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Taking young Josh Freese to school #Studio Photo by Martin

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Fernando Acuna Hope he packed a lunch.......gonna be a long road.
Miguel Sioui One of the best punk drummers to do it
Giuliana Bongiorno Cool father&son tour!
Roxanne Sumner Rzeznik Lucky Josh!! 😍🤘🏻
Krzysztof Stępkowski Still no answer about my missing order #stingofficial

Walking on the moon in #Hamburg. Photo by @tonylake77 Insta

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Jack Chudzicki Moon is actually a holographic image and the earth is flat.
Sylwia Keller It was amazing! Thank you for that great show!
María Belen Bulleri Love this song as much as the first day I listened!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!
Thomas Söhl Super Konzert und eine tolle Vorgruppe
Sandra Rinke It was amazing !!! Thank you for a brilliant evening !!!!

Barcelona tonight! First stop on the European "57th & 9th Tour." Here's what you can expect to see along with some new surprises: login as a member to to watch the full video.

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Joe Vickrey Tristan... He seems to play it better than we ever did.
Kristin Schaeppi Dang I missed the MN show...did't even hear it he was coming :(
Timothy Moss Your concert with Paul Simon was out of this world. Glad to finally see u.
Sylvia Kempke-Faceb Der Held meiner Jugend!! Und heute immer noch absolut genial!!😘😘
Jeri Layton ST. LOUIS LOVES STING!! Sells out in 10 minutes every time.

We lost Chuck Berry yesterday. Without Chuck Berry, there’s no Rolling Stones, there's no Beatles, there's no me. He was an incredibly influential musician and amazing lyricist. Though I'd never sung this song before, I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to him because we owe him so much. Video by @Sallykfischer @sallyfischerpr Insta

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Manuel Fernandez Menor Big Chuck Berry among the big ones. Thank you for your beautiful compositions
Martin Krapohl We did the same on our rehearsel yesterday. The godfather of rock n roll is gone🎸🎸🎸
Nichole D'Angelo I love when sting sings...what a blessed voice! Chuck berry must be cheering him on singing his song!
Андрей Устинов Stones, Beatles, me. Modesty is definitely your thing, man.
Margaret Thibodeaux Bellanger RIP Chuck Berry and thank you for all your great music and the great musicians you have inspired.

The North American leg of the "57th & 9th Tour" has come to an end and as I reflect on all of the memorable shows, beautiful theatres and strolls through St. Louis, New Orleans, Montreal, New York and all of the cities that we visited in the US and Canada, I'm grateful to the welcoming audiences, my talented musicians and relentlessly hard working crew. The "57th & 9th Tour" continues with the start of our European leg on March 21st in Barcelona and I can't wait to play again in just a few days. See you soon! Ticket Info: Photo by Martin Kierszenbaum

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Rafel Rosell Sagrera Reading all of those comments, can't wait your Barcelona's gig. See you next week!!
Vanessa Tamara Somerset My favourite album remains the Christmas Folk songs where he sings in a low tone, and the sound is for the CD is perfect. Have fun in Europe its the place to be these days!
Montse Jimenez Padilla Aqui esperamos impacientes tu llegada, El martes es el día, bien!!!
Teia Castellet See you in Barcelona next Tursday!!! I can' t wait to See you in Palau Sant Jordi!!
Micky Jones I can't believe Andy Summers is playing in a POLICE TRIBUTE BAND! Playing in a tribute band of your own band is possibly the lamest thing ever!

Daniel Pinchbeck's new book “How Soon Is Now?” ( looks at the ecological crisis and offers a blueprint for the future. I contributed a preface for it.

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Piotr Wojnowski can you produced me? on
Ana Virtuoso <3
Piotr Wojnowski make with you music
Jimmy Edward Great show in Philly sat. Thank you!
Carrie Nesbitt-Larking Sting, go vegan

Photos from Tenuta il Palagio's post

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Maria Olga Garcia Wait for you ti come ti México.
Adam Oystermoon La France est elle prévue ?
Rita Garbo Bon voyage 🍷🌞😊😻
Nell Philip But.... You are on my way !!! 😉
Antonella Antonuccio Good travel. .......

The The Fillmore Philadelphia was vibrating last night. Thank you Philadelphia. Here we come MGM National Harbor Washington D.C. See you tonight! #57thAnd9thTour Photo by @mkcherryboom

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Diane Garber One of the best poets and musician
Michelle Kendle Sigh.....
Eddie Onthe Moon Any poor people dates?
Patrick Vanbergen Very nice picture. Thank you Sting!
Chantal Delsaux Thank you for the photo STING ...All The best for Washington D.C...thé 'lodger' has been changed...😊🍃🌱🌳

Surprise! You never know which songs we'll pull out at soundcheck

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Nikki Centre Johnson The Fillmore tomorrow night!!!
Hilary Mason Cohen Loved Police reunion tour 2007! Sting!So excited for tonight at the Fillmore!
Robert Fremeau Awesome show last Wednesday at the House of Blues in Boston. Sting delivers - 😁
Jennifer Broad Hi Sting!!! i hope you play here one day. i hope you are well.
Gabriel Chavez Será una experiencia fenomenal escuchar las canciones de The Police en 🇲🇽.

I've been enjoying playing “One Fine Day” every night on the #57thAnd9thTour. Catch my performance of it on The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight at 12:37am ET / 9:37pm PT.

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Farida Sultan still hard at work but worth all the effort teachers mark 10 out 10
Linda Adamo thanks for the great concert in Boston last night!
Sonja Hunter Ha, at first glance I thought this was you Ken Manson
Давидевски Михаил Алaл дa ти е брaт, нa две гитaри нaеднaш сaмo ти и џими пејџ свирите
Tanya Costa Thank you for your music Sting!!!I saw you in Toronto!!!Your son Joe is just like you...Amazing!!!XO

These guys ... #Repost The Last Bandoleros ・・・ We're gonna have some fun tonight in Toronto at the REBEL! #thelastbandoleros #sting #joesumner #57thand9thtour #toronto 📸 @mkcherryboom Insta

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Loriann Morris oh yeah break a leg,,and have a blast cheer's mates!~ love to trudie,,love me.
Andrew McCabe Sting, I reckon You are gonna have A lot of fun in Montreal Baby! x Do it for Leonard Cohen. Peace & Love
Becia W-a Ok ,guys are so nice but you are the best. I like you so so much
Darrell Barber Those guys are a good band. I must look for the CD !
Vanessa Tamara Somerset What a joke

Kicked off the 57th & 9th Tour in Canada last month with a great show in Vancouver. Excited to be back in Canada tonight at See you soon #Toronto 📷 by Martin Kierszenbaum

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Julie Grobbelaar When are you coming back to Australia? Perth in particular
Frankie Gail If Sting ever comes back to Newfoundland it is a great place for some very cool, rustic photos!
Wendy Sondermann Stay Warm !! Sure you'll ROCK the roof... Mega Talent
Lori Rodden Wish I could go home to see you play in "TO". "Be still my beating heart".....🎶🎸🎷🎻🎤❤
Liina Guiter First time ever. See you tonight!


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Kathie Keane What did you do to that foot!? Hope it heals well
Katelyn Byrne Maria do want those creeper boots
Stephan Pasda Boots looking like "walking on the moon" :-)
寺園浩一 Dear Mr. Sting. You are the greatest artist and made my life the most brilliant. Please continue to shine as usual.
Al Grotten Great show in Chicago but why did you dump one of your songs??? Also what is with the small shirts? The 2XL shirts are sized for a child, not a true 2XL. XL shirts are $40 & the 2XL shirts are $45?? Come on Sting, a lot of us have been with you for 40 ...

Sting's cover photo

10.8k reactions 85 comments
Monica Ayala Precioso
Sandra Anne Be still my beating heart
Mariej Fiddy Pheobe would love it!
Joanne Saporito Love seeing your joy in performing. It makes my day!
Rachel Cardy 9th April Hammersmith my 60 th springs to mind 🍾🍸🎤🎸🎸

Profile Pictures

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Fer Erazo Cuando brasil????
Nazmuss Shakib 🐸 Sazid Shahriar Sazid Ul Islam
Sazid Ul Islam ♥♥
Robert Lindblad Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne Chesse ROOOOXANE😉

#FBF Exploring the sights of St. Louis with Joe Sumner. Enjoying all of the adventures on the #57thAnd9thTour. Thank you to Minneapolis and Chicago this week. Toronto and Montreal - coming for you next! Info at

22.5k reactions 344 comments
Eszter Molnar Great concert at the Aragon last night. Tanks for coming back to Chicago
Michele J Goldsmith Thanks to both of you for the music, the memories and sharing your craft. #stingandfamilyatthearagon
Clay Taylor So sorry I missed you in MPLS at the Myth last night. Keep killing it, great review. Peace...
Phennet Ogden See you gentlemen tomorrow night , bundle up, it's bloody cold in TO !!
Jennifer Broad Mr Sting, Come for a visit here. One day i would like to hear you sing. Or i might here you sing on the radio or maybe a cd or tape or something. Have a nice weekend

Here's a glimpse into our live version of "One Fine Day" on the #57thAnd9thTour. Login as a member to to watch.

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Jimmy Jr DeMelo See you in Toronto on the 5th. 😁 One of my favourite songs from your new album.
Annette Bundemann Dresden, Elbufer am 28.06. 2017!!!, Karten heute 3 Minuten nach Vorvekaufsstart gesichert, juchhuh:)
Alex Flewitt I love you Sting. I can totally hook you up with some BVs any time. xx
Susan M. Detterman Love this Guy! Saw him in Cleveland a few years ago with The Police!!
Rochelle Mortensen This must have been the Dallas show - it was amazing!

I've having a fantastic time out here. Grateful for your contagious energy each night. See you tonight Minneapolis! #Repost Martin

Ageless Sting Brings Timeless Music To ACL Live
Ageless Sting Brings Timeless Music To ACL Live

Sting was in Austin recently on his 57th & 9th Tour. His first rock album in over a decade got its title from the Manhattan street corner that Sting crossed each day as he walked to the recordi…

1.1k reactions 69 comments
Vanessa Tamara Somerset Please don't assume so much this guy will live to be 200!
Patrick Treeby Sting, I'm a libertarian Stewart Copeland fan, why would you ever accept my appreciation?
Christine Mccants Can't hardly wait to see Sting tomorrow night at the Aragon.
Garry Ernest DeArmond I grew up in the town of Prince. I'm sure they admire one another's talent...
Julie Blanchard I saw you in Rancho Mirage Ca. at the Agua Caliente Auditorium....You were just fabulous...Now, thanks to FB...I follow all your concerts~!

No show tonight? Let's go make music in the studio. Minneapolis, see you tomorrow at @mythlive

15.8k reactions 276 comments
Jennifer Hiatt Betz See you TONIGHT IN MINNESOTA!! on our way there from Iowa NOW!!!
Andrew Clark One of the great poets of his generation,possibly unwitting
Kristin Weithas Furth Can't wait to see you in DC, Sting!!!! Please play All This Time!! ❤💓❤love you
Allie Michelle Wert Still rockin' on your days off, I love it! Miss you here in So Cal, have a fantastic show tomorrow Sting! ❤❤
Nancy Lowry Stanley Thank you for the fabulous Nashville show! We had a great time!

You never know which song will be making a guest appearance on the set list at the show or soundcheck. Thank you #Nashville

2.4k reactions 62 comments
Emily Vagni Zanzani Great to see you singing with Joe. ☺
Μαρια Σμυρη Sting!.. So funny .. I am MAD..too.. HhA..
Garry Ernest DeArmond A chip off the ol block! And two for the price of one:)
Najah Kh Good morning
Leopoldo Perez Sting please, wear green t shirt in Punta cana on may against corrruption

It was a little chilly on stage at the Tabernacle Atlanta tonight but your reception was extra warm, Atlanta. Thank you. PS, played a totally different set list at soundcheck. Let's see what we do tomorrow, Nashville, at the Metro Nashville Municipal Auditorium

904 reactions 141 comments
Lindie McLaughlin But you looked so cute in your puffy jacket 😉👌🏻 thanks for playing such an intimate venue. Cheers!
Cristy Ragain Rietsema God I wish I had known!! It's my dream to see STING💝💜💜💙
Dale Rust Waymack welcome to music city...
Darrell Barber I will be there sir! I'll be up in the balcony somewhere but I'll be there. Looking forward to it!
Christy Johnson Fassnacht AMAZING sound check! Thanks for playing "Fields of Gold!" xoxo

Honoured to be performing "The Empty Chair" from the HBO film "Jim: The James Foley Story" and my album "57th & 9th" on the Oscars tonight. Thank you and congratulations to my co-writer J. Ralph.

7.3k reactions 175 comments
Rachel Covach Seccia Thank you for the honor of hearing this song live on your tour through Denver!
Betty Boldt Rosenbaum Congratulations on your nomination. Your performance tonight at the Oscars was an amazing tribute. Thanks 🙏
Anke Hagel Thanks for your touching performance ! 💞 I'm looking forward to see you in March ✨
Tami Bankson Wonderful performance, thank you. Enjoying the new album.
Kimberly Osburn Gilbert Looked wonderful on the red carpet, the only reason I'm watching the Oscars!

That was one hot and sweaty show. So great to be back in Miami.

7.1k reactions 111 comments
Maribel Amalia Duran Great show, love you!!!
Anita Rosario Gracias por dar un show de primera
Charlie Meehan Great show. I had an amazing time!!!!
M Joao Morais It was an amazing show. (Y)
Leni Andrews- Weber Your show was amazing!!!! Thank you!

If you'd like to see what happens when a bunch of songwriters get together, tune in... #CloseUpWithTHR Songwriters Sunday Feb. 26 on SundanceTV at 10am ET / 7am PT

3.9k reactions 45 comments
Fernando Mohorade I like it
Juliana Barboza O-M-G 😉
Patrick Vanbergen Thank you very much!
Malena Skanne Brainstorming, creativity, energies, joy.
Mark Trojanowski Ok Sting can you bring the Police with you?

Goodnight #Houston. Thank you!

6.1k reactions 65 comments
Donald G Hill Great show. Loved every minute. :-)
Mark Wilson Why are you not coming to Glasgow very sad at this
Barbara Ankiel Can't wait for Warszawa in Poland
Igor Seredkin Спокойной ночи мне недостаточно. Я поэт России-Игорек. Позор ему живущему сладким перцем.

Fun show last night at the Lakefront Arena and stroll through the French Quarter this morning. Thank you #NewOrleans.

12.2k reactions 107 comments
Kelley Midagliotti Please come to Cleveland soon! You are on my concert bucket list :)
Jennifer Hiatt Betz One week from today I will be seeing you in MN! Counting down to my all time favorite artist. Can't wait!!!!!
Jackie Athanasiadis Great! We will be in Nashville!!!! My dream come true! See my favorite singer !!!!
Alethea Massey Nearly fainted when you sang "Shape of My Heart." It was amazing!
Tom Uber It was an amazing, unforgettable show. Thank you.

The Last Bandoleros are bringing their exceptional musicianship and unbridled energy to the #57thAnd9thTour. I say they're like Los Lobos meet The Monkees but get to the show early and judge for yourself. Login as a member to for an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with them.

1.6k reactions 53 comments
Lela Robles We loved them in Palm Desert!
Hilda Melendez See you on Saturday!!! ❤❤❤
Peter Newman Checking them out tonight...
Luiz Henrique Coutinho Please, come to Brasil with Sting!!!!!!!!

Repost Martin ・・・ "Synchronicity II" live in Dallas last night at @verizontheatre #57thAnd9thTour - Don't miss it in your town. Info: @theofficialsting @cherrytreerec

2.9k reactions 52 comments
Emily Darline Many Miles Away...come to Hartford!
Katja Zapatero Synchronicity 1 is much cooler :D
Patty McGill Yancey I wish! $300 a ticket is too rich for me!
Francine Brindel Wait U in Paris for sure 👍👍
Kerry Holt My town? I wish! 😜
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