

#thoughtsofMeiMei Volume 14 : "So...the author's big week is starting in Australia. Having now read the book twice, I could still only find one reference to cats. But the bit I like most is on page 109 when Kevin goes rat hunting in Peking. He's my sort of guy. That said, I have no idea why I was left in New York while he and Therese are having all the fun. Affection will be withheld on their return."

424 reactions 51 comments
James Chuang Put down the cat
Nic Wright That’s what I like - a literate cat !
Margaret Kelly Looking forward to getting your 📖 book. Welcome back.
Raina Thomson HAHAHa omgggg <3333 Ruby Mckibbin
Wild Endeavour From the look in those eyes, claw sharpening has already commenced ...!

Flashback Friday. What do you remember about the 07 campaign? Join me for a chat about the Howard years, the Latham and Keating years, and why you might want to get into politics on Monday 23rd October in Sydney.

196 reactions 43 comments
Lorraine Dulcie I liked the campaign but always found Bill Leak's cartoons pretty unsubtle.
Lynette Nyssen All came to nothing in the end!
Christopher Hanna Daniel Lukic he’s so charismatic
Jonathan Williams Fair shake off the sauce bottle. Bloody little ripper you are Rudy
Eliza Grace The fan base has doubled so we'll need another t-shirt made

'And so Kevin's book finally arrived! And only one reference to moi!' Perhaps not enough cat references for some - but looking forward to Monday in Sydney for the first chat about my book, Not for the Faint-hearted.

288 reactions 21 comments
Mary Livesay Ashley Cruickshank
Estelle Pelletier Steve D'elia aaaaaaaaaaaa
Margaret Kelly Is it got cat reading skills ??
Judy Harris Yes looking forward Kevin. Congratulations
Lilamani Benjamin Which beautiful cat is this Hon Mr Kevin Rudd?

Calling all Aussies overseas... Don't forget to vote.

210 reactions 53 comments
Erica Kathleen elen
Nenad Perkovic "no clue" generation
Harrison Lunn nice one laura!
Samuel Reynolds How about no!
Claire Bunyon Nice one @lauradewberry 😉

Flashback Friday. I've been blessed in my life by the love and support of strong women. My mum. Therese. My daughter Jess. Not for the Faint-hearted, my autobiography out Oct 24, is also the story of a dad, and a husband and a son - and is a thankyou to the women who have stood with me and by me. Pan Macmillan Australia

1.0k reactions 59 comments
Lizzie Allan We with you Ruddy & want you back as our PM as you were the only man for that job.
Patrick Henderson Will your autobiography be available in Ireland Kevin?
Wayne Cameron I am asking for this as a Christmas Present, for sure.
Linda Hadson Looking forward to reading your book Kev.
Warren Mundy we are looking foward to seeing you in CBR soon
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