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Thank you so much for this, Manuela!! Your heart & passion are so present in every page of this book. I know this thank you is waaay past due but know I loved this & the aprons! I hope to actually meet you one day & see that gorgeous kitchen & skill in person. Takk! ♥️ @passionforbaking

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Kofi Mensah get laid
Matthew Stephenson Q and A soon?
Tye Merricks I can stick around 100 more.
Michael Callahan Good morning Sunshine
Jordan Thomas Honeycutt Those nails are beautiful Jordin!

This is my internal response to a lot of things. Lmaooooo tag a friend! 😂😂😂

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Sara Gorecka Emma Nuluv 🙄 too much don't like
Dominique Knox Chantell the dog's face lol
Greg Pitts Yup thats me alone but atleast im blessed and self sufficient
Marianne Dumont Samuelle Comtois toi pis moi avec le truc d'attention
Elena Van Cutsem Kim da's dus ook wij 😂

Hmm...what do you think of this?

8 Reasons for Every Woman to Go Braless - Relationship Goals
8 Reasons for Every Woman to Go Braless - Relationship Goals

It would definitely make a significant improvement in your quality of life

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David Middleton Nothing at all
Tye Merricks Like a pack of skin's.
Ikenna Ukagwu 😃😃😃😃😍😍
Sarah Sherif Mirna Wagdy YESSS ! Shofty ?
Lincoln Williams Go what you feel in your gut and your heart if that's what the people want to do so be it and just don't be a dummy or a fool

Mai iloko mai . Mahalo nui loa, Maui. 🌺

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José Ademir Alves Beautiful linda sucesso
Laurie Finn Waaramaa Wow, fabulous and what a beautiful island!!
Kevin Mccormick Go Cardinals !!!
Debbie Aitorea Stunning😊😊😊😍😍
Collin B Lepotokisi My girl😍😍

Watch out for these signs, your health is #1 💕

Your Kidneys Are Shutting Down If the Body Shows These 8 Signs
Your Kidneys Are Shutting Down If the Body Shows These 8 Signs

Symptoms of kidneys malfunction can be quite subtle.

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Shechelle Anne Anne Tena
Addie LeeAnn Kim Anderson
Dejla Sabanac Nina Giovanni
Shelby Lynn Moulden Cheryl Platts Moulden
Elainee Conjurado Menor Jhello Park

par·a·dise /ˈperəˌdīs/ noun • an ideal or idyllic place or state. • bliss, heaven, ecstasy, delight, joy, happiness, nirvana, heaven on earth. 🤙🏽🌺🦋🌴

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आदित्य छेत्री Drems ,,,,,,,,,,,, eyes
Janice Hemrick Great view
Ishant Kumar give me one chance ,selfi with you. because i am indian
Mohammad Haroon Cute

Summer Camp 2k17. 🤙🏽🌺🌴

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Kari Baeau nice picture
Saã'd Ibn Waqqas Jordin😘
Kofi Mensah accept the invite
Asingwire Edwin 2K**


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Rodrigo Santos Get $400 extra cash taking quick paid surveys ➨ #MoneyYouSurvey
Nicole Bagnall Natalie Graham
Sabina Malek 😍
Aliou Barry Nice
Luwaga Andrew I lyk t "it girl"

This is so sweet! They look beautiful 💕

19 Teens Wore Their Mom
19 Teens Wore Their Mom's Vintage Dresses To Prom And Looked Incredible

For the adolescents of today, the prom is a rite of passage. Choosing a perfect outfit is absolutely paramount to one’s enjoyment of the evening. Cue a startling array of the gladdest of rags, a veritable cornucopia of fashionistas enrobed in the most well-tailored, intricately designed, hottest lab...

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Rodrigo Santos Your pet will want one FREE cute Collar LED PET ➜ #LedPeet
Lincoln Williams No one is cool like you beautiful like you and as sweet as you Jordin Sparks Brianna and you are the best in the world and have a wonderful night and your family as well two thumbs up

#TBT City of Angels. 🦋 📸: @skinnywashere

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Power Real Makaveli Beautiful Queen ❤️❤️
John Staunton Dont worry about the city just look at the angel in blue
Iverson Bastos AMAZING <3
Miguel Turk Stunning !!
Joseph TJ Sefara Be my ______.😍

I was so sore after this workout! But it's worth it. Get it innnnn. 💪🏽 🎥: @confusedmyscles #transformationtuesday #bootyblaster #getitrightgetittight #fueledbyherbalife #herbaheroes #fitthick #thickthighssavelives

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Amber Flores Mary
Giovanna Morrison Anjanae Marie Harvey
Kankouadiojp Nguessan I love you Jordin Parks
Cesc Fatty good training
Elisa Olsen Lionel Olsen 😮 ta chérie

Yasssss! Found him! 😍 Tag a friend! #heshilarious #tacotuesday via: @carolinebakersays_

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Nienke Bartels Larissa Hut thinks ur funny😂😂😂😂
Kayleigh Lynne Nolan Sara Williams I just want Taco Bell is that so hard
Britt Schoenmakers Nadia Frijns dit dus en niet die domme kerel
Liora Shafir Haley Hanson I think "buys you tacos" is the most important
Raphaël Nepveu Maude and massages your ass. XD

Wow! This incredibly strong woman is stunning! 💕

Stunning Model Known As The “Queen Of The Dark” Was Told To Bleach Her Incredibly Dark Skin By Uber Driver
Stunning Model Known As The “Queen Of The Dark” Was Told To Bleach Her Incredibly Dark Skin By Uber Driver

The world today is wildly obsessed with a lighter skin complexion—and Nyakim Gatwech wants to change that. The beautiful sun-kissed goddess thinks the fashion world is unfairly tilted toward white models, and black models are grossly underrepresented. She wants to prove everyone wrong by showing…

1.9k reactions 57 comments
Joseph Vieira Hi. Baby
Vicki Wroe Shes beautiful!
Lincoln Williams That is really nice and cool
Amanda Lynn Smith I love her color! Never be ashamed of who you are
Kristen Alicia Shes incredibly dark but god damn she is beautiful

My dude @duffgoldman has been given carte blanche by @GuyFieri to reinvent Flavortown Market for #DESSERTGAMES! TONIGHT 8pm/7c @FoodNetwork!‬ 🤘🏽🍪🎂🍫🍰🍦

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Tye Merricks I ain't even cashed it.
Stephanie Michelle Madden I love Duff and Guy! Duff you made cakes fun for me. I found my passion and although self taught I won my first competition
Lincoln Williams Have a beautiful precious night gorgeous Blossom Jordin Sparks Brianna an unconditionally love for your family too

Wow...I can't believe these...

Popsicles Made from Polluted Water Are Grabbing Everyone
Popsicles Made from Polluted Water Are Grabbing Everyone's Attention

The project also shows that when young people raise their voice, it’s bound to be heard!

41 reactions 6 comments
Tye Merricks You was the best.
Greg Hills Ice blocks made from dirty water yuck
Chenee Thompson What?????!!!!!
Lincoln Williams This is something that's all I tell you
Tina Seals Yes. And that is the issue with the people, who came forward.

How many can you figure out?

Ten Puzzles Only Solvable by High IQ People
Ten Puzzles Only Solvable by High IQ People

It is believed that only people with an IQ higher than 120 can get the nearest possible answer

75 reactions 137 comments
Александър Крумов I see 26
Suzanne Sella Elad 11
Aphiwe Bulo 7
Rochelle Daher 24
Lincoln Williams That's really cool

Weirdos. I love my family. 😂 #neveradullmoment #jackmannskraps #whysoserious #livealittle

915 reactions 27 comments
Annette Horton U are not the only one
Reggie Thompson This picture is beautiful.
Adebayo Oluremi Good one from you guys love you
Tye Merricks So hood.
Elisa Golden Nice family Jordin Sparks

These car cleaning hacks are MAGIC 😍

16 Fantastic Ways to Help You Keep Your Car Clean
16 Fantastic Ways to Help You Keep Your Car Clean

No matter how hard you try to keep your car clean, it’s meant to get dirty. It’s inevitable.

259 reactions 32 comments
Cameron Gill Georgia Anita Mullett
Adriana Boza Sheldon Wright
Dulce Olague Evelyn Lopez
Zaria Ali Edward Sanabria Jr.
Lily Thao Vang Her

Let's play this game instead!! COVER MEEEEEE. 🙌🏽 ••• @thebestchristianmemes

402 reactions 12 comments
Isabella Zitting Rebekah Baird-GraVette
Zen Lotus Raisa Thalia 😂
Ashly Map Deandre Sadie
Dana Saint Deontae Maurice Johnson I just find this funny
Avela Nhlangulela Lol

These are so cool! Have you tried any of them? Do they work?

18 Genius Beauty Secrets You Can Only Find on Instagram!
18 Genius Beauty Secrets You Can Only Find on Instagram!

Instagram is something much more now including a place you can get the best beauty tips and tricks.

85 reactions 1 comments
Lincoln Williams This looks like girl stuff so I'm a man but I love the idea and the creativity in the mind and the time and effort that they did and that is nice and fresh

I wanted to write something in depth but this passage, 1 John 5, completely got me together today. All of it really hit me, but especially verse 21: "Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God's place in your hearts." It's as simple as that. ♥️ #dailybread #ohhowHelovesus #HGA #Heisgreaterthani #seekHimfirst #1John5

1.3k reactions 72 comments
Carmen Maldonadi Amen .
Chris Tina Wow Jordin! U are such a beauty inside-out!
Sarah Jean Amen God bless you and good morning
Nicole Jones Made my day like yep
Polycarpz Igboon Jordin da church gal.... Much luv baby

Nothing like spending time with my mini me. I had her alllll day! Little Bug loved the pool & rain! ♥️ #familyovereverything #iloveyou #auntiesaycheese

6.6k reactions 70 comments
Kankouadiojp Nguessan Super génial i love you
Lubega Francis Gift Mini Jordin
James Gordon Didn't know you had a child
Alejandro Gonzalez Beautiful picture
Bryan Combs Smiles and waves

These are so helpful! 💕💕💕

10 Golden Rules That
10 Golden Rules That'll Save You the Trouble of Washing Your Hair Every Day

The following tips are so that you can wash your hair less often and avoid it getting too damaged!

146 reactions 3 comments
Lincoln Williams Have a great morning brown sugar and that God keeps on influencing you more with Revelation and ideas what to do and peace
Jordan Gayles Lmfaooo most of these are the exact opposite of helpful tips for curly hair, but as long as you get paid for it

This resonated within me so deeply. Only by the grace of God. 🙌🏽 ••• Quote: #IainThomas

224 reactions 8 comments
DJ-pinchez Peter Mmmmh
Tye Merricks There's nothin I never seen.
Fran Nails So very true!!
Marylou Hayter So happy for you.
Tye Merricks Bull sh*t I can care less. I ain't tryna sh*t on nobody. I need a money printer.☺.# Tell me what you wanna do.

Grateful for you, @_danaisaiah. 😘#InternationalKissingDay #Thankful #Godsend #100 #thankyouJesus #mine #xo #freckleface #worththewait #wontHEdoit #prayedforyou #stilldo #Psalm37four

3.9k reactions 49 comments
Blanca Fuentes You go girlllll!!!! 😁
Channele Pelekia Y'all so cute😍💖
Tye Merricks Do it big then!.
Brent J Mendenhall I am so sad 😭 you be with me so sad 😭
Brain Sick Your smile give me chills

Stay safe today everyone 💕

16 reactions 1 comments
Lincoln Williams That is really something not good at all

Such an important message. We could all be a little kinder 💕

15-Year-Old Girl Tragically Commits Suicide, and Her Family Uses Her Obituary To Call Out Bullies
15-Year-Old Girl Tragically Commits Suicide, and Her Family Uses Her Obituary To Call Out Bullies

Amidst your daily internet search for contouring tips, funny YouTube videos, and satisfying your paranoia about your eczema by looking it up on WebMD, you may come across the story of Sadie Riggs. Sadie was a 15-year-old girl from Bedford, Pennsylvania. Like so many kids, Sadie became a victim of bu...

87 reactions 18 comments
Kayla Gaines Mike Gaines
Felicia Mckenzie Sad
Lisa Ruiz 💔
Damulira Christopher Just to end it
Lincoln Williams Wow peace and joy and happiness

Buuuut this is how I really am today. Yasssss! 😎🌮☀️ #tacotuesday #myfloatyisbetterthanyourfloaty #solodolo

372 reactions 14 comments
Elaine Gamboa Madisynn Wilson
Marcus J. Grant Too beautiful Jordan Sparks
Fonsy Storm 🤗👍🏼😘🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Jordin Sparks
Stephanie Landeros Tracie Gonzales you need this
Brandon Moore Ms taco beef or chicken
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