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Backstage with Bon Jovi at their show at the United Center in Chicago last night.

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Juan Lozano Great pictures. I really love it the they are having a fun time 😊
Kathy McCune Bryant I bet that was awesome! I want to see them so bad in Louisville I think at the end of June! I think that's when they are there.....
Emma Hodge Oh wow! So wish I could have been a part of that! Love them both so much!
Sarah Dowland Welling Annie - Ryan now THIS would be an amazing concert to see!!!
Magie M. Canlas Wow!!2 of Arnel fav.icon singer.. That ARNEL can Catch there sound on there songs.. Search Arnel COVER SONG .in youtube the songs of this 2 singer that Arnel can Nailed it!?πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

See Journey with Special Guest Asia! Get tickets here:

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Patrick Mulcahy What's fascinating is the fact that they STILL play to HUGE crowds after 30+ yrs!!!!
Ohlie Saylor Great concert tonight at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Glad to see you Arnel Pineda. The last time I saw you was In Hongkong! Great job Pinoy fella! 😍

Last night in Lincoln Nebraska

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Marla Stevens Cant wait till June 9th!!!!!
John Ely how was it?
Ursla Mallard-Smith Great concert.
Dustin James Cant wait to see Journey tonight my first concert seeing them great music
Angela Stewart- Bizzarri Great show in Lincoln!! Had a blast!!

Listen to 'Rolling Stone Music Now' Podcast: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 Class

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Shiela Terrenal De Lara u all in the journey band
Brian Hung Congratulations Neal and JOURNEY for an award well deserved and Priceless. Mahalo and thank you for ROCKING MY WORLD for all these years!!! #DONTSTOPBELIEVIN #ILOVEJOURNEY

β€ͺLast night in Fargo ND‬ β€ͺMany thanks to you All for coming out πŸ•ΆπŸŽΈβ€¬

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Christopher W Potts There are other members in the band other than Neil.
Anton Cabunigan Taburnal I always Wanted to see your band in person:)
Lynda Hokanson- Young Loved the show last night ❣️
Jay N Becky Mindeman Amazing show! Worth the wait!!
Terry Barden Awesome concert

See Journey with Special Guest Asia! Get tickets here:

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Tony Bey 04-04-2017 Dayton , Ohio
Jeff Balcerzak see you guys in Vegas in May!
Rachel Thornsberry Next Friday! Woo! πŸ˜€
Tristan Stringer Wait. How did they fit a couple billion people on that stage? I mean the special guest was Asia
Susanne Ernst What a great show this is going to be! Journey &ASIA!!! ❀ Oh how I wish I could be there.. 😒

Celebrating the 37th anniversary of Departure today!

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Kass Benson Journey 4Life! They got me through my high school years and still my favorite band!
Barb Major One of my favorites πŸ’™ I have the album, cassette and cd lol
Mike Oliver I was 16 and a junior in high school when this came out.
Michael Buerkle Kimberly Buerkle my very favorite Journey album & of course it has our wedding song on it "Stay Awhile" ❀
Brad Whiteman Last good album they made. Gregg Rolie was the heart and soul of Journey.

"Lights" Neal's dedication to John Wetton continues to touchπŸ–πŸΎπŸŒˆπŸ™πŸ½πŸŽΈ

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Mike Delabar
Javier Buenrostro One of my favorite songs 🀘🀘🀘🀘
Nick Hart You can almost see his spirt in this pic πŸ–πŸΎ
Lino Sotomayor You should come to Arequipa, Peru
Katsuhiko Minoura γ‚·γ‚§γ‚’γ•γ›γ¦γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™οΌ

Thanks to all our fans in Boise for blessing us last night! Jonathan Cain Music

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Rick Schlenkerman Beth Durham
Peter Birrento I think Journey should tour Australia πŸ˜‰
Khristy Newell Great show in Spokane also 😊
Mark Houben Great picture, i wish they came to the NETHERLANDS
Geraldine Wiley Love you journey.

Jonathan Cain Music's original, Frontiers 1983 synth that played out songs like Separate Ways and Send Her My Love. Still lives and plays great 🎹

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Kimberly Driscoll Strong Saw it this weekend while watching a couple of your performance DVDs - super excited for the RnR induction ceremony!!
Jon Wheeler Love the 80s sounds this baby cranks out #frontiersforever
Lori Breen Too bad it's not for sale Michael Giunta! πŸ˜ƒ. #corrugatedsteel
Theresa Smith Ulrich Melissa Ostrom Whiting look at this!! Verrrry excited to finally see them in concert this weekend 🎢
Kathy Withey Jonathan makes it sound amazing, but anything he plays would sound great! Journey Force forever!

Neal Schon live solo shot from Eugene, OR last night! 🎸 #JourneyTour2017

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Terry Ferrante July 5th Snowden Grove make an even dozen times.
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Journey
Katsuhiko Minoura γ‚·γ‚§γ‚’γ•γ›γ¦γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™οΌ
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become. "You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your ...

1.0k reactions 36 comments
Aimee Gibb Pam Gulli
Robert Drumdawg Falzarano Rocky Jardine Bruce Buschman
Manuel Bustamante jenial
Mark Allen Chuck Berry Rip.
Glenn Jakniunas Nice.

See Journey with Special Guest Asia! Get tickets here:

520 reactions 28 comments
Pat Kelly Susan Brickman
Daniel Michael DeBerardinis Austin King
Daniel Michael DeBerardinis Sarah King
Tommy Jurgen Caesar Come to Valdosta Georgia
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Journey

The 1st Neal Schon PRS Guitars Journey guitar auctioned in 2017! Steve is a veteran and a Journey fan from Spokane WA and has generously contributed needed funds for Make-A-Wish.

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Frank Jacques love it
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Great...
Teri Costel So sweet
Michelle Olson Awesome !
Edgardo Martinez Yo quiero una !!!!!!!😭😭😭😭

Happy St. Patrick's Day! πŸ€ We had a great time playing in Spokane last night. Thanks to all who came out.

1.0k reactions 59 comments
Kimberly Duncan Happy St Patrick's Day
David Scott Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘
Doug Rock Ready to rock with you in Boise idaho on Monday night
Christopher W. Lamb Be seeing you all in June Neal!! Have a great tour!!
Cheryl Pringle Was awesome first time seeing you in concert.

Last night was a blast Yakima! First time we've played there since 73 with the original Journey lineup. On to Spokane tonight. See you there! #JourneyTour2017

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Babi S. Gonzalez Wish they come Scranton !
Carlos Rivera Are you coming to Michigan ?
ι•·ζΏ±ι™½δΊŒιƒŽ 1983 Jupiter-8 2017 Jupiter-80 very good choice!

Our tour dates with special guest Original Asia kick off tonight in Yakima, WA! Visit to see if we’re coming to your town.

6.0k reactions 353 comments
Colette Falconi Norton Love Journey and loved Asia back in the day!
Vickie Norman Reed You're coming to Nampa Idaho on Monday. I'm trying to win tickets through 107.9 lite FM
Kim Allison Robison Can't wait to see you guys in Birmingham in July! Hoping you sing... When you love a Woman.
Cheri Nelson Are you going to announce your Detroit show for June 23rd?
Nicole Skogen Missed concert boooo

A pic with my great longtime friend, Mr. UDO, whom I've been very close to all these years πŸ™ŒπŸΎ - Neal

1.2k reactions 30 comments
Susan Maxoudian Whats up with neals face???
Claudio Gennari Grande
Dee Dee Sue Much love...❀❀🎢🎢
Patterson Buck Amazing*****
Steve Negley Lookin good Neal.......keep up the shreddin!

It was an honor to celebrate with our promoter and friend, Mr. Udo, who celebrated 50 years of bringing talent to Japan!

1.9k reactions 43 comments
Matthias Wagner When you will tour Germany again????
Laura Soriano WeπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šu
Cherrylin Erlinda Andaya Cabuslay Hello all especially to arnel
Pamela Kabana Nice picture
Maria Para'i Rete Arnel πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

We wanna thank all our fans in Tokyo who responded by selling out 2 Budokans! We had a blast performing the Escape and Frontiers albums back to back in their original order - opening up with "Don"t Stop Believin'. What a blessing to celebrate promoter, Mr. Udo's - 50th anniversary ! We hope to return soon. Thank you to all - Journey

3.2k reactions 75 comments
Guillaume Launier arnel do a very good job !i saw the band in Quebec city Festival d'Γ©tΓ© de QuΓ©bec
Kent Peterson I love these guys. Escape was one of my first albums I ever was and still is great!
Michael Fields I have tickets for your July 12th concert in Sugerland TX. Can't wait!
Thata Gemma-Cant When are you going to perform here in Toronto? I can't wait !
Shiela Terrenal De Lara Amazing band...and arnel the best...pls back again in the philippines

This it's going to be the beginning of some very cool shows and festivals.

Classic East and West: Everything We Know (and Don’t Know) So Far
Classic East and West: Everything We Know (and Don’t Know) So Far

We've compiled everything we know, and don't know, about Classic West and East, the festivals featuring the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and more.

2.0k reactions 60 comments
Janice Ferguson Elkes ...real music...❀
Doug Nolen i want to go!!!
Langston Hunter Definitely GOING to this
Keith Lyons gonna be there dodger stadium
Eric Winderman wow - 4 of the best bands of all time

1.5k reactions 44 comments
James Ryan Cmonnnnn cherie
David Scott Neal is #1 in my bookπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ greatest guitarist of all timeπŸ‘πŸ‘
David Scott Happy belated birthday my friendπŸ‘πŸ‘ God bless
Kim Cherry Meeks Siefke Love Hot Cherie with Hardline
Steve Parker Since you came.

1.1k reactions 18 comments
Gus Moratinos Hey any California dates announced yet??
Cheri Nelson When will you announce your concert at dte on June 23rd?
Troy Jefferson Loving, touching squeezing with Willie K!!! Na na na na nah!!!!!
Don Harms They should bring Willie K on tour will them... he was awesome.
Frank Sarabia Was always hoping to see them in my hometown "🎢Someday Soon🎢" someone told me "Don't Stop Believing" so I waited "Patiently" and that day is finally coming. Can't wait to see you guys in Laredo Tx July 13!

2.6k reactions 48 comments
Stella Louise Cole That's awesome
TEri Alejo That's so awesome!!
Madge Albrecht Woop that's so awesome
Rick Kolterman Hey Neal Schon ! You are rock and roll like cool !
Kathy Keway Hello both of you looking good. Happy to see you again Mick

Check out our Discography πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ 9 records with Gregg Rolie. 4 have been Multi Platinum for many years. Trial by πŸ”₯ is missing ....

8.2k reactions 204 comments
James Shelton I love the first three albums. The playing is otherworldly. Infinity, Departure, Escape, RoR, Trial By Fire, and Revelations remain my favorite LP's, though i love so many songs from Frontiers, hard to narrow it down.
Chris Doll I ❀️ all of those records. It's like the soundtrack of my life (I'm sure other Journey fans feel the same way). Keep on rockin' those live shows. Don't mean to sound greedy but a new Journey album would be nice, just saying. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»
Todd Offutt Great concert in Hawaii tonight, but not enough time. Even after two hours, wanted to hear tracks off of Generations, Arrival, etc. You guys need to come back (or just stay)!
Matthew Walker I actually really like dream after dream it's the lost journey album beautiful music on there a different sound from journey but I really liked it
Jeff Stobb Frontiers will always be my favorite Journey album. Faithfully is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life, and Separate Ways is a song I've had the pleasure of performing in show choir before. "Lights" tonight 2nd SOLD OUT Show in Honolulu !

641 reactions 9 comments
Laura Soriano I πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›journey
Myra Johnson Aldridge Going to see them June 27th in Nashville, Tn
Gerard Dela Cruz Wish I was here!... No ka oi!..... Aloha!
Marty Quill Awesome show!
Debbie Drew I guess cell phones are safer than lighters, right? lol Love me some Journey!

40 Years Ago: Journey Begin Period of Dramatic Change With Transitional
40 Years Ago: Journey Begin Period of Dramatic Change With Transitional 'Next'

Journey released 'Next,' their third final album in the band's original four-man format, in February 1977.

5.5k reactions 188 comments
Kristen Hurst I still have this record. Wish I still had a record player.
Kristoffer HΓ₯kansson The first three albums are hands down their best.
Chris Dymmel Those first three albums are amazing!
David Crail That's what I don't like about these concerts today with these old bands, they don't have the original people and it's just not the same.
Diana Deckens Jesse one way to make ourselves feel young Journey is hella old

1.1k reactions 35 comments
Sharon Mcgregor-Hernandez Come to australia. .....
Carly Maas Jason Gann Andrea Maas my fav band ❀
Helena Greb <3 <3 <3
Dipan Chakma
Nick Ng wow

Check out Seoul Korea!!! They were Rockin tonight !!! We will be back πŸ•ΆπŸŽΈπŸŽΌβ˜πŸΎ

210 reactions 51 comments
Stephanie Stickney How fun!
Stratocaster Man Manila!!!...Tomorrow night!!! πŸ€—
Wendy Piccoli πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Lydia Rodas Moldogo HONGKONGWHEN??? Neal Schon in Malaysia guitar solo πŸ•ΆπŸŽΈπŸŽΌ

602 reactions 16 comments
Frank Skorniak i will never get tired of his playing, since the early days with santana, one of the top 3 gutar players, underated and one of my idols. neal is the best
Brittney Catherine Russell Tony Finocchietti fantastic
Christopher Benedict Never Better! Amazing
Kelly Leffler Awesome love Journey
Rick Pam Smith Now thats some good guitar tone !!
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