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Last updated: 02:12 11/19/2017

Having a real life throw back Thursday with @jakehumphreyofficial ... 2004 vs today! ☺️

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Michael Collett Do you think she had a thing for him
Derek Nevitt Both of you still look fantastic xxx
Ann Craig Both lookin great, but the eyes are the in the tellin, what's up ducks, 😳❤️🙏🍀
Jenna Gould 13 years and you haven't changed!!!
Claire Tickle You literally haven’t aged a day! Beautiful x

Think pink! Today’s look on @thismorning top by @thisiswhistles trousers by @karen_millen shoes by @officeshoes #hwstyle💁✨

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Luke Underwood Well well Holly.... xxxx
Emily Elizabeth Barlow Janine Marie Parker these trouser would look fab on you x
Michael Ward Holly you need to stop doing this to me everyday your to beautiful
Kev Cooke deffo photo shopped, she aint that thin
Amy Addis Danny Rimmer love her 💗 Christmas ideas just look through her clothes every day

Have you got your #bekind wristband yet? I have! Show your support for @thismorning #bekind campaign and pick up yours for free at @smiggle_uk #antibullying xxx

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Tracey Haworth where do they sell them pls x
Chantelle Murch Please can we see what happened to Phil after eating that crisp yesterday , pretty please 🙏 xx
Kelly Lenihan Do you have to buy anything to get one ?
Kirsty Deal How do you get them if you’re from Northern Ireland?
Keith Walters no I don't have one but I'm glad you have

Morning Wednesday! Today’s look on @thismorning skirt by @boden_clothing knitwear by @officialscotchandsoda @anthropologieeu shoes by @sjpcollection #hwstyle💁✨

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Daniel Fred Bowker Holly Wheresyaboobies
Pam Lewry Love love love the sweater but £115!!! 👕😲
Michelle Brown Emma Handley velvet skirt? If so, I likey
Anne Black Is your skirt leather?
Nicola Thomas Holly beat me to the rainbow jumper Katie Dandridge!

Morning! Today’s look on @thismorning skirt by @marksandspencer #peruna top by @frenchconnection_official shoes by @gianvitorossi #hwstyle💁✨

3.7k reactions 108 comments
Anthony Gray Be better in ya bra and pants lol.
Michael Ward Looking more like the holly we all love today BEAUTIFUL
Michelle Louise Wilson I do like hollys purple top and skirt
Jemma Blezzard Leanne how gorgeous is this outfit
Bill Heggart You would look good in a bin bag so it doesn't realy matter about what you wear

Best guest ever! #paddington2 ‘thank’ you little bear... 🐻

10.7k reactions 168 comments
Margaret Venters What did u say "f___k you little bear "
Sally Bailie Hope you haven’t got your hand on Paddington’s knee there Holly 😆
Linda Croxton Awww I love Paddington Bear he brings a great big smile to my face
Maxine Jones Oh no I missed him love Paddington watched the film last night was brilliant must see xx
Carol Nutt You call that bear LITTLE.

Morning Monday... today’s look on @thismorning dress by @topshop knitwear by @winserlondon shoes by @gianvitorossi #hwstyle💁✨

1.9k reactions 52 comments
Bernie McNamara You look fab 💕💕
Val Barnes Stunning lady.....looks amazing...
Agnes Kennington Fabulous Holly!live it! Xxx
Frances Kirby So lovely Holly and so smart xxx
Patrick Campbell Beautiful x

@alisonhammond55 ...Love this photo of us gals... ☺️

11.7k reactions 81 comments
Margaret Kirby ah fab picture think you are both lovely ladies
Karen Buist Lovely ladies.Alison is so funny.xxxxx
Safoora Idris Love alison.a very nice pic of both of u
Jools Graham You seem to love everyone! Who are your real bestie’s?
Camilla Crumb She's a lovely lady she goes to the same gym as me, shes very friendly 😊

About last night... sleep over with my girls @emmaleebunton @ruby1kid and @shishib 🙃

4.0k reactions 88 comments
Carole Calow Emmerson Leave her alone fgs she adores her kids, yer just jealous.
Keith Walters hi all my lovely 7❤️ All my wildest dreams week hallow H Love the flying Scotsman xxxxx 😎❤️⌚️🚲🚡
Steve Killick That's just far too much loveliness in one place hot hot hot hot!
Alastair Davis WTFFFffflippp why wasnt i invited this time lol
Geoff Kay That's one hell of a sleep over, hope your went to bed on time without any mischief.

This beautiful lady @ruthlangsford needs us tonight... I thought she was graceful and wonderful!!! Let’s get her to Blackpool! #strictly #thismorning #vote xxx

15.6k reactions 733 comments
Tina Parsons I thought she and anton were good. She is getting better. At least she is not cheating like Debbie or Alexandra. They have danced before. X
Veronica N Callum Colliety She was fantastic! Go Ruth ! Tears in my eyes watching ! Get your sunnies out and bobble hat - we’ll get you to Blackpool! 💃🏼🌟🥇 xxx
Andrea Catherine Siegner Sorry but come on, Ruth has to go she can’t dance last week falling over acting daft, this is a dance competition not a pantomime. Anton waffling on when the judges speak he knows deep down Ruth can’t dance. And tonight awwww lets Bring on the water ...
Sandra Hayes Definitely time for her to go ,she has lasted longer than she ever should have.Good dancers are going as she is still there and that was her worst dance tonight,hope she is in the dance off.
Lisa Johnston This so a fix apologies ruth cannot dance she should gone weeks ago but because of her other job tjis morning and loose women she promotes herself more than the other contestants so not fair

Always we will remember...

1.5k reactions 23 comments
Chino Paul Wars kill
Sandra Ryde Yep xxxx
Brian Pointon Always
Carole Coates Never forget
Garry Booth Always holly xx

And it’s off to the @itv gala we go! Excited to see the family all together... dress by @PallasParis and thank you to @boodlesjewellery #hwstyle💁✨

19.9k reactions 937 comments
Rachael Brenchley Your stunning Holly!!! You’ve lost weight and look amazing but you haven’t lost your humbleness or your views. Everyone can take strength from you. Xx 💖
Stace Sellars She’s georgous wish I looked like that 🙈🙈only thing I will say cause she’s lost a lot of weight she looks older but people do when they lose a lot of weight
Deborah Pinney I think she looks amazing in whatever she wears I would love to look like that . If people say b itchy things it's because they are jealous lol x
Narges Motazedi Where have gone he big books okay diet what about saggy skin is she human or not like all of us money do the job with operation
Anne Glover O Holly you have always looked so lovely but sadly you weight loss is going to far. I would have given anything to look like you did before you started to loose weight.

Thank you @selasigb for this AMAZING cake! #unicorns #despicableme3 ... unicorn (cakes) I love them! 🦄🎀💜💕

6.4k reactions 184 comments
John Cummings You can play with my unicorn anytime holly 😁😁
Tammy Lee Harrison Love it!! I had a unicorn cake and balloons for my 40th xx
Sophie Catherine Herd Ahhhh I love this so much. Emma Bwood looks like one of yours
Philomena Ezike This cake looks lovely.
David Fitzgerald My gums ache just looking at it!

Big Ben... feeling like Tinkerbell 💚

4.4k reactions 56 comments
Joe Ritchie Beauty inside a beast
Keith Walters MAGICAL
Stephanie Derham Look like her too holly 🧚🏻‍♂️
Gary Harpin Big Ben: bell. End.

A selfie up the belfry 😉 #bigben

4.8k reactions 69 comments
Rod Horsman Looking good fancy a job at our scrap yard,😊
Kathy Morris Watch holly doesn’t push u off Phil haha 😂😘
Rob Reeves I am waiting behind you Holly..
Joel Ciccone Dean Alves Craig Dyball what you would give to be working on Big Ben site 😀
Brian Slater She looks good in anything, even a hard hat.

Today’s look on @thismorning top by @tabithawebbuk trousers by @frenchconnection_official shoes by @lkbennettlondon #hwstyle💁✨

3.2k reactions 111 comments
Ann Kelly Look how slim you are Holly very jealous looking gorg as usual x
Frances Kirby Amazing Holly do love the blouse xx
Stacey Leach love the black cats blouse, so so cute xx
Luke Underwood Are you doing this on purpose Hollybabes? Xxx
Champers Roger I prefer Holly when she had more meat on her. Still a yummy mummy though x

Serious mum points to be had here! 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

3.5k reactions 36 comments
Alex Whilding I WANT ONE!!!!
Lisa Bradbury Figgins lovely pic holly xx
Rachael Higginson Funny but beauitful
Gillian Stewart Love the minions
Natalie De Soto Adorable 💗💗💗

182 reactions 24 comments
Jason Conroy Miriam Chandler
Rita Warwick Who?
Jamie Mitchell Who?
Riz Ahmed Its cindy from hollyoaks
Kerrie Glaze When does it start?

Poppytastic today for @thismorning top by @massimodutti skirt by @lilyandlionel shoes by @mintvelvet #hwstyle💁✨

2.1k reactions 79 comments
Nicola Robinson Holly always looks stunning x
Fiona McLeod Greenwood Absolutely stunning 💝
Matt Trout Walker I like Holly
Carol Nutt Beautiful skirt
Paul Cartwright Poppy... You look like a little pop tart 😍 phwooaaarrrrrr

Downside of a little one with a cough and cold is the lack of sleep... the upside is waking up to this ☺️

9.8k reactions 127 comments
Lynne O'Brien Same here holly myself and my little girl. It's hard but we'll worth it xxxx get well soon
June Porteous Wee June here hope wee one better soon biggest hugs no a wood keep off
Deanna Wakelen Hope feel better soon but cuddles with mummy and daddy makes any child feel better
Christine Bentley Such priceless beauty comes with having children holly. Hope your little one is better soon xxxx
Rachel Dawson Try vicks on feet at night with a pair of socks works a treat, peaceful night sleep x

Day 1 of something very exciting today... ❄️

10.9k reactions 323 comments
Sue Cluley Dancing on Ice?? Wow Holly you look FABULOUS!!
Alastair Davis SORRY im stopping in tonight HOLLY x We can go for scotch egg & chips another day okydoky :):)
Suzanne Smith Stunning as ever. People just jealous. Leave her alone
Susan Harris For goodness sake does it matter what she looks like, she looks fine.
Jackie Parsons Wow wow 💕lovin being able to watch you and Phil in the mornings as recovering from open heart surgery 💕💕Love Gino too💕💕

217 reactions 14 comments
Matt Nicholson What an unbearable twat this man is 👎🏻
Dave Riley Nicole Colton Riley
Susan Dory Ward Emma Blacklock xx
Barry Tudor Camping on ice!
Norma Bennett Why 😱

1.6k reactions 90 comments
Lisa Bruce It just keeps getting better
Karen Wright Brilliant choice 👍👍
Brown Thomas Ryan Has he ever dance on ice before..??
Claire Louise Clark Will holly willoughby presenting with phill
Jennifer Missen good luck😨

60 reactions 20 comments
Vicky Grace Who?
Norma Bennett Who?
Scott Hemy Who?
Ricky Manton Again..... who?
Kate Hayden Who is she?

Morning! Today’s look on @thismorning dress by @oasisfashion boots by @kurtgeiger knitwear by @johnsmedleyknitwear ... lip2cheek by @trinnylondon in phoebe.... new fave! Thanks @trinnywoodall 💋#hwstyle💁✨

4.2k reactions 141 comments
Ann Foster Love this dress Holly so you!
Sarah Jane Birkby Can you please put up the link for the dress xxx
Karen Ramshaw Holly u look fab please don’t lose anymore weight x
Claire Millar Emma Ferguson want the dress....but £120 😫😫😫😫
Michelle Bell I think she looks braw x

Sunny down of the Southbank today... 👫☀️❄️

6.0k reactions 49 comments
Sharon Pooley It's cloudy in Cornwall 😮
Daniel T Elder The silver fox is blending in
Art Mather English Rose
Sharon Milner I just love you to X
Sue Patterson Lovely photo handsome pair

Baby it’s cold outside... today’s look on @thismorning dress by @thisiswhistles coat by @very boots by @kurtgeiger #hwstyle💁✨

600 reactions 88 comments
Anita Kelly You looked fab holly...loved the outfit...philip looked great as well...❤❤❤❤🍷🍷🍷🍷
Jemma Watkins Holly you are gorgeous but looking a little thin.
Peter French Your lovely legs always cheer me up Holly
Geoff Kay Maybe cold outside Holly, but your glowing.
Ann Daly Curran This girl could put a black bag on her and look amazing .shes fab xx

Couldn’t be more proud of my wonderful husband tonight... Welldone @allroundtomrsbrowns and everyone at #hungrybear @juliet.denison @neilmoonmccallum @andyprice ... only gone and won a #bafta 🍾🥂✨👌🏻❤️

3.1k reactions 37 comments
Janet Thompson Wow... Amazing... Congratulations. 🥂🍾🎉🎈
Ellie Lock Amazing well done
Jan Comb Well done xx
Leasa Chadwick Whooo !!! X
Jacqueline Dentith 👏👏👏👏well done

148 reactions 35 comments
Annie Horan Helen Lampard it’s back on!!!
Robert Scott She rather nice dat blonde
Doreen Mcnearn 😴😴😴..
Jonathan Murphy Smash
Michael Ward Who is she never heard of her

162 reactions 34 comments
Kellyanne Doran Hayley Moore 😁
Natasha Cierzo Tara Chantell Morgan
Elisha Walker Mandy Walker-Hather
Sarah Robinson Carolyn Robinson 😍
Margaret Lenehan Who?????
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