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A little video from Citizen Cope on the #FORWARD Podcast. Full episode download here:

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Julia Windom honestly lance - get back on yer drums
Christopher Clore You and Cope.. To cool
Denise Green Wait?! What?!? I thought you weren't on FB, or at least that's what you said on your podcast in Colorado.

Latest Forward is up with Citizen Cope We both talk being raised by a single parent, working with Turnaround Arts and he also played a couple live.

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John Cooke Cope Rules!!
Patrick Tvrdy Rainbow Recordings Omaha Ne
Tommy Petramalo Legends
Nick Cali Thanks Lance! πŸ‘πŸš΄πŸ™πŸΌπŸ

Episode 4 of #Stages Colorado Classic is up. We recap the final stage with Tj Eisenhart DL here: #COLORADOCLASSIC (Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz)

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Ellis Byeon Awesome episode!
Richard Whyte Times are a changing...
Michael Langlois Best show yet man. Right on. Keep it up
Ray Encinas Very humble person down to earth:2
Jason Boehlke Great intwrview

Live from Mevo

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Phil McCarthy Good stuff - but could you please lower the gain on miss - second day in row - sound breaking up -
Mitchell Hons Taylor rocks, if he can stay healthy for awhile stages at the TDF will be his.
Jeremy Sweeten Wet. Wet. Wet. Why R they doing these races so late in the day this year?
David Chapman Hey Lance read my comment please. How fit are you today can you let me know what time you could do for a 16 km TT
Preston Yardley What about the older guys who have talent but never get chances??

Episode 3 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap another crazy day. Download here: #COLORADOCLASSIC

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Rob Cumine Where can we get a Chad T from?
Phil Maxwell Shoes!
Lisa Anderson So much fun to listen to and insightful.
Carrillo Rivera Ruben From sonora!!!!
Aziz Chaqri Vamoooos lance

Live from Mevo

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Brad Fehr Come on boys tour of Alberta cameo
Patty Dutch Gallivan You guys do a great job with this show. I have really enjoyed them ALL thanks
Glenn Campbell Guys, I love the show but man there are some huge technical problems with the sound and video on this vid.
Suzanne Nichter sadly Stage 3 isn't on TV until 1:30am Eastern Time....... I guess biking isn't a high priority........................ it was supposed to be online around 5pm.....
Aaron Srader Love your Podcast..keep them coming!!

Episode 2 of #Stages from Colorado Classic is up. We recap an eventful Stage 2 with some impressive rides. Download here: #COLORADOCLASSIC

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Jon Touhig Great to hear you guys again!
AndrΓ© Beurel Lance un grand monsieur!!!
Taylor Ballard πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
Claudia Goodnight You were drinking in front of us! At least give us the Lance-a-Rita recipe. Google knows nothing!
Julia Windom Lance honestly, I can't keep up with all this. Will you slow it down a tad for us slower riders 'till I can catch up? I am exhausted! You produce too much! Yaaaaaaa!!

Live from Mevo

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Pat Bancroft Would love to hear Lance's take on some of the transfers this year.
Hayden John White Greg was class man, Lance respects the guy, so should you
Karen Johnson Send an email to the store and they will lyk when have more stock.
Karen Johnson Tell the store you want a suffer jersey. If enough ppl want one who knows? They might make one. It's been the most popular shirt.

Live from Mevo

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Reid Johnson No souuunndd
Jason Olsson-Seeto Ixnay on the oundsay
Vince Talavera Tommasi Hello from Leadville Lance!!!
Emmanuel Noel Estanislao Jocson Hi.Lance when you coming to LA.?
Lyndy Rol can you use the comments to tell us what's happening there?

Live from Mevo

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David Cornett No sound.
Ray Encinas No sound
Carlos Saavedra Hi lance
Stanley Paul Cochrane Ha lance from perth Western .Australia..
Christine Goulet no sound

Live from Mevo

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Noureddine Ramdane Bravo champion
Tall Paul Rocking the new specs Lance!
Edward Caboverde Good afternoon fellas
Matt Turse Hi Lance and JB !!
Beverly Craig Northern California

Episode 1 of #Stages from the Colorado Classic is up. We talk about the new event, weather and racing. #COLORADOCLASSIC Download here:

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Tomas Jorge Malerba Lance el mejor de todos los tiempos!!!!!!!
Lance King Lance waiting for your answer. I'm your follower !!
Estevan Rojas I'm all for getting juiced.
Don Davis Watched it! Great job!
Robin Ellis Yay, more wonderful cycling coverage.

Live from Mevo

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Michael Glenn This is so awesome! I love seeing Lance back in the spotlight. We get to hear a great podcast and who knows? Maybe all of my Lance Armstrong signed memorabilia will recover in value. It's a win-win!!!
Brian Matthew What a POS, took people TO COURT KNOWING THEY WERE RIGHT. WHAT BALLS !! I mean "ball" it takes to do that !!!
Amy E White You are making cycling officials so mad and i couldnt be happier for u They wouldnt be mad if nobody was watching
Austin Hardy Just a coincindence there is an airstream next door? Or is this an airstream convension too?
Jenny Gatz Lance Armstrong what's that brand of wine in the background? :D

Taking the Stages Podcast on the road. We will go live each day after Colorado Classic stage ends. Special thanks to The Infinite Monkey Theorem for hosting us all 4 days

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Dennis Oliver Screw the haters hope u do it and the Vuelta as well
Ben Ogden Excellent news!
Alex Medal Great podcast, a welcome change. πŸ‘
Concept Cyclery Jozi Come on Lance - please do the Vuelta
Eric Jones I'm glad to see this continue. I'll tune in for the podcasts when I otherwise wouldn't have followed along with this race.

Caught up w Charif Souki for the latest Forward . We talk about co founding Cheniere Energy, restaraunt biz & more.

1.2k reactions 27 comments
Faly GimΓ©nez Consiguelos en!!
Callum Appleby Jay Nevitte
Jose Luis Correa Siempre seras un grande lance. (Uruguay ) abrazo grande
Susan Mclaughlin God you are such a babe!
Florian Schmitt you da a great job LanceπŸ˜„πŸ’ͺ🏻

Troy Aikman stopped by The Forward Podcast to discuss a variety of topics including his thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott's off the field issues. Download the Full Episode Here:

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Clotilde Afonso Add $400 extra cash taking quick paid surveys βžͺ #QuickIncome1
Rachael Auf Der Heide Great interview!
Adrian Monge What about the Tour of Utah???
Mike A. Scotti Great 'sode!
Jason Stamper I really enjoyed this one! Thanks!

New Forward is up with Troy Aikman We talk concussions, transitioning to TV and the state of the NFL.

2.7k reactions 74 comments
Joseph Chapman Troy's big!
Steve Parsons Jr Two of my favorite athletes.
Kathy McManamy Edwards YESSSSSSSSS!!! Two of my all time favorite people!! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Patrick Luker Nice family photo of Troy Aikman and his boys.
Vince Talavera Tommasi Awesome.. Two legends right there

Great to run into Jim Kelly today. He's hanging tough and kicking Cancer's ass.

3.6k reactions 73 comments
Charles Flaherty Both of you guys (greats) are looking good....
Esther K Litton LiveStrong Armstrong
Christopher Kidd Could lance do this without tother? Jus a question
Nathalie Olry Moi c'est mon rΓͺve de rencontrer Lance c'est mon idole gros bisous
SΓ‘fayath S Legend.

Pork chop stop and a beer with Jimmie Johnson on RAGBRAI. Pic by Kelsey Kremer for

2.8k reactions 128 comments
Jack Munnecom Best World Champion ever! Great to see the rainbow stripes.
Ralph Polanco Hey lance you are really. Really a bike guy. .Doping naw . Seriously riding u bet...da man
Joe Lear Busch beer?? C'mon guys, where's Mich Ultra from those old commercials?
Andrea Agnoloni Lance you are wearing the glasses under the helmet straps (it's against the unwritten rules!)
Michel Burban amstrong avec tes mensonges tu restes un tricheur tes pas bon meme le mailot blanc avec les liserets t as pas honte petit joueur

Here is the full episode from the final stage of #TDF2017 recapping stage 21 with corrected audio. Sorry again for the wifi happened...again. #STAGES

569 reactions 72 comments
Diane Supanich Loved all 21 stages podcasts guys. I am now watching cycling again after a long hiatus. Time to go for a ride.
Rodolfo Benito Leyva El nΓΊmero uno del mundo del ciclismo... Ahora son tan aburrido todos giro vuelta y tour no hay emociones.
Jeff Fennessy Love your little jabs on the assholes in the media, announcers and the tour officials.bury their asses boss man!!!
Marie Poole Armstrong only won because he was using drugs. He was and always will be a cheat
Denise Green Don't stop doing your podcast! You made the tour interesting again!

New Forward is up with Ryan Holiday. We talk about his new book, Stoicsm, the Gawker lawsuit and Iron Maiden

543 reactions 21 comments
Mon Go
Nicole Bovy 100% Lance Armstrong πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ†
Frank Cassal 🀘 Iron Maiden!!!
Brad Joiner Good podcast - I ordered a book
Mel Valadez Lance, do you still have the cups they give on the podium?

The final #Stages Podcast is up recapping Stage 21 of the #TDF2017 -

546 reactions 43 comments
Alexandro Marcel You're late, I was missing it! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
Chris Buckley When's this up on YouTube wedu channel?
Toosie Fearon Spence Certainly made my days complete....49 weeks to wait😒😒😒
Ty Martin Gonna miss it. :( Next year?
Martin Galarza It was fun and I learn a lot, thanks Lance and JB🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻

Live from Mevo

1.4k reactions 1194 comments
Richard Bowditch I want this podcast for the Vuelta !!!!! Come on J.B and Lance you know it makes sense !! and there will be better bike racing
Charles Raska There may be a group of 5 but there's only one 7 time winner and it's you Lance
Jason Pittman I was a little sad to not see Lance's name on that "all time leaders list"
Moises Enrique Velozo Martinez Lance ,eres el mas grande ciclista de la Historia ,un abrazo y saludos desde CHILE ,vi tus trinfos del Tour y sigues siendo mi Idolo,VIVA LANCE .-
Nancy Brennan Thanks for coming around and talking cycling to all of us. - from an active cancer survivor/Lance fan of old. Good to see you're well and happy. TY.

Here is the full episode from today's Facebook live recapping stage 20 and the time trial with corrected audio. Sorry for the wifi issues happens. Enjoy. One more day to go! #STAGES

797 reactions 72 comments
Joe A Volpe Is this the Kwak? If you consume it, are you a Kwaker?
Code Cobra Guys, I think someone is trying to sabotage your Podcast, I'm just saying.
Paul Boyd So good to see you again Lance and what a quality show! Great insight.
Paul Laranjo Hats off to Contador on his TT!! Still had a couple of bullets left I guess πŸ˜‚
Brian Fleming Thanks for reposting. I am glad that Lance is really expressing himself.

I got a little animated about the Most Combative Rider Award at this year's #TDF2017. Thomas de Gendt vs. Warren Barguil. Even George Hincapie got riled up!

1.4k reactions 167 comments
Thijs-Auke Roos Frank Niek hier kan ik dus echt van genieten..en volledig mee eens uiteraard
Douglas Arnold Hulett I did like hearing lance getting mentioned, by Phil. Today! I heard it loud and clear FYI
Jeff Davies Beautifull mountain top stage win by barguil , classic and de ghent reminds me of jensy
Claire Dolman de Gendt has been astonishing this Tour. He's been robbed of his prize.
John Teeuwen Absolutely De Gendt deserves the most aggressive rider award!

Time trial analysis on Stages Podcast 20. Up now.

1.8k reactions 66 comments
Bonnet Gilles La classe Lance avec son ami Georges Hincapie
Morgan McCreary So the skinsuit was worth about 2 seconds.
William Frykman Great podcast! Hope you repeat it next year too.
Romolo Triberti Go Lance.. never give up
Jan Trogisch Mr. Doping-Armstrong everytime publishes her spending freetime. Well done, Loser πŸ˜‚.

Live from Mevo

849 reactions 1032 comments
Pat Allanach Checked out Johnny Mellows from Canada this week, great shop πŸ‘Š
Kelly Donahue Yay, George Hincapie is back! Love these awesome Stages Podcasts! Have been tuning in everyday! Mahalo nui loa from Honolulu, Lance and JB!
Hayden John White Kwiatowski Deserves it for towing Froomey around for weeks.
William McGinty Lance Armstrong Still a legend after beating cancer and his work for charities.
Jared Sibley Lance can speak in Morse Code, is there anything this man can't do?

Photos: Elizabeth Kreutz

1.4k reactions 50 comments
Dustin Scott All of your men's WEDU apparel is sold-out online. When and where will you retail your stuff?
Christiaan de Villiers Awesome show Lance and JB. Lance still think you'd have kicked ass in that TT. Huge fan and respect from South Africa. πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦
Anson Michael Brooks lance i promise if you get a team I will go out there and destroy
Stevie Baines Still the man lance in my book
Mike Prescia Are we LIVE?

In the home stretch. Stages Podcast 19 with Dylan Casey is up.

945 reactions 34 comments
CΓ©sar Augusto Cuadros That's An old school way to work
Keith Myers SΕͺFFER tees please!!
Steve Hanes LA....loving the the Podcast you "red-neck".
Bruce Stauffer #setlancefree. B out
Mariela Fajardo Icaza Besitos, viy,a,dormir,y a,sonar,con,mis,angelitis,sexys,πŸ˜˜πŸ€“πŸ˜‡πŸ˜΄πŸ’‹

Live from Mevo

1.4k reactions 750 comments
Emre Albayrak Lance Armstrong you keep saying people are coming over to ride bikes, what group is this and how does one get to ride with you?
Jim Hilsenteger on technology and use of coverage, just watch rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta this year on their youtube channel. Total breakthrough in coverage of rowing.
Tony Sullivan All Lance ever bloody talks about is that he has to go and do something else.
Ben Kelley Hey Lance and JB, have loved listening to the podcast the last few weeks. So much etiquette and politics, why aren't they racing hard till the very end? How many champions in other sports ease off at the end of a tournament?
Adam Feerst They added TTT to worlds. What do you think about a team sprint? Something like 10km, 4 rounds of 6 teams. Top 3 advancing to semis. Etc
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