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Gig review: KISS legends Paul Stanley and Eric Singer return to Japan with Soul Station and a bag full of soul classics
Gig review: KISS legends Paul Stanley and Eric Singer return to Japan with Soul Station and a bag full of soul classics

By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks Best known as rockers, KISS members Paul Stanley and Eric Singer return to Japan with their band Soul Station for intimate club gigs focused on soul music classics…

1.5k reactions 38 comments
Mark Martini Ace Rules!
Michael McGroarty Paul should be resting his voice
Pathy Vianna Wonderfulllll, Paul!
Adem Gungor Iron maiden fans not included
Troy Goodwin Starchild's other side.

Tommy Thayer Says Gene Simmons ‘Was Like a Kid’ Working With Bob Dylan

Tommy Thayer Says Gene Simmons ‘Was Like a Kid’ Working With Bob Dylan
Tommy Thayer Says Gene Simmons ‘Was Like a Kid’ Working With Bob Dylan

Tommy Thayer discussed a '90s-era collaboration between his Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons and Bob Dylan.

1.7k reactions 34 comments
Gianne Manosso Canisio Barth Junior
Rodney Lee Embry Hunter Embry
Carolyn McAleer John McAleer
Oskar Schager Cool story Wilhelm Schager
Jason Burley ///KISS Army...LIKE this page please! :P KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.

#KISSARMYROCKS! Sounds like you had a great Friday. Thanks for sharing, Chris 🤘 🍷 🎸 ☠ #KISS - Friday night? ✔Rye and ginger poured? ✔ Glass sitting on new #KISS coasters? ✔ Alive II spinning on the turntable? ✔ 🤘 - Chris P.

2.5k reactions 60 comments
Todd Moore Takes me back.....
Michael Taylor I love vinyl
Sergio Martin Rodrigo great combo !
Pascal Baron my favorite live of all time!!!!!!
Jarrod McDonald Best live version of Calling Dr. Love... ever.

Celebrating with #KISS. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing Ray. #KISSARMY Birthday party with the hottest band on the world...#KISS we love you! 🇲🇽 #Piñata - Ese_MiRay

1.1k reactions 29 comments
Alexandra Zuniga Julio Cesar Rapalo Mejia
James Hilton David Patrick
Karen Lopez Carbajal Armando De La Cruz Huezo comprame esa piñata!😄
Chris Sheets Hell yeah
Piotrek Romański I hope all the kids are wearing kiss t-shirts

#GeneSimmons : Detroit Vault City! I’m heading your way!

817 reactions 30 comments
Dakota Woodward Jeff Woodward
Matt Porter AWESOME!!!!
Jeff Klingenberg joke!
Karen Potter Pienta-Szepytowski Chris Bono
Rodney Webb The 20 th

#PaulStanley on stage during #SOULSTATION show at Billboard Live Tokyo. Photo by Masanori Naruse

104 reactions 39 comments
Jason Burley KISS Army...Please LIKE this page... :P KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.
Stef Buccella Joe Massara. Cristal Gee Look like Frank.
Dingo Colorado Paul having trouble singing
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 🤟🤟🤟🤟🎶🎵
Björn Beling Paul go liiiiiivvvee

#KISSTORY - January 11, 1999 - #KISS makes appearance on the American Music Awards to present the award for Favorite Pop Rock Album to Will Smith.

850 reactions 12 comments
Nicole Giakoumatos WTF!!
Steve Stevens Who?
Mayanja Elisha KISS
Arianna Danielle Thompson Talk about a strange moment lol
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 🎶🎸🥁🎼🎤🤟🤟👍👍

815 reactions 16 comments
Rodney Lee Embry Hunter Embry
Daniel Garcia Y para cuándo México? ;-;
Alain Francois Gaudet welcome canada !!!
Pattie Robertson 💜💜
Beth Wheeler Pizzo Please come to Florida!

#GeneSimmons on back cover of the latest issue of UK's Planet Rock Magazine. Issue also features an 8 page interview with The Demon. #KISSisEverywhere!

1.4k reactions 25 comments
Matt Brindley Luke Brindley
Angela Thomas Zack Baker check this out.
Colin Bell Charlie Drake.
Mario Cianca Betancourt
Gosia Szarata <3


585 reactions 5 comments
Nacho Luis C Kiss my ass kiss
Bjørn Aanes Da ble vel flyktningan glad
Jason Burley KISS Army...LIKE this page please! :P KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.
Micah Sisson Kiss hasn't existed for years. I won't read replies.


Talking Metal 718 Eric Singer Of Kiss – Talking Rock
Talking Metal 718 Eric Singer Of Kiss – Talking Rock

Listen to “TM 718 Eric Singer” on Spreaker. On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl and Ian McCurdy interview Kiss drummer Eric Singer. The over hour long disccussion was recorded on 12/30/2017 and it starts 18 minutes into the episode. Topics include Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, Glenn Hughe...

757 reactions 0 comments

#GeneSimmons headed to #Australia! Tickets for Gene and his band’s tour are on sale now at for Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney shows, and for the Brisbane show.

907 reactions 50 comments
Miguel Martinez Orihuela I thought ace and gene
Joe Zalak Wtf
Juniti Hasegawa Nice Gene!
Robert Jackson MY. FAVORITE. BAND!!!!!!!!!
Darren Rudrum Perth .., fuckers ... Perth !

Oh Yeah! It sure does! KISSARMYROCKS I’m all Gibson guitar but this White Lightning Epiphone of yours really does rock ;) #TommyThayer! - Eden Burning

949 reactions 56 comments
Brent Walter Nice!!!!
Sebastien Ramirez jaimer
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Karen N Ed Scully Nice guitar!
Roger Keller Hughes& kettner tri amp 🤘

#GeneSimmons - In LA! http://GeneSimmonsVault.Com

Frehley, Kulick + Singer Join Gene Simmons
Frehley, Kulick + Singer Join Gene Simmons' First Vault Event

Gene Simmons treated the fans attending his first 'Vault' box set event to 8 hours of songs and stories featuring Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.

1.9k reactions 59 comments
Vaughan Gregory No Turtle Boy?
Haroldo Pereira Da Silva Porto Júnior Happy Birthday Sean Delaney. Miss you so much! 1945 - 2003
Craig Love Awesome!
Brian Rembish Make one more studio album with Ace!
James Eric Heavrin This was fun to watch!

Anniversary with a #KISS! Thanks for sharing, Mariana! #KISSARMYROCKS! #KISS - Anniversary present by my beautiful boy! He just knows what a girl needs! #PsychoCircus - Mariana Jorge Lazano

1.2k reactions 17 comments
Sebastien Ramirez Jolie
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Jason Burley KISS Army....LIKE this page please! :P KISS: Class of 2014 Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.
Alan Smithee Best song...We Are One....had a friend inside the KISS family. Remember this album came out before the internet was a common thing. He said to me... that's not Peter. He doesn't play like that...still love the album.
Paul Stanley Very good Album 👍👍👍👍👍

#KISSARMYROCKS! You've got great parents, Mariana ! #KISS - Mum and dad (aka the Three Wise Men) know what this girl needs! 😍🤘 - Mariana Jorge Lazano

1.1k reactions 24 comments
Frode Færøvig Jim Rune Bjorvand
Mauro Morelli Good ...... good ...... good !!!!!!
Raquel Freitas Love Gun the best album
Travis Sewanaku should've gotten her the alive albums, thats how you get into kiss
Christopher Hill Love gun kicks ass.

#PaulStanley on covers of Billboard Live Japan! SOUL STATION visits #JAPAN next week! Billboard Live Tokyo & Billboard Live OSAKA Thanks Marco for sharing the covers with us!

1.2k reactions 34 comments
Elena Diana Leustean Verry Nice
Christina Boyd Be careful please
Eva U. Julius Hernadi 🎸🎤🎼🎵🥁
Jorge Hernandez cover boy !
Mike Shupe Good for Paul.

Gene Simmons The Vault - Head over to the Vault website to see the full track-list revealed!

705 reactions 40 comments
Luigi Viola torrent soon
Nigel Bassett $12 a song 🤣
Chris Hazel How much is this going to cost? $$$
Chuck Marra 2000$ is an awful lot of money...
Sascha Baier ,,Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl"? Is this song dedicated to Prof. Oak?

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Udo Zielke of Germany for sharing his new Gene Simmons God Of Thunder tattoo with us. Awesome!

1.7k reactions 36 comments
Jason Burley ..KISS Army, give this page a LIKE...
Jeff Parkman Robyn Felder
Jeff Parkman Brandon Parkman
Kimberly Russell-Newell Ron Russell
Amy Overla Randy Overla

#FlashbackFriday: KISS Forever video from 1990!

8.3k reactions 203 comments
Péter Nagy This is the song we played at our wedding. Do you remember Zsanett Nagy? I love this song!
Sunita Martin The song I walked down the aisle to at my wedding!
Jasten King Never gets old. Such a damn good song. Great guitars, great solo, vocals, drums... love it 🤘🏻
Kris Stille This was what my wife and I danced to at our wedding
Mario Kruz Hot in the shade,won the cassette tape from a radio station.

#KISSTORY - January 5, 1990 - #KISS released "Forever" as the second single off the album Hot in the Shade.

2.8k reactions 92 comments
Lance Anderson Please do another power ballad like Forever or Every Time I Look At You
Regis Lobjeois I see my future when I look in your eyes.....
Sharon Prothero Love this song got it on vinyl when it first came out
Kim Damen Anne Hop that was our wedding song!! 😍
Patrick Maxwell My sophomore year of high school. Thanks for making me feel old! 😄

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Johan Prenger for sharing his hand painted Alive 2 skateboard decks with us. These look great!

4.9k reactions 128 comments
Jacob Dauphinais Vlad jveux une board comme sa 😮😮
Cristian-niño Galarza Lara Woowww looks great!! God job!!
GuyGuy Mori Who do I have to kill
Aline Carvalho these look more than perfect 😱
John Porth They don't look like the KISS I grew up with.

#KISS Sighting: #GeneSimmons picture & bass at Hard Rock Cafe Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Thanks for sharing, Ben Barber! #KISSisEverywhere!

1.0k reactions 28 comments
Genny Shipley Mic Strawsburg
Cat Brown Kurtz Bertie Johnson
Joel Carolus Serina Weaver
Alexis Laiho Lorissi Cz Mangaroka
Sylvie Fillieres It's cool !!!!

#KISSTORY January 3, 2000 #KISS rocked Anchorage, Alaska for the first time in over 25 years! The band previously performed in Anchorage on June 2, 1974. Were you there?

768 reactions 31 comments
Taavi Pesonen Joona Miettinen
Jerry Rasmussen Joe Demattia
Sherry Mettler Trysha L M Barron
KT Shellhamer Kevin Shellhamer Paul Tabor
Granicus Was it cold??? ;-)

#KISSARMYROCKS! Thanks to Todd Marra for sharing his #GeneSimmons Axe bass tattoo with us! Not only does Todd have the Axe Gene rocked for him...he also has a tattoo of it, too! Very cool!

1.8k reactions 25 comments
Emmanuel Martinez Alberto Leyva
Andy Brooks Wil Avitt
Abbie Collins i thought this was you😂😂😂 Stevie George
Wiktoria Lasek Wow
Cailin Provo So Cool!! 🤘

‘Elvis Presley’s Memphis’ Graceland features #KISS in ICONS: The Influence of Elvis Exhibit! You can vote for Elvis Presley's Graceland as your favorite attraction in Tennessee at

3.7k reactions 56 comments
Lucho Barbazan The best
John Silvey O hell yes
John Silvey Here’s my life savings
Larry Petrimoulx king and demon o my
Matt Hughes Wow that's awesome!!!

1.5k reactions 26 comments
Michel Duclos Mark Duclos
Steve O'Brien Tom Finn Kyle Rems Tim Tedino
Leo Croisetiere Robert Harris - go get an autograph!
Maria Chorak Kits cuzs ugo
Erik Padilla Ive been there loved it

Classic #KISSMAS Gift! Thanks to Thomas Brule for sharing this never played, all original, box included #KISS record player with us! Wow! Very cool!

2.0k reactions 54 comments
Rick Abney Bet cost a pretty penny.but sweet
Lee Gallaugher 💥😬❤️❗️
Jari Jallu Karvo Hannu Saarinen jokos on tommonen? 😂
Steve Martinez That's very cool.
Bryan Adams KISS birth control next??

#KISS will rock Oeiras Municipal Stadium in Oeiras (Lisbon), Portugal on Tuesday, July 10th! Tickets on sale now at

2.9k reactions 101 comments
Rich Panak Richard Panak Sr wrong opening act! It should have been Ghost
Marco Castro Golden Circle! I'm in!
Bruno Nunes 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Blake Rudoski Taisha Rudoski megadeth is on tour with kiss!!!
Paul Swart Doesn't get much better than that! Kiss AND Megadeth? Nice!

#KISS New Year's Fan Art! Thanks for sharing, Misato. Happy New Year! #KISS - A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!! Here's my first artwork in this year!! I hope you like it and have a great day!!🇯🇵🌸✨🎍 From Osaka,Japan - Misato / KISS ARMY OSAKA

1.2k reactions 26 comments
Cailin Provo Amazing Art Work!!!!!
Tom Levine Thats what someone here told me
Fenix Desrosiers #KISSChicks love it
Stephane Dibisceglie Stop carnism please
Ari Hidayat 2078
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