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Thanks to all you little yoga babies (and their mums and dads) for tagging me in all these sweet photos! So glad to hear you’re enjoying practising the moves and reading the stories around the characters! Also I’m thrilled to see #yogababies in so many other counties. Thrilling! Perfect for little stockings... http://amzn.to/2luc77W

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Paige Rose Ben Turner
Rob Ayers Love you Fearne Cotton you are lovely the nation loves you very much happy xmas xx
Katie Day So excited to see pickle open her copy Jonathan!
Emilyjane Goodinson I wanted this for my birthday in September, it was literally the only thing I wanted and I didn't get it 😭 but my sister has got it me for Christmas and I cannot wait to open it and start using it with my baba! ❤️😍

Although pretty sleep deprived I’m feeling very much like this today. #birosketch #CALM #CALMthebook #notlongnow

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Baiju Kothari That is awesome! How long did it take?
Eve Rosenthal Talented as well as beautiful😊😊😊
David Newlove I like
Lisa Walton I wanted calm for Christmas ☹️xx
Emma Farquhar Cant wait to read it! x

Off out #secretproject #comingsoon

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Isabelle Berner Alexandra Williamson
Claire Phillips Sophy Churchill
Matt Rank Stunning.
Jeanette Gover football match? :)
Lorraine Cload Off out out or just out

I’m very happy to be supporting Run Every Day January. Maybe some days I’ll just go for a swift walk or a ramble through the park but I’m going to get out there and do what I know makes me feel good. @mindcharity

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Laura Cooper Any 1 at king eddies fancy doing this? Could be a lunchtime thing??
Yvette Davies How do I join up for run everyday January?
Freddie Clements Do you get stopped for selfies or autographs? x x
Francisco Celedonio Joaquim Well done Fearne, I am 65 and I love doing the same👍🏃🎄
Clare Varney Loving this. Will kick start my VMLM training.

-3 Im ready for ya ❄️

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Ryan Kenny -7 in Scotland
Becky Boshell Melanie Anne 🙈
Kayla Brown Molly Brown
Ian B Bullock Omg. Amanda O'Riordan. 😊
Stacey Cooke Hollie Danby I want this!

Winter light ♥️

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Lucy Bishop Fay Sheppard xx
Giovanni Gulinello very beautiful
Jane Hartley Love your winter scenes Ferne.
David Moores NICE fern
Pauline Grey Lovely place to see the sunrise.

Could you be any prettier?

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Lucy Bishop Fay Sheppard
Patrick Drennan Proper winter scene. Magic.
Lee Brooks Thanks fearne 😁👍
Ryan Potter Where is this?
Victoria Bell Loved living there.. enjoy x

Combined sequin count=a lot. See me and @claraamfo on Top of the Pops Christmas Day and NYs eve on the BBC. ♥️🎅🏻❄️💎

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Sharon Moore Jess Moore
Danielle Keane Hair envy!
Marie Jennings Outfit envy
David Newlove Girlpower get it on
Holly Knight Charlotte Rice look how close we would have been. FUCKING SNOW ❄️😡

My team are normally so unbothered about anyone or anything but when they heard the @stormzyofficial laugh echoing down the corridor at top of the pops you’ve never seen such speed and vigour! A glam squad Stormzy group shot! @justinejenkins @lisaeastwoodhairstylist1 @johamiltonmakeup ♥️

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Sarah Young Was that at elstree?
Sam James Ling Legend !
Darren Toal Shane Magennis. That Lukakau gets about. 😂
Charlie Allen Love Stormzy 😊
Sam James Ling Fearne I grew up watching you and Reggie on Saturday mornings ! Coolest fb page on the planet

Roaring into Monday like....

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Adrienne Danielle Can't stand the woman.
Michael Moody Babe x
Matt Rank Gorgrous!
Alan Cleverly 🙄x
Lee Thompson-gale xxx

And more sequins for NY Top of the Pops. Get ya sequins out. #sequinaddict

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Emma Jackson Megan Devers you'd suit
Eve Rosenthal Cool as f***😊😊😊
Trefor Owen Just gorgeous x
Shane Walsh cool picture fearn
Lee Faf Welch Buzzing xx

My lovely Hebe got me the sparkle app. Shine on you crazy diamond 💎

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Dino Macak Sexy woman xx
Callum Lowry You hottie xxxx
Chris Spooner Beautifull xx
Janet Elliott Beautiful
Michael Moody Hot hot hot sexy fearne x

After two treacherous attempts to get to the studio in the snow this morning and a lot of listening to podcasts in the car I wasn’t sure I’d make it to work today but WE are ready for Christmas Top Of The Pops! ❄️☃️🎉

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Sophie Phillips You look beautiful as always x
Karen Westley Good on you Fearne .. work commited 😘👍 x
Catherine O Brien Curran 😚😚😚 Love love love
Aris Manolopoulos Skinny beauty!😍
Gerallt Jones Waw gorgeous fearne cotton xx

Snowwww! Straight outside in our pjs #rexraynewood ❄️☃️

1.2k reactions 23 comments
Andy Harrop Disgusting dragging your kids out In their pyjamas you should be ashamed!
Susana Camacho Just ☔️ 😢😢
Karen France Fog in Leeds 😠x
Rachel Grimley Fabulous have fun Rex x
Shelli West Bad here too xx

Some days are smooth sailing where as others feel like this no? Mine was the latter today but lots was learned. #birosketch #CALMthebook #outsoon #dec28th #goodtimesbadtimes ps I drew this one for Rex as he loves octopus so much

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Rebecca Kemp Laura Jayne
Mark Jex Merry christmas
Andy Harrop It’s rubbish
John W Townsend Brilliant drawing.
Carla Joy Smith The kracken 🦑

Reading my picture book #YogaBabies... http://amzn.to/2luc77W I hope you and your little ones enjoy trying out some of the simple postures this Chrimbo 😍

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Elizabeth Sharon Havard Mark Inman
Janet Southwood Love this Emily Burrough x
Asta Jones My little one loves it! xx
Rebecca Shivji Thanks Fearne, love this! 💖
Jo Bradshaw Kirstie Mackintosh have you seen this book? X

Anyone remember this chap? My incredible great uncle Hadyn who appeared on my episode of Who Do You Think You Are. A little pre Christmas visit and catch up. ♥️

1.1k reactions 19 comments
Zena O'hara Awwww💕😃
Jane Matthews Hi cousin Hadyn.xx
Sally Millin Aww I loved him on WDYTYA. X
Betty Courty Bless him. XX
Kate Amelia Parker Where is your jumper from?x

Mary Berry’s Christmas Party is on Monday 18th December, 8.30pm on BBC One! ♥️🎅🏻

910 reactions 43 comments
Heather Millar Elspeth Millar
Amy Wiggin Linda Stewart xx
Ni Mhorda Samara Wendy Cox
Louise Black Suzanne McCaughey
Jess Cook Jen Rose

Twas a windy London night and A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic was sensational. Blown away! Rhys Ifans was out of this world! I wanted to cry with joy on average every 10 minutes. A visual and and sensory merry go round of bliss! A special night!

388 reactions 10 comments
Sarah Jane Walsh Lee Walsh 😍
Paul Moreton Jeremy Butchers
Paul Rickner Ray Stower Gemma Cato Lee Tester xmas show anyone ?
Charlotte Glazzard Excellent ❤️ going tomorrow! X
Eunice Clark I miss that fabulous theatre .i worked there for 4years back in day

Another little biro sketch from my new book CALM. #strength #gentlydoesit

112 reactions 3 comments
Robert Montgomery how did this slut get on my page
Tim Coldicott Beautiful.
Tim Coldicott Bob how is it your page.?

Stars, moons, planets, sun

406 reactions 17 comments
Aamir Ali I love you very very much
Giovanni Gulinello beutiful
Wolfie Paul Marshall Nice
Matt Rank Stunning!
Paul Newman cosmic !!

Star, moons, planets

203 reactions 14 comments
Matt Rank Woah!
Ivan Moon Looks great x
Scien Tilson Beautiful
Ross Patzelt very nice fearne!
Sally Ann Yes! So like kylie!

Reading my picture book #YogaBabies... http://amzn.to/2luc77W I hope you and your little ones enjoy trying out some of the simple postures this Chrimbo 😍

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William Mccallum Could u send me one
Zuzana Rebeka Korcokova Thank you for reminding I meant to order one for my two - they learned yoga in school last week ... just realised the price is reduced too 🙌🏻🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

A biro sketch I did from my soon-to-be-released book CALM. Out on the 28 th Dec.

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Joan Mannion Looking forward to it
Zena O'hara So true 😃
Lisa Collas Absolutely love this x
Stephen Preston blinking marvelous
Eddie Fallon It does but very slow x

Honey and I just made these little festive spiced biccies. Cosy afternoons with crimbo snacks ♥️🌲

323 reactions 9 comments
Rebecca Louise They look good, what is in them? x
Scott Forsyth Looks yummy
Andy Harrop I feel sorry for honey, you’re a terrible mother
Mark Mason Read that as "spiced bitches". I need more sleep.
Zena O'hara Wow they look lovely bet they taste lunch 👍😃

Could this photo have any more 80’s reference points. Teenage mutant ninja turtles ✅ a pedalo ✅ some severe fringes ✅

940 reactions 12 comments
Bernadette Brooks Dowling Amazing pic xx
Jane Sloper Vests! 😂 do we know someone like that Hannah! 😂
Janey Gatford Looks carefree
Bernie Dowling Gorgeous
Kate Power And some short shorts!!

Gingerbread man making! 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎄🎄

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Rachel Batey I’m trying to find best recipe- can you suggest a good gingerbread recipe? X
Freddie Clements Should have put Shreck on there is a ginger bread man in that!! x x
Clair Sutton Couldn't they wait to decorate before eating the legs lol xx
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