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You saw the Ed Snowden Liberty Report interview earlier this week...but guess what happened when the cameras kept rolling? Edward asked Ron Paul a very important question about how Ron interacted with the intelligence community when he was in Congress. Did Ron benefit from the CIA and other secret briefings that so many Members believe are so important? You won't want to miss this extra from Edward Snowden and Ron Paul...

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Megan Salamonowicz Mark-Christine Scott
Darrell Hoover Jason
David Howard Focus on #KatieGate
Kevin Kev LONG LIVE THE ALMIGHTY RON PAUL you are the real deal
Liz AndTerry Deloera There is so much misleading information out there a person does not know what to believe.

The U.S. has illegally setup a base in Syria and has been aggressively escalating. I discuss and make the case for bringing U.S. troops home and adopting a policy of non-intervention and peace.

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James McCloud Ron Paul is a liar. He lied about North Korea just to promote his political ideology. You can't trust people like that.
Terry Baker 👳👳great idea👳👳let Russian bankrupt its nation, instead of adding to our 25 TRILLION $$$ debt... USA is already bankrupt, and spending on CREDIT FROM CHINA... AMERICA... CHAMPAGNE TASTE > BEER MONEY 🇺🇸️
Catherine Atchison Clements Next week is the meeting with trump and putin. Lets give these two leaders time to speak before jumping to conclusions. Thinngs could change after that. (Perhaps putin can help trump learn how to control the deep state and not vice versa)
Roozbeh Nazer But there is no money in non intervention and peace
BC Lynch Non intervention and.....sorry, not peace. Ignoring world crisis doesn't = peace. As any idiot knows.

Like their colleagues in the House, the Senate Republican leadership has squandered an opportunity to repeal Obamacare and replace it with true free-market health care. Instead, they have unveiled a bill that retains Obamacare's core mandates. It should be rejected. My statement below:

Reject The GOP
Reject The GOP's Obamacare 2.0

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Eric Goertz How about you listen to the Doctor in the senate who surrounded by Austrian economists took 2 years to make a decent healthcare plan? Rand Paul!
Ben Boren Im just curious Ron. As someone who has a tremendous amount of respect for you, im curious was it worth it pretending to be a republican your whole career or would you have felt more fulfilled running third party?
Qureshi Salman "In 1900, the average American spent $5 a year on health care ($100 in today's money). No one had health insurance, because you don't need insurance for something that costs $5 a year."
Larry Trainor Most simpletons would support it just to hear that "obamacare" failed! I to would like to see everything Obunghole did, fail too. However, anyone with half a brain that actually digs into and reads these things, would know that government doesnt even ...
Charlie Hale If you want to make the ACA better stop trying to destroy it all these years. Marco Rubio inserted a poison pill in 2015 to reneg our deal to insurers for risk corridor payments. No wonder some dropped out

Once it's generally accepted that the role of government is to remove risks and hazards from our lives, its policies actually encourage more reckless risk taking and something called "moral hazard." Government "insurance," in its many forms, only ensures more economic calamity:

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Cruz Machete What else is new Mr
Ryan Williams Asinine
Ruben Martinez Healthcare for all seems to work for other countries
Jason Pease When has removing risks and hazards ever helped anyone?
Michael King Bunk. I have car insurance, but I don't drive more recklessly because of it.

Crony Casinos are trying to sneak a competition killing bill through Congress. It's crony capitalism at its worst. Criminalizing online gaming gives the surveillance state one more excuse to spy on our online activities and ensures that online gaming will be controlled by criminals. My statement against the Restoration of America's Wireless Act (RAWA) below:

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Jim Glover Surveillance state? Don't ya mean mafia Communist...
Joe Bright What a joke. Decentralize.
Mark Tremblay cronyism IS the american way... (sadly)
Klaus Heise Online gambling? That's what stocks are for!
Josh Keck Ron and Rand Paul 2020

The Middle of The Road Leads To Tragedy

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Ben Colvin Well said my dude
Tom Langdon Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty & nowhere else
Charlie-nain Fox Ramos Immorality.
K Steele Barrera I don't think it's about liberty. I think "deep state" wants to rob and steal from other countries, mostly to benefit individuals.
Eric Goertz Too many people compromise on their principles, this man was NOT willing to compromise and was known as Doctor NO for a reason. Going along to get along is for cowards, do the right thing and stand for something!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at a conference hosted by The Future of Freedom Foundation addressing the topic of America's National Security State. The title of my talk was "Enemies: Foreign and Domestic." I hope you enjoy it:

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Miguel Schroth Ÿay Ron Paul Patti!
Helga Olafsson Always enjoy listening to you. 😀
Linda Bond Frick I was there and thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Thank you for always being such a voice of reason and sanity. Looking forward to your next appearance in the area.

The Russia/Iran sanctions bill passed earlier this month in the Senate has stalled in the House on a procedural issue: bills dealing with revenue must originate in the House. Is there a chance the bill may be scuttled? Don't hold your breath!

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Kathy Peterson Leave Iran and Russia alone - ridiculous!
Payam Torrei Or they are just trying to decouple the Iran-Russia sanctions into separate bills (=eliminate Russia sanctions) to maintain Trump-Kremlin friendship
Leonard Eisenstein hope springs eernal
Eric David Swan Just more huff and puff sanctions anyway.
James McCloud Ron Paul is a liar! He lied about North Korea! He will twist anything to support his political ideology. You can't trust people like that.

Governments are vicious even in the best of times. But when they face a financial crisis, they really turn up the heat. Capital controls ... price controls ... people controls ... you name it. If you have it ... they want it. The ultimate insurance policy for when government goes into a "controls" rampage is to own something that is beyond their reach, or at least very hard for them to grab. Gold and silver have provided this insurance for thousands of years. There isn't anything American, Chinese, Russian, or European about gold. It's a universal money that has been accepted at all times around the world. Got gold? More below:

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Gabe Becerril Don't buy it from a company that can sell you fake gold! Buy from you're local pawn shops! They have all the gold and silver coins that you can use for cash! None of this gold plated crap!
David Edwards I should've bought gold back in 1999 when it was at an all time low of $250 an oz. Of course our country wasnt in the red then
Jonathan Thor Lim Ron, not enough gold to go round with world population reaching 8 billions soon. So gold is not the ultimate answer or solution either. And you know bitcoin is a big scam waiting to happen. So back to the drawing board Ron.
Craig Snead I saw something earlier about a bill that will make people report any cash that they have stashed away. Didn't read it though.
Depeched Duran Don't know how to fact-check this, but sharing it as I totally agree with it! Warren Buffett is asking everyone to forward this email to a minimum of 20 people, and to ask each of those to do likewise. In three days, most people in the United States ...

The Sinister Tax Machine

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Ryan Mulders Tom Manning
James McCloud lol. Cute.
Gerry Small Paul Ryan is a pathetic sub human wearing human skin.
Eric Lindal Forgot to mention that for FY 2018, we already ran about a half trillion dollar deficit. Simple arithmetic, you can't spend more than you take in. If Johnny has 3 pennies and spends five pennies on candy with the help of the Chinese, did Johnny act ...

House Speaker Paul Ryan gave his big tax reform speech this week. But whenever you see "reform" you can guess that there will be smoke and mirrors involved. The one thing they should be talking about that they are not talking about is...spending! Would I vote for the bill? Tune in to today's Liberty Report: Paul Ryan's Tax 'Reform' -- Beware!

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Jason Casella
Jordan Pavao Spending and inflation are biggest taxes of all
David Walker Snake
Janyce Maloney Well, he is a democrat😉
John Richards Ryan is a sleezeball.

Paul Ryan's Tax Reform Plan is a shell game. Americans need tax CUTS, not "revenue-neutral reforms." If the Trump Administration was really serious about cutting taxes, they would look to cut government spending. This is not happening at all. Instead the deck chairs on the sinking ship are simply being re-arranged and shuffled around. Ron Paul discusses with Kennedy below:

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Edward Perkins What would you cut? Stop saying cut.... cut... cut..... scale back... what are a few things you'd quit spending tax dollars on??.
Jarod Focha Our 'leaders' are addicted to our money. They spend like frappuccino drunk teenage girls at the mall with daddy's credit card.
Alejandro Diaz And another thing he emphasizes, Earmarks! Earmark ever single expense so everyone knows where the money goes
James Phillips Paul RINO is a false prophet. Lower than projected and ahead of schedule is what I like about president trump.
David K Wilson Politicians are missing an opportunity to fix things. The solution is the

What has happened to us that the government believes it has the right to surveil our every activity? Is this freedom? Liberty? Is this what America is supposed to be about? Don't miss our exclusive interview with Edward Snowden in this very special Ron Paul Liberty Report!

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Robert Saenz What has happened is the occult of the Satan's.
Jeffrey Edick I hope the POS government reads this. 🇺🇸💪🥓
David Howard Donald Trump, was raping 13-year-old girls at Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile parties in 1994.
Anita Sweet Reminds me of the book "1984"
Maverick Muse what a great interview and discussion on "LIBERTY" in action

Don't miss Edward Snowden Tomorrow June 20th on The Ron Paul Liberty Report!

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John Patrick Radabaugh Grady Radabaugh
Steffani Hawbaker Brandon Hawbaker
Celeste Thompson John Thompson
Lynn Carrington Kerry Engel
Justin Pedini Dave DiMattina

Military empires are littered throughout all of human history. They have a 100% failure rate. Such odds never seem to deter new faces from taking a crack at trying to dominate the world by force. America wasn't supposed to go down this road. But alas, it did...and failure is staring it right in the face. More below:

An Empire Self-Destructs
An Empire Self-Destructs

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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Christopher Berdan Actually all nations have risen and failed at some point in history regardless if they are militant or not.
Stephen Welsh We need an old fashioned revolution...along with tar and feathers...nothing else will do.
Lee Hardy And from its Ashes a new empire is born maintaining all the power of the first XD
Mike Nash America isn't a military empire... It is just a patsy for Israel.
Phil Segal Yes, all empires have a 100% failure rate. He's saying we shouldn't have been an empire.

Big show tomorrow! Edward Snowden joins The Ron Paul Liberty Report! June 20 at 12pm ET --

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Talib Kamel He's in Russia with putin trump knows ^_*
Matthew Thomas Joshua Boyce Yo thats crazy
Tor Fryer Petersson Simon Forsgren Dino Ekdal Ivan Sundeman Axel Granström Hugo Brundin Edward Yuran breddy interesting stuff, kommer imorn
Brent Peterson ; )
Gawain Moody Rob get in here.

Escalation! US Hits Syrian Jet, Russia Cuts Communications -- today on the Liberty Report:

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Larry Sma Yawn.. more fake news from occupiers. Talk about everything but occupying lol
Matthew Robinson I guess that's one way to end decades long fake wars; by annihilating everybody in a real one.
Myrna Isip Kato Praying for peace all over the World through the PRINCE of PEACE CREATOR of the whole earth.
JRay Gooseman what time do the nukes hit iran?..let's see if anyone else wants to jump up and help destroy the planet and it's inhabitants..stupid fks.
Antonio Navarro Dont get to scared its just syria and if history show bo one will come to their defence

Don't miss the Ron Paul Liberty Report interview with Edward Snowden!!! Coming tomorrow at noon EDT on !!!

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Leo Roberts Pascal Roberts !!!
Patrick Curley Tom Cardella
Mike Marcellino Mike Janos
Adam Holbrook David Dominguez
Zac Latham Geoff Kuth

Doing more of what didn't work in the first place. My latest column is on Trump's Cuba speech... Trump Turns Back the Clock With Cold War Cuba U-Turn

227 reactions 25 comments
Elizabeth Bellon Cuba linda ❤
Shel Turner Don't listen to Marco Rubio President Donald Trump Fan Club
Alexis Reyes This f*** don't know what they are doing
Jose Marrufo Trevor Lee read this and tell me he's not right
Jeremy Kloss Erik Blad i liked it...until i read the article

With all the progress that has been made in getting rid of the colossal failure known as the "War on Drugs," it's disheartening to watch the Trump Administration take us backwards. Jeff Sessions wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post, and right from the start he's horrifically wrong. Sessions says: "Drug trafficking is an inherently violent business." There is nothing about drug sales that makes it an "inherently violent" business. It is a violent business because of government regulations against its sale and the large penalties for those convicted of selling drugs. The alcohol business, during prohibition, was a violent business as well. That all changed when alcohol was allowed to be sold legally. The same thing would occur if recreational drugs were allowed to be sold legally. Unfortunately, the Trump Administration is standing in the way, and choosing to perpetuate the violent drug war. More below:

4.5k reactions 415 comments
Phil Bowden Put a muzzle on Sessions? Hell no….Trump should can Sessions and hire somebody who is more in tune with American society and culture. Anybody who voted for Trump has only themselves to blame for Sessions. In his maniacal drive to hire only people that ...
Bret Dear Jeff Sessions is an interesting person. I cannot understand how he could remain in the 1950s'. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps he has dementia, and I am not being sarcastic with this assertion.
Chris Klein Honestly, Jeff Sessions was not the best pick for AG. He is a rhino, and he is part of the swamp we needed drained. The Republican party needs an AG who will make smaller government, not continue down the 25yr sentences for having a joint to prop up ...
Jeff Bergeron There is a difference between "recreational" drugs and what many are using as a substitution for opiates that were prescribed like candy by physicians without a thought for the future consequences. Those still should be illegal.
Virginia Rousseau Neill Ron Paul is wrong . Drug trafficking is an inherently violent business because habitual drug users are desperate to buy, but are generally not the financially successful among us. This leads to black markets and crime in the freest of atmospheres.

When Did We Elect General Mattis As Commander-In-Chief?

493 reactions 155 comments
Nick Thick Manka While I understand the constitutional aspect, the practical reality is you can't find a person who understands the situation better than Mattis. He talks about how the political aims of our leaders don't take into account the resources required to meet ...
Maryam Goodarzi- Azmoudeh Delegating to Generals will result in more war. This is their "raison d'être". Without war and conflict their jobs are meaningless.
Kathy Gaunt Ron. Stop being a part of the promblen. Start being part of the solution. Seriously. You butch and complain about everything.
Ulises Barajas I see a lot of, "who knows more about war than....?" Better question in my opinion would be, "who knows more about NOT starting wars?"
MJ Proctor It's called Delegation to a professional, imagine Ron Paul as commander and chief no disrespect but you don't send cub to do the work of a lion. Notice how no matter what anyone does RP says they are wrong...easy to say when you are not in the hot seat. ...

This week, the Trump Administration issued a 150-page report on banking regulations. If Trump gets his way, as much as $2 trillion in funds will be "unlocked" for banks to lend out. Banks were forced to "lock" those funds away after the last financial crisis. Is this how banking is supposed to work? By the dictates of central planners? And what will $2 trillion in loans to an already deeply indebted American public produce?

413 reactions 51 comments
Gregory Smith Let bank costumers beware. And as I always state. Add one line to reforms...NO BAILOUTS EVER!
Chase Ryan Carl Depends. If they are loaned out for pot industry and bitcoins we could easily solve the debt crisis
Mike Burke It's a comedy act at this point and the joke is on the citizenry.
John Wright Just curious. But isnt setting a limit on banks contrary to libertarian values?
Christopher Battista I'm waiting for that next bubble to start blowing.. knowing what I know now I'm gonna be playing on Trump level in 20 years.

In the following segment, Ron Paul discusses Putin offering Comey asylum, the increase of U.S. sanctions on Russia, the mess in Syria and more:

386 reactions 39 comments
Michaela Merz I am sorry to see you supporting Russia Television. Very sorry.
Charlie-nain Fox Ramos Ron.
Babak Mohebbi the right term is scapegoating.
David Howard TRUMP is a CHILD RAPIST -- Donald Trump, polygraph test ... soon.
Brandy Navarro " ** * "

Interest Rates should be set by supply and demand in the marketplace, not by central planners in a marble palace. The Fed falsifies interest rates, by "lowering" them and "raising" them according to their whims. The whim yesterday was to "raise." My statement below:

1.4k reactions 42 comments
Dale L Roach End the Fed!
Brad Collins The noses should be bigger..
Joel Jenny Garrett We love Ron Paul!!!!❤️
George Hung Alan Greenspan. Ben Bernanke. Janet Yellen. All criminals.
David Fuller The Federal Reserve is the "Pain & Suffering" Arm of Keynesian Economics

June 9 - President Trump: "The nation of Qatar, unfortunately, has historically been a funder of terrorism." June 15 - U.S. Signs $12 Billion Arms Deal With Qatar Wait ... What?

Trump Criticizes Qatar
Trump Criticizes Qatar's Funding Of Terror ... Days Later Signs A $12 Billion Arms Deal

Qatar says $12 billion Boeing fighter jet deal shows deep-rooted U.S. support:

189 reactions 457 comments
Christopher J. Brown Yet another example proving that US foreign policy isnt made to make the world a safer place; it's made to profit from relationships and the instability created in the region. People will continue to waste their time pointing the finger at this, the ...
Mike Chan Proof the government is out of control and an instigator of wars. Sell weapons to all sides, even those our troops are fighting. Why. To justify Trump increasing military budget by 50 billion when we should be reducing spending, butting out of other ...
Jeff Bergeron Maybe his plan is this,since all the nations in the Middle East have been fighting and killing each other for thousands of years if we pull out all our troops and arm all of them well they will kill each other off.
Aya Papaya LOL I remember when he called Philippines a 'terrorist' nation. A week after that he then called the country as an 'ally' lmao.
Chris Willis No disrespect intended, but...where have you been? Our govt creates and funds terror organizations. How else do you expect us to justify war after pointless war? The war machine keeps the wealthy elite in power.

Sen. McCain is thrilled. Yesterday the Senate passed by 97-2 yet another round of new sanctions on Russia. When it comes to making bad foreign policy, the two parties are united. More in today's Liberty Report: New Russia Sanctions: The Deep State Unifies Congress

549 reactions 186 comments
Will Johnson says the current US FEDERAL government is on its last legs and they don't even know it.
Daniel Bates Russia is free of Soviet era debt, everyone wants them back in debt and controllable.
David Detrick It's not accidental stupidity on their part, it's intentional to create tension and to keep Russia and the United States from becoming allies. It's the classic "divide and conquer" strategy by the ruling class.
Judy Lee I just called to make a doctor appointment for my mom. Press #1 for an appointment, press #2 for immigration information. And now the military is naturalizing illegal aliens? What the hell?
Nick Dorsey The two who voted against it must be Rand and Mike Lee.

Think about the real world...the one that just about everyone outside of Washington DC lives in. When something succeeds, you look to do more of it. If what you're doing is failing and producing harm, you stop doing it. In the marketplace, when people want iPhones instead of flip-phones, a lot of productive action takes place. Money, labor, capital and time are devoted producing iPhones. Meanwhile, resources are concomitantly removed from producing flip-phones. This isn't The Garden of Eden. We have to make choices on how to best deal with unlimited wants and limited resources. More than enough trial-and-error has led us to a formula that works: Stick with your winners, and ditch your losers. Well, government operates on a philosophy that is completely opposite to this. More below:

More Blood & Treasure Into Afghanistan?
More Blood & Treasure Into Afghanistan?

Ron Paul Liberty Report

597 reactions 52 comments
Karl Van Horn More arms dealer dollars in the traitors pockets is more like it
Norberto Santiago ----------- PLEASE HELP ----------- People (including innocent children) are being raped, tortured and killed at the cloning centers. The cloning centers are located in Deep Underground Military Bases (e.g. Area 51, Dulce Base, Montauk Base, etc.). ...
Gregory Smith Americans don't want to appear like quitters thus we have no way out.
Glen Martin The US needs to get out of Afghanistan. Islam Will never thrive in a Republic or a Democracy!
Don Young Flip phones are are all I need,or want.

Doubling-down on 15 failed years in Afghanistan

479 reactions 38 comments
Gibor Chayil Heroin trade, and maybe oil.
Delma Murray-Macgregor Got keep that gravy boat going..
Talib Kamel Oh boy
Erik James Franklin England Lithium. It's worth genocide.
Justin Neufeld Gotta get that lithium, opium, and pipelines going...

We start this morning's Liberty Report with a few early thoughts on the shooting in Virginia, then we turn to the bigger picture: after 15 years the Pentagon is struggling to come up with yet another "new" strategy for Afghanistan. What does "victory" look like? They don't know... Gen. Mattis Admits Afghanistan Truth: After 15 Years, No End In Sight

312 reactions 79 comments
Scott Alcock They are still looking for the stinger missiles we sent there in the 80's
Jim Glover Once they install the right drug lord and steal all the resources peace will come...
Luis Sanabria Jr. All Americans know ???? We need get the F**k Out of there!!! Young American Soldiers dying for Nothing. Nothing.
Eric Thompson Then it's time for our Soldiers to return home.
Shannon Aubel Looks like he women of Afghanistan are tired of waiting for a solution from the United States.
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