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Do this

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Judy Eacho Stopped this years ago--happy happy 😊
Chelsi Hartford Jade Lunay - gonna leave this here for us 😂
Michael For-Alpha Sharing is caring. I'll let you check it out. Because you know what I want to do to that face. Nothing like a good facial.
Michael For-Alpha I'm trying to make other women want it so the one that I want to want it wants it more
Eileen ShesJuly But the bathrooms aren't going to clean themselves ...

Current Mood

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Jennifer Parisien 😂
Sandra Pujol Yes, totally agree.
Andrea Jensen Is that a monkey hair coat?
Joyce McDonald I do!
JL Harper Come over and we'll dance 😎

Sooooo...when does the winning begin.

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Doug JustDoug It wasn't close and many of your Republicans stood up to you and said no. Stop stretching the truth and placing blame where it doesn't belong. This was an embarrassing defeat for you and your swamp.
Chuck Abernethy Always blaming someone else. That's him. They NEVER gave the Democrats a chance to negotiate their health bill AT ALL! He said he would repeal and replace Obamacare in his first day in office. He's a liar. Why would the Democrats vote on this? We LIKE ...
Frances Phoenix Listening to him makes my brain wanna liquify and bleed from my ears. Like how has humanity even made it this far? Donald Trump is a slap in the face evolutionary speaking.
Amanda Ornelas I'm guessing the winning begins after the impeachment trial.
James Danforth I'm not saying I'm enjoying watching​ the Republicans eat their own over Trumpcare. But I may need to call a doctor about this four hour erection.


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Noelle Blanco how much i want to love people i dont know, on a human level but too scared people will take advantage 😣
Marco Ruschkowski That I´m scared of people. Here comes the punchline I was just diagnosed as autistic.
Amanda Candler My love of donuts. Because I am a fat woman and "OB-viously" any fat woman who eats donuts did it to herself....
Ranny Nguyen My anger for the state of politics and how others don't seem to care enough to get moving outside.
Kelly King The gaps in my smile due to missing teeth. Not meth, just childbirth and no dental insurance.

Love love love #womenshistorymonth

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Sylvie Perez Love it!
Kathy Hayes You are beautiful <3
Kim Tranchida We grow together! I love the positive vibes :)
Chuck Kelly God bless all women!
Robert Maddox Or if they have passed away live your life as if they were still alive and looking a you with pride because of the things you are doing that are praise worthy.

My manager's dogs are making statements on this #NationalPuppyDay.

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Trace Batchelor Crayton Butts III Laura Fisher
Anna M. Stone Ruby Luis
Patricia Coray Angela Sivadon
Wendy Wilson Erin Van Campen
Julie May Amy Gifford Emily Gifford

Oh I love this movie...

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Donald Lusk Great movie! The best! Yuge success!
Linda Bowman sad
Janet Jablonski Thats right keep dumping on the president.
Gumaro Vasquez Playing at the White House right now #Impeach45
Christopher Childers As if he's THIS aware of body line! Lol!!

Its going down

US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians
US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians

The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN.

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Hakim Hasan There are no presidents or branches of government. They are all corporations and businesses that have been given permission to fool those that are not of true white royal decent. Irish, German, Italian,English Asian and African are merely renting ...
Lynda Michelle Beck Expose that bastard & his cronies for all their crookedness. Pence was probably in on it, too, and should not be allowed to succeed him once impeached. They need to nullify the election. The whole thing was tampered with & corrupt. The Presidency ...
Aaron Malhiot It's like when Bernie and Trump people where wringing their hands going "Any day now!" hoping the FBI would indict Hillary. Sad!
Cassani Art Bernie is the only canidate that has won this race fairly, no offense to Hillary and no Pence, he was put in by the crooked regime. All Trump's people should clear office if he is found guilty.
Jim Hlavac he's been going down now for 2 years -- he doomed himself, was 10 or 20 pts behind -- and he lied, cheated, outraged and flimflammed - he exploded and imploded and stepped in it and then put his foot in his mouth - and now - after 2 years of this -- ...

Timeline Photos

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Miriam Adams creative GENIUS!!
Jamie Floyd Horrendously beautiful
Camille Underwood Heather Fopp thought you'd like this 😀
Phil Krukowski WOW!
Beth Tilbury Wow, that's incredible!


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Karen Stafko
James Swift Jeff Key
Farivar Freever Eftekhari For sure ...
Casey Douglas He's actually not super terrible.
Luis Rivas yes

That's right.

Women's Rights News

How to Respond to a Misogynist.. A Polish politician sparked fury last night as he launched a jaw-dropping sexist tirade against women during a debate on gender pay equality. via Socialists and...

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Georgette Annamaria Cito stay seated and stay silent!!!
Erin Lambert By the way, the man who said all those ridiculous statements has been disciplined for his actions.

You've got mail!

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Matt Xavier Annnnnnnnd, into the trash it goes. There are better ways, this isn't one of them.
Freddie McCan "I hope he has a sense of humor." Whoops... looks like somebody hasn't seen 45's SNL tweets.
Laurie Banfield Immature and a waste of time, it's not like they will let it get through to him.
Andrea Solis Barbara Shrum I thought of ur liberal stance. This is so cool. Helen Cruthirds
Jared Meade Fucking stupid. No better way of having Trump convinced people are stupid and not to listen.


Daily Mail
Daily Mail

He made an amazing stationery pot out of all his spare pencils. This is so cool! ✏️️✏️️

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John Van Breugel Daily Mail. Really gwurl?
Jason Kwan Holy sxxt !!!
Steve Ehrlich Fuck you and the horse you rode in on for supporting Hillary the flying squirrel who would have killed us all by letting ISIS jihadists pour into the country. You don't know how good you have it with Trump who is a populist Republican compared to the ...
David O'Neill This is a very cool idea. But you should have picked a better news source to link to. The Daily Mail is nicknamed the Daily Hate in the UK because it prints so many horrible articles criticising minorities, vulnerable people, refugees, etc

I can't! This is too precious.

Spicy Life
Spicy Life

Spicy Life. 940,142 likes · 1,001,608 talking about this. Welcome to our site to better inspiration for living and self-education!

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Marc Slater Pierre Buh
Annette Isabelle Rosa Waltman
Joan Sando Samantha McCoy
Christine Davis Hannah Davis
Jennifer Deluca Liliana Sampieri

Check out my new interview on Record Players with Lÿndsey Parker

Margaret Cho Opens Up About How Joan Rivers and the Go-Go’s Changed Her Life
Margaret Cho Opens Up About How Joan Rivers and the Go-Go’s Changed Her Life

Strolling through the aisles of Hollywood’s Record Parlour store, sifting through bins crammed with more than 50,000 vintage vinyl albums, comedian/musician/TV host/rabid music fan Margaret Cho heads…

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James D. Beaven Brandon Windsor
Andrea Jensen I really miss Joan.
Kimberley Kirk You look very Joan Jett 80's there, very fly!
Wilson W Wong I still have the vinyl
Christine Kwak I love you Margaret 💖

This kid is dope! What a ⭐️


He may not be able to talk, but he's still making his dream of being a rapper come true. (via and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals)

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Gloria Fry I love this so much!

This is so real. You think you dont see enough Asian actors? Cause this is that she WE hate!

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Lisa Little Ok officially want to see John Cho as Bond.
Jane Boyle Sometimes I'm just so embarrassed that pastey people like me pull this shit.
Asit Parikh Umm. It's film. Not radio. Why not do away with headshots completely? We'll call it "cerebral portrayal".
Raj Sardesh Watch his performance in Namesake, movie adaptation of best selling novel and you will see him more than silly Harold and Kumar role.
Leon Wilborn I'm glad that this is actually being brought out and discussed....

Oh Comey! Didn't know you had it in you,son!

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Niya Oma Sokapo Sunshine Sakebow
Ramon Molina 💯😄😄😄
Karen Menehan Redemption. He seeks it.
Becca Jack Gibson Franco looks like he's taking flight!
Jerry Stevenson He seems smarter then I thought.

Omg forgot about this piece of shit.

Nerdist - A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on...

A very confused Margaret Cho smashes stuff up on all-new Slow-Mo Destructo:

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Sinom Crar Hey it could be worse
Ruthie Sappington 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angela DeGraftenreed What the hell?!?!?
Teresa Ferrer Rad
Patrick Melonball LOL

Me posting on social media when I have 100 unread emails and 15 missed calls

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Nikki Oliva Zachary
Henry Bash IV Samantha Zachary
Jennifer Sevilla Zachary Coddl
Aymon Spielhagen Claudia Mitchell Steph Wallace Laura Hawes
Moe Taylor Aaron Norton

Why are they so heartless?

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney: No evidence... - All In with Chris Hayes

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney: No evidence free meals to kids improves their performance at school

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Beth Weisberger I dont know. Its unamerican and inhuman.
Lorie Christoffel Ayn Rand taught them to be that way.
Linda Worrall Zeidler How about they are fed. That should suffice.
Glen Fishbaugh Cruel and clueless.
Ann Hedonic The GOP is sadistic.

She was so hilarious. RIP Aunt Fee! 😢

Internet Sensation, Felicia “Auntie Fee” O’Dell Dies
Internet Sensation, Felicia “Auntie Fee” O’Dell Dies

It was reported Friday evening, from a message posted by her son on social media, that she’s passed away.

2.6k reactions 171 comments
Edwin Aguilar 😢 I loved watching her videos. When I needed a good laugh I would always watch her videos. Rip
Leah Leah We loved you, Auntie Fee! Thank you for the laughs and education!
Bingeaux Thoman NOOOOOOO!!! God love this woman! I just love Auntie Fee! My heart breaks, much love to Tavis 😭
Aaryn Calhoun Loved this lady. What an incredible, giving, and loving spirit! She is loved and she will be missed. ❤
Adam J. Gillis Sad, she was hilarious making shit for the kids

Real talk 🐸 ☕️

4.7k reactions 77 comments
David Buckley Yep
Matthew Gramly True
Jen Willett Nor do I.
Sam Miller Hahahaha
Pat Tassoni Ha-ha! Made you look!!

🤣🤣🤣 Jerry Seinfeld / Larry David

7.1k reactions 114 comments
Daphne Rice Sometimes when we want to cry, we must laugh first.
Malika Letramme YES, THANK YOU.
Doreen Traub If she looked like a supermodel he would be over it
Benjamin Parker Haha gawd
Eddie Webster Love, love, love this.

I’ll be at The GRAMMY Museum March 20 for Celebrity Autobiography: The 2017 Music Edition! Tix are still available:

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Michael C. Williams Margaret, I wrote this Trump joke and wanted to share it with you...funny, right?!?
Elda Cato Kenny G? Weird Al? Tiny Tim? Could be the guy that lives behind me...
Anna Brown This was one of the most amazingly funny things I've ever see, program. I'd love to catch you, bet it'll be hilarious!

Even my dogs know how to shake...

4.8k reactions 1544 comments
Misti Sanchez If I were Merkel, I would have said, "I guess this conference is over, since he obviously does not want to have a mature, adult conversation. If you wish to still hear what I have to say, I will be _______" I am so over 45... #NeverMyPresident
Christian Jungnickel He's just disrespectful. And I don't only say this because I'm german. I can understand if someone won't shake hands but I can't understand when the person don't explain why. By explaining it you have a reason, but if you ignore someone you're ...
Betty McGraw She has the same look on her face that moms do when their three year old won't shake hands with the new neighbor. Just before saying "I'm sorry, he missed his nappy today. He's not usually like this" But he is, he always is! Douche!
Rebekah Diane Templet Henry wow, he is completely dismissive of her and ignores her. yep, hes the biggest champion of women we'll ever meet. no one loves women more than him...i hope every woman who degraded herself and betrayed her own kind by voting for this pig sees this and ...
William Yap He was so scared of her he didn't even dare to turn his head and look at her, let alone extend his hand. He sat so uncomfortably he looks like he was going to wrap into a foetus position.

Read it!

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Kaaren K Lindsay Unless it's murder..... Dun, dun, DUNNNNNN!!
Judy Beauvais love ms. cho....thanks you!
Paul Morrison Love it!
Lynn M Saunders Yesss!
Veronica Manjarrez Absolutely on point!

Oh. My. GOD! #adorable

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Germaine Kornegay Of course as a dog groomer, I am cringing at the nails.
Ariel Cortez Isabel Kristina cheddar needs that outfit!😍😱
Lisa Steedman Joanne Lily Mouthier if you had a chihuahua, this is what I imagine it would look like 😁
Anida Gonzales Levesque Lysette Bonilla Gonzales if I made an outfit like this for Mindy would she wear it?😍
Zachary Thomas I dont think Rocky would have liked this Jason Davis

Thank you #hourglasscosmetics for putting it on my mouth! 👄 Hourglass Cosmetics

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James Danforth <3
James Clifton Pope Tits or get the fuck out Margaret
Jeff Marzolf Don't choke Girl!❤
Charles Croff Relax take it easy ! 😘
Conn Larson Atta girl! New album cover?

‪Check out @TheRealCurve with me on the cover the April/May issue doin my thang. Go to‬ Photo: Dusti Cunningham Photography

831 reactions 31 comments
Jim Curry Your hair looks great!!
Liane Chase Love the short hair . Beautiful
Jan Myers looking fabulous
Bodie Lyman More beautiful every year!
Linda Lynn Marsh I need to get my issue
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