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Last updated: 13:48 07/24/2017

Hard to believe the #YouLookGoodWorldTour is half over. Thank you New Hampshire for making it feel like it was Night 1 all over again, and to our fans for making every show uniquely special!

413 reactions 45 comments
Lucille Cote Sure unhappy I wasn't there! sniff.....
Katy McGee Come back to Cheyenne Frontier Days!!
Kathy Sauce That was totally awesome!!!
Wendy Elliott Durant Amazing Concert- we had a blast! #NHyoulookgood
Linda McKeage Roberts Tampa Fl. this Fri!!! Can't wait!! 😎

This weather's really putting us in a grilling mood today! #NABISCO #BBQRemix

Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger RITZwich Recipe | Nabisco
Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger RITZwich Recipe | Nabisco

Gearing up for a grillout? Our Bacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger RITZwichappetizers will get the party started.

310 reactions 10 comments
Naomi Booth Dale Megan
Vicky Packham Robert Packham ??
Kyle Parker Diana Aguayo
Malinda Burgos Jeff Kuznezov 😋
Meggan Lobato Mercedes for your obsession with Ritz

Thanks for bringing the heat, Hartford! It was a hot one, but y'alls energy was unreal! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

2.1k reactions 49 comments
Karyn Holden It was a fantastic show!!! Thank you!!
Carolyn Armbrust Henton It was great show. You guys rocked
Sonya Pleisse The best! My fav!
Natalee Martin one of the best Lady A shows I've seen! 😍
Helen Malone Awesome 👏 singer 👨‍🎤

509 reactions 11 comments
Meghan Wright Liane Wright
Cynthia Quinn 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Georges St Medina Caron Mangas
Melissa Yaughn I need www????
Sarah J Smith love the clothes

All about that #ROBElife on the weekends. #2Blessed2bDressed

Lady Antebellum Spoof Sam Hunt With
Lady Antebellum Spoof Sam Hunt With 'Party in a Bathrobe'

Sam Hunt probably never envisioned the words poo-poo and tee-tee ever being part of 'Body Like a Back Road.'

4.6k reactions 323 comments
Nichole Kilburn #2blessed2bdressed #robelife
Hollie Blanchard Vanessa 😂😂
Lauren Verret Ravyn Elizabeth Joan A. Dreher this is what I was talking about!
Lexi Lauren Hahahahahaha love this😂😂😂
Heather Olsen Lori Olsen Krebill...did you see this, funny stuff😂

A perfect Friday night at one of our favorite stops, the beautiful Blossom Music Center! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

2.1k reactions 52 comments
Ariane D'Amour Deeply in love with your outfit, Hillary.
Trisha Corey Thank you for signing my ticket
Amy J. Bolton Strohsack Great concert as usual! You guys rock!
Linda Davis Suponcic Wonderful show!
Roberta Griffith The show was awesome!!!!🎶🎶🎶🎶

Can't wait for y'all to really experience this amazing event on the big screen next week! #HeartBreak 🎞

Lady Antebellum Shares
Lady Antebellum Shares 'Heart Break' Clip From One-Night-Only Movie Event

Making its latest album, Heart Break, was a bit different for the three members of Lady Antebellum—and they're offering a peek inside that process.

474 reactions 20 comments
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Martin Bell Adele Sarao BellSamuel BellSharon Reid Bell
Larissa Scarlet Come to Brazil 🇧🇷🙏🏻
Pamela King Gobeli Love it
Cynthia Quinn Love😍😍😍😍 cant wait too see you guys in washington!!!!!

All about that #ROBElife! #LadyHaze special edition of #PartyInABathrobe comin’ at ya! #2Blessed2bDressed 🎥: Hodges Usry

3.5k reactions 395 comments
Ronnie Brown Brilliant. I can't wait to see them live in Glasgow this October
Ashley Nichole Funderburg Bro H Us did your bro in law video this???😂😂😂
Maja van Eijndthoven Marc dit is echt zo grappig!
Carl Wilson Love It, The boys are BACK.
Jacqueline Turner Woooohooo... lol.. love it😀😂 Marsha Nash

Awesome little sneak peek for y'all of next week's Artists Den and Fathom Events movie experience! #YouLookGood

See Lady Antebellum
See Lady Antebellum's Thumping 'You Look Good' on 'Artists Den'

Trio delivers an electrifying version of their single for the upcoming big-screen concert 'Artists Den Presents Lady Antebellum'.

1.1k reactions 7 comments
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Melanie Coulas Melissa Jones best. version!
Danielle Getts This movie looks like it's going to be Soo good. ☺😊
Gerald R Root Would love to see them somewhere close to Indy
Linda Chandler Got my ticket

#YouLookGood, Apple Music!

The Country A-List by Apple Music
The Country A-List by Apple Music

Apple editors select the best tracks each week.

679 reactions 8 comments
Rodrigo Santos How to open a full year of Netflix content! ► #NetflixOneYear
Casey Horst I love you lady antebellum...
John S. Burton Very fun song.
Manoj Kumar congraatulationjs
Sue Treadwell Brilliant xxxx

Look for us in the credits of the next Jurassic Park movie haha 😂

1.3k reactions 22 comments
Alexa Lopez Anthony Marquez
Jennifer Cerbantez Heather Chastity Zuniga
Jennifer Leigh Lena Ruiz
Julie Poland Shaun
Cheryl Parker George Brittany George lol 😂

It was #JustAKiss 😘

720 reactions 17 comments
Richard Viscusi-Green Jen Taylor-Green
Rodrigo Santos Just Get a entire year of Netflix ! ➜ #NetflixYearFree
Cynthia Quinn Love it!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lori Duncan Love this song ❤️
Brittney Stewart Love this song!!!!

There's no denying our kids mean the world to us. #TheStars…a love letter for our children.

2.3k reactions 56 comments
Felisa Marie Strickland A favorite for sure❣️
Kristal Akins Hemphill Precious!! ❤️
Sandra Early Hamilton Great
Shirley Markley Shultz Love the song! And your children are gorgeous! :)
Jerri Cuthbertson Super album!

JAMBO! Y'all brought the coolers, we brought the tunes, and wouldn't have had it any other way! Fun level = 💯

1.1k reactions 12 comments
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Pia Feldborg Bianca Rytter Jensen
Kate Lavender Tim mcgraw
Len Hite It was a great show!
Brandon Serfozo Awesome show last night Lady Antebellum! Had so much fun - thank you!

308 reactions 8 comments
Mike Lee Hilbillie slide..Better than watching t.v.
Teressa Hoeldt Olsen 🎶🔥 🍻... Need to come back to Milwaukee !!!
Tammy Comer Looks like fun
Kenny Hollingsworth We used to live near there lots of fun
Wesley Keith Fowler I bet the property owners weren't fired up

Certainly not a small town…y'all got some BIG love outside NYC! Rain couldn't keep us from having a good time tonight! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

1.4k reactions 27 comments
Pat Tocher Best entertainers........😊😊😊😊😊😊.....
Diana Roll Get your FREE cute Collar PET LED ➞ #Pettled
Nolla Ella Amr Ba'abbad
Yolandi Jansen Please come to new zealand
Melissa Pam Such a an amazing show!

Might have been a little wet, but that didn't matter, #YouLookGood, NYC! Thanks for having us, Good Morning America! #LadyAonGMA

Video: Lady Antebellum performs a special version of their hit
Video: Lady Antebellum performs a special version of their hit 'You Look Good'

The country music group performs a unique version of the song, featuring a trumpet and trombone, live on "GMA."

2.7k reactions 44 comments
Maryann Donna Loved you at Jones Beach again! LADY AAAAAAAAAAA
Sherri Kastrup Awesome singer!!!
Bunnie Qualley love them!
Julie Farragher Lady A- You look and sound great!
Michele Balogh Mason That trombone!!!!❤

What a party... we love how much NY loves country music!!! Perfect weather, beautiful venue, all around great time in Syracuse! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

186 reactions 28 comments
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Anna Watts You could have a great time in Australia too. 😊. Please add Australia
Wendi Hollmer Danielle Couture, I hope you enjoyed yourself!!
Bethany Valente Awesome show!! Come again soon! 😊❤️
Marcia Dahlin-Bowhall Great show!❤️😋❤️

So many Cracker Barrel Old Country Store memories... where do we begin?! #CBMusic

396 reactions 15 comments
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Sharon D Overton Hi
Sharon D Overton Hi
Emilee Miller hi
Marcy Foster Would love to go to live concert

#TBT to last month's Good Morning America visit. Back early tomorrow morning to perform a few more songs for y'all! #LadyAonGMA

Video: Lady Antebellum performs
Video: Lady Antebellum performs 'Somebody Else’s Heart' in Times Square

The country music group rocked the "GMA" audience with a special performance of "Somebody Else’s Heart."

1.2k reactions 25 comments
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Lindokuhle Zwane i enjoy your music.
Arlene Frances Will be watching!
Danielle Getts I cannt wait to watch you all tomorrow. 😊☺❤
Jaime Fantom See you tonight in Syracuse,N.Y.!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Appreciate all the love, Canada! 🇨🇦 Always a blast visiting y'all and it was you, the fans, that really rocked it!

1.1k reactions 23 comments
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Sanneke Kerklaan OMG... Charlotte Baart 😍
Rachelle Dubois-Morissette Great show!!!!! 😊
Kailee McArthur Amie They all signed the flag too!
Shirley Mae Hodge Love all her songs

What else would y'all add to Billboard's list?

Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

A decade into their Gold and Platinum layered career, Lady Antebellum are still topping the charts.

1.2k reactions 115 comments
Tara Hockman LaRosa Dancing away with my heart is my all time favorite. And what about Wanted You More?!? My latest fav is Somebody Else's Heart.
Justin Fifer Our kind of love and hello world just a kiss and dancing away with my heart
Mary Lees Just a kiss our first dance at our wedding - like the others on the list too but just a kiss is my favourite
Julie Jones My two favorites: Wanted You More and Damn You Seventeen. Best Lady .a sings ever. So poignant.
Jennifer Hung Wanted You More, Just A Kiss, Love This Pain, and Falling For You. I Run to You is still my favorite. Need You Now is a classic!

Heart Break

93 reactions 1 comments
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40,000 strong...y'all blew us away!!! What an incredible night, Quebec City! 🇨🇦 Thanks for such a memorable first experience at Festival d'été de Québec!

1.3k reactions 54 comments
Ariane D'Amour CRYING OVER THIS VIDEO! Maple Syrup FOREVER! <3
Sylvie Dion Amazing show... Loved it!!!!!
Anne-Sophie Couture-Goulet Your show was incredible! Thank U
Tasheena Shepard OMG TRY THIS!!!!!!!!!!! IT REALLY WORKS YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE THING OR IT WON'T WORK!!! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KEEP GOIN DOWN * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ALMOST THERE.... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * HERE WE ...
Lexi Lauren Wow. So incredible!!

#FroggyFest, y'all got some moves! 💃 Loved seeing everyone leap around in the crowd! #YouLookGoodWorldTour

1.2k reactions 18 comments
William Johnson interesting all the time thank you
Danielle Getts Such great pictures of you all. ☺😊❤
Fatma Telim G,Day from Australia Come Have Concert On Australia
Dellma Gould I wish I could see them
Marilyn Boen Sure missed going to Indy to see you.............ugh!!!

ICYMI, covered a little Shania Twain at a recent show (and she was in the audience)!! 😳

Lady Antebellum Honors Icon Shania Twain with
Lady Antebellum Honors Icon Shania Twain with 'You're Still The One' Cover

For a stripped-down moment in the show, the trio combined their vocal prowess for the cover, as Twain watched from the audience.

6.2k reactions 72 comments
Marci Reid Saw yas tonight in Scranton... Amazing concert! 💓
Deborah Ciminelli Love the song, love the singers, and I truly love Shania!!!!
Kara Vannatter Oh yes the best in Country Music today!!
Greg Telfer AWESOME
Josie Munguia Love you music

Slinky funk...that's a new one Rolling Stone. Love it haha!

25 Best Country Albums of 2017 So Far
25 Best Country Albums of 2017 So Far

This newly recharged Lady A just wants to have fun.

1.4k reactions 13 comments
Scott Enwright Kassie LuvsJordyn
Laura Frost Erika Powers
Philip Nilas Mauritzen Love Lady antebellum New album heart break 😊 ❤ 👌✌🎤🎶👏👍
Cynthia Quinn Yay love it!!!!!!!
Hannah G Starnes I love your song Need you now

Home really is wherever our families are. ❤️

Lady Antebellum’s New Album Celebrates Their Home Teams
Lady Antebellum’s New Album Celebrates Their Home Teams

Lady A knows it might sound odd, but the truth is the band's new album, Heart Break, has more to do with happy homes than broken hearts.

800 reactions 10 comments
Hillary Arroyo Paz Grace Zacarias Carrasco <3 <3 <3 <3
Mary Graham I just saw u guys at DTE in Detroit...u guys rock!
Vione Noz Home is where the heart is.. it's one of your song ❤️
Carolyn Hogan Way to go Charles kelly
Sharon Metz Please come back to Peoria, il. We love you

Shania Twain stopping by the Toronto show might just be one of the coolest #YouLookGoodWorldTour memories so far!

6.3k reactions 278 comments
Gina Wilson Gonna see you in Manchester in October. Day before my birthday. Looking forward to it. 💋💘
Tanya Marty Wow, amazing! I can't wait to see you guys July 21st at Blossom!
Pamela Secord I loved the show on TV with Stevie Nicks. That was great!!
Roger Haughton Nice. Beautiful song. Glad I got to see Shania sing it. But "From this moment" was the real magic. Wish I could write a song like that.
Matthew Greenwood Omg Shania is coming back holly sh..... oh yea nobody cares lol

This birthday never looked so good the way it's looking so good on you, Dave! –ck n hills

1.1k reactions 54 comments
Michelle Worthington Conlee Happy Birthday Dave Haywood!
Cathy Cates Have a wonderful day Dave.
Jerry Hall Get them to come to Tampa
Rebecca Clarke Happy Birthday, Dave!
Katie Doyle Montanaro Happy birthday Dave! Hope it's as happy as your music makes me!
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