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Helen Carol Hamrick Jarrell Amen!
Cordelia Bay Yes and Amen.
Gand Mhume Trusting Father, Son and Holy Spirit!!!
Donald J Holland Perfect timing Amen
Anita Edwards Bridges Amen

Another very positive story:

Waitress Left IN SHOCK After She Sees Note "Cowboys" Left Her On Receipt
Waitress Left IN SHOCK After She Sees Note "Cowboys" Left Her On Receipt

...could have been uncomfortable, to say the least.

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Richard Wierzba God bless America!
Jay Sweningson As it should be...Americans first.
Elizabeth Hillery Go USA !
Opal Galloway Benge Amen
Barbara McPartland Is that Obama?

New poll shows good & bad news for Trump. The good news: if he believed polls, he wouldn’t be President now.

New Fox Poll Emerges With Stunning News For Trump Many Didn
New Fox Poll Emerges With Stunning News For Trump Many Didn't See Coming

"... his core supporters are cheering the fulfillment of nearly all of the major campaign promises ..."

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John Spencer Cohen Depending on who you ask, you can make the polls say anything you want.
Shirlean Norris Alexander Need to stop with the polls. They are unbelievable to begin with and who do they poll? Mostly liberals.
Kelly Plaas Great statement. I am not sure the American people believe in polls at all these days.
Allen Fintzel I bet if you took a poll you would find that 100 percent of the libturds still think obama is president!
Connie Ohlman Bradish Polls are useless. No one has asked us or our friends. WE continue to support Trump. Congress needs to go to work or we are going to VOTE THEM OUT.

In Arkansas!

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Nancy LaPorte Yuk
Ann Shrewsbury crazy
Virginia Sue Self Can't go back to WalMart now!
Neil Backman 😂😂😂
Sheri Avery A lot of someone's hates Wal-Mart

Husband Of "Happy Days" Star Erin Moran Releases Letter After Her Death. Reveals Truth About Last Days

2.8k reactions 130 comments
Becky Doolittle Kepler Thanks for giving us the truth about Erin's death. May God bless you with strength and comfort.
Betty Samples RIP sweet girl! In my mind "you'll always be the sweet girl on Happy Days"!
Patricia Jost Poor thing ,May the perpetual light shine upon her may she rest in peace Amen.
Connie Kelly Sound like she loved and was loved to the very end. What more could you say
Charlotte Widener Ikerd Incredibly sad how fast the disease and/or treatment can take a life.

We can only hope!

May 2017 Might Be Obama
May 2017 Might Be Obama's Worst Nightmare

He'll be crying real tears when he hears about this.

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Nancy Williams Fake tears Loser. YOU screwed America. Get lost. We don't want need or desire to ever see your face again.
Revis Rose Lied about everything dry those fake tears
Connie Harrison Henslee Mr Huckabee, why can't all of Obama's records be unsealed now that he left office?
Carol Hobbs-Powers How sad that people are happy when others cry. How did they decide to hate so much? Is there any caring in them anymore?
Susan L. Rogers I'll believe it when I see it. So far the Republicans have been a total let down.

Congratulations to the hugely influential Dr. James Dobson on celebrating 40 years in broadcasting. I know him to be one of the first to realize that silence on moral and political issues would allow cultural and family values to crumble into sand and drift away. Remember the 1970s? The “Me Generation”? Divorce and “open marriage”? Legalized abortion? The coining of the term “latchkey children”? Dr. Dobson saw a crying need, left academia in 1977 and opened a two-room office to form what would later become a worldwide ministry called Focus On The Family. You may have heard of it. For a richly detailed account of his career in broadcast ministry, and his own look back, click here.

James Dobson Reflects on 40 Years in Broadcasting: I Will Never Apologize for Defending Unborn, Marriage
James Dobson Reflects on 40 Years in Broadcasting: I Will Never Apologize for Defending Unborn, Marriage

James C. Dobson, one of the most respected and influential American evangelical leaders, is marking his 40th year in broadcasting, having reached hundreds of millions of people over the decades ministering to marriages and families.

3.7k reactions 74 comments
Darla Eubanks Love Dr Dobson!! Absolutely one of the first to shine light on the family crisis in America! 💜
Revella Hice WE prayed in Donald TRump ! GOD has a plan we just have to stay in prayer... God will give America the victory because this is his Country !
Robin Moore Swell guy. He previously occupied the house we bought in Arcadia. Wrote his book Dare to Discipline there.
Katie J Taloff Thank you James Dobson. You helped me parent with confidence!
Hope Wilcox Zagardo If you asked 1000 thousand people I bet only 1 would know this man...

As I mentioned earlier, the US. Commission on International Religious Freedom has released its Annual Report for 2017, and it’s not without controversy. Yes, it managed to leave Egypt off its list of “countries of concern,” among other things. But guess what nation did make the list this year?

Add Russia to State Dept. List of Worst Religious Freedom Violators, USCIRF Says
Add Russia to State Dept. List of Worst Religious Freedom Violators, USCIRF Says

The panel responsible for advising the United States State Department on international religious freedom issues has recommended that Russia be listed for the first time as a "country of particular concern" for violating religious liberties.

114 reactions 18 comments
Richard Jakubowicz If Russia is against Islam I think it is a good thing.
Don Krogol I guess Mike's Bromance with Putin has ended.
Ray Watts Shared
James Osborn Add Russia? What about our own nation?
Jon Lake There is no religious freedom in any Islamic country.

Hillary Clinton may be out of the government (sigh of relief), but the scandals keep right on coming.

1.3k reactions 114 comments
Peggy Clay One day soon, she will get her due! She will regret the day she was born......
Reveille Blackburn And so on and so on things keep coming to light BUT absolutely nothing happens to her/Bill!!! Ridiculously pathetic!!!
Debbie Miles Bailey And yet no one seems to do anything about it!!!!! It's not right....
Connie Landrith Riddle Keep the evidence coming and maybe the left will renege on their claims of how wonderful she has been and still is.
Gayle Polis Hillary is a criminal. One day God will allow her to be caught

The craziest story you will read on the internet.

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Sandra Schleicher Thank you God. You work in mysterious ways.
David Straessle Wooooooooo! pig spooie!
Catherine Ryerson Thank you Lord!
Ed Lentz Nonsense....
Gordon Vale squeal team six

Hopefully China keeps pushing to keep NK in line.

2.5k reactions 94 comments
Dave Malaki President Trump will be very wise to allow China to handle N.Korea. Seems the Russians too are very unhappy with Kim...
Kenny Mckibben N.K. Military is a circus. I doubt if they would last 2 hours against us without help.
Heike Johnson Spoiled entitled evil baby with too much power, how could China put up with him?
Sharon Rojas Someone needs to slap bowl cut boy a good one that engages his brain.
Gladys Cutts Moseley Just hope Russia stays out of this. They meddle in everybody;s business.

A round-up of tweets wishing a happy birthday yesterday to First Lady Melania Trump. Let me add my salutations and good wishes to those, as well.

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Nick Jethwani http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/04/27/trump_supreme_court_deportation_citizenship_argument_might_cover_melania.html - Imagine getting deported on your birthday!
Nancy Doane Wood Happy happy Birthday to our beautiful First Lady!
Carlene Summers Happy Birthdeay Melania. The years look beautiful on you!
Glenda Johnson Waterfield God bless you Melania.
Maryanne Hand Just love her..both of them

President Trump is pushing the red button in the Oval Office, but don’t panic. It’s probably not what you think.

Trump Has Special
Trump Has Special 'Red Button' In Oval Office That He Uses A Lot - Here's What It Does (Report)

"With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades..."

245 reactions 28 comments
Judythe Mclaughlin Love coke.
Tom Cortesio Sprite for me!
Ben Sheriff Everybody needs one of those..
Sonny Bell It is from Office Depot.
Tom N Dalila Salcido Not the "BS" button? 🙃

My daily dog story...

1.4k reactions 78 comments
Ann Bouchon Too sweet! But I hope she gets lots of help!
Lupe Sandoval-Hernandez Wholly cow! Poor mother dog.
Michael Praetorius Oh crikey? What the heck does that mean?
Lori Underwood The dog was over bred most likely
Kimberly Kelley AWESOME! The Ultrasound doesn't always show Everything!!!!

Just as liberals suddenly discovered states’ rights and the 10th Amendment the day after Election Day, so they have also become born-again deficit hawks, at least when it comes to one spending item.

522 reactions 83 comments
Denise Howard and where exactly does all that Global Warming Money go? Can we track that please?
Trudy Smith It would be nice if Al Gore would go into hiding and not surface for 20 years!
Earl Racer At least something will be accomplished if Trump spends the money!!!
Being Globalist I love when each side has to battle against it's own tactics. in god-vernment we trust.
Kelly Lemus Money will not stop what naturally is going to happen. I wouldn't give Gore one single penny for any reason.

Here’s how you can tell that a Republican President has replaced a Democrat

ATF Surrenders, Agrees to Big Policy Change for 2nd Amendment Fans
ATF Surrenders, Agrees to Big Policy Change for 2nd Amendment Fans

This is why having a Republican president can make all the difference!

1.4k reactions 36 comments
Greg Wilson Holden Wilson
Jared Mendell Kody Pfleiderer
Ross Mathison Chris Morgan
David Bagwell David Morrow
David TheDeacon Deaton Chance Scott

The media love covering protests when arrests go wrong. How about praising police who handled two risky arrests just right?

Siskiyou County, California: Not The ‘Hideout’ Criminals Had Hoped For
Siskiyou County, California: Not The ‘Hideout’ Criminals Had Hoped For

... the media has a duty to start highlighting and praising ...

214 reactions 6 comments
Teresa Doe they all look the same... prayers...
Willard Benge California only protects illegal alien criminals.
Sharon Holland Muse Sick nasty perverts lock out through away the key.
Derek McAdow Bailiff whack his PP
Tom McGillis Two scum bags hang em side by side

This is a much-overdue correction.

388 reactions 10 comments
Richard Smith More good work for The People
Joe Joseph This is a much-overdue correction: fUCKABEE.
Shareen Purcell Conservative Tribune and Western Journalism BIGGEST fake news sites ever!!!!! http://www.newsweek.com/2016/12/16/floyd-brown-maestro-media-manipulation-528591.html Critics say much of their content is, at best, misleading. . . . Not all of their stories ...
Benjamin S Sorenson This should've happened more than 50 year's ago.
Melanie Philip Trump is right.

I am sharing this so you can share it also. Please help fight the spread of drugs like this one.

4.3k reactions 217 comments
Trish Kells History Lesson: George H.W. Bush with his CIA ran the biggest Cocaine smuggling operation in US history. They funded & armed the Contra's by flooding America & addicting millions on cocaine.
Lillian Sanders It's not the drug it's the user or rather abuser. Those who truly need the drug will suffer if you keep preaching about how bad the drug is. It's the moral compass and knowing that snorting anything is just plain stupid.
Cheryl Beard My husband got an elephants dose. Nurses words. Of fentanyl after bypass. Lucky he is a weight lifter vitamin taker and my kids are emts that noticed the systems. But he went on life support the whole thing until the docs figured it out. This drug ...
Cassandra Todd Washburn Parents? Have you had the talk with your children/teens? Not the please don't do drugs talk but the actual this is what will happen. It will not have a happy ending but your kids need this talk before have the talk with the dealer. They also need the ...
Bill Kratzer lets see,? 8.2+ million arrested 2001-2010 for Cannabis ,Marijuana, Pot, ... No one wants that.Pots KILLS, RIGHT ? so the OPIOIDS that are the NEW SAFE WAY TO RECREATION ? Way to go. The Bath Salts and pills won't put you in jail.

“I see no data to support the notion that Gen. Flynn complied with the law,” Chaffetz said after reviewing classified documents pertinent to the case.

501 reactions 521 comments
Janet Uhl Left Shep immediately after the election! He is a turncoat! Seems to love any negative he can grab and presents himself as the judge and jury! Very sad, but many new contributors to FOX now lean left. Part of our democracy BUT, unwilling to ...
KentCharlene Durbin Shep has no special data that makes him an authority on this subject, but he does have an attitude, that we are familiar with, that he criticizes negatively everything the Trump administration does. For this reason, I dismiss anything he says, because I ...
Mark Brimmer I think now that the owner of Fox News is going to be run by the young boys, you will see a big difference in how fox news reports news. As for this dummy Shepard Smith he is as big of democratic liberal as they come.
Katy Fox Smith Why wasn`t Shepard accusing Hillary of all of her illegal activities and the obvious cover-up?? Apparently breaking the law doesn`t matter to Shep if it`s Hillary and the democrats. He`s such a hypocritical, liberal hack.
Sally Shafer I turn the TV off or change channels when this jerk is on! I can not stand to listen to him & I think he needs to be fired but would probably say something about being fired because of his beliefs.


Ex-Spy Who Wrote Infamous Trump Dossier Makes Stunning Admission That Changes Everything [Video]
Ex-Spy Who Wrote Infamous Trump Dossier Makes Stunning Admission That Changes Everything [Video]

"... one of the most reckless and irresponsible moments in modern journalism."

472 reactions 36 comments
Luanna Bibb I hope they get them all
Linda Storeim Kern Why am I not surprised?
Shawna Tristan Kill him...period
Cindy Collier Lovell Sounds like Steele got "Clintoned."
Hendrik Niekerk surprise, surprise!

After Russian Bombers Buzz US, Trump Plans Special Event on Putin's Doorstep...

767 reactions 33 comments
Susie Marie Stephens I miss Bill c
Susan Kaye Why is Putin acting like a liberal democrat?
Susan Gromacki Time for these two to meet.
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Danny Peeler Everything should not be posted on FB!

Timeline Photos

4.6k reactions 75 comments
Lou Gamber ABSOLUTELY! Amen
Jane Vollant Note to self!
Carol Qualls Amen
Carolyn Lucas Amen!
Ted Loyd Amen

More North Korea news. None of it is good.

745 reactions 248 comments
Millie Plastaras its time all the haters in the US realized we are one country being threatened by a evil dictator. Stop blaming Trump, this Korean dictator has been a threat for decades to the US and the countries near Korea. George Bush called them part of the axis ...
Benjamin S Sorenson Why is the "target" alarming? Does the person(s) who write these headlines purposefully exaggerate headlines just because and to get clicks? In all seriousness if you do not realize any nation if smart would target navy ships to limit the firepower and ...
Darrell DYe Kim has to perpetuate the fear or he eill be tossed from office. He would fail if he declared peace with all. Talk about an unskilled "leader".
Brett Morrison Everyone forgets the true cost of what war with NK will not be soldiers but attacks on South Korea's capital. The impact on civilians will be huge.
Steve Taylor How many NK citizens had to starve for this fat spectrum to fire all that boom boom for no reason at all?

Who doesn't like a good Tim Tebow story...

1.3k reactions 39 comments
Joyce Hughes Mullen Always like Tim to do good!
Nancy Croney Beavers Yay Tim...God bless you xxxx
Waynette Seamans Love that he is doing so well!
Jim Cantley Surprised this isn't a smear article, that's what you usually post.

Teachers are so important to the children they teach. Good to see this teacher getting the thanks and recognition he deserves.

4.7k reactions 137 comments
Cindy Garlock You are an amazing man! Thank you for the difference you make in students' lives!
Barb Taylor Teaching- The most rewarding profession! I loved my 27 years.
Molly Foai Tinae Vaimasenuu thought of you sis ❤❤ keep inspiring and touching the hearts of our young #missionfield
Darlene Jones What a beautiful compliment to the teacher. Sounds like Mr. J is an amazing teacher. Keep up the great work. God bless both the Markus and Mr. J.
Charlotte Randall Good job. Glad to know there are good teachers that care about children out there.

Lots of news today

Alert: NK Announces Nuclear Game Changer... Entire Senate Briefed
Alert: NK Announces Nuclear Game Changer... Entire Senate Briefed

Every senator was invited to the White House for this...

514 reactions 41 comments
Todd Evers Our secret weapon: Dennis Rodman
Sharon Holden This idiot is going to have to be taken care of .
Marcie Faye Kaplan Payne Yes but what is true and what is completely 💩
Paul Floyd Someone needs to knock off that fat little punk
Jean O'Neil 😦😦😦

This article rightly describes this behavior as thug-like

946 reactions 71 comments
Hamel Andre When will this country past a law no face cover in a demonstration or be arrested and fine ...
Patti Sellers If they a so proud of what they are doing why hide the face. This I'll never understand.
Sherry Vargo Amazing how stupidly blind these "antifa" gorillas are. Again, parents of Berkeley punks, you have an epic failure on your hands if your bloodthirsty kid is part of this mess.
Agnes Agame They should be treated just like any other terrorist group!
Lawrence Woody Sykes They just shut-down the Rose Festival Parade in Portland this year... these jerks need to be taught a lesson...
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