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Back in October last year, Nick Mason was interviewed by Clive Anderson for China Exchange in London. A video recording was made of the entire event, which can be viewed here:

Nick Mason - China Exchange
Nick Mason - China Exchange can’t be loaded: An Evening with Nick Mason ( Nick Mason started his Prudential Talk by speaking

1.2k reactions 16 comments
John Bass Ken Collyer
Neil McManus Peter Freer
Chris Berry Paul Davies
Irma van der Zouw Joep Dackel
Mark Palmer Michelle Palmer Had lots of fun surprising Nick!

One of a number of eye-catching posters for early Pink Floyd concerts - this one for a pair of UFO shows in January. Not quite sure how the advertised karate would have fitted in to the concert though...

1.4k reactions 16 comments
Victor Soriano Santana seria un onor genial hir a un consierto dellos
Scott Eversole Oh, man! Get out the black light.:^) <3 Xoxoxo
Arthur Mullen Colin Graham- Joe Boyd at UFO!!
Jim Hopper Everyone may have Ben KUNG FU FIGHTING at the time !?!?
Dean Hebert Karate goes with the anger movie.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first of the handful of five-piece Pink Floyd concerts after David Gilmour had joined, and before the departure of Syd Barrett from the band. This is a poster for one of the shows all five members performed, a few days later...

4.3k reactions 78 comments
Andrew Lee Anrich Herselman MIND BLOWING LIGHT SHOW
Nicki Connell Jody Harris your music roots live strong in Lewes!
Lee Alexander Post has been updated - hence confusion over dates.
Caleb Howard I used to have this on my wall...
Gina Fajardo I'd have loved to have been around, old enough, and wherever I'd have needed to be to have seen these shows. 💚

In January 1988, these posters started to appear promoting the then upcoming Australian and New Zealand shows...

4.1k reactions 108 comments
Petra Holder Thebarton Oval, Adelaide...Feb 11, 1988. Hubby and I were there. #bestconcertEVER
Stephen Milward Still the best concert I ever went to.
Caroline Beaton I always get psyched out when these things pop up in my feed. Then I see the date... lol
Sue Steven I just found my old ticket from the Auckland show.
Martin Dowson Wow I have this took me 3hrs to scrape it off a billboard with a small screw driver then another 2wks to get all the previous posters off the back of it 😃

Fifty years ago today, David Gilmour did his first rehearsal with the band, after joining Pink Floyd. A photo session was done at the time capturing this short-lived line-up...

11.1k reactions 200 comments
Ruud Barbier It was fifty years ago today, David Gilmour tought the band to play ...
Danilo Mendes 50 years of Saucerful Of Secrets. The single album with 5 Floyds.
Alan Freeman I was one of the lucky few to see the 5 man Floyd. I remember my friends and I wondering who this mysterious person was playing behind Syd. The gig was in Weston super Mare
Mike Nunez Crazy how much that looks like Kurt Cobain on the bike. ...also Syd already looks fried here. Crazy Diamond.
Rishabh Asthana Latika Anant Bishwajyoti Aprajita piece of history that made history and changed the face of music forever as we know it for us.

In 2010, the UK's Royal Mail released a set of ten postage stamps celebrating iconic bands and albums. Included in these ten was Pink Floyd, with The Division Bell proving an eye-catching image to use in the limited dimensions of a stamp!

4.2k reactions 75 comments
Kenneth Rick Kessel Listen to Division Bell almost daily!
Julio Cesar Herrera Amo este disco aunque a muchos no les guste, me parece como el resumen de toda su carrera.
Vicki Cochrane Worst Floyd album need your lugs washed out.
Lori Miller They didn't have these Friday when I bought stamps....
Kirk Harris i still have my sheet of stamps from when they came out. Never even had this album, its horrible

On his 21st birthday, Syd Barrett - and the rest of Pink Floyd - joined dancers, puppets, Ginger Johnson's African Drum Band and even belly dancers at London's Seymour Hall to Freak Out Ethel...

3.0k reactions 23 comments
Paul Dearden Rick Timson
Luciana Afonso Jorge Afonso
Amanda Reeves Hope Margaritis
Joel Pérez Valencia Ethel Vannia Hurtado Mormontoy
Richard Stevens Claire Stevens

Interview – Gavin Elder

Interview – Gavin Elder
Interview – Gavin Elder

CrypticRock | cryptic rock, CrypticRock, Interviews, News

566 reactions 48 comments
Tony Webb Rob Davies
Leonardo Sosa Nisman ????
Sania Ground Magnifique le concert félicitations à.toute l equipe
Tom J Groenwald FUND THIS Share this! Do you hate the current opportunistic political structure of our US government driven by bribing by donations? Let’s call for a People’s Party representing the Working Class as a true by the people for the people government....

Just over two weeks to go before The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains opens in Rome, Italy. The Azimuth Co-ordinator will be amongst the unique items on display...

738 reactions 67 comments
Tony Kinsella Exhibition in London was best exhibition I've been to. Book is not cheap- but worth it.
James Wallace The invention that led to Quadraphonics, Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1 and of course home cinema.
Carolyn Purves Saw it in London it was absolutely amazing I’d go again in a heartbeat
Mike De Jong The juxtaposer, I made a model for a school project once
Philip John Mitchell Enjoy Italy, just an absolutely amazing experience.

If you've not listened to Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs for a while, rediscover it now:

1.2k reactions 30 comments
Igor Sudeykin
Glynda Tuttle Kerry Tuttle
John Ivanof Xara Tsokli
Heidi Schlosser Meghan
Mark Reid Sr. No thanks

"I really love you and I mean you the star above you, crystal blue Well, oh baby, my hair's on end about you..." The opening lyrics from Syd Barrett's first solo album, The Madcap Laughs, released today in 1970. Here's an alternative picture from the cover photo session:

8.6k reactions 186 comments
Robert Owen echoes of the earlier picture with his cat. he looks fine to me, i think he just didnt like being in a touring band.
Alex Sierra Syd was on a different plant I get a laugh when ppl say David Gilmour was the best thing so fucking funny
Brian Canepa It's a shame Sid never had a "proper" release. Most everything was demo quality. What could have been!
Darren Ey Heart and soul, a great album. I believe he wrote the music to Golden Hair (not the lyrics, as they are from a James Joyce poem) when he was SIXTEEN.
John Nymo Nyman You've got to admit Interstellar Overdrive and Astronomy Domine are great tracks....and Dave had nothing to do with those 😉

What are your hopes for the year on the Floyd front?

7.7k reactions 587 comments
Cire Spas That people stop obssessing over a band that has not recorded anything worth listening to in over 35 years. They're great, but it's the same songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. There is plenty of new, good music being ...
Mike Riesco A reunion tour of the remaining 3, or course -- minus the baggage, of course -- just music. Setlist? The good stuff -- and we all know what that would include.
David Austin I'm still waiting for a video of Roger's 2007 world tour. Still one of the best concerts I've ever been to, Floydian or otherwise.He's due to play here in Auckland in 3 weeks so I'm counting down to that :)
Régis Giudicelli Something like a "The Middle Years 1973-1978" box-set with lots of outtakes and concerts (and please including a Blu-Ray of "The Wall Live", we know there are sources !!!!)
Steve Olsavsky That they release the never-before discovered 20 hours of jam tapes recorded during Dark Side of the Moon.

A very happy New Year to you all! Further to yesterday's post concerning Pink Floyd's appearance during the Giant Freak-Out All Night Rave at London's Roundhouse, the venue's website shares a review from the time of the show:

2.4k reactions 32 comments
Brahim Bensalah Happy new year!
Francky Mertzig et les enfant bizz
Ambalagan Subramaniam Happy New Year PF
Dominic Roberts Awesome!
Giuseppe Picozzi Auguri a voi e grazie per tutta la musica che ci avete regalato 👋

3.7k reactions 137 comments
Terence Lloyd The Who, The Move and Pink Floyd together! You don't get line-ups like that any more...
George Marsden All these Bands and all drugs you could get down yer neck glad i kept away from the crap
Jim Isaac Saw the Doors here, amazing night, will never forget it.
Phil Hoffman To see The Move and Floyd on the same bill....friggin awesome
Dan Browning I remember -do-do they had a swimming pool.

Life on the road isn't all glamour and comfort... as this shot from Houston, 1994, demonstrates!

6.0k reactions 162 comments
Thomas Hoog I was at the Citrus bowl show in '88, it rained there too. they played for 2 1/2 hours, one of the best shows I have ever seen
Will Syl Better than getting your gear ripped of in New Orleans , oh yeah remember those days of being opener for Grand Funk Railroad
Jeff Williams I HATE rain jobs. The 90's were the absolute worst era to play outside. Lost a couple good amps before i could execute emergency shutdowns of the audio system.
Lucas Ballesteros i didnt have the luck to see floyd live, but i saw roger waters here in argentina- and sometimes rain and nature put on a show i must admit- i went to velez sarsfield stadium n 2002 in buenos aires. and at the beginning of the show an enormous ...
Steven Terrio I was there and it was an incredible show. They gave it everything to keep on playing in that storm. Best concert I've ever been to even after seeing them again a few weeks later in New Orleans.

Now available to pre-order exclusively on the Pink Floyd store is a new t-shirt, featuring rarely used imagery from the High Hopes video. Start your 2018 with this new item of attire, that can be obtained through this link:

3.0k reactions 121 comments
Patrick Marie Leblanc I like
Len Matthews Chris Svihel I like the artwork for this
Anna Telechea Vivo en Montevideo Uruguay donde puedo conseguir una
Darrin Booth Different... I'm liking that...
Milor Mld les pink floyd c'est mon groupe préféré

For the cover of the 1996 reissue of the Pink Floyd compilation Relics, a real, three dimensional model was constructed of the airship originally drawn by Nick Mason. That model now sits in Nick's office.

5.1k reactions 80 comments
Graham Christie Does anyone know if they did a black and white cover I know they released it with pink lettering ?
David Ireland Bought from Woolworths Morecombe many moons ago 59pence Never coloured mine in
Neil Roberts Smaple of cheering from the cop on the album I think......
Harvey Allen if any one has any vinyl for sale i would be interested
Bobby Conner That's cool I never knew it was a spaceship

Eschewing a break after Christmas, Pink Floyd were on the bill of this 1968 event in the Netherlands.

2.7k reactions 37 comments
Elizabeth Eve Vioski Lindsey Ann Marie Vioski
Nick Thomas Richard McCourts
Jake Sweigart Mike Schmidt
Bóka Béla <3
Siebren Osinga Serge Vermooten. Jouw feestje toch?

5.6k reactions 66 comments
Kevin Wimmer Vegetable Man! We Love You!
Key Jones My dogs name is Pink Floyd!
Austin Moloughney Best into 2018 to the whole Floyd crew
Vi Barrett Syd 😍
Daniel-art A-trip Pink floyd for ever,,,

To all those who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a peaceful, relaxing and positive time.

10.4k reactions 323 comments
Selfoist Man Merry Christmas to you too the legends ❤️ thank you for the making life more meaningful and wonderful...
Ramón C. Garrido I start listening Pink Floyd when i was 20 and 22 years later this music,lyrics and sound is incomparable .big fan
Marcel Poitras Just have tea, guy seppiates al' trait, the he had had inherent trait, and all of the cesspool cojhee-hellitating, in shopping malls returning NO4 en al' c
Marek Jacek Penc "Wish you were here" together again! Merry Christmas David, Nick, Roger and RIP Richard.
William Borsberry Nothing like getting Comfortably Numb at Christmas, enjoying further Brain Damage, to end up hitting The Wall, Happy Christmas, fellow Floydies, hopefuly I may see Nick Mason around Chichester some time soon in his cool Ferrari peace to all.

Trafalgar Square, London

2.9k reactions 34 comments
Antonio Machado Gonçalves Ana Flávia Miranda
Nadine van der Hoeff Dennis Van Der Hoeff
Claude Pluton
Loes Niemeijer Rob Smit
Paul Codd Joyce Kent

Regent Street, London

1.7k reactions 17 comments
Jarosław Janowski
Lucy Farrell Shane Farrell
Matteo Sillitti Mikolaj Solarz
Laurent Rouzaud Hélène
Eric Langlois Antoine Langlois

The poster announcing the first two events at UFO in December 1966, which included Pink Floyd prior to their signing with EMI. Interestingly, one of the advertised highlights of the events was heating!

2.2k reactions 23 comments
Pepe Espinoza Francisco Nava Espinosa
Kyle Sisler Trump bashing prick. I've lost all respect for you.
Alessandro De Rosa Francesco Perego va che party frate
Halit Ademi 4
Benjamin Proust Lisa one of your old sister !

1.9k reactions 73 comments
Eric Goode Kevin Shaw A gig that will blow your mind!!!
Barbara Cousin Chien Rouge, Char Los, ça c'est de la fête de noël!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeff Milliken Now that would have been a show to see.
Lee Edward Miller Question? What the hell is a "paddling pool"?
Nick Catley Edward Catley just down the road from my house...1967

Please join us in wishing much-loved saxophonist Dick Parry a very happy birthday! Best known for his work on The Dark Side of the Moon, here's a picture of him at work, with David Gilmour in the background.

5.9k reactions 314 comments
Marc Rogerson Just saying the name Dick Parry makes me think of Us and Them.
Buddah Buddin Fantastic saxophonist !! Happy birthday and all the best in 2018 , a big hug from Lima Peru
Lawrence Wise Happy Birthday to the "6th Floyd", the MONEY-Man himself, Dick Parry.
Jacek Taflinski Us and Them masterpiece! Happt Birthday Dick Parry
Brian Donahue Happy birthday and thanks for Us and Them... one of the reasons I still play the sax.

For many, the Christmas period is a time to relax at home, with friends, and family. It could be the perfect time to properly explore everything that David Gilmour's Live at Pompeii - the recording of last year's pair of truly memorable concerts in the historic Italian amphitheatre - has to offer, particularly in the Deluxe edition. Full details can be found at

David Gilmour | Official Site
David Gilmour | Official Site

45 years after Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour filmed ‘Live At Pompeii’ in the legendary Roman Amphitheatre there, he returned for two spectacular shows in July 2016, part of the year-long tour in support of his No.1 album ‘Rattle That Lock’. The performances were the first-ever rock concerts f...

3.4k reactions 66 comments
Brian Bryant Brad Pickett buy 2 and give me 1.
Michel Bris je l'ai acheté . une merveille
Jimmy Lee Yo... I need that!
German Gomez B Angie Ibarra por si quieres nena 😀😀😀
Ringo Leung any hi res audio digital download ?

3.3k reactions 31 comments
Wesley Wilson I bet this show is somewhere on a German bootleg disc/vinyl - those Germans have EVERYTHING Floyd ever recorded
Sitka Rose Danny Floyd
Sören Dahlström Maya Dahlström
Stephanie Houston Shannon White
Tracy Shields-Williams Far out man 🐸

Tonight in 1970, Birmingham Town Hall was host to Pink Floyd, who unusually included Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast as part of the set that evening...

6.2k reactions 115 comments
Roberto Dala Barba Filho The cow is the best thing from this album.
MaryLou Angèle Scott leur album More est excellent vous devez connaître Bill Siegel, pour planer il n'y a pas mieux loll
Alejandro Angulo Dark side of the moo :v
Neil Dawson I was there, I still have the ticket!
Rod Rainbird This eas the first Floyd album i bought .

Today in 1968, Pink Floyd released their fifth UK single, Point Me At The Sky. Not proving terribly popular, it was to be their last single until Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two) was released. Here's the Dutch edition picture sleeve...

3.9k reactions 65 comments
Baz Mellor Lewis Hobson i didn't know about this did you
Pablo Estrada en dark side of the móon waters escribio todas las letras la capacidad para que las interprete gilmur es darle credito al tipo encima canto solo una
George Kocar Be careful with that axe Eugene was pretty popular!
Gregory Helton Money, from DSOTM, was clearly released as a single, and a very popular one !
Lucas Ballesteros i love that song- kinda beatley isnt it?

On Sunday, we talked about the 2007 box set, Oh By The Way. Here's the poster which was included alongside the studio albums, packaged as mini-vinyl replicas...

6.1k reactions 87 comments
Steve Stavlo Framed on my wall! \m/
Mirek Gierczak I have this poster, but still don't know why "The Wall" segment is upside down
Mark Roberts I bought this pre framed from allposters about 5 yrs ago. Very nice looking.
Diego de la Fuente Can someone explain if there's a logic reason why the wall inside pic is upside down?
Tina Joplin Rocking the starship school
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