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"'Helter Skelter' was a track we did in total madness and hysterics in the studio. Sometimes you just had to shake out the jams, and with that song - Paul's bass line and my drums - Paul started screaming and shouting and made it up on the spot." - Ringo #OTD, 1968, The Beatles were in Studio 2, Abbey Road, mono mixing `Helter Skelter' (remix 1, from take 21). Listen:

Helter Skelter - Remastered
Helter Skelter - Remastered

Helter Skelter - Remastered, a song by The Beatles on Spotify

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Neil Carter Thanks Ringo ! I grew up with you guys ! We all loved you from day one !...and so did Mom ! haha! We all would get up and dance to your songs!. Dad played piano ( to earn extra cash), in a Jazz band after working all day at Western Electric... 6 kids ...
Cathy Zamzow Estabrook First song I listened to with headphones, stoned of course. LOL. So many many years ago but still remember it. Mind was blown!
Kim Harrison Four lads, so young for their level of achievement at the time. Great song, part of the amazing double LP and put simply, it is what it is. Just terrific.
Christian Uz Bermudez next year you should release the 27' take (take 3, and the first and second one) and other unreleased tracks, with giles martin. just think about it
Efrem Jose Cedillo There were lots of garage bands doing heavier crazier music than this song. A band called the Fugs were doing music nobody could listen too it was so "far out".

#OTD 1967, The Beatles were in Studio 3 at Abbey Road, recording `Your Mother Should Know' [re-make] (takes 20-30). Do you know the lyrics? Let's all get up and dance to a song that was a hit Before your mother was born. Though she was born a long, long time ago, Your mother should know, your mother should know. Sing it again: Let's all get up and dance to a song that was a hit Before your mother was born. Though she was born a long, long time ago, Your mother should know, your mother should know. Lift up your hearts and sing me a song That was a hit before your mother was born. Though she was born a long, long time ago, Your mother should know, your mother should know. Your mother should know, your mother should know. Sing it again: Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da. Though she was born a long, long time ago, Your mother should know, your mother should know. Your mother should know, your mother should know. Your mother should know, your mother should know.

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Mark Royalty It says the video not available in your country
Avery Gordon Always, ALWAYS loved that song, still do. Too bad the video isn't available in the USA. Pure unadulterated genius.
Matthew Witmer By '67 they could've just put their feet up and call it a day, but no...more melodies! more riffs! more creation!
Lucas David Awesome dancing. This song was actually released shortly after my late mother was born, I'd tell her that everytime we listened the tune together.
Charles Feldman It was a great tune for its time, kind of like "Happy Together." But not much of a song. It's more fun to sing it as "Your Mother Should Go."

Timeline Photos

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Joe Valente I hope he wearing his depends when he recorded it!..😂😂
Brian Greene Looks like Ringo went to the Paramore "Riot" school of album cover design
Marcio Ricardo Cardoso for some reason remind me (Star - set yourself on fire's cover art). :D
Charlotte Holdsworth Ringo promoting peace and love but supporting brexit. Shame
Antonia Jacobs All that peace and love stuff is getting a bit annoying now.

Paul McCartney talks about Elvis

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Linda Mitchell Melgoza Why is he called Macca?
Alyssa Hiller Alicia Marie!!! Two of your faves
Angela Wingss Love them forever <3
Ruth Carrazedo Nossa adorei eles na juventude , saudadesssss
Cruz Macoy Kings

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Sergio Ricardo Barcellos Tarsila Barcellos, Shirley Conduru
Cate Wilson Mark Evans
Luis Enrique Andrade Munguia Come on to Mexico please!!!!!!
Silvia Perez Fioti Cuando vienen a Argentina????
Meagan LeBeouf Jeffery Lebeouf pretty cool!

Congratulations to everyone who worked on The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years - and well done to the Sound Team who won Emmys for mixing and editing at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony. The film has garnered a collection of film awards and nominations including Grammy Award for Best Music Film, Critics Choice Award for Best Music Documentary, and BAFTA Nominated for Best Documentary. You can order your copy here:

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Derek Holmes WHY are they using that name,what was wrong with coming up with a name of their own?
Carol Friedman I loved this documentary!! Thanks Ron Howard & team!! Congrats.
Donna Lachner I Love this song and the early years
Neil Pearson Very good film too young too see them.
Dave McFarland Stick with The Beatles Anthology over this one. The best documentary on the band.

#OTD 1967, The Beatles set off on their Magical Mystery Tour. Tag the friends you'd want to take with you on yours!

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Izilda Busico Lazzareschi It's very hard! Maybe my first love: Penny Lane...
Maria Elena Granero idolos
Andreas Kuhnert Great.
Atta Zahriah Love!
Leisa Tracy Pugsley It's for the benefit of Mr. Kite

The Top 100 Beatles Songs, according to SiriusXM listeners

The Top 100 Beatles Songs, according to SiriusXM listeners
The Top 100 Beatles Songs, according to SiriusXM listeners

Everyone has a favorite song by The Beatles. It almost seems unfair to rank them because each song holds a different meaning for different people. That's why we asked the experts, Beatles fan...

5.0k reactions 451 comments
Mary Macek McDonell It's truly hard to rate! I have my favorites, but I have to say that I'm influenced by what memories certain songs stir up. Summer Day with all the neighborhood kids outside and my brother putting his little record player on the windowsill of his room ...
Judy Poel In My Life. I love The Beatles channel and all of the wonderful programming associated with it. Thank you!!!
Indra Ganesh "day in the life" is probably the epitome collabaration of lennon & mccartney coming's as if at the end of the tune, lennon was saying, "this is it"...maybe, in some way, he wanted to be done with the beatles at that time??...
Joe Peek Not much Rock n Roll in the top 10. They are all "later Beatles" tunes, although great songs. Number 17 is the first "early Beatles" tune on the list. I like the '63 -'65 Beatles better than later stuff, even though I listen to the later stuff a lot. ...
Rosa Bidermoha I would pick Girl, Michelle, Here , There & Everywhere, Eleanor Rigby, but really I can't pick which one is my fav because right now the moment I listen one that is my favorite!!!!

#OTD 1966, Eleanor Rigby reached Number One in the UK. Listen:

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Darren Bennett Even without Paul's vocals it still sounds pretty cool.
Fernando Mendívil Madrigal There's no other better song to say that we come alone to this world and we leave it the same 💙
Mark Lawton One year before Sgt Pepper was supposedly completed, McCartney suggests "Ah! Look at all the LONELY people" on Eleanor Rigby. Who are the lonely people? An anagram of the first and most repeated line in the song reveals "Allen Poe, Leo, Hall" who ...
Rosa Bidermoha One of my favorite songs. Never get tired of listening !!!!!!
Floyd Allen Colbert One of my favs from the Beatles Catalog.

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Joseph Ray James Byronius Playswithsquirrels Maximus
Lynnea Mae Fredrickson Tristan
Eric Faria Temos que jogar isso Diovane Paulo Matheus José Araújo Rodrigues
Christopher Houston smh
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legends!

Ringo Starr keeps pushing forward with new music on 'Give More Love' album

Ringo Starr keeps pushing forward with new music on
Ringo Starr keeps pushing forward with new music on 'Give More Love' album

"I just always wanted to play, and to play with good people," Ringo Starr said of his desire to not slow down well into his 70s.

3.5k reactions 70 comments
Dennis Jackson Peace and love, peace and love ✌❤
Monica Bazzano Great Ringo!!!.
Dimitar Lubomir Ringo forever. PEACE.
Kris Nestoridis Reece Delaney hahaha isn't it grate
Ariel Arcangel Bonilla Ringo Starr siempre con tu desbordante energía nos vuelves a obsequiar mas de tu música gracias por existir. Beatles por siempre. Paz y Amor.

#OTD 1968, The Beatles are at Twickenham Studios, recording clips of Hey Jude and Revolution. "The Beatles added to the gaiety of nations and they raised the sum of human happiness." - Mark Ellen

5.9k reactions 76 comments
Sonia Aviles Muy buena musica dedicada al hijo de Jhon Lennon Julian
John Santamaria So true!
Mike Onesko Billy Shears
Hal Hitchcock Hey Julien
Andreas Kuhnert Great

The Beatles play Milwaukee in 1964

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Roberto Torres Audio sucks in this video.
Oscar Hernán Correa Victoria Los Beatles, los mejores.
Leo Flores Collectors ítem.
Jurema Villa Rubia Moreno Os Beatles me ajudaram a sobreviver meu holocausto!
Tom Stier what made Milwaukee famous

Dhani Harrison and the George Harrison Telecaster

8.8k reactions 254 comments
Tanner Mitchell Rosewood eh? International issues to arise with this me thinks
Emily Heres Scott Roger idk if I have ever asked your opinion on the Beatles, but that's a pretty sweet guitar
Shelby Weisker Elijah dude I want this guitar so bad
Marco Luera Hopefully Xmas time Santa Claus can bring me one...
David Smith My dream guitar, but well out of my price range. Shame 😞

Come Together...Again - Episode 7

628 reactions 27 comments
Larry Rogers Jr. Angela Swanzy
Gary Ivulich John Demiris
Larry Rogers Jr. Parker Coble
Paco Perez Gil Álvaro Tarifa López
Darran Pollard Mike Myers

5.3k reactions 62 comments
Kenny Nichols Fecteau Synchronicity.
Doug Adams He was the un respected soul of the band
Evelyn Menezes "Still my guitar gently weeps..." 😍
Nate Bayna him and john the better half of the Beatles
Terry Stewart One of my favorites

Timeline Photos

10.1k reactions 82 comments
Edward P Hintz A Top 3 lyricist in Rock History; possibly #1....
Anne Bersac On dirait Alain Bashung !
Col Field My 6yr old boy likes John & knows his photo's..i teach him Well!
Maria Avilez Chulo narizon
France Paquet-valliere Son talent 2e apres Paul

7.8k reactions 151 comments
Taylor Alexander Peter --- if i was a gal, I`d fancy him 😝
Denise Dunand Scotty Vidrine, I swear this looks just like you.
Chris Hamilton He sure doesn't look like that now! LoL
Daniel Craig Kinda creepy pic!
Timothy Smajda From Paul McCartney's 1940's Hollywood headshot when he wanted to star in Casablanca.

Almost exactly a year after their previous performance there, The Beatles performed again at the Hollywood Bowl. On this album, you can hear tracks from both the 1964 and 1965 concerts. Last week we posted Boys from 1964. This is Ticket To Ride from 1965 - do you think the screams had gotten louder?

Ticket To Ride - Live / Remastered
Ticket To Ride - Live / Remastered

Ticket To Ride - Live / Remastered, a song by The Beatles on Spotify

2.8k reactions 43 comments
Paula Mixon Most definitely!
John Tenting My very first concert 1966 saint Louis
Ibrahem Gabr حصريا إجعل برفايلك الأكتر تفاعلا 💪 و احصول على اكثر من 5000 طلب صداقة على حسابك فايسبوك حسب اختيارك من هذا الموقع >>
Jenna Beckwith I love them! best band ever!
Pedro Sandro Acosta Silva Este disco es de lo mejor.

5.4k reactions 556 comments
Helena Mayorga-Paredes Louise Gowie omg waarom ben ik niet in New York
Bill León Irazabal ''What would you think if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?
David Letters Jackie cool that he invited Darth Vader
Mark Ehrentheit No, couldn't, I'm not sure I want to endorse TM... Or could afford the trip to NYC... Okay, I am sure...
Marie Lennon Myron Kantzoglou wär dann ein neues duett, zählt daher als modern!

7.5k reactions 144 comments
Rawny Tabor I wonder if theyd have stayed together longer if he were alive
Mary Arthur RIP Brian...I think your life was very confusing...(one must remember the times....early 1960=s}Thank you for giving the world "The Beatles!"
Wanda Terefenko My best friend & I stayed @ the Epstein house in Liverpool which is now a bed & breakfast, 8 years ago, had a great time...super memories!!!
R-man R. Obando Brian Epstein had a very important role in The Beatles success, but his dead was the beginning of the end for the "Fab Four".
Aldo Treviño Siempre me he preguntado si Brian no se hubiese ido, ¿hubiera sido el mismo destino de la banda? o él le habría puesto en su lugar a Yoko cuando Lennon la metía hasta en el baño del estudio de grabación

#OTD #1967: Brian Epstein, #TheBeatles’ manager, passed away. "If you look at our faces in the film shot at the time, it was all a bit like: 'What is it? What does it mean? Our friend has gone.' It was more 'our friend' than anything else. Brian was a friend of ours, and we were all left behind." - Ringo. Photos © Apple Corps Ltd

13.8k reactions 132 comments
Judy Cornick Shame it happened when it did, but legends never die. (John George and Brian)
Craig Atton The man who made the band a commodity and a brand. Genius and risk taker. Lucky for us.
Franca Di Bari Well, what to say.... Thanks Brian <3 if it wasn't for you... 😍🤗
Thomas Kenny Yes, it was 50 years ago today since Brian Epstein died with a Drug overdose.
Edward Himse He blew his mind out in a car.

820 reactions 19 comments
Soistier Patrick When in France ?
Alex McIntyre Riley Ludwig
Pepa Català Fombuena Lucia CB
Pepa Català Fombuena Lucia CB
Rachel Marie Jacob Pedersen

Photos from George Harrison's post

12.7k reactions 341 comments
Jacob Thomas Sue Kershner want
Dylan Conlon Justin Bevan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian Frost Craig Smith
Marty Decker Robert Rutherford this would look rad in your collection!
Ian Riddaway Nicholas Studholme 😎 "GEAR" (Yeah I know it's not Ringo but the quote stands!)

#OTD 1969, The Beatles all turned up at Tittenhurst Park - John's house in Ascot, at the time - for what turned out to be their last set of photos taken together. Photos © Apple Corps Ltd.

16.3k reactions 172 comments
Sandesh Pun John became so thin at this time.
Eric James "I'll play if you want me to play, or I won't play if you don't want me to play. Whatever you want me to do, I'll do it"
John Donald French George looks the most distant, no one looked happy, they knew it was over
Arthur Elgie Iconic photos. And despite their personal & business differences some of their best ever music from this period namely Abbey Road
Nik Jaric george looks really ace in these always liked them even in colour but honest the videos for paper back writer and everything in that botanical garden is really the best

1.3k reactions 40 comments
Mike Murphy Sacrilege!
Patricia Vasquez I loved this show!
Kathy Sima Moriarity That was amazing tosee
Kenta Ken Hedlööf A MUST see. I'd LOVE to see it again.
Nancy Monihan Saw it twice and loved it twice😍😍

Ringo Starr Shares Country-Tinged 'So Wrong For So Long' From New Album: Exclusive

Ringo Starr Shares Country-Tinged
Ringo Starr Shares Country-Tinged 'So Wrong For So Long' From New Album: Exclusive

Ringo Starr Shares Country-Tinged 'So Wrong For So Long' From New Album: Exclusive 8/17/2017 by Steve Marinucci FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME PRINT COMMENTS Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Ringo Starr performs at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, Calif.  Ringo Starr's new album Give More Love comes out Sep...

2.8k reactions 79 comments
Karen Paynter Did you hear they're going to put him in the movies? All he's gotta do is "act natra-lee."
Peter Nicholson Poor ringo had his start by photograph... written by George harrison
Daph Arrowsmith he cannot sing ,,he never got the fame as the other 3 ,,,,and he is still trying ,,go and beat your drums,,,
Richard Eisel I always thought "Don't Pass Me By" had a country sound to it!
Jordan Mustill Give it a rest! Ringo, stick to the skins, man. Your songs are terrible.

"That film works for every generation - every baby, three or four years old, goes through Yellow Submarine." - George. Have you watched Yellow Submarine as an adult?

4.1k reactions 144 comments
Daryl Silvia I have the my original vinyl, along with the CD. I still enjoy watching it!
Glenn Gage And we're still fighting the blue meanies, except they changed from blue to orange meanies.....Paul/Ringo? Time for an updated version????
Rimon Rohsgoderer I watch it since i was 3 years old, and it was really nice one time i drop a drop and really understood everything😎😂😂
Albert Ory Of course, I have ! And I hope my grandchildren will soon with me (we are French speaking people)
Patrice Batyski My favorite line after Pepperland is restored: Chief Blue Meanie: Where will we go Max? Max: Argentina?
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