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Do you have a question for Giles Martin about the remixing of Sgt. Pepper and collection of early takes from the studio sessions featured in the Anniversary Edition? If so, leave a comment below ahead of a very special Facebook live stream tomorrow at 2pm BST! #sgtpepper

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David Baldinger Hi Giles, was it ever a question to include that most elusive of Beatles tracks, "Carnival of Light" in the new package? I thought for a brief moment that maybe you go all psychedelic and then "Carinval" would have made sense,...curious to hear your ...
Fabian Grognuz Sincerely, the Gilles Martin mix is just perfect. Instruments, voices and choirs are clean, it is as if I met this album once again it's magic. For me, it is he who will save the Beatles musical catalog. Because, with the admiration I have for his ...
Bernie Aird Hello Giles, as a Beatles fan since 1962-63, I think I have been well informed on things Beatles. My question is relating to John on the inside cover, I've always been smitten with that look, did he have a perm in his hair?
Wesley Merkel Hello Giles, I met you back in 2009 on the top of the Standard hotel when Beatles rock band was debuted. I personally would love to hear more of the background talks between the Beatles putting this album together. Thanks Wes
John Kenneth Hornhaver Hi Giles. When you and your team, remastered the album from orig reels. Were you using the year old tube/valve gear amp mixdesk ect, do you add new (a bit) echo when noise reducing from tape, and could we hear samples an a+b compare betwen the origl 4 ...

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Judd Smith Saw it last year. Omg it was amazing!
Eric Barnes So good!
Char Gustafson The best thing I've ever seen....... Ever.......
Michelle Fundum My absolute all time favorite show!
Julie Stubbings I wish they would bring this to London

#SgtPepper The Beatles Book Photo Library

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Chad Billings A monkey could play those beats. Pun intended
Glen Miller He came a long way from carrying his drums on the bus.
Brian Christie I've definitely got the jacket
Gabriel Guzman Lovely Rita drum track is amazing.
Joseph Butindari They always dressed well in the studio

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Douglas Gaines Yea, the bass line is a bit tricky...Just listened to it...Clever indeed...
Darren Stokoe Had I dream last night and met you in my dream , along with Dolly Parton , ah tequila you mad beast
Susan Pickering Krieger Enjoying it. Such a precious soul. Love the Here, There and Everywhere story.......touching indeed. Love you Paulie!
Paola Caro I appreciate your time to share with us every answer, so thank you for ever, I really mean it
Brian Fuller We are so lucky to have experienced these guys...just amazing music from the Lads from Liverpool...

Making #SgtPepper

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Peter Blanke William cambel??
Wayne Adams It was a fake mustache...
Jimmy Carroll Good Morning Good Morning
Mercedes Hernandez Son inigualables,me fascina ver sus peluculas.
Glyn Roberts Julie Rossow thought you might like this pic

Clifton Nurseries Sgt Pepper Installation at Chiswick House

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Geoff Clifton Jan John Kennedy
Mirek Goldberg Talking about photo shoots...
Kay-uwe Hoffmann wo haben sie die denn rausgeholt
Quang Anh Nguyen I L💢VE THE BEATLES...!!!!!💙💚⭕️
Leo Majnich So cool

Timeline Photos

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Brittney Crous Rudi Crousthere is a whole Beatles store in Las Vegas
Brian Primrose Seen it. Loved it
Clay Blondin That's a cool teapot for real
Jason Weinstock Can you order this stuff online?
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!

Making #SgtPepper

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Rachel Beesley Alan B Walton pretty cool behind the scenes look
Dennis Post Nice.
Jason DeMatteo Nice that William Burroughs made it on the cover.
Citlali Citlali I Love Beatles!!... I love Beatles!
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!

#SgtPepper The Beatles Book Photo Library

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Ian Baker After all these years still plenty of Beatle pics new to me!
Cristian Tuchiu Nice foto! Two wonderful and brilliant guys! Thank you for all and R.I.P.! Long life Ringo and Paul! Peace and love!
Martin Covax looks good time back I'll have my glasses with me>> are they Both playing Harmonicas???
Cliff Edwards We love you Beatles Oh yes we do When you're not near us we're blue We love you Beatles We ...
Vincent D. Camley Am I imagining things, or is there the back half of someone's head with no face, to George's right...?

Beatles Interview: Sgt Pepper Launch Party 5/19/1967 - Beatles Interviews Database

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Henk Mizell Excellent!
Karina Rodriguez Lindo george harrison era un grande
Lisa Lipkin-Hinkofer So good
Andro Custodio D legendary beatles
Robert Hollingsworth The musical genius of the Beatles!🎼

Strawberry Fields Forever. Take 26. #SgtPepper

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Jared Jackson Making the most of 4 tracks
Carlos Sosa Puga Very good Friend Paul & John
Shari Collyer Minter Priceless piece of paper!!
Quang Anh Nguyen I L💛VE THE BEATLES...!!!!!!!💜💚❤️
Brito Oliveira Um dos maiores clássicos dos Beatles !!

The Beatles are back at Chiswick House and Gardens #sgtpepper

Flowers return to Chiswick House for Sgt Pepper anniversary
Flowers return to Chiswick House for Sgt Pepper anniversary

Chiswick House is celebrating its role in the release of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 50 years ago by recreating the flower bed that forms part of the album cover. Its gardens were a location for music films shot by the band before the record went on sale on June 1, 1967.

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Steve Ayres That's frightening
Bernadette Manaois Mariah CHELSEA!
Adi R Prasetya lonely hearts
Steve Dodson Scary !
Albert P Upton Looks like there body's are covered in maggots....

"In honor of the anniversary, and coinciding with a new deluxe reissue of Sgt. Pepper, we present a series of in-depth pieces – one for each of the album's tracks, excluding the brief "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" reprise on Side Two – that explore the background of this revolutionary and beloved LP" Rolling Stone #sgtpepper

How Paul McCartney
How Paul McCartney's Solo Travels Led to the 'Sgt. Pepper' Title Track

In the first installment of our song-by-song look at the Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper,' read how Paul McCartney's solo travels inspired the title track.

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Thomas Bush Wow, great article!
Jeff Montiel I love this album, no comments pls.:)
Sam Masiello I hope they didn't screw it up
Tony Baldwin Now that Sirius XM has the Beatle channel .............
Jobbe Watson Totally awesome!

NPR Music Premiere The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, from the Anniversary Edition of Sgt Pepper. “What you hear on this first attempt is a version lacking the vocals from that famous chorus; John is singing lead and Paul McCartney is at a Lowrey organ, combining numerous presets, including harpsichord, vibraharp and music box, to make that infamous opening sound.” “You hear, in the bits of backgrounded conversation, a true collaboration, a bit of magic unfolding. It's thrilling to hear.” Order your copy here:

The Beatles
The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'

On the cusp of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band's 50th birthday, hear the first take The Beatles recorded of a legendary song.

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Sutton David I like the Beatles music--but i don't buy the line that Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds is not about LSD --and I resent that they are pinning it on Julian Lennon and his drawing. Let's get real.
Aileen Frazer Grew up with Paul McCartneyOn Western Ave,Speke,LiverpoolLove all thier music.
Les Field You were named after this. Lucy Field
Abe Nemuras im thinking of buying some of my favorite cds on cassette again. my cds are remastered and sound way wrong. sgt pepper and abbey road for sure. plus, my jimi hendrix "are you experienced". on some of the songs the music is up but the vocals are ...
Matt Gelfand If Pepper had Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane on it like it should have, it would be the best Beatle album.

Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane UK single cover. #SgtPepper #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

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David Callard The competition between John and Paul's writing gave us some great songs like these 2.
Paul Harrison Touch of the close encounters maybe they were from another planet .
Marsha Slumka This is such an awesome picture. I have always loved it. I lived at Strawberry Field in the 1970s
Patricia Dzwonczyk Weird photo. Can't imagine John would have liked it......(no pun intended)
Frank Lowry I missed the RSD release. I have my original Capitol version, though.

The first official Beatles radio channel starts now. 9.09am EST. The Beatles Channel - exclusively on #SiriusXM

14.6k reactions 824 comments
Joe Wood After months of anticipation it's here, please only fab 4 songs. Was disappointed in the music line up at 09:09 this morning.
Maria Milagros Antonini I got Sirius on Dish. 72 channels but cannot hear this channel. Does anyone know how this works for Sirius through sat TV?
Sally Kesby Disappointed I couldn't get this in Australia! Yes we have the records but some of your mini concerts and shows sounded great
Karo-Lynn Michaud I was in my car at 9.09 when the channel start! I was driving to work. I shout, sing along, put the music very lound... pure joy!!!! Thank you ❤
Michael Cohen Too bad the sound quality sucks. Sirius over compresses all its music to use less bandwidth. I'm a HUGE music fan, but only use Sirius for talk radio.

Timeline Photos

4.9k reactions 44 comments
Florencia Tchaikovsky Jane 😍
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!
James Dunn Ringo is checking her out. Such a dog.
Gerard Dhennin Birkin en robe j avais pas ce souvenir rare 😃
Mano Espino This is So F----- Killer - I am a Beatle Fan-Adict! 😎

An outtake from the #SgtPepper gatefold.

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Olivia Aviles Its wonderful to be here, its certainly a thrill, 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Thomas Dean Two are flying, two are not - John Lennon
Gary Basinger My favorite many many tried but none did the things they did. Still love my old rock n roll.
Gina Niznik I can't wait until tomorrow it's about time they get there own channel .
Rick Gilbertsen I listened to the entire album on the way back from SFO yesterday. These guys are right up there with JS Bach and Mozart.

From Monroe to Stockhausen, let's meet some more stars from the iconic cover, via the BBC archive #sgtpepper

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Roger ML 1967 the best year!!
Maxime Marmontel And Crowley ?
Johnny Castellano where is waldo
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!

#SgtPepper The Beatles Book Photo Library

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James Ruben McCallum Where can I buy this book
Joanne Durrell Geniuses at work
Miki Lanese 💖♫💖🎶💖🎵💖
William Morrow Ran upstairs and had a Smoke somebody spoke and I went into a Dream
Sam Masiello A chord in the life! E

#SgtPepper The Beatles Book Photo Library

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Alfonso Danila Pray for me I'm cured I lose two tumor near the esophagus for prolonged life
Josh Coles Somebody blocked the fire exit with a chair
Juan Pedro Peralta Cota John Lennon was smoking a cigarette of mariguana so he can release a new song!!!!!!
Steven Ortega Great picture. Is that the bearer of bad vibes and an oversized ego no less? Off to the right ?
Matthew Sherlock Is that Yoko way on the right? Maybe not.

Timeline Photos

3.7k reactions 143 comments
Geoff Vickers Saw it in Vegas 2009 - BRILLIANT!
Kim Smardo Kristie McCubbin how adorable are these! 😍😍
Neftaly Hernandez Kt Gilde you would buy this
Emily Wood Sara Stanford thought of you when I saw these ❤️
Kelly Carroll Joel Collier. Thought you might like these.

Timeline Photos

56.4k reactions 2361 comments
Haris Votsis KEITH RICHARDS DID IT FIRST..... and he actually is an immortal pirate. probbly johnny depps dad, too
Kyle Duncan Can't wait for Michael Bolton to be in the next one.
Anthony Bennett I don't think Paul has the right kind of voice to be a pirate he has a soft polite voice I just can't picture him being mean and nasty like a pirate guess I will have to wait and see I have all the movies one of my favorite movie sagas and I also have ...
Eddie Palmer Kirk Douglas played great pirates so maybe Micheal Douglas could as he was great in the latest movie King of California.. 🤗
Eamon Hegarty Dead men tell no tales?! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US PAUL

#SgtPepper The Beatles Book Photo Library

14.1k reactions 131 comments
Martha Magee So thankful to you, George. I'm thankful for all you are doing from the other side to help us through this mess. In the meantime, we have your music to keep us going. Love you ✨💜✨ OM SHANTI
Gordon Hasty I always thought of him as a guitarist, but I guess he was proficient on the keyboards as well.
Joe Mac Gave up those cigarettes you might have lived longer Big guy
Harry Butler The Beatles Channel is coming to Sirius XM Radio on May 18th on channel 18!!!
Brent MacArthur George had great depth to his songs. Surpassing Paul and Johns commercial focus.

Penny Lane tape box. #SgtPepper

4.3k reactions 76 comments
Elvira da Cal Me gustan casi todos los temas de Revolver!
Rosa Guzman I am looking at the date it's my birthdate I was 11
Алексей Зенинский Интересно послушать с мага.
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!
Andreas Kuhnert Great ☺

#SgtPepper mixing desk. Abbey Road, Studio 2.

13.4k reactions 300 comments
Robert Miller Interesting photo of the limited technology used to create a masterpiece. It's the talent, not the gear. Easy for we modern types to forget that.
Simon R Clulow Would be great if they still used it occasionally. I bet many modern bands would love to hear themselves on a 60's style master.
Andrew Thomas Corbett Primitive compared to now yet nobody could write, produce and mix Pepper now.
Donna Valentino Add the four lads and brilliant producer George Martin to this room and magic ensues! Imagine the amazing karmic history this room holds!
Anthony Pappas Let's give a round of applause for engineer Geoff Emerick. He's written an excellent book about what went on in the studio at the time.

Sgt. Pepper Presented with New Mixes in Stereo and 5.1 Surround Audio. Expanded with Previously Unreleased Session Recordings, Video Features & Special Packaging! Order here:

Sgt. Pepper
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (6 Disc) by The Beatles

Order Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (6 Disc) by The Beatles

2.0k reactions 38 comments
Daniela Leyva - <3
Gerardo Fernández Bustamante Paolo Condemarín Cáceda "Versiones expandidas"
Jack Rogers superb
Rollin Ressegieu Excellent !
Rollin Ressegieu Excellent !
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