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Thanx to Gary Vaynerchuk for having me on AskGaryVee! https://youtu.be/1hfEfQ10L5o

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Angelina Valdez ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Curtis Peters I
Jean Marie Fofana Bonjour de paris
Gurpreet Hari Raman Hari on the Gary Veeeeee show
Teresa Jurrens I should be mrs. T pain

Symbol: SELF GROWTH. More electron plasma oscillations. These sounds are collected by NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter now in orbit around Jupiter. #OBLiViON

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Gennaro Arfè Omg t paiiiin😈❤
Jarvis Young Hell of an intro
Stephón Roddey Oblivion is far from one of my favorite T-Pain Projects.. but "May I" off the album is def one of my favorite songs by the legend!

Symbol: TRANSITION. Sound: These are more examples of electron plasma oscillations. These sounds are collected by NASA's Juno Mission to Jupiter now in orbit around Jupiter. #OBLiViON

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Raul Vaz https://youtu.be/-UNjguuPjnA
Scott James Malcolm Forsyth
Aurélie Ma 😅
Aurélie Ma 🌈🍓
Aurélie Ma Un h et Hakim

#OBLiViON out now http://smarturl.it/zOblivion

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BossMan Glover 💯💯🏆
Mike Mebin Joseph T-Pain The Legend
Togbadja Ariel #Boss
Diego Gomez Dope album so far and barely at song 5!!

#OBLiViON out now http://smarturl.it/zOblivion

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Chance Macdonald I believe that's Egyptian
Mike Brown Wat gud cuzin
Hissein Abdoulaye Hissein hhaaaa
Melvin K'God What is that?
Chance Macdonald lmao ET phone home.... Lmao

Tonight #OBLiViON

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Troy Crith Bless me bye
Joseph Palmer Ayeeeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥
Alan J Cromes 🙌🏻
Chaya Veasna Finally
Joseph Dada Nelly Wow.... T did it cost it was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tonight at midnight #OBLiViON

The Time Is Right For T-Pain To Make His Comeback
The Time Is Right For T-Pain To Make His Comeback

With the Auto-tuned sound he pioneered dominating the charts, the timing couldn’t be better for T-Pain's return to the spotlight.

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Jonas Schmith Michala Møller
Aaron Brock Andrew Joseph, Mike Munz
John Charville : WHO CARES ?
Robin Vliem Fack yeah
JJ Fisher Buying right when midnight hits

One Way 6LACK

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Tommy Poulin Mathieu Allaire
Craig Alexander Ayano Alexander
Luca Arena Mehdi PAssaa
Craig Alexander My lawd
Mehdi PAssaa Elle démonte ❤

#TextinMyEx out now...#OBLiViON this Friday

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Septembre Jewell 💖💖💖💖
Romy Cohen Nice google
Ma W Ma first comment? 😂😂😍
Brittany Casey Good song
El Bako Fuck yes!


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Aurélie Ma Surtout en 98
Aurélie Ma Ye 40
Aurélie Ma Jkiffais son canapé
Aurélie Ma Pour une ☝️
Aurélie Ma Ca passe

#OBLiViON #November17th

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Fazrul Falah Seveen Anggora II @ [WATCH HERE>> Baginda Movie Stream
Adam Creveling There better not be a delay on this one. Been waiting a long time for your new album....nearly two years since your last album release date announcement. DO NOT SCREW AROUND THIS TIME.

#TextinMyEx out now...hit my Facebook messenger for some advice..I'm here to help 😂

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Pushpakumar Saishankar Awesome T-Pain
Pushpakumar Saishankar Awesome @t-pain
Lulo Aphelele Lovely good, real man
Mary Carson Morning
Pollawat Ngaopadcha Help for what?

😂😂 @rob_lane_edits the internet remains undefeated #TextinMyEx

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Vanderson Alves Tulio Henrique a cara do moleque kkk
Umar Zia Faizan Javed yaaaad toh atii hogii😂😂
Saintfrank Godson Dope
Antoine Chartré Sophie Lacombe sophie cest quoi cette toune là !
Marco A Jimenez Desgraciada!!

#TextinMyEx on Spotify's New Music Friday

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Rafael Oliveira Santos I love this
Ilhan Torres 😲 Why not tune 😜😜💷💷💷💷
Berenice Mozo Candia Awesome! i love it

Stream #TextinMyEx now on Spotify

Textin' My Ex

Textin' My Ex, an album by T-Pain on Spotify

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Dan Afrifa Stephen A. Adei
Sonny Kristensen Julia B. Kisic
Victor Vinicius Esse novo álbum, vai vir como afffff 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Musteey Attajiri NO one like you.
Farid Mansuor Good pic

#TextinMyEx out now! 📱 http://smarturl.it/TextinMyEx

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Mariah Holm Jenna Rockford
Elaudy Paquet Sabrina Doyon
Akhil Mulpuru Vidul Murali Sanjay Cherupalla
Rabije Rabi Salihi Bisim Jashari
Jackie Soki Parina Anastachia

We've all been there...listen to #TextinMyEx now on Complex Music

T-Pain Drops "Textin
T-Pain Drops "Textin' My Ex" Off His Upcoming 'Oblivion' Album

You can stream or download the Tiffany Evans-assisted song now.

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Kaleb Bell Vivian Summers
Aaron Brock Mike Munz, Andrew Joseph
Edwin Grubba Great song...fucking great❤️
Tubaba Damytemy Freedom T-pain when are u coming to 9ja?
Michael Mcmurray Much respect and support to you bro.💯

Everyday Struggle

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Alberto Pachou N'kita belle tube t.pain
Carine Torres Great episode
Vetae McDowell Absolutely loved this episode!
Johnny Smith She made us drinks to drink we drunk em!!!

New music from the album at midnight tonight! #TextinMyEx ft. Tiffany Evans

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Ricky Argote Meybelyn Figueroa
Jordan Airola Marisa Pyka
SarahIlana Rosner Hannah Bruns
Gina Well How Folau Citaà Yim Kayla Maetoloa
Julien Houzé Damien

End the cycle. #OBLiViON #November17th #TPain Cinematic Music Group #TheNewNappyBoy #Cycle

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Eric R. Sakoor Wut
Jesse C Tyre I never got to see your desk finished and y’all never came back in what happen

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Dylan Moreland River C Moreland Kylan Oliver
Robe Labas Pamela La Morena 😉
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Michael Paruby Landon Steil
Keaton Reeser Is this a new song?


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Dennis Uwe Sousa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRPbF1qkSaE
Jean-paul Dubois Gianni 🙏
Dieu Va Desendre L'impériale Top
Ricky Argote #November17th
Oumar Emi Maïga Top

#MastersofCeremony in Brooklyn last night 📷: @shotbycones

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Prabin KO https://youtu.be/4F5JdLSd4yw
Claudinho Baloo Vem pro Brasil T-Pain 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Mahathma Francisco 💙💙Boo 2 Madea Hollowen💙💙 #JEEPER_CREEPER_3_MOV💙💙
Winnie Mbobo NICE
Jay Nobbs Get it boy! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

D.C. went up on Monday...last show of tour was a success thanx to everyone who made it special #TPainAcousticTour 🎥: @shotbycones

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Celebi Nacije No acoustic in Belgium?
Vaishant Sharma Kashish Ali
Claudinho Baloo Vem pro Brasil T-Pain 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Jhonny Walker Jhonny Breezy jb
Jhonny Walker @jhonjhonnyjj Instagram

Love to Spotify for adding "Mashup" to Viral Hits

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Fajar Utama 💙💙Boo 2 Madea Hollowen💙💙 #HOLLOWEN_BOO2_MADEA_NET💙💙
Marilyn Diaz 💗

Official video for "Goal Line" ft. Blac Youngsta out now! https://youtu.be/0gPC9hayl9Q

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D'angelo L. Johnson This ain’t even him🤣. Where the auto tune 🤔
Costa Tsolirides Dear T-Pain, Invite me to the next party please. Thanks
Skizzy Reeves Nigga I never heard this song in my life lol Romeo Jadiel Ortega
Simo Backtoblack Don't listen to this old 👂you just immortal...
Richard Anya Dude what the fuck happen to your dance moves?

Shout out to Crankdat for taking over #NappyBoyRadio on Spotify

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Jafzel Luciano Narido Boo 2 Madea Hollowen 💙 #JEEPER_CREEPER_3_MOV💙
Jeffrey UZ Nappy boy and Pretty boy!
Sharon Price I heard that. Nappy Boy Radio.

Steve Aoki

1.0k reactions 17 comments
Chiwisya Mussa 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Peace Chitsungo Its amazing
Godlisten Mria Magic voice
Afran Love 👊
Luis Mendoza linkn park!!!!!!! :'v

T-Pain's cover photo

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Kervin Dakit Silva Sueltalooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odilon Mamouli Fanomezanjanahary Yeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!! When? When?
Arriaga Corleone Hazme un hijo nigga
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