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Today in 1978, David Gilmour's eponymous first album was released. It features his former bandmates Rick Wills (bass) and John 'Willie' Wilson (drums), who can be seen on the cover...

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Chris Middleton Raise My Rent, Short and Sweet, No Way, I Can't Breathe Anymore, Mihalis, and There's No Way Out of Here are all lovely songs. The vocals and harmonies are spot on, and Raise My Rent has the definitive Gilmour guitar sound, before he used it on The ...
Grant L'Green What a fantastic album. "There is no boundary set but time, and yet you waste it still" "And never was there an answer, not without looking, without seeing" I could go on and on
Antonio Carrabs The best Glmour's solo-album with On an island; About face is a good album...but the last "Rattle that lock" is the worst( I did not buy it !!!) ...just my opinion!!!
Bernd Kunze i like this album, i saw him solo w mick ralphs in mannheim germany, amazing concert, theres no way out of here is my fav song, amazing title
David Nielsen Played this album all summer in student housing after my freshman year at UC San Diego. "There's no way out of here..." was played during D&D games, much to the consternation of the players. A very enjoyable soundtrack for that summer.

Over 70,000 fans attended this open-air festival on the island of Grün near Germersheim, Germany, in 1972, to see quite a diverse line-up. Pink Floyd performed on the 21st; some of the advertised acts didn't appear, others were unannounced, and the venue changed after this poster was printed...

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Ingmar Waffenstrat The faces above humble pie, mariott has always been a better singer than rod stewart. He was the small faces.
Iain McCorquodale Ekseption! Imagine a cross between The Nice and James Last.
Tony Burton I'd put Frumpy and Ekseption on the other way around but there we go
Peter Holländer only a few miles from my hometown, unfortunately I was a 3yo in 1972
Chuck Larsen Wow!! What a line up,. I was only 8 but I still wish I had a time machine

Today, 50 years ago, Pink Floyd started recording See Emily Play at Sound Techniques recording studio in London's Chelsea. Pink Floyd were filmed by Peter Whitehead recording at this converted dairy early in the band's career, capturing them running through Interstellar Overdrive (recently released as part of Record Store Day) and, as Whitehead booked two hours, the band had some spare time, so came up with Nick's Boogie on the spot...

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Martin Rich Emily Rich
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Luis María González Hdez Leyendas!!
Pascal Diamond Mark Smith
Joe Fisher Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine (Joe Fisher & Leandro Dutra 2017 Bootleg)

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Jason Stainbrook Does anyone know if this exhibit will go on tour.
Oscar Muñiz I would like to go there someday
Scott Weber Pleeeeeeeeeease come to the US!!!!!
Jose Cubillos Alejandra Bonilla :O porqueeee estamos tan lejos :(
Reinaldo Soares gostaria de estar ai

Here's David Gilmour visiting The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, now open at London's V&A and running until the start of October...if you haven't yet, you can order your tickets through Photo: Polly Samson (

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Marcus White What I would give to run into David Gilmour whilst visiting The Pink Floyd Exhibition!!!
John Farell-Rey Help me Obi're my only hope. Oh wait a minute it's David Gilmour
Erik De Bloeme Anyone else got the book? Is expensive at £4 0 but very nice. Received it yesterday
Ann Peddle-Bennett I am so in love with David. He is a rock god. Pink Floyd forever!!!!!!!!
Mike Seguin i'm still heart broken about Pink Floyd's retirement ... But i guess all good things come to an end sometime ... i've had some good times listening to Pink Floyd . great memories .

Photos from The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains's post

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Larece Sylvester Rourke So happy you got to be there Brian Rourke 😍
Daniel Arseneault Got to go see this
Robert Cosgrove Seen this. A must for all Floyd fans.
Michael R Geran I love Pink Floyd , I have Pink Floyd On my WALL !
Vlastik St. Drkoš Pink Floyd Forever...

"I'm so afraid of mistakes that I've made Shaking every time that I awake..." Which earlier Floyd track has this David Gilmour vocal?

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Leslie Bernard The Show Must Go On?
Anthony Toscano Ibiza Bar !
Roger Little Ibiza Bar.
Nick Armin Ibiza Bar
Chris McElrea IBIZA BAR!!!

The poster for the first night of the 1969 tour...

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Ben Wigham William Phillips good poster for ya shed 👌
Samantha Rezsua
Johny Dijck Awesome xxxxxxx
Sylvia Molina So awesome.
Fadi H. Rezq What does 15/- 12/6 and 10/- 8/6 6/6 mean?

Further to Friday's post about the 1967 Games For May concert, here's another picture taken at the rehearsal for that show, of Richard Wright.

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Mr. Child
Mauro Almeida Clauber Claudino
Romolo Roberto Pagano Cosimo Fischetti
Garrett Hicks Becca!
Osama Ezz Eldeen Rick was Floyds back bone in their early Days.

On this day in 1971, Relics - A Bizarre Collection of Antiques and Curios - was released as a compilation album, with a hand-drawn cover by Nick Mason. With yesterday's opening of #TheirMortalRemains: The Pink Floyd Exhibition, we hope that some of you have already been able to explore the collection of antiques and curios on display at the V&A in London (or will be going soon).

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Steve Sebastiani Is one cassette very cool Congratulation
Urihell Juarez Lecter Ivan Urrutia ya escuchaste ese?
Dave Elson When the sun's out Relics is my go to album
J Brian Sullivan ah Cirrus Minor. the theme to many a ketamine trips during my uni years.
Jeffrey Ryan Still waiting for the 180 gram remastered vinyl.....

Have you noticed the faces at the window? Here's Nick Mason loading the band's Bedford van (without the help of the others, it seems). You get to start your journey through the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains by entering a replica of this van... Picture from the Pink Floyd Archive

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Stephen Reading Julie Reading is that your Dad's old Bedford
Andy Boden Brilliant
Tony Slater Just mentioned this on sky arts
Curtis Asher Least talented loads!
Peter Bennett Cool picture man.

50 years ago today - the famous Games For May concert.

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Tony Olson I like how they advertise that there will be girls.
Jeffrey David ANY AUDIO ????
Dennis Stacey Saw them about the same time in Lews town hall
Chris Jenkins Free games for may! See emily play!
Erick Simón Snz They really knew exactly what to do!

"The sound resounds around the icy waters underground..." Did the lyric from Astronomy Domine help inspire the Azimuth Co-ordinator? You can see this iconic piece of equipment, put together by the boffins at Abbey Road, at the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains. Tickets/information: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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Paul Lucas Early playstation controller
Geoff Mumford Looking forward to seeing this amazing bit of kit!
Victor Rodriguez muy bueno de diez
Grant Hilder Lachlan Hilder this instrument is awesome.

Notts County Football Ground isn't automatically thought of as a concert venue, but in 1969, this great line-up appeared for a one-day festival:

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Susan Raynor Wow. Love seeing these old posters of concert venues! Cool.
Robin Dixon Those were the days......all for 75 pence....
Javier Reverter Great line up ! and for under a quid !!! I missed it by a month but a great great example of 69's music
Bruno Mihaljevic Odd Mystique Rhythms (examples) … 7s at hi hat … bass drum at 1 3 7 … snare at 4 … 4/7 … 7s at hi hat … 14s at double pedal … snare at 1 4 … 4/7 … 13s at hi hat … bass drum at 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 … snare at 4 8 12 … 1/13 … 13s at hi hat … 26s at double ...
Ken Octon Imagine that Dan. All for 87.5 pence!! No. I wasn't there.

One of the more detailed, and elaborate, Pink Floyd concert posters from 1970.

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George Taylor I'd love to see a Floyd concert for $4!
Sheri McGovern $4.00.
Susie Gomez $4.00 tickets. I wish they still cost that.
Marcelo Gryant Who is the graphic artist..?
Sebastian Herrera Castiblanco wooooow !!! :O !

Roger Waters draws the teacher which inspired the character. See a full size Teacher puppet and much more at the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains – tickets are now on sale for the exhibition, which starts on May 13th and runs for 20 weeks. Picture: © Roger Waters 1978

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Said Ordaz-Moreno Looks like my teachers and my different managers back in the day
Frank Rodden We used to tell them we"ll get you when your on your crutches!
Peter Ciccone That's what they say in higher education if you don't conform to liberal thinking!
Andrew Robinson It's the exact opposite today. The illusion students get about the real world is a joke. The balance is all wrong
Liam Bongo Watched the Berlin concert with Cindy lauper and the trial teacher mother wife very well done

A poster promoting The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, 1967. Tickets for the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains, which starts on Saturday (May 13th), are selling fast - get yours now. Picture: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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Nathan Couac Fernanda Barrientos
Vinay Vali Philipp Hi
Инээмтгий Хүн <3
Rick Calero Sebastian Flores mira este tripeo
Tess Heijstek <3333333333

We're sure not many of you would need the $3 encouragement to snap up tickets for this show early, if we were able to wind the clock back 40 years...

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Tom Eshleman Going to see Roger Waters again this summer for the "Us and Them" tour.
Kathy Grisham Good times!! I was there and loved every minute of it!!
Tim Close Back then it was a good deal. I paid $7.00 to see Led Zeppelin in 1977.😎
David Christy My dad was at this show. Needless to say, he doesn't remember much of it.
Vincent Bautista $12.50.......Damn! Hahaha. .....those were the days! Eagles jacked that up!

"YOU! Yes, you...STAND STILL LADDIE!" The punishment book and cane used on Roger Waters when he was at school, on display at the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains – tickets are now on sale for the exhibition, which starts on May 13th and runs for 20 weeks. Tickets/info: Picture: ©Pink Floyd Music Ltd

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Edward Williams If this is real, why would you keep something like this? That man has problems, serious problems.
Nick Perugini Frank Conolly, we should take a jaunt over to London.
Bob Smith when he was at school?? so somehow someone got the same cane from the early 50's?? pull the other one.
Mike Scott will the exhibition be held north of the border as at an average of £250 per person to visit from up here it's a non starter for a great many people
Cillian Murphy Don't see what the big deal is with it, All in all it's just another stick on a wall......

Timeline Photos

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Timeline Photos

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Helen Hunt David Gilmore you beautiful man
David Lurie roger waters is a drug addicted egotistical TWAT
Javier Basualdo C. Carlos Manns El gordo matando gente...
Daniel Melli David always plays from the heart.
Melody Reeves Love David Gilmour

Photos from The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains's post

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พิชัย เวชยานันท์ ครับ เพื่อน พวกเราชอบ...
Neil Anderson I've got my tickets for July. Can't wait!
Mey Floyd How I wish I were there to see this great exhibition
Silvano Carminato Beh, ho un debole per i Pink :-)
James Neubeck The most beautiful, iconic drum kit EVER. SHINE ON!

A precursor to Nick Mason's "bubble" design Pink Floyd logo? This poster is from 1968...

3.5k reactions 23 comments
Andrea Gregorini Ionascu Adrian
Annie Harris Michael J Harris
Bobb Hull Abby Jester
Aurélien Gérard Bertrand Filhol les typos sont cool !
Sarah Elizabeth Earle cooooooool

Which song, on which album? "All I have to do is just close my eyes To see the seagulls wheeling on those far distant skies..."

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Noelia Campoliete
Jay Dark "The Gold It's in the..." from the album Obscured by Clouds, good song! :)
Antonio Simoes Sou Pink. De SETÚBAL dos anos , 60. COMECEI A HOUVIR TODAS AS MUSICAS. Meu Irmão . Que já faleceu O nome dele era Carlos. Mais conhecido por ALICE COOPER, .Em Setubal. Gosto de houvir Pink Floyd. porque gosto mesmo. hoje 2-05017. estou a houvir. Um ...
Ivor Evans Obscured by clouds The Gold it's in the the.. bought this album the day it was released. Great tune and lyrics.
Jolanda Scholten We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year

Pink Floyd played the first of two nights at New York's legendary Carnegie Hall on this day in 1972, presenting an early version of The Dark Side of the Moon, along with songs such as One of These Days, Eugene, and Echoes.

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Alex McLaughlin sorry dave the wall was there peak even animals with a great finish or should i say their final cut
Juan Ramón Arlegui pink floyd is syd ........
Juan Alejandro Candia Téllez Grande Pink Floyd
Miroslaw Cieslik I love PINK FLOYD
Marianne Ferruccio Sanches Ultimate Pink Floyd concert. Wish I was there.

Nick Mason's 1981 album, Fictitious Sports, was released on this day. A collaboration with Carla Bley, it includes vocals by Robert Wyatt...

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Jimmy Lyle Piss take to use the pink floyd name on this album
Joe Maurone Love this album.
Sam May More like a Carla Bley album featuring Nick on drums.
Davy Mcg It's bloody awful!
Brett Damarell ..Wet dream was a Crackin-Album,Too..😀😀

An advert for the Floyd's appearance in Houston, Texas in 1977, where tickets were $10...

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Curtis Littlefield I saw that concert at the Milwaukee Stadium me and Laura went it was awesome
Ward Macgregor Love the pig!! I might have to go see Roger Waters this October.
Matt Schornig Oh boy there goes peter Framptons big finally .. He is gone a be pissed off Coel Coeltrain Taylor..
Rodolphe Cahen Ok, 10 box in 1977 ... How much today !!! make 40.20 usd
Kathy Baird I saw that concert in Cincinnati; saw them twice actually.

Blue Abstract by Syd Barrett, circa 1964. Amongst the many gems on display at the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains which opens on May 13th and runs for 20 weeks. Tickets: © Syd Barrett Family Ltd

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Bri Madden Take this exhibition Manchester please.
Reynaldo Vicente Nieto La pared cuando
Torsten Raab A bit Munch in it
Richard Tony Ennis I wonder how he came up with the title...
Bruno Sallès lovely

An alternate shot from Vic Singh's photo sessions for the Piper cover, on display with much more at the Pink Floyd Exhibition #TheirMortalRemains – tickets are now on sale for the exhibition, which starts on May 13th and runs for 20 weeks. Picture © Pink Floyd Music Ltd photo by Vic Singh

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Alex Lamontagne William Goyer
Mark Reid Sr. When's it coming to america
William Henderson His turquoise waistcoat is quite out of sight...
Tony Guillen Guillen it is wonderfull
Jaspal Sehint Cheers. Have been thinking to go and see it.
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