Brie Bella

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Love my Cali sunsets!! ☀️

9.7k reactions 228 comments
Eddie Pessalano And I also love it keep in shape keep the game going
Heather Marie Keefe Are you and your sister comming back
Gisell Paola Taborda Villamizar no doubt you are beautiful I want to see you again in the ring
Kristie Allen Good luck on your come back guys can’t wait to see you on raw 25 and the royal rumble
Jean Madrie We miss you Brie Bella can't wait till you come back to wwe

Birdie is on the move!

6.0k reactions 189 comments
Karen Humphrey Awww cute soon be walking soon be holding to your ankle and won't be letting you go to the loo x
Stephanie Brolliar Awww I miss when mine was crawling shes precious❤💚💜💙
Elaine Rodriguez Ramirez So sweet. She’s growing up so fast . Thank you so for sharing. 🙏😉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
Heather Rouse Brie you have a beautiful daughter and family!
Donna Calbi-Savino Go Birdie go 💗 God bless her she’s so adorable 💗💗💗

Had such a great time in New York during WWE SummerSlam Week!

2.7k reactions 48 comments
Shamzail Qahir Nice
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli beautiful
ಗುರುರಾಜ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ Hardfucking boobs nikki
Wissam Wissam جميل صديقتي اتمني لكي النجاج بما تتمنيه من اعماق القلب
Tina Luscher Love the show

Starting 2018 off with some gorgeous GLAM!

2.1k reactions 29 comments
Josephine Serraino-Corvino Totally love !!
Hamida Ali Taki Eddin hhhhhhhhh ^~^
Susil Singh Susil Singh Hi
Rose Lovelyj Cute baby is watching

So ready to get in front of The Bella Army again!

4.4k reactions 86 comments
Royal Haines Nikki Bella I like that you don't wait for a call its great hunnie
Sandra Wilke Where can I buy the dolls???
Gisell Paola Taborda Villamizar what emotion the beautiful again if I want to see her in the ring and of course she can be the 2 be mom and is doing what you love most if
Kristie Allen Yaahooo I knew it royal rumble can’t wait Brie mode
Jackie Gonzalez Bella army is not an army without my brie

Nia Jax becomes emotional during a shopping trip with The Bella Twins

3.0k reactions 93 comments
Nyamet Khan Nia jax girl you are beautiful you got this girl
Starr Hopkins King Nia Jax you are beautiful inside and out. I am a plus size and look at me or not. Don't put yourself down. We love you!
Robin Fitz Nia you are so very Beautiful! You are AMAZING! Never forget that. God made you BEAUTIFUL!
Henry Stehl Nice picture of y'all a sexy picture tell John I said hello how do you girls doing

San Diego bound!!!✌🏽

12.7k reactions 630 comments
Jennifer Decuir Aww Sha it's birdie ! I think she's ready for her own Deva show.
Patricia McClements Striking a pose just like het Mummy!! Enjoy every moment!!
Kathleen Janvrin Omg that is a beautiful picture of u both . An lil Birdie is so beautiful . ❤ God bless your family
Ashleigh Cummings She is just adorable xx
Cecilia Huerta Tina! Berrr-Berrr! Take a picture if you see them!

Celebrating #NationalBirdDay with the cutest little Bird of all!!

3.4k reactions 89 comments
Kathryn Myers She looks like her daddy
Lynnette Harris She is getting so big. She is so adorable. Brie and Bryan you both have a beautiful little girl
Anna Potter She is so precious! ❤️ God bless you and your family ☺️
Sandyfortyniner Azua Hi Brie and Daniel and of course Birdie... she is adorable... growing so fast
Ankit Srivastava Congratulations...So sweet and little Anjel....

Backstage with the bling at WWE Raw... #TBT

14.8k reactions 126 comments
Nyamet Khan Love Brie Bella and Nikki Bella
هاني السنطاوي عسلات طبعا
Marcus Jamall Johnson those abssss <3
Miguel Salas Lindas las bellas
Fabio Gallego Ya no luchan lastima eran buenas ya no, saludos

Merry Christmas!!! Love The Danielson’s ❤️🎄🎅🏼 hope everyone has a beautiful day!!

83.5k reactions 2634 comments
K-Rock Duniam Merry Christmas Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan, and of course, the new babe, Birdy. May you all have the greatest times throughout the end of this year, and all of 2018!!!!!
Sandy Cox Dodson Merry Christmas you guys enjoy the time making memories that will last a life time..BTW Thank you both for sharing that adorable little girl with us..<3
Taylor García Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years to the Danielson’s, The García Colace and Cena families
Joann Jackson Merry Christmas to u and both of y'all family I'm a single mom of three and we love wrestling I'm going to be 49 Wednesday and been a big fan since I was 2 years old
James Johnson Is that the most beautiful family yes yes yes it is peace and love for the holiday seasons and God bless you all

Butt was kicked! Now I’m ready for the Holiday weekend!!! 💪🏽🎅🏼

5.2k reactions 71 comments
Bianca Specie Cena I love this picture do much... bird look so cute 🙂
Mary Ellen Cramer Brie a good mom. I wouldn't know because I don't have kids
Andrea Hach Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family
Michelle Marcks I think that you and your sister should do a royal rumble comeback that would be awesome!
Mable Mumbi Lovely family, cute baby.

Thank you, Nikki Bella!!!

8.7k reactions 73 comments
Gail Medeiros So sweet Nikki.❤️
Adam Bell GA Not bikinis swimsuits
Alan Bonness People watch this crap?
Jeremy Hester Awesome
Tay Moreira lindasss the bella twins <3

Daniel Bryan always has the best advice...

3.1k reactions 64 comments
Darla Gonzales YOU 2 ARE SO GREAT
Cristal Cncowner Los quiero mucho años tres brie...bella como siempre linda pareja💕💕 besos desde la república dominicana
Nikki Phakrine brie sis I love you and the same word I would like to express you which is just you're best wisher has mentioned on commentary category and that is you don't have to figure it all right now because we know what soever you do will do better love from ...
Carmen Fernandez Carmen Fernandez Thought You Would like this
Diane Villegas Anyone know of any restaurants like that here in Los Angeles

Bella Appétit, Brie edition!

846 reactions 17 comments
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli beautiful
Rajesh Sharma Good night nikki
Princess Miriam James Beautiful family
Suraj Sharma Love you
Royal Haines Hi Brie Bella do you drink Tea that's good I like tea and Coffie

Hey Bella Army! Here's the perfect recipe "for the cold Holiday season!"

1.8k reactions 17 comments
Nay Farias Maria Naiara <3
Amitabh Singh Asr Ok
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Nancy Raiche Looks so good and healthy
Jenn Welshman Love love ❤️ Bries' cutting board

Mommy can do ANYTHING, Birdie!

4.8k reactions 82 comments
Marco Antonio Vielma Castillo eres supe hermosa una mariposa un 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Tigist Tg I want that birdiebee T-shirt
Zuleyma Flores Powerful speech Brie very inspiring
Stefanie Baasner Brie you are so beautiful and a great mother good luck
Royal Haines Hi Brie Bella merry Christmas to you Daniel Bryan and best Wishes and vary safe New year

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Nia Jax!

6.8k reactions 83 comments
Sankalp Sharma I big fan nia jax she is a beautiful
April Adkins Oh my gosh is Nia Jax awesome or what
Melinda McGuire Abel Love Nia Jax.
Eric Pascar I love nia jax

"This has just been such an insane year for the women of the WWE and man I feel so blessed!"

1.9k reactions 30 comments
Jeff P Flowers The women are just if not better then most of the guys matches. .. I like the idea that raw did.
YouSsef TaYebi hello 😉
Zulqar Nain What?
Nikkita Jenner finally!!!!!!
Joesph Soto Wwe

Simply amazing.

2.0k reactions 45 comments
Aleswar Rao Beautiful
Manojkumar Yadav AWESOME
Trisha Abucejo i love you brie
Gloria Opalniuk Wow! Absolutely stunning.
Robin McGee Sweet to see Artem again. Wonderful dance.

Go, Nikki Bella! And THANK YOU, Bella Army, for 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!

3.0k reactions 25 comments
Christina Scillia-Rivera Amazing!!!!
Lauren Izzo Blackwell Beautiful 😊❤️
Keren Ribeiro Bile Vous êtes trop belle
Elaine Rodriguez Ramirez Beautiful 💃
Billie Jean Laing That was stunning

Brie Bella's cover photo

2.5k reactions 64 comments
Mobin Ahmad Subhan Allah
Ruhe Matthew Brie you are so beautiful
Jannatul Jannat nikki is cuter than brie😘
Ervin Fleming congratulations Brie and Nikki
Wayland Quiaoit Thats cool!

2.1k reactions 37 comments
Austeja Nesvarbu #BellaForever
Jatinder Singh Khalsa love you Nikki 2
Ruhe Matthew I love you girls
Zafar Fasil Fantastic
Ali Onar 😘💞❤️💋

Nikki Bella deserved the engagement party of a lifetime!

3.1k reactions 64 comments
Mobin Ahmad You are very good girl and Allah Hafiz
Jorden Hermandez Cohen said he had a few minutes later in my life and I was born in the word
Nadeem Ktk Ilike you imss you friend ur body ok g
Maryline Wallemacq Hoho
Aaryan Khan Hi sexy

ARE YOU READY for more Belle Radici?!?

Belle Radici is coming back! Brie shows you the bottling process!
Belle Radici is coming back! Brie shows you the bottling process!

Brie goes behind the scenes of the bottling of their wine line Belle Radici. Subscribe to The Bella Twins on YouTube - Follow The Bella...

2.3k reactions 34 comments
Florens Anugrah Yes
Mary Ellen Cramer OK
Chan Dawn Yes
Agri Sembiring Yes
David-junior Hennaut Cc

Thank you SO MUCH for these amazing gifts, Bella Army!

560 reactions 17 comments
Florens Anugrah Beautiful
Akhere Light How to charge phone with patat0s
WCychee Hee 💕
Aziz Eagle Tnx
Qasim RaZa Love you

The competition is ON!

5.0k reactions 65 comments
Azam Sasoli Great
Priscilla Dickerson One of my favorite shows
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli gorgeous both
Louise Clark Don't know these people ! Don't want to!
Melvin Glee Awesome

Get a 360° tour with the cutest tour guide EVER... Birdie!!

849 reactions 20 comments
Jorden Hermandez 😎😍
Beth Labrash love the room
Eddie Pessalano Hey it's very nice
Lynn Semmens Austin Love every video I have made. Love ur family. 💕♥️💕♥️
Ri Molly Paint some flowers on birdies wall and some little unicorns

There's nothing like getting back in that ring!

6.4k reactions 90 comments
Sajjad Ali Most beautiful
Martha Elvia Jimenez todo se puede
Thomas Earle Snyder Needs pigtails
Chantal Burgess Yeszzz can't wait to see us bk
Raymond Paker aww ya we want you back brie mode love you

💋 The holidays!

6.1k reactions 64 comments
Elizabeth Egbert I love the short hair !!
Azam Sasoli Great Bree
Xnxnz Dsk Adorable
Nkechinyere Samuel Breathtakingly beautiful
John Brigham It’s my birthday today

The Bird is a tough cookie!

2.2k reactions 37 comments
Mike Smith I hope you have a brill time
Aman Kumar Cute Baby
Christian Guelord <3😃😚😚 marry Christmas 🌲super ☆ my Brie !
Farooq Gullab Nice wwe Thanks ..
Azam Sasoli Great
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