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David Gilmour - Wish You Were Here

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Mike Greenberg He has such a long list of great songs to choose from, yet "Wish You Were Here" continues to be overplayed.
Nick Mulder ...hate to say this; love Dave, but hearing Rick's parts played way too virtuoso breaks the magic for me..
David Gristwood watched this at Consett empire last Wed ,all I can say is "wish I was there"! absolutely brilliant from start to finish , OLD GUYS RULE !
Chris Bull It was truly amazing! Every musician on top form. Could've been a bit more volume but it 's a superb film.
Suzanne Henault Loved seeing this last Wednesday on the big movie screen. I must say, one of David's guitars looked so very well loved.

Two years ago, David Gilmour released his new solo album, Rattle That Lock, shortly after the accompanying tour had begun. The tour brought a mix of Pink Floyd classics, and his new songs. Did you manage to get to any of the concerts? If so, which ones, and what did you think of the show?

Rattle That Lock (Deluxe)
Rattle That Lock (Deluxe)

Rattle That Lock (Deluxe), an album by David Gilmour on Spotify

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Azimuth von Riesenstolz We drove all the way down from Riga, Latvia, to Wroclaw, Southern Poland to see the show in June 2016. A fantastic show indeed, definitely one of the most memorable I've been to.
Jasen DeHority I saw him at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, which I believe is the smallest venue that he played. Sat 2nd row lower balcony dead center. The sound was absolutely amazing! Also took some incredible pictures. I always wanted to see him in a smaller ...
John McCallister Chicago, Il at the United center. I waited my entire adult life to see David Gilmour Live...... And He and his band did not disappoint !!!!!! I hope to see him again !!!!
Wojtek Tatar I managed to get tickets on concert in Wrocław (they were sold out in less than 4 hours). How was it... amazing - even the weather improved. And Guy's t-shirt with Europe was a nice touch (at the time Britain voted for Brexit)
Jesper Nørgård Kristensen Saw him in Oberhausen and in Chantilly, amazing concerts. First time I've ever seen David Gilmour live, and he didn't disappoint 😊

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Alan Batchelor Heading to this next week
John-David Ballard I REALLY wish this would come to Canada:(
Scott Jaworski Gary Howe can you get down to London for this?
Anna Maria Greenhouse Ian Matthews could you do this on Wed 11th Oct?
John Green Been. Excellent experiece. Superbly assembled and presented.

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Adam Coleman "It's like going into the sea. There's nothing"
Francisco Xavier Richard Wright: the thorn in Roger Waters' side. Greatly missed.
Carmelo Lopez Lahera of the phantoms of Pompeii
Daniel Weller Hmm the year my dad died Elvis Died and the year my mom died Richard Wright. R.I.P to all of them and Syd Barrett.😞
Isaiah Bolyard Every now and then, I tend to wonder if Richard was hanging out with Anne Rice when he wrote Wearing the Inside Out.

Exclusive: David Gilmour Talks Stunning New Pompeii Concert Film

Exclusive: David Gilmour Talks Stunning New Pompeii Concert Film
Exclusive: David Gilmour Talks Stunning New Pompeii Concert Film

Ahead of a one-night-only screening, singer-guitarist explains why he returned to the location of Pink Floyd's legendary film nearly 50 years later

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William Cain I still have the first one on vhs. He is still one of my all time favorite guitar players. so smooth....
Jaakko Laitamaki I had a change see and lisnned at Epsom. So fantastic movie, venue. And sounds. Next. V& a. Pink floyd exhibit.. Thanks Dave..and Co
Geoff King Tony Simmonds Does he include any of the pre-Gilmour stuff, Arnold Layne, See Emily Play, etc.? I still reckon it's great.
Grande Mini Muchos I would love to see himself and Roger waters play together it's like without each other there's a chemistry incomplete .
Jesus Jimenez I enjoyed the concert the only thing that I didn't like was " The Great Gig in the sky" :( I think It was too much song for the chorus.

David Gilmour Live At Pompeii - In Cinemas Worldwide Sept 13

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Paul Booten Finished watching in Maastricht, Holland. Absolutely stunning. The vocals on the great gig in the sky......hmmm, i've heard better gigs. But nevertheless, a brilliant night it was. Looking forward for the album.
Rachel Sharrocks Took my son to see it on the Sunshine Coast here in Australia. They ended up showing it in 3 cinemas as it was so popular and will be showing again this weekend. Fantastic venue amazing music from David and the band I thought it was awesome. Saw David ...
John Foley Saw it in Cardiff last night, amazing guitar playing, a couple of times I noticed the drummer, bassist and keyboard player totally blown away by Gilmore's solos including a complete key change in the middle of the One Of These Days solo - magical! ...
John Hensman Just back from watching in Waterford Ireland, with a good crowd, but once again the sound mix let us down. All very well having 7.1 and 5.1 mixes so we can hear the crowd chatting, etc but we need to hear the lead vocal and guitar. On the film itself ...
Eddi Pasello Just watched The movie near Venezia. Awesome sensations for everyone of The 120 minutes in front of The screen, it was like being on The stage with The musicians. Thank you David.

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Andreas Kuhnert Great
Steve Sebastiani Very cool and fantastic Congratulation
Micki Lightningbolt Woo hoo. Looking forward to tonight. 😎🤘
Sean Sweeney John Sweeney wanna go see it after you get your stiches out
Bobbi Smith Valade I saw it and really enjoyed it, but the music wasn't loud enough!

Arriving in record stores today in 1975, wrapped in opaque black plastic, was Pink Floyd's latest album, Wish You Were Here. As a (fairly reluctant) concession to the record company and retailers, a sticker - designed by Hipgnosis artist George Hardie - was added to the cover, depicting the elements and including the artist and title, alongside the handshake.

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John Hopper there is a fabulous alt take of the title cut with jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli doing leads, mind boggling i just found it!
Angelo Greeno Yep, I remember just making a slit to slide the record out, and trying to keep the black plastic cover in one piece for ages. Not realising the actual cover of the album was underneath the black wrapping!😂
Steven Larsen Fave album of all time. When it first came out a buddy and I listened to it on 8 track in a camper in the driveway. All the sound effects n so on were a revelation back then. Loved it ever since.
Chuck Gossett I bought this album while stationed at Dover AFB, Delaware 1975, someone stoled all of my albums while attending college 1980. I just recently orded another "Wish You Were Here" album from Amazon. Awesome album!
Helano Fonteles This is David's favourite PF one! His guitar simply flows through the whole sections of the album! Unfortunately this was the serious beginning of a huge conflict between him and Roger Waters.

50 years ago, the band appeared at Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden. This picture shows them at the venue on that day; the recording of their performance can be found on the 1965-67 CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION individual Early Years set, and of course within the full box set too.

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Pavel Mikša Hey you it is simply GREAT band that is all😉
Miguel Martínez Geniales! Nos descubren la tremenda crueldad de la posmodernidad. Componen puestas épicas que narran la batalla entre la economía de mercado y la humanidad.
Chuck McCann it's amazing that none of their faces ever became iconic
Simone Coccia Colaiuta Best band with Pink Floyd
Mourad Larbi No Pink Floyd without Gilmour.

Today in 1987, Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason tour started in Ottawa, in front of 25,000 fans. The tour was initially intended to last for 11 weeks, but they ended up performing just under 200 shows ultimately...

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Shelly Doncyson Rex Saw the show in Columbus, Ohio, in 1988, at the Horseshoe, Ohio State's football stadium. Great memory.
Tim Bateman I wasn't life has no meaning but I'll see roger again in october.....things are looking up!😉
Van Genung Saw them twice on this tour. September 1987 and May of 1988. Also saw them in 1995. Best 3 concerts I've ever seen
Christopher Schreiber Saw them at MSG and Nassau Coliseum that tour.. also had tix for Meadowlands, car broke down on way to show 😞
Karin Orsovy OMG, look Marek Orsovy! Wasn't this your very first show? It was outside and we still got stoned just by breathing :D

It's the 30th anniversary of A Momentary Lapse of Reason, which featured a typically impressive yet hugely impractical cover, shot by Storm Thorgerson and his team on Saunton Sands in Devon (a beach used for some of the scenes in the film Pink Floyd – The Wall). Here's an alternate shot from the session, showing the perils of using tidal bodies of water...

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Anders Eriksson A few years ago Nick Mason said they were remixing the album and rerecording the drums to get rid of some of the "80s feel". When will the new version be released?
Simon Walker I was on the beach that day and saw it all, only discovered what it was all for when I spotted the album cover in HMV a while later!
Joe Murphy Fk me! Was there this summer, Croyde bay too, great beaches. Didn't realise that Saunton was used for the MLOR cover.
John Zameza Albizuri Such is the artistic merit and blinding creativity of this album that it deserves a high resolution format edition. How about Stereo/Multichannel Blu Ray Audio and SACD editions? I am sure it would sell like hot cakes.
Scott Eversole It just occurred to me... I always wondered why the beds seemed so uniform and then veered off like that in the distance. Is that the point where the lapse occurs?:^) <3

David Gilmour On World Cafe

David Gilmour On World Cafe
David Gilmour On World Cafe

The legendary guitarist and voice of Pink Floyd joins World Cafe to discuss David Gilmour Live At Pompeii, recorded in the same ancient Roman amphitheater as Pink Floyd's 1971 concert film.

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Ryan McPherson Tianna Martin
Cody Oldknow Ray Holsinger
Fabio Bisker We want U in Brazil again!!!
Lucia Gomez Mario Gomez Elisabet Nicotera esto fue lo que vimos ! 😍
Francisco Chagas Toppppp

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Katie Proper He can read/sing the phone book and I would fall asleep! I absolutely adore him and his voice!
Sandy Nesbitt Can't wait to get my copies in the mail. !!
Uwe Lopper Im looking foreward to Sept 13 ... CU in CineStar-Sony-Center Berlin 🤩
Russell Brown Guarantee it won't be shown anywhere in Australia 🇦🇺😪
Nubia Mejía Love his Accent!!!!! And everything about him!!!!!

Many happy returns to Roger Waters, who celebrates his birthday today in the midst of his Us + Them tour. [Photo: Kate Izor]

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Towers Vargas Hes never had that great voice, but he has great lyricks Chris Durward besides he tours the whole world just about every year instead of some cities here and there like Gilmour does. Dont take me wrong ...I love Dave too
Selina Cummings I saw him at Desert Trip last Oct. love the music and was so excited to see them. A dream come true. Till he started in with his political views. Ruined it for a lot of folks that night. People were walking out!!! Very disappointing. Probably won't ever ...
Peggy Coobick Happy Birthday Roger and thank you for the wonderful contributions you have made to music (and continue to make). You are truly a musical GENIUS!
Łukasz Puzynkiewicz Happy Birthday Roger Waters great musician always part of Pink Floyd even though he is not in the band now
Jeff Kyte Now if you could just leave out the political s*** I might enjoy the concert more. I don't come and pay the money that I pay to see you to listen to your b******* about Trump.

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Mike Amsterdam Got my tickets more than ago. Can't wait! Then seeing Roger live in October. :):):)
Ximena Espinoza Basoalto i had the fortune to see to his concert here in Chile. it was awesome and unfogetable.
Bob Gadsdon Got tickets for next Wednesday ,get in there!!
Sarah Eddy Cant wait! I'm going to see it with my family. So excited ☺️
Armando Villanueva 45som.years we know see who was the inspiration to one of Floyd's vinyl covers.can you guesssss?

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Bob Krehel Jason Krehel
Sharie Landsverk Aaron Landsverk, this looks cool.
Sylvie Villeneuve 😘
Zbigniew Ciesluk Great
Marica Vrkljan Bazjak najbolji ste na svijetu

Twenty-three years ago today...the first of three nights at the Feyenoord Stadium, more used to football matches than Pink Floyd concerts!

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Michel Gauthier May 23rd 1994 I was in Montreal, Canada.
Michael Ruehling Those were days when a ticket was only € 26,10!
André Huisman Went in the 4th of September...Experience of a lifetime!
Ron Versteeg Still got my ticket. It is on my Floyd wall next to the PF painting 😎
Rene Teusink I was there to it was a great concert of Pink Floyd.

With the weekend here, relax with some of Pink Floyd's more unusual and to some, lesser known material in this special play list:

Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light, a playlist by pink_floyd_ on Spotify
Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light, a playlist by pink_floyd_ on Spotify

Rarities and fan favourites including See Emily Play, Arnold Layne, Remember A Day, Childhood’s End, On The Highway and many more. For the complete Floyd collection listen to the Oh By The Way playlist.

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David Preis
Marike Verschoor Diura Bijlsma
Malick Camara Mbaye my record is island river
Rafael Morales 👹
Steve Sebastiani Fantastic music very cool Congratulation

6.2k reactions 53 comments
Art Tripp Got the first one on "laser" disk,
Isa Codealphanumérique Toujours aussi beau ce mec!
Utkars Bdr Khanal Best songs ever echo
Christophe Benoist I love"Echoes" in "live at Pompeï" !
Sylvie Villeneuve 😘

8.5k reactions 289 comments
Marc Hernandez wow he fits in wright's voice very well..
Walt Wieme Hey, I woke up this morning to "the tolling of the iron bell" in my head... so there's still that.
Roland Flordeliz Definitely gonna watch this..
Rob Kendray 'Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way'
Debra Moore Can't wait to see this. Looks fantastic.

A pair of fundraising concerts were held at London's Roundhouse (previously a railway train shed, with a turntable for locomotives) in September 1967, and the band headlined both nights:

1.6k reactions 22 comments
Mauro Nóbrega Raphael Horsth
Rika Darmatin Ok.. im coming
Bernard Gadéa Sacré programme !
Marica Vrkljan Bazjak stari dobri flojdovci
Dei Gould 'The' Pink Floyd ? Sounds a bit dodgy

8.9k reactions 232 comments
Luna Lunita David Jeremías Jonathan Bustamante Vanz Bustamante tenemos que ir!!!!!
Ville Hytönen Long may you live, Mr. Gilmour. Hopefully I still get to see you live some day.
Francis Aguiar Padial The frequency of this sound is the portal to another dimension.
Virgil Madden Waters is great but i don t want politics mixed in my entertainment. He s a whack job.
Bernardo Gabosi Andrea Bulgari a este fuiste vos hno? Que buenos momentos charlando en ña barra del maxa. Te extraño hno, te mando un abrazo grande

To advertise the August 1988 UK concerts, Pink Floyd employed an inflatable which floated over the River Thames, close to the Houses of Parliament...

5.4k reactions 55 comments
Paul White thats my bed
Richard Guest It was not the same without Roger.
Thibaut Pral so [Little Nemo in Slumberland]-ish :)
Angie Tsiamas Marianna you know what this makes me think about...
Brian Radcliffe and all your touch and all you see is all your life will ever be

15.7k reactions 788 comments
Pea Pearson Aye mate a na...wont be back from rhodes
Daniel Cidmenow Price Just would not be the same without Richard and Rodger there- and with a crowd you wouldn't be able to hear the echoes. No thank you
Sue Scott Queenstown New Zealand. Would be so great to see you live in NZ Dave.
Darío Bernal Eduardo Arteaga es el que te decía. Hay que ir Antonio Flores Martínez el 13 de septiembre.
Thais Bernardo Vamos Tamires Bernardo? Vai ter em bagulhos

Pink Floyd's cover photo

2.9k reactions 77 comments
Donald Buckbee Awesome😀
Kazza Lone Woolfe Seriously, bring this exhibition to Australia.
Ron Goff My wife just got us tickets to see this in September ❤️
Lorenzo Zaccagno Sto arrivando
Sylvia Lane Let's go!

By record-breaking popular demand, The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains is extended by two final weeks! It’s set to be the biggest music exhibition ever at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Must close on 15th October. Get tickets here:

1.3k reactions 49 comments
Marie Juste 😇#tonkinjewelry
Daniela Costa Quando chiude a Londra dove va??
Karl-Friedrich Schiele Best Band ever.
Mark Bristow Went, saw it, loved it!
Carlos Rubalcava When is it coming to Los Angeles?

With a couple of weeks to go before the cinema screenings, and a month to the release of David Gilmour Live at Pompeii on CD, vinyl, DVD, Blu-ray and download, here's a taste of the performance - the title track of David's most recent studio album, Rattle That Lock. For more info on the cinema screenings, and the releases, visit

Rattle That Lock - Live At Pompeii 2016
Rattle That Lock - Live At Pompeii 2016

Rattle That Lock - Live At Pompeii 2016, a song by David Gilmour on Spotify

3.6k reactions 44 comments
Adrian Klein L.a.p run
Criscuolo Francesco Very Nice Live Pompei Is a great show forever
Arcadia Libros Santiago Quirós ya casi feroz !
Derek Clark Original Vinyl owner, thank.
Theo Legters The more PF, DG and RG the better!
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