Lil Wayne

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She's got a point.

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Bridget Sissons Alice Neild ignore the fact lil Wayne shared it lol, but quite interesting xx
Savannah Randall I think she looks beautiful. Understand her point.
Nevada Rain Kalai Dress how you want as long as you feel good! Why waste time trying to look like overpaid models!
Crystal Lynne Stephanie Martin🤦🏻‍♀️😂 us! Lol when we shop! Minus the part you adjusting my clothes! Lmao! 90% of the time!
Kyle Barger She looks better in the first two photos than the celeb, in the third pic Kendall looked better though.

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Dan Barbieri Uh uh, Missy is the queen! This girl is phake!
Penny Smith Her child would have been beautiful had she have had them.
Antonie Hopkins Wuts up my man Lil Wayne. U know I love me some Ms Nikki_manaj !!
Hector X Rodriguez Queen of mumbling words that rhyme...china..what crap.
Alexander Kendu Cordero Stop sipping what in that white cup it's killing your brain cells.

Don't mess with granny 👊👊

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Sergio Bracamontes Yooo, you should watch em Hieu Dang
Davisinho De Asis Moreira Respect ✊🏻 to all abuelas real spirit sisthattttssss Jorge A Urias take school clown 🤡 real spirit todo el tiempo
David Graham Andrew McKibbin don't see granny's playing football
Cady Heller Carmen Norstrom Lauren Norstrom can we please guarantee my safety? I don't want to be getting in to street fights 🤣🤣🤣
Natalie Kardash Daniela Lissette what we look like in pacs class 🙄

Drizzy and some lucky Wildcats!

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Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Christopher Austin Drizzy is a bitch
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Temidayo Ale Nice one
Said Michael Lubinsha "I rock Kentucky blue on these hoes"


Nicki Minaj Says She
Nicki Minaj Says She's Responsible for Taking Female Rap Mainstream

Do you think that Nicki is the most influential female rapper of all time?

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Justin Newsom First it was..let me see...the queen than mc light. Than luran hill foxy brown little kim eve, the brat first platinum artist, missy and yes her flawless contribution cant wait for more heat.
Clive Campbell I believe that was Salt n Peppa.. Now u see why the black race is whacked: all we do is try to tear each other down but never build each other up... See how whites cherish Elvis Presley no white artist would ever try to tear Elvis down.. But we have bad ...
David Marmon i cant believe it. What about the late and still great Lisa left eye Lopez. She needs to read more and learn the business her ugly ass is in. Kids working fast food knows more then her. Maybe she should hire a bunch of them to teach her and keep her ...
Karl ShyTimez Shoemaker Alot of women do r&b rap shit trina was out there three years on the open market before your pediphiling lovin ass started talking to much....i must confess your lyrics are broke an youll never sell another fresh track again cause your head broke....tru ...
Alexandra Gledhill What a load of bollocks. She used to be half decent when she first came out she was more mainstream then than she is now. Her style is completely ruined. Should have stayed true to herself and true to her street sound.

Nicki Minaj talks about her upcoming album and more with T Magazine.

Nicki Minaj, Always in Control
Nicki Minaj, Always in Control

The queen of hip-hop has fought her way to the top of the music industry — and never made compromises.

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Moses Jaquan Listen to Substance by QuannyB #np on #SoundCloud
Azusa Wada Andrés
Mansi Parikh Kaushal Parikh NM4
Rebecca Gindin Jordan Bramis amazing

That's not gonna stop anyone.

Scientists Explain Why It Is Dangerous To Sleep With Your Pets
Scientists Explain Why It Is Dangerous To Sleep With Your Pets

We all know that a dog is a man's best friend. So why not let them sleep in bed with you? These furry little guys are all soft and cuddly like a pillow and

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Chris Poling Lil Wayne quit posting bullshit fact check your shit or quit posting anything on social media
Beth Berry Give them a monthly flea bath and you should be fine... Also look through their fur regularly
Dannie Christian Løvenhardt Madsen Oh come on. What's the next thing? Is everything gonna be dangerous?
Jamie Jimbobby Hunt What a load of SHIT Had my dogs nearly 5 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Savoie Mary Rachelle Savoie my Zak ( chocolat Lab retriever) keep me safe when my husband working night!

Welkome to the Krewe Baby E!! Bumbu Rum #bumbukrewe

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Jayden Green The system need only what is good. Cancer and health issues die.The world will be a better Place if we all decide to put hands together and work hard towards it.ADD ME or PM if in need.
Abel Morton Brian Williams your boys grammar..
Nguyễn Đình Nhất #550610112957656 05:00 17/10/2017 #Fb0935774444
Jose Guadalupe Betancourt Guerrero Is tequila?
Artiste Aj Tangbe bien

Dope way to hide a scar.

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Katie Cooper Isabella Patterson just get your whole leg tatted
Tahlia Kate Sasha Hicks need one for my foot lol
Lindsey Dickinson Windy Reeff please do this with your scar 😂😂
Chelsea Adamcek William Bentson maybe I should get this on my leg 🤔
Joel Maturi Scott Swinda the collar bone! Get it done


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Barbara Stuart Robinson I think i'm in love but ..i'm not sure.
Chelsie Dent You looking more like yourself in this picture.
Faycal Kagone We miss you Wayne when are you coming back with the new albums
Bre'a Embrace I seen LilWayne Tunechi Carter in 2chinz Snapchat that nite ...
Vicki Yonicki Chipasula Lilwayne Congratulations iwant to encourage u to keep your tune ...weezy u are very wonderfu l

No one can explain any of these.

20 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained
20 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Have you ever looked at a photo and been confused by what you were seeing? These types of photos can be mysterious, daunting and even mind-boggling. You ma

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Tiffany Connors Eric Dixon look at this
Bill Weisser Nikki Hronas Onodera
Alex Joseph Kris Lake
Justin Ramos
Jovan Battle photoshopped lol

2.5k reactions 36 comments
Meika ` Baker
Ejiro Oyoma Love you drake
Andrew Whitt Super weak
Priss Meo My loveeeeeeeee u, hehe
Chris Currie -Unh unh-


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Jaushalanda Peaches No!
Margaret Rodriguez 😡
Sadisaudi Barena Ur song
Sadisaudi Barena WHAT ABOUT US
Jack Soren Perfect ~ ☆


People Who Prefer To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits
People Who Prefer To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

When someone who prefers having a smaller circle of friends and do not mind spending time alone, they are called loners. People perceive them as individual

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Alma Turirit Alone ..nice song ,check this out..
April Krull Interesting...I don't like being alone. I miss net work marketing and going to social events. People....
Dawn Laga I love being alone gives me time to think!
Chris Collins I'm not an asshole..I'm just around a lot of fake ass people
Peque Drueiss Lil Wayne is the most unique rapper out there .Those who hate are jealous. Good job Lil Wayne

Like A Man.

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Anthony Jimenez Don Mike Torres
Lestat Candy join the great Illuminati kingdom today and get rich, famous and popular kindly add one of our agent on whatsapp +2348065114188
Abbey Nicole Rupe Roy W Haines digging this!
Dwayne Kelly Ugh
Casper Vemmelund 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Got him.

Here Is What One Woman Did After Finding Messages From Her Husband To His Mistress
Here Is What One Woman Did After Finding Messages From Her Husband To His Mistress

Betsy Ayala had just given birth when she found out that her husband was having an affair. She read through the messages they had exchanged and discovered

1.2k reactions 28 comments
Ndoz IT 2017 > Jeepers Creepers III (2017) >> Blade Runner 2049 (2017) @ [ Watchfree>> ADE Movies Stream
Wisdom Osara Might be the wrong place .buh its never wrong...from someone that has tasted the grace of God through Christ Jesus I always feel the need to spread the Goodnews... Regardless of comments and all....Goodnews must be preached Right...I'm here to tell us ...
Kurtis Carter
Roxanne Turgeon Ariane P. Goyette
Ivanna Akia Sheelene Mary Asingua ga basaha 👍🏻 maachieve ga oo


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David Chinyama Presidential suite or the penthouse
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Jaushalanda Peaches No
Margaret Rodriguez 👨

Important lesson.

1.0k reactions 60 comments
Tonya Alvarado Same
Isääc Meächum Interesting. ...?
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Melissa Sue Moore Yes
Kingsely Cooper JESUS


1.3k reactions 54 comments
William Ramushu Wizzy the surviver
Désir le Veridique Wow i like
Khumbudzo Mukwevho Loyalty loyalty loyalty
Jorge Coelho LAT
Derek Irish 🎭

Watch out.

12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing A Person Who Is Evil
12 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing A Person Who Is Evil

The term evil is interpreted many different ways. For the most part we dignify it as a tragic that we can blatantly see. However, when we’re talking about

1.7k reactions 285 comments
Conrad Bailey Thanks for the definition of democrat
Kara Louise Sinade Liam quite a few fit the profile lol
Travis Austin I have been thrown in this web so many times .
Peralta Sharon Sounds like my kids father, I want him so far away from us, that the depth they found the Titanic under will never be far enough
Jodi Maclaughlin It's sociopathic's a sickness not a sign of evil.


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Jerry Gully 777
Doc Loveless Fire ass verse tho
Maxi Dona Nice one
Rachel Salmons Banger
Anthony Carpio Basal Yellow Remix!! Still Waiting.

Not happy at all.

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Darrell Tipton Yet our tax dollars probably pay for trumps viagra.😂😂😂
Jackson Wimberly LOL @ the one tweet by the guy whose using women’s birth control
James Mcgill Sorry but your sex life is not the responsibility of the taxpayer. Pay for your own BC
Cherise Wafer I hope this is NOT true. I want to see how this goes. Trump says a lot of stuff but end up not following through with it. #NotTalkingBadAboutTrump #ThatsMyOpinion
Anthony Draper If it's your body your choice than its your money, you pay for it instead of everyone else

That was vicious.

Celebrities React To Eminem
Celebrities React To Eminem's Takedown Of Trump

A lot of us who are fans of Eminem aren’t so surprised that he wouldn’t like President Trump. His rap during Tuesday night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards just confir

4.4k reactions 571 comments
Trish Gregory Truth is eminem it's true stood up for this country need you to say it and you did just that never come close to what you said good job your the best eminem
Theresa McCreary Scribner Right or wrong you know what I love the most between the NFL and the rappers mainly Marshall Mathers. Trump supporters have their panties all in a bunch. And I find that absolutely hilarious and I'm sure more artist and more athletes will join this ...
Kelly Schweisthal Time & time again it proves that the true snowflakes are trump supporters. Whining about every little thing. It’s not like this was an official rap, it was a freestyle. You could tell how irritated he is with this buffoon in office. These celebrities ...
Jessica Marie Lind I just come here to view the ignorance that currently exists in this black supremacist environment. Anyone who takes ANY advice from Snickers Bar, or whatever his name is, is absolutely mentally challenged. Did I keep that PC enough for the uninformed ...
Brandon Wilson Eminem. That ryme sucked and didnt even make sense! How much did they pay u to do that? Had to be alot to betray america like that! For the celebrities praising this. It justshows us which celebs were brain washed by the media and holly wood. Ur a ...

Yo, Pierre...

1.3k reactions 88 comments
LarryThe Jeweler God so good to us all brotha!!
Judiff Saint London Pierre... You hear your name?
Jaushalanda Peaches I is listenin!
Malina Simmons Barrrsss 😍
AB IV Miller My bar

Always a fun time.

2.1k reactions 38 comments
Yung Don 🐥 Yung🎈 Don😱 Ka💋 Bot🌵 On🙀 Top🐻 Raha🐘 Ga😡 B| Good Morning :* Lil Wayne ♥ B| Sunday : 15 - October - 2017 B| Like Back♥ Lil Wayne B| Comment Late 50 sec :) B| Auto Comment By Yung Don B| Bilal Ashraf X3 Chaudhry Botterz B| ♥ Bilal-Ashraf. tk ...
Vanessa Garcia Kristen Burdette 😂😂
Alisha Cobb Lily Barefield
David B Lynch Emily Lynch
Salvatore Licciardello Teegan Roots 😂

Check out Stephanie's new video!

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Kurtis Carter
Yung Don 🐟 Yung🌴 Don😜 Ka🐯 Bot😻 On🍁 Top💂 Raha📺 Ga👫 B| Good Morning :* Lil Wayne ♥ B| Sunday : 15 - October - 2017 B| Like Back♥ Lil Wayne B| Comment Late 43 sec :) B| Auto Comment By Yung Don B| Bilal Ashraf X3 Chaudhry Botterz B| ♥ Bilal-Ashraf. ...
Saad Anjum
Nguyễn Đình Nhất #364136585965752 02:00 15/10/2017 #Fb0935774444
Mijo Jurišić Hmm nope

How you fight a python?

Man Fights 23-Foot Long Python And Wins
Man Fights 23-Foot Long Python And Wins

Man versus python. A 23-foot-long python. Who would win? Well apparently if Robert Nababan was in a fight with a huge reptile, he would win. He’s from Indo

1.6k reactions 57 comments
Westrope Patrick Seth With a pair of pythons.
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Abdo Indépendant Énorme
Mhlongo Miron Miguel There's no such
Ephrem Yezy Azombade Laught! beat with pyton?

Stream Hoody's latest.

422 reactions 20 comments
Olatunji Ebenezer
Yung Don ☔ вoт🌵 powered🎃 вy🐹 Yung🐛 Don B| Good Night :* Lil Wayne ♥ B| Saturday : 14 - October - 2017 B| Like Back♥ Lil Wayne B| Comment Late 50 sec :) B| Auto Comment By Yung Don B| Bilal Ashraf X3 Chaudhry Botterz B| ♥ Bilal-Ashraf. tk ♥
Farhan Saafi M Egal Can you give 1 teeth
Tdi Snïïfty Like
Jaushalanda Peaches Bye!

A materpiece.

This Third-Grader
This Third-Grader's Feminist Poem Is Basically A Masterpiece

"I am a rich pie strong with knowledge. I will not be eaten."

784 reactions 31 comments
Shenae Marie A short explanation about the [email protected] program. [email protected] stands for Putting Health At The Top. The program is successful where others fail because of the low calorie meal plan which is supported by the highest quality non-toxic nutrition on the market. The ...
Yung Don 🐰 Yung🌵 Don🎓 Ka😥 Bot😍 On🐷 Top🐵 Raha😖 Ga🐔 B| Good Evening :* Lil Wayne ♥ B| Saturday : 14 - October - 2017 B| Like Back♥ Lil Wayne B| Comment Late 46 sec :) B| Auto Comment By Yung Don B| Bilal Ashraf X3 Chaudhry Botterz B| ♥ Bilal-Ashraf. ...
Nica Starks Emma Harris
Hank Blunt Jennifer Jones
Jessica Biretta Phuong RiedyZachry KinnettRachel Huffman

Powerful words.

2.2k reactions 359 comments
Elijah Sage Not since Farrakhan killed Malcomb, did a Black Man act or speak so threatening and so scary. This is like social government enforcement and a loss of liberty, peace and freedom may be at hand. I wanted to own vintage and modern guns, some like to ...
David Shyrock Thought he was talking about the 500 dead in Chicago this year and then I realized he was talking about confiscating the only thing we have to protect ourselves with. Wouldn't wanna talk about the inner cities with strict gun control accounting for ...
Anol Nath I think some people took your album name way too seriously, I am not a human being so it doesn't matter how many dies 😰😰
Malik Ümit what a morass you are discussing her! I'm from Germany and Weapons are not the same as the past. Joey Ventura "using a pound to Strip People their right to bear arms" 😝🤣🤣😝??! you are more stupid as the *Threads executers* of your government
Daniel Jackson How many people are killed by drunk drivers? How many people are killed by cigarettes?? How many people drink themselves to death??? Yet, nobody talking about banning those things???
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