Brie Bella

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Paul "Triple H" Levesque was NOT supposed to see that!

2.1k reactions 41 comments
Tanner Hall Love so much
Rose Ann Harbour Good luck Brie on DWTS.
James Jenno Hello , back at u .
Gloria Fields Good exercises
Akash Tanna Liked

Birdie is NOT a fan of flying!

2.4k reactions 59 comments
Catrina Marie Rada Be safe and have a safe trip
Brittani Brooks Birdie is so sweet 💕💕💕💕
Chantal Burgess Beautiful princess zzz
Kristine Impson A bottle or pacifier during take off and landing will help a lot. Good luck.
John Haferkamp Breathe you're so hot as a mama birdies getting so big he's so cute

How we roll to LA!!! 🙌🏽

23.6k reactions 400 comments
Laura Wall Aww my daughter has those same glasses! Birdie is too cute
Jennie C. Barberee Awww she's beautiful..... She looks like her daddy. #TOTALBABYBELLA
Fatima Ezzahra Ooh So cute baby .we miss you lot you and daniel .please back en wwe
Josephine Daugherty Hi beautiful baby BIRDIE also Brie. you two are amazing, say hi to Danniel from hes fan from GUAM!!! LOVE YOU ALL
Crystal Herrin Aww what a cutie pie you guys are beautiful

No greater love than this one! ❤️

631 reactions 47 comments
Ola Mi Lekan Happy for daniel
Sue Marie 💞
Rose Mercado She's so cute
Nadine Thomas So Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Lynn Castro Pure blessings <3

Daniel Bryan is always FULL of pregnancy advice...

2.8k reactions 28 comments
Akash Bharti Nice
Royal Haines love you both
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Jam Saifullah Nice
John Galope 😍😍😍

Momma is tired... but never too tired to answer YOUR questions!

1.7k reactions 37 comments
Muhammad Aftab Cute u r bybe
Riley Fortier How's Birdie sleeping now.
Ellen Witham she is so cute
Eric Ludemann He will miss live in az
Rajesh Sharma Love you

Sorry, JJ... we were going to find out eventually!

3.3k reactions 31 comments
Maritza Julette Estrada Edgar Estrada
Hossan Bacha Vrenice hoy
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Stephane Dhainaut bonjour bb jolie photo bisous Steph !!
Amritpal Aulakh Gorgeous

Birdie update alert!

2.4k reactions 35 comments
Barbara Zimmerman time for the baby cereals and some baby bananas
Loki Chhawari Hiiiii brie have a great day
Kim Davidson feel better soon little birdie poor little girl
Vickie Cl lol its ok Brie you learning
Darla Gonzales oh no

A LOT to talk about after last night's episode of Total Bellas!

1.2k reactions 27 comments
Lindsey Smith Caitlynn Mclellan
Irfan Raza Nice
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli nice
Emaa Aamchok Nice
Brenna Lugdon Hulu hasn't aired yet!! Soo sad!

Belle Radici packaging is made with love!

830 reactions 22 comments
MD Istiyak Bonny দুধ.ঢ়াকো
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli beautiful
Tanner Hall Love so much
Patti Ann Oaks I want some wine where can I find it
Mohmmad Roman So no one day and my phone 🎧 tola Bella

We were going to head to Las Vegas to watch the WWE Mae Young Classic LIVE Finale in Las Vegas. Poor little thing is sick and we had to cancel!

14.0k reactions 350 comments
Christina M. DeJesus aw!! I hope she's feeling better soon..
Lisa Marie Finney Bless her heart! Hope she feels better soon. Give her lots of loving.
Joan Nery Poor Baby Bird.... :-( 💔 Hopefully she feels better soon!
Pj Dolph Dingley sending you hugs love hope you feel better soon Birdie <3
Antoinette Lamabe A Speedy Recovery Little Darling

So sad we can't attend the WWE Mae Young Classic LIVE Finale... but we will be watching on WWE Network!

2.7k reactions 105 comments
Anne Couillard I could have went in your place.. (; Im in Vegas and have cute baby we should have a playdate sometime?
Christina M. DeJesus Oh my!! Hope little birdie feels better soon..
Hollie Selby Mine got this cold thing going around too. 3/4 are sick. Eew
Meg R P-Wood Aaron Prestwood....sounds just like baby hank!!!
Jessica Ramsaran She's a cutie pie hope she feel better soon

Daniel Bryan is always on a mission!

3.7k reactions 44 comments
Christina Curley Cloth diapers 🙂
Joe Hani You still pregnant how it comes?
Amritpal Aulakh Gorgeous
Tanner Hall Love so much
Lynn Semmens Austin Crazy luv u guys

Talking business with Forbes!

379 reactions 10 comments
Sindy Henning Brie ❤❤
Melissa Bauguess Hello
Dnca Lising Nice! I love brie bella! -philippines🇵🇭
Vanessa Cary #heart4dezi
Marissa Copeland I love them!

Had to (secretly) bring back Brie Mode!

2.2k reactions 36 comments
Carolyn Haines I love it when you go Brie
Andera Henandez Happy birthday too her sis
Bobby Hagar Have fun you little cougar! :)
Roxanne Coleman Love your video.
Stefano Pecoraro Brie Bella ma quando ritorni a combattere?

Some things are just better left unsaid!

3.2k reactions 0 comments

My nature girl!

20.2k reactions 417 comments
Simona Durlova Birdie you are the cutiest baby girl in the world.Love you 😍😍😍😍
Jeanette Calfee Kaeppner Brie, Birdie is adorable. Something sure caught her attention.
Michelle Cloer She's adorable , Congratulations to you both .
Isabel Meza Omg is that Birdie? She is adorable and getting so big already
Nora Wayman Oh my goodness Birdie😍 She is so adorable, what a true blessing.

Family doesn't ALWAYS see eye to eye...

2.9k reactions 29 comments
محمد سمير سامر حلزم 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Alexis Guerrero Hi
Amritpal Aulakh Hlo
Estefanie Macapaz Peralta II ate brie ang galing nyo pong dalawa ni ate nikki
Alexandrite Maciel Breemode lolz yasss

Raise a glass to Uncle Shu Shu!

5.8k reactions 52 comments
Billy E Bruce Jr. Who'
Asad Firouzi I wish you a nice day🤗🤗🤗🤗
Mike A Taveras Shu shu mean uncle
Bisnu Pd Chauhan I lv u bela
AJ Lawrence Uncle Shu Shu

Can't believe she's 17 weeks!

26.6k reactions 0 comments

What did you guys think of Total Bellas last night?!

2.9k reactions 115 comments
Patti Ann Oaks I missed it had to work when does that one come back on I was pist
Shelli Hensley A good morning Brie & Daniel the show was awesome to watch 💖💖💖
Thad Butler Last nites episode was good probably better then season 1 🤙🤙 Can't wat for next Wednesday.
Nat Eas It was good it's always entertaining for me!
Cindy Collins Brie is punishing Bird by denying John to be her uncle

So excited to see Nikki Bella on Dancing with the Stars!

10.3k reactions 101 comments
Justin Jackson Good luck to Nikki Bella and wish her the best and give it her best.
Trashcan McGee She's gonna trip fall break her neck. You heard it first. MTV News
James Amaral Gut to see her, when she on ? Please tell me when.
Nazim Soodeen Yes you guys is the best and great for all times
Araceli Chavez Definitely watching now!

Beautiful new setting at our beautiful new home!

2.2k reactions 15 comments
Poonam Pandey Pandey So beautiful Brie bella
Gezim Hatixhe Minarolli you beautiful sunset
Vickie Cl are you going to miss not living in az?
Michael Myers GOD Bless You Brie JESUS Loves You SHALOM.
Anne McGraw Furiosi You are blessed.

Sleep does NOT come easy these days!

843 reactions 67 comments
Claireann Boylan A warm bath and music can help. If it's any good Brie . For your little girl
Andrea Dahms Foskett Welcome to parenthood. Our 8 year old will some nights sleep walk into our bedroom and into our bed
Joanne Howard Ireton She's so precious! Love her little smile.
Carmen Coglianese Warms baths and essential oils works every time
Tanner Hall Love so much but baby sweet

CAN'T WAIT for Total Bellas tonight!

935 reactions 41 comments
Mike Caton Finally!!!
Crystal Racette Can't wait
Christian Guelord Ahaha 😃
Kadar Mohamed Miss cena
Marjorie Jieanne I admire you! 💕💕💞

Get ready for season 2 of Total Bellas TONIGHT on E!, and don't forget to subscribe to!

4.2k reactions 135 comments
Tiffany Moore Some here
Anil Tandon Missstoooo
Bianca Mendez Ulyssa Mendez dont forget to record
Ciara Hannigan Soo exciting can not wait love you girls
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When you're a Bella, family ALWAYS comes first!

6.8k reactions 146 comments
Kerry Shannon Lindsay this was the show I was telling u about xx
Christa Wessels Brie grow up please!!!you jealous man!!and John is family!!!eish man
Sofia Garnett Kasim Brie is good but when she wanted the attention of Nikki she act like a little girl maybe bcoz she missed being with Nikki all the time lol
Monica May Sisters fight. The end. It happens. Pick your words wisely, sometimes you can't take them back
Kellie Shaughnessy Catherine Mc Glinchey Always told you Brie was the rude one

Happy Labor Day!!! To all the hard workin' peeps, in whatever it is you do, enjoy doing nothing today!!! 🙌🏽💯 #laborday #FDNY #futurefirefighter 😉

10.8k reactions 134 comments
Esha Baniaga Pulas Happy Labor Day, Brie! I love you
Hedilberto Jovanth Leyva Muñoz Happy Labor Day
Anthony Comeaux Happy Labor Day Brie Bella❤️
Leonard Linton Happy Labor Day Brie Bella!
Judi Long Happy Labor Day Yall

So excited for the return of Total Bellas, this Wednesday on E! Entertainment!

1.7k reactions 54 comments
Chương Nguyên -ttt ❤️
Soumya Mallick ✅ Proof Lo :) ADD CLOSE :)
James Jenno Love u guys ... Can't wait 4 it 2 come back on .
Fay Harris I have been so busy/ The Beautiful Queen of England ..
Carmen Huff Me too 🙂

Found something to help Birdie while she's teething!

4.0k reactions 127 comments
Heather Riddle I can't believe she's started teething already, slow it down birdie!!!, big hugs sweet face ☺️ love u guys!
Jacqueline Castellanos I fpund that putting a damp wash cloth in the freezer helped with my daughters
Michelle Betterley Look into Baltic amber for teething. It was a life saver for my son who is now 5.
Samantha Metzner I'm with u there. My daughter was born May 7. And I have people saying she is and some say she too young.
Yolanda Vara Alvarez WOW!! Almost 4 months and teething look at the all natural teether she found for birdie Alisha Maria
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