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US rockers Kiss donate guitar to children's hospital after Manchester Arena attack

US rockers Kiss donate guitar to children
US rockers Kiss donate guitar to children's hospital after Manchester Arena attack

They had to cancel their gig and were so shocked they decided to help the city

4.8k reactions 80 comments
Marie Bertini Bless you Paul!!!!
Ashton Thompson That's just awesome
Angus Lawrie awesome 👍
Jen Morrin Proper class. 💙
Louise Cole Nice one, love you all ❤

#KISS Wedding! Congratulations to Esther & Didi Egger who were married last weekend. Cool chauffeur with an awesome KISS Car! #KISSARMYROCKS!

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Kelliann Long Weingarten That is my kinda limo!!!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Naomi Caballero Churan Roger Churan
Naomi Caballero Churan Roger churan
Andy Brooks Awesome,you have your white lightning with you!good move!


1.0k reactions 14 comments
Naomi Caballero Churan Roger Churan
John Sheldon i have a black washburn from 1998 in mint shape , and they sound great .
Christopher Lee Terrance Derhousoff Kiss You Rock
Lisa Faltisco Luv that guitar!
Stephane Dibisceglie Love is all x2 but we can do lovin at all.

#KISSisEverywhere! Thanks for sharing, Neil! #KISSARMYROCKS! #KISS - found this at Milton Keynes Hollywood Bowl. R n R all nite & pinball every day.- Neil Halliday

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Mdhelal Uddintopu thanks
Stephane Dibisceglie i can never make love with my wife. why? Why lover why?
Kelly Cockrell Great have fun with that pinball machine!
Brien McDonnell I want that game too!!!
Mark Matthew Miguel NICE!

#KISSTORY - July 22, 2003 - #KISS released their KISS Symphony: Alive IV album, a live album featuring the band performing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Would you like to see KISS perform with a symphony orchestra live in concert?

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Christopher Hill Please i would love to hear unholy and war machine with an orchestra
Vincent Lamontagne Enough with fuckin kiss already fuckin retire you have way too much money and I am a fan believe it or not
Eric Charles Mokotoff Only metallic and scorpions successfully did the symphony thing
Robert Brown Already have I live in Melbourne Australia It was a fantastic show😀😀😀
Mark Patrick Albert Hall in London with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra would be amazing

Seneca Casino lays down bet on Kiss show with line of poker chips |

Seneca Casino lays down bet on Kiss show with line of poker chips |
Seneca Casino lays down bet on Kiss show with line of poker chips |

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — When Paul Stanley sang, “I’ll be your gambler baby, lay down your bet” in 1977’s Love Gun, maybe this is what he had in mind. Known for attaching...

965 reactions 18 comments
Jeffery Banks Jennifer Karns Banks
Naomi Caballero Churan Roger Churan
Christopher Haick Paul Janik
Cristina Sanches Earn $400 extra income taking quick paid surveys ➤ #MoneyYourSurvey
Jesus Segura Kiss is the best group in the world

#KISSTORY July 21, 1976 #KISS The Originals, a limited-edition, 3 LP set of KISS, Hotter Than Hell & Dressed To Kill, was released.

1.2k reactions 116 comments
John Mcknatt I have 3promo ofiwas made for loving you on Casablanca logo only 1 sided record and icantfindnothing about them online
Hal Woody Kellerman Bought mine at the flea market early 80s for 1.00. Still have it.
Greg Hardy Got my original pressing in good shape. With everything that came in it. Got a second pressing also lol
Jim Van Dyke It was very limited. I never this anywhere back in the 70's.
Ralph Kinscheck After I discovered Kiss by getting Alive, i went back and got this, great stuff.

#KISSTORY July 21, 2015 Scooby-Doo! And #KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery movie DVD was released. Do you own the movie?

5.5k reactions 619 comments
Kenneth Raub My sons love this movie. They love KISS and Scooby. We have watched it more times than I can count. Truth be known I actually bought it for me.
John Duffey After the kids watched this I showed them Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park and now my three year old only wants to watch that all the time.
Jere Sammalisto Yes, I own this movie on DVD! This was great one filled so many easter eggs for KISS fans to spot during the whole runtime of the film. Also works as a good film to watch on Halloween. ✌😄👍📽📀❤
Brian Dunn This is the closest thing to a modern day KMTPOTP .. for a kid , it would probably hit that same funny bone that KMTPOTP did for me when it aired .. obsessed ever since !!
Lorene Laurence My memories on Facebook today is a picture of this movie. Bought it the day it came out and my four girls and I have probably watched it 1,001 times. 😊

Gene Simmons talks about life in music and bringing his restaurant brand to Chicago

Gene Simmons talks about life in music and bringing his restaurant brand to Chicago
Gene Simmons talks about life in music and bringing his restaurant brand to Chicago

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and KISS frontman, Gene Simmons joins Roe Conn and Anna Davlantes to talk about his new endeavor to bring "Rock & Brews," a rock-inspired restaurant and entertainment concept, to the Greater Chicagoland area and a commitment to open 10-15 new corporate-owned restaurants to…

950 reactions 31 comments
Kyle Gruca Phil Gruca
Brent Josserand Jonah Boyer weregoing
Cristina Sanches Get $450 more dollars taking instant paid surveys ➠ #MoneyYourSurvey
John Sheldon i think chicago is a bad move for a restaurant from a white band , just saying .
David Alan Alter When you gonna bring it to Detroit rock city

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks for sharing, Kate! Bought a new shirt today!! Forever my favorite band. #KISS #KISSForever - Kate

2.1k reactions 29 comments
Yoana Angelova Александър Венциславов
Julie Burgess Rebecca Burgess
Naomi Caballero Churan Roger Churan
Shandi Boyd James Boyd 💜
Nikola Pietroń <3!

Loudwire Podcast preview of #PaulStanley interview.

KISS' Paul Stanley Picks Floyd Mayweather Over Conor McGregor

In this podcast preview, Paul breaks down the massively anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

1.6k reactions 152 comments
Ozzy Osbourne Connor McGregor will Win. No doubt about that. Unless fucking mayweather has fixed yet another fight to gain money.
Shaun Reinert just like Ace Frehley choose booze over Kiss and kiss fans......lolololololololol
Jefferson Wilson Who remembers the KISS demon in WCW. KISS backed him up. Paul goes to a lot of WWE shows
Chris Reinhardt No chance,mayweather is a ducker McGregor will charge right at him 2 rounds ko
Russ Gale Agreed....Mayweather wins, in this ridiculous bout........I'm Irish, but I'm smart too, so.

#KISSTORY July 20, 2012 #KISS kicked off 'The Tour' with Motley Crue in front of over 20,000 fans at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia. Did you see a show on The Tour?

7.6k reactions 625 comments
James Ridgley Tulsa Oklahoma! Motley rocked the house but Kiss blew the roof off! I seen em in 84 on the animalize tour and they still kick ass!
Radar Jpm twice in 2013. Clipsal in Adelaide & night 1 in Melbourne. shoulda taken another day off work & gone to the 2nd night in Melbourne.... will be one of the best tours i will ever see, Kiss my fav band, The Crue in my top 5. bloody awesome shows!!!
Dash Medina It was the first time I saw Kiss. I was pretty excited. The last time they toured, I was 9. My parents went but they didn't take me. I really wanted to go. They said I was too young. When they came back they said, "there were so many kids there!...
Nanna Alstrup Basse Ida Alstrup Klausen why the hell am I not living in the US????? Why!!!
Sean Pearson Indeed I did.. Atlanta. At the meet and greet Gene took off my girlfriend's glasses and told her she looked better without them. Proof is the cover photo on my profile. Good times.

#KISS photo book by Lynn Goldsmith will be released Oct 11th. #KISSPHOTOBOOK Pre Order now at

4.1k reactions 148 comments
Fred B Hennessy $49.50. Not too shabby.
Johnny Childers Those were great years
José Luis Guerrero Guevara Mira José Miguel Guerrero Guevara
Rodrigo Janjacomo José Vinicius Wenderson Alessandro Fabio Marcelo Diego
David Hack every time they post something no matter what it is there always to be the assholes crying about the past or another thing for sale, bwahh

Bid to win a Starchild boot signed by #KISS to benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Bid now at

5.1k reactions 118 comments
Kiley Snyder I need those in my life.
George Sims I bid $10.00
Kendall Kelley Put Gene's up and I am in.
Glenn Allsopp Its not a stage worn boot
Eric Brady Schroeder How about a pair in 10.5

Welcome to the #KISSNAVY, Dave! #KISS Been in the army since I was 13. In the #KISSNAVY NOW, baby! - Dave Kinney

1.1k reactions 31 comments
Alex Veloso
Johnny Gore Wtf?... Pat PJ Larmark Suzanne Marie Larmark
Len Lawlor Montana Lawlor
Paul Kincaid Hardy Sonny Glover here ya go
Cristina Sanches Come for a year of Netflix content! ☛ #NetflixFreeYear

#KISSisEverywhere! Thanks for sharing, Mauro! Exciting & inspiring chat with Jordi Ballera & #KISS in Cidade da Cultura #Spain - Mauro Trastoy

872 reactions 13 comments
Danny Donohue
Cristina Sanches Just Get 1 year of Netflix content! ➨ #NetflixYearFree
Clifton Barrows Like their songs!
Diego Alberto Sanchez You Rock Jordi Ballera!
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️

Gene Simmons & Tommy Thayer in Hinckley, Minnesota on Saturday night.

4.6k reactions 86 comments
Cheryl Ulen Great show! Thank you.
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Thalyson Thiago Thiago Valoes Matheus Esquitini Bruno França Eric Bernardo esses cara e zika
Laui Lars sure glad i missed it.pathetic coverband
Daniel Badulescu When you will come in Romania ? ... please answear to me . Me and my daughter are your big fane✊✊✊

#KISSTORY July 18, 2006 #KISS opened Rising Sun Tour in Nagoya, Japan. Here's "Kissin' Time" audio from the tour. Did you see a show on the tour?

1.1k reactions 29 comments
Luis Gustavo C. Legat Ligue Legat
Bernardo Pabst Bernardo Alex
Cristina Sanches Just Get One year of Netflix content! ► #NetflixYearFree
Daryl Segrave Jo Leonard Jason Fury
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️

Bid to help out some furry friends!


GENE SIMMONS. ERIC SINGER. Our V.P. LeAnn Moen used to work with KISS in the 80's, this is how we are able to obtain this signed photo. TOMMY THAYER. PAUL STANLEY. PRESS PHOTO. This picture will come with a COA. | eBay!

1.1k reactions 20 comments
Paul Lumbrera Logan Uriegas
Robert Dick Michael Bowen
Cristina Sanches Come and get 1 year of Netflix content! ⟾ #NetflixYearFree
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️

#KISSARMYROCKS! Congratulations to your uncle & his new bride, Rob! My uncle, longtime #KISS fan got married. Check out the cake! - Rob

1.8k reactions 34 comments
Clio Montserrat Saldez Leon Yohali Muñoz
T'Elle Evans Delores Sorger Evans how cool?!
Steph Conde Rachel? Xx
Cristina Sanches See how to grab a entire year of Netflix ! ➞ #NetflixForYear
Juliano Negri John Souza

The Starchild Paul Stanley & his beautiful new Black Diamond Ibanez guitar rocking Grand Casino MN Amphitheatre in Hinckley on Saturday!

5.4k reactions 63 comments
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. ...KISS Army...LIKE our page please! :P
Maggie Kulluayuk I wish I was there and listen 80s music in live wish,wish,wish
Greg Johnson I was there - AWESOME show!
Bruce Uphus I Was There !!!!

#KISSARMYROCKS! So cool, Chris! #KISS - I was in Hollywood. Star was filthy. I posted it. Another fan went & cleaned it! - Chris Dickerson

5.7k reactions 75 comments
Chris Carrest Hero!
Dave Schaub The S's aren't right.
Monsoon Randall It's on the Blv where the crazy yelling crack head lives.
Rita Freund Zaslavsky I see a job offer in your future
Keith Rath Kiss rule!!

Oh yeah? Well alright! Gene Simmons at Grand Casino last night.

12.9k reactions 109 comments
Mark Stout GENE,RETIRE NOW!!! You're 68 years old. Retire while you still have 20 to 30 years left to live.
Stephane Dibisceglie Wech gène comment ça va? alors, savati ou zavatta? it can come to lovin you again, it's kissin' time again.
Lorry Day Like to see you guys come back to worcsta MA. As Paul Stanly says it,been following you guys since i was 11yrs old#1fan
Robert Allen Sorry i missed this one! Best casino for an artist such as myself to perform in the state of Oklahoma! KISS 1978 OKC
Ed Knecht What was up with the massive delay the other night in MN?

Tommy Thayer on fire last night at Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota .

6.4k reactions 125 comments
Anahi Escobar No se cansan de decir lo obvio, ya sabemos que Tommy no es ace y que Eric no es Peter , tampoco por ello hay que descalificarlos
Clayt Rebel I was honored to see the original members of KISS live in 2000 and the way I see it Ace and Peter left KISS... Again but their on stage persona is property of KISS so like thousands of other bands they found replacements. After all the show must go on
Sue Holt Acefrealy was the master .sorry.
Tom Kelly #NotAce
Shaun Reinert the "fan" comments on anything kiss related is hilarious. jealous jealous jealous haters it's extra hilarious because everybody's lord and savior ace chose booze and drugs over....................... being in kiss. more than once. yet people ...

#KISS destroying the Grand Casino Amphitheatre last night in Hinckley, Minnesota.

3.4k reactions 73 comments
Jason Bouskill No ACE no Peter Chris it's not Kiss
Donna Boyko I have seen several shows and have never lost faith in the guys. You want the best you got the best. If you dont believe that you are not a kiss fan.
Judith Egyes Knight And they just admit it! Showboaters with a their own shark tank, I'll bet. ;)
Gene Olson Was an awesome show and rbey even made light of not having to play in Twin Cities to be gteat!
Steven Saunders Oh look, people complaining that Tommy isn't Ace. Surprise! Whining idiots.

#KISSARMY Minnesota - you rocked last night at the packed Grand Casino Amphitheatre. Thank you!

1.4k reactions 35 comments
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Jessica Strahan Osme foto of kiss the. Band
Ed Schepers Great show- thank you!
Moni Verheyen ✌️🎸🎸🎸❤️🎉🤗
Jim Paulsen Awesome night !!!!

Gene Simmons on stage last night at Toyota Park - Chicago Open Air Festival.

20.6k reactions 256 comments
Tom Madden I love this bass and the guitar Paul has with the same theme.
Luiz Claudio Ventura Uma grande no gerada meu Deus homen parece uma criatura dois infernos nem de graça assisto está no gerada
Doug Goodman Love them . They make my day . The best shows ever . I will follow them for ever .
Roy Guthrie Isn't he like 70?
Tom Kelly Great bass but he forgot to put the makeup on one of his chins

JUST ANNOUNCED! #KISSWORLD2017 is headed to RiverEdge Park in Illinois on August 20th. Tickets are on sale now at .

3.8k reactions 116 comments
Shadiq Abdullah KISS rules!!! Hoping to see you in Singapore someday. Please make another album.
Lester Ivers August 19th in Niagara Falls, N.Y.! Cannot wait!
Eddie Humphreys Please come back to Manchester England. Do the gig that never happened.
Blayke Rekowski Pls come to Wisconsin (preferably Green Bay!) My brother would love to see you!
Maria Vitagliano I pray you legends come to Adelaide,Australia again SOON..I love u guys..xx

Thank you, #KISSARMY Illinois! 35,000 strong at Toyota Park Chicago last night! Photo Mark Weiss #KISSWORLD2017 #ChiOpenAir #ChicagoOpenAir

3.6k reactions 62 comments
Bob Salvatore Amaru Bad Ass
Maureen Chambers Huff Had a great time!! Thank you!
Kevin Merrill Fake
Sandy Weber She's a dancer. A romancer. I'm a Capricorn and she's a Cancer.
KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS Army...LIKE our page please! ;)

#KISSARMY Minnesota - are you ready? Tonight we rock the Grand Casino Amphitheater in Hinckley! See you there!

2.2k reactions 52 comments
Nils Hansen It's amezing Picture from you, KISS
Gene Olson Im there!!!!
Sue Forcier Great night in MN !!!
Ida Ward Come to Baltimore.
Hope Carlson Yes I am!! Can't Wait 💗
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