Brie Bella

Last updated: 17:48 11/16/2017

Get into BRIE MODE with this WWE Superstars Fashion doll, available now at Toys''R''Us!

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Shalon Brignone Jana Brignone
Francis Monaco Myriam Palomino
Tracy Rodriguez Erick <3
Sarah Ellis Samantha Dela
Danielle Garcia Antho Martinez get me one!

Birdiebee brings everyone together!

1.2k reactions 14 comments
Aylin Lopez Fiestas ❤❤❤
Tron Woinarowicz <3
Denis Buciuta LOVE YOU GIRLS Brie Bella & Nikki Bella❤❤❤
Mary Ellen Cramer Sweet
Santosh Nayak Satosh best image

Couldn't have asked for a better Birdiebee launch party!!

Photos: The Bellas host a Birdiebee launch party
Photos: The Bellas host a Birdiebee launch party

Go behind the scenes of Nikki and Brie Bella's Birdiebee launch party in Phoenix to celebrate the twins' new intimates, activewear and loungewear line. Photos courtesy Ryann Lindsey Photography + Ashley Rae Photography.

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Robin May Schuhmacher Can i buy in Australia girls💗💗
Alan Kawa Hawbash Jamal
Bharati Mali I had Nikki Bella
Gasim Mugal Gasim Mogal 😎😎
Farhan Ali AwsOme :V G?

Such a great conversation with Blogilates' own Cassey Ho!

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Mizanur Shikdar Sumiya
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli beauyiful
Mash Saghoyan Beautfiul Twins,Powerful Twins👑😍😍

Having a NEW kind of road trip with Nikki Bella on Total Divas!

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Monica Troche Ok.. Lol.. That poor baby girl is not buckled up right
Royal Haines Nikki Bella hi just bord so comeing by you
Lavelle Harrison Brie bella this is Lavelle how are you doing today
Royal Haines Nikki Bella You Look Great your on a road Trip After Change your Dress if you want to if not ok
Carissa Walters Chloe Gleeson just like our road trips 😂😂😂

It was an amazing time working out with Cassey!

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Saeed Khan ماشالله
Justin Arrieta That spelled Bri
Denise Strawford Who's Casey
Bharati Mali Nice Brie bella😊
Monica Ahlambra Fernandez Brie bella and nikki bella beso MUA ok

Guys, Birdie is 6 MONTHS OLD!

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Sonja Facemier She is so cute and I love seeing pictures of her. Love her so much
Maria Naiara Olha Nay Farias , vê se resiste a essa fofura de gente 😍😍😍😍😍
Sofia Portillo Birdie is a very cute baby happy 6 months Birdie
Stacy S Bojku Isn't it crazy how we do the work and they look like there dads
Cazza Spc Birdie is the cutest! Enjoy all of these precious moments, they grow-up so fast 😍

We need your help to celebrate #Bellas1Year!

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Ravi Mn Ravi Cv Well come to india
Rajashekar Kolapuri Hiii
Einalem Orravan Nocsag Yes bellas
Chad Sullivan I’m a Youtuber if you want my help let me know
Sihem Rizzi nous sommes avec vous

Natalya was a little overwhelmed... but Birdie Joe loved hanging with her nonetheless!

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Clara Sang Wau naomi
Muhammad Munaf I love you
Jatinder Singh Tinku Cute
Jatinder Singh Tinku Nice
Louie Crighton Looking good Brie.

A quick way to help you get in shape... without leaving your little ones!

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Huu Anh Nguyen <3
Jean Crowley Vivienne O'Sullivan
Nguyễn Đăng Khoa <3 :* <3 <3
Saqib Waheed Good
Zarak Khan 🐯 ☀😰 Brie🐦 Bella SUFI-WEB. TK

The secrets to upping your fall fashion game... REVEALED!

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Roseberline Turenne You look amazing
Saud Khan Plz Plz Plz come back
Miranda Glener Hazlett You ALWAYS look amazing!!

This is a tough decision!

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Angela Laudenslager Make your own with that nice garden you grow!
Josephine Serraino-Corvino Your better off making your own food for her. More healthier and then bring in the solids.
Darla Gonzales smashed is best for awhile like you said so they dont choke
Kerri Wade My boy was started at 4 Months because he needed that bit extra which did help him sleep better !
Briana Burror You guys are stressing way to much. Try one thing. Its really up to your baby on what she’s likes.

Had an amazing time at the Birdiebee launch party!

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Huu Anh Nguyen <3
Ravi Mn Ravi Cv All the best
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli beautiful
Cj R Rout Miss you girls
ML Grace Mofondo Amazing guys

Naomi and Natalya test their babysitting skills tomorrow on Total Divas!

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Lucy Machin Lopez Poor nattie lol
Moon Ch Mashllah qismat wala baby hai
Sonu Sonu Nice baby
Crystal Kris Maestas I miss Phoenix 😞
Cassie Lynn Lloyd awesome video

You've got to see it to believe it!

3.0k reactions 65 comments
Angelica Matteson So cute 😊I’ll have to get one for my sweet 3month old violet.
Roseberline Turenne i love you guys so much
Ashli Palmer Bossi If you take away is off cellular I promise I will never watch again he is everything Goooooood
Kareem Elbard Glad Danyel is feeling better from his bump with Kane on Monday night Raw
Cj R Rout Hello brie and Daniel is That your Kid so cute

Thank you to Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Stephanie McMahon - WWE for this incredible gift basket!

4.3k reactions 35 comments
Mitch Nero Very nice
Amanda Delgado So awesome
Lucia Mellema Sweet
Melissa Bauguess I'm happy for you
Linda L Bridenbaker-Beswick Awesome!

Birdie is a natural!!

1.3k reactions 15 comments
Melissa Bauguess Hi
Tigist Tg So cute 😍
Vjollca T. Ameri Lezhe Marshalla
Sonni Elaine Porter She is so so so cute
Sarah Gregory Takes after her mummy

Birdie's first magazine photo shoot with mommy! Can't wait for you to see it!

1.1k reactions 23 comments
Huu Anh Nguyen <3
Adetunji Shola Cute
Phumie Phumzile Wow
Jasscar Michael Cuteee
Onukwube Pat I love u baby

Need some mommy advice, Bella Army!

2.0k reactions 238 comments
Samantha Harrison Homemade baby food is the besy food. My daughter would not eat store bought food she would only eat homemade food an she still to this day loves all her vegtables an she eats everything now n is not picky at all
Kimberly Flaherty Benne Start with rice cereal mixed with your milk water it down get her used to it. Then add more little by little and get her body used to it. Feed her this once or twice a day and work up after a week or two. Then in a month or two start her on other foods. ...
Pilar Villanueva First off, she is so adorable!!! Second, make your own food, purée what you can and stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Giving her more than milk should help with the sleeping through the night. Good luck!!!
Mildred Reyes-Schultz I started with baby food in her 6 months, than slowly give her one flavor that way Incase she not allergic and don’t stop giving her milk because it’s her nutrition. So do both first food than milk! And also sleeping at night it’s all about having her ...
Britney Brown One of the easier first foods you can offer which babies seem to really love and they are in season right now is butternut squash...just cut or peel the skin...cut into cubes and steam in a little pan and purée...they have a little natural sweet taste ...

The moment you've been waiting for... let's talk about CLOTH DIAPERS!

1.6k reactions 32 comments
Kris Deeley Krawczak Couldn't figure out how to send you this so I'm putting it here...... Did you see this clip on the name Birdie? 😊😊😊
Christine Lella Mathews Christian Mathews
Melissa Marsach Lacorazza Lauren Durante Urciuoli
Samantha Spano FINALLY Tyler Smith
BeckyLee Magaña Nayelli Miranda for your baby!!

Had such a blast getting my butt kicked by Blogilates 💪🏽 Coming soon to our YouTube channel 🙌🏽💯

7.7k reactions 56 comments
Adnan Meo Waooo
Kristen Miller Cassey!!! 3 of my favorite people.
Ravi Mn Ravi Cv U r strong
Haji Kashi Mughal Beautiful looking
Hissan Alsied وانا احبكن اكثر

LOVED the season premiere of Total Divas!

1.5k reactions 20 comments
Kassendra Lefebvre me too
Pilar Sepeda YES ! ! YES ! YES !
Michael Murray Jr. Cool brie bella
Raven Viola Love
Lizy Shaji Is this fake account?

Hard work pays off!

2.3k reactions 34 comments
Andry Tiana oooooh!
Sajjad Ahmad You to facebook id send me
Seth Acheampong good luck,Brie
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Shenigdha Eva ☺☺☺☺❤❤❤💓💓💓

Did we answer YOUR question? Only one way to find out...

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Andry Tiana where are you?
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Sajjad Ahmad Sorry no English language im Pakistani
Veronica Wanka I love twin sis

So sad that Daniel Bryan had to leave!

10.1k reactions 101 comments
Ashleigh Cummings She’s get big and beautuful xo
Deanne Kiel Abutin Astilla 😍😍
Dania Sajid Fatima Sajid look at their babyy😍
Collette Sperry U and Bryan with Birdie just melts my heart!Such true love!
Julie Clough she looks just like her daddy!!!

Are you ready for a whole new season of Total Divas? It all goes down TONIGHT on E!

5.2k reactions 63 comments
Gregory Thomas I miss you all brie Daniel b John Nikki
JoAnn Fetty Watched.. looking forward to more..
Zafar Fasil Fantastic picture
Bob Miller Awesome!
Naomi Lusty Lovely

So sad about Nikki Bella's Dancing with the Stars news!

2.8k reactions 65 comments
Sharon Marie That was a shock.......not happy it seemed fixed......
Judi Long You were so good on Dancing Nikki..sad to see you leave..and Birdie,s adorable...every time!!!
Ann Harris She should not have been eliminated - she was so great!
Rashell Lynn Munoz Loovve youuuu nikki! You won first place to me! And super proud of you! 😗
Brandi Gray Nikki tried and did really good. The Bella army stands behind her.

Here's how you can transform into a PUMPKIN for Halloween!

1.5k reactions 23 comments
Lisa Tiktuk ➡ WATCH IT(2017)//BOO!! 2017//GRILS TRIP FULL MOVIE HD @ [:-] PLAY NOW >>> Latest Movie
Arianna Ortiz Richard Ortiz
Camila R. Luna Linda Brie ❤❤
Susan Gruber brie and birdie are beautiful people
Liyabona Magwaxaza Nice brie you and nikki big love

#FearlessNikki and #BrieMode are coming to Ace Comic Con at NYCB Live in Uniondale, NY, from 5 - 9 PM on Friday, Dec. 8!

Ace Comic Con
Ace Comic Con

ACE Comic Con

633 reactions 10 comments
Melisa Montes Annie Silva
Raikko Locre hi lodi
Mhayca Mayvel Myles so like it
Leslie Ann Webster I wanna meet you guys. :(
Jenna Diaz Martinez My daughter is Brie Bella for Halloween 👻 🎃 she loves you! Please like her picture on my page.

We'll miss you, Washington!

755 reactions 36 comments
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Amy Pimentel We'll miss you too!!
Nyamet Khan Love you & your precious family
Samrawit Berihu Makeup or no makeup you look amazing
Michelle Frush Agreed. Loved your house Brie. ❤️😄
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