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I had such a magical time performing Learn To Let Go on BBC Radio 1 with Clara Amfo ✨💖 🌈

Learn To Let Go in the Live Lounge - Kesha
Learn To Let Go in the Live Lounge - Kesha

Watch Learn To Let Go in the Live Lounge by Kesha online at Discover the latest music videos by Kesha on Vevo.

2.3k reactions 31 comments
Kierz Maris Jordan Tucker
Rodrigo Landim Victor Gomes
Andrew Vandenbusch Victoria Tsakos
Brendan Powers Taylor Loining
Jess Miles Maiku Howe

Pretty rainbow cape 😍🌈💖🌈✨

3.1k reactions 45 comments
Abel Linares 💓💓
Dr Smiles Love it! <3
Zulfkar Karim Helal يسعد قِلًبُكً♥
Victoria Rohrs 🌈💘🌈💘
Johnny Powell Xxx

Learn To Let Go 🌈

1.1k reactions 34 comments
Carla Procopio Gabriel Bentley
Muhammad Hamza Shah Humayun Babar
Ryan Ritraj Ava Daniel
Björn de Vries Latifa Boubezari
Njabulo Jae Noguda Athi Ahy Magoqoza

Love is all you need

5.9k reactions 103 comments
Teddi Garcia Adorable!
Sopia Zaira Naeki Dirty love 😂
Bustos AJ That's not true, because someday you gonna say than him abuse to you
Yusuf Öztep Ugly 😂

Australian ANIMALS!! Listen to “Learn To Let Go” on Apple Music 🌈💕🙏

3.3k reactions 65 comments
Zulfkar Karim Helal مساو عسل
John Sinick Nice
Sofía Sánchez Come to argentina pretty please
Michael Wabaunsee Finally! Nice picture. 😍
Joshua Jacks TOUR HERE

Thank you so much my U.K. animals for having me and singing with me tonight. You were all so magical and incredible, I had so much fun 🇬🇧 🌈✨✨🌈

1.6k reactions 59 comments
Parnian Zanganeh Please come to Australia 💕💕💕
Lisa McMahoney Please come to Australia!!! ❤
Francois-Xavier Verbist Izquierdo Come to belgiummmm pleasse!!
Dorothy Darville No way...
Zulfkar Karim Helal مساو عسل

My UK animals! Can't wait to boogie with you tonight 💃✨💖🌈

755 reactions 30 comments
Achref Jemmali Damn gays 😖😝
Caro Ha German animals are waiting for you❤
Nuno Castanho Portugal please 😭
Ibrahim Reda واللة زي مانتي شايفة كان نفسي اعمل لايك بس هو بوست كلو gays يعني 😂😂😂 Mostafa Nasser Nour EsLam SaLah Eslam Ramdan Ahmed Tarzan
Dylan Blake Caitlyn Hiner I wanna go back

Learn To Let Go Remix by Feenixpawl 🌈💖✨💖🌈

1.3k reactions 21 comments
Gabriel Ragazi come to brazil,please
Peter Lols NOW PLAYING 😉
Christina Morrison Russ Morrison
Nicole Kirincic Jesse Herrera
Elizabeth Kramer Samantha Elena Pinto

Learn To Let Go Remix by Michael Brun 🌈💖✨💖🌈

938 reactions 10 comments
Ryan Ball Sydney Guy 😍😍
Brittany Palmer Tiffany Holt
Prince Indrajit Law <3!
Richardson Janet Pierre Louis #whereeverigo!!!!!
Graziano D'Ovidio Slay

Had a magical time at MTV EMA 🌈💖✨💖🌈

3.4k reactions 64 comments
Lucas Kamers QUEEEEEEN!!! Dona do meu cu 💖
Matt Augustyniak Looks like your having a seizure
Brian McGonigal Come to Baltimore
Sopia Zaira Naeki Keshaaaa😍😍😍
Whitney Buonadonna I love you Kesha.

Thank you, MTV EMA 🦊🐼🐻🐯🦁

2.7k reactions 52 comments
Darien O. Prado Fuiste sin duda lo mejor de la noche <3
Mallory Lam Video not available in my country?!?
MaMguni Madlala Wow i wish i was there# learn to let go
Zulfkar Karim Helal يسعدك ❤
Michele Horton Thank you Kesha 😘😘😘👍👍👍😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️

Even the stars and the moon don't shine quite like we do 🌟🌙🌟🌙

2.5k reactions 38 comments
Shah Fahad Super star
Keithy Get Major Hymn fave track!
Shah Fahad Love you kesha. Stay blessed honey!
Sandro Notz de Lima 🤓✌️💗🇧🇷️👇✝️🌞
Doris N Jack Adams True.

Praying 🙏

1.9k reactions 86 comments
L-A Gough Your album is a masterpiece! It's Jagged Little Pill on steroids!
بحبك - B7bk هل تؤمن بالحب من علي #الفيس بوك ؟✋😍 ♥ اتمنى ان تدخلوا صفحتي وتشوفوا #آالبوستات الي بكتبها 💚 ♥ لو عجبتك اعمل (#لايـــك) #للصفحه✌️ (Y) لم علينا عبيدگ يارب 😂😂
Victoria Malchow Thank you for this song 🙏❤️
Santiago Cortés Cada frase en esta nota transmite sentimientos encontrados, es genial! Kesha la mejor para mi por mucho, i love you bitch ❤️😭
Nicole M Morrison This song gives me goosebumps It inspires me when I feel down An amazing song and story

This tour has been so loud that I hear them in my dreams 😍😍🌈✨💖🌈

1.9k reactions 36 comments
Johnny Powell Hello darling are you in Britain
Alex Hernandez Kesha Come To México 💔 😩
Casey Saunders Sean Holihan Sean Worley Mitch Scuzzarella just cried at WORK ITS FINE
Oscar Gonzaléz Te amo Kesha Ven a México por favor 😭😭😭
Lucas Roy Mendoza ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Send me your snaps, animals! #rainbowtour 🌈✨💖✨🌈

1.1k reactions 127 comments
Drew Spencley From last year <3 front row
Stefanie Huntington ❤️❤️
Engin Ayrancı Love you baby 😘😉
Brittany Blackwell Atlanta, GA 💚
David M Frazier What's your snapchat name?

This one's for the motherfuckin ladies 💖✨💖🌈

2.3k reactions 84 comments
Luis Bautista Soooo much fun!!!!
Katherine Debono great song.
Karen L. Pino Nailed it!!
Luis Peralta Wey pero haz el falsete de praying en live porfa 🙏🏾
Courtney Tyree Aweeee I miss my babe KeSha 🌈💖

Glitter Jedi in battle ✨✨✨

2.7k reactions 36 comments
Jess Chamings Madison
Bram Hsc Juliette Ankie Wiersma omg jedi
John Tsyitee Bernard, Bruce, Sky Walker
Gajendra Pareek 😍
Kristopher Luca 😍😍😍

I love my fans who came all the way from U.K. to see my US Rainbow Tour and now I’m coming to you! See you soon!!! 🇬🇧🌈💖✨💖🌈

1.4k reactions 50 comments
Valee Carrillo Come to mexico pleaseee
James Asady Heather Gallagher!!!!!!!!!!
Nathan Bryceland Callum Clark, WE NEED TO GO!
Douglas Boyes Beth Jenkinson hype hype hype
Shane-Wesley Saling Kelly Porter OMG KELLY🧡💜🧡🎉

You are so beautiful, animals!! 🦁🐯🐶🦄💖🌈💖

3.0k reactions 37 comments
Burak Kurt
Gilang N 🎬 Win Cinemax Movies
The Poetry of Victor Fleetwood Hawley check out new artist Emmaline
Mayar Mohmed Bae ❤
Joseph Reid XXX

Thank you for including Rainbow in your video!!! Apple Music 💖✨🌈✨💖

1.8k reactions 21 comments
Nando Timber Vem pro Brasil linda ❤
Joseph Reid XXX
Navas Joeum :-)
Abdullah Javed Demi
Titan Blázquez Gaxiola The Best 😍😍🔥🎤

🌈🌈🌈 #rainbowtour

4.3k reactions 53 comments
Jared Castillo I love so much kesha❤️👑
Doris N Jack Adams Hello, Kesha! A lot of guitar, there!😀
Erica Ridd What about Utah?! ❤️😩
Stephane-xavier Aeieli Moutsinga Great
Mary Maza #GFRIEND #Rainbow #kesha

‪#Praying‬ ‬‪

2.7k reactions 31 comments
Frank Brauer The Location of ,,Praying‘‘
Sergio De Los Santos León
Joseph Reid XXX
Oussama Azzaoui Lové this
Дидинэ Динэ You are not in gta5 wake up

Did you get your pretty paws on my vinyl yet?? 🐯🐶🐱🐻💖🌈🐾

975 reactions 70 comments
Alan Landrum Saw you in L.A. last week. Sooooo much fun
Daniel Silva Almeida Vomo e linda
Dzenan Bozalija By me God watching River Dance now
Michael Julson Got mine!
Rafaela Nascimento Top

Thank you to every one of my animals for making the first part of my US tour so magical and loud and unforgettable. This has been a dream come true❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈I'm so grateful for all of you, thank you thank you thank you, y'all are THE BEST

2.1k reactions 65 comments
Jacob Scott Schick Sarah Stokes could have been us 😢
Rachael Ann Etzler Thank you for an amazing show ❤️
علي أحمد عبدالله ؤرِدًهـِْهـّہِٰٰ✿
Margaret Simon Portland show was amazing!

It's such an honor to have these two badass women at my show last night. Thank you Avril Lavigne and Natalie Maines💖 🌈🙏🌈💖

7.7k reactions 123 comments
Hector Alexis The Mother Fucking Princess❤👑
Emily Thomsen Nick Thomsen is this the real Avril?
罗玺 Do not miss the high note of PRAYING 💁‍♀️
Manoj Talsania Better to buy 16 kg private cylinder worth rs 1000/-

Who wants to be my baby bird tonight???🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣

1.5k reactions 135 comments
Etanyobere Adegbe Solomon I darling, i love you.
Cody Stewart Hill Paschal, remind you of anyone?
Brianna Broder Kylee Gibson this was at the rave
Sam Forrest Ben Dalton I volunteer you!
Marlena Lilly Creasy She did this at last nights show!!

‪I'm a motherfucking woman 💖🦄✨🌈Can’t wait to get crazy on the last night of my US Rainbow Tour 2017‬

2.5k reactions 98 comments
Casey Kinross What about Utah :,(
Zoey Parkin Umm . .saltlake!
Jamie Marie Smith Um... #WhatAboutSaltLakeCityUtah
Tracey Turner You are her number one fan Marlena Lilly Creasy! ❤️
DavEy MoRbid Come to AZ I'm dying to see you live!!!/

Had so much fun filming the music video for Learn To Let Go 🌟 Listen to it now on Spotify

1.3k reactions 34 comments
Amelia Mauldin Jeremy Rinehart
Melissa Millán Bernadette Garcia
Kellie Metz Love! <3 😍😘🤩
Wendy Jansen Loving this song!!!
Christopher Daniel @ Kesha. Chi
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