Mesut Özil

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The Watford match is just around the corner & I'm glad to have fully recovered during international break. 👍🏼💯⚽ #teamtraining #WFCvAFC #COYG Premier League Arsenal

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Ari Salo U are a fking disgrace and a lazy pig that every arsenal fan hate. Hope u get injured and have to stop playing football after arsenal has sacked u.
Youvaireeya Khan Happy birthday to you my world 🌎 ❤️ may Allah bless you always sweetheart 💋😘😍 love you always my Mesut Özil happy 29 year 🎉✌🏻🤴🏼👸 #HBDM1Ö
Henry Ochieng i'll kill myself if you leave us for Manchester United mate... where we gonna get another playmaker like you mate?
Lawrence OB How many Fridays since 4senal last won the league? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 13, 14, 15, 26, 27, 28, 42, 43, 44 damn it I'm tired already 😂😂😂
Tiger Sherekhan Leave our club please. Go to the club that can give you enough money. And hope money can motivate you pratice shooting. Leave with Alexis please . Bottom of my heart please leave . Hope money that you want . You can get to hell when you die .

BALLboa definitely not at his best today assisting my comeback work 😂⚽. Nevertheless I'm really looking forward to Saturday's match 😎 Premier League Arsenal

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Lusiba Mike If you want to go, jan isnt too far. If not sign a new contract
Baptista Divaldo Dvd One of the best in the world...
Hans Beka One day i will be like you In Sha Allah
लोगन ओजिल क्षेत्री Love you heart❤❤❤ Lots of love from nepal❤❤❤
Murat WengerOut Kilic Stop playing with Balboa and start playing for Arsenal?

Home + Family = Happiness 😘

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Şahin Turan You are a good boy mrs ozil my allah give you healing always and say salam to your family from me from turkey 😉
Haro Ben Es verdad mi hermano Mesut Özil la familia es el núcleo de la sociedad ... Quiero decirte que eres un gran jugador también quiero verte jugando en mi equipó preferido Anas Morabit algún día ... Gracias hermano y felicitación para la calificación a la ...
Yvonne K Sweet Meine güte ihr hapt euch alle so verändert... Wunderschön euch mal als Familie wieder zu sehen... Von euch Bismarck Jungs fehlen aber noch so einige 😊😉 das ist nicht mal der ganze Haufen 😂
Sary Daniel Masha Allah such a Happy family, Family a beautiful blessing Allah (swt) knew you needed. Alhamdulillah🙏🏻😍😇👏🏻Love you Özil🖤⚽️🏃👍🏻👳🏻
Bobby Moore Please Dont leave Arsenal, sign your contract on there cause Arsenal need You Bro...#Arsenal Fans Club INDONESIA

When in doubt sweat it out ...💦👊🏼 #YaGunnersYa #KeepPushing #gymtimeagain

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Ajmal Fannahym Jahym Come back stronger King of assist. We absolutely miss u
Tison Situmeang Welcome to Manchester United bro.
Adewolu Habiyb Adewuyi Detector Come back stronger bro, we miss you so much king of assist, we miss your creativity
Farhiya Adem Please don't think leave Arsenal mesut. ozil we need u .. And u have to be super focus.. Just like what u did everytime u play for Germany .. Am an Arsenal fan since I was a kid .. But I love it even more.. So please eventually .. Be Arsenal .legend ...
Kerryn Key Sign a contract extension you dickhead

Another day at the recovery office. 💯🏋🏻 #KeepPushing #gym

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Adhil Mohammed Please sign a new contract, Because we love u özil
Nirmit Dave Voh Sab toh thik hai lekin barabar khelna kab shuru karega be 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂Abhijit Pawar Anuj Mehta
Shilpi Rathore Be an Arsenal Player from Heart and see the difference Remember: PLAY FOR THE NAME ON YOUR CHEST & WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR NAME AT BACK 😘😘
Sare Shaheen work hard to be ready to play at manchester united

Mesut Özil

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Yasin Alcan Come to Galatasaray 😂
Trie Özil Pms You very cool Mesut özil 😍😍😍i love you Mesut özil
Eleonora Cipolla bellissimo <3
MoHa Xhaka Ozil wa shiday 428 like le ma heshay hhh
Söl Mesut Özil 😍 Great bro Love you 😍😍

Welcome to my home, welcome to London. Thanks for the visit HYPEBEAST 👍🏼🏠🎥👟🇬🇧

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Himanshu Mishra चलती फिरती ब्रांड्स की दुकान है भाई अपना । लव यू भाई , just play your natural game and create for players in your team . Always respect the badge which is given you all this . 🍑
Nev Wine Mesut.....I don't support Arsenal but I would like you to get back into the first team and continue to make great things happen for your current club....You are a professional soccer player and you have a duty to do your best for the club that pays your ...
Apil Gurung Reece Shah özil is minted. No wonder why he won't want to leave arsenal. Just look at his house...😂
Michael Bramhald The guy sure likes his flip-flops. At least if his footballing career went under, he could open up his own JD Sports. Lorna, James, Jack, Joe
MN Hafiz u have such a wonderful house in london. No need move out. better u just stay in london for another few years. Pls sign da thing

A much needed & hard-fought win. Well done Gunners 👏🏻 #AFCvWBA #mondaynight

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Ali Haider Still waiting to see ozil sanchez Laca play together 🔥🔥...#COYG #ARSENAL
Clay Tux Fresh off the bench yet still couldn't chase.
Usman Mesut Özil Masha Allah My Broth my Legend My Player My Hero All The Best Best To You My Broth I.m Your Best Fans In The World But We Not More You Join Man United Please My Broth I.m Usman Mesut Özil Usman Muhammad Umar Dala ,LG Kano State, Nigeria ...
Mohammad Ahmad The Superstar of the football Speacially Played matches When he was in Réal Madrid Thé Great Both of Ronaldo and Ozil..... Ozil Pass the goal to Ronaldo and Ronaldo Kick Thé Gooooooaaaaaal....... Oh These Moments are Very Beautiful When the Ozil was ...
Alagbonsi Olawunmi Yunus Sign the contract with us, ignore man united as reported. Be a legend, be a gunners for life #Signdathing

Satisfying my need for football with new #PES2018 😜. Real life Mesut will be back on the pitch again soon! #AFC

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Ryan Bass That's the last straw... play FIFA like a real man or don't worry about the new contract! #knockofffifa
Stefan Müller Grüße nach London von einem Schalker 👍 Mesut, du darfst gerne wieder auf Schalke kommen wenn dein Vertrag nächstes Jahr ausläuft 👍 nur dein Gehalt musst du mindestens halbieren 😉 Glück Auf Mesut 👍
Ramboo Tawasil Özil Fifa18 is the best, like real.....
Frank Mvogo William Wolff c'est pour ça que sur le terrain en ce moment c'est nivet et non ozil si pour lui PES se rapproche le plus de la réalité
Fatih Deniz DF Mesut ozil je mag wel eens arme mensen helpen broer ik zie daar niks over je zit wel ahter jou ps4 met jou dikke salaris en dikke waggie maar hep niks gezien over maymar terwijl onze moslim broerders daar worden afgeslacht zie ik jou niet eens dat je ...


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WORLD BEST Videos like page dear friends
Vera Lúcia Piesanti Molinar
Kavi Rawal Arnav Rawal
Hayder Neehmatallah عقيل جواد الكناني 😈
Yusuf Maiwada my real hero,

You've already played the new #PES2018? What do you think about my in-game stats? ⚽🎮 #WhereLegendsAreMade

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Lyndon Harris Some stats are over rated. You can take that comment however you want to.
Gilberto Gutierrez Dominguez What I think that you the best midfielder in the word😍😍😍😍
Hans Beka One day i will be like you In Sha Allah
Aly Farid pes is love the best football game ever❤️❤️
Arch Saacid You are the most creative player i have seen since the ice man. #ozisst

Gym session 💪🏻🏋️‍♂️✔ #London #workout #HereToCreate

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Gabriel Junior forget this guy he's off man u......u lazy scum
Antoine Raimondi C'est aussi le mouvement qu'il fait quand il te met le zeub dans la bouche
Beyazıt Darıyemez I feel it mate.You will play for Fenerbahce one day.It is even very soon.Come to Fenerbahçe!!!
Jyan Carlos Detoni We wanna see goals and assists not pull ups
Aliyu Zaiyan There's only one Mesut Özil

Good news: I’m back training on the pitch. As you might have heard I’m suffering from a minor inflammation of my knee. Feeling better each day now and hope to be back playing very soon! 👍🏻😉 #London #COYG Arsenal

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Abdulai Sesay Great news! I wish you the best of luck boy. You've just got to re-sign a new contract for me. I'm still waiting on you King Mesut...Let's go buddy.
Abdulsalam El Nafaty I hope and proud on you, king mesut, you will won premier league this session, please stay at my Arsenal, don't leave the club, until end of your career to be come Arsenal legend, my king, my best footballer in the world.
Mebrahtu Kahsay Did You See How Arsenal Was Playing Against Cheksea? Attacking Together And Defending Together. Please Note,Modern Football is not only about assisting and pure pass but about defending together and attacking back together. You r a pure class in ...
Prince MuhammadMudathir Adeyemi AbdulRauf It might interest you to know that Stan kroenke Arsenal led board are planning to offload you and Alexis sanchez.TBH . Arsenal cant and will never pay you that said amount you want. I always and will continue to wish you all the very best in your future ...
Saiful Islam Abdul Hamid U should have a discussion with ramsey on how u two gonna fit together since ramsey played very well against chelsea due to your offence but I love to see u both perform together on the pitch #coyg

Proud we could make my young friend Charlie smile again today. 😉🎁 #birthdayboy #keepfighting #YaCharlieYa #AFCvFCB Arsenal

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Ayan Abdi That face you make when you are having a bad day but remember Oxlade Chamberlain
Azeez Omotayo Ozil u guys had a good game 2day keep of up we all GUNNERS FANS LOVE U GUYS,KEEP D GUNNERS FLAG FLYING HIGH
Bạch Xuân Vạn I am fans of Mesut Özil in Viet Nam.HI fans arsenal world
John Bosco Tuyishime I love you Özil❤. You are kind hearted and generous😘 God bless you #M1Ö
Sunny Milner thank Allah 4 those eyes b'cause its like they give u a nice vision,how i love your pasing..thanks lad just keep it up don't listen to criticizers.

That's the way ...aha...aha...I like it!!! 😬🇩🇪⚽⚽⚽ #NiceWin #Fun #happy #HereToCreate #GERNOR Julian Draxler

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Cayro Lur da Prince Please Maintain that form for the next 6 games at #Arsenal; because we really need that form to have our #Morale boasted. We love you at Arsenal #Bro. #Mesut_TheBest10 in the league. #COYG
Vincent Araka The two sides of Mesutözil you can easily tell..... one side at national team and that of a frustrating Arsenal team!!!
Ohilebo Raymond Pato Todays is a good day for sure...but remember Without d ball arsenal are a man down bcos ozil doesn't mark or intercept.. #observing
Jay Cents Kartel Jr. I wish you keep that smile! Not untill you go back to Arsenal then your life become miserable again… its hard to be agooner!
Darby N Seidu dear mesut ozil I pray you will an injury free season and best of lack and good form .i can't wait to watch you live playing your beautiful game

Matchday! 🔥 #HereToCreate #RoadToRussia #GERNOR #ACE17 #DieMannschaft

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Lê Hồng Hảo Good luck my love, i always support you, i love you my bro ❤️
Ahmed Mustafa Good luck mesut ❤ Hope to see you like the last match 🎻〽🙈 #mesut_on_fire 🔥❤
Usman Mesut Özil Will Done King Of Germany Like If You Think Mesut Özil King Of The World Assist
Onyango Julius You are the only Arsenal player that is passionate about that Jersey. The rest are a bunch of idiots led by the Chilean slanderer
Mambang Berasap Keep on fighting to the end . Be ruthless , create your own goal scoring opportunity if you have to .

All the best to one of the world's best defenders! 🎉🎈 Happy birthday and come back stronger bro 👊🏼⚽ Jérôme Boateng

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Bhekumuzi Maphosa But Messi says hi to Boateng 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,just joking Happy Birthday Boateng #TeamOzil
Nakanwagi Crole Patra Evel Happy Birthday handsome; may you live to blow up a thouthers of candles love. Respect to u.
Cliff Santi Tapi tell him Lionel Messi says happy birthday too😂😂😂😂😂
Shitu Sys Ozil my best player and hope one day you will become among the ballon d'o winners inshaAllah
A Ki Ra Liu Nice brother Mesut Özil.First comment here...

It’s September 2nd, 2017. I’m with the German National team right now, and yesterday we took a big step towards the World Cup in Russia after beating Czech Republic 2-1. During the last couple of days my DFB teammates have been asking me about how everything is at Arsenal at the moment. They claimed to have read about the current crisis through the media, as pundits and former players are commenting on a daily basis. They say that this could be the worst team in years, even decades. I’m writing this text together with people that are close to me, and we’ve got something to celebrate. Although no match was won, or trophy was lifted today, Arsenal and I are celebrating our anniversary! Four years ago I was transferred in a last minute deal from Real Madrid to Arsenal - Arsène Wenger convinced me. He told me about the great history of this club, about its living legends such as Bergkamp, Vieira and Pirès, who owe a large part of their success to the manager. Arsène told me how he would help me to develop as a player, and this is something every player wants to hear, as it is great encouragement. Although I initially struggled when coming to the Premier League, I accepted the challenge. I started as a left-winger at the beginning, and in all honestly, I am not a great admirer of that position for myself - I’m better as a ‘number 10’. When playing in the centre I can control the game and generate chances. The Premier League is physically much more demanding then La Liga or the Bundesliga. 1-1 draws are much tougher, and the smaller clubs also have very strong teams that can easily catch you out. Furthermore, there is no winter break, meaning the season is extremely long and exhausting, especially when you are playing at European and National Team level too. We have achieved a lot in our four years together. Three of the 13 FA Cup victories have been accomplished in the past four years, with the other ten taking 75 years for the club to win. This is in addition to our three Community Shield wins. After all, six titles in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season - this is something we hope to change this year. Personally I’ve had to accept a lot of criticism during my time in London. ‘Too expensive, too greedy, bad body language, and lacking fight’ - this is what people have said about me. Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players - both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club. Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends - my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting! I would like to thank all the Gooners that have always supported me and believed in me. When I leave the Emirates after a game, I see the fans standing along the street cheering. When I've played well, I hear you sing my song, and this makes me incredibly proud, giving me goosebumps every time. I have been privileged enough to have met both Brendan and Charlie. They support the club despite their illness, and their strength and positive messages constantly motivate me. Moreover, I’m thankful for all the other personal relationships I’ve made over the past four years. Even though I personally do not know how my career will continue after this year, I look forward to my fifth season with Arsenal. This is because Arsenal is a great club with great people and great traditions. I am glad to be able to wear your shirt, Gooners. I’ve had so many great moments in the last four years and I really appreciate what this club means to the people of London, the UK and all over the world.

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Muhammad Nazmul Hossain Ali A lot of players play good and win matches for their clubs but how many of them are so passionate about their clubs like you? Man, you just earned so much more respect through this. The way you're dedicated about Arsenal is something truly remarkable. ...
Maxwell Maxi Kimamo Mesut. You are forever a Legend in my eyes. You brought a winning mentality to the team. We've got Ozil!! Mesut Ozil!!! I just dont think you understand!! He's better than Zidane, He'a Arsene Wenger's Man we've got Mesit Ozil!!🎵🎶🎵🎶
Justin Curry Chama Jnr i am a strong #Manchester_united fun but a football lover who knows how to analyze football. #Ozil honestly you are one of the very great in this sport. everyone hits the rock at one point in their careers but i can say you are far from that. just play ...
Pádraig Kent I can see these comments but everything about you disappears when in an Arsenal jersey. The only way to deal with criticism is through your performances not social media. Talk is cheap but your wages & transfer fee isn't so let's get a bit of value for ...
Med Sanhaji still you didn't win ucl and not qualified you were afread of isco and modric in the midfield and you left the club as a coward i respected you once but you broke my heart by leaving the club you could have win 3 ucl and developed more you'r capacities ...

Still no single point dropped 🇩🇪 7 out of 7 😉 Next stop. Stuttgart 🖖🏽 #HereToCreate #CZEGER

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Arenjungla Kichu Ozil is incredible. I don't understand Arsenal fans and his critics criticizing him.
Rayan Massri You are the best Mesut Özil❤❤i love you so much❤❤best player Özil❤❤❤
Ahmed Mustafa They asked why ozil doesn't play in arsenal like germany ? - simply because of wenger !! 😏😒
Sahadat Hossain Sumon May Allah's blessings always shine upon you & your family on this Eid al-Adha & forever inshAllah❤️
Anuj Papriwal Another Assist.. Can't Wait For The World Cup 2018.. ❤

To all those celebrating around the world #EidMubarak 🕌☪ Mübarek Kurban Bayramını sevdiklerinizle beraber sağlıklı ve huzur içinde geçirmenizi dilerim. Mutlu Bayramla 🕌☪ Ich wünsche euch allen ein gesegnetes Opferfest #EidMubarak 🕌☪ عيد مبارك لكل أصدقائي المسلمين

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Mojahid M Easa ﷽ ​ ​السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته​ يسرني ويسعدني أن أتقدم إليكم بأصدق التهاني والامنيات بمناسبة حلول عيد الاضحي المبارك ، سائل المولى العلي القدير أن يجعل أيامكم كلها افراح وأن يعيده علينا وعليكم أعواما عديدة وأزمنة مديدة وأنتم في ...
Saeed Ahmed Seka ياصاحب القلب الجميل❤ أينما كان محلي في قلبك ‎لا تنساني من دعائك في ‎هذه الايام العظيمة ‎لعلكِ أقرب مني إلى الله منزلة ، ولك دعوة طيبه لا ترد فلا تحرمني ، ‎ بصدق الدعوات بظهر الغيب ، وتضمر الخير أسعد الله قلباً ضم إسمي بدعائه غيباً وانا لا اعلم .....
Parvez Alam Shornov The life of all of us should be manifested in the greatness of sacrifice. Greetings of the holy Eid-ul-Azha 🕌🌙🕌Eid Mobarak🕌🌙🕌
Rindang Kuswanto Selamat Iedul Adha juga buat Mesut Òzil dan saudara-saudara muslim di seluruh dunia , semoga Allah SWT memberkahi kita semua...dan doakan saudara muslim kita yg masih teraniaya terutama muslim Rohingya dan Palestin
Amine Jaadar السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ما من تهنئةٍ أعظم من أن تدعو بأن يتقبل الله الطاعات، فإنها إن قُبلت حصل فرح العيد الحقيقي . يسرني ويسعدني أن أتقدم إليكم بأصدق التهاني والتبريكات بمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك ، سائلا المولى العلي القدير أن يجعل أيامكم ...

Time to get one step closer to Russia - not just geographically but also in our World Cup Qualification group 😉🇨🇿🇨🇿 Off to Prague! ✈ #RoadToRussia #HereToCreate #CZEGER #BeHeard

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David Andras Don't mind all the negative comments!! Looking forward to see you to play against our national team.. Best of luck for GER and AFC.... COYG :-)
Ilyas Ezriouil AnvSs Ël IdrïŠsi chi7aja machi hya hadil
Kabaso Lombe Moses Wenger is mind fucking you guys at arsenal his mind fucking every one. He doesn't buy players to help you attain your potential the ox was wise he left while he could do the same before our team finishes you Wenger is a specialist in failure and will ...
Jackson Dhieu Joho Breaking news: The first team of Arsenal is being loaded off, many exits have been confirmed and others are underway. I don't know Who will play with you for Arsenal when you come. Anyway, you will find Our promising kid (Nelson61) the best replacement ...
Divad Rellew Time to get up off your backside and work for the club that pays your ridiculous wages - THE ARSENAL. At the moment the likes of you and Sanchez are letting the supporters down. As for Wenger, he is too bloody soft with the players who all need a ...

Happy to be back at the DFB-Team (Die Mannschaft). First training ✔️💪🏼#CZEGER Der nächste Stern für Deutschland adidas Fussball

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Lê Nhật Come on Mesut
Chris Adderley How you keep getting selected for Germany I'll never know Ramsey El
Chaudhary Usman Dani Ch bechara kis tarah pareshan a
Conor Schiffer Tobi Goretzki Da spielt er endlich mit Spielern auf seiner Ebene 😂😂😂
Axel-Julien Bindé de Madrid Qd cest la bas tu joues on dirait ta Vie est en Jeu Tocard

Blame us, shout at us, criticize us, but I'm also very disappointed about today's game 😠. We wanted to achieve a positive result before the international break but we were simply not good enough during the 90 minutes and Liverpool deserved the win without a doubt. Usually I'm too angry to post on social media after such frustrating days like today, but I don't want to let this match go uncommented before traveling to the DFB Team. Nevertheless... Gunners, I'm sorry - especially for the fans who travelled all the way up to Liverpool to see us fighting. But we will try everything to improve in the next game and bounce back from the disappointment we are all feeling at the moment 👊🏼 #LFCvAFC Arsenal

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Lanyero Sharon Scovia A bad beginning makes a good ending , guys take Hrt this is not the end of us Arsenal funs,don't lose hope
Hung Tran Nguyễn Thế Ngọc buồn cái qq gì em.. viết tâm thư đuổi #ArseneWenger đi, cứ thế này còn buồn nhiều
Afham Gerrard What u did last play,u can't win with Liverpool..remember this..
أحمد محمد سماقة Ya damme fida ejrak bs l3abo mtl l5ale2 w ma3ash tredo 3a wenger ya khaye mtl l satel hayda !!!!
Raj Ramchurn You are not good enough! If you have any blood running through your veins please leave this beautiful club! You and your other mercenaries colleagues, including the most expensive finance director- Wenger-are destroying this club......

Meeting 🏠⚽ ... #London #HereToCreate

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Chido Deking Ozil,You are a great player, any one who doesn't like you should go to hell
Marcello Stabenow Christian Meyer was machst du denn bei Mesut? (Rechts unten)
Muhaimin Zaki Poi.... tak join ke? Azri Ifwat
Shahin Salih Ibrahim Almuslem ههه تعا شوف عامل اشتماع
Mattia Donadio Marco Del Prete la tavolata della nostra asta dove tu non ci sei😪

Mesut Özil's cover photo

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Omar Salim شكلي من اشتري حذائين سوه
حمزة العجوري أوزيل يا غالي زمااان عنك 😂😂😂😂
Ivan Serafimov Come to Inter Milano #ForzaInter
Matthias Fett Dachte kurz, du hast einen Putzlappen in der Hand und putzt deine Glasfront ... aber sind ja dann doch deine neuen Schlappen von Adidas und du bist der Lappen ...
Crystal Arabi king nd also a very smrt guy

Mesut Özil

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Bikash Chapagain हैन यो ओजिल दिन प्रती दिन लास्टै Handsome अनि झन झन Young देखिन लाग्नु भएको छ , के हो यो नेपालको राजेस हमाल, ईन्डिया को सलमान खान, अमीर खान जस्तै हो कि क्या हो? forever young कहिले बूढो नदेखिने 😂😂😂
Khaled Ozil اوزيل حبيبي وماشي صاحبي
ابراهيم بركات ادعي لنفسك لمدة دقيقة لعلها تكون ساعة استجابه ياودود ياودود. ياودود ياذا العرش المجيد يافعال لما تريد لك الحمد ولك الشكر على جميع النعم اللهم لك الحمدكماينبغي لجلال وجهك وعظيم سلطانك اللهم ياحي ياقيوم صل على محمد وعلى آل محمد كما صليت على ابراهيم ...
PapiJoe El Beardo Dude i just need u to b on beast mode this season cz once u start beasting that midfield, the whole team is on song💪💪. #BeastMode
S King Like if you think Mesut Ozil King Of The Assist In The World

Evening activity ... ⚽🎮 #NorthLondonDerby #PES2017 #home

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Sasha Rio FIFA 17 Bruder was los bei dir
Malte Akkermann Michael Zabél Arno de Buhr so erteile ich euch demnächst mal eine Lektion in Fifa 18 ⚽💪😎
Cihan Yasar El Yusuf Aykut Can Cano Hasan valla klein seine leinwand :D fakiiiiir! :D
Pepe Del Angel Ozil lo sabe Diego Castro el PES es el mejor!!!!!
Mohamed Anis Karadaniz W drk ana kifeh ndiir .. yak ana ma3andich hhhh Yacine Lamine Mohamed Omar

Crazy game. Full of drama, what an end.⚽⚽⚽⚽ not a perfect match but we take the 3 points in the #PLkickoff! thanks for your support 👏🏼 #YaGunnersYa #AFCvLFC Arsenal

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Yä D Ânīn Sir, you could have try that long distance goal...that was a amazing part of the match😂. You played well and full team played great. Congratulations #Arsenal for your Dramatic win over leicester city(4-3) in the very first match of the pl 2017-18 ...
Jacob Pongolani Good play from the new signings- Lacazatte and Kolasinac, and thanx for your contribution. Players we rally behind you, you really showed a good character and didn't gave up. Much thanx to Wenger for the substitution
Biñ Øžiľę Wiż Côffėė ኦዛዬዬዬዬዬዬ <3
Charlie Keegan Great performance Mesut - at 2-3 down around 60-70 mins you made sure you got on the ball a lot and worked hard to work space and create chances. I thought you really took the game by the scruff of its neck and got us the win! #oooohyaaaaaa
Mohammad Yaseen Drei Punkte sind sehr teuer .. es war ein spannendes Match .. die Verteidigunglinie ist sehr schlecht .. Peter Cech is auch schlecht .. Lacazette ist wunderbar .. Kolasenak ist excellent .. Bellerin ist übernatürlich .. Das Problem war ,leider, in ...

Back in full training after recovering from my ankle injury 👍🏼😉⚽ #YaGunnersYa #ACE17 Arsenal

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Amandine Mattens aiie , ça a lancé que le lendemain . reprends doucement . fais attention à toi , bisou ( tes cheveux ont bien poussé)
Tani Mannschaft Khedira Malloú Özil regarde comme il est beau notre Özil 💖
Mohamed Samy مسعود ، عازف الليل ❤
Jason-James Ong See you tomorrow night ! GOONER!
Gaurav Singh Playing tomorrow?

Caption this... 👇😎😂

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Saif Khan Amazing
Jama Swaleh Ali The treble Emirate cup ✅ FA cup ✅ Community shield ✅ Now 4th spot.
David Pozzi Julian Etessami mustafi guarda ig özil è un figo cazorla sembra un mafioso e gabriel non sa cosa sta facendo esattamente
Pali Dhelie Ahmad Shahril aku jupe dh kembo aku ril..ö11
Anishul Islam Hey guys have you noticed there are 4 Arsenal players here!! Co incidence??
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