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President Trump is doing the same things, more or less, that just about anyone else in his position would have done. He is doing what the insiders want. The program is the same: Insiders use the government to take power, status, and money from the great mass of outsiders. Common folk do win-win deals with each other… trying as best they can to earn a living. The insiders trade in win-lose deals… sweetheart contracts… taxes… wars… asset confiscations… financial repression… And all of it is backed, ultimately, by the power of the feds to do you harm if you don’t go along. More below:

Trump Is an Insider Now
Trump Is an Insider Now

By Bill Bonner We had already counted six major campaign promises – including no O’care repeal and no “America First” foreign policy – already buried (some for the better). ​ Then came...

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James Duncan When all of MSM and the CIA were against him, I had a very tiny hope that he might be different, that he might actually do something to help the Amerikkan people. But it's easy to seen now that they got to him, probably blackmail. And now he's ...
Marc Gleeson Trump was ALWAYS an insider!! Don't believe otherwise. The charade that is the US presidential elections was fully orchestrated from the start years ago. Democrat or Republican, the Zionist, Freemason, banking, establishment controllers ONLY allowed the ...
Tim Pashayan Trump has been taking his marching orders before he became president he doesn't have the backbone to stand up to these people and tell them I'm here because the people want me he lied to us just like every other president lies to us but I have news for ...
Mary Kay Buttery Donald Trump sought the presidency without understanding what a president does."I thought it would be easier,” he once admitted. So, not surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have a grip on his policy. He is proposing giving tax breaks to America’s elite ...
Killian Jorboralnx So... how can you change Trump's mind? Because technically, nobody this was written for matters for four years, in a Presidential sense. Is there a Libertarian who can convince Trump to flush the Globalists? (Wouldn't it be great if Tiffany Trump was an ...

Today at 12pm ET Julian Assange of Wikileaks on The Ron Paul Liberty Report! Watch and Subscribe here:

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Matthew Currie
Robert Butler Rae Bucher
Jonathan Daniel Brian Michael
Kennon Wright Sam Pacetti
Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive life. Make the most out of it. Be yourself no matter what. Some will adore you and some will hate everything about you. But who cares? It's your

The First Amendment doesn’t give anyone, including Americans, any freedoms at all. Freedom doesn't come from the Constitution, or the federal government. Rights don't come from the troops, the CIA, or the NSA either. Even if the Constitution had never been approved — that is, even if the federal government had never been called into existence — people would still have their fundamental, natural, God-given rights. Our natural rights preexist government and, therefore, exist independently of government. America's current CIA Director doesn't seem to understand this. More below:

CIA Director Pompeo Doesn
CIA Director Pompeo Doesn't Understand The First Amendment

By Jacob G. Hornberger You would think that by the time a person becomes the Director of the CIA, he would have a correct understanding of the Constitution, which is the founding document of the...

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David C. Sullivan He is totally not being intentionally obtuse either. He really is this dumb. Level 1 on the Kohlberg Scale for sure.
Ron Mistelske It's not that they don't understand, they just don't care. You have no rights at this point. They will lie to your face and kill you for arguing.
Donovan Lewis Rights come from other people and our relationship to other people. I'm not allowed to piss in my roommate cornflakes because we have a social contract which is our constitute. Jefferson at one time proposed we update/renew that social contract every 20 ...
Bill Flintrop Oh, he understands. He just does not like it. Typical government employee in that he will take away everyone's rights and liberties for more power.
Mark Higbee Correct! The constitution doesn't give you rights it's purpose is to protect individuals rights from Government. It's amazing how many american citizens don't understand this simple concept...

Tomorrow, April 28th at 12pm ET Julian Assange of Wikileaks and Ron Paul! EXCLUSIVELY on The Ron Paul Liberty Report Subscribe now on YouTube:

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Logan Decker CAN'T WAIT
Damien Murray Pat Finlay
Jason Alan Guadalajara my two heros
Samantha Bridge Awesome!!
Michael Willett This should be interesting!

Neil deGrasse Tyson sees an anti-intellectualism problem in the United States, but it is Tyson who is making anti-intellectual moves by conflating science, the scientific method, and truth to be one and the same. Tyson's scientism, armed with government's violent force, is dangerous. Let's hope Americans never fall for it. Don't miss this searing essay:

Neil Ty, The Scientism Guy
Neil Ty, The Scientism Guy

By Jonathan Newman ​Neil deGrasse Tyson has released a new video aimed at a what he sees as a growing anti-intellectualism problem in the United States. It was released at the same time as the...

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Christopher Barghausen Willing to bet most people here didnt read the article. Like NDT, and others, they have walked into an article (so to speak) and made assumptions on it by looking at the title, but not actually reading it.
Robert Groves This is why I will never support Paul. He didn't write this, but he clearly supports it because he allows it on his page. He is the exact reason why science is becoming more and more of a hot button topic. It shouldn't be. He is the antithesis of ...
Jesse Halbig I love the guy as a scientist. But when him, Cox, Nye, and the others get political, it's not smart. And their political views run right over logic, reasoning, and evidence. Leaving it a terrible mess. Smart people are stupid sometimes. And even a ...
Jennifer Turner Ron, this is why no one can ever take you seriously. We try, cause 2/3ds of the time you make a lot of sense. Then you put out stuff like this. The Scientific Method is not up for debate, Ron. That's not how science works. As Mr. Tyson would say ...
Gina Ricciardi You're kidding, though, right? NDT is very clear in his speeches, etc. that science is the PURSUIT of truth, that NOTHING is ever known absolutely. **And most importantly that believing you know everything literally closes the door to finding the ...

What makes stand-up comic and libertarian activist Dave Smith laugh? The inadequacies and bungling of the state. Find out how Smith uses laughter to reach new audiences for the cause of liberty in today's Liberty Report:

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Dave McCormick LOS!
Danielle Burke Great interview!
John Greeley "It just COULDN'T be real!"
Joseph Rohland "Hindsight is 20/20" Ron Paul for President in 2020!
Liz Krohns I love the both of you!

​North Korea can't even get its street lights on! Why do we still have troops there after all these years? Why do we conduct military exercises there? The Soviets had thousands of nuclear weapons, yet war was smartly avoided. Why provoke North Korea? I discuss below with Kennedy on Fox Business:

Is The U.S. Provoking North Korea?
Is The U.S. Provoking North Korea?

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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James A. Hudkins The Kim Family Regime does these threatening theatrics to get attention. They need to shake us down for food, fuel and money. They will not go to war. It would mean the end of their regime if not their country.
Carleton Chambers When a individual says we will burn your country to ashes I'm not sure it's the country that is being threatened that is doing the provoking I know it might just be a perception thing but Ron I think he got this one wrong
Elena Brandon Game theory. We went into Iraq because they didn't have WMDs. We didn't go into Russia because they did. Right now, North Korea is tinkering ever closer to having a fully functional ICBM with a nuclear warhead. Thus...
Zachary Mosher Why start reignite the war of N. Korea, well that is a dumb question. I'm sure Lockheed Martin, GE, Rockwell Collins can give you your answer.
Geno Lucich Mr Paul I think there are lots of resources there and an imprisoned people living in a twisted society that to many we can assume is a living hell. The Q is how do we end our part in the Korean War?

Debate continues to rage about whether Bill Nye is really a “science guy,” or if he’s just an entertainer pushing a political agenda. One thing is certain though: Bill Nye is not the “Constitution guy.” He recently tried to pull some constitutional hocus-pocus to advance his particular political agenda on CNN. Read about it below:

Bill Nye the Constitutional B.S. Guy
Bill Nye the Constitutional B.S. Guy

By Michael Maharrey Debate continues to rage about whether Bill Nye is really a “science guy,” or if he’s just an entertainer pushing a political agenda, but one thing is certain: Bill Nye is...

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Andrew Forsyth So, while we're on the topic of placing a piece of constitutional text into its proper historical context, I'm curious if you still require 'A well regulated Militia'? Furthermore, is said militia is still necessary to the security of a free State, and ...
Jamie Schmidt Talk about cherry picking. Where in your quote of Bill Nye does he say Congress must constitutionally fund science research? Nye makes an argument for funding science based on a value illustrated in a passage of the Constitution.
Michael Fetters It seems fairly obvious many commenting on here didn't read the article, which discusses Bill Nye's misquoting of the constitution for a political cause. It is not taking any kind of stance on the issue of Nye's science background. This comment section ...
Paul K. Sulkowski I think he was fine as <> for grade-school children. However, to address the question if he is the science guy or pushing a political agenda, I think he started off as the science guy and drifted into pushing an agenda (especially ...
Bruce MacMahon “No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic values of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of ...

When Strength Disintegrates Into Weakness

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Matthew Currie
Tristan Holm Truth is treason in the empire of lies. rEVOLution is the only solution!!!
Scot Murtha world policing isn't
Danny Yolo Since 1913..🤔

Did you notice that our NATO ally, Turkey, bombed our proxy army on the ground in Syria, the Kurdish YPG? Is this any kind of coherent foreign policy -- with our allies bombing each other and the American people stuck with the bill? Tune in to today's Liberty Report:

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Tish Guillory It's a disaster that we have no business getting involved in
Michael John I thought Trump would have approached Syria better than this. Nope. Sucks bigly
David Sharron Usually it's the Americans attacking their allies.... now when someone else does it your panties get into a knot... and if it ain't allies it's friendly fire.
Joseph Smother In the calls for all parties to mutually destroy each other whether they call themselves our allies...or not!!!. What is the conflict in the Middle East? The biblical Promised Land led to a political movement, Zionism, to establish a ...
Paco Patiño The YPG is a terrorist organization, a subdivision of the PKK, which is becoming a major threat to the western world. The USA repeat their mistakes which they committed when they supported the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan against the Sovjet occupation. We ...

Our country has more than its fair share of people who have a venomous desire to strip Americans of their right to defend themselves with a gun. A quick look at Venezuela provides us with a textbook example of why we have the 2nd Amendment in America. - In 2012, private firearm ownership was banned in Venezuela. - Socialist policies (as always) have produced mass starvation. - Millions of starving Venezuelans are now protesting the government. - The Venezuelan government plans to arm up to 400,000 loyalists to put down the starving (and unarmed) masses. More below:

Why We Have a Second Amendment: Venezuela Plans to Give Firearms to Loyalists So They Can Purge Growing Resistance
Why We Have a Second Amendment: Venezuela Plans to Give Firearms to Loyalists So They Can Purge Growing Resistance

By Daniel Lang After enduring shortages of food and medicine for years, as well as a total collapse of their currency , the people of Venezuela have had enough. Last week it was estimated...

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Andrew Small I really feel for this country. Good food, music, beautiful ladies, nice weather and then they had to have an oppressive, miserable government. I guess that's the whole middle east though.
Shawn Ayromloo Wise move that the gun ownership was banned, otherwise it would have been more death and destruction. Part of Venezuela suffering cannot be without the adverse effect of US policies toward Venezuela!
Bryan Chambers Conservatives still think they're the only ones with guns.and that if you're not a conservative then you don't agree with the 2nd amendment. Wake up people stop listening to the talking heads and use your own.
Edward Ludan who knows when the next Obama type administration will come to power, and try their dictator type government on us again!!,,,,keep the second amendment so we can protect ourselves against another Obama type government!!
Eric Garcia This is history repeating itself. This happened in cuba in 1959. All these events that are happening in venezuela were done in almost the same way in cuba. People starving, no parts,food rations, no clean water,almost no electricity,no fuel for cars ...

At a time when Presidents change their positions faster than the weather, please take 1 minute to see what a consistent position on Korea looks like. The following clip of Ron Paul was from 2011:

Consistency on Korea
Consistency on Korea

By Liberty Report Staff

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Gil Vazquez Oh shut up. Like the child knows anything lol politicizing kids to push agendas.
Jamie Lynch Soape Yes, peace from the labor camps, peace from being murdered by your government.
John Aaby This is clinton and albrights fault, letting a maniac have nukes. Dont blame trump.for having to deal.with their mess.
Ed Omar Nolast And after that statement, the police state commanded by Kim Jong-un took them into custody and was the last time they were seen.
Ryan Tamosiunis It's a terrible situation for all and a very scary situation to think about.

The Making of George W. Trump?

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John Platten These Jews...
Scott Graham It's all about money, every war is about money.
Jed Foster Donald W. Obama
Virgil Kevin Edwards More like George Hussein Trump
Dominic Jones de MSM in ireland bring on peter sutherland from time 2 time 2 comment on anything from immigration 2 banking & finance,and he is de main scumbag who brought dis country to its ruin,4 which all our ills continue to mount.

The dire situation in Venezuela holds valuable lessons for the American people. The first lesson involves Venezuela’s economic system, which is based on socialism and interventionism. It has produced nothing but chaos, crisis, misery, conflict, discord, and poverty. That’s what socialism does. As an economic system, it is a total failure. Why is that a valuable lesson for Americans? Because the welfare state economic system that Americans adopted in the 1930's is a variation of socialism. The only reason that things are not as bad here as they are in Venezuela is because Venezuelan public officials have embraced socialist principles to a greater degree than U.S. officials have. More below:

Venezuela's Lessons For America

By Jacob G. Hornberger The dire situation in Venezuela holds valuable lessons for the American people. The first lesson involves Venezuela’s economic system, which is based on socialism and...

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Misty Vi Oh interventionism... like when the USA didn't help the working class as the banks made off with a killing and then drove multiple industries to a breaking point and then made off with bail outs because they were "too big to fail"? Just making sure we ...
Liam Carden I also believe it is down to our nurture, how we grow up. We're put in a system where we must compete and be the best in a set system instead of being understood as different and catering to our own strengths. Me vs the world ideology. Mixed with ...
Diego Puentes Esparza-Arcienega You should talk about all the rich people who preferred to loot their country rather than pay their share. Or USA intervention to prevent Venezuela from success.
H R Kelly Sr when inflation causes farmers to keep produce to survive themselves because no one can pay, even in a socialist economy.. REMEMBER RUSSIA rationing of bread, milk and other farm goods>?? its headed here if we keep the inflationary spirals we have been ...
James Alcorn socialism had very little to do with it..... most of it was caused by a two bit dictator who had taken over the country and took most of the money for himself and a small group of elites.... low oil prices didn't help either...

Proving again that if something doesn't work, the government will keep doing it, the Trump Administration slapped new sanctions on Syria over the alleged chemical attack earlier this month. They have still provided no evidence that Assad was behind the attack -- or even that an attack took place. Tune in to today's Liberty Report: New Syria Sanctions; Gas Attack Claims Still Unproven

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James McCloud If the US government lied about their being chemical weapons, then how were these non-existent chemical weapons able to be used?
Phil Szczur Mr Paul you have become one of the TOP ranking crybabies. Never thought it could happen. Sad.
Michael Abler You must destroy the country, first, to know who was guilty, aka, obamacare!!!))))))))))))))
Kevin Houston It was nothing but a false flag set up by the americans and or the mossad.
Jordan Peterson Im more than glad to see Dr. Paul as vigilante as ever against the war machine.

President Trump, who flipped his position on NATO (amongst his many other flips) is now trying to explain why he originally and accurately called NATO "obsolete." Trump's new excuse is that he "didn't know much about NATO" when he said it, which isn't very encouraging considering he was running for President of The United States! But then Trump let out a massive truth that should have stopped everyone in their tracks. He said: "You know, back when they did NATO there was no such thing as terrorism." What a HUGE statement....And it's true! Pay attention! More below:

Trump Vocalized A Massive Truth About Terrorism ... But Is Anyone Paying Attention?
Trump Vocalized A Massive Truth About Terrorism ... But Is Anyone Paying Attention?

By Chris Rossini President Trump, who flipped his position on NATO (amongst his many other flips) is now trying to explain why he originally and accurately called the military bureaucracy "obsolete."...

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Tim Carrington Looking at it from a different angle (of the Atlantic) the first incident of terrorism I recall is the USA ignoring the directive of UN and thus leading to USA war crimes in Vietnam. Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use of intentionally ...
Clare Anne Probert donald trump you know as well as us as fallen angel reptilian related to hilary clinton being used and lying to the people but the corporations are all trading insolvent you know he over 100 trillion in debt and also the liquidators receivers could be ...
Victor Lawless There was, the Soviets 'terrorized' the entire free world for half a century. Putin is a relic and a byproduct of that era.
Randall Goguen Paul is is now trying to explain why Trump originally and accurately called NATO "obsolete.". It is because Trump repeats the meanderings of nut jobs and since elected is now being controlled by Israeli firstsers. Nothing more to it.
Sheila Gale Albritton Ron, register as a democrat, to run next time, or get behind your president. I supported you when you ran, but not your son. And not you next time, you are acting like a sore loser.

Washington wants the rest of the country to believe that there is a real debate on spending going on. Untrue. Both parties agree: spend more. The government is not going to shut down on Friday. There will be theatrics and then a deal. Why? Tune in to the Liberty Report: Government Shutdown: A Looming Threat...Or A Manufactured Crisis?

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Bruce Evans Typical Government Party mumbo jumbo..........
Ernest-Sherri Erickson Everything government does, is a lie!
Erick Radline He should whack her over the head with that mallet
Tim Weyland Can the president actually send non-essential employees home?
Don Toney Don't believe Trump will let that Happen.

Lies and War go hand-in-hand. When looking back over the last 50 years (and sadly you can go back even further) you find one lie after another was told in order to keep the American war machine going. How many lies have been told in your lifetime? More below:

As long as Americans continue to believe...
As long as Americans continue to believe...

By Liberty Report Staff The great foreign policy analyst and author Peter van Buren recounts the lies that have kept the American war machine going:

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Dan Arnold I'm 36 years old and honestly can't remember a time we were not at war. In kindergarten we had bomb drills at school during the Cold War. Followed almost immediately by Desert Storm. No offense Ron Paul, I simply don't see you changing that. Nice sales ...
Bill Bain There comes a time when words no longer matter. At that point actions replace words. We are at that point. So America what will you do? Continue to swallow the garbage you are being fed or stand up these lying predators and physically, if necessary, ...
Forest Kuhman If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your insurance you can keep your Insurance. It is a Health Insurance Regulation Bill, NOT a Health Care Bill. If ACA was repealed that is all we would need. It cost us less without it ...
John Davey West is now lacking in any can anyone now believe anything they say? The latest smear against al Asaad claiming that he used chemical weapons against his own civilians is but another typical example?
Justin Williams Well in all fairness, Congress has the power to stop it. But they could careless about us. As long as there check clears there'll be laughing all the way to the bank while to poor dies in the streets

Candidate Trump: ‘I Love Wikileaks.’ President Trump: ‘Arrest Assange!’ -- my latest column is out:

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Pete Mazurkiewicz I thought better of trump. But in back of my head i knew there was going to be no change. Hes a flipp flopper like the rest.
Rebecca Stafford And the press is only on board now that someone told them that freedom of the press is at risk, They were fine with calling for his head before.
Shane Bigler The election is over so Trump no longer needs the American people. Congress isn't involved in any of the decision making so business a usual.
Nick Laramie Candidate Trump = Mexico is paying for the wall! President Trump = U.S. is paying for the wall and it is up to Dems to agree! Pathetic, EMBARRASMENT of a President
Merry Kusz NO ONE KICKED the dog Toto in the Wizard of Oz for exposing the truth !! Julian is NOT the bad person here. the BAD people are the ones exposed !!!!!!!!!!! Julian is NOT wrong here........... go back to wire tapping with the supreme court in this ...

No matter how many signs and posters are assembled, or how many people decide to walk through the streets, science is **never** settled. Always be wary when someone claims that it is "settled," and even more skeptical when the solution is more government power at the expense of life and liberty. More below:

The Anti-Science “March for Science”
The Anti-Science “March for Science”

By Liberty Report Staff No matter how many signs and posters that are assembled, or how many people decide to walk through the streets, science is never settled . Tom DiLorenzo elaborates:

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Alejandro Molina We still have to take care of the earth even if there is no such thing as global warming, we still have breath the air and get the food from the soil. Why should we wait until science is settled? Why should we continued to use fossil fuels when there ...
Michelle Cotterman Truth Ron Paul. Science is an ever evolving series of questions. Real scientists know the science is never may be bought...but never settled. Real scientists are the best observers, they accept the results at face value, and continue to ...
Ashley Dawn Bullock I like this quote though I think taking out the word never would make it more accurate. I do think there are some things in science that are settled and can be. However, it does also bother me how things are preached and claimed to be completely settled ...
Jason Ellis Deferring to what you claim is a "real scientist" is nothing but an argument from authority. It's an attempt to pigeonhole all of science into whatever you declare it to be. It reeks of a kind of misleading disingenuity. You're a physician, Ron Paul....
Lawrence Nienart "Science s never settled". Well, it might be better said that one can never prove anything in science only disprove it. None the less, a preponderance of evidence does settle certain things and often for good. Ron's flat earth analogy is a poor one. ...

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." How true. Americans must always remain vigilant. For opportunists of all stripes are constantly angling to snatch away freedom and liberty. Neocons and warmongers aren't the only ones that perpetually try to keep Americans in a constant state of fear, with the solution always being a further sacrifice of life and liberty to the government. The other side of the spectrum is populated by the environmental prophets of doom:

18 spectacularly wrong predictions from the original "Earth Day"
18 spectacularly wrong predictions from the original "Earth Day"

By Liberty Report Staff Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." How true. Americans must always remain vigilant. For opportunists of all stripes are...

3.9k reactions 290 comments
Edwin Snowedin The argument here that 'because these predictions did not come to pass, the underlying argument for action was false' is a pretty clear mis-attribution. Who is to say that it isn't because of measures taken in the 70s and 80s, that we can still breathe ...
Chris W Roads Climate change is man made..... so then the climate wouldn't change if their where no people? LOL But the dinosaurs died from climate change and there where no people? Hmmmmmmm Maybe....the climate just changes. And even if it could be stopped, the ...
Dave Herber Who's to say these dire warnings didn't change people's behaviors or spark innovations that stopped or delayed the outcomes predicted?! Do we not now more than ever recycle stuff? Haven't advances in electric cars and fuel hybrids cut down pollution? ...
MaryAnn Brower I don't remember many of these predictions being quite so dire, but Ron Paul is an honest man so I'll trust him that they were as stated here. I have to take exception with #9 though. If not for the Clean Air Act, this would have come true as we were ...
Harry King This is very disappointing. First of all, several of those "wrong" predictions may or may not be wrong..........likely not. For example, population increases may cause mass famines. We may not know the population that the Earth can support. ...

Senator Robert Taft from Ohio served from 1939 until his death in 1953. He was known as "Mr. Republican" and was a powerful voice against the militaristic foreign policy that took over America (and that is sadly still with us today). What words would Taft have for our current president? Find out below:

What If "Mr. Republican" Was Advising Trump Today?
What If "Mr. Republican" Was Advising Trump Today?

By Liberty Report Staff Senator Robert Taft from Ohio, served from 1939 until his death in 1953. He was known as "Mr. Republican" and was a powerful voice against the militaristic foreign policy that...

555 reactions 23 comments
Jerry Marulis
Garrett Howard Mike Corrigan
John Doughty Thanks gor posting, my hero Robert Taft
Dennis Weable I think he would say ORANGY SUCKS!!

Even though President Trump was sold as the "peace candidate," he laced his cabinet with hawkish generals and we're now bombarded by the constant threat of more unnecessary wars. Ron Paul had a much different strategy for the Commander-in-Chief and his Generals. Enjoy a classic moment below:

The Commander-in-Chief and His Generals
The Commander-in-Chief and His Generals

By Liberty Report Staff Even though President Trump was sold as the "peace candidate," he laced his cabinet with hawkish generals and we're now bombarded by the constant threat of more unnecessary...

1.1k reactions 196 comments
Adam Couture "We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about, that we shouldn't be involved with," -Pres Elec Donald Trump Dec 6, 2016
Rory David Owen Somsen He never claimed he would-be peaceful with terrorists and those who use terror to destabilize regions. Syria, Iran, North Korea. False flag much Ron?
Norma Hostetler I pretty much knew he wanted to destroy Iran. He loooovvvveees Israel. But ultimately, the president doesn't get to decide who we bomb.
Steven Balusik He is going to "do a George Bush". Low approval ratings, so he wants to be "a war president" to take the focus off of the disaster that is his administration.
Adam Dover Think someone's sad a cabinet post presiding over our nation's military was not given to some civilian politician who has never been to war and fought and understand who our enemies are.

We haven't reached the 100 day mark, and President Trump has flipped on so many promises that it's getting hard to keep up. Is it true that he's going to flip on Assange and Wikileaks too? The old Trump "loved" Wikileaks. See it below:

Is Trump Flipping on Wikileaks Too?
Is Trump Flipping on Wikileaks Too?

Donald Trump, October 10, 2016: "This just came out. WikiLeaks! I love WikiLeaks!"

2.8k reactions 221 comments
Beverly Meyer Hartsfield what is wrong with wikileaks telling the truth. Our country is so corrupt that honest transparency is illegal.
Don Hart WikiLeaks only publishes Info from Patriotic Americans with a Conscience who report on Illegal Gov. Activities and has nothing to do with Security. MSM already reports from a Script.
D Isaac Faddis I don't think Trump is flipping, I think his true colors are showing. Funny how people forget that Trump use to be a Democrat. Democrat is Trump's comfort zone people... Ron Paul on the other hand would have reverted back to Libertarian if he had gotten ...
Jonathan Pearl So much for conservative... and like I predicted, in the next round trumps tactics will be labelled as conservative to usher in another radical leftist socialist.
Robert Patrick Lupo I don't think so. Just hours before this was released a bi gomb on how Obama used Wickileaks. Along with the via. And fib. Creat the Russia story. Give it another 24. He does keep one foot on the floor when getting in bed with the military ...

At a time when politicians are fabricating "rights" into existence on a regular basis, Ron Paul addresses the fictional "right" to never be offended. Don't miss today's Myth-Busters!

Myth-Busters: No...There Is No "Right" To Never Be Offended
Myth-Busters: No...There Is No "Right" To Never Be Offended

At a time when politicians are fabricating "rights" into existence on a regular basis, Ron Paul addresses the fictional "right" to never be offended. Don't miss today's Myth-Busters!

1.0k reactions 31 comments
Jeremy N Ray
Tyler Shaffer Janis M Berzins you'll like this I believe
Justin Ackerman Trevor Memmott got that snowflake??
Max Seidel Truth!!!!
Mach Davis You have the right not to listen

Trump's Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gave his first major public speech since taking over. It was quite dark. Government capitalizes on your fears by promising to fix life's problems, which it never does of course. But the promise always comes at a very steep price...your freedom. Get a good dose of FEAR below:

Trump's DHS Secretary Has One Word For Americans --- FEAR

By Liberty Report Staff Trump's Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly gave his first major public speech since taking over. The Hill gives us a glimpse of what he said:

859 reactions 69 comments
Jameson Heesen Watching the video here and realizing how the American population is so sheepish to fear to the point of not being able to comprehend something so simple is so very heart wrenching.
Michael Maggi And which party & news channel promotes fear at it's best? :)
John Hoover Please... retire. So tired of reading your world ignorant fear-mongering views.
Chris Hall Yoda knew this as well. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.
John Tringle I fear nothing. ;) That kind of claim is over the top, and holds libertarians back.

Tolerance: Iran vs. Saudi Arabia

531 reactions 60 comments
Maximus Grant I agree, but still do not trust the Iranian government either.
Brian Kenney Wish more people would wake up to this
Brent Jindra Can't argue....Dr. Paul is right on this one! ( too bad Dr. Paul is wrong on the Wall, Trade, and Drug War )
Reuben Stunner Trump gonna remove iran from terror watch unleashing the kraken lol
Nate Mobasseri No comparison between those two countries nor there political or cultural pasts.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson put Iran on notice yesterday. The US would deal with the Iran problem, he said. No more "destabilizations" by the Iranians in the region. Is the Trump Administration looking for yet another Middle East war?

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Adam Romaine Hass Duh. Of course they are. This is so old hat. This what American, presidential administrations do. Start wars and tell the U.N. that the other country started it. They fancy themselves as gods, or something near to it, and start wars to help keep the ...
Marty Mulloy What happened to America first? So far I don't see arrest of any of the key players.. looks like Trump is using the Zionist Rothschild play book. Seven countrys in seven years??
Dee Thomas SO sick of being Israels bit$% - every country General Clark said we were taking out- was for Israel- we have no interest other than sick freak businessmen getting filthy rich and using tax payers money to enrich themselves and our men's lives- people ...
Reuben Stunner No trump isgoing to delist iran as a terror sponsoring state eliminating the problem.. Chess game on -CIA played its hand.
Linda Naglreiter Hoskinson The ending of Iran sanctions was not just money. Not just Iranians held in US jails. Iran now gets to contract with Boeing and other defense contractors that's what Obama and Kerry handed Iran. If trump Pulls the plug on Iran, Boeing and other US ...

I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall. I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else. The idea of a wall (that will no doubt cost us a fortune) is detrimental to the concept of liberty and just won't work. It can only end up being a failed way to treat a symptom of our problems, instead of the cause. I discuss this in detail with Maria Bartiromo below:

61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They
61% of Texans Oppose The Border Wall ... They're Right!

By Ron Paul I'm very happy to see that the people of Texas don't think very much of the border wall. I've always argued that walls would hinder the American people as much as anybody else. The idea...

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Wakaranai Yew 40% drop of illegal immigration since trump took office. The wall will drop that even further. The cartels are suffering financially because we now uphold laws already in place. I agree with a lot that you say Ron Paul especially concerning the ...
Rick Thomas Build that Wall build that wall lmfao . Can't waint a great number of people that voted for trump that live on the border will be cut off from the river and in a lot of cases be fenced in on the mexico side . BUILD THAT WALL !!!! Theirs goverm folks ...
Nickolas Story First, they take the dinglebop, and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem. The schleem is then repurposed for later batches. They take the dinglebop, and they push it through the grumbo, where the fleeb is rubbed against it. It's important that the ...
Adam Ludlam Open borders are a great idea when there isn't a threat of domestic terrorism...I would love for us to have open borders but we just can't do it right now, there are too many threats. But I do agree that a wall is would cost billions of ...
Mike Scir It's all smoke and mirrors. If business owners were fined or imprisoned for hiring illegals the problem would go away virtually overnight. The fact that there is NO such enforcement, there has NEVER been such enforcement, and there is NO plan to ...

The oldest political trick in the book is the idea that government is able to give things away for "free." It never loses its luster, especially when politicians are fishing for votes. A new program just passed by New York’s state government that promises “free tuition” for middle-class students that attend a public college or university in the state. While there are similar programs elsewhere in the US, this is the first to include four-year schools. What a great opportunity to discuss what actually happens when a government provides something for “free.”

Busting the "Free College" Myth
Busting the "Free College" Myth

By Jonathan Newman A new program just passed by New York’s state government promises “free tuition” for middle-class students to attend a public college or university in the state. While there...

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Prescott Morley It's highly intellectually dishonest to put a photo of Sanders on this...He had nothing to do with the program implemented in New York and that plan is quite drastically different from the sort of plan that he advocates. What's more, everyone paying ...
Brad Faith It's not all free. The only thing free is the classes. They still pay, room and board, book fees, etc. They also have to maintain acceptable grades. It's not free.....but it certainly helps middle class kids stay out of financial debt. It bugs ...
Joseph Millam Ron Paul - I hear your point; however, would you rather see money going to education or war? You're an educated man. You understand the bankers need us to spend wastefully. I rather see it be wasted on education & health care than death. Thoughts?
David Price “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does ...
Chad Noe I guess the real question is where does this line of thinking, taking from someone for the "good of the whole" stop. Hey, the Johnson's down the street are having a hard time, we're going to come in and take some of your stuff, like your TV, tools, ...
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