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We had a blast playing @TheJointLV this month! Big thanks to everyone who came out. 🎸 Photo Credit: Erik

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Cindy Hampton Topolinski Great show last night guys.....
Dawn Pryor Nelson Why didn't Ross speak at the a Hall of Fame?
Laurie Bramley Saw y'all on the 17th. As always awesome awesome time. Faithfully!
Edzel Jereza Was there May 17, as expected you all delivered!
Chantel Matusiak Can't wait to I feel like a teenager seeing journey live in Greenville SC fan since 13

Journey's cover photo

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Pam Quick I'm soooooo PROUD to be a JOURNEY FAN! L😍VE YA ARNEL💋
Fofy VT Journey the best best band in the world i love youuuu!!! Come Chile please!
Helmut Daenen Beautiful Been a Journey fan since the mid-'70s. Never Saw them in real life
David Savala The intro to "Mother, Father" is my ring tone.
Charlie Huth Wheel in the sky keeps on turning!

Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO

Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO
Journey members tell LVA students ‘Don’t Stop Believin” in musical dreams — VIDEO

Jonathan Cain and Ross Valory — members of the legendary rock band Journey — inspired students to pursue their musical dreams and played the well-known hit “Don’t Stop Belie…

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Nick Hart
Nick Hart
Anthony Alberto Kris Kevin
Carl Marajay No new album Journey?
Catherine Adams That's some awesome motivation! Love how they give back

Photo credit: Erik Kabik

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Kalina Pekarski Why in the world wouldn't you let Steve Perth play one song with you at the Hall of Fame? Sooo 😡
Rodney Ninow We saw the show Sat, May 6. You guys were simply amazing! Thanks for coming out for us fans!
Simone Coccia Colaiuta The best friend in the world with Journey
Antonio Tono Zuniga Se pasaron en todas las fotos PINEDA NO EXCISTE.SIN EL NO SERIAN NADA.
Joseph Dandrea You know Neal only Big Rock Dogs lift their legs like that!!!!.😀

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band
Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

Journey – Live in Las Vegas May 2017 Limited Edition Giclee Print Signed by the Band

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Mark Herauf Very disappointed 😔
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Love you all...specially to arnel...go go go rock
Paola Andrea Yañez Come to Chile please! ..🙏🙏
Melanie Pollhaus The price is very expensive
Antonio Lobosco Olha isso Davi Teixeira... Foda hein...

See a full list of residency dates:

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Evette Uribe Be there on the 20th!! Can't wait!
Gregory Jay Noble Sorry Deen Castronovo!
Kate Freem I should be there.
Michael Stein Don't forget the brains of the organization who got the record deal. Jazz infusion created the evolution.
Steve Moreno Hope you come to Fresno again I miss the last one!

Raised needed funds for Make-A-Wish in Las Vegas with folks from Runaway Tours at Hard Rock Cafe auctioning off Journey signed PRS SE guitars and playing tail gate toss!

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Shiela Terrenal De Lara journey...go go rock....
Stella Louise Cole That's awesome piece to have!
Katsuhiko Minoura シェアさせて頂きます!
Angelina Hendriks I hope to see you next wendsday😃
John Walling Love journey where do u bid

Neal Schon & Journey, honored by legends & stars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Mike Delabar Heart and soul of journey will never die
Kris McArthur awesome‼️‼️‼️ the Best❤️❤️❤️ well deserved👏👏👏🌹🌷
Connie M Porter My lifetime favorite band 😍👏🏼👍🏼🎤🎼🎹🎤🎸
Mickey Gilbert !!!
Milan Nickaloff Sing Steve. Sing. Please

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Jenny Flory Murray Michelle Brummet Brunner
BA Sti AN Ola von Matterhorn Max Ima Michael Menzel
Lois Beauchaine I've been to this Hard Rock!
Lorena Wolter Lo mejor del 🌎 mundial
Nancy Loth Journey the best band ever! Love ❤️ them.

Timeline Photos

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Chad A. Steeve
Michael Beecher Congratulations! Well deserved! Keep Rocking on
Alfredvp Gladkoff Congratulations ! Long overdue keep rocking GOD BLESS
Sherri Mooney Firefall.
Mike Scibilia Now that is a nice jacket Neal!

We’re taking over the iHeartRadio Facebook as we go live during “Journey Las Vegas Day” and unveil our memorabilia cases at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas. Make sure to like them and tune in at 1:15PM PT! See you soon.

1.5k reactions 39 comments
Scott Frisanco Lisa Gillis-Frisanco
Tabby Mae Wildman James Stokes
Erin Grubb Matt Poole
Michael Barba Mickey Barba
Rodolfo Pacheco Vamos Velia Aguilera 🎸

Timeline Photos

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Sara Gold Herman Gold!!
Jeff Smith John Dadian ???
Tabatha Debesis Tim Lewiswrs go!
Gert-jan Demmers Greetings from the netherlands.enschede
Cheri Nelson Kristin Krasno I'm packed

Timeline Photos

492 reactions 10 comments
Lesa Brownfield I am n awe of ur artistic talent! Amazingly talented man!
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Nice...
Steve Miller Awesome!
Kathy McPeak Is Arnel not appearing with Journey in Las Vegas.
Kathy Macdonald Way to go, Steve!!!!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Neal Schon’s New Journey to Las Vegas

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Neal Schon’s New Journey to Las Vegas
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Neal Schon’s New Journey to Las Vegas

This spring has been a busy one for the iconic band Journey and founding member and lead guitarist Neal Schon. And Schon, who admits he knew before he was a teenager that music would likely be his destiny, wouldn’t have it any other way. I caught up with the rock star shortly after his induction [.....

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Jose Luis Villafañe Carmen Ximena Ortega Bucheli
Annmarie Black Aw Elizabeth Mills Martin Angela Burns I want to go 😓
Randolph Charlton Shreddin'!!!!!!!!!!
Lindsey Maddox Yeaaaaaa!!!!
Cheryl Boufford Great show last night!!

‪Tonight's the night! See Journey’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at 8pm on HBO. #RockHall2017‬

4.3k reactions 206 comments
Kim Milano Ayers Yeah finally , congrats to you guys. Hall of fame is slow at this inducting great talents !!!!!!!!!!
Brian Satchfield Great show, guys! Long-deserved. Pat had a great intro, good to see Steve, Arnel sounded fab. See you guys in the Hall!
Karen Smith Barnhill Wanted to hear just one song with Steve's vocals..❤️❤️ But it was SO amazing to watch these guys being honored!!!!!
Kim Cherry Meeks Siefke They cut alot of the speeches and separate ways completely out ... geez.
Madde Méndez Congratulions from San Juan, Puerto Rico!!!🇵🇷 About time! Thank you for your beautiful music! Long live rock n roll!👏🏼👍🏼❤️🎼😍🤘🏼

Tune in to see Journey's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame tomorrow night at 8pm on HBO! #RockHall2017

2.2k reactions 58 comments
Linda Parquette Neil ~ will it be on other channels??
Brett Green Journey was amazing in Moline, Illinois .
Jo Ann Perry Hepler Can't wait!!!
Rhonda Huffman Kellar I'm so ready!!!!!
Dawn Rollins-Showalter Of course. We don't have HBO!!!

One week from tonight Journey will be back rockin’ Las Vegas at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino! Get your tickets here:

3.3k reactions 115 comments
Heidi N Tony Setum 5/20/17
Pame Muñoz Debo ir
Rebecka Sax Finley Ill be seeing you in 3 wks!!!! Woohoo!!!
Phil Jefferson See you there brothers!!! Can't wait
Paul Bradley We are heading over from the UK,cant wait👍👍

Thank you Steve and my friends 🙏🏾🕶🎸 Neal Schon

Watch Steve Vai and Generation Axe Congratulate Neal Schon on Rock Hall Induction
Watch Steve Vai and Generation Axe Congratulate Neal Schon on Rock Hall Induction

On April 7, Journey were among the honorees at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 32nd annual induction ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.The event brought Journey—including longtime guitarist Neal Schon—together with their former singer, Steve Perry, who hasn't been a Journey man sinc...

1.5k reactions 23 comments
Tony S Mauna III Bill
Javi Viñas Charlie Giardina Alan Sosa masomenos!
Jeff Mercier Irene Palys Mercier
Charlie Giardina Juju ! Algo toca Schon !
Danny Schultz Sorry for the typo on your name.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Trailer

1.7k reactions 40 comments
Salvador Baez Carlos Fabian Garcia Puente Piolo Baez ke chingon!!
Maryte Tessa Fuentzno Woww
Fernando Javier Bentos Amazing!!!
Claudia Astrid Farfán Collao Wonderful
Mariana Herrera All Hail Journey!!!!!! <3 They deserved it long ago! :D

Journey's Neal Schon Talks Steve Perry Reunion, Rock Hall Induction

Journey's Neal Schon Talks Steve Perry Reunion, Rock Hall Induction

Journey guitarist Neal Schon hopes that his Hall of Fame reunion with Steve Perry will lead to new music.

15.0k reactions 348 comments
Lisa Hopper Please! Please! Please! I saw you at the age of fifteen when you were here in the Bay Area. I'm now 52 and would love to see all of you back together again.
Mary Jones Green Thanks for the music all these decades!! You guys make me smile. When I'm driving with the windows down, whipping my hair all over the place and I'm singing with JOURNEY, in that moment, life is perfect. See you in VEGAS May 17!!!!!
Donna Menn I was there and was sad that Steve didn't sing. We kept seeing conflicting news. Everyone was checking their phones to see updates. The air was so electrically charged. Everyone was at the edge of their seats and then stood throughout.
Eric Smith Arnel better start using that diaphragm or he's going to have some serious issues in the future... Not trying to be a critic but that guy has a golden voice he needs to take care of it.
Mike Mitchell Just today two songs came over a classic rock station I keep my stereo tuned to, songs not played much ( maybe not a top 10 song but classics ) Feeling That Way / Anytime. This is the real Journey and was long overdue for Steve and Gregg!

Exclusive! Neal Schon's Complete Rock Hall of Fame Speech

Exclusive! Neal Schon
Exclusive! Neal Schon's Complete Rock Hall of Fame Speech

Guitar Player magazine is the complete acoustic and electric guitar package. Featuring free online acoustic and electric guitar lessons, tutorials and videos for both beginner and professional.

3.4k reactions 89 comments
Dave Boone There is some idiot yelling in the background and you can't even hear what they are saying. Crappy video.
Melody Concepcion López Kando Luis Pabón recibió el premio con ellos pero no cantó.
Matthew Duffy Too bad the crowd couldn't be quiet and let the legends of rock be heard.
Mary Spangler Ferguson So proud for Journey. They all deserve it! I saw them in concert 3 times years ago n they never disappointed. My all time favorite band!
Kim Allison Robison Can't wait to see you guys in Bham this wished that Steve was going to be with you guys!

Timeline Photos

1.0k reactions 26 comments
Randy Cole Chris Argerakis
Mary Bell Hunter Charles Hunter
Michelle Olson Dan Craig
Akira Johannes Kashiyama Hallo! Steve! I really like song of Journey.
Carlos Antonio Avila Morales Congratulations Steve!!!!!

So proud of the bed of work I've done with these amazing musicians... We've become the soundtrack to so many people's lives. -Neal Schon

4.1k reactions 114 comments
Ronda Fredericks Don't stop believing 😉 You guys are an awesome group of talented musicians! Thanks for your awesome music ❤
Luciane Espinosa Thank you Journey. I love you!!! Kisses from Brasil. Please come to my country!
Carol McLaughlin I have followed journey for over 40 years. Still. My favorite! Thanks Neil for the music
Jerry Kemmerer sure have to myself and my family!
Greg T Carpenter I'm hoping for some more new music. Eclipse had some great tunes!

It was great reconnecting with Steve. As I said in my speech to him "You are one of a kind" "One in a Million" Neal Magic Fingers ;)

14.8k reactions 333 comments
Sami Mukhopadhyay In the shadow of love Time goes by leaving me helpless Just to reach and try To live my life These are my reasons, so here we stand so patiently For your song inside of me For your lights to shine on me This we bring to you One, One, in a ...
Ben Larson I may have been to critical a year or so ago. It was GREAT to see Neal, Steve, Jonathan, Ross and the drummer(sorry) back together once again. We all still hold out hope guys! Please do it for the fans and each other one more time before we're snatched ...
Renee Reveal Cox Congratulations to all the members of the band over the years! We sang and celebrated with you last Tuesday in Dayton Ohio! Best concert ever!
Aurelia Brown Made my Year to finally see this happen ... I will not push for more but I will pray very hard for the possibility of them working together one day but for now this is the best present a Journey fan can hope for...
Debbie Snyder If he did sing with them, even as a surprise and only two or three songs, it would be a marvelous miracle! #dontstopbelievin

Jonathan Cain Music before the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. #RockHall2017

2.6k reactions 35 comments
David Soto Awesome!
Barnaby Alexander Lewis jonathan in this pics looks alittle like a skinnier dan aykroyd
Jeff Marcum How about a set longer than an hour
Kathy Withey About time! Journey Force forever!!!
April Nothaft Bring Gregg to Michigan

Thank you to All fans and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Watch the induction ceremony broadcast April 29th, 8p ET on @HBO. #RockHall2017

22.4k reactions 731 comments
Wanda Zarrillo I was there to share in the historic moments! So wonderful to see you all happy and truly enjoying this awesome occasion, together! Congratulations!
Jim McBride What an amazing experience; such an overwhelming kaleidoscopic set of emotions. I personally feel some closure and gratitude that Steve joined his family on stage for the world to see; I honor and respect what the band has accomplished in his absence, ...
Robert Hickok Let's all hope Steve reunites with the band and they tour..
Lisa Yeager Congrats to you - you deserve it. You are my favorite, favorite all time band and singer EVER!!!!!! The music is so sweet to my ears and my heart :) I listen to it every day...even the very old Steve and/or Journey :)
Randi Collins Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy that Journey has finally been accepted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame. I think it should of happened years ago but anyway, Journey deserves this honor. They are a legend in music. I love them.

Tickets are on sale now for The Classic West featuring Journey, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Doobie Brothers live at Dodger Stadium in LA! Get yours here:

990 reactions 62 comments
Pamela Fisher This is not journey
Willie Graham God’s Simple Plan of Salvation My Friend: I am asking you the most important question of life. Your joy or your sorrow for all eternity depends upon your answer. The question is: Are you saved? It is not a question of how good you are, nor if you are a ...
Jay Lowe If only this was at the Echo Vicki Kennedy! 😍 xx
Karen Monterroso Yolene why couldn't this be near Chicago?! :(
Cristian Rodriguez Lunecke Una vuelta por Sudamérica

Tickets are on sale now for The Classic East featuring Journey, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Earth, Wind & Fire and The Doobie Brothers live at Citi Field in NY! Get yours here:

1.8k reactions 119 comments
Janice Ferguson Elkes Done!!
Debbie Boudreaux 🎶I would love to be there
Linda Sparks Winstead Would love to see this!
Sabrah Ainley Whoa!! How awesome!! Wish I could Make this weekend
David Spangler Yachtley Crew is Southern California's first-class tribute to these great bands + the best soft rock of the 70's and 80's also known as "yacht rock" #yachtleycrew #ycrew #yachtandsexy #kingsofyachtrock

Timeline Photos

882 reactions 50 comments
Vanessa Bonello-Naschak Loved the jam session! Keep On, Keepin On!!
Carl Oberg Colbert SUCKS!
Vance ORourke Neal Schon is LEGEND guitar player, this was fun, but that girls voice is a nooo
Raedene Ryan Just saw Journey in concert in Moline, IL this week. Fabulous!!
Brian Riegler Neil was great, as for the whole arrangement...👎🏻

Don’t miss Neal Schon sitting in with the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert band tonight at 11:35/10:35c on CBS!

895 reactions 29 comments
Jack Johnson Hi love your music video
Bill Krinkie went to school with guy
Katsuhiko Minoura シェアさせて頂きます!
Debbie Clause Ruester I watched - Neal spoke for 10'seconds 🙄😡
Adrian C. Otero Love Neil,but I don't watch sissy Colbert.
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