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We Are The World...We Are The Children... ❤️ These sweet kids of China were so sweet and welcoming to Future Zahir. I can't wait to share this with him when he gets older! Love their shirts ❤️#China

3.2k reactions 57 comments
Sisanda Mcambingcobo I just love Baby Future.... He's solo cute
Alice Martins Obaje Awww!!! Handsome Juicy Man
Christina Kowalski This is just the cutest!!
Cin Marie Cinabun Kemp Beautiful:)
Luyanda Lulu Dlela So cute

I wish I could put into words how fun this was! Going down on the toboggan at the #GreatWallOfChina with my family. @DangeRussWilson Unreal! ❤️

5.9k reactions 206 comments
Tay Hall That baby is already traveling .....Now thats whats up... The Wilson family got it going on...
Maya Martindale Haters this some shit i need to be on Rich people problems fuck the haters!!!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Ciara
Blair Royal I'm sooo happy for her..She is blessed..She found real love and is traveling with her family..
Tina Davis Awwww! What a beautiful experience with you and your family! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Glad you all made it back safe and sound to Seattle. 💙💚💙💚

Me n' My Beh Beh. #GreatWallOfChina

16.6k reactions 98 comments
June Brown Looking good Mr and Mrs Wilson!!
Emmanuel Cruz Román 😍😍😍❤👑
Zamekile S Ndlovu Beautiful
Joyeth Bent Adorable couple
Niek Niek Super dope! 💙💙💙

By far, one of the most incredible and breathtaking experiences in life! Sitting on the top of the #GreatWallOfChina! #BucketList

13.8k reactions 101 comments
Chris Bell Nice Picture Ciara GO SEAHAWKS
Maycon Medeiros Ciara YOUR NEW ÁLBUM? U Better work CC
Rose Ahmar Enjoy your vacation beautiful
Wright Sheiree No ma'am... I'm afraid of heights
Tanysha Hall Thats looks so cute Ciara

Russell Wilson and I Rocking our 旗袍 Qi Pao & 唐装 Tang Zhuang! What an incredible experience! Traditional Chinese Fashion is Amazingly Beautiful! #China

14.9k reactions 162 comments
Felicia Dunlap Durham Gorgeous couple
Bruno Turyatunga McWorthy Perfect couple
Keyshia Brown Beautiful couple
Gift Sane Nice ciara, not Justin Bieber that been ban from china
Takeshia Adams Baby bump CiCi 🤔😍😍

Chinese Headdress and 旗袍 Qi Pao #Beijing #China

9.9k reactions 80 comments
Claribel Matos The Beautiful! Ciara😍
Joyeth Bent Stunning Ciara
Alice Martins Obaje Beautiful
Robby David Burnett Gorgeous🌹
Felicia Dunlap Durham Beautiful 😍😍

Shopping at Nan Luo Gu Xiang/ 南锣鼓巷 Beijing! #China

1.9k reactions 29 comments
Eric Villet
Jana Smith Hillary Smith
Betty Villeda Anthony Navarro
Julia Sousa Make $400 extra cash taking quick paid surveys ► #QuickIncome1
Nathan Kabuya Aww Lori Corriveau

Csquad Meet Simon Robson, President of Warner Music Asia, and Jackson Wong, The Managing Director of Warner Music China! Lots of fun things in store! #Beijing #China

5.6k reactions 69 comments
Nedline Oreste Thank You
Jean Stephens God bless
Marilyn Taylor I'm ready for new music!
Oliver Oriel U look beautiful
Mimi Bowyer All looking great!

Unforgettable Times With My Family In Shanghai! @Disneyland!!

10.2k reactions 61 comments
Candie Nicole We miss you
Bettie Cleveland Awesome
Eloá Barcelos Oiii ciciii
Chris Bell Wow That's So Awesome Russell Wilson GO HAWKS!!!
Felicia Dunlap Durham Beautiful family pics, thanks for sharing 😍😍

Mood @DisneylandShanghai

10.1k reactions 87 comments
Amerika Curry Man i so love me some Ciara❤️❤️❤️
Barbara Burce She's happy. Her husband loves her.
June Brown Ciara is really enjoying herself in China 🇨🇳.
Deborah Beysthefield Ok, WONDER WOMAN, drop a baby, stunning, minutes later, AMAZING
Claudia Livingston There she is my happy lady.

Morning Drills In Shanghai. Headed towards Nam Pu Da Qiao. Ni Hao! 📷 By @DangeRussWilson

4.8k reactions 83 comments
Chuly Yvodia Ni haoma?
Bettie Cleveland You go girl! Screw all.......the haters
Deborah Beysthefield OUR CC, GETTIN HER WORKOUT, ON
Felicia Dunlap Durham On another level, keep soaring Ciara ❤🔥
Kübra Karacan omg :o

Waking up in Beijing to see my little nugget on the front page of! Holding back these happy tears! I'm so proud. Future Zahir has booked his first commercial campaign with #GapKids! I'm honestly speechless....Dreams Do Come True! #Back2School

27.1k reactions 280 comments
Jae Keith Happy tears with you💜💚💙💛 His smile is infectious just like you Cece!
Janelle Love Wish we could see the baby
Rita Mendonça Mariana opá tão giro 😍😍😍😭😭😭
Marie Ciceron J adore il est trop beau le petit Russel bisous petit prince
Stronjae LaRue Starting him young, way to go, the value of earning a living, hats off to Ciara and Russ, they will not raise a deadbeat man.


39.6k reactions 329 comments
June Brown Truly a blessed and gorgeous couple, keep loving each other.
Melissa Kimble She don't look happy here, I got two beautiful hair styles for you CC
Deborah Beysthefield You all beginning to look alike, of course your cuter, lol
Sabrina Carnegie Please take that out of your hair. It dont become you luv. Love your hair in deep wave curls.
Tina Davis Absolutely gorgeous couple. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So happy for you both! 😍😍😍😍. You guys look so good together.


99.1k reactions 1069 comments
Tali Wondifrao האישה הכי יפה תמידדד💯👌👌👌
Richy Tuluka build Africa in 3 days..
Ana Hirata Isabella meu sonho fzr isso no cabelo
Juan Sanchez Ciara,I adore you.I hope I can meet you one day.😍
Nicole Schwertz I love you for being you and not gving a freak what no one says

This Little Guy 😎. Rock This Way! 🎤🎤🎤

7.3k reactions 143 comments
Marie Brown Dee So cute and I love his hair.
Diamond Blossom He so cute
Tiffany Chenelle Broomes So Handsome 😂😂😂😍😍😍
Aljarrod Dimetrius James He rockin like Future 😂😂😂
Patches Baker #blackboyjoy

My Boys. #LifesMood ! ❤️❤️💪🏽

22.7k reactions 142 comments
TheMrs Consuelo Yero-Jessie So freaking adorable!
Savitria Washington Ciara i luv how you kept it moving ....u still found happiness
Chloe Kaye Scott I just adore this man!!! <3 <3!
Slim LaQuan Ford Awwwww he look just like CiCi .. I feel old I remember being in the 6 or 7th grade talking bout my goodies 😭😍😍
Heavens T Makombe In Future Niggas playing football with your Son....eish

My Little Rock ⭐️.

38.2k reactions 282 comments
Sunny Bahsankan Ciara how do u get him to seat still to do this? Coz mine won't seat still to do this on his hair.
Thando Okuhle Ngunezi Baby Future be looking more like daddy Russ wow so cute
Jae Keith Look at Juicy Man..Magazine Cover Ready😘❤Growing up so fast.
Yolande F Nichol Everything is on point...👍👍from hair to how him dress 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😗looking nicee little future😘😘
Jessica Griffin Ciara his outfit is so cute with his new hair do i love it he is so precious

I tried to plan things for the day, but he wouldn't let me..'Twas A Perfect Day. The simple things are the sweetest..[email protected] #1yearAnniversary

27.7k reactions 275 comments
Sherry Andrell Happy Anniversary!!! Your Love for One Another is Beautiful!!!
Darrell Davis You Both deserve all this Beautiful pure Blessings that you are receiving.🌷💎
Tonya Moss-Brown I so love you and Russell together. Cutest couple award! Brush the haters off! Happy anniversary!
Marcelo Machado Mulher, vai com calma, tu acabou de ter um bebê e eu quero álbum novo até o ano que vem
Ngangitie Schal Imanuela Sara. Dit is echt te cute voor het leven

Bienvenido al aeropuerto de la Familia Wilson ☺️

4.8k reactions 89 comments
Jessica Ricks Amazing
June Brown This is very cool 😎
Jerrod Green AWW!!!
Joyeth Bent Family goal
Shan Shann Awwwww Love never looked so good y'all keep it up!!

"HAPPY 1 YEAR BABY! YAY! I ❤️U!"...I'm Grateful to God for the Love he has given me, by putting you in my life. I have all that I need. Truly 1 of the Best years of my life. 1 year down...#ForeverTogether Russell Wilson

34.3k reactions 609 comments
Robin Mariee Best friend that's the closest you gone get to seeing the baby 😂🤣😂Shean-Ta Poledore
Nelisiwe Bridgette Ngwenya Ooouh myyy... this is out of this world... it's so good to still see love like these... u guys derseve each other... wow... 😍😍😍 m touched
Aurora Bullock Let Future go on about his damn business with all those other baby mamas. You have truly moved on. God bless you and your marriage and you give your son a real father in his life.
Renita Hutchinson-Gamble So genuinely happy for you!!! Nothing like living well after someone tries to destroy you. You deserve Russell and he deserves you. Love it!
Goldie Williams I think Russell was watching my friend Ciara from a far the whole time and said that's my WIFE right there. My God Ciara l've always believed in you. I'm your#1fan

Every Night It's Fireworks @DangeRussWilson ❤️💥❤️💥

2.4k reactions 41 comments
Jenna Rachael Lim Kate here ya go ❤️❤️
Lisa Thompson Say it!!!!!!!
Rafaella Silva cool 😀😀
Angela Butler St Hubert I know that's right💥💥💥
Deborah Beysthefield Nice

MJ, Russ, & Juicy Man. 4th Of July. #FunTimes! ⛳️

8.0k reactions 101 comments
Russia Hunter I love his nick name, juicy man
Tashell Ortiz Somebody else raising his son. Wow.
Maxine Pascal Happy 4th of July C😍😍
MA EO Where is Sienna?
Rose Lucas-Vought When are we gonna see pics of little miss Princess Sienna

Ambition Flow. My Life Patna' @DangeRussWilson ❤️💪🏽

3.7k reactions 52 comments
Faith Evans 😍😍😍😍👑💍👰
Underrated King Kiara Cook She getting ready for her new music and her videos
Butch Fisher Phenomenal 🤓✅
Melissa Kimble I want to do that
Cora Ross That's what I'm talking bout

#HBD To My Sis @MissyElliot. I Love You Boo ❤️

17.6k reactions 190 comments
Teresa Thomas Happy Birthday
Denise Marshall Happy birthday
Ajami Jones Love you Ciara .. happy bday missy 💋💋💋💋💋💋
Stone Jen Happy birthday!
Leann Sorrel No one can do like you two ❤️👍🏻🎉🎉🎉🎉

Russell taking us out on a fun boat ride... Thought it was cute seeing him pump the gas...😍 #TBT

5.2k reactions 51 comments
Tosha Covington you have a beautiful family Ciara
Thelma Davis Have fun russell wilsons family
Ryan Sandvig Will be boating this weekend in MN.
LA Last Angel Fuck that nigga free band free band
Hazel Diny Tizora Cocks Sweet

Family ❤️

20.1k reactions 80 comments
Lenee Moore Love it , God bless your family!
Rouge Jenai Lmbo, Juicy Man loves to get his workout on!
LaKetra Davis I'm ready to see the baby <3 <3 Where is she Cici?
Julia Wilson Jeannette is this where I think it is....?
Shenicwa Sade where's sienna ?!?! 🤷🏾‍♀️

My Post Baby Locs Are Back.

8.8k reactions 85 comments
Lisa R Kirkland BEAUTIFUL
Manuel Peredo Hermoso cabello
Cindy Lu When we gona see her the baby!!
Aswad Nkoola Ure my lol
Eleasah Brown Love it😍😍😍😍😍

Still can’t believe I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a Revlon Ambassador! I couldn't stop taking selfies on the set of our first shoot! #NationalSelfieDay 😂 #ad

7.6k reactions 119 comments
Robert Mancini so stuck up
Carlos Eduardo Rafael Come to Brazil... Let's do 1,2 step...everybody 1,2 step 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎵
Nancy Amir Antar She is so cute 😍💖
Milene Ester Amaral Dos Santos Love you Ciara Brazil congratulations.
Trajce Petrovski Waiting for a visit ....

No Movement Week ☺️. Started my stretch mark removal process this week, and the Doc told me I couldn't work I ate good, and added a few 🍪 in the mix! This weeks goal 3lbs. #BounceBack #LevelUp

4.3k reactions 148 comments
June Brown Keep up the good work Ciara even when the scale doesn't show movement inches are still coming off. 😊
Shanna Olsen-Reeder This is putting a lot of pressure and unrealistic expectations on women. You're beautiful how you are ❤️
Dede Youngblood I'm 5'7 I wish I was 175lbs I weigh 280 omg talking about can't walk for 30min without coughing for air lol
Sweetaspie Gotel I'm tuned in to find out about this treatment! Please share with the rest of us mother's on here;)
Monica Amezola I m glad you're not like Kim worry about her weight you should love eat whatever and fuck who's judged
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