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I was always thing bout’ .... @labodeganegra x

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Blanche Mullinger Thing ?
Lisa Jarvis Thing bout? 😂😂
Timothy Savill What?
Peter Burton Motley Crue?
Samantha Jane Dines Girls want equal pay

Good morning Monday... today’s look on This Morning top to toe Topshop #hwstyle💁✨

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Robbie Castlerobin Absolutely beautiful, no matter what she wears 😘
Steve Scott I think you look fabulous as always holly x
Betty Courty Love the colours today - looking lovely always Holly. 💟💟
Barbara Sanson Looking great Holly, enjoy your new look yummy mummy. 💝xx
Kathryn Peter Easton Chapman mornin mrs Dan,,, lookin lovly love yr skirt,,😍🤣😇,,xxxx

Show ready... let’s do this! Dancing on Ice 6pm ITV dress by Mugler shoes by Sophia Webster thank you to the glam squad... love you gals! @patsyoneillmakeup @cilerpeksah_hairstylist @angiesmithstyle #hwstyle💁✨

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Ben Stanley Holly you looked incredible on dancing on ice tonight, brilliant show
Katy Laws Wow lots of jealousy haha so funny!! She looks stunning! Xx
Abby Ellis Breathtakingly beautiful! Would love to be as gorgeous as you 😍x
Anne Fletcher Absolutely stunning Holly...
Suzanna Anderson Why are people so mean. Holly you are beautiful. A beautful soul. You have it all don't take no notice of negative comments. if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all Debra Anderson No relation to me. Best tv presenter there ever was ...

Dancing on Ice office... see you at 6pm ITV🖤

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Steward Gall There’s a lot of jealous middle aged women on here... pretty sad really....didn’t realise you all had such a miserable life.... but keep it to yourself love and whilst your there get back into the kitchen and make me some lunch honey.... 😘😘😘
Ann Hardy Thought Holly looked amazing in that dress, if you've got it, flaunt it! Ignore those who are jelouse and have to be nasty about it, have to admit I'm rather jelouse, wish I'd had legs and a figure like hers when I was younger, but no amount of ...
Silvie Steven Hope all these people saying how she is beautiful inside and out actually know her personally.! It's getting a bit much actually, she says she wants to pause things to be a Mummy but she is literally everywhere. If you want to be a Mum step back you ...
Dave Hood OMG those legs are to die for and I must sat holly you look absolutely stunning tonight and with those looooonnnnnggggg legs you would have me bowing at your feet beautiful from head to toe xx
Ann Ring Anyone heard " if you've got it flaunt it" well a lot of you girls are so jealous you can't. Go Holly. These negative comments are jealous comments.

6 years ago she was ringside in my belly... now look at her... Dancing on Ice 💕

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Josephine Brown RinKside perhaps?!
Lesley Dexter Topping never show her face
Sinead Swan Smith Time goes way too fast 💗
Lucy Myers Love her coat wheres it from 😍
Jennifer Cox Hi Holly can't wait till tonight

And it’s off to Dancing on Ice I go... never not a time for rainbows 🌈 #hwstyle💁✨ comfy comfs Wyse London

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Nicola Louise Gresty Love the rainbow effect! So natural and such a lovely person Holly! X
Sandra Ryde Enjoy holly but have a good Sunday dinner today . You still will look amazing xx
Annette Shears Beautiful holly. But give dancing on ice up its poo x
Justin Mc Kee Kealan McIntyre we will have to watch this. This year 😍😍
Donna Gray What’s wrong with her working on the weekends she is just providing for her children x

We’re back! Tonight 6pm ITV.. We’re ready.. let’s hope they are.. are you?! ❄👀❄ #DancingOnIce

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Ben Christopher One of the worst comebacks in history
Dawn Ibbotson Wonder who the new commentator will be ? Sorry to say it's not as good as it was. They've changed the format too much.
Lisa Crampton Love phil and Holly, but this is dire!
Leigh Hoult Hope it's better than last week as it was so disappointing after such a big build up
Stephen O Brien Is there nothing better to put on the TV

Slime factory... 💙💚💛🧡💜

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Katie Griffiths Sadie Morris not just your house then this happens!
Joy Sutton Family time you can't beet it x x
Ellie Dillon Aww my daughter loves slime holly Hope you guys have fun x
Bernie McNamara They just love slime don't they ?!!!!
Alison Healey Stacy Cooke why didn’t my table look like this when we were doing it 😂🤔

Thursday already!!! Today’s look on This Morning dress by Boden and shoe by Kurt Geiger #hwstyle💁✨

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Jan Smart Lynn, look familiar 🤔
Amanda Coles Rebecca Sealey can see you in this outfit..... xx
Lorraine Beckham Beautiful. Holly you look good in anything xx
Eck Lighthouse Brady The skirtings could do with a fresh coat of one coat gloss holly !! X
Linda Jones Holly you look fantastic take no notice what people are saying you look GREAT. AND SO DOSE PHILIP. 👍👋

Good morning! Today’s look on This Morning - knitwear French Connection skirt Marks and Spencer shoes by Gianvito Rossi #hwstyle💁✨

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Bernie McNamara Love it ! ! 💕💕
Kathryn Peter Easton Chapman lookin gawjus holly,,xxxx
Glenn Harrington Much much better than yesterday
Cherrie Jennings This is better xx
Slob Willemteo What did you look beautiful again today, beautiful woman 💞😋

Morning! Tuesdays look on This Morning shirt by @markuslupfer trousers by Marks and Spencer shoes by Karen Millen #hwstyle💁✨

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Darrelle Shields A lot of jealous people. Holly look amazing as always
Charley Marie Gorgeous. Love the whole look and especially the top. Always looking amazing 💁‍♀️
Violet Davidson Shrinking but because trousers are not full length otherwise lovely x😀👠👠👠👠👖👖👖👗👗👗👗
Ann Foster Not my favourite look but love the shoes.
Daisy T. Doran Its just the angle of the camera lol Holly looks fab as usual

In 2010 I did my best friend Emma’s hair for her wedding day...today she has decided to cut off 12 inches of that beautiful hair to help her sisters baby girl Alice... sisters and friends will always stand side by side and help where they can ... love you Ems, one of this worlds special people! If you want to know more, here is their story.....We are raising money for the Rainbow Trust Children's Charity - a lovely charity close to our hearts, as they support our little 1 year old niece Alice, who has Bilateral Retinoblastoma. We are doing this by cutting our hair & donating it to the Little Princess Trust - they provide real hair wigs for children who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. The knotting process at the top of the wig alone takes 4 inches in length, so we are aiming to donate at least 12 inches each, to provide a very brave little person somewhere with some hair and hopefully make their day a little brighter. Rainbow Trust provide bespoke support for families who have a child with a serious illness, by offering an invaluable range of services. Simple things like taking a train to the hospital and exposing the child to all the germs which comes with this, could potentially be life threatening for children with suppressed immunity. Rainbow Trust can drive the family to the hospital and offer practical & emotional support during their time there (as well as at home), helping families through a stressful time and allowing parents to take a much appreciated short break every now and again. We are very grateful to the Rainbow Trust as they continue to support Alice (and the whole family) through her journey. If you would like to donate then copy this link https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=Alice1&isTeam=true https://rainbowtrust.org.uk/ www.littleprincesses.org.uk

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Lizzy Merritt In the last couple of years I have done this twice. I got a lot of hair chopped off both times and donated it to the little princess trust. I raised a lot if money also for 2 different charities one was c.c.l.a.s.p and the other was the sick kids ...
Nicola Price My daughter had 14 inches cut off her hair at the age of 10 and donated it to The Little Princess Trust too.....She also raised almost £500 for a local children's hospice Alexander Divine, we were very proud of her. Sending Love and Get Better Soon ...
Claire Dewar My now 8yr old had her hair cut off 2 yrs ago donating 12 inches to the Little Princess Trust. Her hair is now the same length as it was two years ago and she is planning on donating again soon. She also raised nearly £200 for the charity too. My ...
Alaina Tait My daughter grew her hair from being 13 till 17 after seeing my friend lose her hair through cancer and seeing children losing their hair through illness and cancer when I worked for a children's hospice she donated it to the little princess trust I was ...
Danielle Moss My daughter donated 12 inches of her hair last year. She was only 4 years old. She also raised £1200 by doing so. The money wad split between princess trust and a local cancer charity. She said on Sunday she is growing it again to be chopped. So proud ...

I’m coming back as a cat... relax why don’t you! 😽

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Nikki Legge My crazy Springer in her comfy sprawl!!😂 x
Tony Walsh Too easy for a keith lemon gag right there 😂😂😂😂
Les Blakey ya fine as ya are ,a mother an entertainer, and funny as well as pretty.
Sue Cluley I'm so chuffed you have Ragdolls .... so do I! Such a fabulous breed!!
Pam Harris Holly you should give up celebrity juice xx

Ciao! 💕We are back on @thismorning today and Gino is cooking too! Today’s look, knitwear by @joanieclothing skirt by @karen_millen boots by @topshop #hwstyle💁✨

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Laura Jane King I'm going to learn how to photo shop and stick my head on this!
Joanne Hill Laura S Turner where’s your update??? Like the skirt but not the top🤔xx
Wendie Chambers Gutted jumper in my size sold out already 😩
Marlene Deegan She always look fab lost to much weight thou
Norman Graham Don't lose any more weight, where's our holly with the curves..still sexy and bang tidy.

Current mood... 🐰

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Sharon Smith Sazio So glad to see you both back with the show ❄️⛸ not liking the voice over guy 👎
Frances Evans My hubby was drooling at you, but I thought the show was really boring voice over man was awful!!
Adam Ross I felt like the show hasn’t gelled yet, looks very awkward atm.
Samantha Rostron Voice over guy was terrible apart from that enjoyed the show
SueEllen Stone Your dress wow !!! But that cold Holly will you ever thaw lol

Right, show ready! Thank you @suzanneneville for my dress of dreams... the glam squad for being amazing as always!!! @patsyoneillmakeup @cilerpeksah_hairstylist and @angiesmithstyle ... @dancingonice here we go!!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️

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Caroline Farley Beautiful dress. One question tho, is the show really live? Coz I'm sure she was wearing this dress in the advert for DOI during the Voice last night??
Ruth Bolton Love Holly's dress and love Phillip and holly as presenters. They are so good together and very funny.
Lisa Allen Thought that I recognised a corset dress from an amazing designer when I saw one! My wedding dress was SN. Dress of my dreams! 👗 x
Robyn Bonnar Looking gorgeous Holly as per. Had to do a second look as you look so much like Cinderella!! Beautiful 💜 xxx
Violet Davidson Philip very handsome as well and both gel well as presenters as they are olso very good friends good team very funny together but going back a few years now I was very fond of fern Britton and Philip together lots of laughs as well and olso made a great ...

See you at 6pm for @dancingonice on @itv ... best go get glammed up!!!!! ❄️

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Claire Louise C John Mcclean can you contain yourself till then??
Helen Clough Love these two Holly and Phil xx
Jenny Marquis Break a leg... or should I say that :) Have a great evening x
Katy Priddle here she is.....cannot wait xx
Richard Parker Brilliant night sat in the audience well done everyone

Ready for Dancing on Ice rehearsals and not taking any chances!!!! It’s freezing! May even bring the cat as a hot water bottle 😼... knitwear Chinti & Parker jacket Perfect Moment #hwstyle💁✨

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Pamela Mcglynn Can't wait to watch the show tonight x
Rachel Parnaby Love the jumper an star trouser
Janet Thompson Free advertising I suppose. Love that fur bundle.Is it your own Holly?.... 🐱. X
Nicola Powell Holly you looked beautiful tonight. what a lovely dress and colour. xxx
Claire Anderson Wow love the jumper and trousers what a price !!

Today’s the day!! 6pm ITV .. Dancing on Ice is back 💙😆

9.5k reactions 694 comments
Caroline Collingwood I won't be missing it. I love this and already booked my tickets to go see it at the arena in March. X
Sandra Dredge Can’t wait , can’t believe it’s not started yet and people saying nasty things about Holly , bloody hell some people ,
David Gray 2 reasons why I’m watching are both covered in a beautiful blue dress! Parked nicely on hollies chest 🍉🍉
Becky Jones I’m soooo excited!! I’ve told Kevin that the big tv is mine for an hour and a half tonight!!! 😀😀 xx
Linda Whike It will not be the same with out them dancing on the ice that's the start of the show @ they been told they can't do it again there two old @ they might fall

👀❄️ xx

922 reactions 99 comments
Maureen Byford Wood Love it can’t wait
Lee Cullen Carole, look what’s back! Woohoo..! Lx
Michelle Currie Chomping at the bit
Elaine Ruddick Cannot wait for it to start
Rebecca King Soooo excited 👏🏻❄️💃🏻🕺🏻⛸😆

Phil and Holly's technical test

191 reactions 3 comments
Steven Kaye Looking fabulous you's 2 💕
Julie Jolly 👏👏😂
Zoe Chantelle White Love you two can't wait too Sunday at 6pm yeah yeah.

It’s been worth the wait... See you on Sunday 6pm @itv xx ✨❄💫 #dancingonice @dancingonice

136 reactions 65 comments
Tina Parsons Love it. X
Lisa Bruce I can't wait
Karen Suzanne Redman Is it sad I'm quite excited about this. ?
Beck Fenton Love this ❤️
Lara Hosford Sophie... phew!!! It's Sunday!! Xxx

It’s been worth the wait... See you on Sunday 6pm @itv xx ✨❄💫 #dancingonice @dancingonice

213 reactions 86 comments
Leslie Broomfield ice to see you , to see you ice Holly lol
Claire Taylor Christine Russell Sunday night viewing sorted
Dominique Byron Evelyn McCowan..... Do we or don’t we....????🤔❄️
Yvonne Linning Marlyn Liddle we should be home for this! Xxx
Tracey Kinnon Rolland Can't wait.......sooooo looking forward to this.....even got my soon to b 4yr old looking forward to it too....⛸⛸⛸⛸

🦋💎🌊🐳🐬💙... all the blues x

20.0k reactions 152 comments
Sarah Wilson I have to say id turn lesbian for holly she's one sexy lady 😂😂😂
Charles Dalton Beautiful bottomed girls make the world go round.
Samantha Swift Anyone know where the costume is from please ? Xx
Sharon Arbon So cutie holly x the little one x love sharon
John Hardy Wow what a tan can I but suntan lotion on xxxxx

Going out of 2017 🧜‍♀️ style..... bikini by @beach_flamingo x

8.8k reactions 138 comments
Lee Huntley Still look lovely even underwater xx
Lee Dakin Happy new year to you and your family xx
Michael Ward That is not easy to do trying to smile with mouth open underwater you have my respect holly
Gary Bennett Shame there not coming out in style lol love her

Me and @glamzin and our Nonna Matriarch! In true #eastenders style... faaaaamly! Xxx FYI.., @glamzin is my cousin 👯‍♀️

5.0k reactions 85 comments
Deniz Ibrahim Are you also from Ilford in Essex? Same as Tamzin 😉
Jennifer Cox Hi holly happy new year when it comes
Ema Catterall Never would have thought Tamzin was your cousin... fabby photo of you stunning ladies... merry Christmas to you all xx
Sue Clark And a huge thank you Holly for signing my daughter in law's books. She was thrilled. X
Dessie McConomy Kerry Ann Lawton I wish your son a very Happy Christmas Happy Christmas to you too Dessie McConomy

Had a wonderful week with this kind and lovely man... @peterjonescbe ...he’s also just joined Instagram! Welcome! Xxx

6.3k reactions 97 comments
Jamie Isaacs Love how you edited him out of the last photo.
Debbie Coates Hope you all have a merry Christmas to all xx
Pat Colin Griffin Merry Christmas Holly and family xx🎅🎅
Heather Eccleston Merry Christmas Holly and Family xxx
Sue Butterworth Where were u Holly looks fabulous beautiful lady x

Home now... always hard to say Good bye to this magical place... felt literally on top of the world... ❄️⛷⛄️🎿

11.5k reactions 115 comments
Richard Walker Have a great time Holly. You've got a white Christmas for sure.
Tracy Folland Happy Christmas Holly to you and your family 😀
Sandi Jones Have a happy xmas to u and your family holly ☃️🎅🏼
Bernie McNamara Looks fab,love to see the blue sky and sun 🎄🎄💕💕
Sara Frettsome My son who works very hard is going skiing in Feb think his job is stressful like Holly's so why not
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