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Life challenge complete!! Thanks to Joseph Polo for sharing his now completed #KISS tattoo with us.He was able to get the last signature he needed - Paul Stanley on The KISS Kruise VII.#KISSARMYROCKS!

605 reactions 33 comments
Clint Soren petey fucking criss
Joshua Bacher Any Vinnie Vincent ink out there? Anyone? *crickets*
Abigail Robles Alextandor Satsujin 😍😍
Dave Rotondi Joseph Anthony Polo
Florian Dfs Thierry Dufossé

JUST ANNOUNCED! #KISS will headline massive Rock Fest Barcelona Rock Fest Bcn in Barcelona, Spain July 2018!

2.1k reactions 111 comments
Susan Garmon Penny rock it out ! Lol
Sharlee Neels Come to Graspop !
Kevin Merrill That fat ass fake cat needs a salad
Stephen Morrell Lysa Johnson fancy Barcelona and kiss
Stuart Geary Manchester

JUST ANNOUNCED! #KISS will headline the massive RESURRECTION FEST in Viveiro, Lugo, Spain July 2018!

1.7k reactions 58 comments
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Martin Hojdy Hojdekr Filip Kobr skvělý mladej, takže jedem ! :D
Peter Dumber KISS in Europe 2 years in a row !!!!! Wow !!!!
Simon Part Download Festival UK Philip Bassinder???
Ruth Rivers AND BARCELONA!!!!!!

Great photo of our The KISS Kruise VII guests Bruce Kulick & Bob Kulick Music Official during their show on the pool deck Sunday night. Photo by Julie Bergonz. #KISSNAVY

969 reactions 27 comments
Erik de Vries Awesome show, check it out!
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army....LIKE our page please! :P
Shane Stineford Great set
Sascha Pawela Best concert in kkvii!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️

KISS' #TommyThayer did an Ernest Hummingbird Ernest Hummingbird book reading on The KISS Kruise, the kids loved it. Order the Ernest Hummingbird hardcover book today! Great for kid's holiday gifts:

674 reactions 26 comments
Sheldon Rideout cant sell albums so now and try to sell books?lol
Иван Юнаков Haresva mi!
Chris Ely Just amazing!
Elina Ahola ❤️ I hate that I missed it! ☹️
Moby Dickerson amanda the only poser is you


690 reactions 41 comments
Julie Burgess Michael Burgess
Crystal Shepard Cierra Shepard
Martin Cleverley Karen Robinson
Jessica Leilani Forni Sylvia Jensen Forni
Carolyn McAleer John McAleer

Congratulations to our Grand Prize & Runner Up Winners of our #KISS Animals design contest with Creative Allies: #Katersbonneville & Luís Tereso. Your designs rock! Thanks to everyone who submitted such wild & crazy art. The #KISSARMY never cease to amaze us!

447 reactions 8 comments
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Brett Grossmann I won the swag bag in that contest! Noice...thx KISS!
Moby Dickerson CRAPSHITPOOP kitties winning im sick of this sort of i prefer Dogs stay sane usa america 2018 2019 if my friend would live with me safely i vist he did 7 years live witrh me going on 9 dec 6th lucy she can live until 2030 2028 2029 2027
Toby Hockenberry Someone must've hurt Jason Burley's feelings lol He really thinks he's in the kiss army lol

Paul Stanley rockin' The KISS Kruise VII.

4.1k reactions 36 comments
Maxi Ross Wie kann man(n) mit 65 noch so SEXY sein???!!! 😍
坂本 宏 Paul ♪ Cool !!!
Miguel Angel Gaite Gil Que envidia poder estar hay de fiesta con los grandes
Cato Bråthen Great picture. 🤘
Valeria Valika Mein Liebling Paul

The Demon Gene Simmons on The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

4.0k reactions 30 comments
Christopher Cook
Mohd Naim Mat Lueiy
Bertrand Nolf Geweldig!
Marina Battaglini
Pat Bossart Go gene

Limited Edition #KISS themed Spinning Rod (only 500 will be produced) - Length: 7ft 2in -Action: Medium/Fast Pre-order now at

480 reactions 97 comments
Patrick Frawley not at that price with out a reel
Adam Serre Jaclyn Dawn Serre not that you fish but here ya go
Susan Gaudet Perkins Wesley Jello there ya go!!!! lol
Chris Wilcock Steven Philp. One for the collection mate.
John Snyder What's next kiss themed depends

#KISSTORY - November 15, 1988 - #KISS released their double platinum Smashes, Thrashes & Hits album. When & where did you first buy this album?

4.6k reactions 297 comments
Dustin Palmer Small town me had to travel to the big city of Nashville on a school trip and with my food money bought this and it was my first KISS album on tape
Gary McEwan My ex bought me this for my birthday when it came out. I thought the re recorded versions of some of the songs were cool, and of course the x in sex song and video were cool too. It was 1988 and life was good 😎
坂本 宏 At the age of reliable 21 years old, I bought this album. I waited for a sale date very much. Besides, I purchased an LP till then, but think that I purchased it with a CD with this album for the first time. I think that it is a deeply impressive album ...
Robbie Battering This one was okay. I loved the two new songs. I didn't completely agree with some of the remixes on come songs (Rock and Roll All Nite was shortened and the bass was different). It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I preferred the original recordings ...
Mark Francis Tully I have three copies of this. The UK version on Vertigo, the US version on Mercury, and the US gatefold version on Mercury. The UK version has "Crazy, Crazy Nights" as track two on side one, and "Reason to Live" as track seven on the same side. It ...

KISS's cover photo

786 reactions 22 comments
Sandra Barreto Come to Brazil,please!
Mari Nita Mariano Quiroga Fernanda Viera
Adam Gautreaux Anthony Lancellotti
Mary Pisani Guillermo
Michelle Smith Paul Smith, Don Bower

#KISS “Hotter Than Hell” Rock Iconz™ Ltd. Edition Statues from KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz NOW SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Order Now:

1.2k reactions 134 comments
Freddy Fuego I already have a set of the LA KISS bobble heads 😎
Alex Turner Amy Pope I love them !!
Travis Turner Chad Kline These are so dope!!! 😮
Ross Olson Did you know about these, Mike Shupe?
Sean Shasteen Jill Shasteen. This would be a nice Christmas gift for someone.

Hear ‘Hand of Fate’ From the 'Gene Simmons Vault Experience' Box

Hear ‘Hand of Fate’ From the
Hear ‘Hand of Fate’ From the 'Gene Simmons Vault Experience' Box

Hear the first track from the 'Gene Simmons Vault Experience' box set, and see the track list for the career-spanning collection's first two discs.

272 reactions 20 comments
Debbie Burrous Stika Bill Stika
Chilblaine Winters Robert Matson decent song here.
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Mark Pietrewicz Manos
Henry Walton That song... Sucks!!!!

Gene Simmons new book ON POWER is now available at retailers everywhere in the US!

498 reactions 29 comments
Gary Underdown Sophie Underdown
Remigio Maillo Fernandez
Frank Schenker
Alexis Laiho Lorissi Cz Mangaroka
James Shields Richard 💵 👌

#EricSinger in action The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

1.3k reactions 20 comments
Brian McNatt The Catman Eric Singer - Official 🐯🤘
Charles Ramone Amoestabanda
Willie Brown Cool cat Singer is!
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 👍👍🤟🤟🤟🤟🎤🎼🎸🥁

Paul Stanley rockin' The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

1.9k reactions 20 comments
Juan Alejandro Hernandez Randy Canales
Cristina Almiron my love from Argentina!!!!!
Kevin Gourmett :O
Andrea Rodriguez 🙋😍
Lori Swingle Love and love

Ultimate Classic Rock will premiere “Hand of Fate” from the Gene Simmons Vault Experience tomorrow!

608 reactions 30 comments
Justin Buob Cheer up he's a Jew he'll be around another 30 years!
Andrew Hodder Kiss are awesome but gene simmons is a greedy wanker
Veronica Escobedo Martinez Carlitos Portillo
Karen Robinson Brett Hirons
Alec DeLeon Manos...

#TommyThayer rockin' KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

2.1k reactions 58 comments
Melanie Crick Good photo of you Tommy
Rick Friel Great photo of Tommy!
Sheila Evans Hello Paul Stanley
Rourke Angel Tommy faker
Fredrik Fernström Fake Ace

#KISS Kruise VII picks are in the store now! Miss any on board? Complete your set & check out the KKVII designs including for the first-time-ever... theme night picks!

1.6k reactions 24 comments
Chris Yanisiw Animalize?
Perla Rodriguez Antonio Ozuna
Brina La Björn von Oettingen
Reem Pastoor John van Tilburg
Larry Garris Thee Nux

#TommyThayer did an Ernest Hummingbird Ernest Hummingbird book reading on The KISS Kruise, the kids loved it. Pre-order not at Amazon -

691 reactions 18 comments
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 👍👍🤟🤟🤟🤟
Sabrina Chianese That's so sweet!
Scott Dunmyer Very cool!
Rob McCarter A good dude right there.
Melanie Crick Good photo of you Tommy

#KISS' indoor show #2 on The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

2.1k reactions 17 comments
Sandra Barreto Come to Brazil,please!
Juan Alejandro Hernandez Randy Canales
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 🤟🤟🤟🤟👍👍
Vahe Matevosyan ROCK N ROLL
Karoliina Korhonen Great show! ❤

#KISSNAVY! How about Bruce Kulick & Bob Kulick on The KISS Kruise!?!? Thanks to Mike Brunn for this video!

848 reactions 32 comments
Jacob Livion wow guys...just woooowww!!!!! Powerful stuff and yes...its about damn time!!!!!!!!
Scott Leusner Mike Brunn
Ed Ullman Michael Davenport, Bryon Chambers
Chris Pilmoor Love to see this tour in the uk.
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P

#GeneSimmons The Vault - “In Your Face”

275 reactions 11 comments
Paul Zilla ZZZZzzz.
Stefaan Lambrecht All about the money$
Dave Pratt Wadda money grubbing bald pig
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Moby Dickerson merch plus hand delivery meet and greet gene chaim witz simmons gs is 50k with merch and 10 cds and delivery in person by siommons is 50 grand thousand dude 50k wtf is gene and warner music thinking

Gene Simmons & #TommyThayer during #KISS' indoor show #2 on The KISS Kruise. #KISSNAVY

2.7k reactions 33 comments
Perla Rodriguez Manuel Saldana Trevino
Don Hinton Seen Kiss in Germany 1976
Stephane Jutras 🤘🏻
John Swanson Cool
Oliver Guzmán Rolando Aleman, Norman Elizondo, Vladimir Alonzo, Lester Cuadra Wayland, Mauricio Genet Vela, Edgard Giovanni Ramirez Gutierrez, Edhunter Hunter

#KISS indoor show #1 on The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

2.2k reactions 26 comments
Betty Freeman Yes!
Maria Gaspar Cool
Nico Evert we need a show in South Africa
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 👍👍🤟🤟🤟
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :p

#VeteransDay2017 Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it. We will never forget what our veterans did for us! THANK YOU!

3.6k reactions 57 comments
Moby Dickerson Trump means it though kiss doesnt
Frank David King Lest We Forget. Remembrance Day 2017
Josef Pleintinger Served for the Criminal Bankers
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. Thank you veterans!
Mathieu Fifi Merci thanks from France 🇫🇷

Gene Simmons on stage during the #KISS sail away show on The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

1.2k reactions 12 comments
Jaime Raúl Briceño Rincón Luz Stella Escobar Moreno
Mathilde Guillon Hey Gene
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS Army...LIKE our page please! ;)
Cepuš Aleksander nice bass!
JC Couto Nice pic!

Paul Stanley & #TommyThayer jamming during #KISS' sail away show on The KISS Kruise VII. #KISSNAVY

2.0k reactions 25 comments
Lauren Alberto Georgia Francis-Steward
Mathilde Guillon Super photo
Angela Hartman You are so buffed out Paul. Dang.
Fredrik Fernström Fake Ace
Patrik Oskarsson In good shape!

Your favorite time of year is finally here; #KISSmas! Pre-order the ultimate #KISS holiday bundle today!

2.8k reactions 180 comments
Martin Orlando Andrés Morixe para estar a tono en estas navidades!!!
Poxo Cholo Maton Cholo Maton Me compras ??? Ales
Joseph Lunn Chris Knott yooo I need that sweater bro
Brett LaRaia Daniel sign me up
Jane Townsend-Smith Al Rose ALMOND LOOK 👀
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