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Big thanks to Danica Patrick, Stewart-Haas Racing & FOX Sports for making this awesome #VisorCam view happen this weekend at Sonoma Raceway.

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Shane Lemmons D was wheelin that 10 car well done!!
Earl Morford Thanks Danica!
Tom Jacques The inevitable wreck will look like your there
William Parker Wow we can see the crash from a whole new perspective
Robert Fry She scares me , I thought she was going to wreck with me there in the car !

Look forward to having Loraine Treadwell be part of this weekend's #JeffGordonVIP Experience group again at Sonoma Raceway. She's driving this car to the track. Full story -> #TeamJG

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David J Clark Jr. I could use a new one mine is starting to rust. Love the car but these cleveland winters are killing it.
Randy Smith My wife's was totaled also.... and she was badly injured. She's been absolutely sick ever since...
Patty Furl Herdlick This is why I Love Jeff Gordon! So glad I got to do the VIP Experience in Charlotte the last 2 years.
Donna Schwartz I have a 2003 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo #94 of 2424! Love it!!! Haven't seen very many in Canada
Traci Estep Still have mine in Chillicothe, OH. 14,000 miles and everything is original. Love my #24 car!

Ella celebrating her 10th birthday! New family photos posted. #TeamJG

Family Photos - Summer 2017
Family Photos - Summer 2017

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at family photos of Jeff Gordon, Ingrid Vandebosch, Ella and Leo from summer 2017.

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Marilyn Sue Graley Casto Happy Birthday Ella🎈 from West Virginia,and many many more to come, enjoy your day 🎈🍦🎂🎇🎆✨🎈
Carol Howard Great pics, thanks for sharing. Gosh the kids are growing up fast.
Patty Calicutt Thank you so much for taking the time to share your family photos with your fans & have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 🎈 🎊 🐘 Ella!!
Debbie Fischer Happy Birthday Ella! We were there the day after you. So much fun!
Kathy Rollings Jackson Amazing how she looks so much like Ingrid & Leo is the spitting image of you! Gorgeous family!!

Less than 2 weeks remain for your chance to win! Get your Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Corvette program tickets here before they sell out -> #TeamJG

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Ron Randolph I have my ticket and waiting for your call
Lisa Butler Looks like storm from Cars 3.
Charlotte F. Layton Wonder what the neighbors would say if this 82 yr.old lady were to drive in with a car like this. Wow.
Donna Drucker Got my tickets. Your corvette would go great with my 2003 Limited edition Jeff Gordon SS Monte Carlo
Regina Denecke I have stage III cancer right now and I'm going to chemo at this time. Children are always precious and my heart goes out to them. I could only imagine what I'm going through if they have to go to it ,so I would like to donate

Fun NASCAR on FOX weekend ahead at Sonoma Raceway turning left & right! Can't wait to 👀 who brings the road course magic this weekend.

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Brock Page Bowyer
Jim Polston Enjoy you on the races! Go Rowdy!
Jimmy Bacchi Hate road courses
Tanya Haskins Jeff. Gordon.
Doreen Clemons Larson, Boyer.

Road To Race Day Trailer

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Matt Groseclose Bryan Joseph
Jorge Cardona Erin Cardona
Laura Ann Sines Dave Martinez
Chris Brooks What channels are they?
Jeffery Frost The Hendrick I want to see is JG at Martinsville

Great time hanging out with these #JeffGordonVIP fans at Michigan International Speedway. Awesome group from FL, IL, IN, MI OH, TX & Canada. Info ->

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Alma Baldridge We love u jeff
Ann Rowland Looking good as always.
Louis Gore Jeff you are an amazing person thank you!
Freddie Hamilton Nice guy good thumbs up!!
Lucy Gumm You have made some fans very happy.

Timeline Photos

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Mike Etter NASCAR is dying some of the older drivers like Gordon ,petty,, need to put france up against a wall and tell him to put it back the way it was. Get rid of the chase bullshit and heat races aka segments and put Bristol back the way it was in the 90s
Autumn Stelzl I don't enjoy NASCAR like I used to because there is too much talking and analyzing every single detail before and after races. What happened to the days of one hour of pre-race coverage, watch the race, and then a few interviews afterwards?
Denny Slaughter I wanted to take my Dad this weekend but ticket prices prevented that. Also I dont believe paying $80 a month for cable is justifiable when I only waych 4 or 5 hours of tv a week, if that. Thats why Im not supporting nascar financially any more.
Sean Carlson Teddy McDonald every single comment pretty much nails it on the head.... Nothing to do with start times. Ten years ago we would have watched races if they started at 3 am. Brian France should take all the blame. He should've just managed a Target in ...
Joe Catuogno There is no valid reason why NASCAR Cup races should be starting so late. A start time of 3:00 for an East Coast race is entirely too late for people to get home at a reasonable hour. This has the fingerprints of TV executives all over it. What ever ...

Photos from Ingrid Vandebosch's post

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Dyane Cuccarese Reime Great pictures of your kids
Lisa Reid Collins Beautiful kids, fabulous pictures.
Dana Hahn Thornton So sweet!
Stella Godbey They are beautiful
Micki Day adorable!!!

Like & share if you're ready for racing at Michigan International Speedway. Tune to FS1 or at 3pm ET for NASCAR on FOX. #TeamJG

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Doğan Yertüm Wow :p
Dizzy Marie Trammell Happy Father's DayJeff Gordon
Ashley Weaver Watching FS1 now ☺🏁
Shirley Newitt Happy Father's Day , Jeff
Vee Cautrell Happy Father's Day, Jeff ! Hope you have a great day.

Incredible finish on NASCAR on FOX for the NASCAR XFINITY Series race at Michigan International Speedway. William Byron may not have won, but very impressive driving. #FutureSuperstar

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Pete Yazzie Happy father's day Jeff Gordon
Theresa Farrell Was hoping he would have won. Kinda hoped DH would let up.
Patricia Binns Agree!!
Barbara Mcclenathan He sure did
Michael C Gonzalez Damn denny, should of just let him have it.

Did you miss the FOX Sports Radio interview with Doug Gottlieb last Friday? You can listen to it here -> #TeamJG

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Buddy Nicolet When are u racing something again. 🏁😎 Cmon man !!!!
Michael Poworoznik Great pic
Jamie Henn-Wood Know those eyes and love them
Ashley Weaver That was great ☺

Really enjoyed spending time with these #JeffGordonVIP fans at Pocono Raceway. Awesome group from ME, NH, NJ & PA. Info ->

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John McAnistan Jeff Gordon you are the man nice job again,
Derek Sizemore What's so funny? Feel left out. Lol
Louie Collins Would love to meet Jeff Gordon
Irene Gray Jeff, You are the best and always will be!
David Joel Robbins I These are two of my favorite pictures

“One of the things that’s really popped into my mind is the brake issues we’re seeing this year. We’re seeing less downforce in the cars and higher..." #TeamJG

Michigan: NASCAR on FOX Quotes & Programming Schedule
Michigan: NASCAR on FOX Quotes & Programming Schedule

“One of the things that’s really popped into my mind is the brake issues we’re seeing this year. We’re seeing less downforce in the cars and higher..."

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Michael V. Ophoven Slow them down and I'll stop watching
Ron Randolph I love watching fast hot rods but if safety is a issue then they need to slow them down. Take 20 to 50 mph off and the racing would be just as good.
Edith Stockman Iwas so glad that Jimmie and Jamie were ok.Iwatched that race when you hit the wall so hard,abd you were able to get out of the car.and was ok.
Adam Ruble Don't know if they need to slow them down....maybe. But yes, must adapt braking systems to new heavier loads....those wrecks were scary. Thanks for keeping this top of mind JG...i bet NASCAR is working on it.

Timeline Photos

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Ron Randolph Why to go 21
Janice Sharp If only Kyle had gotten 4 tires! 😭
Morgan Spier 😊😊
이준범 Jeff! good friend😎👍
Sherry Hayes Honn So glad you were wrong Jeff..Great race

Share if you're ready for racing at Pocono Raceway. Tune to FS1 or at 3pm ET for NASCAR on FOX. #TeamJG

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Doğan Yertüm Wow :p
Rodney Woods Yes
Sheldon Lustgarten Chase elloit 24 all the way
Edith Stockman 👍👍👍
Scotty Harness Ready buddy lets go racing.

Great job NASCAR on FOX with the #DriverTakeover & all the drivers for taking on the challenge. Fun to watch & a great finish to go along with it.

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Michelle Cline Watch?
Katie Hollowed They did a great job!!
Theresa Farrell Thought they did a good job.
Debbie Jenkins Buncic They did great
Eileen Hennings I liked it..

Tune into FOX Sports Radio's Doug Gottlieb Show at 4:20pm ET. You can stream it here ->, or listen on SiriusXM Radio Channel 83. Talking Pocono Raceway & the 2017 Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Corvette Program -> #TeamJG

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Timothy Walker Brandon 'Robs' Robertson
Doug White Need that car jeff.
Suzette Meyer Cossey ❤️💛💚💙💜
Robert Linda Rittman Goodness gracious love Jeff Gordon #24 forever.
Jeffrey Lee Jones Got me a ticket last week. It sure would look Great in my yard. With the Axalta rap on it.. Go #24EVER Team GOOOOOO.

857 reactions 22 comments
Steven Bourdeau Kurtis Cayer Shane Hamel Justin Bourdeau
Jared Willis Austin Willis Chris Willis Brittney Richelle Willis Gayle Willis Patsy Bradley Tiffany Richards Tjats and awesome simulation i want to drive lol
Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus noone does it like Jeff Gordon!
Jason Justis This looks like NR2003
Alexis Thompson I wanna do this

‪A pleasure to attend & support today's GOOD+ Foundation event benefiting families in need.‬

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Debbie Jenkins Buncic Jeff has always helped people good guy
이준범 Jeff! 🐸❤❤👍👍
Jackie Rhodes-Atkins Love me some Jeff Gordon 24/88/10
Luna Leverett Um.... Jeff Gordon AND Christopher Jackson?????? My heart can't handle it!!
David Hercey First class Champion! Thanks Jeff for all you do! God Bless!

Flames 🔥 were on the race car at an early age. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #TeamJG

About Jeff Gordon - Childhood Photos
About Jeff Gordon - Childhood Photos

Jeff Gordon was five when he began running laps at a makeshift racetrack in Vallejo, California, that he & his stepfather John Bickford converted from a...

550 reactions 11 comments
Hazel Boyer Wow
이준범 Boy Jeff! ❤👍//🐰
Rachel Neal Daley Awesome
Robert Hooper I remember that quarter midget
Jackie Rhodes-Atkins Love me some Jeff Gordon 24/88/10

Great time hanging out with these #JeffGordonVIP fans at Dover International Speedway. Awesome group from CA, MD, NY & PA. Info ->

480 reactions 7 comments
Ron Young Will you be doing a book signing at Michigan Speedway??
Ina Reesh Love you Jeff
Jackie Rhodes-Atkins Love me some Jeff Gordon 24/88/10
Suzette Meyer Cossey ❤️💛💚💙💜

Ella's shown an interest in basketball, so took her to a New York Liberty game at The Garden. 👍🏼 #lightshow #daddyslittlegirl

4.7k reactions 112 comments
Brenda S Chaplin-Chase Good for you - the WNBA sure doesn't get the press or celebrity the men do.
Trudie Lakus My son walks around in a retro 1970's Celtics jacket. :) here's to basketball :)
Dennis Marshall Sr That's great benefits of retirement. I was glad to see you and now jr retire. Enjoy life.
Diana Bozovich Nothing compares to family time. Keep up the great memories, for life's memory books.
Ryan Reid Cool! My 2 year old son & 2 month old daughter, just got done watching Gordon Gear on Mickey & the Roadster Racers.

I get asked a lot about my favorite paint schemes over the years. This is one of them! #ChromaLusion #LooneyTunes

7.6k reactions 393 comments
Craig Edlinski Best car was the Jurassic Park car w/ the T-Rex u dominated with that car so much they didn't allow u to race it again
Paul Youngs I have a diecast of the Superman paint scheme that has that same purplish base... it is badass...
Irene Gray Sorry Jeffy....but this is my favorite.....Rainbow warriors!!!!
Chris Lovati That was one of the best for sure. I loved the Peanuts car from 2000 too. The 2nd Bugs Bunny car got wrecked in qual and never made it to the race, correct?
Rob Mead I have this 1/24 scale die cast. ChromaLusion looks awesome! On the pole & put in the wall by Stirling! Richmond! 2001 still turned out pretty good!

You could get the phone call! Last year, David Rightler found out that he won a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette after buying a ticket to support children battling cancer through the Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation Corvette program. If you haven't gotten your 2017 ticket yet, be sure to get yours before they sell out here -> #TeamJG

1.6k reactions 104 comments
Rachel Sutton Helms How much are tickets and how do I get them ???
Jay Nadal Won mine from him, it is a great cause period!!!!!
Linda Bryant Jeff is so sweet, love him as a commentator now!
Trisha Weber Love you Jeff Gordon, miss you too on the track.
Kathy Hatfield Davis Always be a fan of yours. Miss you on the track.

‪It's almost time for racing. You ready?‬ ‪Tune to FS1 or at 1pm ET for NASCAR on FOX from Dover International Speedway.‬ ‪#TeamJG‬

658 reactions 25 comments
Paul Hendricks Can't watch no fsl NASCAR sucks
Rodney Woods Way too go Jeff Gordon miss the racing
Lisa Green Great race today Jeff 😎🚘🚘🚘
Todd Masters lets go 48!!
Valerie Pfitzer & it's off!
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