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I just love this picture!! 😍 My sister spent majority of my labor with me. I was lucky enough to have Daniel Bryan by my side, which he never left, but to also have my sister. I had so much strength and encouragement in the room, that it made my labor easier. There's no greater feeling than seeing your love ones get emotional over your little miracle. It brought tears to my eyes to see my sister meet Birdie for the first time!!! Memories for a lifetime ❀️✨

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Donna Bell What a wonderful picture of you both. Have fun being a mom. Your going to be a great mom. And it's wonderful that you have such a great family around you. πŸ’ž Brian you'll be a great daddy. πŸ’•
Shanell Partap Congratulations and wishing you all the best in the motherhood. Some mothers say its a tireding job but at the end of the days its worth it. You will be a great mummy. Love you mummy bella
Bailee Horn On ur latest video on youtube u n daniel asked when was the last time ur belly was 37.5 inches like during the pregnancy...i looked at it and it was when u were 19 weeks preggo
Akshay Phadhare ###One Direction of my favorite things picture that L cherish to this day is my favorite sister holding my breath first couple child for the first time lt was before she had her first own and the look of emotion on her face priceless ##
Susana Mendoza Daisy Luna 😐 i want u to be there with me pero mi ama ke the girls donde se van akedar πŸ€” nd so i think ima.tell her to video call u lol 🀣

Ready to TELL ALL about the 21-hour labor that brought Birdie Joe into the world!

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Laura Bergin What did they call the baby ??
Nilu Nila I was in labor for 27 hours. Then I saw my angel baby face. The best best feeling in this world ever
Marcia Alexis Kali Jacobs Congratulation with your baby look diffrent your face look now like a mom
Nora Delgado Wow I labor 20hrs for my 1st one..! 12hrs for my second and 6hrs for my 3rd.. but by far my 1st one took for ever
Dani Bonger I wonder if she is ever going to post pictures of birdie showing her face.

Birdie Joe had a very eventful journey into the world!

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Maribel Minkema So glad you and Birdie are ok. What a long eventful labor! My labor was long too! 36 hours, no epidural until 21 hours in! Not by choice! I pushed for 49 minutes. His heart rate dropped right at the end and I pushed with everything I had and put he ...
Angela Brackett Hang in there Brie I had a very similar experience with my pregnancy. I commented back when you were swelling really bad and had gone past your due date. I labored for 24 hours to having an emergency C Section as well, during the spinal tap I started to ...
Jennifer Johnson Peters Thanks for sharing your birth story. I am a 2 c-section momma myself! We are from a little town in Washington state-Wenatchee!! My oldest son was born by emergency c-section at UW. He was born with an Omphalocele (intestines on the outside of the ...
Michelle Chairez I feel her pain. All three of my children were born vaginally after being induced and all three of them went over 30 hours in labor. With and without epidurals and I know how excruciatingly it is to have Labor forced upon your body! Hats off to her ...
Deborah Eberwein Isaac Birthing plans are great, but a lot of babies don't like to go along with them.... lol I was in labor for 28 hrs with my first and pushed for thirty min, all along saying I would never do it again. That was 41 years ago and the choices were saddle ...

How cute is this set, you guys?

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Katlyn Walsh Even though we haven't gotten a good look at her. She looks precious anyways. Can't wait to see her
Cathy Rudzinski Congratulations she's beautiful... Please tell Bryan Happy Birthday from me...ty
Vicky Bay-Smith She's so cute. Birdie Joe is a superb name for her.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜
Stacy Tweet Schwanke Sweet! All the work that goes into those photos, along with keeping her relaxed and quite.
Candice Bianic Poor Brian... Maybe the next one could be a Bertha? lol

So thankful to have spent Mother's Day with Birdie!

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Michelle Hill Quinones Awww so glad you got to spend your first Mother's Day this year! Congrats to you both! So happy for you! My youngest turned 19 the day before Mother's Day! It goes so fast! Xoxo ❀️❀️😊😊
Jessica Pineda Happy 1st mother's day!!πŸ’ hope it was an amazing day for u!! Im so happy birdie came in time for this special day! Blessings to u and ur family! Cant wait for more pics. Also, Check out keeper of the cheerios blog page it has alot of good articles,info, ...
Rhonda J. Nava Awwwww I love you Brie!!! Thank you for ur sweet message!!! I absolutely love love being a mom. It's my favorite job ever. I love love my kids. Welcome to the mom's club. You're gonna be a great mom
Jennifer Payne Thanks #BRIEBELLA for giving us an update you look just amazing πŸ˜‰ I can't wait to see baby πŸ‘Ά Birdie when you guys r ready to show a picture of her love you all so much
Media Kincade They grow so fast. My oldest was a baby and then a soldier. I haven't spent mother's day with him in 7 years, Christmas in 4 years. He hasn't had leave in 3 years. I can't go see him this year.

Thank you everyone for the love and support!

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Andrea Crystal Koch Awe yay!! congratulations!! welcome to motherhood these best trip of your life!!! i cant say anything about fatherhood because i am a mom lol but you will have her wrapped around your finger. a father daughter relationship is so special enjoy ...
Tammy Ruiz Congratulations!! So happy for the both of you! Hold on! You are about to embark on a beautiful, magical, journey with your lil Birdie Joe! God Bless!β€οΈπŸ’•
Stephanie Beckfield Congratulations on the birth of an amazing girl,Birdie. She made it through many obstacles and came into this world on HER time. Cherish each n everyday you have with her because one day you will look and she'll be grown!!!
Renee Williams Congratulations on your early Mother's day blessing...God bless your beautiful new family...I wish you both much health and happiness...the time flies so fast so capture and treasure every moment and enjoy the ride the frustration and the joy you ...
Elaine Rodriguez Ramirez Thank you for sharing the most beautiful gift to us all....πŸ™πŸŽ€πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’Brie you have the best Mother's Day ever! πŸ’Daddy Bryan you will be next to have your special day and that will be on Father's Day! πŸ‘πŸΌ Who's watching the doggies? 🐢🐢😘

The road to motherhood was an incredible journey!

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Ignas Dočys Finally Birdie is here :) <3
Patti Lynn Manios Cooper Congrats!
Kimberly Diane Lazarov You and Daniel are going to be amazing parents.
Imran Abbasi God bless you. Congrats πŸ˜šπŸ˜—πŸ˜‹πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’”πŸ’•πŸ’“

Can't believe Birdie Joe is finally here!

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Jennifer Weitekamp Aww!! I have been following you for a while now. And we have something in common. I have my first daughter 2 days before mothers day 7 years ago. May 8th. So proud of you both! &welcome to the world Birdie!!!
Tatiana Strehle How beautiful she will always know how much she was wanted in your family. She's blessed to be part of such a beautiful family. May god always bless her with great health love and happiness.
Chelsi Dvorak Congrats to you both on your new bundle of joy so very excited for you both love the video absolutely beautiful and something you'll always be able to look back on and one day so miss Birdie Joe love the name congrats and welcoming me to this world ...
Josie G. Ramirez Such a cute and unique name. Congrats a baby is a blessing. I have a 6yr old and she is my world. A love so pure and strong and bond which can never be broken. Much love!!
Kathleen Johnston ok first of all I would like to congratulate Brie and Brian on their birth of Bridie Jo, and you both will be amazing parents,and second of all please stop singing,you will make the baby cry,and me as well,and the dog will start howling. welcome to the ...

What a way to close out this season of Total Divas!

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Erika Nicole Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!!! Amazing how around the time you show the time it tested positive , you JUST gave birth:)
Raima Khan Congratulations Brie, how can i wait to see pictures of little precious angle?? 😍😍😍
Amanda Meyer Congratulations to you both.. You are going to make awesome Parents... number One fan, in the state of Missouri...πŸ’
Stephen Smith You need to go on Jericho's list you stupid idiot
Jackie Henson I am so happy for you two! She will have the best parents ever!

All distractions are welcome while waiting for Birdie...

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Mandy Gill She'll be here soon sweetheart. Good luck when the time comes. Can't wait to see you become a family x
Melissa Randt Do some squats or bounce on an exercise ball. I'm so excited for you. I wonder if she's going to look like Daniel with brown hair. ;)
Alyson B Fox Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I know that you have been waiting for her to come. πŸ˜‡ now that your little angel is here you can begin the journey that you have been waiting so long to do.
Len Freeman Congrats brie and daniel Brian on the birth of your daughter I have followed your guys careers all the way through the wwe
Andi Vento Ericson Try this pizza that is famous for inducing labor. Good Morning America just did a news but about it this week!

Maybe Aunt Nikki Bella's arrival will inspire Birdie's arrival?! Only time will tell...

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Kristyna Szekely Eat lots of spicy foods and have sex if u can handle it but tell Nicole to leave for a few hours first
Shannon Silverstein Poor mama!! Hopefully she'll be here asap! My tummy hurts looking at you lol
Mary Mcmenamy I had sex and I was on my labor day it worked try it brie not u Nicki lol love u girls
Renee Gallegos Congratulations on Birdie's arrival. Babies are an amazing blessing. Auntie was right, Birdie was waiting for her!!! πŸ’œ
Amanda Lynn Enjoy the quiet while u can! Enjoy every moment once lo is here! β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»

Can you believe how ungrateful Nikki Bella is on tomorrow's Total Divas?!

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Sugey Gallardo But where is bries cardigan from?! πŸ€”πŸ˜©
Jean-claire Perrevoort She is always the one ungrateful
Jamie Marie Cross Brie was just trying too help her sister
Melissa Hernandez Lol, such a sister fight:)
Syl Muks Totally agree with Brie...Nikki just accept and say thank you!

So happy my sister is in town!

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Kristy Ketchem Weaver I can't wait to aww pictures of your daughter. She's going to be so beautiful just like her momma.
Christie Owens Watts Birdie needs to fly that coop already!!! Can't wait to see pics of her!!
Julie Egerton Loyd You two are so cute I wish I had a good bond with my sister
Laura Kavolius Maybe that's why Birdie hasn't made her debut. She was waiting for Aunt Nik-Nik
Cassie Katv Brown Brie Bella I don't know if you've already done it, but if not you should before it's to late, get a belly cast done, they are such fun keep sake treasures to look back on. Where pictures you can only look at them but with the belly cast it can be turned ...

Never thought that Bella Baby Watch would go on for THIS long!

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Samantha Jean How on earth do u keep the animals out of your fruit?! I have apples and peaches and I never get to eat a single one!!! Used to have black berries but same problem so we just mowed them.
Marsha Beecher Rollins Love, love, love the garden!!! Hang in there Brie and Bryan when you least expect it Birdie will make her grand entrance into the world ! How exciting!!
Jennifer Dennehy To nice inside for her. Could be other week. She might need some help coming out but that's ok. As long as healthy. Enjoy. Sit and relax. (Mum of 3) 🌷☺
Joanne Howard Ireton New life, plant life and human life coming up! I'm impressed by your positive attitude! Sending love your way, from Wyoming! Can't wait to see your little Birdie. <3
Erica Ybarra You poor thing!!! Prayers Birdie makes her appearance soon and that you all have a safe, fast easy delivery!! I'm right behind you at 35 wks!!

Oh the things we'll do to naturally induce ourselves lol .....I swear I've done ALL of them!!

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Jennifer Keith Block I'm worried about you I'm worried that your doctor is really delaying this process I'm worried your baby will have a bowel movement inside which will guarantee a C-section why are they letting you go so late
Irene Almaguer Castor oil mixed with a little vanilla ice cream should do the trick it has worked for multiple of my friends , I was induced at 38 wks I had high bps but out of everything castor oil mixed with vanilla ice cream works like a charm! Good luck hun
Robyn Fitzgerald Have you been for a drive on a bumpy road yet Brie Bella I promise you it works. Four of my six kids were overdue so hubby took me on a bumpy road. And each baby was born within 24 hours of going for that drive.
Danielle Gluzerman Aww my son was 5 days late. Hang in there mama! I had a really spicy burrito bowl and started having contractions that night. Baby boy was born the next day. I've also heard pizza? Try something spicy! 🌢
Tammy Ruiz Just don't wait too long . My first baby was two weeks overdue . I ended up having an emergency Csection because she went into distress . Than again she was a big girl and she couldn't fit through my pelvis. 😳 πŸ˜‚

Had to stay at the hospital last night, but don't worry, everyone is doing well!

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Cindy Y Robert I no the feeling my lil girl LeeAnn doesnt wanna come out either but we are all healthy and my due date is wed the 10th of may so good luck brie and yes birdie come on out-cindy
Genevieve Barron Poor Brie you look so tired & exhausted. But as long as Birdie & you are health & safe is what matters. Praying that you get much rest & that your baby girl continues to grow until she is ready to come into the worldπŸ’•
Nati Olmo Omg Brie Bella hope all is well i will be praying for you and birdie you should really take to you're doctor so the can induce you
Kathy Kanych Carp Im sorry but totally ridiculous that she is late and they sent her home!!! C-section the poor girl if she is having minor complications, what are the doctors thinking??
Ashley Weeks Go drive on a cobblestone road. My grandfather forced my mom to do it when she was pregnant with me because he wanted me to be born on his birthday. Lol. She went into labor less than a day later. I was born on my due date, February 9th.

When do you think Birdie will get here?

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Michelle Monteleone Walking,stay as active as you can at this point wait for those contractions,when they come,start timing them.I think it's time to go to the hospital when contractions are 5min or less son was 4 days past his due date..good luck,you're strong,...
Debra Landy Brie I know your very excited for birdie to be here Let's see how can you induce your labor exercise anything to get your heart pumping and of course sexual intern Course or spicey food or red raspberry leaf tea and of course just waiting for labor ...
Rebecca Eggleston Moore Lestaio oil! Thy say it get you going. I had to be induced for my first one and then had to be run in for emergency C-section because i was not progresing and my water was broke over 12 hours. Thay say swots and lots of walking. I know your tierd. But ...
Colleen Newstrand Watson Go to the doctor set a date for inducing, she'll be here about three days before that. Both my kids did that the Dr. Said if you don't have the 1st by Monday we will induce she came Fri and my second it was planned for Wed came Monday. I guess they ...
Peeker Rapp "Quitus"? (i suck at spelling lol) does induce labor. Unfortunately i have not been able to be blessed with pregnancy. But many of my friends state the same thing. I was a water baby.. But what my mom did was acupuncture and it helped. And im guessing ...

Apparently, eggplant induces labor, so we're going to cook eggplant parmesan!

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Melanie Miller Witte I ate eggplant Parmesan on a Sunday night. Ate leftovers again on Monday. Had my baby on Tuesday. I was 39 weeks.
Theresa Lynn Ames Sex, walk 🚢, pineapple 🍍, spicy food, and walk 🚢 some more. Oh and sex the sperm helps induce labor. Good luck !
Demetrick Brown Eggplant Parmesan is #greece greek, italian food & #French breakfast the best foods in the world
Emily Latimore You're not even late yet! She will come when she's ready!
Kerri Wade Raspberry leaf tea , but still nothing will work she will come when she wants x

Could this be our FINAL Birdie Joe update before she arrives?!

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Robin McKenzie-Cook Good luck and I know you are uncomfortable but be patient. Thanks for all the updates. Love you all and hang in there, she will be here before you know it! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸΌπŸΌπŸΌ
Pippa Ruben My moms due date with me was April 30th ... and I didn't come into the world till May 10th 😊that's a good day for a birth day . So excited for all of you ❀️
Frank Plaud Why would you name a kid birdie? Way to have that kid get beat up for the rest of their life. Just don't understand celebrities with there weird baby names.
Heather Moore Walk walk walk walk walk walk. Lol. Enjoy this precious time. My youngest is 17. I miss the special time when it was just her and I hanging out and sharing an amazing and miraculous bond.
Sherry Willis It's a pain but as long as both of you are healthy just breath sit back and enjoy. There's just something magical about rubbing baby belly. Some little things you will miss about being pregnant. Best wishes πŸ’‹πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ

Brie Bella's cover photo

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Junaid Khan πŸ’’ Bot User πŸ’’ Junaid Khan πŸ’’ β™₯PYTHONβ™₯BOTβ™₯TEAMβ™₯ β™ͺ----Β» TAYYAB.GA Β«----β™ͺ β™₯β™‘o. BOT OWNER πŸ’’ TAYYAB KHAN πŸ’’
Joshua Dern Love you with all my heart Nikki Bella
Akki Moral NIC
Gabby Hillier i hope miss birdie joe comes soon
Junaid Khan πŸ’’ Bot User πŸ’’ Junaid Khan πŸ’’ β™₯PYTHONβ™₯BOTβ™₯TEAMβ™₯ β™ͺ----Β» TAYYAB.GA Β«----β™ͺ β™₯β™‘o. BOT OWNER πŸ’’ TAYYAB KHAN πŸ’’

Keep the questions coming, Bella Army!

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Jessie Hall How old are you
Jessie Hall When you be wrestling for
Jessie Hall Tell Nikki and John wrestling for
Jessie Hall Tell Daniel I can to wrestling
Jessie Hall What's your favorite color

That felt SO good!

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William Almes And you lost the fued to so maybe you should remove this
Lucia Mellema Want to slap her some more??
Fernando Ramos Was that scripted.. If not... That is awesome...
Rochelle Bivalacqua U go Brie
CoDonna Baker Then Stephanie got arrested

Get ready! Birdie could arrive at any moment!

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Terri Jester So excited for you and Bryan! So cool to see her move!!
Julie Park You look so beautiful,you will be a fantastic parents, take it all in has girl will grow up fast,I love her name!
Lisa Denton I can't wait for her to come I'm only 8 weeks behind you in my pregnancy good luck
Sandy Davies You look amazing Brie and I am betting she comes Monday!! Good luck with your birth! πŸ’•XXOO
Jessica De Haan yourr belly is coming down that is a sign, let brian give you a food massage my water broke 3 hours later they say there is a point in your feed that can let break your water

Mini-golf helps induce labor... right?!

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Anthony Ferro Some jumping jacks or heavy squats and that baby will pop out in no time LMAO πŸ˜‚
Daniel J. Thompson There's also walking that induces labor too sometimes
Sara C. Hull Maybe see if they will strip your membranes that should do the trick
Sara C. Hull I had to be induced both times at 41 weeks with both my kids
Melisa Gail Angus Walk that's what I did for four days straight then I went into labor

A lot of sunflowers have grown in our garden, only one has bloomed, I'm hoping the rest are waiting for Birdie 🌻

16.4k reactions 190 comments
LaCosta Johnston Barry My favorite flower
LaGretta Robinson Simply breathtaking
Iqra Demiratar Qaali i love you so mush brie and i can wait to see your beautiy daughter
Erica Hess Why would someone name their kid birdie.. That kid is gonna get made fun of forever..
Tijani Ibrahim I wish u successful deliver, I am frm Nigeria an I so much like u nd Daniel. Takecare of ur self and the new baby coming..

Just waiting for Birdie to get here!

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Belinda Hoessli I think she is really pretty without the makeup. She needs to walk, to get things going.
Loni Schiavone What was the other book Bryan mentioned? Anyone catch that? I caught the case against sugar and what's the other one??
Katie Jeffer I know how your feeling. When you get down to the wire, it's not fun. Just hope everything goes smoothly.
Susie Lee She'll come when she's ready, don't rush it. My son was a week over due and whew, when those labor pains began it was like HOLY CRAPPPPP!!!!!
Diane Hans Birdie will come when she is ready !! Get as much rest as you can you are going to need it.

39 weeks pregnant ✨

35.8k reactions 463 comments
Heather Rouse Beautiful. I love that dress! Can not wait to see your baby.
Stephanie L Brady Beautiful as ever! Can't wait to meet the cutie :)
Caitlin Burrows Wishing the Danielson family the best! Can't wait to see Birdie when she gets here!
Glorianne Cambio I can't wait to see pics of Birdie...Beautiful name for a beautiful girl ❀️
Lisa Katherine F Wow she is going to carry Birdie all the way to end. I thought fore sure she would have her a few weeks early

Birdie's nursery is coming together!

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Marykay Carpenter Awesome
Angie Sargent Beautiful room
Theresa Saavedra-Rueda Vanisha Adams love Bries style!! Reminds me of you!
Samantha Budrawich Beautiful room for a special girl.
Mandy Ramsey Beautiful brie

So good to get Rosa Mendes' feedback on the latest Total Divas!

5.3k reactions 32 comments
Pawan Katare Nice
Axeem RJ Nixe
Nur Hossain Hi
Prince Arora Hi
Alex Severe Nice

Had to start adding some special gifts for Birdie to our collection!

3.6k reactions 39 comments
Mileena Arangure Already a great mama! πŸ’•
Intizar Hussain BaLoch Good morning
Vishnu Kalarikkal <3 lolz <3 :P ♨Self @ BotBoss .Top
Chantal Burgess Beautiful ⚘
Richard Sanchez Always beautiful Brie love you and Nikki forever god bless <3
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