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So what's the essential difference between a Labor and a Conservative Government? We reform for the many. They abolish reforms to protect the few. Here's my 10th anniversary speech.

Kevin Rudd: On the Nature of Labor and Conservative Governments – Kevin Rudd

On the Nature of Labor and Conservative Governments Address by the Honourable Kevin Rudd 26th Prime Minister of Australia Le Montage, Sydney 1 December 2017. My name is Kevin. I’m still from Queensland. And one decade on I’m still here to help.

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Tony Clarke
Pola Lekstan Paris Dean
Kathleen Beck So why us Labor kicking Medina and East Kimberley cashless welfare card holders in the guts again? #stoptheCDC #jobsnotcards
Wallis Kamp pensioners miss you so do i you saw us as people to help thank you for that we barely survive now
Sharon Peisley The liberal government have no social conscience bring back labor for the people

When it comes to global environmental policy, China has a crucial role to play. Had an interesting chat with Climate Home News about some of the challenges facing climate change action.”

Kevin Rudd:
Kevin Rudd: 'I don't know how Malcolm Turnbull faces his grandkids'

Australia's former prime minister talks about the failure of his country's climate policy, the rise of China and the Carmichael coal mine

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Brett Tester so does india
Bodie Spark Keegan Peace
Jono Stankowski Nathan Davis Ruddy’s on fire
Josh Rowan Connor Sharp savage
Aaron Luu lol

My book, 'Not for the Faint-hearted' is now also online at Big W - so if you can't find one in store - try online :

Not For The Faint-Hearted
Not For The Faint-Hearted

In 2007, Kevin Rudd became only the third Labor prime minister since the Second World War, after Whitlam and Hawke, to win government from opposition. In doing so he also defeated, and unseated, John Howard, the longest-serving conservative prime minister since Menzies.

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Boris Ka 😳😜
Janelle Begg Will it ve a signed copy Kevin
Maree Vincent I love the book
Nicola Sanchez Going to get it today!
Jennifer Wells I’m going to get it👍

Yes I am back at school. In fact my new address is @jesus which has caused a few laughs.

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George Psihoyios I think The Times have been watching these classics: Alex Galitsky
Nicholas Horgan Joshua Ciappara hang out with him!!
Janet C. Stockley Hard Case as...
Nic Wright Ah the Messiah !
Carla Graf Love ya kevin

This week's climate talks in Bonn showed the world is more committed to the #ParisAgreement than ever before. But it's still not enough to turn the tide. Our window is quickly closing. Here's my joint op-ed with President Heine of the Marshall Islands. #COP23

Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate
Capitalizing on Climate Unity by Hilda Heine & Kevin Rudd - Project Syndicate

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States – the world’s largest historical carbon dioxide emitter – from the Paris agreement dealt the accord a major blow. But it is hard not to take heart from the resolve Trump’s decision has unleashed, both globally and within the US itself.

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Damien Kresinger James
Len Clark Keep your nose out,you had your chance
John Boom You're beating the wrong drum if you wnat to make any difference Kev.
Kay Ross Australia's lack of representation at COP 23 shows how serious about climate change . Zero. For Australia to participate we need to have a change of government. Trump will not do so because to him coal is king.
Dave Kearney Yeah....our crack dwellers...fed gov....are too busy for to represent Australia, in stemming severe global pollution, by residing in a place where the sun don't shine, fossil fools portal!

Readings have a few signed copies of Not for the Faint-hearted still left for sale. If you want to buy one online - be quick - and put in the comments section of the checkout that you want a signed copy. Otherwise if you are in Melbourne you can head in store and grab one.

Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd
Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd

Ten years after Kevin 07, Kevin Rudd gives the first volume of his memoir of political survival and public service.

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Rachel Evony Sorry to poor to buy your book!
一懿 陈 Guess I will want one when I get to the other side.
Kelvin Hampson I just Brought your book Kevin from Big w last week thanks should be a good Read
Peter Woods Reading an unsigned copy now. Inspiring and illuminating!
John Boom You can do better for Australia and yourself than just a book Kev. Unfortunately supporting the corrupt political system we have doesn't help your credability. Say NO to all donations and outside interest control. Honest up Kev and give Australia a new ...

In my maiden speech in 1998 I said "I believe that ideas are important". Jon and I wrestled with all sorts of ideas during the Conversation Hour - some of them even covered in my book.

Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd

The former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister has released the first volume of his memoir, Not for the Feint-hearted.

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Damian Sullivan Andrew
Seri Hegame Thank you Mr Kevin Rudd for recognizing indigenous people as they have aboriginal rights that are inherent. I am also seeking your help if at all possible with Papua in terms of Crown affiliation and also being convinced to seek a de jure government ...
Ayse Goknur Shanal You are the one who created the situation with offshore processing in Manus and Nauru. I'll save the profanities to one day, when I see you in person. Repugnant human being.

Got to join Sunrise recently to talk about 'Not for The Faint-hearted'. There's a whole section about the show in the book. Not least walking the Kokoda Track (and my trench foot), and of course the debacle of the ANZAC day ceremony at Long Tan in Vietnam

Kevin Rudd on Sunrise: Discussing his book ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’ – Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd on Sunrise: Discussing his book ‘Not for the Faint-hearted’ – Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd is the President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Prime Minister of Australia. He also leads Sanitation and Water for All, a global partnership working to improve access to clean water for everyone, and Chairs the Independent Commission on Multilateralism.

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Colleen Gobbe Lol😂😂

Was almost like old times to find myself interviewed by Kerry O'Brien. If you missed the Melbourne launch of Not for the Faint-hearted you can watch Kerry and me in conversation here : We cover the book - and a lot more.

Watch – Kevin Rudd and Kerry O
Watch – Kevin Rudd and Kerry O'Brien

Kevin Rudd’s time as Prime Minister was short, tumultuous and, at times, momentous. Rising to power in 2007 on a wave of popular optimism, Rudd defeated a formidable opponent in John Howard and ushered in an era of Labor rule and extensive reform. Perhaps the most globally ambitious of recent Austra...

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Anne-Maree Pearce Refugees on Manus could do with your help right now, considering your role in abusing their plight. You've moved on but they haven't and their situation is dire! You must do whatever you can for these refugees. don't make any more excuses.
Maryann Bird ❤️
Inwalomhe Donald You are great
Len Clark You forgot to say disasterous
Kristen Seow I cant get the actual book online at overseas because i'm not an aussie... :(

Great to catch up with Brian Bennion in Brisbane, and share tales from the trenches of local campaigning - from being bitten by dogs while out doorknocking through to hammering in corflutes not long after heart surgery. To borrow from Tip O'Neill - one thing is certainly clear in 'Not for the Faint-hearted' - all politics is local.

Rudd reflects on career highs
Rudd reflects on career highs

TWO drawn-out legal battles are at the centre of Kevin Rudd’s political legacy.

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Laetitia Encarta Kev2020
Kathy Gould Please come back
Melissa Gillian Sparrow Please come to Adelaide
Joshua Gyngell Menon Its a nice photo of are still good looking.luvnlight Joshua Gyngell Menon
Meg Coulter Ice cream.

Yes political life is worth it. Spoke to @SteveAustinABC about the essay of encouragement that is my autobiography, 'Not for the Faint-hearted'. You can have a listen here:

Is politics worth it?
Is politics worth it?

Kevin Rudd tells Steve Austin if entering politics was worth it.

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Carzy James What's your book called again?
Gage Miles Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Liam Unwin Wasn’t worth as much as your handball career ay kev haha
Tony Horn Love your work Kevin. Pity you were knifed so many times. You certainly have been a stayer.
MN Donnie No offence Kevin but there's a tad too much bile to be about "encouragement".

Turnbull's handling of Manus is inhumane. The 2013 Agreement was for 12 months only - to be reviewed. If people were not resettled by then, then they should have been resettled in Australia - not left abandoned years later. For a look at the history and detail of the 2013 agreement, please read :

Malcolm Turnbull has sunk to a new low with refugee folly – Kevin Rudd

By Kevin Rudd. Originally published in Fairfax, 2 November 2016. Mr. Turnbull, in his twelve months in office, has now repudiated virtually everything he once stood for.

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Kathleen Beck So, when you going to STOP economic apartheid (cashless cards) Kevin? Never? We thought so
Graeme Knight The UN states refugees seek sgelter in the first country they reach, not pick and choose. Het real bleeding hearts this is an invasion. Australia stopped the boats and saved many lives. Parasites are not welcome
Peter Moxham so.....when are you coming back to be PM Kev?
Beryl Anderson How is that? What about the Jews fleeing the war? Two regugees left and came back because they were too scared outside. Pleased about that are you?
Diana Lea We need to see this from Bill Shorten! If not, then he should be telling us what Labor are going to do about the situation IF they get back in.

Kind words from my friend Phillip Adams about my book 'Not for the Faint-hearted' (with a typical 'charming' photo from The Australian) I was honoured to discuss the book with him as part of a Dymocks Books Literary Lunch in Sydney. A wise head and a big heart.

The Rudd I respect
The Rudd I respect

Smith, the member for the district, died one day, and we forgot about him the next. Not that a politician is ever remembered much after he dies. But Smith had been a blind, bigoted old Tory and was better dead. Politicians are mainly better dead, so far as other people and their country is concerned...

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Tony Clarke
Shena Wood God give me strength!
Carol Cooke still like kevin
Sharon Soward Terry Gobert. I will be getting it. 👍
Susan Dickie Spot on Phillip.

Great to see 'Not For the Faint-hearted' has been selected by iBooks in their November list of 'What to Read This Month':

Connecting to the iTunes Store.
Connecting to the iTunes Store.

Connecting to the iTunes Store.

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Liam Unwin Looks incredible kev
Katherine de Heer Excellent news
Nilda Mane Congratulations Kevin
Marina Ann Makepeace Kevvy what's the general feeling 'bout it...before i spend any money I do not have; and will not have thanks to the current political landscape in New England NSW Australia please???
Kristen Seow I'm hoping to get that actual book online :(

For all my overseas friends (and ebook lovers), Not for the Faint-hearted is now available in ebook globally:

Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd on iBooks
Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd on iBooks

Read a free sample or buy Not for the Faint-hearted by Kevin Rudd. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

131 reactions 17 comments
Simon J. Mahulae Thank you, Mr. Rudd.
Nic Wright Great ! I’ll get it now 😎🏝
Jimmy James Baverstock Morgan Will you narrate the audiobook?
Julee Russell Just spotted a couple on eBay...!

There’s dishonest reporting. And then there’s the Murdoch press. For Murdoch, nothing gets in the way of a good story. Particularly the truth. The "story" in The Australian today is a complete rewriting of history. The story claims the 2003 Tambling Report recommended that renewable energy subsidies not be extended beyond 2020. In fact the Tambling Report explicitly states that the Howard Government’s MRET effectively operated as a subsidy to the renewable energy industry (page 34), and should be extended beyond 2020 (page 131). The Report further added that in order for renewable energy sources to be commercially competitive, they would require continued subsidies (page 97) into the future. Unfortunately these three facts do not fit with today's NewsLtd story. The Expanded Renewable Energy Targets passed by the parliament in 2009 enjoyed bipartisan support . The targets, designed to ensure that renewable energy achieved a 20% share of electricity supply by 2020, increased the 2020 MRET from 9,500 gigawatt hours to 45,000 gigawatt-hours. Coalition party members incl Greg Hunt and Alex Hawke, were vocal supporters of the legislation across the bench. Furthermore Frydenberg’s recent claims that we “recklessly" extended the RET to 45,000 gigawatt hours is laughable. The Coalition supported it. This front page "story" in the Murdoch media is simply Turnbull attempting to distract from his failure to act on his climate change and energy obligations. And by the way the Australian public isn’t fooled by the new “National Energy Guarantee.”

Rudd upped power bills $7.5bn
Rudd upped power bills $7.5bn

Electricity customers face an extra burden of between $3.8 billion and $7.5bn in “windfall” subsidies for renewable power generators in the next decade ­because of the stroke of a pen in the last months of Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership.

909 reactions 89 comments
Ben Lansdowne The liberals should be charged with criminal charges for how they have treated the country...
Theo AK Welcome to the world of the Greens, Kev. If you think you cop it bad from the far right Murdoch propaganda machine, you should see the garbage they make up about us lol
Val Lavery Good on you Kevin No one with any intelligence could believe anything that the Murdoch press writes
Thomas Smith Murdoch Press needs to go the way of the dinosaurs - the head & the conservative cohort are already a fossils.
Benjamin Barker You're too smart and intimidating for the average Australian.. That is why it would be a waste of time running again....

If you like books AND food - then join me and Phillip Adams for lunch in Sydney on Tuesday, when we discuss Not for the Faint-Hearted. Pan Macmillan Australia

Dymocks Luncheon with Kevin Rudd
Dymocks Luncheon with Kevin Rudd

In 2007, Kevin Rudd swept to power with a 23-seat victory, bringing Labor in from eleven years in opposition, and unseated John Howard, the longest-serving prime minister since Menzies. So who was the man behind the phenomenally successful Kevin O7 campaign, this Mandarin-speaking, family-focused, c...

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Sareena Oberoi Sean Prater
Carzy James Are you doing a movie?
Mark David Chong Dearest sir, will you be coming up to Townsville as well? God bless, Dr Mark
Elaine Walker Smith Teach Phillip Adams how to be polite to elderly ladies. He was extremely rude to my Mother. He needs a few lessons in manners. Surprised you are hanging out with a man lime him.
Evan Parsons Kevin, I read an extract from your book in today's paper, looking forward very much to reading the entire book. You're a class act, I feel as if Australia never fully appreciated the depth of your intelligence and your character......well, that's our ...

What are Xi Jinping’s plans for China after the 19th Party Congress? Big implications for the world, and especially Australia. Here’s my interview on BBC Radio 4’s The Briefing Room earlier today.

President Xi and the Chinese Dream, The Briefing Room - BBC Radio 4
President Xi and the Chinese Dream, The Briefing Room - BBC Radio 4

David Aaronovitch asks if President Xi is China's most powerful leader since Mao?

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Ty Tee he plans to import baby formula 1 tin at a time.
Len Clark Save the world Kev,you can do it hehe
Chris Chan This is massive. I just hope they don't walk the roads of the Mao's Culture resolution.
Jennifer GJ Friends, listen carefully to what KR said here.
Justin Smith I'm worried about the 20th. He's setting himself up to be president for life

I spoke with Bloomberg Television. Big question is whether China’s economic growth can be sustained with tight political control

China Seeks Growth Under Tight Control, Says Rudd
China Seeks Growth Under Tight Control, Says Rudd

Former Prime Minster of Australia Kevin Rudd examines the message in Chinese President Xi Jinping's address to the Communist Party's twice-a-decade congress. He speaks with Bloomberg's Jonathan Ferro on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas." (Source: Bloomberg)

35 reactions 8 comments
MN Donnie Another valuable contribution (Y)
Tudorache Carmen Is there any other type of economical development? ☺️
Kay Ross Sustainability is their aim as you have stated. While they have countries depending on their exports and control of comes in . Their grounds rules will remain unchanged. This is will be a source of frustration of trading partners. even if they have ...
Max Maximus May not be possible says Maximus. Only direction of possible growth is achievable in that manner as was shown by your GFC Intervention as the Perception of Confidence is a Player in that equation. But it is an interesting exercise just the same , the ...
Max Maximus Perception of Confidence affects Stock Markets in the main but it is possible for tight goverment control to maintain growth in a Bear Market Mr Kevin Rudd , you proved that but government intervention can easily turn Bull into Bear , so then we will ...

For those asking - here is a page that shows all the book events. Very sad to only be taking in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra for now - but if you can, come along and say g'day (and don't dilly dally - Melbourne and Canberra almost sold out)

News & events - Pan Macmillan Australia
News & events - Pan Macmillan Australia

The winners of the 2017 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) were announced in Sydney on 25 May. We are very proud to have been named Publisher of the Year.

29 reactions 2 comments
David Arcus Jillian Sheppard Canberra 27/10

My friend Xie Zhenhua says China will meet & beat the 2020 climate target. We now need every country to do more under Paris.

Xie Zhenhua: China will meet 2020 carbon reduction target
Xie Zhenhua: China will meet 2020 carbon reduction target

China’s chief negotiator at the Paris Agreement speaks in Hong Kong after receiving Lui Che Wo prize for efforts to tackle climate change

66 reactions 14 comments
Stephen Tremblay Good luck telling Turnbull that.
Janne Berg /Mauri Berg. Meanwhile in tRump's US...
Nick Scott Kevin it's too little, too late. I hope you enjoy warm days :/
Lizzie Allan & every country should be involved as we only got one planet
Nilda Mane Well Done China We Know Better We Need to Act Better, Hope More Countries Will Follow

Climate change remains the greatest threat to us all, as Achim Steiner, Patricia Espinosa and Robert Glasser remind us on this International Day for Disaster Reduction. #IDDR2017

Climate change is a threat to rich and poor alike
Climate change is a threat to rich and poor alike

Is this year's string of hurricanes a sign of things to come?

126 reactions 27 comments
Tony Clarke
Jeremy Strang Your an idiot
Rosco James Get help.
Jennifer Wells Thnx Kevin for your honesty
Val Power Thank you, Kevin.

Thursday 26th October I will be interviewed by Kerry O'Brien about my autobiography, Not for the Faint-hearted. Getting close to launch Pan Macmillan Australia

Kevin Rudd and Kerry O’Brien
Kevin Rudd and Kerry O’Brien

Kevin Rudd’s time as Prime Minister was short, tumultuous and, at times, momentous. Rising to power in 2007 on a wave of popular optimism, Rudd defeated a formidable opponent in John Howard and ushered in an era of Labor rule and extensive reform. Perhaps the most outward-looking and globally ambiti...

413 reactions 49 comments
Julie Henderson Kevin 17 😀
Nic Wright Come back home one day Kevin !
Ben Muir Big dog still pullin punches, unbelievable stamina
John Steer Good on you Kevin hope it goes well for you mate
Rosalind Farmer Carew I was very disappointed when you were knifed, glad to have you back in touch .

On the #Rohingya crisis, the international community should do two things: fund urgent relief work through Bangladesh; and focus political pressure on the Burmese military, who are running this operation. My thoughts in today's edition of The New York Times.®ion=opinion-c-col-right-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-right-region&_r=0

Opinion | Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Meets Reality
Opinion | Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis Meets Reality

Aung San Suu Kyi is no saint. But no political leader is.

229 reactions 52 comments
Muditha Jayasinghe Best is for Australia to take them and settle them in Tasmania
Rudi Rhein We don't need comments from the West. Burma could have told the West 80 years ago not to go to war, not to wipe out our jewish minority, not to have 80 millions dead...and still the West would have gone to war regardless ...despite it could have been ...
Cody Xie And what are the Anglo-saxons doing NOW?
Nyo Nyo The voice of the mother of newborn twins- the people had to run away from their villages to a little seemingly safer place by traveling two nights. There are a lot of indigenous people who have to stay at 7 monasteries as refugees.( before the military ...
Artur Kuhn A Leader of a Country with no Face and no Voice, a Puppet!!!!

It is time for #marriageequality. In 2008 my Government extended the definition of de facto to include same sex relationships. We made changes to superannuation so that same-sex couples could leave entitlements to their partner or their children. We ended discrimination against same-sex couples and their children in taxation, health insurance, social security, aged care and child support, immigration, citizenship and veterans affairs. As Foreign Minister, I made it easier for sex and gender diverse people to get a passport in their preferred gender. And of course I fought the 2013 election on marriage equality All of this was important. All of this paved the way. #voteyes

Laws amended by the same-sex reforms

A full list of the 85 Commonwealth laws amended is set out below. The laws amended fall within the responsibility of various Australian Government Departments.

801 reactions 81 comments
Daz Ecee Steve Ibbotson This may have the answers you were seeking
Nastya Burrllin Kevin, mate, stop eating lemons!
Sean Weatherly I thought it was Gillard that changed super laws. Well done Kevin!
Mark Henderson Kevin Rudd King of the Hypocrites. Blocked gay marriage when he was PM. What a fraud
Len Clark I thought you were concentrating on saving the Planet

All the focus is on the North Korea crisis. We also need to focus on the long-term stability of the wider region. Join us tonight at 18.30 NY time/08.30 Sydney time (Tuesday) for the launch of the Asia Society Policy Institute's latest report: I'll be in conversation with former US National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Singaporean Ambassador to the US Ashok Mirpuri.

Preserving the Long Peace in Asia
Preserving the Long Peace in Asia

ASPI report on how to strengthen regional institutions in the Asia-Pacific to manage peace and security in increasingly turbulent times.

29 reactions 4 comments
Simon J. Mahulae Good morning, Mr. Rudd. Have a very nice day, sir.
Hamzah Simmonds What long peace do they preserve? People are dying every day and yet no one does anything. Try 'Preserving our power and wealth'...
John Boom There’ll never be peace in those regions until war brokers like the USA don’t bend and accept others like NK and allow them to take away those political borders they’ve placed between them. This has always been of the USA’s making. War should be used ...

There may still be a way through the #NorthKorea crisis. I spoke with Bloomberg Television earlier today:

Ex-Australian PM Says Diplomacy Might Work With N. Korea
Ex-Australian PM Says Diplomacy Might Work With N. Korea

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society, discusses the possible U.S. responses to the rising tensions with North Korea. He speaks with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu, Joe Weisenthal and Abigail Doolittle on "What'd You Miss?" (Source: Bloomberg)

140 reactions 44 comments
MN Donnie He's not suicidal. He's trying to force talks on his terms.
Alan Edward Thorley The little FAT boy wants to rule the world just like a few others in history that have tried & failed
Ronny Bryson I don't think the USA understands what real diplomacy is. Have they ever tried it?
Darren Quinn Where there is hope there is a path way.
Yasmin McQuade I think Mei Mei would agree!

‪On the #NorthKorea question and what to do about it, here are some thoughts I penned in The Sydney Morning Herald today:‬

Three possible scenarios as chances of Korean War rise to over 20 per cent
Three possible scenarios as chances of Korean War rise to over 20 per cent

The reality is that it has now become an increasing possibility, but not a probability.

131 reactions 40 comments
JD Sang Go the K Rudd
Christopher Weston North korea makes first move. America retaliates and we all defend. Russia takes the chance to attack america while they are distracted and weak. China attacks russia after russia sustains massive casualties. China becomes top power.
Adiss Charbel try peace its better than war
Cody Xie Whether you like it or not, this guy is smart.
Rolf Browne The problem is America she has been it bombing innocent countries under pretext of liars . Notice there is no more cry that Assad MUST GO. WHY cannot we talk and negotiate after all we that is the powers to be have an education . Or are we still in dim ...

Don't you love the Murdoch boys? Read the headline. Then read the actual facts buried in paragraph 3 of the story: In fact if the Murdoch media had bothered to actually read the original report from Essential Media on preferred governments over the last decade, the picture is totally different to their headline—which is 100% false: And this is the same Murdoch empire that Turnbull and co. were supporting to take over Channel Ten—presumably to extend the reach of New Limited's long-standing tradition of "fair and balanced" reporting. Give us a break!

Turnbull Government rated best in ten years
Turnbull Government rated best in ten years

The latest Essential poll has rated the current government the best of the last 10 years.

711 reactions 198 comments
Phillip Donoghue 25 percent rated the Turnbull government the best in 10 years, ? Another way of putting it is that 75 percent didn't
Marlene Sarroff Turnbull Govt just gave 30 million to Fox Sports and apparently no paper work or discussion.
Perez Mamajen hahahaha plenty of homeless jobless struggling family everyday wtf are they doing
Benny Li Yea Yea so GREAT!!! O wait, only citizens can vote, not PR Wait a second, why does it suddenly require so much to be a resident?? Ahh That's why, I can't vote, very smart Turnbull, very smart
Jake Neville Oh ho wow... what a cracker of a headline. Blatantly false. I thought another poll had put Turnbull at the top, but nope. Same Essential poll.

In 2013 Abbott raged at my response to the Global Financial Crisis. Now he admits he was so enraged he slept through all the votes on the stimulus package.

Abbott admits he was drunk in parliament
Abbott admits he was drunk in parliament

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Abbott has finally confessed that he was passed out, drunk, on the night he should have voted on Kevin Rudd’s GFC bailout measures in 2009.

763 reactions 154 comments
Lesley Porter This will be the last comment I make about this ....words fail me. BUT he needs to take a gap year (or 20) away from the protection of politics & hibernate elsewhere.
Ronhhda Potter Disgusting Display and then he forced Wayne Swan to withdraw the accusation. He should publicly apologise and then bugger off!
Lyell Chapman Bit low Kevin R. Just don't go there. We are smart enough to understand he us a W...ker. If murder was legal ..he'd be gone. Sad.
Shelley James Time to come out and say "You will never be settled in Australia" was the wrong thing to do in 2013. The people on Manus and Nauru need to come to Australia right now.
Valerie Dee They should be all booted out and we get Kevin Rudd back the only person in Parliament that truly cared for us the people <3
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