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Thank you NYC Monthly! I cant wait to see you NYC!

Comedy Spotlight: Interview with Margaret Cho  | NYC Monthly
Comedy Spotlight: Interview with Margaret Cho | NYC Monthly

Her latest tour stops at Gramercy Theatre on October 12.

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Jason Kwan We love you Margaret 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
Pope Clifton James Tits or gtfo
Adrian Karl NIll Still love the " daddy not gay" story
Sachiko Morimoto I can watch drop dead diva in Japan!
Heath Henn Go Margaret!

Catch me today (and tomorrow) on The Dinner Party Download! Check your local listings!

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Jeffrey Berg Only if you come see this Cho Ho in Fort lauderdale

Chicago, it's about to get a lot windier, baby! I'm coming to town on 9/23 and I can't wait to see you! Tickets are on sale NOW and you can get them right here:

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Tracy Hayden Madelyne Forrester LMK
Rebecca Burt Ruth Van Dahm Dickinson, wanna go?
Tina Lauren Marrero Rafael Frito Marrero please!!!
Rafael Antonio Ruiz-Ayala John Stevens I want to go
Ruby Lynn Madoo Come to Atlanta

Check me out on Last Call With Carson Daly tonight at 1:35/12:35c!

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Julie Findling Just dvr'd it!
Kenneth Mutter Yay! Guess I'm staying up late after all
Amber MacKay Just watched, and you were fab (as usual) You INSPIRE and INFLATE (the heart), Margaret. Warm hug (and much RESPECT) sent. xx
PJ Bear My beautiful Margaret Cho! Please please PLEASE come to the Biloxi, New Orleans or Mobile area. We need your comedic relief here in the south so badly it's not even funny. Love you bunches! ;)
Sam Rutledge Hey Margaret! I'm all broke and stuff and can't see your show that's touring right now. Are you going to tape it at any point? <3

Another clip from my tour REVOLUTION, when flight attendants challenge me with Asian Chicken Salad. And while you're here - tix for my new tour are on-sale here!

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Paul Dietz I have never looked at mandarin oranges the same since seeing this.
Shawn Turney Is this clip old, or did she have all her tattoos removed?
Mary Pagones Where did you get your dress? It's beautiful!
Kithallah Canid Somnia I love you so much. Your facial expressions are just... Phenomenal.
Anastasia M Steele Love Margaret Cho! Are her tattoos gone, or am losing it?! 😀


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Lee Winkle Hae Yung Park?
John Rose Impossible for me!
Colleen Hinkle Jamais!
Chris Rhodes I put this pamphlet on their windshield.
Dan Teet Are you sure that wasn't just Randall Park bragging? :)

I'm laying on the sword for this one. Tix for my 🇬🇧 shows on sale at

Margaret Cho:
Margaret Cho: 'I feel like I have to apologise for Donald Trump'

Comedian Margaret Cho has told how she is looking forward to going on tour “to get away” from America and escape the “disaster” that is Donald Trump.

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Joy Ann Loney Thanks Margaret. You are my proxy!
Patricia de la Bretonne I know....
Basilides Mantalaba Gamallo No Texas?!!! 😔😔😔
Jose Baez No Houston, TX date. I'm heart broken!
Ann Marie McManus Love you Margaret Cho!

I want to be Chief of Staff George Takei!

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Kir Patrik Trentović We can dream...
Lori Sobolesky Please take over. PLEASE.
John House oh my!!
Jamey Dorsey Seriously though, Takei/Cho 2020!
Chris Lamb I would vote for you in a heartbeat! #Takei2020

Ta-Nehisi Coates article in The Atlantic today is killer. Fear of a black President gave us Trump. Not policies.

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Douglas Williams i agree
Mary Jo Bednar Very good piece.
Sue Ellen Pope I totally agree.
Lachlan Atcliffe Wasn't news to anyone outside the US.
Karen Goldston hes a brilliant man

Cannot WAIT for you to join me on the road for my new tour, "FRESH OFF THE BLOAT"! All-new material, same ol' Margaret. Buy tix here: #FOTBloat 💋

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Charlene Reinhart-Beltz And it's sucks to live in Montana...
Mark Salzwedel Great. It would be great to see you again, Margaret!
Lando Santos When r u going to cleveland phio
Kimberlina Drew I wish. Seen ya twice was hoping for a trifecta!
Peter Long I know you ain't down.Still crushing.

Can’t wait to bring my A game tonight on @NBCGameNight. See you at 10/9c on @nbc! #HGN

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Darren Zieger Extreme close-up. Love it. Gorgeous <3
Michael Togbah Love you Ms. M "BEAUTIFUL!"
Rebecca Ross Love you girl your the best sweety 😍😍😍😍
Steven Richardson Hello, Margaret Cho!!!
Shawn Powell Love it, can't wait!

I'm on NPR's new podcast IN THE THICK and they took liberties with the episode title but sure, I'll take responsibility for my hypothesis. ENJOY!

#76: Margaret Cho Solves Racism
#76: Margaret Cho Solves Racism

Last week, the Arizona GOP used a picture of Margaret Cho and the cast from her 90’s TV show “All-American Girl” on its website, with the caption, “Asian Americans.” Let’s just say Cho wasn’t exactly happy about it, saying of the GOP, “They deserve a dodgeball to the face.” On this special end-of-su...

45 reactions 3 comments
Robbie Johnson I saw that on the news! You are a "stock asian family" now.
Kevin Tusa Solve racism -celebrate a child molester... Go you!
Disharoon BK Funny that you mention Korean Americans being viewed as the "model minority". I've seen most of my Korean friends have the same problems as any one else, problems with family, job, money, same as any one else no matter what race.

King of Pop when he was a prince. Birthday 🎂 would have been 59 today!

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Jmlk Uhkhj 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Lourdes Diaz ❤️
Ebelechukwu Uchenna 🙌😍🙌😍🙌
Mark Hayden 59 children.
Shirley Ramirez Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson..

Loved reading this from The Cut - brilliant Kathy Griffin! S/o to Yashar Ali 🐘 #noapologies

Kathy Griffin Isn’t Apologizing Anymore
Kathy Griffin Isn’t Apologizing Anymore

The comedian lost jobs, money, and friends after releasing a provocative image of President Trump. But she refuses to bend the knee.

5.5k reactions 373 comments
Troy Anderson Heres how bernie can still win.
Mitch McDonald Refuses to bend the knee? She bent it with every statement she made in the days following the post. Her actions were in poor taste, but no worse than burning Obama in effigy. It was worth zero news time.
Sue Steinhauer Yah! No more need for apologies. I think people forgot that she was a comedian. Yes, the video went a bit too far, but please, people condeming her have no problem with Trump mocking the disabled and making veiled threats against Hilary Clinton and ...
Patrick Harrington Overreacting to this but not to a nazi as president? Hmmmmmm. I'm proud of you Kathy. Stand up and be unapologetic for having the balls to stand up for what you believe in. Much love from Minnesota. My husband, mom, and I just laughed our asses off ...
Neal Barnhill I was more disappointed in Anderson Cooper, he simply could of remained silent but choose to dump on her. I think he was deflecting for his gaffe about taking a dump on a desk comment. That speaks volumes about his character.

I do what I want!🗣🗣🗣

2.1k reactions 59 comments
Joanne Knight Join the club. 🙂
Lindsey Lea Whitney Jones Tara Omnes ❤️😈
Christina Ronconi I resemble that statement......
Jane Zeigler love that mouth of yours

Transphobic ban. Arpaio on the loose. Just another week in Trump AmeriKKKa....

3.9k reactions 99 comments
Dylan Valladao I mean hitler has Jewish in him...
Andrew Quintanilla That Fb comment is funny. funnier than your shows.
Katherine Silta I was hoping for major retinal damage here. It could still happen. Hoping.
Kristy Dillon I live in Phoenix. If you all knew all the terrible things he did you would agree he deserves to be placed in prison !!! Regardless of age.
Allen Smith We're totally in a Black Mirror episode, slow & scary with an ending the will leave us empty inside.

‪Hey @AZGOP, good morning! About that "All-American Girl" mixup where you thought any Asian stock photo will do...‬

223 reactions 18 comments
Ian Harvie Beau Matthews
Ian Harvie Mark Knott
Stephanie Bergeron Kinch Peter, Stephen
Susan Rose You kick SO MUCH ASS, Margaret Cho!!!!!
Anthony Fox Brillant analogy..... fo course.

Hahahahhhhaa! Well maybe NOW people will start watching!

Arizona GOP uses Margaret Cho sitcom pic to represent Asian Americans
Arizona GOP uses Margaret Cho sitcom pic to represent Asian Americans

Margaret Kim is an Asian American. She’s definitely not a Republican. She’s also not… real. But that hasn’t stopped the Arizona Republican party from using Kim, the 1994 sitcom alter ego of living, Republican-loathing comedienne Margaret Cho, as an example of its diverse supp...

3.1k reactions 130 comments
Joe Barron Wasn't that the show where you were virtually the only Korean-American on there?
Austin Gwin Please please PLEASE tell me you'll get a royalty check for this.
Misty Barnes If they can bring will and grace back... they should bring this back! Love you Margaret!
Lisa Zelenetz Seriously, and they say they're not out of touch?? Forget the 1990s they're stuck in the 1790s
Jake Haskell chicken-shit dicks - they only took it down because they were scared of a copyright issue, not because it's offense or ridiculous.

Eclipse was amazing

3.4k reactions 98 comments
Kathy Jimenez Miss you Barack
Patty Whiten If only.....
Michele Hopkins Love it!! LOL
Nicole Carter Abdessalam This is the best thing I've seen today.
Pamela Isham Jodi, you'll like this

Why am I doing my new tour #FreshOffTheBloat? Here's why...

33 reactions 9 comments
Craig Shannon Coming to Australia i hope :)
Aloha Katie Got our tiks! Front Row in Santa Cruz! woot!
Nick Nurse Margaret, I didn't see Toronto in there....
Lazaro Borges LOLOL Fresh off the bloat.
Pope Clifton James Show me your tits Margaret

Guardian of Radical Truth, yassssssss👌🏽 #SolarEclipse2017

1.0k reactions 546 comments
Jiovani Diaz Tammy Jo Thought you might like this? 😉🤔🌒✨✨🔮
Terresa Thayer Ruler of cosmic pleasure!
Bec Sagar Chris Daines - according to this I'm the Oracle of Radical Pleasure, and you're the Guardian of Spiritual Wisdom - finally, we're a power couple! 😂
David Dahlgren Nah, if I were really 'Ruler of Spiritual Peace' then I'd be walking around with a little bottle of water spraying people and going "You have spiritual peace and you have spiritual peace and you have spiritual peace" and everybody would get spiritual ...
Ktana Lynn Guardian of Magnificent Pleasure...Am...Am I protecting this? Or, like, hoarding it from others? Is it mine alone and no one else can have it? What the hell does this even fucking mean?!?!!

Im on #100KPyramid tonight on ABC and it was definitely my Everest 🗻

256 reactions 18 comments
Brian McGillicuddy Paige Lorenz
Chad Flora ...Marvin the Martian!
Mindy Underwood Yeahhh... Just saw "hot dog." 😂
Toni Rose Marino watching your amazing !
Robbie Johnson You were great!


7.0k reactions 96 comments
Krista DeNovellis Danielle Gonzales try it! It feels good!
Kevin De Angelis Yeah, look what happened to Bannon. He did nazi it coming, but he'll be alt-right. :D
Kamiyu Vidan FOX and Briebart suddenly find themselves inundated with overqualified applications for news commentators.
Maria Keehn Mike I know you're not trying to be political today... but I couldn't resist. 🙈🙉🙊
Mike Miskiewicz As long as you're ok with the same applying to antifa members.

🤣👌🏽I can't wait to vote for this guy Ive never met before and doesn't resemble someone I know at all

17.5k reactions 465 comments
Camille DuLac Hainstock I don't know him at all either but I would def vote for him!
Antonio Delgado I posted this to my feed cause it will piss s fee Trump fans. They go ape shit
Alix Gaspar Charel Gaspar Mike Lopes he looks like juan good candidate! 🌵
Jessica Bowers Just like Hannah Montana.....just a wig and no one ever knew. Lol
Tina Ryan I thought you might appreciate this, lol Gloria Daniels

So much fun at #Hamilton LA opening last night!!! Love the theatahhh! We need the arts!!!

960 reactions 18 comments
KP Anne Whistles. Lovin the outfit Cho!
Michael Thomas Your coooooooooatttttt
Thomas Edward Nikolić-Dorschel Yes! We do need the arts!!
Katie Casebolt Werthmann Dope jacket
Sharon Lyon Margaret Cho, I love you !

If the hood fits... #resist

4.8k reactions 147 comments
Steve Joseph It's funny ..because you all forget your Democratic Congressman Robert Byrd, former Grand Wizard of the KKK... from the south ...and you adored him ...
Sharon Lyon They were here when the Beatles came to Memphis. They burned a cross across from the railroad tracks. Everyone ignored them.
Mary Ellen DeMaio If everyone would stop protesting everything...maybe...just maybe we could fix this country. So sick of all of the protests...even the peaceful ones!!
Danny Tillery never thought i would see a president support and encourage what these evil groups resperent. trump is an awfoul petty little person. he discustes me!
Lexi Warner I think his hood is on a little snug there Margaret, you want to be able to cover his ugly face so regular folks don't have to look at it. I will say that it honestly pisses me off that it took him two full fucking days to "condemn" these criminal ...

I say this with love ❤️

White Women, This Moment Is Not About Your Brand
White Women, This Moment Is Not About Your Brand

White Women, This Moment Is Not About Your BrandKelly StoutToday 4:49pmFiled to:white womenImage: Jezebel/GMG, photo: ShutterstockLadies, how was your weekend? Did you hear what happened in Charlottesville? Did you start your morning yesterday with a few tweets about how white supremacy is also real...

2.6k reactions 139 comments
Jamie Carlson-Crump My favorite part of the comments is all the white women flocking in to try and control each other's narratives like this is some kind of competition of who can be a better POC ally. Those of you circling the comments like vultures to shame and badger ...
Gail Merrill I hate that everything is about "branding". Everybody is either trying to sell something or themselves. It's capitalism on crack. It's a cacophony of sound bites, slogans and jingles. It makes me want to throw out my television and all the electronic ...
Dawn Botting I say this with love - I'm an urban teacher for 27 years. I've been shamed and blamed my whole career from both sides of the race divide. I've always put social justice due to race above activism for gender equality because I'm also a fucking hard core ...
Emily Damiani I was born a white woman. So because of that, I'm not supposed to speak up, and limit my rights on speaking about particular issues? It's like you're saying, "Sorry whities, this is a colored-person's job. You're not relevant enough to participate. Step ...
Amy Cosgrove Dawson And yet a white woman was killed in the act of protesting hate. If Charlottesville makes me angry I'm allowed to be fucking angry. I'm not a woman of color, I know that. Im a human being though.

PTOWN! I talked to HuffPost about my latest show there, only a few tickets left:

MARGARET CHO DOES PROVINCETOWN! Funny Girl Kicks Off World Tour at Gay Mecca
MARGARET CHO DOES PROVINCETOWN! Funny Girl Kicks Off World Tour at Gay Mecca

Provincetown, Massachusetts is known throughout the world as a gay and lesbian hotspot. It's famous for its beaches, art galleries, shopping, nightlife, ...

96 reactions 2 comments
Ken Norris cool, can't wait for your Canadian tour!
Aimee Martinelli Wow Margaret! You got me all excited for PTown thinking it was Petaluma!!! Darn you 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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