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‪Great to have my nephew Mattiece Hansen visiting from Belgium. Digging the hat.‬ Hendrick Motorsports New Era Cap

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Donna Goins Talbert Welcome to the US. My mom is from Belgium.
Casey Rush Like that hat.
Gringito Zuniga Nop
Diane Smith Cool
Lorita CarrNelson Welcome, have fun! :)

Today’s Talladega Superspeedway race has the makings to be spectacular. #NASCARPlayoffs, stage & playoff points mixed with chaos. 👍🏻👍🏻 2pm EST.

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Sue Cooper Waskowski Do you really read this ? Long time fan
Barbara Gill Schoonover We are so excited!!
Nicholas Shinners Yeah 10 years ago:(
Anne Lowery Goooo Dale Jr
JohnandAmanda Mellott lol, Playoffs

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that a JG/24 shirt & hat I see? I always pictured Martin Truex Jr. as a Earnhardt Sr. or Mark Martin fan!

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Robby Anschuetz He still has the same haircut. Lol
Joe Piraino Epic!
Jesse Baeten And yet drives a Toyota
Brenda Arnold He also got #3 on selve
Julie Duchesne-Langlois Hahahahahahaha!! So funny!! Nice pics!!

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Ingmar Pots Robert Klein Nagelvoort
Marlon Maronesi Giovani Maronesi Jackson Maronesi
Cody Johnson Bird Scott Bird
Tanya Haskins I. Glad. You. Please. Come. Back. A. 24. Narcar. Track.
Gary Ruff Wow!!

“I was not the best race car driver; I wasn’t the best communicator; I probably wasn’t the best spokesperson. But what I was really good at is seeing an opportunity and trying to make the best of it.” #TeamJG

NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Speaks to Hickory Sportsman’s Club About Hickory, State of Racing
NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Speaks to Hickory Sportsman’s Club About Hickory, State of Racing

The list of past speakers at Hickory Sportsman Club meetings is a decorated one. Jeff Gordon was added to the list that includes Brett Favre, Pete Rose &...

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Freddie Riley You were the VERY BEST of everything NASCAR had to off!! Not watched since you left!! It's not about racing anymore!! The very best NASCAR had to offer is gone now!!
Tammy Askins Jeff you are so humble!! Definitely the best😊 I can't watch it anymore without you racing. So glad you have a life outside of nascar. I miss you so much😣😣
Ymmij Selasor Gnaf When i migrate to states back in '97 i know nothing about nascar, but i became a fan of him since i watch him won in the california motor speed way at fontana!!
Doreen Dorn Allen You were an awesome driver and a great spokesman for NASCAR. Have not watched since you left. Too many new rules.
Lourdes Gonzalez No one could replace Jeff #24 awesome driver I don't watch the tracks anymore is not the same without Jeff..miss you on the and friends says I got my driving from Jeff...

Sad to see the devastation being caused by the wildfires near my hometown Vallejo, CA. 🙏🏻

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Vicki Miller It certainly is a terrible thing. Sad. Sending prayers to all ❤️🙏❤️🙏
Casey Kirk Hubby and niece are stranded there until roads open back up.
Patty Netolicky I wondered about the winery!
Charlotte Martin Did the fire reach your winery up near Napa?
Patricia Hoskins Powell My prayers are with you Jeff that all will be safe for you 🙏🙏🙏

Awesome! Congrats Jordan Taylor, Ricky Taylor, Wayne Taylor Racing & Cadillac!

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Jodie K Lesh Way to go! Congrats!!!!!
Jeffrey Lee Jones Awesome
Ashley Weaver Cool!! Congratulations WTR 🏁
Ann Messina Meek Awesome Job!! Congratulations!!

Appreciate my buddy Brad Paisley performing and stopping by to support NASCAR/Hendrick Motorsports & always bringing the humor with him. 😂👍🏻

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Jill Longo I'm going to go now to get in line. 2 of my favorite men.
Pam Trinkle Love it when these two are on the stage together❣️💯
Stacy Lynn Evans My 2 FAVORITE GUYS, ever!!!!!
Jodi Mettert-Buehner I can't fully describe how much I love this picture. ❤❤
Caren Branson No better compliment than when they pick on you! Too funny. I'll stop by for cheese!😄

Timeline Photos

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Shirl Frazier Cibrone Did good Jeff !
Lavelva Tucker Awesome Jeff.
Sandy Hough Gr8 job, Jeff. DVR set for final laps 2nite. Good luck to #10.
Charlotte Martin Very disappointed that most of it was on FS2, don't get that channel here.
Sue Curtice Been watching since 5 pm and NO JEFF.

‪📺: Tune to FS1 for FOX Sports coverage of IMSA's Petit Le Mans from Road Atlanta.‬ ‪Full details ->‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

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Fred Zadek Jeff.Gordon the man
Loretta Sportiello Dutcher watching jeff. great job
Jack Niziurski A great course.
Jeffrey Schneider Good Job! FS2 Video quality sucks!
Susan Kittle Green Psalm 150

Do you plan on watching the season-ending IMSA Petit Le Mans broadcast from Road Atlanta? Scheduled to be part of the broadcast team tomorrow, which will air on FS1, FS2 & FOX Sports Go. Here are the details & schedule -> #TeamJG

848 reactions 21 comments
Dianne Johnson Yes we will be watching. Cool picture.
Liz Sticklen Blackford Yes I will so I can see u!
Jason Lane I see you...
Shirl Frazier Cibrone Yes will be watching !
Tanya Haskins You. Better. Back. A. Nascar. Races.

‪I see you, Fabolous. Like the throwback style!‬

1.5k reactions 57 comments
Hunter Ernesti Lol well then. I have a class ring that has jeff gordon on it and i just took my senior pics in my jeff gordon winston cup jacket.
Kay Swanson I have the jeff gordon shoes that would complete that outfit
Davis Nina It's all #24 Fabulous all the way.....
Alice A Jeter I still own that shirt in the picture. Loved wearing it.
Joey Lowery That was the best car on the track, the rainbow Chevrolet!

727 reactions 29 comments
Doug Demers Ant Demers
Jeremy Wolfe Lori Hastie Wolfe
Deborah Crittenden Daniel Crittenden
Wes Polston Matthew Mulvania
Jeff Whitehead Dustin Hulett

Giving away 3 promo codes to download the audiobook for free -> Comment below & join the email list for chance to win -> #TeamJG

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Louise Larue ... Would like to read it, but my english is not good.... is this Jeff Gordon book will be publish in french language...?? Hope so... :-)
Sandra Diamond Nicholls Would love the opportunity to win the code for an audiobook!! I can’t wait until the 2018 season & you being in the booth for Fox!! Thanks Jeff!!😉
Jeannie Joseph I bought the book when it came out and enjoyed reading it very much. I would love to win the audio book. God bless you and your family, Jeff.
Jeannie Joseph Jeff Gordon, hope to see you at Martinsville. This is our third year going to Martinsville. We love this race especially the one you won at. Miss you racing.
Doris Warner I have your book Jeff! I learned a lot of things about you and your career that I did not know! I have followed you and your racing career for many years!

Sitting atop the #16 sprint car trailer circa 1985. More throwback photos -> #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #TeamJG

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Gary Kline Good ol days....
Mark Keyes First year in Nascar!
Donnie Rhoades Jeff Gordon Thats you up there
Dave Mackey Nice!
Kenny Sprinkle How cool is that Jeff

There's a new member of the family. New family photos -> #TeamJG

6.6k reactions 443 comments
Becky Gonzalez OMG!!!~~She looks Precious!!
Jodie K Lesh Such a cutie. I'm sure she won't be spoiled!!! 😉
Cynthia Bond So Adorable love her xo🐶🐾❤️
Nikki Thompson Tyler Thompson 😍😍😍😍 See Bristol def. needs a frenchie now!
Lily Begley Welcome to your new family Penelope

Robert Yates was one of the fiercest & most respected competitors the 24 team ever went up against. He will be missed.

3.2k reactions 114 comments
Buddi Gammage So sorry. He was truly one of the good guys.
Sharrel Hildebrand Nyman So sorry to hear this. Prayers to his family.
Lowell Bennett 10-4. One of the all time innovated leaders of Nascar Racing
Laura Bonner RIP Richard Yates -- your taking the checkered & will be missed - condolences to family
Cathy Green Cathys husband says: RIP Robert Yates! Great owner, and great person!

Scheduled to be part of IMSA's 20th Anniversary Petit Le Mans broadcast team with FOX Sports this weekend. #TeamJG

FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth
FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth

FOX Sports Adds Analyst Jeff Gordon To IMSA Petit Le Mans Broadcast Booth - Jeff Gordon returns to sports car racing this weekend, working in the booth...

1.5k reactions 35 comments
Ernest Medina Good for you Jeff !
Nickolas Wolf So excited
Tanya Haskins Congratulations. Jeff. Gordon.
Lucia Mellema Congrats Jeff! Well deserved !
Joann Crowder Your the man congrats

In total disbelief of the horrific event in Las Vegas. Sincerest condolences to all affected by this tragedy.

2.8k reactions 55 comments
Paul Doyle Unbelievable praying for Vegas .
Kim Robbins Ehler Praying for them all
Lisa Pridgen Prayers for all of them
Maureen Harrison I pray the police can shed some light on this tragedy as to why this happened. Prayers to Las Vegas.

The future is bright for NASCAR with all the great young talent out there like William Byron!

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Marie Trammell Go William Byron
Bob Guge Jeff, NASCAR is dead nobody likes the chase or the stages. It's time to go back to the way it was. To the season champion not the 10 race champion. There is no such thing as a playoff in auto racing. This isn't basketball or football.
Daryl Dettmer 9 should go to Chase Elliott
Jerry Sheline Bryon needs a 24 on that car
Larry LeClear I'd rather watch the young guns now lease we some racing not someone going round and round

Excited to be part of this event. You're invited, so hope you'll be able to attend! Can't wait for Hendrick Motorsports fans to see these cars.

888 reactions 30 comments
Anthony Finkbeiner Brian Carter
Billy Perkins Rodney Dollar
Alex Hovorka Ryan Hovorka Paul Spittka
Tanya Haskins Please. Come. Back. To. Nascar. Jeff. Gondon. 24.
Chris Bond jeff please come back to nascar

Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Establishes $2 Million Endowed Chair for Pediatric Cancer at Levine Children’s Hospital

Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Establishes $2 Million Endowed Chair for Pediatric Cancer at Levine Children’s Hospital
Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation Establishes $2 Million Endowed Chair for Pediatric Cancer at Levine Children’s Hospital

Carolinas HealthCare System announced today a charitable commitment from the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation establishing a $2 million endowed chair in...

898 reactions 19 comments
Chris Wise 24 man very good man!!!!!!!
Greg Hopper Good on ya!
Pam Sumpter That's awesome Jeff
Donna Sprung FABULOUS!!!
Corey McManus You are the man Jeff....

313 reactions 4 comments
Greg Howard Jeff , your a class act.
Sandy Megill Geteles Thank you for visiting my niece today @ Levine Children Hospital. You lifted her spirits! ❤️
Jan Crego Jeff, you are truly an amazing person with a heart of gold. May God bless you and your beautiful family. Always your #1 Fan...24EVER
Vee Cautrell Wow Jeff ! That is some really exciting news ! You are such a blessing to your community wherever you go. May God bless you always.

Did you miss NASCAR on FOX's #RaceHub special, Made In Japan? It's an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at NASCAR’s historic journey to Japan in the 1990s. Full video -> #TeamJG

1.6k reactions 29 comments
Michael Poworoznik Wow so cool
Elberth Luna Winston cup was awesome
Miki Andiorio Still miss you Jeff.
Anthony Nelson That was AWESOME!!
Roxanne Augustine Wow I remember those days

Scheduled to speak tomorrow at Axalta Automotive Refinish's Corporate Social Responsibility Summit in Philadelphia. Details -> #TeamJG

537 reactions 12 comments
Edith Stockman My semi-retired driver forever..👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️
Judy Davis You'll do great!
Dianne Johnson Love Jeff.
Henry Hooks Keep up the good work enjoy
Freddie Riley love you Jeff!! you are the one!!

‪Cool to see Russell Westbrook wearing this vintage tee from 1995.‬ ‪#Respect #MVP #WhyNot #StyleDrivers‬

1.5k reactions 53 comments
Nix S S Mora-Taya i keep this
Caroline Thompson Love the shirt!!!
Elizabeth Anspach Dittner I have vintage Jeff Gordon wear
Antony Sdao the Black SS and Navigation. ..
Steve Nagel Yes!!!

64 reactions 0 comments

136 reactions 14 comments
Shirley Turner Johnston who won the race in Japan? RW?
Lisa Green Wow
Robert Wayne Booth Awesome
David Parker Sure do Jeff, enjoyed it immensely
Lisa Green Champ JG

‪27 years ago, I received a call at home in Indiana from Sir Jackie Stewart about being a F1 driver. Enjoyed a great moment reminiscing about what might have been. 😊‬

5.6k reactions 174 comments
Janet Strong Very glad you didn't, however you can win at anything that had wheels!
Robert Campbell 2 incredible racing legends, standing together!! There's a lot of history in this photo! Awesome! 😃
TJ Garrison Two of the truly greatest drivers of all time. 7 Championships between the two! Also pure talent all around.
Shawn Dukes if you came to f1 and even drove one time at indy id support you just like i have for the past 23 years i know indy was your first love and its mine as well
Ty Justesen I have no doubt you would have been a great F1 driver but I am so happy you didn't go there you've been my driver since you drove for Gene Davis 24 ROCKS

‪A big win deserves a big celebration. Congrats Lewis Hamilton!‬

649 reactions 19 comments
Steve Utgaard 😎😎😎😎😎😀😀😀😀
Steven Chicharito LEWIS!!!!!👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Patsy Crandon Congratulations🍾
Carlos Eduardo Santos Lima Congratulations,sou um grande admirador seu daqui do Brasil..
Ashley Weaver Congratulations to Lewis 🏁
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