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Jack Johnson and our entire crew are grateful to all of the firefighters, first responders, and volunteers working tirelessly to protect these communities! Please help if you can...

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Philip Mccorkle Jerry is an idiot. Screw the people, more illegals , let it burn.
Sava Savic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxoD9zWY9Rg
Alan Cherem Zorkot Helem Bonfleur
Crystal Lizabeth Singh 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Jack and the band had an incredible tour through Australia and New Zealand. The tour kicked off with three nights at the legendary Sydney Opera House, crisscrossed Australia with shows in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne, and wrapped up yesterday with a celebratory show at the beautiful Villa Maria Vineyard outside of Auckland, NZ. A big mahalo to the The Black Seeds who got the crowd pumped up in New Zealand and a huge thank you to Bahamas for sharing the stage with Jack and the band on the entire tour. The band and crew are excited to head home for the holidays and wish everyone a peaceful, joyous and festive holiday season! Big thanks to our incredible All At Once Non-Profit Partners in Australia and New Zealand and to all the fans who took action in the Village Green! The tour partnered with 28 local non-profits promoting vibrant local food systems and working for an ocean free of marine debris. Special thanks to Tangaroa Blue, Surfrider Foundation Australia, Sea Shepherd Australia and Sustainable Coastlines for hosting pre-show beach cleanups and to the over 300 hundred volunteers who came out to participate! Thanks to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest for hosting food drives at shows, and to Youth Food Movement Australia for empowering young people to create the food system they believe in. We are proud of the tour greening partnership with Reverb and Green Music Australia and want to thank all of the venues who made strides in enhancing sustainability efforts, including plastic free and local food initiatives! Jack’s green touring efforts could not be a success without the efforts of venues, fans, and our amazing local non-profit partners! Photos by Kizzy O'Neal and K. Johnson

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Virgínia Maura Ferreira Sou sua fã do Brasil
Darnelle Timbs Green Music Australia
Polly Peng Michelle Li
Irene van Kimmenade Jay Lancee
Chris Bleile Jack hates Canada!!???

London! In case you hadn't heard, Jack and the band will be performing Eventim Apollo on Friday July 6th 2018. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am here: http://po.st/JackJFB

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Sarah Ward Lou Pitman Aman Doll Natalie Knight shall we go? No chance of the tent blowing away at this venue!!
Louise Frost Molly Frost we have to go!!! 😍
Claire Carlton Hannah Ehrlich u said we should go abroad together
Shenge Bana Gon Paja Would be super if you come to Serbia :)
Andressa Sam how can I buy for Munique Germany 2018 Tickets????

Jack and the band wrapped 2017 with an amazing tour of Australia and New Zealand and just announced tour dates for next year in North America and Europe in support of his seventh studio album, All The Light Above It Too. The 2018 North American dates kick off April 25th at the Austin360 Amphitheater in Austin, TX and continue through May 2nd at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, TN. Next year will also bring European shows starting July 5th at Eden Sessions in Cornwall, England, continuing through July 25th at Zitadel in Berlin, Germany. Local Presales will begin starting tomorrow, and details on public onsale dates are available at www.jackjohnsonmusic.com/tour North American Headline Tour Dates April 25 Austin, TX Austin360 Amphitheater April 26 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion April 27 Dallas, TX The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory May 1 Tuscaloosa, AL Tuscaloosa Amphitheater May 2 Nashville, TN Ascend Amphitheater European Headline Tour Dates July 5 Cornwall, United Kingdom Eden Sessions July 6 London, United Kingdom Hammersmith Apollo July 10 Paris, France Olympia July 14 Madrid, Spain Mad Cool Festival July 21 Berg Clam, Austria Castle Clam July 22 Munich, Germany Tollwood Festival July 24 Margarethen, Austria Romans Quarry St. Margarethen July 25 Berlin, Germany Zitadel

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Melissa Montgomery Stephanie Montgomery I am still trying to figure out how to get presale tickets!!!!
Raymond Esposito Looking forward to the Dallas concert, gotta go!
Junie B Jones Nothing for Canada? Nothing?! That is a VERY small part of North America being visited. 😕
Krystal Loza Junior Loza this is something we have to do.
Albert Reyes Finally comes back to Texas after years!!! Looking forward to seeing him perform

Looking forward to a great night in New Zealand! Come early to check out all our All At Once Non-Profit Partners!

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Keya Chakraborty Albert Barba Jr
Ed Mitchell Nichole Gaza Malisa Ciccotto
Zac Bain Josh Szeto :'(
Tyler Renee Sheppard I can’t wait
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!

Headed to the show tonight? Come early and stop by and visit all our awesome Non-Profit Partners!

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André Luis de Oliveira Brasil????
Thawat Saleh @ [ Laa Aw Watchfree ➡ Full Movie latest Colection 2017HD
Natascha Se Niko Sta enjoy it 😙
Karim Bouasker Cooler Typ Timo Wunderle
Plastic Free July Was great to be there!

Doors are open in Brisbane, we look forward to seeing you tonight!

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Sharon Mulheron Looking forward to it too woohoo 😍
Heidi N Kel Coo Here waiting for you.
Catherine Vowles Kate Vowles mick and I have tickets for Melbourne. First date night in 2 years💕
Melly Taylor Fantastic concert 😬 thanks for memories 🎼👏🏻
Phyuck Yiu When are you coming to Compton California?

Head on down to the show early tonight and help us kick off Jack's Australia and New Zealand tour! Come by the Village Green to check out our non-profits and visit Jack’s website for all the show details.

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Jason Hew Lishien Ng
Michael Roberts Jodie Cantell-Roberts
Katie Humble Wendy Boonstra
Lucille Gregor Hoffman Cait Hoffman!!
Jarred van Vuuren Darren Phu

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Silvina Varela Un “ grande en todo lo que hace” amo su musica! La Paz y amor que transmite 💕💕
Susan Wuth Can't wait till we see you in Brisbane
Mauricio Muñoz Leiva Fundación "Punta de Lobos", protegiendo la rompiente y las olas en Chile.
Jack Johnson Vaccinations are critical to survival of the human race.
Priscilla Marie You're not good, you're the best un this musical style. Bye

Just announced, Jack will be playing Mad Cool Festival in July 2018! For more info visit www.madcoolfestival.es

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Elisa James Italy is waiting for you! <3
Paula Alonso Almorox Javier Guridi Jojijiji
Alisha Barron Please come to the UK!! 😭🇬🇧
Franziska Gutmair Judy Wckr ab nach Madrid 😍😍
Judith Ligthart Demi Eliens Madrid dan maar 👌

Head on down to the show early and check out our All At Once non-profit partners!

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Carmen Jacobo Sánchez Celia Jacobo
Carolina Vallilo Siqueira Adriana Ciofi
Mário Júnior Karen Lima
Gabriel Serrão Raphael Puglia Giuliana Garcia Giovana Garcia
Giih Zanelato Olha aí Junior Lima

Today is Election Day, with local elections all over the country. So if you believe that change starts in your own backyard, get out there and VOTE LOCAL. Visit HeadCount.org/election-info for your polling place or ballot.

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Jenengku Yoni hi jack
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Grace Del Milagro Riordan Handsome man.😇😇😇😇
Will Morris Vote 3rd party.
Karen Maria Where are you goin’ to vote?

Jack and the band are headed to Rio! Come early to visit our All At Once Non-Profits. Tickets are still available, hope to see you there!

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Ana Carla John John
Barbara Ster
Mohamed Essafi اب اب بروش للمتفاعلين هه
Wendy Veenker Waggoner Wish I could be there! I 💘Brazil!
Mariclaire Maraist So AWESOME 🏝🎻🎤😚

Come help us kick off the start to Jack's South American tour tomorrow in Peru! And if you haven't already, download the Jack Johnson Tour App by visiting JackJohnsonMusic.com/app

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson

Official Jack Johnson Mobile App for iPhone and Android

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Bonnie Yuliana Sánchez Bienvenidooooo a Perú :)
Dave Rathmanner Emily Rath
Mayté López Aranda Andrea Moggiano Lanfranco
Misty Brownlee Audun Olsen Alonso Recoba Olsen
Olga Lucia Gonzalez Ardila Come to COLOMBIA legend!!! 😍

Congrats to all the #OceanHeroes!

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Tina Vallentina 🎬 ➡ watching IT Boo 2! A Madea Halloween BOX OFFICE FULL STREAMING 2017 @ [ WatchnOw➡ Sarah Sarah Azah
Kevin Saucedo Kara Cox
Jake G Hampu Maui Goodbeer
Mark Tobin Leigh Tobin
Julia Koerner Eva Anna Maria Baczek

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows on the Southeast tour. The tour included stops in Virginia Beach, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Bahamas opened all the shows and John Craigie joined in the fun at the All At Once Village Green. After receiving the sad news of the Las Vegas shooting and Tom Petty’s passing while in St. Augustine, Florida, Jack and the band were joined onstage with all the members of Bahamas and longtime friend Will Connor to play a special rendition of Tom Petty’s, “You Don’t Know How it Feels”, as a special tribute for all the beautiful music Tom Petty has given us through the years. Check out a quick clip here. Insert link to video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_3GBYh98eY Jack and the band have been playing songs from the new record and it’s been exciting to see how the songs take new form in front of the live audiences on tour. After a quick break at home, the band will pick back up in November and head to South America then onward to Australia to finish out the 'All The Light Above It Too' World Tour. Stay tuned for the next single on the record, “Big Sur”. For tickets visit jackjohnsonmusic.com/tour and to get a one-of-a-kind blue swirl vinyl exclusive to Jack’s webstore visit jackjohnsonmusic.com/store. All photos by Kizzy O'Neal

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Kristy Torres Thank you for an amazing show and all the peace, love and happiness that spread throughout!
Brock Smiley Cool vinyl and cup lol Karissa
Sarah Shaffer St.Augustine show was amazing as always!
Lonnette Bentley Mayer I was at the Charlotte show and though Bahamas sounded just like Tom Petty!

Check out the #realschoolfood campaign and get involved. www.realschoolfood.org

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Grace Hoss Bring back taco pockets! Lol
Cadey Belcher Is that jack Johnson?
Lanie Riley Banana pancakes for lunch Jack 😊
Kristen Gordon What kids get hot food served in schools? Wow.
Sally Miller Love in action, Jack Johnson - Love in action. Thank you!

Australia and New Zealand, Clean the Beach & Enter to Win Jack Johnson Tickets!

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Elina Doppler Hannah Mackie
Judith To Giulia Wieker
Kis Veronika Katalin Kis
Daniel Schiffino Emiliano Plaza
Brenda Wynne Yvonne Wynne

Tonight is the last night of Jack's North American tour. Be sure to arrive early to tonights show to check out our All At Once Non-Profit Partners. See you tonight!

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Wchok Bhutia Cool
Paul Clippard Best show ever!!!
Brock Currier Coming around again next summer? 🤙🏼
Kim Amlin This makes my heart happy
Leanne Deitrick Pre-concert with Zach Gill was awesome!

This Friday, Oct 6th, join Chasing Coral in Atlanta to discover how an unstoppable movement for a cleaner future is within our grasp today!

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Daninany Tururu Sabrina Roberto
Sage Ono Ava Salmi
Doug Bonar You tube
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Gavin Dobson Thanks for sharing! ⭐️😎👣

Come to the show early, lots of great non-profits tonight in Tampa!

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Jennifer Marie Hambleton Nick Medlock
Renée Hill Brianna Putetti Roberts in your neighborhood!!
OceanTokes Awesome work!
Kimberly Boom Boom Dukes-Hartzell It was very informative. Thank you Jack Johnson!
Brian Goad You in Tampa?

Be sure to get to the show early tonight to visit our All At Once Non-Profit Partners!

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Tammi Jackson I am getting pms from this profile....is this you???? https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022279901401
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
Arden Park Roots Amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tom Jung DonateSport.org heading to the show early !!
Audrey DePhillip Matheny Thank you for an amazing night in Raleigh ❤️

Kelly Slater and Jack / Sunsets for Somebody Else. http://view.surfline.com/jackjohnson/

Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson + A Perfect, Remote South Pacific Reef Pass
Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson + A Perfect, Remote South Pacific Reef Pass

Catching up with Johnson on getting barreled, traveling with Kelly and his new album

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Nathan Lockard great video - love the sound track too
Barb Steffler Beautiful video.!!.
Tommy Edwin Jack with his Gibson J-45!
Steve Caccavale That was delightful.
Josh Carter Awesome! 👏

For your commute home, here's a conversation between Jack and Pete Holmes on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes podcast: http://nerdist.com/you-made-it-weird-385-jack-johnson/

You Made It Weird #385: Jack Johnson | Nerdist
You Made It Weird #385: Jack Johnson | Nerdist

Jack Johnson (musician! new album All The Light Above It Too!) makes it weird! Follow @peteholmes on Twitter and Like the show on Facebook! Buy YMIW shirts!

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Andrew West Alaine West
Jennifer Marie Hambleton Nick Medlock !!!!
Tanner Cøllings Great conversation
Matthew Wegner omg yes
Jaime Filipe Silva Morais Legend!
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