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A Huck’s Criminal Mastermind gives us a new definition for “baggy pants comedy.”

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Teresa Doe 😂🤣😁 Huckabee always keeps us laughijg
Phil Weissburg 4 million people who received robocalls from former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) promoting the Christian holiday film “Last Ounce of Courage” are eligible to join a class action suit, the Daily Beast reported Saturday night. Residents from Nebraska to ...
Janice Sheridan 😂
John Brubaker Bwahahahahaha KARMA! http://www.rawstory.com/2017/06/court-rules-that-4-million-people-can-sue-mike-huckabee-over-robocalls-promoting-christian-film/
Maryanne Hand 😅

Sure, let’s let Iran continue with its nuclear program what could happen....THIS can happen Obama!

Iran Just Went Public With Stunning Anti-Israel Move That Is Getting A Lot Of Attention...
Iran Just Went Public With Stunning Anti-Israel Move That Is Getting A Lot Of Attention...

"...meant to send a message to the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel..."

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Rebecca Laskey MIKE HUCKOBEE COURT CLEARS THE WAY FOR 4 MILLION PEOPLE TO SUE MIKE HUCKOBEE OVER ROBOCALLS: By Andrew Bradford on June 25, 2017 Even though he isn’t a member of the Trump administration, it looks like former Arkansas Governor and failed GOP ...
John Hayes Turn iran into a glass factory already !
Gian Leone Why is this a shock? As a Muslim, Obama despises the Jewish people. Somehow, the Jews in this country have not gotten the memo.
Malaki David Lifing the sanctions created a direct threat against the US. Obama cannot claim he did not know it would be so.
Victor L. Hernandez Hey Mike you're an a$$hole! Shove your movie up your Trump chute!

What else can you say but, “That’s some mighty fine shooting!”

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Michael Young 2 mile away shot now thats a long ranger!!!
Marco Coelho That's one hell of a shot. Awesome spotter shooter team.
Dennis Teti Caption is top notch
Mac McCroskey Very nice shot and good hunting. Keep up the good work.
Darryl Nelson Are they making guided drone bullets now?.. unbelievable..

Harvard law Prof. Alan Dershowitz once again blows away the liberal media narrative by pointing out (as I already have) that President Trump’s tweet that James Comey had better hope there were no tapes of their conversations wasn’t an outrageous echo of Watergate that requires more investigations. It was a brilliant bluff that forced Comey to be honest when was under oath. When that happened, Americans learned how Comey really did his job. And it was not the portrait of an Eagle Scout we’d all been led to believe.

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Robert Murphy Charise , have you not read that a President can order the investigation of anyone or also, order a stop of an investigation of anyone at any time? NO obstruction of justice! It is his perogitive! Learn the law!
Therese Scarlati The man amazes with his strategy. He let's the left make their own noose,put it around their own necks, climb the gallow stairs and jump off ....Brilliant just brilliant. I do believe Bill Clinton also as brilliant since he sabotaged Hillarys campaign.
Marcanne Green Trump is smarter than these Bozo's. They are all federal government sucklings that can only make a dime by playing politics. They make money by networking not producing anything.
Bobbi Brennan With law backgrounds, former and present members of Congress, former WH occupants and their appointees are unable to comprehend this well-needed business mind.
Jason Russell I have been wrong many times about Trump. He continues to amaze me. Is this why corrupt Washington, from both parties, are trying to stop him?

The way the Democrats instantly reverted to violent anti-Republican rhetoric over the GOP health care bill while Rep. Steve Scalise is still in the hospital (ranting that it’s a “death bill” and millions of Americas will DIE if it’s passed), you’d think that if the Republicans don’t pass it, Obamacare will stay in place and everything will be wonderful. They never bring up the fact that the entire reason we need a replacement bill is that the health care bill they gave us is going into a death spiral all by itself.

The Real Reason Obamacare Failed...
The Real Reason Obamacare Failed...

"... a flawed health care system..."

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Tomas Bucco Some people are just too stupid to realize Obamacare has already failed. It has to be replaced with something. Maybe this will result in actual consensus to get a good plan if it is not good enough already. Anything will be an improvement over the train ...
Sal Mars Let's not make the Republicans the scapegoat for a system that was doomed from its inception. Its failure has always been on those who wrote the law. Obamacare was always intended to push us to a single payer system, where countless millions would die ...
Amy Griffiths It is failing so let it go, it is on the Dems. They know it and don't want to take the blame. Democrats are doing nothing but complaining and protesting thinking it is caused by Republicans. Everyone has a right to complain but only if you have a ...
Emma Jane Hill Let Obama Care die it's slow death - let this mess land in their laps. Why I wonder does the government have to be involved in people getting health care??
Kay Key do you think they would say the obamacare is going down the toilet???? just last week another big insurance company dropped obamacare....costing too much

A counter story to the MSM narrative...

People Freaking Out About Trump
People Freaking Out About Trump 'Driving On The Green' Are Missing Something

Many in the media are attacking the president over this.

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Dan Cale Its his property so he can drive where he wants. But if you are a golfer and have been on a course of this caliber you would know he is not on the green, he drove on the apron around the green.
Vince Golik Careful inspection of the video shows he actually was on the apron. Apparently the liberals trying to make something of this, never played this course.
Doug Chapman He owns the course. What's the big deal? If he wanted to drive a tractor and plow furrows through the green, then he has the right. The MSM needs to get a grip.
Jim Jr Bontrager If you want to drive on a green, buy a golf course. Can't even tell if he is on the green, but the point remains it is HIS course and he will pay to repair all damages if they occur.
Julie Porter My first husband was a greens keeper. I remember one time doing the sand after aeration. I turned too sharp and bruised the green. Based on that experience, I would hazard a guess that as long as you don't peel out, or turn too sharp you might not hurt ...


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Mark Peterson At least Kennedy understood the 2nd Amendment for what it says
Eduardo Fichmann Dems will oppose both a moderate as well as a far right candidate, so why not push a strong conservative?
Gene Yaws Liberals mindset ...Ginsberg = "Weekend at Bernie's" somebody take her pulse.
Pamela Pogue wow ... already - the sky is falling and nothing is for certain unless someone has seen into the future
Bennie Bullock Gorsuch didn't seem to keen on overturning Roe vs. Wade when he was questioned about it. I doubt we will ever see it overturned.

This is the craziest/scariest story will read this morning.

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Rebecca Laskey MIKE HUCKOBEE COURT CLEARS THE WAY FOR 4 MILLION PEOPLE TO SUE MIKE HUCKOBEE OVER ROBOCALLS: By Andrew Bradford on June 25, 2017 Even though he isn’t a member of the Trump administration, it looks like former Arkansas Governor and failed GOP ...
Dale Hinds Stuff that happens that never makes it to the news.
Jeanine Emiller Thank you for sharing Mr. Huckabee...
Ted N JoAnn Pacello Great job saving your co pilot and your life. Well done
Brandon Brown Doug Brown hey! This happened in 91 on your ship

Oh boy...

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James Randolph Am I missing something? ... I thought "REPEAL means REPEAL". I thought "REPLACE means REPLACE"... Did GOP congressmen even read their own PLATFORM?? ... PAGE 36 ... Restoring Patient Control and Preserving Quality in Healthcare ... Any honest agenda ...
Llcool Jay Why is this so hard? It's not governments job to give anyone health care. It's all for votes and kickbacks. This is ridiculous. I did 24 years in the military and I still have to pay for health insurance.. it ain't free and neither was the time and ...
Suzanne Abner you just cannot cover everything and have cost that people can afford - we had insurance for years and people were able to afford what we had - it is not a right it to have insurance - and we cannot afford to pay for everyone to have it - that is just a ...
Crystal Rogers and this is why we can't get anything done. It is hard enough working with the Dems fighting everything.. now the Republicans are turning on each other. Ya'll better get on the same page and quick or ya'lll won't be any better than the Dems
Doug Shelly Why does everything need to go through gov?,,bottom line everything.every plan is paid by the taxes of people.then gov decides where it goes to.if it was a funding issue.just go to someone else.or start a plan from private.gov can only operate on money ...

Watch: Melania Goes On Fox News, Drops Major Barron Update

Watch: Melania Goes On Fox News, Drops Major Barron Update
Watch: Melania Goes On Fox News, Drops Major Barron Update

There's been a lot of changes for Barron Trump.

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Julie Zellers Wehr I love our first family!! Melania is just a gorgeous first lady.
Kathy Chaplin i am so happy for them
Tresa Trammell Sanders Love her! ❤️👍🏻🇺🇸
Rosalie Petronzio-DiBlasio Proud and pray for you and your entire family!
Edy Babin Broussard First Family is Totally Awesome!

For the Ron Howard and Star Wars fans among us:

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Dawn Nash Sinclair Melinda K. Hart, did you know they were making a Han Solo movie?!!
Jay Sands Hope he's still got his head screwed on right!
Kicka Slaneff Do not care for anything coming out of Hollywood!
William T Nuckles Brilliant upgrade !
Craig Koonce Who cares?

Breaking: Bernie Sanders' Wife Lawyers Up

Breaking: Bernie Sanders
Breaking: Bernie Sanders' Wife Lawyers Up

Sanders and his wife have been ...

1.3k reactions 164 comments
Ken McCarthy Ahhh ... he privilege of the champions of the worshiping proletariat ... sshhh! ... let's keep it secret.
Mark Winters There is no Democrat that's not a crook... hahahahahaha, said no one ever!
Bob Wigley People get in high positions and one of use their influence to make others makes happens everywhere
Cory SR Kehr What goes around comes around ! Every time they dig it points back to them Dimms 😂😂😂
Jon Brew Another corrupt liberal who will need an even more corrupt lawyer

Just wow.

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Erica Peregoy This reminds me of an abusive relationship that I was in. We had alot of good times and it was fun and everything was "normal". But if I mentioned the idea of leaving, all heck would break loose. I'm sure the truth will be known. It usually is at some ...
Victoria Goldston Rush There are three more Americans still locked up in North Korea. If Rodman really has pull, why didn't he mention their release?
Leslie Meeder Klinke Anyone who wears sunglasses 24 like that is guilt ridden and can't look people in the eye. The ridiculous sunglasses being worn while interviewing indoors tells me he has no idea what an idiot he looks like. If he were Narcissistic, it would be good ...
Kathleen Marie The Kim is starving hundreds of thousands of his own people every day. He's a genocidal maniac. And Rodman wants to bring SPORTS to NK???? WTH DUDE?!?! Why don't you use your millions and your fame to get someone in there to stage a coup against those ...
Mike England I don't read Rodman claiming he had anything to do with Otto's release. I read that his agent, Christ Volo, claims he negotiated Rodman's trip to be contingent upon Otto's release. I don't have a reason to believe or not believe Volo, just saying what ...

Go to my website to get the latest.

Seth Rich Report Released
Seth Rich Report Released

The Profiling Project, an independent investigation into the death last July of DNC staffer Seth Rich, has been released. The investigators, largely volunteer graduate students and professors from George Washington University, believe it’s unlikely that Rich was the victim of a random attempte...

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David Kroening Not partisan, are you, Guv??
Richard Shinta Man your robot test is brutal
Heather Terveld Keep these guys in prayer, this thing runs deep.
Linda Wood I pray we can find out what really happened!
Lynn Karrh What a surprise!!! CJK

Fresh off his hung jury for sexual assault charges, Bill Cosby is reportedly planning to return to the stage, but his upcoming tour is not intended to be taken comedically. Instapundit’s Charles Glasser compared attending a Bill Cosby lecture on avoiding rape accusations to taking advice on cybersecurity from John Podesta.

Breaking: Just Days After Trial Ends, Bill Cosby Reveals Future Plans
Breaking: Just Days After Trial Ends, Bill Cosby Reveals Future Plans

"Is it sort of a 'do as I say, not as I do' thing?"

247 reactions 142 comments
Vanessa Mike I'm disgusted that show is still on and that he is just smug and planning his next money making move🤢
Steve DeWeil Not interested in him anymore. He used to be funny. Too much baggage now.
Jordan Kellam Bill Cosby loves pudding! Pudding his pecker where it doesn't belong!
Terry Nicosia He's got the freeza mizer with the contraption over on the hey hey hey.
Judy Johnson Clifton That takes a lot of nerve! I am sorry..."50" women can not be wrong! I heard that because of 2 jurors...they could not reach a decision!

Nice to know there are still some convicts in California whom Gov. Brown isn’t willing to release.

Just In: Parole Board Makes Game-Changing Verdict
Just In: Parole Board Makes Game-Changing Verdict

"... gives her the green light."

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Bob Wigley Please tell Donald to tell the politicians whatever they vote on that they have to take it to
Lou Hamto Because he's white. If he's a Muslim or an illegal alien, they'd probably release him and give him money.
Diana Regula Moonbeam knows if he releases this p.o.s his political career is over ...he can't be that stupid...then again stupid is as stupid does.
Paul Parsons I say let him go, he wouldn't know what to do. He would be so scared
Teresa Burton Excuse me but didn't you let a murderer go who killed again Huckabuck???

Hopeful update: Just one week after being shot and coming very close to death, Rep. Steve Scalise’s condition has been upgraded to “Fair.” Keep those prayers coming.

1.4k reactions 57 comments
Pam McGahee Praying for him and his dear family
Sheri Hoenisch ✝️🙏🙌👑❤️
Rock Allen More Prayers !!
Shirley Robertson Prayers for continued healing in Jesus Name!
Jackie McBride Bolton Wonderful!!

Bill Dana RIP

Bill Dana RIP
Bill Dana RIP

We've lost another of those familiar TV faces that baby boomers grew up with: Bill Dana passed away last week at his Nashville home at 92. Dana was both a familiar comic character actor and a writer who helped create some of the most…

592 reactions 34 comments
Jean Polito what do u expect from a druged up, drunk, women beater??
Robert Keith Fortson Really funny man, RIP!
Roseanne Kinzel We loved Bill Dana. RIP.
Carole Owen Martin Met him in person years ago, a very sweet man.
MeeMaw Wright Funny, funny, sweet man...."Jose Hemayonaise..."

The argument for legalizing marijuana is that using it is a personal decision that doesn’t harm anyone else. There are plenty of objections to that, but here’s one you probably didn’t see coming: states that legalized pot have seen a big spike in traffic accidents, many of them fatal; and the longer pot is legalized, the worse the problem seems to get. Since legalization, traffic crashes in Oregon are up 4%, in Washington 6%, and in Colorado, they’re up a staggering 14%. No word on how many crashes are caused by drivers suddenly coming upon cars in front of them on the freeway that are driving 4 mph

Right After Marijuana Legalized, Authorities Notice Something Very Disturbing...
Right After Marijuana Legalized, Authorities Notice Something Very Disturbing...

"... should give other states eyeing legalization pause ..."

1.4k reactions 782 comments
Michael S. Miller By that logic we should also make alcohol illegal. After all, people drink and drive.
Martha Fisher I'm opposed to legalizing Marijuana, however I'm opposed to alcohol also. It's mind altering and causes a lot of deaths. If you're taking pain meds for severe illness I understand - just don't drive when you're taking them. Mind altering drugs cause a ...
Rick Nance Read the article, Mike Huckabee. It says that most involved in the accident also had alcohol in their system and other drugs. Alcohol is the driving impairing drug, not marijuana. If alcohol is in the system, it will override anything else. Those ...
Patti Higgerson Goodale Even legal drugs can and do impair judgement and reaction time. This issue of legalizing it isn't the point. People foolishly believe that because it's legal they have the right to drive under the influence. That isn't true for alcohol why would it be ...
Joseph Hewitt Colorados fatal traffic accidents are not up due to cannabis. Mr. Huckabee I respect you but that statement is completely false. I understand your religious beliefs cause you to make such statements, but don't discern facts. If you don't support ...

Amid all the endless fake news from unreliable anonymous sources involving ever-expanding investigations into nonexistent conspiracies for which nobody can find any evidence, I offer you at long last a piece of real news that is genuinely valuable to all Americans, from an expert, informed source. Here’s the best way to reheat a slice of leftover pizza:

Brooklyn Pizzeria Just Dropped Ultimate Secret To Reheating Pizza Everyone Should See...
Brooklyn Pizzeria Just Dropped Ultimate Secret To Reheating Pizza Everyone Should See...

"... a much better way to warm up a slice that will leave the bottom crispy ..."

672 reactions 55 comments
Wanda Estes Toss it in the oven...works great
Leonard Gilbert Or the gas grill...
Mary Nupp Going to try this.
Ludra Hullea Thank you sir!! You're the best!!♥️♥️
Cheri Higgins Grubbs This is how I reheat pizza. It really is the best!!

Further proof that the barbaric lunatics in ISIS really do have a death wish.

ISIS Just Announced Their Next Target... This Is Not Good
ISIS Just Announced Their Next Target... This Is Not Good

This Islamic terrorists could be making a bad mistake ....

961 reactions 162 comments
Kathi Keiser Tarbell Nice try... haven't they read any history books?? ...look what happened to the Nazis.
Jerry Snyder Sometimes you eat the Bear, sometimes the bear eats you. The Russian Bear will eat them alive.
Judith McDonough Napoleon and Hitler already tried that...it didn't work then or now.
Mark Murnahan It is yet another way that ISIS and democrats are alike. Russia fever.
Donald Schwarzkopf I believe if they make the mistake of attacking Russia, Russia might just solve the ISIS problem for us!

The City of Oakland, California, is creating a new civilian Police Commission to second-guess cops, and its disciplinary powers for police misconduct will go all the way up to being able to fire the police chief. To serve on it, they’re seeking not just cops and former cops but ex-convicts. After all, they’ve had personal interactions with the police. I can see why Oakland might want to keep a closer eye on its police, following the scandal in which an underage prostitute claimed to have performed sex acts on over 30 Oakland cops. But does anyone else see a possible downside in having the police know that the felons they’re dealing with might someday have power over their careers?

369 reactions 176 comments
Helen Bynum Only in California! I sure wish they would hurry up and secede.
Thomas C Marr Commiefornia strikes again. Their stupidity borders insanity. So glad I left
James Crawley Time to move on to another field or another PD. Let the board and the politicians handle the street along with the snowflakes and the social justice warriors
Joel Penhallegon Well, we all know California is the land of fruits and nuts. What an awful decision to make.
Fred L Nero Who in their right mind would want to live in California oh wait nevermind I think I answered my own question

Just an amazing tribute.

10.5k reactions 144 comments
Justin Rengie Vandermost Rebecca Diehl, I think you'll love this story
Toni Barby So romantic and thoughtful!
Michael Gibson Amazing story...
Clay Huckins That is really Really Cool........................Hey FFA all the way
Doris Billington Morris Thank you for sharing, Mike.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, last seen watching a court throw out his attempts to imprison undercover reporters who expose Planned Parenthood, is now playing politics with state travel.

Breaking: California Just Announced Travel Ban To 4 US States
Breaking: California Just Announced Travel Ban To 4 US States

California's attorney general just blocked...

2.3k reactions 794 comments
Sami Martinez We will officially be free of the socialist state of California permanently in 4 days... it's amazing that to rent a moving truck to leave the state is 3 times more expensive than to bring one here. When we asked the companies why this is well their ...
Marie Royal California should just go ahead and leave the United States. You know they want to. Of course there will never be another Democrat elected president if they do so. For that reason alone, byebye California!
Anthony Valenza So California continues to isolate itself from the rest of the country. Religious freedom is part of our heritage, a minority continues to try and force their views on the majority. It's pathetic. As much as the liberals in California believe they are ...
Steven Thornton Does this mean that any state college sports team that play in those states will not be played they will forfeit?
Julie Werner It's too bad that these "issues" demand so much press. The less press the better. I liked the days when people did not want to bring attention to them selves. Just like and let live. Hard to do that with parades and festivals on every corner. Hard to ...

Proof that the media’s mocking of Trump tweets that later turn out to be spot-on is hardly a recent development.

While Trump Was Predicting US Economy, Obama Was Cussing on Twitter
While Trump Was Predicting US Economy, Obama Was Cussing on Twitter

Two different men, two different tweets, one June day.

393 reactions 20 comments
Edward Chick http://bipartisanreport.com/2017/06/24/just-trump-election-phony-voting-machine-hack-confirmed-across-39-states/
Mark Raven untill trump pass a budget you are still under Obama,
Mary Seymour No surprise to me either!
MeeMaw Wright Not surprised that our former president cussing.........:(
Nanju Andrew Lipschitz How much does Trump pay you?

The fight for Life in California

The fight for Life in California
The fight for Life in California

The Court dismisses...

238 reactions 13 comments
Edward Chick http://meanlefthook.com/2017/06/fox-news-hosts-laugh-as-they-talk-about-children-dying-of-cancer-during-trumpcare-debate/
Hal Hitchcock http://media.tenor.co/images/9cfcb36bea28102e2c5a9fcbadc6f8ba/raw
Deb Cooper Great pic of Mike !
Susannah Hill - Cruz Judges can be bought. That is so sad.
Sandy Machell Do any of you have a opinion about Washington passing a law that exempts them from prosecution for insider trading,that's nothing but criminal,everyone else goes to jail,poor old Martha Stewart was put in jail for doing the same thing! How did they do ...

President Trump is reaching out...

CBC Update
CBC Update

As a candidate, President Trump passionately denounced the way minorities in inner cities are forced to attend substandard public schools, deal with high crime and be denied good job opportunities. He promised to make it a priority to fix that. So he met with the Congressional Black Caucus in March,...

345 reactions 42 comments
Malaki David The CBC is harming their own cause. Fools!!!
Susan Falcon Vote these people out!
Byran C. Russell I like Micke Huchabee. He is a great American and conservitive. Blessings!
John Roberts They are the ones who make their schools substandard. If we'd kick the trouble makers out, others could learn.
Shirley Leggett They won't even TALK? How is that supposed to produce progress? Just ludicrous.

Are we surprised by the Alyssa Milano story?

Celebrity Spendthrifts
Celebrity Spendthrifts

There seems to be an epidemic...

476 reactions 110 comments
Laurel Dagrosa She could have helped at least one destitute young adult who has aged out of foster care!
Dennis Teti Alyssa Milano is gorgeous. But she is also sadly, and unfortunately, an idiot.
Brownie LaBelle If you cannot mind your own affairs...how can you protest or support anyone else's business. Give it up girl...you are just dumb.
Cara D Marchal It's hard to stretch out child star money when you haven't done anything since except commercials to adopt dogs.
Lauree Coleman I hope she is laughed out of court and the judge has the courage to call her out for her blaming others and taking no responsibility.

New Clinton Probe Begins

New Clinton Probe Begins
New Clinton Probe Begins

Some things are eternal

1.0k reactions 131 comments
Doug Brown Good! I hope this time this administration will have the guts to roast her. She needs a taste of hell before she goes there for eternity.
Danny McNeil They are wasting more money beating a dead horse smear Hillerys good name investigations 33 times and never been changed with anything leave the women alone
Ralph Dalton It's about time someone look into all the corruption from the past 8 years. Obama , Hillary and all of Obama's administration all need to be investigated. They think they were all above the law because they had all their bases covered. They put corrupt ...
Jason Kimbrell The only way Trump is going to be able to accomplish anything is to first put Hillary and her gang in prison
Kevin Stanfield Susan Rice and Loretta lynch too need to be investigated


3.7k reactions 315 comments
Brenda Higdon Prayers keep going your way ..so happy for you and your family for the much needed improving status !!
Elizabeth Cooki Barmen Peverini Praise God! Prayer is powerful. God sent His angels to guide the surgeons hands. So happy to hear he is doing better.
Mickey Herndon Flanagan Such amazing news, and all the glory goes to an amazing, merciful God. Continued prayers!
Harold Tibbetts A day at a time. Prayers are with you Rep Scalise. We hope you get well soon.
KenKristen Wilkerson No luck involved. God's protection and healing! Amen
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