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The NFL probably thought this would blow over, but weeks go by and more and more American's are responding.

Look: Stadiums Empty Across US As NFL Backlash Hits New Level
Look: Stadiums Empty Across US As NFL Backlash Hits New Level

We all know why the NFL is struggling to fill their stadiums this year.

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Joe Solinski Good!
Kristi Lawrence-Breit Yes, this weekend hangover is gonna take a tad bit longer to shake because this is how most Americans feel so do not buy into the nonsense https://youtu.be/Z_DPWJy4xcU
Michael Bennett The customer is always right!
John Keenan Keep the pressure on
Jeff Rogers There was pro football games this weekend?

Better than a warm cup of coffee. Jump in this morning!

Today's Newsletter October 17 Edition

Today's Commentary: Situational ethics -- Hillary booed -- NFL players do it again -- NFL networks have a new plan -- Persecutions of Christians rising -- Additional Commentaries

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Barbara Roberts Absolutely do not suppress the playing of the national anthem. We may not like what we see but it won't be the first time we've been offended...#everysuperbowlhalftime
Virg Lynn If they stop playing the Anthem it will be the end of the NFL.
Cheryl Rex Mariner Absolutely offended by networks insult..its like,they think fans stupid
Helen Townsend I'd like to know how many of the protestors who think blacks are so oppressed in the US actually do something to help like supporting education, morals, work ethics, family values etc. There is so much that can be done other than take a knee or raise a ...
Jackie Dente Good question why are we bending to the minority here? What is it the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Done with the NFL I enjoyed the baseball game last night!

This is weird.

1.6k reactions 279 comments
Randall Vaughn Now the audio won't link up. Only black screen at YouTube?????
Darren Smith Looking more and more like Sandy Hook. A terrible tragedy with lives lost, covered up by authorities, then used as an anti-gun platform by liberals.
Joe Wiseman You can "find" a conspiracy anywhere, if you look hard enough with an inflexible, preconcieved mind
Jeaneene Davis Scogin Its an ongoing investigation...that's why
Angela Hill He is not able to look out at anyone. I think there is a gun being held to his head. (This is only a figure of speech)

We have a new poll question up on my website this morning: Do you agree with the TV networks' plan to stop showing the National Anthem on TV so viewers don't see any protesters? Vote using the link below. Results to be announced Friday.

3.1k reactions 5256 comments
Leigh Phillips No!! We will not be watching!! 😡
Thom Durbin Do not care, do not watch, do not purchase NFL gear, anymore.
Michael Tanner No..
Rick Qzo Mike Huckabee .......it doesn't matter to me anymore......I've committed to NOT watching any NFL games at all the rest of the year! THEY CAN ALL GO TO HELL.......PLAYERS, MANAGEMENT, AND SPONSORS!
Anissa Iverson Nope.

This guy...

482 reactions 357 comments
William Dalton nobody watchs jimmy kimmel any more do they
Debbie Espinet Who cares
Tricia Towne I would get the best doctors for my family money could buy if I had the means. However it bothers me some people feel the need to preach about healthcare. I wonder if Mr. Kimmel used I.e. Obamacare for his son
Annie Steadham 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Who cares!
Spiro Peter I never liked late night shows in the first place, but I try and watch what movies I like without politics.

Leave it to the US Marines to give us all a much-needed reminder of how to show for respect the American flag.

441 reactions 10 comments
Carol Qualls God Bless them
Caye Hughes YES!
Melanie Philip Not too hard of a feat to show respect for the traditions and meanings behind the flag and National Anthem. Those who choose not too are floating around in their own universe and have no idea of what it means to be American.
Philip Frady We respect the meaning of the flag when we respect the 1st Amendment. You sir disrespect the 1st Amendment.
Vickie Jones love the marines they are wonderful

Talk about bias.

Newsweek gives "values voters" new name
Newsweek gives "values voters" new name

Newsweek’s editors seem to have learned the same trick as the leaders of the radical left group Antifa...

295 reactions 56 comments
Diane Curcio ? What is wrong with these media suckers?
Dianne Blevins Snitchler I think we should all have to show proof of citizenship to register the first time.
Jan Risolio Thanks for the info Mr. Huckabee. I was wondering which so-called 'hate group' had the msm up in arms, now I know. OH, and by the way, your Ms. Sarah is AMAZING!!!!
Sue McLeod Who reads Newsweek? Not me.
Carol E Donaldson Newsweek has NO Values. They cannot comprehend the depth or height of the term!

Take a look at this and leave me a comment on my website. I read them!

Alabama school district bans "To Kill A Mockingbird"
Alabama school district bans "To Kill A Mockingbird"

The pendulum swings from left to right, but it keeps ending up in the same place.

1.9k reactions 1289 comments
Lane Conrad i would like to know what the voters/parents in the district are doing about the school district, since only THEY can stop this travesty.
Rick Qzo “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon.” ~Fahrenheit 451 :/
Michael Cherie Cherie No wonder no one grows up anymore!
Lori Coatney Lewis Very good book and one that has been required reading for as long as I can remember. This is one of the books that had me hooked on reading. Disgusting how liberals keep trying to change our core. More kids should be reading instead of learning how to ...
Georgia Cullen Barker Rather than banning something because it has politically incorrect content, it should open up a dialogue about that content and its historical context and how it relates to us today. We can't undo history just because of hurtful things. Believe me, ...

Chelsea Asked About Weinstein Donations... Her Weird Response Speaks Volumes

Chelsea Asked About Weinstein Donations... Her Weird Response Speaks Volumes
Chelsea Asked About Weinstein Donations... Her Weird Response Speaks Volumes

Apparently, she's not too keen to talk about Weinstein or or his money...

284 reactions 47 comments
Sharon Weiner Kustoff i always thought she was a little thick headed, but now i definitely know she is a coward
Doug Campbell Hope Harvey sings like a canary and outs the Clintons, and ALL the scumbags.
Kathryn Mary Benson Lovers of self, all of them.
Joe Al $750,000.00 is the correct number the Clinton Foundation received from Weinstein...
Stephen Finnegan The Clinton Crime Family doesn’t wish to part with any bribes, I mean donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and Money Laundering Operation.


2.7k reactions 112 comments
Will Byrd This is no time for anyone defending the foul creature that is Donald Trump to point to the sexual indiscretions of others. DJT is as vile and as much a sexual predator as anyone who has ever been in that office.
Heidi Lynne Why I could never be "with her" because she will always be "with him". Hillary is the biggest hypocrite and I'm beyond disgusted that self proclaimed femanists continue to stand by this joke of a couple.
Victor Bare II Hillary writes a book of excuses. Chelsea writes a children’s book telling young girls and women to ‘persist’ - unless you’re a female Trump supporter according to her mom. What’s next? Slick Willy Clinton writing a book on dating?? The grifter’s that ...
Michael Bussee Abby Huntsman brought up that moment from the interview and asked Huckabee, “Has President Trump ever admitted to being a sexual assaulter?” Huckabee said, “I don’t recall that that’s ever happened.”

Congress Receives Bone-Chilling Warning About the Results of a North Korean EMP Attack

613 reactions 156 comments
David C Oglesby ONE SECOND AFTER !!! #OneSecondAfter book. You will be surprised who in your family wont survive it.
Paul Hawkins Time to NUKE North Korea. :)
Bob Smith 90% of Americans would die? Try more like 90% of the idiots. The rest of us that grow, can, smoke or pickle food would be fine.
Joanne Maki Start living of the grid
Rafael Figueredo No more brakes , USA has to bomb this idiot , exactly like Reagan did with Libia in the 80's , Reagan put a brake in Libia we never hear from Gaddafi again

Amazing what you can find when you actually look for it.

364 reactions 20 comments
Charlene Lane Whoa!!!
Carolyn Davenport This is SO overdue. FBI & DOJ concealing the facts!!!
Betty Neville Two of a kind, both evil
Barbara Casteel Finally jail time for Lynch-Clinton

Just so I have “progressive principles” straight: NFL players have an absolute right to express their political views in the workplace without any repercussions. But if a restaurant owner expresses his support for the troops, the flag and President Trump, it’s okay for leftists to make death threats that force him to close his business for safety reasons and put his employees out of work. Do I have that right? I was still trying to figure out why it’s outrageous and illegal for Christian bakers to refuse to make a same-sex wedding cake but fine for a gay coffee shop owner to curse and eject Christian customers, and now I have to try to understand this one, too. I suppose I could wait for the usual liberal media outlets to bless us with thousands of words’ worth of rationalizations and hair-splitting, but I’ll just give you the two-word Reader’s Digest version: “Blatant hypocrisy.”

Discuss "Restaurant Forced to Close After Supporting Trump —
Discuss "Restaurant Forced to Close After Supporting Trump — 'People Threatened to Burn Down the Restaurant'"

"That is so sad... what in the world have we taught our children" "Well what did the restaurant do to deserve that threat???" "I don't understa

3.0k reactions 191 comments
Mary Francis I am not allowed to discuss politics or religion where I work. It keeps things harmonious. Football players are entertainers .. If the boss says no politics then that it the way it should be. If expressing their views is more important to them then ...
Brenda Deckard Jarrett It’s called double standards😡
Patricia Cartwright Canty Yeah, those tolerant, inclusive people on the left.
Yosanda Tabor The cake maker....
Ken Van Loon The liberal double standard in full view once again.......Amazing how the liberal always only wants to accept things that are "their way" and requires the conservative to "tolerate liberal view" but there isn't any place of the liberal to "tolerate ...

Jump in! You will like it.

Today's Newsletter October 16 Edition

Today's Commentary: Huck's Hero salute -- Iran's President responds -- Hillary's claim blows up in her face -- Geraldo reports -- "The High-Horse Cavalry" -- Additional Commentaries

232 reactions 35 comments
Sandy Houck She acts as if she is still campaigning!!!!
Jackie McBride Bolton Why won't she just go away??
Kitty Lewis Lawrence This woman is irrelevant. Why do we continue hearing whatever she says?
Shari Reichmuth Look forward to your comments daily.
Ronald Overholt Mike Huckabee is the best.

Media critics keep attacking President Trump for not fulfilling all his campaign promises after nine whole months in office, and it’s obviously annoying him, to judge by yesterday’s tweets. After all, it’s not as if he has a Republican Congress to help him pass his agenda (oh wait…never mind!) Pundits also constantly compare him unfavorably to the perfect Barack Obama. Okay, then: let’s take a look back at Obama’s first year in office and see exactly what he managed to accomplish in his first 12 months. Warning: it’s not a very impressive list. Well, unless you count winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but that was sort of a gimme.

425 reactions 54 comments
Marshall Johnson Boo Hoo
Kelly Lake Go DJT, greatest thing that EVER happened to this country!!!! 💝
Ted Belben The Nobel Peace Prize awarded Obama was premature and simply encouragement for his pursuit of the ultra left wing / socialists new world order agenda. I'm sure Obama had no concerns of them baiting him... Looking back, over his 8 years in office, what ...
Hope Stephens Huckabee jealous much???
Jeremy Wells BORDER WALL LABOR COST SOLUTION JEREMY WELLS·MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2017 They say it costs 12 to 24 billion to build it; Mexico refuses to pay for it….. The Border Wall was the most important thing Trump ran on and the people voted on….. Liberals want to ...

Hillary Clinton decried the lack of empathy in Europe and the US, as she accepted an honorary degree at a college in Wales while some students booed and jeered her and shouted that she was a “fascist.” Well, at least now she can empathize with every Republican who’s set foot on a campus in the past year or so.

Hillary Clinton Greeted by Boos, Shouts of
Hillary Clinton Greeted by Boos, Shouts of 'Fascist' on Way to Receive Honorary Doctorate - Breitbart

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was greeted by boos and shouts of "fascist" on her way to receiving an honorary doctorate.

2.1k reactions 149 comments
Rochelle Blaszczyk Are we sure it wasn’t the Nobel Prize? They seem to handing that out as if it’s a participation trophy these days. Maybe that’s next year.
Steph Tram what is an honorary doctorate? does she get the credit without doing the work? Sounds like everything she has done to this point already.
Linda G Trotter The welcome she deserves!! Lol
Christopher Spagnola Hahahahahaha, Eat me witch.
Norma Williams We all have things in our lives we deem unjust but I've learned when you focus on the negative all you get back is negative...Our Country is in a negative focus. I'll give you the answer...It's Jesus Christ, if we put our faith in him and focus on him ...

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has a response for European leaders who are blasting President Trump for decertifying Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. In a nutshell: easy for them to say, when Iranian leaders are chanting “Death to America” and not “Death to Belgium.”

'They're Not the Ones the Threats Are Coming To': Haley on Europe's Response to New Iran Strategy

The U.N. ambassador also discussed the rumors of turmoil between Tillerson and Trump.

1.5k reactions 69 comments
Maria Rushby Right on!
Russell Young Europe is so overrun with Islam they do not care about us or Iran! They will be a caliphate soon anyway!
Dan Cesario Maybe it's because the Islamists have already taken over Europe.
Rodolfo Cruz All this European so call leaders are full of shut.
Paula Gervais She is a REAL Ambassador! We have never seen the likes .Born for such a time as this ..

Newsweek Has a Disgusting New Name for the Values Voter Summit

Newsweek Has a Disgusting New Name for the Values Voter Summit
Newsweek Has a Disgusting New Name for the Values Voter Summit

Newsweek has always been nothing but a liberal rag.

504 reactions 94 comments
David Vosteen Newsweek is not a credible magazine....LOL...nothing but a liberal rag.
Joseph Keeter Absolutely detestable. Even for progressives.
Matt A Krueger it's like there not even trying to cover up their vitriol any more
Dean Weaver Newsweek is trash
Michele Arnone Governor, I enjoyed your New TBN show. It's different than anything I have seen on TBN. ... Turn Up the Music. Turn it On Loud. Take a Few Chances, Let it All out. You won't Regret it ... It's how you Live.

Something else.

Couple Found Themselves Surrounded by Fire...Then They Jumped In
Couple Found Themselves Surrounded by Fire...Then They Jumped In

Running out of options, this couple did the only thing they could...

385 reactions 12 comments
Jacqueline Landolt Wow. what an amazing story!
LaVon Walker Think I read where she did not survive - after they "walked out" ?
Cari Kent So scary, I'd probably of died of a heart attack. These are very brave and very blessed people. I'm happy they made it out alive.
Liz Hartlove I can't imagine how scared they must have been. Glad they made it.🙏🏼
Catherine Marie Elledge-Pangburn Good thinking..

As North Koreans Continue to Starve, Here's What KJU's Been Building

162 reactions 21 comments
Timothy Paul Holten The world's largest chocolate fountain? A royal palace made of actual gingerbread? The world's largest bacon sandwich where the bread for the sandwich is made of pop tarts?
Wesley Yisrael Bryan YIsrael "GOD BLESS AMERICA," Why? because it is the "LAND THAT I LOVE", but reading the Holy Scripture, Repentance comes before blessing! come to think of it, America murdered millions of Native Indians, give them blanket filled with smallpox, and you want The ...
Bruce Schorr Take him out and be done
Lynn Shields He is not starving so why should he care . He kills his people at the drop of a hat. I hope someone take this man out of this World soon.maybe he will drown in that pool he is having built

Donald J. Trump just sent Kim Jong Un a massive nuclear message...

1.6k reactions 48 comments
Ronald Calvin Sexton Trump and Moon tried being nice. Kim wasn't having any of it.
Nancy Williams Piglet is about to kill all of North Korea. The earthquakes he created by all his testing has created a dilemma for himself and others. Smaller earthquakes are still happening and the land is shifting. It could all collapse in on them. And the leaks ...
Fakazi Maramba Trump is just making an idiot of himself by making empty threats .The North Korean problem can just be solved through diplomacy and nothing else.
Michael Sensai Wabaunasee Jr. Wake up call, li'l idiot!!

This video is going to make Barack Obama furious... and have Donald J. Trump fans cheering.

Watch: 58 Seconds Guaranteed to Give Obama a Heart Attack
Watch: 58 Seconds Guaranteed to Give Obama a Heart Attack

They just silenced anyone insulting the American flag....

2.7k reactions 97 comments
Tony Tauber Why r we still talking about Obama
Amor Tan Praise God for the POTUS
Rita Belanus-Eckes Be safe guys
Ed Santora Jr. Dear Gov. Huckabee, This would have been even more powerful minus the writeup and captioning. The video itself skipping over what I just described was powerful. All the verbiage clouds it and politicizes it. Oh how I believe the post would be much ...
Rose Brooks Prayers for their safety. God bless them.

As I sometimes like to say...BOOM.

12.1k reactions 366 comments
Jeannine Grundstrom Thank God for your daughter! Coincidently, it’s amazing how Muslims are praised and honored for praying outside in public, but Christianity is vilified in our society!
Paula Falcone Ruffo She is a great role model. Nice job Dad. ❤️
Linda Bounds Powell Great Job Sarah...
Tom Tarrant Keep up the good work Sarah.
James Michael Simmons When will the socialist media learn this lady is 100 times smarter than they are?

He tried to delete his tweet ...but that didn't prevent twitter from blowing up.

669 reactions 136 comments
Jeannine Stricker Bye bye
Terry Michael Colins He doesn't get...private contractor...so what caused his demise?🤔
Kathy Garner Bye
Robin Ladue Oh, look.. another fake Christian who onkkky wants money and lies....how unusual.. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/10/12/1706478/-Roy-Moore-was-paid-around-1-000-000-from-his-charity-that-he-said-he-didn-t-take-money-from
Robin Ladue I guess fuckabee forgot about this.. and his psychopathic own hanging and shooting a dog.... Here's drumpf in his own words.. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/08/us/donald-trump-tape-transcript.html

Janet Jackson is breaking her silence after her marriage to Wissam Al Mana, and she's talking about what it was like being "a traditional wife who stuck with Muslim traditions."

Janet Jackson Breaks Silence... What Marriage to a Muslim Was Really Like
Janet Jackson Breaks Silence... What Marriage to a Muslim Was Really Like

Michael Jackson's famous sister ended up "like a prisoner..."

4.7k reactions 367 comments
Wendy Lewis Stagner http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx
Maria V Medina Krause A very special kind of stupid
Tony Sanchez Publicity stunt
June Taylor Is this supposed to be a shocker? And now that she has a child with him...especially a BOY...she better not ever leave him alone with his dad. Wouldn't be at all surprised if that ended in a kidnapping.
Carlos A Castillo Surprise surprise.

Shock: Top Actress Makes Dramatic 1-Year Admission About Weinstein... Cue the Outrage

Shock: Top Actress Makes Dramatic 1-Year Admission About Weinstein... Cue the Outrage
Shock: Top Actress Makes Dramatic 1-Year Admission About Weinstein... Cue the Outrage

This well-known liberal actress just made a shocking admission about Harvey Weinstein and what she has to say will blow you away. Wow!

677 reactions 167 comments
Julie Nichols Jane Fonda has always held despicable views. She sided with the enemy while American soldiers were dying in Vietnam by sitting with the enemy leaders. Do you think I am surprised that she quietly sat by while young actresses were abused. Not on your ...
Jimmy Waits She's ashamed of that, but not ashamed of being a traitor
Neal Armagost Just bold when she is 💩 ing on the military . Never forget , never forgive .
Sandra Leverett Every one of these actresses and actors are accomplices to the victims......
Jazzy Ramsey I don't feel sorry for those women..they had a choice to expose them years ago and they didn't because they wanted fame. How many children or young adults killed themselves over this? How many of those young lives could have been saved from drug abuse ...

I love stories like this one:

201 reactions 3 comments
Jean Campo-Chuchiak You are the greatest. Enjoy all your comments on fox.

A salute to a man's heroism and sacrifice in the middle a terrible tragedy.

A Huck
A Huck's hero salute to Peter Lang

Lang’s home was lost to the fire, but he said, “I did not lose a single animal. It is amazing.”

360 reactions 15 comments
JoEllen Barr Amazing. Thank you, Lord, for protecting this man, family and the animals.
Carole Hines GOD BLESS HIM..
Jennah Paul God bless him!
Martha Macon Nannette Herroon Dasher
Sara Carlington Thank you so incredibly much for your decision to stay!


843 reactions 33 comments
Bill Barber This pathetic sorry excuse of a man is a disgrace to the uniform. Hope he goes to prison and only leave there on a gurney for his trip to the morge. Life without parole.
Johnie Miner My prayer for full recovery and her husband to the state pen for life
Carrie O'Shea You are awful 🖕
Michael Quigley Holy mackerel, Andy.
Shelly Thompson Henning Praising God she is alive! May she make a full recovery and live happily ever after and may he live behind bars ever after!
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