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Laughing at something or other during soundcheck. See you tonight at Armeec Arena in Sofia, Bulgaria! #57thAnd9thTour

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Dinna Temelkova Sofia loves you! It was AMAZING! ❤️
Alex Lowe I dance around the kitchen with my infant daughter to the Certifiable album- she loves it!
Terri Liles Mason Sting-- saw you at Tanglewood with your son. Extraordinary!
Alexander Yordanov We'll be together!
Kajtas Koryba You see that humor you add. It's very good. Sting to smile.

Tools of the trade. See you at Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria tonight! Repost @mkcherryboom (Insta) Axes of the #57thAnd9thTour

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Roger Thomas Sting, Dominic, and Vinnie!
Monica Rispoli Sting my passion i love you
Susan Ciach Love Vienna! Seen you twice now. Both in Philly.
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Maria Maillo Cárdenes I wish i could be there tonight! 😍💛

The 57th & 9th Tour comes to the Air Am Marktplatz in Rankweil, Austria tonight. See you there! Ticket info at

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Adriana Leguizamon My heart! !!!
Clot Coiffeuse Lindo!!!
Skip Newberry Yessssss see you there !!!!!!!
Paula Ramirez Mestizo Que se oiga Sting por todo el mundo! !!!
Ana Mariscal Romero Sting te espero algún día en Sevilla

Walking to the gig with Trudie Styler

15.8k reactions 235 comments
Regina Malone How romantic! What a guy and what a lucky girl!
Lisa Marterella Gray Can you imagine Sting walks past you on the street...what would I say....probably just "Hello"!
Rosario Gabriel In my neighborhood!!! Welcome to Washington DC!
Kevin Woestman That's a long walk from DC to Wolf Trap in Vienna!
Tami McKinnon Mohamed I love Trudie! She is talented and amazing! He's lucky too.

#Repost Martin

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Justin Vanka tres consentres👍👍
Ivonne Ramos LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!
Cathy Dausman All dressed up and someplace to go!
Raakhee Kumar Dapper.
Ranjeet Singh NICE SHOW U PUT UP

Brazil Court Suspends Temer Decree That Opened Amazon Reserve to Mining

Brazil Court Suspends Temer Decree That Opened Amazon Reserve to Mining
Brazil Court Suspends Temer Decree That Opened Amazon Reserve to Mining

The court in Brasilia "partially granted an injunction to immediately suspend any administrative act" aimed at abolishing the Renca reserve.

540 reactions 19 comments
Darren Henderson
Natgi Mary Good news
Lucimar da Silva Felicissima! Grazie a Dio !
Jolanta Wielgosz 🍀....
John Hill Good news

Sound checking the #Taurus pedals at Blue Hill Bank Pavilion. Thank you for a great show, Boston. See you tonight in Atlantic City, NJ and then later this week for three shows in Vienna, Virginia. Ticket info at Photo by @mkcherryboom (Insta)

2.3k reactions 79 comments
Helen Williams Wish I could be there!
Tom Booth Love the before gig stuff nearly as much as playing the gig
Dave Long One of my favorite artists. So talented.
Mary G. Cecol Oh, how I would love to see and hear you play again, love my music man.
T.C. Pfeiler Unfortunately not in Vienna, Austria, Europe :-)

Thrilled for "The Empty Chair" to be recognized by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History on September 8th with friends J. Ralph & Dan Rather. Join me:"

698 reactions 17 comments
Anna Stepanyan 😭😭
Sonia Reina Mejorando mi inglés para el próximo encuentro😍😊☺️
Heather Cherece Ford Beautiful song
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from assisi italy
Katie Durkin Jim Foley...your amazing self lives on!!!

Repost Cherrytree Music Company

2.5k reactions 46 comments
Yehuda Swisa הגדול מכולם
Sridhar Vidyapathy love you sting...
Shiraz Stafford Tops...
Kajtas Koryba Our master in action. Remember me for you in Cracow
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from Assisi italy

#Repost Dominic Miller Vintage Guitar magazine

3.0k reactions 68 comments
Gisèle Treffé cette chanson est magnifiquement belle...
Maynol Moreno Awesome 👏
Andreas Kuhnert Great
Luca Franceschini Chitarra e voce semplicemente eccezionali!
Cath's Eyes 💛💛💛

Indigenous groups win key land rights victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court

Indigenous groups win key land rights victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court
Indigenous groups win key land rights victory in Brazil’s Supreme Court

Court decides against claims of Mato Grosso state, which wanted compensation for land lost to Indian reserves set up in that Amazonian state by federal government.

933 reactions 31 comments
Maria Eduarda Araújo Massa ele falando dos BR
Darren Henderson
Lisa Miaud Thanks for everything Sting and wife ❤❤❤❤
Raul Wiens Win
Eric L. Krepps Sr. 👍👊💚

#Repost Martin Kierszenbaum Read Melinda Newman in Billboard on Sting Smithsonian

1.5k reactions 80 comments
Liz Weaver Massive ego.
Tessy Prentiss So lovely
Paul Rosner <-------------hopes to see a police reunion soon!!!
Silvia Villanueva La Paz ❤️
Joanne Saporito Well deserved!

via Rainforest Fund: Close to our Wai Wai partners in the field, the Brazilian government has opened an 18,000 square mile reserve for mineral exploration and commercial mining. Not only is this move an unsustainable investment, it can also cause immeasurable damage to local cultures, the forests, biodiversity, and water sources.

Brazil opens vast Amazon reserve to mining
Brazil opens vast Amazon reserve to mining

The previously-protected area is bigger than Denmark and is thought to be rich in gold.

1.5k reactions 84 comments
Iñaki Aramendia Pues nada.... Terminemos con el pulmón verde del planeta.... Que triste
Aurora Eezckui Andará el ministro de medio ambiente de Argentina por ahi?
Lydia A Kan What can we do to help? I used to live in Brazil and speak Portugues.
Catherine Maillard STOP Killing the Rain forest. ..STOP Killing the Planet. ...STOP Killing human People. !
Manuel Azer stupid governement you kill earth to catch money ............people without brain!!!!

My friends from Sanantonio Texas, The Last Bandoleros will be joining me on these upcoming 57th & 9th Tour shows: Aug 29 Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox, MA Aug 30 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY Sep 01 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel, NY Sep 02 Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA Sep 03 Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City, NJ Sep 05 Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA Sep 06 Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA Sep 07 Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA You can listen to their new song "River Man" below. See you at #Tanglewood soon! iTunes Spotify Ticket information:

216 reactions 104 comments
Jody Caskin-Bruzgis Craig Mellish let's do this
Dina Maryea-Baker See you at SPAC! Can't wait!
Paula Ramirez Mestizo Woóow! Sting, ya que vas a andar más cerca, vente para Puebla, México! !! Para cerrar tu gira con el concierto que dejaste pendiente!!! Please!
Farida Messaoudi Hier sur arte,tu as montré combien tu es un artiste avec beaucoup de talent et d une élégance wahou!!!j'ai trouvé ton concert très chaleureux et classe!!!
Jane Dyson Wilson Just had to put my ticket for Borgota on to sell...illness in can't make it :( 400 Floor, row3, Seat 9.

Ce soir, retrouvez-moi pour une soirée spéciale sur Arte, avec la diffusion d’un documentaire inédit et de mon concert "57th & 9th Tour, Live at The Olympia." Arte

6.2k reactions 196 comments
Aneke Dudy I'm watching, Maestro! ❤ Been to Hamburg in March, it's awesome to relive this tour again from up close. 😍
Michael Delmotte Un peu de zenitude après une dure journée.vue Sting 2 fois en concert . magnifique 🙌 Merci Arte
Nath Alie Héméra Superbe émission... le Concert de Sting cet été à Lille était juste... fabuleux 🎸🎤❤️💋
Jennifer Julia Marie Mandaroux Great, just finished to watch out the concert which came yesterday night on TV.
Jennifer Julia Marie Mandaroux Did enjoy Major Tom David Bowie performed by Joe S., one of Sting s son.

#Repost Cherrytree Music Company Sting Releases Exclusive Live Album 1057 WROR 🖊 Erica Banas 📷 Nicholas Hunt

Sting Releases Exclusive Live Album
Sting Releases Exclusive Live Album

Sting has a new live album out -- but only for certain fans.

2.9k reactions 37 comments
Rickard Havby How can i get an autograph from you sting?
Sylvie Krikorian 👍 💞
David Clark It's superb
Ray Fraser Is it on Vinyl?
Justin Vanka un grand mrs ne changer pas ☘️☘️👍👍

Alors, en français ... 18 de août, retrouvez-moi pour une soirée spéciale sur Arte, avec la diffusion d’un documentaire inédit et de mon concert 57th & 9th Tour, live at The Olympia.

20.2k reactions 583 comments
Jacqueline Nanni You represent such a happy time in my life, and still do. You are are a beautiful person too. Never stop!
Chantal Autal-rey Ah !!! j'irai vérifier sur Arté le 17 et le 18 . C''est vrai, j'avais programmé le 18 août !! en plus la veille de mon anniv.. Merci Sting !!! Ce sera un beau cadeau pour moi !! passer la soirée avec vous !! Super !!!😀😋😄👌❤️ Merci ...
Heidi Sharp As if this picture doesn't make you want to retract your previous statement Miss Alison??? 😍
Linda Van De Putte I'd love to see you concert some year before it's too late!
Houria Djerrah Je ne le manquerais pas même pour un royaume, en attendant de vous voir en live

The 57th & 9th band and I are reuniting with Joe Sumner as well as The Last Bandoleros later this month for shows in the East Coast of the US. In anticipation, here's a live clip of "Walking on the Moon" taken from our stop in London earlier this year. Login as a member to to watch the full video and get ticket info.

2.2k reactions 115 comments
Daniel Centurion Propp el MAESTRO STING !!!!
Angie J Martin Come back to LONDON!!
Erika Van de Pol Nicole Wassink en Miranda van der Kamp
Maria Fahl Great concept, Sting! I saw the fantastic show in Düsseldorf in April and had so much fun.
Aracely Naranjo Jorge Garzon!! Un concierto solo uno..! No pido más

#Repost Trudie Styler

‘One Film, One New York’ celebrates NY movies, unites New Yorkers
‘One Film, One New York’ celebrates NY movies, unites New Yorkers

The Big Apple becomes the Big Popcorn Bag on Sept. 13.

581 reactions 65 comments
Eric Riggs I picked up bass first. I started playing bass in highschool. I listened to a lot of Primus. A lot of Nirvana. I did a number on it all.
Linda Azemi Arthur w Dudley Moore 😍& Sir John Gilgood 😳
Teresa Law Petree Moonstruck
Eric Riggs How many times have you showed up to a concert where you've thought man that's like some crazy ego affair?
Jane Austin sting not knowing what but my musting trans am i have built tthis sound card is disfunctinal for such disfunctional humans around

Brazil’s Temer threatens constitutional indigenous land rights

Brazil’s Temer threatens constitutional indigenous land rights
Brazil’s Temer threatens constitutional indigenous land rights

Brazil’s president approves new criteria for indigenous land demarcation to deny Indians their traditional lands; opens door to elite land thieves, agribusiness, opponents say.

928 reactions 43 comments
Linda Nierenberg This must be stop Now !!!!!
Justin Vanka il ont raison de garder leur tradition et leur terre 🌷🌷💥💥
Zeze Pina Pelos direitos dos povos indígenas.!
Thomas Katsinis This must STOP !!!
Peter van Loo What about the indigenous Europians🙄

When sound check turns to light check #57thAnd9thWorldTour See you tonight in Uelzen! #Germany Ticket info at

1.8k reactions 49 comments
Andy Scotty Hamilton Who's in the Spurs top? Joe?
Hannah Newhouse Kennedy Every morning.
Jacqueline Nanni Hola from Argentina, love u Sting
Paula Ramirez Mestizo Mucho éxito Sting! Saludos desde Puebla, Mexico
Chantal Delsaux All The Best for your concert tonight..Sting'☺🍃🌸

Great night! Thank you #SaintTropez. See you tomorrow in #Colmar #57thAnd9thWorldTour #France

6.1k reactions 106 comments
Cendrine Jeandin Waouh c est ce soir à colmar !!! Ét on y sera !!!
Claude Meistermann Super concert a colmar. La classe monsieur
Magali Lépine Bonjour Sting. Une tournée est elle prévue dans le Pacifique, en Australie plus précisément ? Les fans français du bout du monde vous attendent 😊
John Kernaghan What about Ireland? Come on Sting. Everyone else in Europe has seen you. R u leaving your best fans till the end?
Murielle Casali pour ma part je suis encore sous le coup de l'émotion suite à un concert magique à Aix...MUSILAC 😍

Repost @mkcherryboom (Instagram) #Soundcheck in magnificent Piazza Sordello in Mantova. Don't miss the magic tonight #underthestars

6.0k reactions 106 comments
Corinna Kraushofer Sting and The Last Bandoleros ... in Zürich! Was a Great Concert also... :))
Lorena Gonzalez Muchisima suerte esta noche que sea un lindo concierto- aunque siempre son lindos y buenisimos felicidades.
Timothy L Bozarth it's me Tim Bozarth, pm me so we can meet when ur back in states
Fiorenza Fioregiallo Fantastic concert Sting !!! Grazieee!! You , and Music, are timeless!!! Grazie!!! 💕💋💕💋💕💋💕💋💕
Patrizia Cassullo Io c'ero!! Fantastica serata grazie Sting per le emozioni provate! Sei un grande!!

It was a pleasure to be back in Pula, Croatia to perform at the Pula Arena which was built over 2,000 years ago. It was also an honour to receive the Porin Special Merit Award from Neven Frangeš and the board. Thank you to the city of Pula for a fantastic evening and special show. See you tomorrow at the Piazza Sordello in Mantova, Italy. #57thAnd9thTour Ticket info:

6.8k reactions 180 comments
Jenni Beljak My husband is Croatian and we've visited the colosseum before... what a fantastic venue for a concert.
Ilse Booij What a great night at the amfitheater in Pula. A night to remember with my bff Wilma Huininga ❤
Laura Andreozzi Anywhere you go, I'll be watching you! 😀 Keep on shining Sir! Everything you do is MAGIC!!!!
Bente Davidsen Thank you for The Musical Happening of our life, you are a true musician and we loved to se you in the Pula Arena😊.
Chantal Autal-rey Ah oui !!! les commentaires étaient avisés en soulignant la beauté de cette ville Croate Pula, cité antique !! Bravo et merci !

Out for a morning swim in the #AdriaticSea with Joe Sumner in beautiful #Trieste #Italy before making our way to #Pula #Croatia for the show tonight at Pula Arena. See you there! #57thAnd9thTour Ticket info at Photos by @mkcherryboom (insta)

3.1k reactions 77 comments
Giuliana Bongiorno Waiting for you in Pula!!!
Ann Kessler Formentin Welcome to my beautiful Italian home town of Trieste!
Annarita Vincenti Have a great day
Barbara Zawadzka Croatia - the most charming country in Europe.
Edda Sluga Welcom in Trieste Sting , my beautiful city...ciaooo👍👍👍👍

The 57th & 9th Tour continues across Europe. Visited Germany and France last week. Amazing audiences with great voices. Let's see how loud you can get tonight in Cividale del Friuli Italy! Ticket info:

3.4k reactions 65 comments
Frederique Laville à lundi soir!
Gianna Fulla see you tonite 👍
Ruth Klein Gunnewiek Great sting
Nicole Piccoli Great artist...great concert!!😍
Monica Caltran we were very loud tonight Sting! see you...

Just before Antibes Jazz Festival - Jazz à Juan set. Thank you, Juan-les-pins, #France. Photo by @mkcherryboom (@instagram)

23.2k reactions 457 comments
Martine Bourgeton Dorothée Jd Le Cellier/Argelès c'était déjà pas la porte à côté mais la Réunion/Juan les pins oh la la du coup .... 😂😂
All Jen Un super moment hier soir à Juan les Pins 🎶🎸... merci ! Belle complicité père /fils J'aurais aimé écouter " Inshallah" en live .... peut être une autre fois ! 😉
Michael Reid Perry I look forward to your continued variations in your approach to writing your songs. Songwriting must always be risky and revolutionary. We know playing it safe is for cowards. I admire your artistic courage.
Karine Lévy Younes Amazing concert yesterday!Your voice is unique. Great tribute to Bowie, and seeing you sing with your son was very emotional. ❤️
Pierre Legendre Today starts the annuel 2 weeks of summer holidays for all the construction workers in Quebec. Cheer-Up, you're almost there.

A magical night at Marenostrum Music Castle Park in Fuengirola, Málaga. Such a pleasure to play in front of the Castillo Sohail, originally built in the year 956. Next up on the 57th & 9th Tour: Locarno, Switzerland , July 19th Juan les Pins, France, July 20th Regensburg, GermanyGermany, July 22nd See you there! Tickets:

2.4k reactions 59 comments
Elise Evigan Whiting 👍🎼❤️💕😊☮🙏
Jacqueline Nanni I want to be a fly on the wall 😄
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from assisi italy
Deep King Sting come back
Julie Blanchard Awesome 🙏

Visiting with the talented staff at Restaurante Casa de Cha da Boa Nova in Porto, Portugal. Playing Meo Marés Vivas at Praia do Cabedelo with the 57th & 9th band tonight. See you there!

4.9k reactions 72 comments
Nuno Nascimento Great concert....Thanks
Walter Giuntoli The best and my favorite singer
Masami Ishida Have a nice day 😊from Japanese fans 🇯🇵
Annarita Vincenti Greetings from Assisi italy
Eva Fernández Baro See you tomorrow in Fuengirola!
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