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You think you got what it takes??? Go to www.50cent.com/talent.html and fill out the form. You don't need a agent to get on over here, just passion to make it... #50Central

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Migogeeydt Whitybahtghotswalowedto So that ten bucks those goofs got for that shit comerical ruined the fuking whole universe for nothinggg we been helping the fuking goof.. keep it jigy no?
Ndidiamaka Eze I don't have but i like what you are doing God bless you my Boss
Calibar Avela yeah boboo it's time we cut the middle man much love big homie u are a genius Godbless
Tony So Froze If, 50 Cent was to sign Me, He'll find Me in His House Inside of His Studio Booth- At 3 in Tha Morning. I wasn't even invited, But before He wakes Up- I'll have 33 Thousands songs Recorded- Producer Work ain't really for Me, I was Born For Recording....
Jonathon Anderson I love you 50😘😘😘

Check out Jeremy Bettis new book, 'The Power of Words:Finding Light In A Dark Room' #Power - ThePowerofWordsBook.com

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Mandy Mandy http://instagram.com/stacey_grind
Apkollowe Hvrlem 👍🏽💙👍🏽
Nna Emeka Cool accomplishment man.
Fishero Sk Bone Love power too
Prince Henry Respect to da big bro

Michael Rainey Jr aka Tariq from POWER Talks Being the Youngest Villain on TV via Thisis50

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Nevelyn D. Williams Listening to him! Very smart young man! I'm going to look up it other movies!!💕💕
Erika Miller My son and I watched this early. Michael is a good role model for my son to see.
Ivan Lancelot Tate Great interview. Before this I really was caught up in his character... he seems like a great young man. 💪🏾💪🏾
Bojan Bogunovic Helen DuplančićAna Duplančić what a hackz
Rohil Verma Jeremiah Akinsulire this is hilarious dude

We are gonna see who really got it..... Go to www.50cent.com/talent.html and fill out the form. Read carefully, you don't need a agent to get on over here, just passion to make it...

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Francis Harris Okonkwo Can't wait to sing more than I rap #@$$joe lol am ready to b followed by the beat not me to follow the beat
Denise Moore I wish I had some kind of talent... This would awesome
Marlon Hill I still wouldn't make it. They don't give fat old guys chances! Lol but it's a great opportunity for the public
Jessica Amy Tiki Pollich only been waiting for this since I was born hahaha
Lamar Odom I'm glad to see your taking this route, alot of talented individuals need this. Good luck to all 👏👍👌


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Petra Pelemiš Sandro Pelemiš pejd model
Matteo Mastromarchi Leopoldo Romanelli Nicolò Bravo Luca Ventura Lollo Agapito Martino Grimoldi Pietro Cattaneo Alessandro Conca Beltra Emme-i Pietro Pisoni quanto paghereste per sto concerto?
Dustin Beach Steven Halliwell
Courtney Lancy Campana Lafamilia Green this would of been a good one to see too
Karey Yuhas Bertovich Mike Bertovich WTFFFF always a day late and dollar short on fifty and vegas 😢

Get Rotimi's new project "Jeep Music, Vol. 1" !! 🔥🔥

Jeep Music, Vol. 1 by Rotimi on Apple Music
Jeep Music, Vol. 1 by Rotimi on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Jeep Music, Vol. 1, including "Want More (feat. Kranium)", "Only You", "Living Foul", and many more. Buy the album for $6.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

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Mluleki Mzilankathi Khambule 50 cent is my Favorite rapper
Tamara Hodge Wya
Atma Alda Amg Calor
Pat Dlamini Don't like his character in power wish I would kill him myself
Ortizique Kizzy Well, so nice there he go...

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Ryan Lapinskie Frazer Carnie
Akinade Bolaji Cool.
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Joana Perotti Increase $450+ more cash taking quick paid surveys ➮ #MakeCashSurvey
Kiki Amelia wow movie (Y) #PLUGLOVE_GIRLTRIP_ALLEYES_2017 🎬 💗 💙

Tickets are on sale NOW for 50 Cent LIVE in Sydney and Melbourne celebrating 15 years of Get Rich or Die Trying! Get yours now from http://mjrpresents.com/50cent/

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Vini Shine Julien Patelli le 9fevrier on va a sydney
Prince Henry Is a brown new day, 50 cent you gat to go on happy happy day is gonna be a great show ever happened be there black and white one love u all
Kenneth Probst Huge fan here, would love to see 50 come to ATL. Why does Australia get love for an American story? They pay better should be the only answer.
Prabin Ghimire Richa Bhandari Karki jau hai
Tammy Mccubbin Sue Mccubbin 15 years since you brought me this CD, now you can buy me tickets to see him in concert

Omari Hardwick & Lela Loren Speak on The Future of Ghost & Angie - Power Season 4 - Like the Thisis50 page for more!

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Louisa Riley 👻
Curtis Kambala I want try to be on this serie
Jalloh Ibrahim Maulla Thanks guys
Vent Power Yoyo fi baby power quel level ? ON wait les mouvements ?
Curtis Kambala I just waiting for this saiason

Now we are gonna see who really got it. Go to www.50cent.com/talent.html and fill out the form. Read carefully you don't need a agent, to get on over here just passion to make it.

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Dylan Petersen All try too fuck me over... everything is cool when 50 is in the room
Jordan Grigger Its almost like we dont need a president to create jobs for us...
Bombon Gonzalez I would love acting and modeling but u have no experience 50 Cent
Ben Holmes yo fiddro I don't know your reach but try to hook up on some AI technology to help putting some tunes together,
Dameon Smith Riding with you n us n me, they're gonna try killing us the first day we hit the streets...😄I'm bout it bout it though....

50 Cent celebrates 15 years of his seminal album 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' with two LIVE shows in Australia this February! Don't miss out on tickets, sign up for the exclusive artist pre-sale now from here: http://bit.ly/50CentOz

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Melissa Marie Omg Sonia Capaldi finally after twelve years he is coming back!!! But ofcourse not back to Adelaide😔 Interstate trip?!!
Jonah Duckworth Mohamed Khalifa blood in my eyes dawg and i cant see
Christine Harpas-Dimples Evans Chris Kazoulis we going? I'll get tickets ?? I just subscribed so I'll get tickets for us hopefully xo 😘
Tiffany Mundy Becky McNamara I wanna go again like when we were kids 😆 shall we ask Andrew and Jon to come too 😂
Bec Bennett Omfgggggg is so fly to Sydney for this Matthew Burke an we for our birthday

MEET THE SQUAD! Get to know our cast of#50CentralBET! Follow them now for the exclusive scoop on our new show coming this Fall. Head to bet.com for more info on this amazing group of people! - tinyurl.com/y9bbxyvx

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HAGLAR CAPITALIS www.reverbnation.com/clekdo #80sBabyMinister
Joana Perotti Get $400 more income taking paid surveys ➞ #MoneyYouSurvey
Tom Mutombo Mbiye Can I come ? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmdXAXijb2UbWl8x6mEn9fW_qVtEwel6s
Oborokumo Jeffrey Ekiyor https://soundcloud.com/oborokumo-jeffrey-ekiyor/king-jeff-mask-off-cover
Johnny Quest https://youtu.be/sXV3hf_PnfY

1.3k reactions 960 comments
Steven Jenkins Is that a new Aussie 50c? The ones I know and use now are proper pocket breakers, they're massive ha!
Amalia Milovanovic That's our Aussie 50 cent coin! Is that a hint he's coming to oz?
Toby Riley Trent Hartgrove I think he might be hinting something here
Mick Walford Nihilist Subc could this be a hint of him coming to oz?!
Ben Boyd Nick French Callum Drury an Australian tour may be on the cards here 😏👅

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3.3k reactions 102 comments
Zedhan Levanza 50 cent I love you
Janis Dunbar In One ☝🏻 Hour it should be open Good Morning Baby 💋❤️
Rocco Perna About time Ghost is free.
Willie Evans Emma Aien just remembered my night sorted 😉
Goldie Gold Great show

La La Anthony & Rotimi Speak on Power Season 4 - "A lot of People Get Killed" via Thisis50

1.3k reactions 38 comments
Elias Shakif Pauline Shakif
Braian Grajales Sierra Simon Hinestroza pilla
Alisha Mamtora Niten Mamtora
Escobar Malcolm Natascha Boachie👀

Lloyd Banks Kills Freestyle on Hot 97 With Funk Flex Freestyle G-Unit

4.2k reactions 118 comments
Jon Davy That was dope asf
Rosie Baggett Flowin
Joey Fusco Gotta push banks more the dude just got it!! 🔥🔥
Gold Skull Shop now fif goldskullcap.com the new wave
Geo Wellington Banks a sure thing y'all niggies might blow.

Watch Power NOW on the STARZ app Starz.tv/WatchPowerTV


Gain access to new hit movies every month, original TV series, STARZ Play, movies on demand, and high definition movies through your Cable or Satellite TV provider.

385 reactions 71 comments
Jones Abbey Ma nigga!
Richard Morgan It's going on soon as I get home mate
Sam Nketiah Boakye As the truth unfolds.. #POWER best show EVER! 👌
Staci Bulle Already watched it
Junior Barbosa Esse e o cara vey

Lloyd Banks - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle On Hot 97 (Video) Thisis50

Lloyd Banks - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle On Hot 97 (Video)
Lloyd Banks - Funkmaster Flex Freestyle On Hot 97 (Video)

Lloyd Banks aka the PLK (Punch Line King) took over DJ Funkmaster Flex to drop the most anticipated freestyle bars of the year on Hot 97. The G-Unit soldier…

3.5k reactions 116 comments
Andy Schulz G-Unit best crew
André Hamelin Pffft...
Patrick Erckham G unit we love all of them forever
Cristi Coco G-UNIT POWER

Nobody (w/ Rotimi & T.I.)

3.5k reactions 63 comments
Jimi Graves gg
Lucas Simon Fook 50 cent!!! Haha
Freddy Junior too rich for the bitch stripclub was better tho better bitches :P
Neyata Jones yess she got all them bodies still ain't got nobody ayeeeee🎤🎤🎤🎤
Andy Williams WOW OO

Rotimi Says T.I. Is The First Artist to Offer Him A Deal + Why He Chose To Sign With 50 Cent - via Thisis50

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Sebastian Jones fiti word up? u&i
Becker Ace mayb..
A Cansaya Ro Y Mmot Ring
Amusu Koffi 👍
Iliyasse Vebamba Ce ok 5th

Everybody is feeling is heat. Who can be trusted? Watch a new episode of PowerTV now on the STARZ app


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3.3k reactions 99 comments
Heather Moudry This season is getting so good!
La Toya Brandon Adu-Gyamfi That new lawyer dude is an asssssshole
Jones Abbey Got u brother!💞👊
Baluku Jockim Um,ce Telengo Com Join Itel Abudhala Umaru Limits For What Sirmlk ,Kezu
Liam Moulinie Jacques Suquet

When you look at Eminem, I want you to remember without him, I wouldn't be here, that's my boy ... Thisis50

8.0k reactions 322 comments
Amda Yelsida The honesty and loyalty is amazing... Proud of u guys and will always be an admirer....
Dee Kaye Mike Couture
Justin Joseph Girard Drop new stuff! Get the Game back!
Jeason Gillot Wow im impressed to see how the face of eminem change that hard since i was a kid :o
Umesh Dhakal Beard eminem...lol ..i guess its his brand new looks..ive not seen him with beard...

50 Cent

42.0k reactions 665 comments
Gabadiya Dolo Jumbe Mw looking great its ridiculous that I see you again I haven't forgot you but what i what is to see the face of yours its been long time and your not raise new song so I can guess that your old but is not fair us for now looking younger like past
Quinton Clark I roll the dise and holar GET em girl....daddy need new shoes...
Achraf Haji Happy Birthday 50 cent <3
Freddy Junior everybody who against 50 yall aint on my side 100 friends is friends we aint with that industry fat rick ross shit im ridin with 50 FUCK these fat rick ross followers
Miguel Ngola Apee 50 u r my best rapper 4ever, u r da best rapper in this world ma friend.

Thank you Eminem you know your still the best in the world 🌎 to me man, I love you bro Thisis50

63.6k reactions 2431 comments
Monique D. VanBuren I would love to see him on Power as Tommy's brother or special guest lol
Kyle Johnson These 2 Need to team up with Dre and make a 3 headed monster album with just them 3 and like 8 to 10 songs. Would kill the game.
Pascal Si Nikolas Meyborn vermisse ihn so sehr , hoffentlich erscheint er bald wieder auf der Bildfläche <3
Logan Okroi Garrett Harms look at our childhood idols now. We need to get drunk and watch Get Rich or Die Tryin' and count the swear words again. And maybe around 2am BET Uncut will appear on the TV!
Chris Slagle Incredible Hulk; you're trapped in my medicine ball I could run circles around you so fast your fuckin' head'll spin, Dogg I'll split your cabbage and your lettuce and olives, I'll fuckin' .... I'm Incredible Hulk

I never spoke at a wake or funeral before but I felt like I had to say something at P's Rest In Peace prodigy🙏🏿 God Bless.

7.3k reactions 164 comments
Viviane Keita Welcome back❤❤❤🙏
Ali Alshahrani First here RIP prodigy.. the world was shook
David Buck RIP PRODIGY #MobbDeep
Jeyachandran Tharsan Rip P is that the minister behind Curtis ?
Célia Célia Alves Ai esse homem aqui meu deus em aracaju sergipe e na minha casa ao vivo Só em sonho mesmo Sou muito fã dele

11.0k reactions 8475 comments
James Velarde I really wouldn't care. Life is way to short to care about antics like this. I would be laughing. If I had a kid I would still be laughing while walking away covering their eyes
Luke Proctor Everybody in the comments it's like "it's nature just let them do it" but I guarantee if you saw that you knock them out too and you would say "that's disgusting" so stop
Lännette Beaujolais If you're with ur kids, turn them the fuck around! You can't just slap people or throw shit at them! And the police have better more important things to do. Just walk away and mind YOUR business and let them mind theres. I think it's sexy that they ...
Ricky Bonilla If I ever find people banging outside my crib parking lot (kinda shady) trust that I'ma be all up in their business recording that shit in their face lol. Ladies have some respect for yourself and let the guy get a room for you at least, don't fuck with ...
Cordelia Martin I wouod show respect but why did he hite him with the bike that is assult. For one thing he couod be charge and the other one to. There sick do in public that wrong. There could be kids . Its naturel to have sex but weird he did it there

The young boy Dre stepping up, all I know is he better not be late with them payments. I'm a need that every week. 😈

3.6k reactions 108 comments
Olawoyin AbdHakeem #POWER!
Jason King Yes dre. Sort him out
Dennis Mc Ateer He gna take over
Fachon Benjamin Kanan please Kill Jukebox 😎 LOVE you
Izana Klassik Klothing Send me your acct number

KANAN: you think you don't give a fuck till you run into someone who gives 0 fucks. POWER we lit🔥#frigo

4.4k reactions 68 comments
Temitayo Winjobi True👍👍👍
Debbie Morris Cant wait to see the new series 😊👌
Edwards LE Stetoir Sylla Super star hip-hop composition
Janice Turner Love ❤️Kanan and his creator 💋💋💋
Bee Quinn Yup exactly


24.3k reactions 5224 comments
Paul Bedanhof Simon Lengnink wo bleibt die Einladung zum drive by?
Neil Bales Dan King Jason Gosney this is how I feel when you tell me there's rap on the radio
Johannes Be Sami Chbn da ist er wieder, der Joke auf den nafrinacken
Mounir Laddada Étienne ta mere: ah mounir ca c'est de la musique de bougn.. d'arabe non?
Gurnek Singh Sihdu Tobias Kjeldsen Kunne godt forstille mig det skete hvis jeg kørte med dig og din far😂😂😂

POWER this sunday Thisis50

329 reactions 19 comments
Lwazi Gadafi Junior http://cheb.info/?id=4167
Travis Moore Jesus Christ is the Lord
Travis Moore Jesus Christ is the Lord
Travis Moore Jesus Christ is the Lord
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