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Dollar Hegemony's Replacement... It can be really bad ... Or really good.

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Jonathan Mohan
Benjamin Ahdoot Omar Ian Shane Jeff Jean Valdo Kam
El Perico Texas - Caleb Avila Ron Paul is A BOSS
Kerry McCarthy Bitcoin = bubble.
John Sherriff Gold has real value?

If you were to ever take a look at a dollar bill, you'd think that this was definitely the domain of government. You'd never know that money was a creation of the marketplace, that government would later monopolize for itself.

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Donald Love Was the creation of the Chinese
Luis Peña Vince Posada
Marc Elfving Gary DePriest
Gregory Mallard Steven D Grumbine
Leandro Smidt Curtis Bertolina, Kyle Wiman, Roberto Lopez , Ehsan Joarder

Dollar hegemony as the world reserve currency is unwinding and coming to an end. If we can see it, then surely governments and central banks can see it too. However, the monopoly control money is government's most prized possession. Strip government of every asset it has, but leave it the monopoly to create money, and they'll just buy it all back. While major monetary changes are ahead, the direction that things will go is still far from certain. We know that government and central banks want to get rid of cash because they’re always telling us so. We also know that they want total economic surveillance. Ironically, crypto-currencies provide both of these things. Ron Paul discusses this and more on today’s Liberty Report

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Matthew Bryant End the love of money root of all evil created from mans sin for freedom from God. In$anity i$ doing the $ame thing over and over and expecting different re$ult$. You have no faith in freedom from God ,but expect people to have faith in the $ame evil ...
Orion Kaplan Definitely a NEGATIVE to crypto-currencies is my strong opinion and I urge you to consider the logic behind that decision of mine. However, yes, as I have stated prior, we are in definite need of a complete fiscal and monetary overhaul nationwide while ...
John Cook Uncle Ron has this wrong - BITCOIN is a black hole vortex that sucks ALL the "reserve currency $$$" out of the world economy while the buyers pay for the effort and get "fairy gold dust" in return, The USA is removing the "$ reserve currency" burden ...
Kerry McCarthy <3 <3 YAY! God bless RP! Audit the Fed! <3 <3 Bitcoin = bubble. Please do away with the entire Deep State who are crony capitalists working to impose global communism on us by destroying America and ignoring the government's responsibility to protect ...
Peter Choporis Of course governments want to go cashless. They want an electronic/paper trail of every transaction in the World. The greedy globalists and corrupt government breaucrats, along with the Central Banks, will know everything about your spending habits and ...

What are we doing about the threat of war? The slow economic suicide of maintaining a military-industrial, national-security state? Together we are fighting back! Find out how you can be part of it at the link...

'Everyone is Worried About War'

Are you worried about war? We are. Iran, North Korea, Russia. Every day we feel we might wake up to hear that the missiles have been launched. ...

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Travis Wood Roar baby roar!
Anthony Mollison my body is ready
Kevin Wacker War is necessary
Maria Avila Call the president.
Pro-Truth Pledge Ron Paul, I hope you believe that #factsmatter and invite you to take the Pro-Truth Pledge at to fight #alternativefacts and #fakenews!

American Taxpayers Are The Dupes of The Empire

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Tammy Burns The Deep State Empire
J.C. Evans True story.
Rick Beyer True.
Frans Phillips Duncan Oh, yes we are and I'm very angry about it. However, I don't want to go to jail so I pay!
Brent Purvis Why are you insulting the working class of America? That is such an irrational insult to the people who actually work in this country. Then again I shouldn't expect different when you give control of your Facebook page to a bunch of kids who probably ...

President Trump is expected on Monday to release his National Security Strategy for the United States. Former US Senate advisor and foreign service officer Jim Jatras joins today's Liberty Report to look at the hits and misses we expect when the strategy comes out. Who cheers? Who jeers? Tune in!

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Charles Aldridge
Brandy Navarro " *** ** ** "
Garret Cross Save the elephants
Charles Aldridge
Tom Cxyz Heritage Foundation = CFR = SSDD :(

SPECIAL: Market Update Ron Paul on the Cryptocurrency Craze. Watch below:

Market Update: The Cryptocurrency Craze
Market Update: The Cryptocurrency Craze

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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John Wicinski Sam Loring
Geo Vldez Bertin Vasquez
Amberly Hash Tony Juliano
Sierra Grubb Joel Grubb
Jesse James Bullock John Reber

The U.S. military is reporting that there are 44,000 American troops deployed to "Unknown." This should not happen in a Republic. Ron Paul discusses below:

This Should Not Happen In A Republic
This Should Not Happen In A Republic

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Yan Ho It's like how the Pentagon and other departments have money spent that isn't "accounted" for - this is literally illegal as after the Patriot act, supposedly every penny of USD must be accounted for in order to avoid money laundering. Once again the ...
Omar Jacob Marañon Guerrero Drug dealing in Bolivia to export cocaine all over the world trying to catch big drug el chapo or yakusa mafia in asia.....U.S. provides the money, Bolivia provides the drugs.....the rest is undercover operations in the Amazon's jungle.
Andrew David "Unknown" has long been a major threat to our great nation. It's about time we deal with "Unknown" once and for all.
Rob Lewis Covert operations it happens even in a constitutional republic. Don’t want to spill the beans to our enemies do we? How about the tax payer funded sexual settlement fund? The fact there is missing ballots and voter suppression right now in Alabama? The ...
Paul Sayward This guy is pandering. He will be your light in the darkness. Hes just pretending to be a douche, to get enough in league with the other douches to expose them.... Ron Paul: a douche you can trust....

As Republicans and Democrats fight over how they're going to continue raising taxes (under the pretext of lowering them) the real matter in question should be the income tax itself. For 137 years, American prosperity shook the world because each individual's income was his own. Then in 1913, the U.S. federal government assumed control of it all. Every dollar earned by every American would belong to the federal government first. The government would then decide how much each person would be allowed to keep, and under what conditions. The whole idea is immoral to the core, and the results since the income tax was created should surprise no one...War, Welfare, Debt, Dependency. Repeal the disaster of 1913.

5.1k reactions 276 comments
Russell Mikesell The only large scale proportionate way to fund the Federal government would be a national sales tax. With that being said the 16th amendment would need abolished I support the Fairtax.
Daniel Swayze Hmm from what I recall of my US history classes, which were at a very conservative, private, Christian school, I must say I think it'd be difficult to make a case that America was more prosperous before 1913 than it was after.
Kar Far Taxation is actually the coercive demand mechanism for the government's currency, the dollar. This makes it the common unit of account. It is also a deflationary tool and a way to encourage or discourage behaviors. If you wish to think of fiscal policy ...
Todd Topolski this is exactly right. James Madison specifically barred the feds from direct taxation because government just can't be, a tyranny without the means, to fund it. he knew the individual has no defense against government excess. his plan is billing the, ...
Joe Hartley National Sales tax!!! Period.... if you still have the unconstitutional IRS it is wrong . If you don't agree please read the constitution

Let North Korea Self-Destruct...Like The Soviets

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Paul Marossy Hopefully someone bumps off that little rocket man and all of this quietly goes away.
John Richards It’s the USA, and U.K. that will self destruct.
Yiannis Kustas But how do you sell a 700 billion defence boondoggle?
Cary Robert That's the plan Ron it's what we're doing.
Peter Mlinar Self destruct Ron? Thats a good one. A real Knee slapper right there.

How to explain Secretary Tillerson's statement yesterday that the US is ready to talk with North Korea without pre-conditions? Policy shift? Speaking out of turn? We look at several theories in today's Liberty Report...

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Steve Davis New world order
Horia-Daniel Țigău Tillerson is the man
Nathan Richards New enemy.
Nathaniel D'Amico getthemtothetableanywhichwaytounderstandthemandviceversa
Martin Romero Keep the twit busy on twitter and let Tillerson do his job.

When government ignores the Constitution (i.e., 95% of the time) then politicians go up for sale. If politicians are not going to follow the Constitution it means they’re going to dole out special favors. If they’re going to dole out special favors, the recipients of those favors will have to pay up. The highest bidder wins. Liberty and a weak Constitutional government is far superior to this.

2.1k reactions 66 comments
Rex Yeagley Sorry buddy, but they're all already bought and paid for!
Roger Buchanan We just need to get rid of the lobbyist & go back to "the will of the people"
Eddie Swartz Have you seen the HBO series "House of Cards"'s all about that.

By now, everyone should know that government regulatory agencies do not (and cannot) ensure "fairness." They are tools of force that big corporations use for their own advantage. Crony corporations hate free markets and competition. It's much easier to just capture a few politicians and government agencies. After capture, "government regulations" wield force against the crony corporation's competitors. Of course, government agencies are sold as something much different. They're sold as being there to "protect the people." It's an easy sale and crony corporations help with the pitch. Internet regulation like net neutrality is just another form of central planning which requires a centralized rule-making body. As usual it has a lineup of crony corporations that are pushing for it. If you like rationing and bureaucratic control over market pricing, you’ll love net neutrality. More below:

2.1k reactions 193 comments
Stephen Cogswell Its a choice between giving companies like Google (Alphabet, inc), Facebook, and Twitter having the power to censor the internet or companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Spectrum having the power to censor the internet. Which group is more accountable to ...
Stacey Hughes Yet this guy Ajit from the agency promoting Net neutrality is talking about all the wonderful things they're doing to ensure transparency, but it sounds like more regulation and more control for corporations who want only certain content to be ...
Chris O'Hara Again nothing said about the monopolies currently enjoyed by the ISP's. Blatantly ignoring this obviously HUGE PART of the debate is infuriating as it is condescending. If you don't acknowledge this part of it you're nothing but a propagandist for ...
Neil Baesel Wow....totally giving in to corporations here eh, Ron? Show me a "market" where people have dozens of ISP's competing for It's akin to the old-school phone monopoly, and until some new kind of sci-fi way of delivering internet ...
Tyler Norkus I sometimes agree with you. On this you couldn't be more wrong. Using our internet to spread false information to take choice away from consumers. Without net neutrality, your phone or cable company decides what you can see on the internet. That is ...

You have $100,000 to invest in one of the following. However, after making the investment, you can’t touch it for 10 years. Do you invest in:

588 reactions 819 comments
Matthew Nerraw The one thing I hate is that people who know nothing about crypto only ever mention Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the lesser of the two techs that are quickly growing behind it. Litecoin is more efficient and ether is that plus some. Invest in ether. It has ...
David Nuss Bitcoin has a fatal flaw (it will be more apparent in 2 years) being they don't have proof-of-stake, transactions are taking more time than ever to process and it will get worse due to the blockchain enigma, it's taking an enormous amount of power to ...
Jason Matthews Walmart all day long. Walmart pays a good dividend, stock price is stable, and isn't going there for a long time. As long as the government is there to offset the pay of majority of their employees via welfare, the safe bet is Walmart.
Max Rodgers If you know how bitcoin works you will choose bitcoin. There are only 3 million bitcoin ever created and are out there. There will never be anymore than that. That creates a demand for something that isn't being printed daily. (Think about the us ...
Eddie Whelan While Bitcoin seems obvious we must consider our options. I chose Wal-Mart for the following reasons: the Fed and Congress is currently trying to regulate or otherwise destroy the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and have already deemed it a commodity which will ...

The Secretive Empire That Lies To Everyone

219 reactions 17 comments
Alberto Escobosa Cadena
Ser Vang Interesting
Mike Padovani Who is more secretive than the E.S.F. in the Treasury dept?
Zakir Shah The hole truth is hidden Russia Putin is leading Trump like a clever Fox there is some hidden truth that Putin knows about Trumps .!00 % Trump is on the Putin bus of Mischief ,of destabilizing AND ADD MORE PROBLEMS TO American,SYSTEM THAT WAS A ...
Richard Norwood uh its called the deep state Ron

With ISIS defeated in Syria, Russian President Putin announced this week that he was withdrawing the bulk of Russian military equipment and personnel. Russian assistance *was requested* by the Syrian government as ISIS and al-Qaeda appeared poised to take control of the country. Meanwhile, the US has just admitted it has more than four times the number of troops in Syria than it earlier claimed. And Defense Secretary Mattis said the US, **though illegally in Syria** would not be leaving. Why? Don't miss today's Liberty Report:

963 reactions 94 comments
Jeffrey McNeela U.S. troops there are war criminals. We support none of them
Dennis Richardson Issis is no where being defeated
Dennis Cravero the cia needs to be dismantled.
Reynolds Dale Because our elected officials are idiots and think they know what is best for not only U.S. citizens,but also for the whole world
Delma Murray-Macgregor Now that would be because America wants to continue to support the overthrow of the legitimate government of Syria. Wars about the only "game" Americas got to keep its economy going! This is American Imperialisim at its worse

How to explain taxes to kids:

11.9k reactions 431 comments
Robert Pumphrey Of course! I like how you dumb all this down for us. We're not so good with the smart thinking but the brains understand pictures, yup! I mean, just yesterday a bear mauled me to death for my paycheck. Taxes and bear attacks. Exactly the same ...
Jeff A. Johnson Hmmm... how would you explain monopolies & oligopolies to kids? Particularly in the context that the gov't shouldn't referee, and maintain a fair market for the consumers? #CableCompanies #Airlines #BigOil #BigPharma #Telecommunication #TrustBusting
Anthony Dalpe now you know why some people are just not honest? either selling illegal narcotics?they are trying to make the extra buck? if you're an honest hard-working person they will always take out to much out of your paycheck? I don't blame people for ...
Zack Fawley And that it's horribly photo shopped alerts you to the fact that society is one big group delusion, peppered with fake dieties, heros, villans and lots of drama.
Michael Bloemer I’ve read posts about all the free stuff available in many foreign countries. That is true. How much of their annual budget is spent on their own defense? Far less than the USA. Stop policing the world, bring our troops home, reduce the size of the ...

Government is Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

410 reactions 23 comments
Mike Peine what a dick head !
Carolyn Bellamy Well said Ron
John Morley You’re not well.
Jc Walt It sure is.
Rob Stultz Dr. Ron we will both be gone.

A Dept. of Defense report from 2016 told us that $6.5 Trillion was unaccounted for at the Pentagon. $6,500,000,000,000 -- No one knows where it went! We need not worry though, because the government is going to "audit" the Pentagon. They'll find those "missing" trillions.... Right?

1.7k reactions 260 comments
Heath Morfs Fugate Odds are they know where it already went and this is another episode in the drama I'm tired of watching.
Brandon Welsh Im sure it just was spent on firewood or bicycles. Some office supplies too perhaps. No need to worry.
Tucker Sharpe How much is it going to cost us to go "back" to the moon? Good place for "the deep state" Israel's capital!
Michael McMillin DHS, Shadow Government, Terror Finance and old fashioned Embezzlement. That is where it most likely went.
Karl Patterson I wonder if I should unaccountably lose all of my tax contributions for this year? I wonder how quickly THAT would be investigated?

Are they really going to audit the Pentagon? Don't hold your breath. Even though an audit was recently announced, this smells more like cover-up than a real look at the missing trillions. Tune in to today's Liberty Report for more...

373 reactions 29 comments
Alan Shields Don't be silly lol.
Azure Queen Not surprised
Nancy Alexander-Carreira No surprise there....
Scott Meenen Who is this they?
Jen West More theatrics

In the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case before the Supreme Court, both sides unfortunately get it wrong. My thoughts in my weekly column at the link...

Government Should Leave Bakers Alone
Government Should Leave Bakers Alone

Last week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The case stems from the...

580 reactions 46 comments
Dave Jaynie Carlson If we lose the freedom of choice, our country is in serious trouble!
Eric Elledge It's called "Righteous Discrimination", not "Bigotry".
Ken Welch Funny nobody goes into a middle eastern bakery to get gay wedding cakes.
Ruger Hound Ron Paul has this exactly right! Excellent!
Sarah Andrus All discrimination laws are unnecessary in this day and age of instant information. If a business actually treated someone badly, the whole world would know and that business would close the next day.

Here's something you don't often see in Texas: my Liberty Tree on Friday with a beautiful dusting of snow! Photo by Carol Paul...

2.6k reactions 59 comments
Justin Ackerman Trevor Memmott do you have a liberty tree bruh?
Mark Thomas all good stories begin with a time a place and a thing and the thing usually involves a tree
Vincent Patrie It's ok we sent a few flurries down south from Canada :D enjoy
Cesar Calderon I was living in lake Jackson for a while and I saw your tree. Beautiful
Andrew Majetich Even trees do not taste water if its frozen.

Usually when the Empire wants to lie to us (i.e., all the time) they'll tell us that troop levels in a country are lower than they actually are. Here's a new one though: The military is reporting that there are 44,000 American troops deployed to "Unknown." Yes, really... Bring all the troops home. Stop the madness. Either we do it voluntarily, or financial crisis will force it on us. Why wait for financial crisis? American troops should defend America....and only America. More below:

1.6k reactions 162 comments
David Wmusser Thats a mighty big payroll ...that we the people pay from our skinpy paydays ...... for them to classify as ...unknown ..... 44,000 highly trained soldiees on our payroll ....
Butch Thrasher ya who ever thought it was smart to ship most our troops and tanks ect across seas didnt have our safety in mind hell any big enough force hit us at any border we would be screwed
Tom Herceg No flag in the south Indian ocean? On that little REALLY unknown island called Deigo Garcia. Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag? That place is TOP SECRET
Eric Wendlandt Yeah, they're deployed to our space fleet. Including FTL ships and defensive stations. #CrackpotTheory
Marc Farris I'm with Ron on this, however, he is failing to take into account foreign embassies. That is American soil, and should be defended as such. This inflates Paul's stat of US military being in over 100 countries.

"Love your country, but never trust its government." - Robert A. Heinlein

4.4k reactions 140 comments
Walter Trinkala Do not put your trust in the arm of the flesh.
Pedro Jeffrey Montaño Vd Corput The question should have been; Can I thrust the rightwing government of the USA? 😉
Eric Daniel Cunningham Ron Paul with the Pac-Man jokes. Gotta love it.
Tom DiVittis That sentence could be whittled down to three words. 🙂
Nolan Willis ...and Pacman eats everything!


960 reactions 80 comments
Shane McDonald As long as man walks this land man will fight
John Wright Right because history has proven against the laws of nature.
BJ Abbott Lots of US politicians would have to be shot by firing squad first.
Myrna Isip Kato sure but human nature must get down and the almighty Creator and Savior be lifted up.
Tyler Smith John Lennon was a wife abusing anti-capitalist....

Ron Paul joins The Savage Nation with Michael Savage to discuss President Trump's controversial decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

952 reactions 233 comments
Bill Baker How not so.. Israel is our greatest ally in the middle east.. History agree's with Jerusalem as the Capitol of the Israeli people. Explain yourself.???
Enforcer XII This is one of the issues I can never see eye to with you on Mr. Paul. Being one of our few nations in the region friendly to Americans, it only makes sense to support them.
Jesse Segal No but it shows that we will honor and recognize what is already reality for 3000 years and Israel is our most important ally and friend
Thomas Siedle Dr. Paul, we finally disagree on something. The Israeli government declared Jerusalem the capitol of Israel on December 5, 1949! Why have we free people refused to acknowledge that? Because islamists will throw a fit? Why can I not do the same ...
Robert Iacomacci In Algebra, the square is understood. In U.S. politics, it is understood it is Israel first. Then America, so you can technically say America first, its understood that Israel is really first.
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