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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a LIBRARIAN!!

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Jonn Neiss she needs a theme song... like Mighty Mouse....
Katherine Moss I actually own a Nancy Pearl action figure, but not this one! I want it. Haha
Steve Loera Kinda looks like Abuela. Just needs a broom. Ud que dice Jenny. 😂😂
Vicki Cupper Hahaha, Keshia. Tell me you have one of these at work.
Christina Owens Elizabeth Wilson this would be your Christmas present if I could get it from Amazon lol

Ferry McFerryface... a new ferry in Sydney, Australia!! Not making this up! #DownUnder #FerryMcFerryFace

575 reactions 44 comments
Molly Archer Hannah Schafer Lebovitz another reason to go to Australia
Nelly Good Haha funny
Thomas Ferry Hi I'm a Ferry. Yes my last name is Ferry
Honor Eastman Baloney. This cannot be true. #FakeNewsByPeewee
Edward J Marsicano Scroty McBuggerballs

LOOK: Ugly holiday ROMPERS! #ManromperMonday

194 reactions 361 comments
Tyler Chitwood Milton Williams just in time for the holidays, my gift to you!
Marjory Klein Kenny Litvack - I dare you to get the one on the right and wear it to rehearsal!
Charles Vidaud Rompers are fine if your under the age of 1.
Harriet Browder That doesn't even make sense. Just plain stupid.
Debra Bashaw You'd have to be "lit" to show up in one of these! UGH!

ME, Pee-wee Herman, as a Bobblehead! #Bobblehead #HappySunday #SurrealSunday

1.3k reactions 90 comments
Martha Yanez Daniel Banuelos - Christmas gift idea.
Addie Levinsky Jen Bezrutczyk well that looks familiar :D :D :D
Kevin Miller At first I thought this was a gigantic head for a bobblehead "costume" ...That would be amazing!
Liz Rivera Goldstein I think I have to marry this- cause I am in love with it! <3
Patti Pearson-Kotz I need one for my son the bb head collection!

So this happened today...!

21.2k reactions 525 comments
Andrew Lindley Movie idea: Pee-wee's (And Al's) Even Bigger Adventure!!! It'd break box office records, I just know it!!!!!
Eric T Voss These guys both have the ability to make me laugh and make my day better just by thinking about them
Kelly Humphrey I was just telling my husband last week that I'd love to get a photo with you at a con! Come to ohio please!
Alan Schriver Two guys who taught me it's okay to be weird! I never would have survived my teen years without them!
Camille Walters I grew up watching u and still do and I just turned 36. Love u . u inspired me with your in my books. Thx for all the laughs . keep them coming.

A sincere thank you to all the veterans out there on this Veterans Day! #VeteransDay #THANKYOU

893 reactions 20 comments
Bryan Ouellet you fucking idiots had allies you know.
Cynthia Crothers And to your dad, Pee Wee who helped Israel become Israel!
Vernon Sandoval You're welcome pee wee.
William D Knaup Thank you.....
Steve Fleming Proud to have served

Pee-wee petri portraits! LOOK: #TGIF #Peeweepetri

400 reactions 50 comments
Pete Sidoti You look so cultured.
Terry Siañez That's AWESOME!!
Nelly Good OMG I love it so much
Joe Boulden Infectious humor. heh-Ha!
Scott Nichols What disease is that ?

Now you can buy a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Ranch dressing with this mini keg! Yes, a KEG of #RANCH!

314 reactions 563 comments
Brandie Cristina Gutierrez Stephanie Flores just in case you want to relive your bartending days AND your rabid Ranch habit...
Carrie Jackson Caine Lee 😳 a ranch keg for all your ranch needs 😂
Rick Smith Yuck. That would last me a thousand years+
Adriana Belmontes Abra dad's christmas present jajajajajaja
Kyle Bloedorn To bad it's garbage dressing. Buy Litehouse, people!

They are selling $1K 'tin cans' over at Tiffany's!!! #notmakingthisup

356 reactions 93 comments
Marco Naguib I guess rich people don’t know what else to buy
Harry Hunter D Saw the ad for them.......someone will buy it for Oprah; she has the tiffany’s Bubble blower....
Leslie Yoders Deanna M. Buberniak, you could just buy these!
Ralph Ciardella do they have franks and beans in them at least?
Krista Nealy I ordered 20 gold paperclip book marks. Very kind of them to give me free shipping...

Check out the world’s largest deliverable #PIZZA!! It feeds up to 70 people!

3.9k reactions 646 comments
Shane Maxwell How does it fit through your doorway? Tipping it sideways could be a mess.
Heidi Elizondo Christine Kingsbury pizza reminded me of u. U the only one that prolly can eat this whole thing and not gain a pound lol
Rob Nilsen Amanda, Happy Birthday pizza for you!!
Kellie Green Dennis-your ordering pizza tonight?
Dawn Marie Carter Johnny, it's the pizza you dropped at the Artisan! Lol

Adios, #DaylightSavingTime! How's that "falling back" treating you?

91 reactions 24 comments
Nicky DePalma Good .
Nelly Good I don't like it
Lui Zenidog I got jet lag lol
Steven Thorne Thank you, Pee Wee.
Humberto Orozco Great!

This isn't a package of ramen! #butitsurelookslikeone

385 reactions 36 comments
Jason Johnson Jessica Sue Sobilo
Joe Engebretsen Thanin Viriyaki
Hannah Ruel Nina Ruel
Dylan Cataldo Whaaaaat? Jesse Wales
Ivan Aguilar Candy 👀

A quick reminder!! My pal Paul Reubens is headed to Rhode Island Nov 10th & 11th! Get your tix for the Rhode Island Comic Con today:

1.2k reactions 113 comments
Jaime Hardie Miele He’s a funny guy, that pal of yours!!! 🤣
Dick Iacovello Thanks for the warning!
Josiff Scurto You guys could be twins!
Hugh Scott Shearer KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD! may as well come here too! and btw, your picture looks like a mug shot! Luv you Pee-wee..
Josey E B Vermillion Its reubenfelt or something similar haha embrace it

Friday feeling! TGIF!! #weekend #weekendishere #fun #tgif #tgifriday #haveagreatweekend #friday #happyfriday

1.2k reactions 106 comments
Bill Riddle He defends all children.
Robert Jindra He's really neat!
Thomas Sims Gamera is a friend to all children.
Michael Nelson Gamera rules... groovy..
Jeff Blais go gamara . training for the godzilla olimpics .

Look at this winning portrait of Abraham Lincoln in PENNIES!! #pennyportrait #abelincoln

354 reactions 27 comments
Rachel Podkowka Taylor Andrew Van de Castle
Lynn Hunsaker Chaz Chassman
Regina Santoro Patty Smith
Carolyn Birmingham Smith Jo-Anne Parella Christoffel show dan this!!

Listen to the 'Ghostbusters' theme song played on old floppy drives!! #whoyagonnacall #Ghostbusters!

403 reactions 32 comments
Stephan Lewis
Jess Salazar Jesse Fehlberg
Fonda Cox Dougie
Bianca Nocco Nawrocki Julie Smith Eric Lindquist
Alex Stevens Quinn McGonigle

Happy #Halloween! 🎃

2.9k reactions 125 comments
Danielle Magginetti There’s no basement in the Alamo Tyrell D Kneeland
Candice Turner Hope you went to Knott's to see Elvira's last show
Scott Henderson There is no basement in the Alamo! Scariest end to any story to date!
Rob Stanley theres no basement at the Alamo!
Mario Villegas And you could do you want to make this for me

Today's the day! Happy #Halloween!! I want to see everyone's costume!

1.0k reactions 155 comments
Jason A. Cobb I went as joker from the 1989 Batman film
Marisa Kennedy Captain Carl and Miss Yvonne
Madison Kinney Les(lie) Claypool. The bicycle fascinator is in your honor!
ヨンソン ヴァレリー No costume, but just carved my Jack O’ Lantern this morning!
Briana Lee Saunders I was a baby for Halloween

Share your Pee-wee-inspired #Halloween costumes! I'll add them to my gallery: Shown: Jimmy Fallon as ME, 198-something

888 reactions 139 comments
Nick Rose Our costume theme for last year's comic con
Skip Fritchy I remember that costume at the Methuen mall..
Noel Storey Playing in the wedding band in a ceremony at Edward Gorey's house with awesome writer Charles Soule.
John Andrew Simone The late NY club kid Ruben Sandwich at Susanne Bartsch's Halloween party at the Copa:
Mark Worden I like this guy's "Salute to Les Nessman!"

This is the Thurman (rhymes with Herman) family of Pewee Valley, KY! They are now in my #HalloweenCostume gallery!

1.1k reactions 45 comments
Michelle Missy Mersereau Lol. The Peewee Thurmans! 😂
Julia A. Penney That's awesome!
Kitty Terzolino Ashlee Hagan post hams picture!
Michael Lownie Wow! They are floating in mid air!
Ashlee Hagan My 2 year old loves pee wee

This is 3 1/2 -yr-old Olivia. Her mom says she dresses like me all the time, not just on #Halloween! Now she's earned a spot in my online costume gallery!!

14.8k reactions 273 comments
Jen Von Ghoul That is hilarious and adorable
Rocky Treadway It's like Pee Wee was in the room himself.
Leilani Luna Anika look at this adorable little girl!
Allison Kathleen It was amazing meeting you today!!! Thank you again ❤
Walt Griffin Legit peewees being peewee herman are the best

Not long now... #Halloween is almost here!

383 reactions 22 comments
Dan Thompson Anne
Nicole Morris Laura Leigh Delaney Sirois-Morris
Mike W. Gale Jenna Viktoria
Katie E Stipp Ashlee Summerland
Bianca Clipperton Lily Dawson Harper Dawson it’s MK!

Remember this? The first "literal" music video ever made, for a-ha's ‘Take on Me’!! So funny! #takeonme

691 reactions 59 comments
Janelle Wakeman Sarsfield Funny and clever.
Robert Dmowski Whenever the song comes on
Elliana Fresco I recall seeing one years ago for Head Over Heels.
Poncho Carrillo It was done in 2 of thier videos , liked them both and still do , bummer they did a farewell tour a couple years ago, got the dvd
Vicki Smith One of the best videos ever!

Paul Reubens will be at Stan Lee's Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday! LOOK:

1.7k reactions 104 comments
Liam A. Black if i hadn't just been on holiday id have flown all the way from Scotland to meet this guy again
Vaughn Saball Ah man, west coast con :/
Donna York When you coming to north Alabama
Paul Meyer You da Man. Totally appreciate your talent.👍👍
Azriel Materia Dont forget that youre suppose to make a special appearance at my bday party in December!

Who's ready for season 2 of @Stranger Things!?! #StrangerThings Thx for the awesome art, Catshrine

2.6k reactions 137 comments
Brendan Raum Erin lolll 😅
Reagan Smith Dalton oh my god
Ethan Jesse Singer tell em demogorgon sent ya
Michelle Hanni "Is this something you can share with the rest of us Amazing Larry??!?!??"
Jay English "I know you are but what are you?"

Buffalo wing LATTE?! #nope

251 reactions 121 comments
Juste Le Wojax US-side Timmies is so wrong...
Amie Michelle Ugh. I'mma go ahead and SCREAM REAL LOUD.
Brooke McConnell Shreve Tam Huynh this is what I was talking about
Michelle DiGiovanni Michael DiGiovanni, mamma loves her wings but not enough for this mess
Mark Niebuhr Tim Hortons sucks. They're tax dodgers along with Burger King whom they own. Boycott tax dodging thieves.

Ever see faces in empty spaces? Artist Kyle Kesterson does... and he draws them! LOOK:

588 reactions 19 comments
Meghan Lynch Stacey Hollander
Zac Schneider Jeremiah Welter it’s your destiny! 😂
Holley Hagar String All the time!
Steven Thorne Thank you, Pee Wee.
William Joshua Allen Camel 🐫 toe!

LOOK at these creepy-cool Halloween foods!!

622 reactions 58 comments
Áine Maria Kathleen :)
Mark Falconer Stacey Paton Aimi Robertson
Manuel Lopez Mary BA mira amor
Jimmy Martinez Melanie Martin Martinez CJ would love these!
Kathryn Maple Katie more ideas in comments too!

Happy birthday, Scorpios!

289 reactions 23 comments
Jenniver R Schwartz Jordan Rivell
Carlos Tarin Gonzalez Josh McGee
Nicole Satrang Kimberly Locklear
John Fugatt Suzanne Nicole Fugatt
Tish Eaves Charles Dixon

These stickers make electric outlets look like surprised animals!! #SundayFunday

3.0k reactions 236 comments
Christina Kirk Thrift Ashlyn Thrift the worst idea ever??? Let's call attention to the electrical sockets?
Jordan Baker And are probably 10 times more likely to have kids electrocuted
Blake Lehane Make sure to apply the stickers with a butterknife to avoid getting your fingers too close to the holes.
Gwen Durland Pearshouse Amy these are so perfect for your house!!
Nicole Anderson Heather i need Nietzsche outlet covers.
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