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Last updated: 17:00 09/20/2017

Mis Oraciones para toda mi gente Mexicana 🇲🇽 por lo que están Pasando!! Que Dios los Proteja y llene de Fortaleza! #Animo 🙏🏽

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Milagros Santos Pérez Saludos Rey. Mysterio..😢 Es vdd Oremos inos x los otros .esperemos em Dios saldremos de esta!!
Jose Pablo Cespedes Vargas Mucha fortaleza hermanos mexicanos, que no están solos, toda Latinoamérica está con Uds dando apoyo en este momento tan duro
Carlos Melissa Gutierrez Ahora si por Mexico pero el sabado puro triple G. Pinche sell out.
Alejandro Beaumont Rey!!! las mejores de las energias para nuestros hermanos mexicanos!!! esperemos todo mejore!
Jerry Woo Saludos, mi ídolo! Espero que Dios bendiga a toda la gente mexicana. Ánimo, México! Viva la raza!

Después de casi 15 años volvimos hacer pareja @elhijodelsanto_oficial y yo en Chicago! #ArribaLaRaza #Leyendas #LuchaLibre

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Jon Power El misterio de la lucha santan
Marina Rodriguez Como olvidar Alos Originales 🤔🤔 😍
Lesley Drurey Wow 15 years!. Bet that was epic 😊
Miguel Angel Dávalos Un mano a mano en Tijuana o un 3 way dance con nicho
Max Martinez B Leyendas.

That fight was clearly stolen from @gggboxing In case you didn't hear all the Raza that was there from the start of the fight, the same Raza was #Booing when @canelo was being interviewed! #CarmaIsAMother #HeWasA-D-WhenIMetHim #TreatFansWithRespect #LetsGoGGG #RealMexicanFighter

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Daniel Rodriguez Rey misterio,chinga tu Madre y respeta un peleador de verdad....
Angel Ayala Como si tu pelearas de verdad tu mas que nada sabes como quedara la pelea desde antes de subir en la wwe :V
Germán Mönt Sii rey misterio cállate envidioso tu perdiste cuando peleaste con Batista 😠😠😠😠 Verdad Manuel Javana 👊😠
David Ramos GGG Won the Fight.... Canelo running the whole fight....
Benjamin Juan So because someone is a D when meeting someone na don't go for him? That's so dumb sounds like a spoil cry baby bitch because canelo probably didn't invite him to chill wit him in his mansion and didn't seem 619 as nothing but a professional fake ...

Thank you Raza from SD & TJ that attended last nights Rey Mysterios Mexican Independence Day with some Lucha Libre @sycuan_casino Thank you @rudosphoto for this bad ass pic! #OraleArribaLaRaza #Booyaka619 #ThankYouSycuan #AwesomeHospitality

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Jennifer Gantenbein Wonderful photol
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Nagbaknk fflosaa kaka ee 😃🤓👍🇲🇨
Vikrant Sharma Vicky Love u rey
Nereida Cárdenas El #Mejorrr x siempreee 💕💕👌🏻
Juan Ramon Castellon Cuando vienes a sacramento campeón

See you there !! 🎉 🎈 🇲🇽 #SycuanCasino

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Simon O'Connor Viva Mexico
Lianny Valdez You are cute
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Kanhnaakpoo
Joseph David Ruiz Thanks rey-Rey
Kinith Pelande #Rey619 Ka Gwapo :)

Soaking up as much knowledge as possible here in SD @ a seminar of Extreme Ownership MUSTER with the team @nutritionsolutions & @chriscavallini Very captivating & extremely beneficial to achieve your Goals in LifE! #Humbled #Honored

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Ræxan Rívas Back to wwe😭
علوش المصرى ✍ ͜✿يســـــ <3 VipFB. Vn <3
Why Sãm Come Back to #_Wwe_Raw
Parag Nehul Hawa he hawa....
Vicente Molina Vamos campeon.....tu puedes conseguir todo lo que quieras...

Lucha Libre Total this Sunday September 17th @ Cicero Stadium in Cicero IL. We kick off @ 5:PM #DontMissOut #NosVemosElDomingo

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Sebastian Cruz Que clase de wwe es esto :0
Juancho Ramirez Losssss Acosta
Juan Chávez Cuando vienen a Texas
Jose Angel Pascual Canto Suerte Rey Mysterio y Mosco X-fly
Martin Duffy Rey rey plz come to tna gfw

FKN clutch to have been able to hang with my homie @chriscavallini in the gym & leave nothing behind but pure Beast Mode Sweat @worldgymeastlake #OnlyInDaWestCoast #619Strong #NutritionSolutions #AlwaysInForAChallenge

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Arianna García Dany Sosa Garcia
Wahyu Saragih O my godd
Betty Arratia Que rutina
Francisco Cira Nice workout
عبدالباسط الدوري Hero Ray for ever

Preview to the new T coming soon! Like......Yes? No? #FlashRey #WM20 #G.M.O.A.T #GreatestMaskOfAllTime

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Jeffery Theall Punisher would be dope
Carmen Adriana Franco Están super la negra me encanto
Brian Poggio Flash
Dejan Deki Vasek NEW IRON MAN NEW POWER 619 👊😀
Jesús Mendoza García Ahora que hiciste Barry ??

This is gonna be #Legend If your in the Bay Area November 10th come check it out @ the Cow Palace! #Booyaka #FromDa619To415 #LuchaBrothers #JuicyBaby

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Abzduhri S 619 the best
Víctor Arrollo Victorarroyo
Angelito Villalta Vargaz Saludos 619
Luis Rey Rey Mysterio el mejor
Ajay Kumar Grewal Awesome pic sir g

Sept 15 !!! 🎉 #SycuanCasino

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Dan Woodard Charles Carpenter
Gabby Flores Lizzbeth Solano invitame 😉
Janitzio Caballero La quieres ver?Raul Caballero Garza Jr.
Ramazan Damla I love you rey mystrıo 619 SİX ONE NINE
Heidi Quade Rey, this is eerie!

Was a big honor to be able to hang with this legend @perlmutations @stxcomiccon and have the outmost respect for his humbleness! Thank you for signing this pic #Clay for my son @dominik_35 #WeBigSOAFans #OGRespect #NXT🛑Chicago

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Marco Segovia Tito Galleguillos Gomez Cacha
Sergio Padilla Nice
Andrei Vargas Un grande
Jesus Mhdz La mejor serie sin duda
Resul Yasir Demetgül Yapma rey

ReyMysterio-vs-Matanza On the 100th episode of @luchaunderground this Wednesday at 8:PM EST on @elreynetwork

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Hairul Ardi Pertamina Chgcekkk .....?....
Heidi Quade I was given the answer the woman from the Undertaker is a wrestler. But what Triple H did together with Steve Austin had nothing to do with wrestling or sport. Triple H. attacked a wrestler although Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley stood at the ring side and ...
Heather Gillard Best of luck!! Travel safely... thank you so very much for such an amazing weekend in South Texas!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Rey Mysterio

#IT 🎈 @stxcomiccon

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Faith Danielle Pelino Rey Mysterio 619
Luis Alberto Recendiz Eres mi idolo :-)
Youssra El Klaar Ik ga nu emigreren! ga je mee? Dila Dila 😩🤡
Sergio Padilla K show compita
Emiliano Reyna Serrano Aqui te esperamos en aguascalientes!!

2 OG's getting ready to do the damn thing @stxcomiccon @perlmutations #619ToDa956

5.5k reactions 58 comments
Ifeanyi Williams Boom get in the box619
Luis Rivera Buyaka
Tassia Rocha Simplemente te amo rey misterio
Aditya Chauhan Fucking coool man!!! 😎👍
Misty Rose 2 of my favorite people in one picture!

#SanDiegoUnitesForTexas #BenefitConcert #WeAreWithYouHouston ......9 September 2017 The Music Box Frankie J

3.8k reactions 71 comments
Israel Pacheco Houston thanks you champ! 🙏
Vick Amanzi I'd buy the mascara😘
Cristóbal Gutiérrez Yo quiero la máscara verde!!!!!
Bruno Diaz Leon Chale rey ya todos vimos tu cara en wwe para que la sigues ocultando :v
Zef Zefi Je i madh,i mahnitshem,i veçante,shume i deshiruar !


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Stop by & say What's up this Saturday & Sunday @stxcomiccon in McAllen TX! #TimeToMeetAllMyFans #SouthTX #Booyaka619

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Christopher Rice Please come back to the WWE
Angelo Sawyer I em a big fan of ray mysterio
Βασίλης Κατσαρδής 😂😂😂
Youssef Jawadi Ilyass Halal Babat lmchanwl hhhhhhh
Khaled Rafai 619

15 de Septiembre !!! 🇲🇽 #SycuanCasino #JohnnyMundo #Taya #BrianCage

705 reactions 51 comments
Chantal McArthur Love you Rey!❤️❤️
Flor María Zamora Cuando te presentas an Leon Gto ?? Rey misterio.....
Erlend Kaldestad Sund Get back to WWE!!!!
Juanito Alvarado Rey estaras luchando tambien?
Cesar Valdez Adaya Nooooooo....y tu vas a salir Eunice Rey Misterio

Thank you Austria, I enjoyed spending time with fans have never seen me perform live! Much love to all of YOU..... C U Soon! #Booyaka619

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Fatih Güzel Fuck you rey Alberto isbest
Alex Steel Best guy wwe 619
Aruna Indira Kumar Best wishes on ur way God bless
Simone Pazzo Zingaro Please come back to wwe mr.619
Martin Tulej Booyaka 619 lucha underground :D

No se dejen engañar, este es mi Instagram !! Todas mis redes sociales son reconocidas por la palomita azul ✔️!! This is my Instagram !! All my social networks are recognized by the blue ✔️ #Instagram #ReyMysterio #Booyaka619

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Luke Joseph Biggs Ryan Bissell
Risky Helmy Follback
Sascha Grundmann Rey Mysterio Legend
Enes Meşe buyaka buyaka
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Haisgkana aghzywvoepapaap

Had to get this Shot! Outside where @schwarzenegger lived as a child full of dreams! #DreamsBecameReality #WeAllHaveTheRight2Dream #ItsUp2You2MakeThemReal #StayHungry

8.3k reactions 94 comments
Sreejith Ramachandran Love you 619
Giovanni Rojas Castro OMG
Alex Steel Woooow 619
Kunaal Mark Prasad Farisha here you go! you're welcome!
Kamal Sunori #___հҽɾօօօ____ɑԹղɑ,__ҍհɑí

Next stop Klagenfurt! @rootsoffight 'S Mr.J Robinson out here with me enjoying The scenery! 💯unbelievable! 🌲⛰🕍

3.0k reactions 52 comments
Diyar Tümen Booyaka booyaka 619
Jack Jocker Woow que bien te vez sin mascara
Savvy Ella Fallsburg Ah ha so that's what you like like 😎
Jitendra Razzpurohit love u 619
Elisabeth Akdogan good luck for your fight tonight 😁

Catch Wrestling World Grand Prix 2017!!? Salzburg 8/30 Klagenfurt 8/31 Leibniz 9/1 Vienna 9/2 Back Home 9/3 @prideofmexico @619iamlucha @bambikiller_official

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بحبك - B7bk #هاام هل تؤمن بالحب من علي الفيس بوك ؟✋😍 ♥ اتمنى ان تدخلوا صفحتي وتشوفوا #آالبوستات الي بكتبها 💚 ♥ لو عجبتك اعمل (#لايـــك) (Y) للصفحه 💯👑
Andres Alonso Felipinez Garrido Vuelve a la WWE
Arjun Aju When will you Return to WWE
Kerem Tugay Erkan Return to wwe
Hairul Ardi Pertamina Ndvkakka k bsee 😊

Vienna arrival, flight was incredibly confortable & now we have a 3hr road trip to Salzburg! #Austria #CWE #WorldGrandPrix17

8.8k reactions 107 comments
Mohamed Basith Abdul Ijaz mask at airport
Faith Danielle Pelino 619
Katie Átsà Joseph 😍😍😍
Faith Danielle Pelino Rey Mysterio 619
Cldo Maiki Rospigliosi Quispe Rey Misterio 619

Austrian Airlines! Vienna here I come! #1st

5.6k reactions 104 comments
Mostafa Shawky ولا ولا ولا البس القناع يلا
Ericson Maf Nicolás España dachte erstmal das ist azad Hahahahahaha
Faith Danielle Pelino Rey mysterio 619
Enrique Torres Mendoza Pongase la máscara! :(
Juan Carlos Vidrio Charles el mundo ya no es como antes.jpn

Even though it was brief, Always love catching up with one of my real homies @chrisjerichofozzy Always so much to talk about but not enough time! Love u WeWeToo #NeedPodCaatTime #LookingForward🛳⚓️ #SPLX

9.4k reactions 99 comments
Brenda Whiteley Great photo the both of you
Jameson Mckenzie Aaron Ducret this made my year
Justice Mamphweli Booyaka booyaka! 619
Resul Yasir Demetgül Pls return to wwe Jericho and rey
Tyler Paradon wwe return confirmed

Let's Go!

7.9k reactions 100 comments
Mădă Dumitru Pe ProTv patroane?
Héloïse Collard So disapointeeeeeed
Renzo Guerra Chipa Ya empezo la pelea .....entre mis padres 😐
Frank Martinez Notice how the ref keeps looking at Mcgregor
Heidi Quade McGregor was not pleased And Alexander Wolfe Is Alex Tischer from Germany. Also won.
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