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With the principle of "third time lucky", See Emily Play/The Scarecrow was released as a single in the US yet again, this time in July 1968. Despite the imploring nature of this promo cover, success remained elusive for this single in America.

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Jim Dearing Reached number 6 in 1967 so not that terrible
Ralf Falcadi The sec best, comfortably numb os the show stopper
Juankmilo Vargas That's a great band
Toon Rokx Een van de mooiste nummers van Pink Floyd.
John Westlund Relics is my favorite album. See Emily Play is very dear to my heart.

Only a select few fans were able to witness David Gilmour’s ground-breaking return to the Pompeii amphitheatre for a brace of incredible performances in July 2016, but from 29th September every fan will be able to experience them, with the release of the recording of those concerts on CD, Blu-Ray, DVD, LP and download. Released via Sony Music, Live at Pompeii will be available on 2-CD, Blu-ray, 2-DVD, 4-LP, deluxe Blu-ray box and download. For more information, please visit The Blu-ray and DVDs include highlights from the concert performances of both shows, filmed in 4k by director Gavin Elder. The audio, available on CD and LP, was mixed by Andy Jackson and David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins. The formats run to around 148 minutes each, with more than 2 additional hours of material included in the deluxe 4-disc Blu-ray / CD set. The Pompeii concerts marked a return by David to the venue 45 years after Pink Floyd filmed in the legendary Roman Amphitheatre there, his two spectacular shows forming part of the year-long tour in support of the No.1 album Rattle That Lock. David’s performances were the first-ever rock concerts for an audience in the stone Roman amphitheatre, and, for two nights only, the 2,600-strong crowd stood exactly where gladiators would have fought in the first century AD. The stellar performances are complemented by an audio-visual spectacle, featuring lasers, pyrotechnics and a trademark huge circular screen, but paramount is the music; the show includes songs from throughout David's career, solo and with Pink Floyd, including One Of These Days, the only song that was also performed by the band there in 1971, and six songs from Rattle That Lock, as well as two from 2006’s On An Island. The release of Live At Pompeii will be preceded by a worldwide cinema screening of around 107 minutes – see for more details. Live At Pompeii showcases an artist at the top of his artistic game, performing incredible material with his world-class band, in a unique setting, on one very special occasion.

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Daryl Barber Must be enough demand for 4K, don't want to commit to buying BluRay, if there is. 👍
Karine Jalbert Stéphanie Jalbert raison de plus d'aller en Italie ! :-P
William Bueno Denis aí sim!!!!
Scott Williams $100 for the vinyl. Nahhh.
Carl Fritz Great! Now lets see a decent blu ray release of the original pompeii

A concert ad for "the group that brings its own lighting to set the scene oscillating and vibrating with Way Out Sets" - today in Elgin, Scotland, 1967.

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Tim Griffin If only they came back north!
Jason Cohen If I only had a time machine...
Andy Bain Ann Duncan were you there?
Agatha Thais DL Hello I'm talking here from Rio de Janeiro, I have an uncle who is very fan of the rock band Pink Froy and we have a very rare photo of the epoch of 1964 where are th
Craig Appleton A bus from Buckie tae the Elgin Assembly rooms... but not back again...

"Bridges burning gladly, merging with the shadows, flickering between the lines..." The opening lyrics to which Pink Floyd album?

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Drew Kennedy Burning bridges, one of my favorite Floyd songs. Album is Obscured by Clouds
Jack Warszawski my first rock concert was in 1969 / i was 14. i have seen over 1,000 bands over the years. my best concert, my #1 concert was PINK FLOYD "dark side of the moon" tour on 6-24-1973. it was "surreal" and magical. it took place at blossom music center ...
Kevin Mahon Oh by the way?
Noah James Burning of my all time favourite Pink Floyd Tracks
Luke Smith This album and more are two of my personal favorites from pink Floyd.

Photos from The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains's post

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Rhett Etherington He's there today Nigel
Bill Watts Only one thing to say about Pink Floyd (BRILLIANT)
Francisco Gomez Pink floyd es cultura..
Fred Burley Why can't this exhibition tour the country?
Lillian Guzmán Bozo Myrta Guzman subete una pic aquí.

The band concluded the European leg of the Another Lapse tour, 1989, in Marseille, southern France. Here's the poster for the show...

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H-ed H-La Ça c'est beau ! Kèv In
Joel Hubert J'y étais !!
Doudoulquif Gytofyr J y etais , un concert magnifique
Edouard Henry Loïc Dietlin en 89 NRJ avait un goût certain
Pascal Flatres Moi j'y était mais à Versailles, et c'était du pur bonheur, un grand merci au Pink Floyd.

As we approach the mid-point of The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains staging at London's Victoria & Albert Museum, tickets are selling well for the remaining dates. If you are intending to catch it before it closes, we suggest you secure your tickets soon to avoid disappointment: Here's a couple of photographs by Richard Young (Richard Young Gallery, @RichardYoung110) of David and Polly visiting the exhibition in May this year.

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Pie Wilson Was there a few weeks ago superb exhibition a must for Floyd fans
Steve Pirry Visited the exebition in June brilliant . 3.5 hours of pure Floyd indulgence .
Pepa Aaviksoo Well worth visiting,more than 50 years of great music and everything behind and around in fantastic setting .You have to see and feel it!
Deborah Spencer My new favorite Rose is named " " Pink Floyd ". Beautiful big hot pink flower with Lovely full on rose Fragrance! ! Nice name... it's psychodeleiic!
Simon Petrie As much as I would like to see the exhibition I'm not doing ticketmaster I refuse to pay to print my ticket

In front of an audience of over 200,000, and around the world (via a live television broadcast) to almost 100 million, Pink Floyd performed in Venice, 1989, on a floating stage. Here's the rare poster for the event.

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Paul Privitera My parents coincidentally were in Venice that day. I got a concert tee out of it.
Jeffrey Thal And the actual concert was a revelation of sight and sound.
Rosario Guccio ma come dicono tanto di vasco e poi booooo ci sono i pink floyd quasi 20anni prima e gratis non a pagamento
John Broom Watched it on TV years ago, it was a fantastic performance by Pink Floyd, Davids guitar playing was out of this world.
Roberto Roby Righi I was there! In front of the stage in the boats. unforgettable.

In July 1967, Pink Floyd appeared on BBC TV's Top of the Pops three times, performing See Emily Play. Here's a photo of the band in action at the BBC Studios...

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Romain Sandou Tiens regarde-moi ces Pink Floyd Emmanuel Borie
Yon Kipop best `psycodelic rock era" and you the best one
Antoine Peyralade Quelqu'un a-t'il entendu parler d'une reformation de Pink Floyd cet été
John ST Modelworks Nice pants, Rog.
Pintauli Matondang Ndaaa tau niiiih kenapa yaaah..... ayo abang saja yg cerita ttng apa aja abang

Just two months to go - don't miss this one night only opportunity to see the spectacular film of David Gilmour Live at Pompeii, in cinemas worldwide on September 13th. Tickets and more information:

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Petey King It's to bad rodger waters don't take a page from Dave and just play the music, but no he has to get into the political side of a place he don't even live, what a waste of my money I spent
Oscar Acosta Rojas Carlos Beutel Sebastian Acosta T..el 13 Septiembre 20:00 Hs en el cine de Belgrano..$ 190 vamos..?
Raeanna Renshaw LaVerne Spencer it's showing on her birthday!! What a fantastic surprise you could do for her!! Click the link, it will give options for here and surrounding areas 🤗❤
Bijay Kumar Mallick If the day comes when Roger, Nick and Dave come together for one last concert, no matter whatever part of the world they do, I am gonna be there no matter whatever it takes! I hope the movie makes it to the Indian cinemas. 🙏🤘
Curtis Buler I'm interested. I've never attended a one night showing in the cinema, but I'll probably never get an opportunity to see him live either.

Watch David Gilmour's Historic Concert in 'Live at Pompeii' Trailer

Watch David Gilmour
Watch David Gilmour's Historic Concert in 'Live at Pompeii' Trailer

David Gilmour delivers a towering performance of "Comfortably Numb" in the new trailer for his upcoming concert film, 'Live at Pompeii.'

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David Heath Abbigayle Maye watch the small clip and how cool the lighting and fireworks.... what a show x
Sergio Mello Luciana, pena que não é semana que vem... Vai ser dia 13, em 4 cinemas em POA.😑
Richard Poole Andy Pearce - fancy a date at the cinema?
Stuart Duff Are there any editorial staff left in the world who actually proofread articles for spelling and grammar before publishing or is that a thing of the past?
Benjamin Thomas Yeah what a total let down!Video but NO AUDIO!Booo...

A poster for the band's 1968 performance on this day, in Detroit, Michigan.

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Luís Cunha João They were metal af \m/
Samuel Drai Raphaël des affiches comme ça c'est beau
Cam Dennis Kate Emerson not a bad line up 😱😱
Robert Mcmahon Best group ever. Dark side of the moon will go down in history.
Rob Luhellier Grande Ballroom ,Great Bands !!!!!!!!!! I have a sad photo of the Grande just about falling in on it`s self.........

A look back to today, 2010, when 200 guests witnessed Roger Waters and David Gilmour running through Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Another Brick In The Wall part two, and To Know Him Is To Love Him, at Kiddington Hall, for the Hoping Foundation. This collaboration lead to David guesting one night in May 2011 on Roger's production of The Wall, at London's O2 Arena. Picture: Polly Samson.

18.5k reactions 321 comments
Brent Paquette A lil info for all the know nothing A holes trashing Waters. He's done more to help people in need than most. He played at the stand up for hero's concert to benefit wounded troops, the sandy relief concert, and the tsunami relief concert. They were all ...
Tyrone Mayger I'm only 24 and being born in 1993 i never got the absolute privilege to see Pink Floyd as a whole. I envy anyone who has seen them. Especially anyone who was at earls court in 94 for the pulse concert. That concert is life to me. Can't even remember ...
Ryan Newberry Ok people commenting roger negativity david negativity pink floyd was a complete total force all members together made some of the most beautiful musical creations, yes roger went overboard but without him there wouldn't be most of the popular albums ...
Stan Durinski I always preferred David's voice over Rogers. Roger reminds me he wasn't the easiest person to work with and his narcissism was primarily responsible for the disintegration of Pink Floyd. Roger is great and I like a lot of stuff he has done over the ...
Nicholas Buckland I never bought the whole "It can't be Pink Floyd without Rick Wright" argument. Well just remember... 1. They've been Pink Floyd without Syd (1967 onwards) 2. They've been Pink Floyd without Dave (1966-67) 3. They've been Pink Floyd without Roger (1983 ...

Photos from The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains's post

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Michael Davies Looks like a great display. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully one day something like it could make it to Chicago.
Michael Lewis I wish... Roger's tour has taken thousands of my dollars!!! Not that I'm complaining!!!!😅😉
Marco Tom Hope that this exhibition will also travel to other museums in Europe. Just like the David Bowie exhibition did!
Zane Burtnyk Please bring this to the National Art Gallery of Canada. Pleeeeeeeze!!!
Naomi Westfall I'd love to see this - any chance of a tour? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be great!

One year ago today, David Gilmour performed the second of the pair of spectacular shows at the ancient amphitheatre of Pompeii. They were shot in 4k by director Gavin Elder and the resulting film - David Gilmour Live at Pompeii - will be presented in Dolby Atmos sound in cinemas worldwide for one night only - September 13th 2017. Tickets are now on sale worldwide with more cinemas to follow soon, including Latin America and Central America. Via ‘Demand It’ if David Gilmour Live at Pompeii is not screening in a specific area, fans can make a request for it by filling out a form on the website, and Trafalgar Releasing will do their best to bring the event to a cinema near them. For details of cinemas taking part in this very special one night only event and ticket information visit

17.8k reactions 1501 comments
Bill Steele Sr Pink Floyd was so far ahead of their time that no one has, or ever will equal them. David Gilmour's stylized guitar work is like surgery preformed by music... he stands still, plays slowly and re-wires the circuitry in your brain. He is brilliant.
Ron Cohen When I toured Pompeii, I asked my tour guide where was the Pink Floyd concert held. She said "that is not important to the history of this place" I said said it was to me!
Nile Marple waters a better voice then gilmour??? thats funny.......not young ...def not old.......i think u should go back and watch PULSE......gilmour was pink floyd......
Nick Howarth Rex Alan Widdows 8.30pm Llandudno 13th September, fancy it?
William Reichold I swear sometimes I honestly think we are living in the Matrix. I was thinking I should buy my Ticket for this tonight and a few minutes later this is square dead center on my Facebook page...WTF?

Timeline Photos

17.2k reactions 304 comments
Oreste Nappi SHINE ON SYD
Nicolas Newsome I wonderful talent, lost in his own mind. Happy birthday. Shine on crazy diamond
Brett Damarell Total Respect to Syd He Kicked down the door..And Gilmour & Waters took Pink Floyd to new Heights..😀
Jono Santxo I'm much obliged to you for making it clear that you ARE here . . .and heard . . .after so many years.#theGnomeandScarecrow
Robert Merritt Never forgotten the legend founder of pink Floyd still shines on..

One of the best known posters from Pink Floyd's In The Flesh tour on 1977 - it was advertising the final concert, one which was to prove pivotal for the future of the band...

9.1k reactions 176 comments
Mike Quinn Still have my ticket from the 77' tour! Saw them at the Olympiahalle in Munich!
Olivier Audet Alexandre Rousseau Alexandre Boisvert Félix Gélinas-Gascon dans le temps que pink floyd c'tait 10$
Jon D'Antico I wish
Simon Dumais J'y étais, cela me fait revivre toute une soirée musicale avec Pink Floyd.
Sami Ouardi Sami El Hafiane le jour où Waters crache sur le public ❤

The Floyd's sole live appearance outside North America in 1975 was at the Knebworth Festival in Hertfordshire, England. The show was notable for many things, not least a Spitfire flypast to start the Floyd's set, electrical issues affecting the tuning of the keyboards, and Roy Harper recreating his vocal on Have a Cigar. Here's Richard backstage in the grounds of Knebworth House.

8.7k reactions 232 comments
Elizabeth Chisholm I was there. It was the year after the first Knebworth concert with the Allman Brothers - the Bucolic Frolic :)
Dorothy Gray We were there Iv and I what a blast remember Monty Python between the bands happy days we can still remember sort of I think we reckon we were there
Louise Heap I was there! Sixteen years old, and my first festival! Remember, Kim Jolley, Debbie Parsons? xx
Pintauli Matondang Koo belum didengar siiiih bang ini lagu paforitku bang , saya aja klw dngr lagu ini netes air mata ndaa tau kenapa tuuuu dngarlaah bang baru delete yg saya suruh delete uma uma uma kiss dr saya
John Prior I understand Richard had a bad show for this event. The Spitfires flying over head knocked his keyboard set up out of phase

In 1989, Pink Floyd performed the first of what became six nights at the fairly short-lived London Arena (also known as the Dockland's Arena). The first night of the six in this venue raised money for a selection of charities, and the final night started at 4pm, to help with getting all the equipment to the next venue, which was the Goffertpark, Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.

4.6k reactions 82 comments
K Randolph Mortensen Tried to get into this sold out show, even went to the arena trying to find scalpers, no one was selling anything!
Pintauli Matondang Ralat : Terang n Garam. TERANG & GARAM membuat suasana kel lepas keluarga semakin terjalin Kasin & Cinta Contoh Suami lebih mencintai istri n putrinya yg cantyk2. Krn kehebatan kesuksesan seorang suami ada dalam DOA istri yg sll memohon meminta ...
Pintauli Matondang Jadilah TERAANG dlm artian membahagiakan sesamamu sehingga terjalin kasih nan indah yg diciptakan individu lepas individu,kadang kala susah menciptakan terang itu sendiri mengapa? Krn tdk ada penerangan dihati yg paling dalam agar tercipta suasan ...
Alan Dempsey Craig Mcclure and I were there on the 7th of July.
Luke Bradshaw I went to the Sunday afternoon show (which I seem to remember was the same time as the Wimbledon final)

Hard to believe it is now twelve years since the historic appearance of David, Roger, Richard and Nick together again on stage for the Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park. Today's a great excuse to show the Comfortably Numb performance again...

38.1k reactions 756 comments
Pekka Kapanen I was watching it on TV that Live 8 night, and have returned to it on Youtube many times during these 12 years. Top performance, excellent choice of 4 songs, the strong emotion of these guys getting back together one final time. Really a great piece of ...
Ervin Perez "... Y giré para mirar y se había ido...El chicho crecio y el sueño se fue..." El sueño se fue, la música continua... Gracias por todo!!! Gracias Pink Floyd!!!
David Garrington Remember staying up to watch this on tv, as I didn't get free tickets like one of my friends at work. And to top it off, he left before Floyd came on!!!
Roy K. Ehmke Unparalleled music for sure. Stage effects beyond compare, but the music, by God the lyrics. Most written by Roger waters, but still, I don't care who wrote them, the music was loved by me from the first tape (Yeah, 8-track) I heard entitled Ummagumma ...
Charles Hollenback for over 40 years Pink Floyd has been my utmost respected band of all times..Love You Pink were my top priority to see in concert..sorry I missed y'all but live on the internet is pretty damn good :)

The official companion book for The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains is now available in its English language edition, from all good retailers, and directly from the Victoria & Albert, either as a hardback, with a lenticular cover, or (exclusively from the V&A) as a paperback. The large format book is fully illustrated, and has over 300 pages. More details: Good news for German fans - you will be able to buy the translation of the book into that language from July 6th, from bookstores and other retailers.

2.8k reactions 98 comments
Pintauli Matondang Untung dee ibu yg sabar tadi ttp mencarinya akhirnya diterima dng senang hati. Pdhl buku di klw ngk suka kan hrnya di delete. Tapi apa daya Cinta bersemi kembali buku. Pdhl saya biasa aja tuh buku.....he he he he sekarang dia sll menunggu comen saya ...
Pintauli Matondang Buku dia tdk pernah berusaha mau menjawab coba kamu yg menegurnya spt saya ditegur buku unk mengisi comen unk si bp tsb. Berarti kamu tdk adil yaah buku......tapi tak apalah hanya sekedar balasan. Yg ditunggu juga tak akan ada jawaban. Aturan kan ...
Pintauli Matondang Hai buku tapi sy dibuatnya jadi pandai dng bp yg baik tadi, bahkan diajarin genit, juga nakal. Krn buku bp yg pinter itu ternnyata genit n nakal juga boleh juga sih he he he he ketauan deeeh😝😝☺️
Pintauli Matondang Apakah kamu puas buku sdh saya coert2 shngg kamu sdh tdk putih lagi krn sdh tercoert coert dng tus tng ibu yg sabaaaar bngt ☺️
Pintauli Matondang Hai buku dia sngt senang dng komen2 saya nga tau tuuh dr dulu sy jg seneng sih lihat dia jadi yaah sdhlah terbalas sdh senengnya. Tapi sdih buku tdk ditemani kadang ditemani siih klw lagi bernasib sekarang lagi ngk bernasib....kasiankan buku ibu yg ...

Let's start the month with a special playlist of 50 Essential Floyd songs, to celebrate the band's 50 years. It can be heard on the streaming service Spotify, which is free to sign up to.

PInk Floyd - 50 Years | 50 Essential Songs, a playlist by pink_floyd_ on Spotify
PInk Floyd - 50 Years | 50 Essential Songs, a playlist by pink_floyd_ on Spotify

Classic hits from Pink Floyd including Comfortably Numb, Money, Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2, Time, Wish You Were Here, Dogs, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) and many others. For the complete Floyd collection listen to the Oh By The Way playlist.

4.7k reactions 62 comments
Brian St Croix Omg 50 years? Jeesh thats a long time ago .
Luis Guerra The Best
Virgil Jitariuc What a nonsense...
Leslie Stanley Cornwell Spotify is not for Pink Floyd lovers!
Yoo Reeka Tracks? Floyd tracks? No. Floyd albums. Meddle, Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Wall. In that order. Just my opinion...

Benefitting the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centre, this concert in 1990 wasn't just a fund-raiser for a worthy cause, but your £30 got you some eleven hours of music from the likes of Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Robert Plant with Jimmy Page, Genesis, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and others, with Pink Floyd headlining. The circular screen was removed due to safety reasons thanks to the high winds and rain earlier in the day, so Mr Screen just showed off his lighting tricks. Before the band's set, a short (but fascinating) video montage was played, to the delight of the Floyd fans in the sizeable audience, and to some confusion by the rest!

1.5k reactions 180 comments
Paul Markwell The wind and rain was mental that day. Highlights were the Floyd but the supergroup was something else !
Tara Skeats Fantastic day, Pink Floyd was amazing. The walk back to the train station not so fantastic!!!!
John Cronin Epic version of comfortably numb, even the driving rain coming on stage didn't faze David or band 🎸🎸🎸
Patrik Eriksson The best song of the day was when Jimmy Page joined Robert Plant and played wearing and tearing!
Steve Gee The rain seemed to add to the light show, amazing day :-)

Timeline Photos

4.0k reactions 135 comments
Mary Ellen Bennett INCREDIBLE! Wish I Were There
Vincent Sentner George A. Blackwell, Mary Blackwell Something out of the ordinary tourist sites. Maybe?
Ben Read Beverly Read & Andrew Dunstan we need to get a date for this and get it booked soon.
Elsa Jane Wazenegger Any chance of this coming to LA ? The Grammy museum ....?
Terry Maple Really great exhibition - Loved it. If you get the chance do not miss it

"Summoning his cosmic powers and glowing slightly from his toes..." Name the song!

1.6k reactions 181 comments
Andy Simpson The opening track of the Saucerful LP, Let There Be More Light. Awesome song and great album.
Luís Teixeira de Sousa Let there be more light That song has one of the best bass intros ever written
Lisa Maddox Let there be more light. It took me a good moment to remember what song this was.
Thomas Garcia Jr. "Light the fuse, stand well back. He cried 'This is my last goodbye!' Point Me At The Sky"
Andrea Miuzzo "Let There Be More Light" from the second album dated 1968!

Today in 1968, A Saucerful of Secrets was released. It was the first Pink Floyd album to feature a cover by the team at Hipgnosis, and included elements from a Marvel comic book published the previous year - Strange Tales issue 158. Musically, it marked the transition from the Syd Barrett line-up, and three tracks include Syd performing. Producer Norman Smith did the drumming and some backing vocals on Remember A Day.

3.3k reactions 160 comments
Connor Sanders "Why can't we play today? Why can't we stay that way?"
Stephanie Gallo Wow, did not know Norman Smith played drums on Remember A Day.
Scott Williams Pretty scattered experimental record. Doesn't really do it for me. I think they hit their stride at Meddle.
Marcus Bush According to wikipedia, the source that credits Norman Smith with the drumming on this track is "Comfortably Numb: The Inside Story of Pink Floyd" by Mark Blake. However, I think he or his source may have made a mistake and attributed Smith to the wrong ...
Eroni Fitiao My favourites are Saucerful of secrets Jugband blues and Set the controls for the heart of the sun. I love the live version of Saucerful of secrets at Pompeii.

Attendees of the Bath Festival today in 1970 were served up a feast of some Amazing Pudding - at that time, the Floyd still didn't have a title for Atom Heart Mother. With a crowd of some 150,000, the lengthy set-up of the stage and lighting for the band's set made some restless, and tired, but once the band hit the stage, the performance thrilled the audience, not least with the flares in the sky as part of the finale...

8.1k reactions 654 comments
Mike Fox I was there, hitched down from Southport on the Thursday night, slept through the Floyd on the Saturday night. Fantastic time, it was the forerunner to Glastonbury. Great days that I'll never forget.
Terence Lloyd I was there too. Came down with a group of friends from Shrewsbury and parked when the crowds made it impossible to drive any further. Featured in a Melody Maker photo under the headline That's Me Man, The One With The Long Hair...
Val Kay-Dunn I was there!! Went from Ulverston up in Cumbria (Lancashire at the time) with 5 lads in 2 minis with tents. Got permission post A levels to cut school. Deputy Head panicked about it and was very interested in what I told him, when we returned to ...
Richard Tofts Now THATS a proper festival lineup. These days they are dredging up ancient bands or relying on the same old circuit of ' headliners by numbers ' artists.
Kelvin Bloxham I was there! Travelled up from Portsmouth with a friend and a couple of new girl friends, who dumped us on arrival! We only took sleeping bags and had a damp night under the clouds. Toilet facilities were gross. We left early on the Sunday and ...

Photos from The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains's post

3.3k reactions 80 comments
Mark Hanna Been there done that....would do it every day!
ミカエル プルヴォ I am waiting for the Paris dates.
Doron Segal how i wish i could be there!
Joaquin Abraham Granados Alba We went yesterday with the kids. AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️
Mary-Anne Andrews Only one criticism. Why no mention of Mark Boyle at the UFO.

Pink Floyd's cover photo

3.4k reactions 71 comments
Christiane Dunker-Kobza Don't miss it, but book time slot!!!
David Hudson Would love to go
Del Purse Been there, got the tee shirt! great show🙂
James Farrell I'm going on July 8th, can't wait.
Philippe Verrier It would be great to see it in Paris 😉
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