Harrison Barnes

Last updated: 13:48 12/12/2017

Happy Birthday to my man Bo on his 20th!!!

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Linda Aloney @ [ Yuliana Rahayu WATCHNEW>> ☛ Justice League Full Movie Streaming ☛Thor2 Ragnarok.
Paul Paulino Tu ere una mielda
Arun Ebenezer Nice game winning 3
Nordz A. Karon Derrick Rose 2.0
Dre A Wright Happy birthday

‪“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”‬ ‪ ‬ ‪Thessalonians 5:18 NIV ‬ ‪Happy thanksgiving everyone! 🦃🦃‬

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Michelle Melander Bradshaw AMEN
Christian Wilson This is Truth HB
John Duncan Yes. Great shot last night. Go Mavs! Psalm 91. Dr. J
Mangakoy Ludbarabaj Hi HB IDOL WHEN seth curry we play?
Kristi Kopplow Nice shot last night!!!

The Dallas Cowboys didn’t get the W but a great time nonetheless at AT&T Stadium tonight.

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Jamie Gentry Artis HB!!!!!!!!!!
Roe Aranas HB40 say hi to my brother for me
Steve Piombo Love ya HB!!
Ranses Rojas Harrison Barnes #40 🏀
Eda Aranas Take care of my love in the family and my roommate.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 NIV 🙏🏾

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Paul Paulino Buen sica!😑
Ann Black Neal Love Harrison
Hakeem Olajuwon Gods not real?
Jason C. Montez We are all blessed!

Great win tonight! S/O to bo Dennis Smith Jr for hoopin and Salah Mejri for bringing energy!! Salute to my man Devin Harris for being with us 🙏🏾 #MFFL

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Desiree Aguilera Harris #MFFL💙🏀
James Greer Glad to see you dominate tonight! I can't wait to see you take your game to an all star level. MFFL
Dalton Mobley U might have tagged the wrong Devin Harris lol
WiLmar Brutas I know this is not the time for Dallas, and better to tank this season... get the top pick. just watch out next season. DSJ, Wes, Barnes, and Bagley/ Porter Jr.

Definitely coming back for another visit at Smithsonian National Museum of African American History. Powerful experience and one of the best museums I’ve ever been to #APeoplesJourney ✊🏾

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Elizabeth Luca Miss you Barnsey! #dubnation #stillgotacurryonyourarm lol
Netta S. Cox It's so exciting to see it in person! Loved it and will be going back again and again and again!!!! :)

Happy birthday Coach! Appreciate you constantly pushing and challenging me #MFFL

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Trenton Bailey Happy birthday Jim Carrey... Oh wait...
Rob S Young Such an underrated coach. Happy birthday Rick, keep up the great work

Proverbs 19:14.....Happy birthday Queen 🖤 love you!!

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Cat Chan She is a very lucky woman!!
Annette Reaves HbD
Yudi Laurencio Que suerte tiene tu esposa, felicidades para ella
Ann Black Neal Beautiful!
Mariel A Noguera O Happy Birthday 🎊

Gameday bounce back

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Governor Simeon Osoro Choi You guys better. Let's go Mavs
Linda Avelino Hope you have a great season 🏀
Paulette Butler Yes. Let’s make this a W🏀🏀

Blessed to be a part of my 2nd Opening Night with the Dallas Mavericks tonight. I know where I'll be. What about you?

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Michael Lee Keep shooting!
Ging Pabelono Good luck barns we will follow
Stephen Allegra Hope you win tonight 🏀
Vivian Spencer Miss you at Golden State!!!
Tom Flaws At home in Des Moines watching Ames High alumm

Great story on my brother/player development coach for the Mavericks God Shammgod! Spent every day in the summer working out together. Thank you for pushing me daily 👊🏾 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2738115-the-shammgod-how-god-shammgods-legendary-crossover-lives-on-in-todays-stars

The Shammgod: How God Shammgod
The Shammgod: How God Shammgod's Legendary Crossover Lives on in Today's Stars

God Shammgod is responsible for creating one of the most vicious crossover moves in NBA history. What is "The Shammgod ?" When was it first used? How do today's NBA players still use the move? Watch the video above to find out...

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Happy birthday to my sister Jourdan-Ashle!! Time is flying but proud of who you are becoming. Enjoy your special day. Love you!!! #19

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Л. Баярсайхан Black Falcon!
Annette Reaves HBD
Andre Johnson Happy
Evelyn Swicegood Carolina boy.
Monique Yvette What a lovely photo!! 🎂🎂🎂

‪Gameday! #mffl #dalvsorl‬

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Marty Parker Hope you have a great year!!Good luck!!
Jens McIllece Have awesome season to you and team. My son looks forward to your camp next year
Netta S. Cox Praying for you and your team to have a great season
Christian Mark Bellen His shoes tho. Is it up for sale? I can't seem to find any.
Scott Garrett HB, I need to get a Dallas jersey autographed. I have the Golden State number 40 with the autograph but no Dallas . I know you're busy, but?

Felt good to be back on the court last night in our first preseason game!! Great to see my fam Kendall Marshall and John Henson too 🐑 #MFFL #UNC

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Md Aktar পুাাগতযলক্ষক্ষুীা
Michael Thomas #GOHEELS
Braden Cook Special group of guys
George Sivek UNC!
Evelyn Swicegood Carolina boys.

‪Praying for all those affected by what’s happening in Las Vegas right now 🙏🏾‬

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Eda Aranas Amen.
Robert Effo Yes idol😢 so sad.
Hangai Zorig 🙏
John Duncan Praying. Psalm 91. Dr. J
Lean Ampoloquio What happened? 😱

💪🏾💪🏾 #MFFL

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Steve Simon Squad murf. Gareth Murphy
Marcus Watson Mel Watson #squad
Sarah Turner Yessssssssss
Jk Mercado #mffl
Ben Martinez Who?

Year 6!! Blessed to be able to live my dream out every day #MFFL #TGBTG

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Ryan Souter You're my hero Harrison Barnes
杨岳河 why didn't stay in Gsw
Send Out Go get it bro
John Duncan Praying you have a great season. Go Mavs. Dr. J
JT Harkey Go Heels!

Media day kicks /// #ThreeStripesLife

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Kristi Kopplow ❤️ the 515
Sam Bubeck Need this shoe
Paulette Butler Love💕✋️
Mary Warren 515. Your favorite area code. ❤️
Melissa Woodworth 515❤️

Tough bucket by Chelsea Gray!

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This book is right on time. Great timeline to show how we, as a country, have gotten here. May be Ta-Nehisi Coates best work

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Daniel Rashad Sager Another good read by the same author.
Jessica Dukin Murray This is next on my list. I love his work!
Denise Reinhart OToole I'd like to read this - putting it on my list!
Al Davis To bad immigration reform couldn't get done in that span. But at least dudes can now pinch one off in the ladies room. That's progress.
Jeffrey Lua My daughter work at SFO a week or so you went to buy something from where she worked she tried to say hi but you was kinda rude. I told her you was trying to stay downlow not to attract attention. Say Goodmorning is all she wanted to say. We still love ...

My teammate JJ Barea has started a relief fund for the people of Puerto Rico affected by #HurricaneMaria. Check out the link below 👇🏾👇🏾JJ Barea Foundation https://www.youcaring.com/jjbareafoundation-956792

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Jocelyn Sanchez Thank you Harrison.
César Sujey Piñero Thanks Harr for the support to your teamate Barea And our island PR ,
Nader Zaal Harrison Barnes, you are truly inspiring!

Tragic news about all of the natural disasters...climate change has to be taken more seriously. Prayers to those affected by the earthquake in Mexico City today and the damages caused by #HurricaneMaria 🙏🏾

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Yudi Laurencio Gracias por tu preocupacion mi querido Harrison Barnes gracias por las oraciones.
Brian Hawn C'mon Mr Barnes you're smarter than that. A NASA study just released said climate change was not near as bad as first feared. Now who you gonna believe? Politicians with bank accounts or scientists with tools to give you the truth?
Allen E. Elmore It's responses like this that make us miss you here in the Bay Area. #2015Champion #DUBNATION
Stacy Swafford He needs to stop flying around in jets and driving lambos!!
Rob Klingensmith Stop making stupid controversial posts you know nothing about. Stick to the hardwood goofball.

My wife and I are proud to donate to a great cause back in Ames. Can't wait to see the park/field when it's completed! #PayItForward

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Art Lillard Jr. that is cool
Mary Warren Thank you Harrison!
Debbie Farmer Esquivel As an Ames native---this is awesome!!
Annette Schmit Mann Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Barnes!
Gloria Burgess Harrison Barnes, showing up and out. Tarheel for life.

Prayers out to all those affected by Hurricane Irma and the earthquake in Mexico!! Trying times for a lot of people. Stay safe 🙏🏾

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Miriam Medina Muchas gracias 😊
Sharon Somers Get those prayer Warriors going.
Lucita Navarroza Thanks you so much Harrison Barne
Malou Roasa God Bless your GOOD HEART,MY IDOL H.B.!
Malou Roasa Thank you to all VOLUNTEERS and DONORS who are making efforts to help all the victims of HURRICANE HARVEY AND IRMA!So to all out there,Let's all keep PRAYING!

Much respect to @andre and @stephencurry30 for putting on the first Players Technology Summit with @bloombergbusinessweek . Had the chance to learn and connect with great people across different industries!! I look forward to attending this in the coming years as it continues to grow

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Priscilla Gueco Torres 💖#HB40
Cat Chan #HB40!! 💕💙
Alyzsa Van Til Love these guys!
Wayne Clinton Awesome trio. I am eager to hear more about this.
WiLmar Brutas Warriors Fans should be happy for Barnes as he grow as a leader and a great player in Dallas..

Roma ✌🏾

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Beverly Johnson Cool
Donna Russell Dixon Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Barnes. Dub nation still misses you!!!
Abz Tadros Ma boi
Donna Barnes Pryor Congrats cousin!
Elhadji Sow Nice couple , nice photo
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