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Last updated: 12:12 10/17/2017

Stages Podcast wrap up of the IRONMAN Championships

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Ryan Carter Where do you see bike technology progressing in triathlon?
Jason Dugal You could absolutely be under the water
Jason Dugal Yes. Drones is a good idea... under water drones even!!!
Glenn Robinson Lionel said his gate was negatively affected by electrolytes ... once he started eating /drinking
Glenn Robinson He also has a sauna effect room

The Stages Ironman Championship recap episode is up. Congrats to all those that participated in Kona.

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Eddy Selmi Lance the Best !
Diana Barnett ❤️ your podcasts!!!
Jo Vande Velde Nice number plate Lance ! 7 le tour ! Awesome ! Gr jo
Brad Stocker Lance Armstrong - Thank you for mentioning Matt Russell and his caring contribution page: -- he is one of the good ones.
Alex Alvarenga Love that licence plate!

6 time Ironman Champ Dave Scott joins us on Stages Podcast

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Shannon Shuskey Loved this interview thanks guys
Rob Perkins I think we have beaten this dead horse to death lol and then some
Glenn Robinson Need Lance to race Kona. Never too late :)
Warren Denny Ancheta Lance and Dave, dropping knowledge.
Mitchell Samantha Salain Love the inside stories and race perspectives

Stages Ironman Episode 3 is up with Dave Scott. We talk Kona, training and coaching.

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Laurence Hunter Florian Duterloo
Jose Antonio Ferreyros Any chance on inviting Frodo?
Rex De Leon Lito Lampitoc ito ba ang sinasabi mo bro?
Ray Daitch Nice interviews with the IM legends MA and DS
Patty Dutch Gallivan Loved these interviews. One thing that would have been great Paula Newby Frasier??? An idea for 2018 maybe

Thanks Mark Allen for taking the time to talk about your career and the Ironman Championship this weekend

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Chris Tipps Coming of IM CHATTANOOGA I totally agree.
Emily Wright It’s a mental battle that you feel so spent but yet you can push on
Tobías Martínez Ibarra Lance brother by jalisco mexico Tobike cicling TRAINING
Darren Kerr Hey all......from New Zealand. Great to see you out here recently Lance.
Mike Ray The 4th discipline rules every hour of the day!!

Stages Ironman Episode 2 is up with 6-time IRONMAN World Champion Mark Allen. We talk about his memories of Kona and the upcoming world championship. #IMWC #IMKona

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David Fowler Scott Yount Brian Longman Dermot Callaghan
Brenda Baader-Lips Eric Kalina
Jumbish Jain 👍👍👍👍
Michael Rupert Legendary races!
Hassan Teakwndo Strong cyclist...

STAGES podcast takes on this year’s IRONMAN Championship. JB Hager & I preview KONA on the first episode. #IMWC Download it here:

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Cameron Robson George Stemmer
Brenda Baader-Lips Eric Kalina
Ben Richards Mark Aldous Warren Nicholls
Brady Dohrmann Denise Mavelle DohrmannThis looks good
Pat Lostracco Marcus Lostracco for ur hass

The latest Forward is up with former Major Leaguer Eric Byrnes. We had an animated conversation about endurance training, suffering, Barry Bonds, Pat Tillman and MLB playoff predictions.

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Pierre Pinna the boss!!
James Ingram Hell yeah!
Nicholas Gosnell Dang!
Pierre Pouliot No politics please. 🚴
Marcel Montezin affuté le mec!

Took The Forward on the road in front of a live audience. Live show from the Texas Tribune Festival with Pamela Colloff, Mike Hall and Tony Plohetski. We talked wrongful convictions and life after exoneration.

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Kezia Milligan Duncan Milligan amazing
Sergio Alvarez argentina.. (salta)
Luca Donato Ciao lance...vieni a fare un giro in Italia...🚲
Nicholas Gosnell Go lance!
Brandon Senff Fuck yoyr

Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz

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Mike Payan Rockin Da ENVE bar. Company headquarters here I O'Town (Ogden Utah)
Rob Ends I like the fact that you have the WC stripes on your sleeve!
Brandon Eisele You're cheating bum lance Armstrong and a discrase to American cycling.
Jeffrey Dean They may have negated your Tour wins, but they'll never take away the World Championship you won.
Luis Humberto Sepulveda Quezada Jajjaja, algunos europeos no te quieren porque les ganaste en su tierra, creo que eres el mejor ciclista

Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz

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Bill Taft Lance you are the MAN!
Eva Maria Petak Immer noch so ein coooler Typ!
Tom Clark Next fall Marji Gesick 100. UP of Michigan.
Stephen A. Black Still the man!
Pedroza Gustavo Ivan Cornejo ahí vas atrás famoso !!!

After this bike ride I jumped on Luke Bryan bus to tape a new Forward episode. We talk bikes, getting through adversity and life on the road.

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Jim Burbridge Shouldn't he have changed his name to Lance Legstrong by now?
Nicholas Segond Just think of how many tours you could have won on a cannondale Lance. #FuckTrek
Ron Aumann Hey Lance, your seat is too low, just saying...
Gábor Pusztai So strange to see you on cannondale. Trek was better... 😁
Juergen Beck Great to see Lance Armstrong pedaling...keep it up buddy!! 😎🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Great to host a live #Forward Podcast at the Texas Tribune Festival this year with Pam Colloff, Michael Hall, & Tony Plohetski #tribfest17

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Monalisa Santos Make $450 extra money taking fast paid surveys ➠ #mypaidsurvey
Ricardo Zapata Estafador del tour de Francia

The Forward is back up with Mondo Cozmo We caught up in DC to talk writing songs, supporting yourself while making music and he played two songs.

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Mark Mueller Lookin' good, Lance.
Patrick Ryan Gentry It's the juice 2.0!! Cheat in any races lately 🤣
Tommy Robicheaux Jessica Trahan this is his page and podcast
Donnacha Galvin Happy birthday lance hope u have a lovely day with those that matter!!! Easy on the rose!!!🍷
Matt Holbrook Great interview....the songs he played live gave me chills, just awesome!

Hanging with the GOAT back in 1994.

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Mike Kameya Two of the most gifted athletes ever, no matter what they used!
Pete Stanger Love two are absolute legends xx
Mark Avenew in the date of that picture, that armstrong was a good person and a good sportman, after the cancer problem and the awfull cycling reallity, Lance Armstrong changed to evel person and evel sportman but it was needed to win, to survive (cancer), to make ...
Gerald O' Sullivan As they say: life goes on! We need more positivity in the world with all the terrible things happening
Morgan Talon Don t forget Eddy Merckx won races like a cannibal. I like Lance but Eddy was so far away in victory. He is the best cyclist if all times.

Latest Forward is up with Emmanuel Acho. We talk the business of football, NFL cut day, CTE brain injuries and his charity work with Living Hope Ministries.

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Nima MH You is #BEST
Sebastien Pion Lance reviens faire les courses
Jean Élie Mougin Reviens vite sur des tri !
Erick Riemensnider Nice shirt!
Gladys Cuscona Que buena foto.

Thanks to all that ordered the HOŪSTON shirt. We are going to open it back up. We will get them out as fast as we can. Thanks for the patience and support.

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Kevin Bloom tell the truth. you lie!
Jumbish Jain HoustonStrong. LIVESTRONG. 👏👏👏👍👍👍👍💪
David Lewis I live in Ireland 🇮🇪,can I order one?
Pasquale Viscovo The grestest
Mike Spellacy Done!

‪Just added these. 100% of proceeds will go to Houston Relief Fund and The 100 Club.

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Kerri Johnson-Foote Lance Armstrong order more Lg
Patrick Farrell
Jumbish Jain You are a great human being Lance. 👍👏👏👏👏
Pam Dolby Done
Dan Nunes Sold out. bummer!

Thanks to the crew Vecchio's Bicicletteria for sending along this cool cycling cap. After JB and I hosted our daily Stages podcast at this amazing and locally owned store in Boulder the UCI sent these nice folks a "cease and desist letter" for making hats with "rainbow stripes" which signifies a World Champion. Petty, dumb and mean spirited. Is this the way they support the people who work for them day in and day out. Put simply, cycling is FUCKED if this is the MO of the world governing body.

1.2k reactions 96 comments
James Jackson Like they have a protected copyright on rainbow stripes??? The UCI is going to have a field day during the PRIDE parade!
Michael Galinger Hey Lance, start your own governing body, start your own race series and put UCI out of business. Fuck those guys.
Alain Marc Armand Well said Lance, I would add that it is a mafia...
SGuan Teddg Unfortunately, UCI does own the trademark. "The UCI is the owner of the trademark ‘rainbow stripes’ (n° IR 1032330)" according to page 1 of this PDF. http://uci....
Mark Pyle I wish you and JB would do more podcasts. They were great.

The WEDU ASPENFIFTY is on sale now. 50 miles of mountain biking during the prettiest time of the year in Aspen. 25% off for Roaring Fork Valley residents. Use coupon code RFV at checkout.

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Seth Marek Ben Butterfield
Shaun Stratford Love to do it but sadly based in the UK😔😔🚴🏻🚴🏻
Gianluigi Balestreri Lance: why you don't come in Italy (Lecco on the lake oggi Como)?

New Forward is up with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie We talk discovering running and Ultras, his legal experience with US Postal and his new record

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Marco Briceno Molly Salvatore, Alex Calder, check it out
Emil Rex Cruz Edmond Rey Cruz
Miquel Garriga Aldeguer Really 🔝🔝DCFC!! 👌🏼👌🏼😀
Harry Thompson Really been looking forward to this one.
Tyler Mitchell Good interview! Ben is a beast!

A little video from Citizen Cope on the #FORWARD Podcast. Full episode download here:

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Julia Windom honestly lance - get back on yer drums
Christopher Clore You and Cope.. To cool
Denise Green Wait?! What?!? I thought you weren't on FB, or at least that's what you said on your podcast in Colorado.

Latest Forward is up with Citizen Cope We both talk being raised by a single parent, working with Turnaround Arts and he also played a couple live.

423 reactions 8 comments
John Cooke Cope Rules!!
Patrick Tvrdy Rainbow Recordings Omaha Ne
Tommy Petramalo Legends
Nick Cali Thanks Lance! 👍🚴🙏🏼🏁

Episode 4 of #Stages Colorado Classic is up. We recap the final stage with Tj Eisenhart DL here: #COLORADOCLASSIC (Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz)

258 reactions 15 comments
Ellis Byeon Awesome episode!
Richard Whyte Times are a changing...
Michael Langlois Best show yet man. Right on. Keep it up
Ray Encinas Very humble person down to earth:2
Jason Boehlke Great intwrview

Live from Mevo

1.0k reactions 417 comments
Phil McCarthy Good stuff - but could you please lower the gain on miss - second day in row - sound breaking up -
Mitchell Hons Taylor rocks, if he can stay healthy for awhile stages at the TDF will be his.
Jeremy Sweeten Wet. Wet. Wet. Why R they doing these races so late in the day this year?
David Chapman Hey Lance read my comment please. How fit are you today can you let me know what time you could do for a 16 km TT
Preston Yardley What about the older guys who have talent but never get chances??

Episode 3 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap another crazy day. Download here: #COLORADOCLASSIC

632 reactions 19 comments
Rob Cumine Where can we get a Chad T from?
Phil Maxwell Shoes!
Lisa Anderson So much fun to listen to and insightful.
Carrillo Rivera Ruben From sonora!!!!
Aziz Chaqri Vamoooos lance

Live from Mevo

837 reactions 338 comments
Brad Fehr Come on boys tour of Alberta cameo
Patty Dutch Gallivan You guys do a great job with this show. I have really enjoyed them ALL thanks
Glenn Campbell Guys, I love the show but man there are some huge technical problems with the sound and video on this vid.
Suzanne Nichter sadly Stage 3 isn't on TV until 1:30am Eastern Time....... I guess biking isn't a high priority........................ it was supposed to be online around 5pm.....
Aaron Srader Love your Podcast..keep them coming!!

Episode 2 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap an eventful Stage 2 with some impressive rides. Download here: #COLORADOCLASSIC

340 reactions 7 comments
Jon Touhig Great to hear you guys again!
André Beurel Lance un grand monsieur!!!
Taylor Ballard 💦💦💦💦
Claudia Goodnight You were drinking in front of us! At least give us the Lance-a-Rita recipe. Google knows nothing!
Julia Windom Lance honestly, I can't keep up with all this. Will you slow it down a tad for us slower riders 'till I can catch up? I am exhausted! You produce too much! Yaaaaaaa!!

Live from Mevo

704 reactions 391 comments
Pat Bancroft Would love to hear Lance's take on some of the transfers this year.
Hayden John White Greg was class man, Lance respects the guy, so should you
Karen Johnson Send an email to the store and they will lyk when have more stock.
Karen Johnson Tell the store you want a suffer jersey. If enough ppl want one who knows? They might make one. It's been the most popular shirt.
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