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#YaGunnersYa! ⚽👍🏻 I don't care if this was well-deserved or lucky - we need every point atm 👊🏻 #COYG #AFCvLCFC Arsenal

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Ali Camarah U r da best player among arsenal team wat ever people say never mind n still move on wit ur life if do best da say if u dont same u r my player since i start playing football am also a player n i no how funs do
Daniela Cortez Sanchez Andrea Jarazeth siempre me ganas JAJAJAJAJA nahh te quero amiguita, WUUUUU ganaron! Ya el viernes iremos a preguntar por nuestras playeras de Mesut.
Kami Ran الهاشتاغ بعدد من اللغات.. باللغة الهولندية Syrische Koerden roepen internationale bescherming en lanceringscampagne op sociale media met behulp van de hashtag #NoFlyZone4Rojava باللغة الفرنسية Les Kurdes syriens déclenchent une campagne sur les ...
Ömar Elî للمشاركة على أوسع نطاق . Syrian Kurds call for international protection and launch campaign on social media using the hashtag #NoFlyZone4Rojava
Osmanli Bünyamin Boncukoğlu Bırak şu Amına godumun almayasını Wäre ich du ich würde zurück treten von der Nationalmannschaft. Sollen die mal sehen wie es ist einen Özil nicht mehr zu haben amk

😎👍 #London

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Vicente Ferri Galera Vente al Madrid crac, q buenas esas contras q tu conseguías lanzar!
Goki Karapucev Blagoja Cakalov vidi vo so se vozis be malak de daj kupi mi i na mene tkvo :DDDDDD
Agathe Couteau Ines là j'étais sur le siège passager on allait voir notre futur appartement a south kensington t'as vu
Salin Salijevic You've played "wonderful" game yesterday. Not many reasons to smile though.
Abdullah Jamil الله عليك يا مسعود صناعة اللعب في الفريق من غيرك ولا تسوى 😏

☝ Just in case you forgot... #YaGunnersYa

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Ismail Ok Bektas Sánchez hahahah wie Film er das sagt so mit türkisch deutschem Akzent 😂👌🏻
Heiko Schulte Wenn du nur einen satz kannst und ihn einfach immer sagst René Nils
Tobias Andersson Nedim Ali när Özil trodde att det var final och insåg att det var semi 😏
Hussein Mo Dreni Mehani Hahahahaha junge kann der auch was anderes sagen
Tengku Muhd Arif I love that you are now more agressive. Keep it up Ozil. #COYG #YaGunnersYa

That feeling when you play at Wembley in May again ... 😜 #YaGunnersYa #FACupFinal

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Borny Korolev Dont wait for anyone you could have shoot twice in second half ..... You can shoot perfectly not just pass... In Arsenal n in mesut we trust
Felipe Sam Ozil was one of the outstanding players on the pitch and I don't see any reason to criticize him this time. He once took to his Twitter page and said "All or nothing" which he did exactly what he said. #KudosMesutOzil
Jay Cents Kartel Jr. We got no problem with you right now even if you go and sell book and shirts we won't get angry 😠 but whenever we lose and the next day you go to advertise your books and caps mannnnnn it hurts us so bad yet you get paid.
Bank Konrad Heinrich In a very fight-toned game, technicians have a hard time. The second half was general ok. Win the cup and under the best three (or four) In the league.
Dumo Mabhena Now I think those who don't know you have started, those who want to destroy by telling the whole world that you are useless, have again started proving themselves wrong , thanks for the welldone job you made yesterday I can't stop clapping hands & hope ...

#YaGunnersYa 🙌🏻👍🏻💪🏻 ..... Ouh Yeah 😁 We're in the final 😎 Whoop Whoop! #FACup Arsenal

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Best Kept Secret Win it for Wenger and let him retire on a victorious note :)
Edom Egbe Jr. Thankyou very much dear great player. I'll never forget the smile you guys has put on me and all gunners supporters. Pls more efforts ahead. I love you all.
Can Bayram Great game just tank more Self confidence so you will be Able to push your team up too ! #COYG #YaGunnersYa
Abdiwali Burhan the reason were not winning is because of you bruh u can't even run like a man players like should not be playing for us, look at chelsea their players are 10x stronger and faster than u, we need more players like coquelin chamberlain we need warriors ...
Amangoli Bema Bof Congratulations to our ever faithful and gallant Gunners faithful for a victory well deserved. We look forward to the big party ahead come May. Gracias amigos!

All or nothing tomorrow 🤜🏼⚽🏟🤛🏼 #Wembley #YaGunnersYa #NeverFollow #AFCvMCFC Arsenal

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Dan Jobs One love for our team and my best player in the whole wide world....#Mesut
Ismail Samet Korkma'z First please read this message Uncle mesut özil I am a 12 year old very big turkish fan I give you my number please please beg me beg you please please do not upset your 12 year old fan like me 0535 258 7849
Ismail Samet Korkma'z Mesut abi ben senin türk hayranınım sana numaramı versem yalvarırım benimle irtibata geçermisin ben 12 yaşındayım 0535 258 7849
เพ็ญสิริ อุดมผล Trust your foot👣⚽...believe your team.✌⚽Win or Lose...still so proud of you.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Abdulazeez Abdulfatai I trust u, u guys cn do it show d fans dat arsenal will win gunner frever

Hi guys, my 1st limited edition is already sold out. But for all those who were left empty handed: My 2nd edition will follow soon. 💥 Stay tuned! #m10fashion

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Abs Iluvfutbol Attara Why not quit Arsenal n get into fashion. Then, u can stroll around in those outfits for advertisement like u do in games
عادل الاثوري Please help from friends to H child's right five years there is no response ex ebei massoud Ozzy about the ists in the Memorandum of your
Ismacil Xusen Xasan I am somalia ilove to ozil one of the player's man who muslim is the best releagon
Linda Ndaba Just focus on helping the team win and leave other nonsenses.
Oktavia R. Widodo admire you always mesut and all the thin about you....always do your best

May I introduce: My 1st #M10fashion edition 😎👍🏼😉 Limited to 250 caps and 250 shirts - go & and get it! ↪

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Tim Steiert ja ich weiß hat er schon auf snapchat angekündigt 😍🔥 kauf mir safe was😍😍😍 Fynn Geiges
Simon Bisch Off Henning Flechtner Fabian van Boven Lo Ki. Ohne Witz ratet Mal wer bald ne neue Cap im Briefkasten hat
Manolo Vivas Alvarez Vente para el Madrid te echamos de menos y soy un fan tuyo, eres el mejor del mundo en tu puesto y no he visto nadie pasar como tu lo haces MÁQUINA
Keiran Sydes Win us a trophy and I'll buy one of each colour and a pair of your boots, but think of the club first and above all else.
Apurva Wani May you please introduce some good performances for Arsenal on a consistent basis. This Sunday would be good.

🎥🚘 The moment when the light gets darker 😎 Waited 2 years for Fast & Furious 8! #favouritemovie #cinema Vin Diesel 🎥🚘 Licht aus, Film an 😎 Lange genug gewartet auf Fast & Furious 8!

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Dominic Hlako #YaGunnersYa# haven't got a chance to watch it yet but will do👏👏
Davide Gdz Bertotti Perché comprare il biglietto quando ti puoi comprare il cinema Alvise Aspesi
Paul Kendall Absolutely loved it to can't wait for the next instalment they just get better every time
Kampo Zeena Jamoh was planning to watch and now!!!!! I am totally going to the theatres..hahah <3
Talha Karić Ya man... FAST8 is and my favourite movie... And Captain America..

Always very special games at Wembley ⚽✨ 3 days left! 🏟 #preparation #FACup #AFCvMCFC #COYG Arsenal

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Jan Lee We want to win,We want to see The Mighty Arsenal on form to win the FA Cup.Best of luck,We love Arsenal💖
Sayeed Ahmed Lots of expectations from you Mesut and well Gunners #COYG
кирилл ванжула awesome
Hero Tim Try the best Ozil I hope Arsenal will win FA Cup Fighting 😊😊 Your the best Assist of King in the world
Gill Newlands Come on met xxx

Being a tourist today 😎💂🇬🇧 #London

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Ayoub Jadir Joaquim Tbt quel clochard il se dit touriste alors qu'il habite à Londres
Sadiq Amin Aly Mandviya mans a fucking tourist every time arsenal play too
Luka Wauterickx Yori Thomas Emile met een beetje geluk...
Vicky Akosua Agyeman Frimpong Oh meeeeeen! I should have been there today to see you. Next time let me know asap😜😜😜✌✌✌
Zeeshan Ali We studied buckingham theorem happy to see this palace with the help of u ozil 😁😁😁😁

Crucial win at this point of our Premier League season 👍🏻⚽ #YaGunnersYa #phew #hardfought #MFCvAFC Arsenal

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Oyesomi Williams Help me i wanna become a a good left footer but there is no money for sponsoring...Anybody that is in the position to help and reading this...this is my mobile number..+234803 8474671....Thanks...
Paul Mock You beat a club that's headed back to the Championship by one goal.
Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid Selamat maju dan terus jaya Massoud... Referee sucks tho'. Pace could be improved.
Yusuf Güney Fenere gel be mesut. Büyük Fenerbahce taraftarı gerekeni yapar. Parayı dert etme. Bize ruh lazım o da sensin.
Bhaav-na Gautam last time I was waiting for ur goal but it seem bad luck This time u rock man😍😍 well done ..gunner👏

Training for #MFCvAFC 👊🏽⚽ #COYG Arsenal

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Adrian Zbrojewski Mesut pyknij jutro ze 2 brameczki i 2 asysty bo liczę na Ciebie w FPLu, pozdrówki z Polski.
Yirmiyahu Assefa Play three on the back use your brain Oshri Ben Shabat
Arthur Gallot Dimitri Alexis c'est Julien Le pelo derrière Qui tema Le FNI à Sa meuf
Alex Keter We Are Behind You Men But We Are Heading Nowhere Nothing To Loose All I Want You Beat Mancity For That FA CUP Semis Atleast We Dont Go Empty Handed#ComeOnYouOZIL?????!!!!
Osman Güler Olm mesut Fener e gel

Matchday! ⚽️⚡ Come On You Gunners! #YaGunnersYa #MondayNight #CPFCvAFC Arsenal

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Norbert Sebestyén wenger out,özil stay and invite ronaldo raphael varane :)
عادل الاثوري Please help from friends to H child's right five years there is no response ex ebei massoud Ozzy about the ists in the Memorandum of your
Francois De Leon Whatever 😂 another two years of Wenger I should be crying but run out of tears years ago
Arsenal Netherlands COYG!
Claire Cross Come on you Gunners ...every one give a top class display and get us a great win ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

🎙💬 ... talking with Frank Buschmann about my childhood on the football grounds 👶🏽⚽📖 #MagieDesSpiels #GunningForGreatness

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Berkay Bozkurt Ilyas Yasar ich f*** dein türkisch mesut
Süleyman İstanbullu Ya arkadaşım bırak röportaj vermeyi . Sen söyle hele gelecek misin gelmeyecek misin fener'e ?
Hannah Siegl Aga Tha er ist einfach so cute
Mariam Jamal Qais The king 👑💜
Athos Canonica I love you ❤️

No, we haven't forgotten how to win 👍🏼😉 Arsenal #COYG #Thereslifeintheoldladyyet

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Mahmoud Shams هيص يا نيني طلعت مع اوزيل 😂
Fap Kaung Lay Keep your way of playing Mesut I love your playing style All gunners will love it #COYG
Uss Chasanah Habis sholat malem, aku doa, : semoga Arsenal menang telak, dan Ozil nyumbang gol,, Alhamdulillah,,doa sepertiga malam memang mustajab,,
Gerardo Guardado Good, now prove it till whats left of the season :)
Lee Mullins It's no coincidence Elneny plays and we win! The new Gilberto!

Congratulations for turning thirty, Sami Khedira 🎉 ... and thank you for your help throughout the years 🙏🏼 Real Madrid C.F. DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft) #SK6 #Bro #Abi

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Nobaliah Saidi Good friends forever... :-)
Uyi Alex Aghedo foolish ozil pls focus on arsenal gameeeeeeeeee leave realmadrid alone
Ertugrul Ates Mesut Fenerbahceye gel
Mustafa Tolga Adam akilli futbol oyna artik.... anca Facebookda resim atiyon....
Vivían Castillo Deberías regresar aun buen equipo como lo es él Real Madrid tu eres grande como para estar en tu equipo actual😍😍

Keep calm and read my book 😄🐶📖☝🏼 #Balboa #MagieDesSpiels #GunningForGreatness #Autobiography

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Erika Straub Ach der kann schreiben? Oder schreiben lassen? Wie alt ist der, dass er seine Biografie schreibt?
Serendipity Serendipitous keep reading die magie des spiels...i'm doing...regards to balboa!
Eve Mutungi We need the English version as soon as possible. We are waiting.... Kenyan fans all the way
Shreyas Kajwadkar If I buy it, will it disappear on that one rainy day I really wanna read something? Probably.
Brigitte Popov Mesut you are the best midfielder and don't listener what others say. Love to watch you play for Germany and Arsenal.

Always a tough opponent in every training session 🇹🇷🇩🇪🇩🇪🇦🇱 Shkodran Mustafi #AFCvWHU #COYG #ACE17

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Auron Ismajli 🇦🇱🇩🇪🇹🇷 come on ARSENAL ❤️❤️
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou
Furkan Bilican Alexandre Sulivan le premier drapeau c'est quoi ? Imaginez Benzema il fait ça 😂😂
Boufersakha Imed Eddine If u think that ozil is the best player in the world like to my page ;)

Mesut Özil

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Youvaireeya Khan Handsome darling 💋
Mohammed El Mesut ozil is the best player in londons team because when he want to kick the ball he don't kick it and if it's gooaal thats good no he have an idea about how can have good goal
Steve Prince Ur so lazy in the pitch u don't fight back the ball once the ball goes to the opponent u don't even make an effort 2 get it back be a fighter lyke Sanchez
Blanca De Figueroa Te recuerdo cuando Jugaste tu primer mundial no se mucho pero te vi que llegaste para quedarte y no me equivoque adelante un gran jugador excelente. Ser humano bendiciones
Holger Orth Ich finds nur gut , dass sie dich bei real nicht mehr wollten 😀ich würde meiner ex Firma die mich los werden wollte auch noch unterstützen 😂was für eine Pflaume !!!

Thank you for your support Gooners 🙏🏽 See you on Wednesday again! #COYG #AFCvWHU

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Cyrus B. Sarwee Nice one there king of assist, the best midfielder in the world
Agniv Roy Wish someone slipped in the new contract right then. 😂 Sign the ting Maestro!
LE EL Tyson Tran Ozil is awesome to fans. If he leaves London, we can understand.
Shadrach Obochi In or out i love you so much... Right from Real Madrid I developed personal love on you
Slobodan Dzikoski U really spelled Gunners- "Gooners"? Come on bro you are too long there not to know how to spell it

Shared points against #ManCity. We have to keep going and get back on winning ways vs. West Ham! ⚽ #AFCvMCFC #COYG

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Hubert Akowe Shedrach But u should have capitalized on the mistake from stones and scored, u don't look happy and passionate at Arsenal...were u forced to sign ur contract at gunpoint?
Albert Fure We could have showed better spirit if we keept pressing Man city in the 76-90 minutes. And its just sad that we didn't show that spirit in January and December. The same last year and the years after that, how can we make the same mistake? but we will ...
Damilare Oyewole I believe in your ability Ozil to make a difference and lift the team. Arsenal is going through purple patches right now but with our support as fans, the players can pull through and end the season on the high. COYG
Cyrus B. Sarwee Sure, and thank u and the entire team u guys were fantastic,most especially seeing u defend was great
Oluwole Opadotun Keep working harder bro! Up your game a bit further. You played well today. Keep it up bro!

Music On. World Off. 🎶🌍 Finding focus for the big game coming up... 🎧 #BEHEARD #Official #Ambassador Beats by Dre #AFCvMCFC

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Matthew Bower Can't be that focused if you keep posting crap on social media. Maybe spend a bit more time on your work rate.
Edwin Tokunbo Laniyan Ready to disappear again in big games😂. Lazy ass disappearance specialist.
Benjamin Brunnen Wird immer mehr zum zweiten Götze. 100 % Einsatz in Sozialen Medien - 0 % Leistung im Sport.
Mhd Sâlëh Möûstãfä Cm'on Mesut Özil show them today how much you are vital for Arsenal Fc 💟💟💟
Stefan Armstrong Ciaran O'Brien Adam Plater #BeHeard didn't hear his name much in the commentary against City must've got lost again

Training ahead of our crucial Premier League game tomorrow 👍⚽ Come On You Gunners! 💥 #ACE17 #NeverFollow #AFCvMCFC

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Jeannot Mwangala U need to step up yo game 'coz most of the time u just don't perform well during big games. Damn it
Okello Micheal Come on just put up that performance of last season with 2 good assists and sink man city
Prince Farah show us tomorrow who you are,ignore some stupid fans arrogance and bring back our winning ways
Henry Odudu Good thinking, Good player. Put your best tomorrow lets win City
Ricky Taylor All you fake fan trolls are embarrassing how can you mock your own team and players! you lot are some disloyal hoes

Have you already read my full story? 📖〽 My bros Shkodran Mustafi, Julian Draxler and Leroy Sané did during the international break 😉#MagieDesSpiels #EnglishEditionComingSoon #GunningForGreatness

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Ensar Yaylacı Mesut bu kitabından bir tanede bize gönderirmisin oğlum Semi senin yolundan gidiyor beylikduzusporda oynuyor bizde devrekliyiz
Debora Lansana Também quero, quando chega ao Brasil? Estou na expectativa amo demais Mesut Özil!!!
Hamza Hamidia Mesut Özil Plz, answer me, you are my favourite player. I'm very curious to know your story. Mesut Özil answer me porcaputtana.
Sajjad Khan Behlül Ronaldo Mesut Özil ohh it's great 📖 (y) Love you <3 best wishes always with you
Nobaliah Saidi Come on Ozil.. face. Manchester City.. wish you best of luck...give all out. good results to hear.... :-)

All the best to my bro Sergio Ramos! 🇪🇸🎉 One of the greatest characters I've ever met - on and off the pitch 👍😉 #KeepItUp #legend #goalgetter #amigo

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محمد بن سعادين المحرمي أفضل مدافع في العالم يطفئ شمعته الـ 31 <3 كل عام وانت منقذ مدريد ، كل عام وانت مسعد مدريد ، كل عام وانت مدمر وقاهر الخصوم ومرعبهم كل عام وانت رجل الدقيقة 90. كل عام وانت بخير يا كابتن كل عام وانت بخير ي راموس💖 #هلا_راموس✌ #هلا_مدريد✌
Harsh Singh Ozil and Ramos together makes an great real Madrid squad! Ozil come back to Madrid
Msojaer Mulaudzi As long as Sergio Ramos is on the pitch you haven't beat Real Madrid
Lesilele Isaac You're a world class player.the king of Germany!.come Liverpool #reds
Putri Dwi Zilfan Best friend. Love to see you with that shirt. Thats my favourite RM jersey.

Fun with #Mira 😂😘❤ #ThrowCatTuesday #niece #familytime #love #ProudUncle #whereIsTheCat 🤔

120.3k reactions 1299 comments
Cty Nurhayati Mira grow so fast. First i know her when she just a baby 😍😍
Luis Fernandez Eres un mago dentro y fuera de la cancha! CRACK Mesut Özil
Justin Vézina Simon Léveillé Ozil trick tout le monde, c est pas nouveau
Law of Attraction - Thoughts become things. “Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile,laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.” - Rachel Ann Nunes
Youssef Mourchid Soufiane Mourchid, first time ozil not assisting .. Ozil, breaking the rules. Ozil the rebel.

Not just any teammate nor a normal friend - a long-time companion during school, FC Schalke 04 and the DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft)! Happy birthday bro! 🎂🙌🏽😃 Manuel Neuer

152.2k reactions 588 comments
Arsenal F.C. - The Invincibles like this page to see all the latest news & everything about Arsenal
Bright Rajathambi Ramthiru Happy birthday Manuel Neuer (Mr.Gigantic)i hope your enjoyments on your birthday Deutschland...Enjoy your day ...
Golden Boy Cabaas Ozil The best goalkeeper germany The best midfeild germany The winners WC 2014 Mesut Özil Manuel Neuer long time frnds
Daniela Cortez Sanchez Oh May god, que chiquito, awwwww😊😊😍. Feliz cumple a Manuel Neuer ♥👐👐
Bilal Bana Please leave Arsenal and go to the Bayern 🙏🏽😘 biz je t'embrasse Ps : joyeux joyeux au meilleur DC du monde ! ❤

Thank you, #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 for yesterday's warm welcome 🙏📸⚡✨ #Baku

116.7k reactions 574 comments
Ouze Thiam Ozil my player i like your play style you are the best number 10 in the world
黄韬 Very nice ! The day was soft and tender We like u and so u r my favorite football player . U don't leave Arsenal. Many happy return of the day . I hope u and your's team will pass any difficult and you will win any games this football season . ...
Malik Husiyev You should have scored an own goal instead of delivering thanks))
Məhəmməd Məhəmməd Bayramov Kef elə
Ramil Azizov Thank you, Mesut ! Your are always welcomed to Azerbaijan !!!

One step closer to our target: #Russia2018 ⚽🙏🏽 #AZEGER #NeverFollow #ACE16 Der nächste Stern für Deutschland

127.5k reactions 1657 comments
ቃድሬ ዊዝ ነቡ አደም In the good times we support you .. In hard times we support you .. You are our example .. You are our joy and victory .. You are and will always be our No.1 mesut you are the best player in the history of football
Mostafa ELtorky وإذا گنتم تريدون الحب .. 😍 فأعشقوا من يخاآاافون الله ...❤ إدخلوا عندى وشوفوا آلحاجات اللى بكتبهاَ☺ ولو عجبتكم إعملوا ... ↪Follow✔ , ❤😍 ↪See First✔. ❤..
Đj Ismael Mas Dhunkade Remember Allah, People will remember you. May Allah bless you always good luck You are the king assistant Great player and role model for all Muslim youth never forget to pray Islaaam is not terrorist Well done ozil go forward May Allah save ...
Haruna Iddrisu Happy to see you playing again, especially as an Arsenal fan. Alhamdulillah
Khalif Yusuf Ismail Ich hoffe viel Erfolg und viel Glück und weiter. mesut özil ich habe eine frage vielleicht kommst du old Trafford Manchester United? Bitte ich möchte antwort. Vielen dank.khalif
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