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My man Moe came threw The Den Of Thieves dinner last night. wit a super tight shirt on 😆 I was thinking one false move, and he gonna bust out that bitch like the hulk. LOL

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Boutte Carla Nice to laugh
Andres Giraldo That boy got a blouse on
Baba Sane Je suis vraiment content cette visite et votre photo me plaît beaucoup 50 cent rapeur préfère de tous les temps
Robin Reed Rios One could only wish that he bust out of it. And that they are there to witness it. Lol
Sam Banks das dope Den of theives movie on point Jan. 19 go cap it ggggunit

I'm keeping my self in good company over the holiday. Jan 19 #denofthieves

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Þórður Harðarson i don't want to be that guy 50 but....... ''myself''
Steph Norman So what does that mean you'll b stayin with me ?
Burntout Williams This movie finna B lit..put me on that soundtrack
Michael Bowden Happy Holidays 50 Cent great movie you made bro.
Victor Tugo I know those guys. Used to buy lot of khats in kijabe st.

Shop NOW! www.gunitbrands.com

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Ethan Louis Johnson Trash
Charity Ankrah fuck
Sonia Gouchet +22543126274
Muhammed Fouad ^__^
Youpen Koinda Cool

"They used to tell me that I would be NOTHING..."

1.6k reactions 59 comments
Ashkan Sharafat i love you
Suarez Isaac FUCK YOU
Lisa Tayor Nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️😊😇😇
Shannon Petersen Mean beat
Oamlad Oamlad Fuck you too...

Make sure you pick up Eminem new album, #Revival 🔥🔥🔥

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Michele Ibraimovic Do much fake fans in the comments. Fuck off yall, go listen to some trap shit
Silez De la Cruz The Eminem Show is the last great album from EM !!
Krafty Went out and bought it asap!
Alexander A Anisimov hollering voice gets annoyiing though. the new wave he found for himself some years back is not real good
Jim Jimo Hope to 'open' your minds there in USA after that album...that great artist did a favor for you guys...You are Untouchable after all

Tick tick… boom! #DenOfThieves #Outlaws

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Lawin Kurdi Miran Rozay Ahmed
Ricky Thornton Ryan Fenton
Ahmad Bk Bachir Mrabet dik film d 50 cent
Eddie Cruise Nikki Allen date night
Ndidiamaka Eze Nice

Still think I'm NOTHING😈? Ok watch what I do now. I'm just getting started, you know I'm a nightmare for a HATER. #denofthieves

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Twayne Ellis where's the audition for any of your projects ?
Afumbom Leonel There is none like this guy. He is is nothing short of a night mare to a hater truly. Love bro
Jacquelene L Clark i'm so proud of you 50 Cent, Glory be to God.
Talib Kamel fif did they sleep on U.S. lol we get the fuckin bag power ball shit ☆

You come at the Outlaws… you best not miss. #DenOfThieves #Outlaws

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Ibrahem Hosen Yazza
Scott McNulty Relies date ?
Michelle Gomez Can’t wait 😍
Danilo Everton Den of thieves

No your honor I have no idea who that was shooting back at jimmy Henchmen,but I do know that guy Jimmy's a Rat 🐀. LOL

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Idella Jackson Hey 50thy Love You💗💗⚘⚘🌟
Lucas Johnson G G G G UNIT!
Bo Berto Thanks 4 Looking Out eye Will Go Deeper In Da Link U Send Was Not Sure How Eye Connect wit U Am Juice B Safe
Bofa Joel Buzie Funny ass 😂

Damn!! Scuffle Breaks Out Between #1 Fighter in the World, Terrence Crawford & AK after Interview The Sweet Scientists

2.9k reactions 29 comments
Ramone Thompson Brandon Sutton Kyle Cooke Kida Clarke Sadam Ali
Sudhesh Somu Jaicko Jarom Aumua
Francis Brown Frederick Ray
Kelvin K Sanz Sanchez Yoo! If yall liked that lil shit... yall should check out these underground fights i be putting on https://youtu.be/CA7L3-DCrf8
Nick Kampas John Kampas

Check out our Exclusive TELL-ALL Interview W/ Lavar Ball ! He talks about Everything in this one!! Thisis50 🔥🔥🔥

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James Bloodworth http://youtu.be/UKzuMqslCJs
Arnaud Pankion Love you 50 cent
Luis Alberto Gutierrez Piggybank
Janice Dunbar Ok 👌🏽 what up 💋
Miatta Trye I love 50 cent

Vote for my little man NAACP 2017 #power

1.7k reactions 80 comments
Cecile Luck Evans G unit need too be N power
Ana Daniela My vote is, yes!😉😘
Joyce Jordan Got it!
Moussa Soumare Power
Windy Wonderland Great love from the netherlands

What the fuck is going on, my office is right there. 👀Take that bullshit down the block man smh 🤦‍♂️.

1.3k reactions 85 comments
Brian Timmons Fif you a funny dude I'm rocking with 50 Central too
Marcus Jameson Wtf “take it down the block “ wow you fucked up on that one
Victor Tugo Must be in his early twenties and sm red in his eyes, eyo fithi ya used to pull sm stunts!😉
Sue Gill can't believe you just said that 50....shocked at you.
Priscilla Triplett Just be safe boss see u on 50centarl Wednesday

Check out #HáblameBajito Music Video Available Now!! Abraham Mateo Austin Mahone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gVIQVlX8x4

6.4k reactions 162 comments
Mirjana Mia Nenadov Super...all best 50 Cent
Megan Lugardo Love this song and video...
David Rojas Gomez What is this 😦
Meyid Ahmed What the actual fuck .
Cam Williams Y’all justa internet shoppa, looking at the web at shit you can’t buy. Y’all justa internet shoppa... Do the challenge.”-Victor 3.14 and a day 3.15

Phresher talks about his feature on new Eminem album

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Zaher Qouika Mohammad Tawel
Steve Cobbs Who is this fruity fukk ???
Jenifer Lind love love love
Taha Uygur what is this😎😎
StheSus Tine Blessing 88Illuminati

Ok I got the message in my DM so now I know what's really going on. I need both of you on 50Cenrtal. LOL#50centralbet

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Kóbk Sàvg Jam Jam I wish tf you would lawd
Yemi Toje 50 my man . Wish you had some kind of package for your African fans .
Fable Adrian Lol that's some really funny shit
Da Real Chambers Bout time u got at a nigga, u know I need a job
Nelly Zik diz guys are really funny mehn

But you already knew what time it was. 🤔#power #50centralbet #BMF #theoath #tomorrowtoday

2.3k reactions 59 comments
Jhonny West MaNy meNn....
Otis Sifford Fuck these hater bruh bruh
Kevin Felder Goddammit Fif! You on, fool!! 👊
Priscilla Nicholas Timing
Priscilla Triplett Win win win u all ready know 50 on top

They used to tell me that I would be nothing...

92 reactions 27 comments
Shahaf Hazazi עדן בוהדנה 😁
Nunam Sabo I think I will like this
Cedrick Gela Masongele Kanon
Jacob Zenda Ior mandex 9ja rapper, i luv u 50 cent
Karen Wang Never listen to others

292 reactions 17 comments
Taha Uygur vuağğğğğğğğğğ vuağğğğğğğğğğğğğ vuağğğğğğğğğğğğğğğğğğ ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffyıoyyıyıyıyıyıyıyıyıy
Alessandro Eccher Alex Porta
Mosse Sdb cool
StheSus Tine Blessing 371Illuminati
Wallaki Gray Looking good

Make Sure you Vote for POWER !! https://naacpimageawards.net/vote/ #PowerTV

835 reactions 64 comments
Savemysoul Fatherson goodtime.......r
EL Youbradjé 50cent
Trine Refer can you watch it online somewhere
EnHakkore Ogbe I just voted 🍾✔✔
Brayan Mario Spano POWER <3 ! j'attend la saison 5 mdrrrr !!

Still Think I’m Nothing...

3.6k reactions 220 comments
Rebecca Ross O damn I wish I was your lady I’d take care of all those thoughts
Denice Whitte They better know You ARE EVERYTHING 😜👌👌👆😇
Jab Kasole Just thank God for your every thing.
Sanele Luthuli The greatest hustler of all times

‪I told you I’m taking over TV. We right back at you again.. mid season finale of #50CentralBET coming on right now!! 📺‬

3.3k reactions 72 comments
Salone Onwuhchi Congratulations king50!,
Dumisani Crazydee Madalane S.A is waiting for it ;-)
Jay Banks i always put on g unit clothes, 50 hes my favorite nigga, i like what he does.
Joy Sunshine 50 I'm so proud of you and waiting on that message or call
Jamie Pasha we need you back in the studio tho🔥🔥🔥🔥 # 50 cent prod by metro booming💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

"Still Think I'm Nothing" Video OUT NOW!!! 🔥🔥🔥

1.8k reactions 86 comments
Lswital Boom Shim 🔥🔥💣💯💪🏾
Lou Lou Sickmade
Priscilla Triplett 🔥 hot up top must get it
Scelo Latha Dlamini Aish Jeremiah is killing it💥💣🌡🔥
Thaameran Baskaran Erhan Araci Zeit für ein Album 🔥🔥

‪It’s Time... Tune in NOW BET It’s gonna be lit tonight 🔥🔥🔥 #50CentralBET ‬

584 reactions 16 comments
Gustavo Müller ❤❤💪💪💪💪
Ishban Wang'ombe Keep it 100 50
StheSus Tine Blessing 693Illuminati
Gregory James 50 i was wondering why u sold vitamin water
Evans Tina Watching as we speak! Hilarious 😆 😩😂

"Still Think I'm Nothing" - PREMIERING TONIGHT on #50CentralBET - 10:30pm est - Don't Miss It!

1.6k reactions 46 comments
Sam Banks dope ggggunit
Hassan Poree I’m there for that
StheSus Tine Blessing 675Illuminati
Evans Tina Love It!! 💞🔥🔥💯
Anthony Holmes Back to the old 50

Don't Miss The mid-season Finale of #50CentralBET Tonight. I will premiering my brand new video "Still Think I'm Nothing" 🔥🔥🔥

2.6k reactions 49 comments
Pelagie Hemdji Très impatient 50
Chidi Ngozi Can I get my hug 😍😍😍😍😍
Zakaria Bamba Fifty boss
Hugo Dutra cadê o tour no Brasil Curtis Jackson "50 Cent" 😕😂
Wallaki Gray Smile

Set Your DVR or Get @BET App - #50CentralBET Tonight 10:30/9:30c Mid-Season Finale.. I'm Premiering my new video for “Still Think I’m Nothing” feat @Jeremih PLUS a 2nd Bonus Episode at 11:30e/10:30c! - youtu.be/wxvuRoPdYJk 🔥🔥🔥

545 reactions 17 comments
NTokozo Jobe jah man what up my ma 50 cent get up pump it up my man
Lamin Ceesay I like uvso muck
Heritier Doffou Je suis fou de toi et longue vie a toi
Wangyu Austine Reign Awesome nigga
Robin Fenty awesome <3

Squad up! #DenOfThieves

4.1k reactions 67 comments
Mustava Lucas Great
Yolanda Maumill Mask men
Hindrix Jose Eriasse I like this
StheSus Tine Blessing 693Illuminati
Lewissa Bratzza Nice man kiss u 50!

Still think I'm NOTHING, world premiere Wednesday on 50Central don't miss it. #50centralbet

1.9k reactions 33 comments
Thomas Reed Linda Jordan are you out of your fucking mind? No one wants to be a pussy ass superficial, punk who acts like the gossipy overage nosy housewife next door. Who the fuck would want to be that?
Kyle Edward Grady Corey Mac Christopher Adams
Wallaki Gray Wild
StheSus Tine Blessing 1313Illuminati
Charla Williams Right

Jan 19 in theaters everywhere( Den of Thieves). This you must see 👀#power #50centralbet #tomorrowtoday #BMF #theoath

2.0k reactions 68 comments
Kosfranklin Kos Bring us power season 5
Tori Michelle Can't wait!!!!
Elaine Rodrigues I'll see 😉
Michael Riccio Cool. Good Luck
Priscilla Triplett Can't wait to see 👀 it
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