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What. A. Night. Record breaking attendance for #JUMANJI. Thank you for the love PARIS! Au revoir...

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Mariuxi Miranda Benavides Amazing The Rock... kiss from Ecuador.. I love you..
Djt Kauhi You are such an awesome braddah!!! Mahalo nui for all you do 🤙🏽
Sims Desi U needa break from ur lil buddy Kevin. love ya big guy <3
Claudia Regina Pereira Para que estamos aqui na terra mesmo Gigante??? Pra fazer as pessoas FELIZES... Gigante, os Atores, e toda sua equipe... ESSE é o SUCESSO 👊 Simples assim❤ Que Deus ZELE por todos VCS, em uma só ENERGIA... á do BEM 👏👏👏💋💋💋
Leonor Pocasangre Can't wait to see this movie,!!😍

INSANE. Officially set a record! Over 3,000 people and the largest attendance ever in one movie theater for #JUMANJI. THANK YOU to #TheREX Theater, Team Sony and everyone who worked so hard making this night so unforgettable and most importantly, THANK YOU FANS of France for this electric love. Thank ya for loving our movie and I’ll see you down the road. And why am I laughing like an evil Bond villain at the end of this vid? 😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ #EuroPressTour #France #JUMANJI

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Maureen Marcheschi How do you stay focused with all that flashing? I would be blinded
Vickie Wade Going this Friday with my hubby and 4 daughters at an early screening here in Tucson AZ!
Juh Ribeiro Josi Claudia homão da [email protected]$# ia precisar de uma cadeira de rodas ! As branquelas 😂
Jules Spinolio Yer kind of being a jerk lately. Please get centered and cut that out.

When I have that deep loud belly laugh, that’s when you know I’m genuinely having the BEST TIME. Kicked off the #Jumanji tour in style 🥃 with my gentlemen Kevin Hart Nick Jonas. THANK YOU PARIS for the love. #EuroPressTour #WelcomeToTheJungle #JUMANJI

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Viviana Martins Você Dwayne❤ e Kevin Hart são terríveis😂😂
Monica Monica Soooo cute!!! Come to PA and find me LMAOOOOOO Dwayne The Rock Johnson Make my Christmas hell my life lol
Sarah Smith Legge Daniel Smith if baby isn't here we going !!!
Iria Lucas Merci Mr Dwayne ❤️😘
Richard Sessions Do you know you are #14? https://mybestfriendslist.com/our-story/

For our #JUMANJI European press tour I’m trying very hard to be civil Kevin Hart. But he crossed the line and tried to get physical with me. But what he doesn’t understand is that I’m not a “call the cops” kinda guy. If he pulls this shit again, I’m gonna knock his baby lungs loose and beat his little ass like a Cherokee drum 🥁. #CityOfLove #BrotherlyLove #JUMANJI

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Deepanshu Singh Grover Hey Rock, you know there's a place which has millions of your fans, but you haven't visited that place for promotion. Hope Jumanji does great and can't wait to see it!
Arianna Weaver Dwayne The Rock Johnson we would be so excited to see y'all if you came to ramstein!♡ only 4 hours away! Me and husband were debating on driving up to see y'all but we can't miss work tomorrow airforce would kill us😂
Rose Garnham Love watching both of you ! you guys are awesome and funny ! and tell Kevin my mother would of put soap in his mouth with all the swearing he does ! just kidding ! God rest her soul RIP momma ! keep up the wonderful entertainment for all of us !❤️😘❤️😘
Leabelle Izzy Reid Whatever... i would more appreciate it if you doesn't fight constantly against this guy... 😬😧😡 can you make a fun video without Kevin Heart in the background for stop constantly say "f*ck" at every thing??? Please?
Ayke Prangers Dobbe Is the Jumanji European Tour also come to the Netherlands?? When..?? I have a 11 year old boy who really wants to meet you....

SURPRISE you’re seeing #JUMANJI THIS FRIDAY! In an unprecedented (and very cool) event, we partnered with Amazon to offer ALL AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS to be the first to see #JUMANJI THIS FRIDAY, December 8th in 1,000 theaters across the country. It’s a big never been done before event for the fans. *click the link in the comments or visit amazon.com/jumanji to get your tickets now. Enjoy the movie.. 🤙🏾 #JUMANJI

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Cathy Foster Hoover I so want him under my Christmas tree please Santa🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Miranda Mayo Have Amazon Prime 🤦🏻‍♀️ not in the US lol oh well
Scotty Dubo Ingy lets go.... this time we'll go to cinema near your house🙄
Rob Cummins Debbie Cummins get me tickets for randolph and I’ll pay you back friday
Efren Lozano Redo the twins movie with Kevin hart

Hey when we’re on LIVE TV for all of France to see and the wonderful host pulls out my Sexiest Man Alive cover and Kevin Hart and Nick Jonas get all jelly boo boo faced.. well it’s time for Uncle DJ to pull out his phone and make the magic happen. Love U back France! We had fun. #LiveTV #ItsJustTheTequilaTalkin #EuroPressTour #JUMANJI

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Dav Idus Beatriz Romucho Santa Maria jaja mira ayer durante la entrevista en quotidien de Francia :)
Patti Mike Marceaux Oh Lord trouble in France with these great clowns, hide the Tequila LOL
Lorriane Travers dwayne johnson is the sexiest man alive
Amber Turley Je t'aime l'homme le plus sexy vivant et kevin Hart vous êtes de grands acteurs
Veronica Morua Ur a sexy man alive crazy to happy holidays yes Kevin Hart is bs

Pero go f*ck yourself Kevin Hart. About to go LIVE on French TV for one of France’s most popular shows... a show that was nice enough to have a big bottle of fine tequila waiting in our dressing room. We may have had a shot or four. Either way, Kevin is a real asshole when he drinks and I speak (and kiss) French exceptionally well. #EuropeanPressTour #France #JUMANJI

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Michael G. Lawrence Is Kevin Heart waking up at 4am and hitting the Gym with you...he is getting “Rock” fit. If only he was 6’5”.
Scott Parmesan Rock is trying really really really really hard to remind everyone he loves tequila and would like a sponsorship. I see you Rock. I see you.
Shruti Gupta And that’s how the bro love between Dwayne and Kevin grows, Dwayne just can’t let Kevin do his snap, poor Kevin 😜🤣🤣
Jota No Le Importa Reading most of the comments on here make me cringe, SERIOUSLY! Most of you are really corny and lame. Ya do know he doesn't respond ANYONE on here or likes ANYONES comments, you all are just wasting your time thinking he does.
Marie Mendoza I just love your laughter . Again my grandson 6feet 318 . Could use your help 🙏🤪🤗 no pressure. I love that your real . Cabron With the F word . Lol

3 singing maniacs who’s starting a Guns N Roses cover band. Myself, Jack Black Kevin Hart When our journalist friend from Latin America asks us to sing our #JUMANJI theme song, “Welcome to the Jungle” we kindly oblige. Then in the end he wants to continue the song which then for some inexplicable reason we feel he crossed the line and we shut that shit down. 😂 💀 Too much fun. #PressJunket #HAWAII #JUMANJI #WelcomeToTheJungle CHRISTMAS 🎅🏾🎄

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Teresa Irene Rodriguez So funny I love it tequila 🥂🥂🥂🥂talking language .great view 🌸🌺
Dorota Cegielska For sure it will be top one at the official charts list hahaha not so bad guys :)
Charlene Carter Love it. Jack is actually pretty good singer though. Looked fun🤣🤣🤣
Sophie Chamberlain Jamie Aaron how awesome is jack black !!!!!
Robert Kellom Kevin Hart looks out of his element. Searching for words. 😂😂😂😂😂

As Kevin Hart tapes his #JUMANJI greetings for CHINA 🇨🇳 and is trying so hard to earnestly say his lines properly (we even had our Chinese language consultant on hand to coach Kev thru it). I think it’s a perfect time to take out my phone, throw shade and call him a “f*cking a**hole” at the end... all of which brings me great joy. Too much fun with my brother Kev on our press junket in Hawaii. #JUMANJI In theaters this CHRISTMAS 🎄🎅🏾

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Fiona Jordan Can't wait to watch it awesome my friend thank you 😇😇
Muhamet Fitore Aliu Poor lil kevin take it Easy on him big man😂🤙🏻
Jay Donovan Dwayne doing again always pick on little hart lol 😂
Phil Wenger Just saw Moana it’s really good! Looking forward to the new Jumanji too! #StayBlessed
Keylais Melissa Cross Just a heads up, every time I like and or comment on your post, a fake Dwayne Johnson messages me. I'm sure I'm not the only fan going through this. Your other celebrity friends are getting victimized, also.

Amazing results to wake up to! Our new Seven Bucks Productions podcast #WhatReallyHappened w/ our talented partner Andrew Jenks is in the TOP 5 MOST DOWNLOADED PODCASTS on iTunes! Critical buzz is great, but knowing that you guys - the fans - love it...that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for enjoying it! Check it out in the comments below.

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Jose Luis Moya Bla,bla,bla.......P..K
Anant Shrivastava NICE.
George Benia The Rock Tattoo Template Vector - https://www.tattoo-wizards.com/the-rock-tattoo-template.html
Lucy Gracia wow wow wow.
Andrea Anderson you were sleeping

When a girl in the crowd shouts, “Where’s the tequila?”... that’s when you know it’s gonna be a GREAT NIGHT. Thank you #JointBasePearHarborHickam for an amazing night and from deep in my bones, to all US Military men and women - thank you for all you do for me, my family and all Americans of our great country. #MilitaryScreening #HAWAII #TequilaTime #JUMANJI 🥃🤙🏾

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Nikita Marlow Lol... yep, you promised to bring it... they remembered but you drunk it all... 😂😂😂 love it 🙌🙌🙌
Oliver Paul Christiansen Martin Nielsen En af verdens allerbedste skuespillere og personligheder - så ydmyg trods hans storhed og succes!
Mary Lou Yeomans You’re amazing! Love you! You have a gift , thank you for sharing with us.
June Jordan I want to try Tequila lollipops. I remember you mentioned that a while back. I wish I was there.
Heloise Philson Tasha we should have been there! And it would have been so hard to hold you back! 😂

The mana and aloha spirit in this theater tonight was strong. Mahalo for the beautiful leis ladies and sorry I wasn’t able to get to everyone who wanted to present leis to me. Good to be home and always grateful for the love. #MilitaryScreening #HAWAII #JointBasePearHarborHickam #JUMANJI ❤️🌺🤙🏾

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Kena Sunshine Literally was the second like and almost the first comment..😂😂😂 have fun at home.
Subhradeep Ghosh Your are really the people’s champ ❣️
Rossana Salzano Stay humble and never forget your fans everywhere
Robeatson Robeatson Happy Crishtmas to You.....People Camp......
Swapnil Patil Always appreciated to be in my inspiration all the time Is only you n you Dwayne 👍❤

😂 Our #JUMANJI chemistry is like all three of us having multiple personality disorders. Me and Kevin Hart going at it again, only this time with this added magic sauce of Jack Black. Jack is my new best friend. 🖕🏾off Hart. Love these jokers. This press junket is already an all timer in terms of fun. #JUMANJI #PressJunket #HAWAII 🤙🏾

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Jeremy Gagnon I can't think of a better trio. I am sure the movie and behind the scenes were a blast. I hope you guys can do more together. You guys look like you are having a blast.
Kelly Carter Looking forward to it. Three of my favorite guys in one movie. It looks like it was a blast all the way around, making and promoting. :)
Angie Almogela Hi Mr. DJ, Mr. Kevin and Mr. Jack Black you guys did an amazing job!!! I am pretty much sure it will be a huge success 😍😘❤💋 xoxo from Manila City, Philippines
Jennifer Reaume Wilson Wow! My son ( who is 9) loves you. I also know that social media is not allowed for people under 13! If you people have a problem maybe you should be better parents!
Leonor Pocasangre You guys are down to earth live you both, Jumanji is going to be so good, can't wait to see it!!! "You Rock"😍😍❤❤😚😚

After approximately 30 hours of tattooing (4 sessions) with my good bud and iconic artist Nikko Hurtado, the story of my skull is complete. Flow of positive energy is constant thru the breathe of life. Horns always positioned forward. Not up, but forward - representing forward progress and always at the ready to dig in and dig deep. Eye is the mana - the spirit and the power. It’s everything. It’s where I draw my strength from all things I love and protect. As with my Polynesian tattoo on the left side of body, the symbolic mana lays over my heart. We all have mana. Our strength. You just have to find it. #BullDNA #Energy #Progress #Mana

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Robbie Lewis Looks dope, But I can't believe you covered the Brahma Bull up Dwayne The Rock Johnson, I had a shirt in JR.High with it on it, Heck I always got them fake tattoo's of it, You have ruined my childhood, LMAO
Sean Morrison This looks awesome. If you don't like it, I am sure that Dwayne The Rock Johnson has a room for you at the SMACKDOWN HOTEL! Just look him in the eyes and tell him to his face...
Ivan Lopez Okay I know there is a lot of con against this tattoo but hear me out on this. After reading what Dwayne said about the tattoo and it's meaning behind it I feel that it's starting to grow on me. I mean look at the old bull it's right there and not ...
Richard Buxton I think it looks sick mate, great detail, and the main thing is if it makes you happy do it..I've personally never had a tattoo but I think I'm going to get one, one day just need to be sure about it..Needs to be me...
Donna Wilder ok, its not my style but its cool. it all depends on what you believe it means, no one else. wonder if it will be hard to cover up for any movie roles you will have in the future that need the arm exposed. I gotta say the artist is excellent. I ...

Somewhere over the rainbowwww... welcoming all our press friends to our #JUMANJI global press junket. You guys know me and know that the last thing I ever want to produce is a boring junket, so we have a lot of cool, fun things planned for you guys. And if “magical” things should somehow happen to you while you’re here in Hawaii like, driving directly thru a rainbow, meeting the love of your life or getting so drunk like you’re back in college, only to miraculously wake up and feel amazing the next morning.... well, you have me to thank for that, because I’ve spoken to the Gods and wished that upon you. Including the bird shit on your shoulder. You’re welcome. Welcome to Hawaii, let’s have a blast this week and enjoy the movie tonight. #JumanjiPressJunket #HAWAII #SONY #JUMANJI 🤙🏾🌺

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Dee Lugo Roberts Momma's smiles is priceless and you have it, much h Love and Blessings, CONGRADULATIONS, on another wonderful successful part of your hard earned work and sacrifices, Blessings and so much more, Truely Truely blessed💗💗💗💝💝🎉🎉🎉🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗
Sabine Schmiedinger Dear Mr. Johnson! I just want to ask you: do you want to marry? Perhaps in Hawaii🙃? I am looking forward....😊 sincerely yours😚 Naja...bei dem Star-Rummel und meinen 160cm und Normalo-Look, wird das wohl nix....😅Translation: Well, just kidding, I am ...
Verna Mason It's so good to see you so happy...❤💕blessed be! Does magic still exist there? What a wonderful thing✨...seems it doesn't exist here where I live anymore...
Pequena Lulu Somewhere over the rainbow is my classic favorite my son was in band n practiced his instruments to this song bcz i love it n i really thought u were going to sing it silly bcz u are my favorite 😄💜😎
Christine Campbell Very excited to see Jumanji 😍 December can’t get here fast enough!!! Wonderful Hawaii with one heck of a wonderful Guy!!! Who wouldn’t have a blast😄!! Stay clear of the birds!!

Good post Thanksgiving work this morning before my flight. Cranked ‘em out in the heat. Putting my new black and yellow Project Rock Under Armour #RockDelta PROTOTYPES to the test for the next few months before we put them on the market in February. These will be the very last line of #RockDeltas made before we go back in the lab and create a brand new shoe, engineered 100% from scratch. The #RockDeltas are a huge global success (thanks to YOU) but as with everything we want to evolve and grow and continue to be the world wide leader when it comes the best training gear and shoes on the market. Crank the heat. Let’s get back to work and beating these things up. #ProjectRock #RockDeltas 🦃💪🏾

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Jordan B Waugh Guy u have to mix it up ur using ur stomach & lower back do less weight train ur obleaks as well there ur only doing.25 weight deltoids and traps not very effective
Edina Khan Clothing are rubbish bought new hoodie and after used twice it shows bubbles of fuzz and pills everywhere
Dale Cheek Say Dwayne,it looks like u r holding a little water....LOL By the way , arch your back a tad more .......🤣
Carl Chappell We need more rock deltas Dwayne there's just not enough to go around in the world never mind new versions
Cameron Shelley That is THE dumbest pair of shoes I have ever seen , Ronald Mcdonald would cringe 😂, your still the man Dwayne , just need some new shoes 😳

Today, I’m thankful that this awesome lil’ 5yr old boy, Ty was my special Make A Wish guest on our #SkyscraperMovie set and I was completely dissed and ignored 🤚🏾😂❤️. Ty’s Wish was to meet the one, the only, demigod himself.. MAUI from Moana. So we plan this big trip and meeting. Ty and his beautiful little sister Tia come to set along with his lovely mom and aunty. Ty is SO EXCITED to FINALLY meet his hero, MAUI. He won’t stop talking, playing and singing his favorite Maui song, You’re Welcome. I put on the MAUI wig, strut in and start singing You’re Welcome. Well, as you see here I walk in, start the song and lil’ Ty takes two long looks at me and decides he’s gonna treat me like I’ve been stealing his lunch for the last 87 days with the Clint Eastwood glare that says, “If I were 20yrs older and five feet taller I’d get up outta this chair and knock that goofy wig off your head punk”. Best moment ever. Always happens like this, even though Ty remained in shock and didn’t say a word the whole time, the moment I walked away to go back to work, little Ty was SO EXCITED and would NOT STOP TALKING about how he met his best friend MAUI. I’m also pretty sure he even said how Maui was waaaaayyy better looking and talented in person. Hey if Ty’s happy, then Maui’s happy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone to you and your families. Enjoy your day! As always, for me stuff like this will always be the best part of fame. Icy high five disses and all. I need a better wig. DJ

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Parfait Akumbom I wish Moana could be a series I love it so much especially the chicken heyhey that chicken is amazing.
Ladyshay Ladyshay My kid would be the same, knows all the songs and lyrics, but would be star struck too, much love rock, your awesome..
Andrew Beaton It's hard to be happy on the outside when your dying on the in.. I think it's great what your doing I wish everyone long life.
Poppy Ponce The kids are looking like... Who's this guy 😂😂😂. Awesome for you to take time out your day to do this for the kids
Liz Martin Lol, it's always funny to see the three or so "Dwayne"s that answer here in the comments....haha...oh man, some people!😂😂😂

#1 To the #HardestWorkersInTheRoom around the 🌍... THANK YOU. Stay strong. Train hard. Under Armour #ProjectRock #USDNA #DwantaDelivery undrarmr.co/2aDxhdV

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Seth Seth not only the Mauna tattoo on the arm is noticeable. The Rock really got into the spirit and took care of the gym. Rock your the man! the greatest entertainer.
Tei Ryu btw, happy thanksgivin D.J!🤙🏼 always feel free to come back home in Hawai'i!🤙🏼 Hawai'i is always home for u! 🤙🏼always remember ur line from Hawai'i bro! love u always my chief 🤙🏼
Luciano Goncalves You are a very wonderful brother love to meet you one day good bless you and all your friends and family for many years to come
James Sohn Dwayne Johnson when are they going have the 3xl in stock. I'm sure your not in a small or medium size Hoodie you talk about.
Leabelle Izzy Reid What is going on with your voice Dwaye? Are you getting a cold sore? 😮 hope you'll get better soon! 💓😘 Take care of yourself, blessing and happy Thanksgiving ☺😍😘💝

Horns meet bone, progress meets pain. My tattoo’s mana (power & spirit) acts as endorphins which interact with the opiate receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain. My tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado thinks I need therapy. Pain is my therapy. #BlackAnchorTattooStudio #Mana #BullDNA 💀✊🏾

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Graciele Trombini Kaminski I love tatoos but i dont have any...it would have to be a very deep meaning to make me do it. You Dwayne, its an exelent actor and comediant and restler, i really love to see you on Tv. I dont know if you come from aboriginal family but you have great ...
Randall Roberson I'm having a dragon on my left arm redone. Fell asleep so far. Pain is in your head. It's a means for you body to let your brain know something is wrong. But if your brain already knows it won't die or be seriously hurt, then no reason for pain. I love ...
Denise Dombowski Nadine Scharte so eine scheiße, das ist der Tättowierer, von dem ich dieses Katzenportrait so geil finde, und jetzt wird der immer famouser und ich kanns mir abschminken ein tattoo von ihm zu bekommen 😩
Ella Black Love your honesty and humor, I can relate,I've had many piercings and have even pierced myself from a young age,it's not that I get off on the pain?it's just part of the process,it's not a pain that affects me negatively,Rock on Dwayne,keep on being ...
Anthony Samson Rico Yeah. I agree. Have it remove bro. It sends a somewhat wrong statement/image. For some even demonic. Just saying though. Lets start a petition for it to be removed by the big guy ;)

#1 trending movie trailer in the world. That’s cool, but now you’ve really pissed off the gigantic albino gorilla, the 30ft mutated wolf and the what the f*ck is that angry, mutated crocodile that’s bigger than an entire football stadium. Thanks everyone for diggin’ the trailer. Ohhhh... the fun you’re gonna have. #RAMPAGEMovie 🦍🐺🐊 4/20/18

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Bryan Blackburn You've also pissed off a lot of 80's kids who grew up playing the video game lol
Samantha Smith Candi we love games. We love dwayne. We love each other. So let's go. Lmao
Fran Scardino Cannot wait for the movie!!!!!
Teacy Shelly Trailer Made! 💯They should all that money! Cannot beat my idea though that snoop tried tosteal in GOLD! 👀💯👂I can smell the haters miles away! Nice Chopper. Hope a bazooka don't hit it! That's your BUBBLE GUM KIDS! just in case you didn't know! And T is ...
Issa Lubuva l like acting, so my way is hard, pleas father i need you are help, so i need happ to my life, i need money, i nee big name, pleas please i nee your help, my name is Issa Lubuva, im from Tanzania, my number (+225712221333) Please in need your help

Moment we hugged I started getting choked up (manly tears of course:). Hard to even fathom what this mom Miracles for Marik (and so many parents who I meet) is going thru as her son, Marik is fighting the fight of his life. What a strong mama with a beautiful heart who’s beyond blessed with an incredible son who inspires all those around him - including me. When she said “Give your kids a hug and cherish every single moment”.. that one hit home, because it’s such a reminder to love and hug our loved as hard we can because we never know what tomorrow may bring. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

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Teacy Shelly Walk a Thon Time! I would but I have no money and no car nor a bus line! Yes life matters. But the job status pays the bills! You know I don't do Satan well. Play too many games....But I would have to Walk 4 1/2 hours to 5 to get to mine 1 way! Yaw ...
Andrew Schickowski You're working so much the Dwayne don't forget to smell the roses our kids grow up quick i know mine did
Michael Brown Rock your so manly your tears are probably motor oil!! All kidding aside, its FANTASTIC what you did for this young man
Timothy Akers Only if every celebrity was half the person you are
Floyd Calderon Rock, your a man with a big heart, God bless all your good dues brother. Keep on being a leader that you are.

The signed #RockDeltas are on their way. Thank you to the thousands who participated in our USDNA Veterans Day giveaway and sharing your inspiring heartfelt stories of the military men and women you have in your life. And THANK YOU to the boys and girls of our US Military past and present. I’m grateful to the bone. #ProjectRock #UnderArmour #RockDeltas #1 USDNA 👊🏾

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Honda Nancy 😊😊😊😉😉I don't understand all ...hehe...😁😁
Pedro Simões rock you have a horse on the street looking at you 😂
Donna Hudson Awe that's so sweet u rock!!!
Jennifer Burrus Unfortunately , I have to un friend one of a favorite And i will no longer promote Adios
Fiona Jordan Hi my friend my sister is in the Army Amen 😇😇

I’m loving every second of Miracles for Marik just looking at me, smiling and still not saying a word lol. I did get two chuckles when I said I would fire anyone who doesn’t take care of him and if he didn’t like my performance while I’m shooting just yell out, yo you suck! More to share w you guys later about this special visit. And some incredibly moving and emotional words his mama, Kelii told me. Words we could all use as we move along in this amazing yet tough and unpredictable thing called life. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

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Leslie Woods Thank You, Dwayne! You are the best! Marik loved it and for that, we (Marik's friends and fans) are eternally grateful. You are the Rock and you are the Man! Best ever! God Bless you!
Meryl Brandt Walder Thank you for giving back. So many stars I have reached out to to grant a child’s last wish have either never responded or said they were too busy. 🎗🎗❤️
Spence Mccavera Dwayne is a non stop warrior, whether its making great films, or beating the shazbut out of his WWE opponents, the best thing however is how much the guy gives back, he didn't have an easy time growing up himself... dude wears his heart on his sleeve, ...
Tina Lynn Thank you so much for making one of Marik' s dream come true! You are awesome! The world needs more people like you Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!
Jade Rade You are such an amazing man!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to meet Marik. He's an amazing kid. BTW...are you ever gonna run for president? Coooos you might have my vote!! <3<3

Aaaaaaaand The Rock invited me to meet him, but now that he’s in front of me, I will become totally shy, smile and not say a word 😂😂. This is my special guest Miracles for Marik and his lovely mama, Kelii. Marik has been placed on hospice care and fighting cancer like a real warrior and meeting me was on his bucket list. We flew him out to hang with me on set so we could spend some time together. I’ll share more with you guys about our visit later today. And the funny part about teens, children and adults too becoming super shy and silent, is that the moment I leave, THEN they start talking lol! What a day. What a kid. More to come.. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun

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Michelle Turner Dillon You have so much heart, compassion, kindness and love in your heart which makes me love you more and more every day.. God I ask you for your healing hands to touch this young man.. Amen
Teresa Jordan Garrett You have always been a favorite of mine and this makes me understand why even more. Been following this young man's journey for years. There is a special place in heaven for people like you
Lance Clifton That’s awesome. Such a great experience for Marik. And it was awesome that they had staffers taking pics and video so that Kelli could just be in the moment. Much respect.
Renée Frederick You are so down to earth, this kid is probably just screaming with joy inside! You probably just made his battle much easier by giving him hope and inspiration. You are the man, Dwayne. Keep blessing everyone with your presence. You are loved more than ...
Patti Mike Marceaux Awe what a great story, FIGHT MARIK FIGHT! Mr. Johnson maybe you are the medicine he needs! Such a great smile he has & you put it there. Again Thank You for all the kindness you give from the heart!

As a punk kid I️ dropped tons of quarters in this arcade game while hangin’ out in smokey pool halls, I️ had no business hangin’ out in. Today, George is my best friend & I️ proudly give you our new Rampage trailer. Enjoy.

335.8k reactions 37848 comments
William Cruz Awesome, sometime fiction moves, just set you up to what is not normal. These move director showing there stronger skill and imagination is a good prospect. Lighten up people and enjoy.
Chelsee Hawley Valle Dwayne The Rock Johnson, someone should just give you an honorary helicopter pilots license. You have clearly presented you are a skilled pilot! 😏
Joshua DeMello George, Ralph and Lizzie. My first favorite co-op game. I hope there is a scene where one of them reaches in and pulls a lady out of the bathtub and eats her!
Joshua Jung I'll admin when i heard they were doing a Rampage movie i was like "how the hell...." but after seeing this i don't know why i had so much doubt, anything that Dwayne The Rock Johnson touches is pretty much gold! Trailer definately sold me lets get ...
Phillip Denning Cody Allen Colby Williams Damon Puett it took me a full minute and a half to realize this is based off of that Rampage game we use to play as kids, where you had to break buildings and kick/throw/eat humans.

It’s a #BigMeetsBigger kinda week. Our new Rampage The Movie trailer drops this THURSDAY. My best friend in the movie is a BIG boy. Big as in a MASSIVE rare albino Silverback, named George. Here’s the challenge: post pics what’s BIG in your life. Could be you and a huge animal, a human pyramid with you at the top, you and 7ft Shaq etc. All you need is imagination, something big af and your phone. And a little tequila never hurts. I’ll highlight the TOP 5 this THURSDAY during my FIRST EVER INSTAGRAM LIVE before we launch our trailer. I’ll send the TOP 5 a bunch of free, new bad ass #ProjectRock gear. It’s @underarmour’s hottest selling collection of 2017 so get creative. Make sure you hashtag #BigMeetsBigger and #RampageMovie. Have fun. 🦍🥃🤙🏾

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Tom Sothcott Hmmm noticing a new t shirt I didn’t get here Amanda Sothcott 🤔 #Order3Needed
Anthony N Sarah I had to post in messenger, couldn't post in comments..
Olga Lacy OMG you are the energizer bunny cranking out one after the other. Love you!
Alvina Muniz Hello 👋 I’d like to be very smart to take your attention with one word.. Conquest your trust and friendship with two .. With three your LOVE ❤️... Hugs have a happy, beautiful and blessing DAY..
Laila Liedtke Great and respect for your work and life 👍

Walk of Pain. Shame. Whatevs. Huge THANK YOU for a massively successful #ProjectRock Under Armour USDNA Collection launch. Thrilled you love the gear around the world. Train hard. Stay strong #ProjectRock #RockDeltas

30.9k reactions 499 comments
Mark Thomas Each year in December the snowballexpress.org bring about 1200 GOLD Star family's to the dfw area for 4 days of fun. It would be great if you could stop by and say hi if only for 30 mins. The kids ages anywhere from about 4 to 17. Thank you and God ...
Teacy Shelly God is in the details of our lives, even the minute ones. He counts the number of hairs on our heads, knows our respective DNA as He designed each and every one, and makes us all live and breath and have our being (see Acts 17:28). He is very involved ...
Teacy Shelly History of the I. A. M. I can remember a Clover and a leaf! You are probably sleeping good! Outcasting? No "A " listers you are excited to mingle with for a chance under the mistle toe? Lol! No V.I.P / Shopping Sprees? Your gear fits you to a T. I'm ...
Jacob Morton DJ you are literally the most inspirational man that exists right now. How you do whatever it is you do I’ll never know but I spend every day trying to follow in those footsteps.
Travis Wood Love the new line! Too bad they already sold out of almost everything I wanted though. I don't think they were ready for all the love from the Rock's people!

As a man and as a father who would do anything to protect my babies and make them happy, these moments I share with other fathers are so powerful. Over the years when I meet kids who are “going thru the struggle” with battling forms of cancer or disease it often gets emotional when I meet them. But when I meet their parents, it’s a whole other level of emotion and gratitude. Every single time. This is a very strong man here who’s occupation requires a tough and steady “hold the line” demeanor (Daniel is a crisis negotiator), but brought to tears when it comes to how satisfying it is to simply make his daughter, Emily happy, who can be seen in the background breaking down when she sees her dad start to cry. Meetings like this get emotional, but man they’re beautiful. And to me, this’ll always be the best part of fame. Thank you Daniel for your kind words. We’ll keep doin’ it together. All of our babies deserve to be happy and smile. #MakeAWishDay #PapaBears

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Sharmistha Rai Don’t stop doing remarkably good job 👍🏻 otherwise even normal working people spend their money 💰 in drinking and enjoying their life. You enjoyed doing good job for others great 👍🏻
Divyarajsinh Ghelda He's right rock.. Even you don't have any idea that what have you done to our life.. When you stand in the wwe wring and a microphone in your hand.. Then your magic(ELECTRICITY) make my soul to scream.... ROCKY...ROCKY...ROCKY..ROCKY..
Alicia Johnson I can say u are u a Very careing person down through the yrs.the movies ive seen. U in you've always showed hart.thats why ill always be a fan of yours.for the kindness u show.
Irene Sorenson Great timing. Today is Fathers day in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. You do great things with important issues.( Go Canes)
Viviana Martins Fico emocionada😪 pelo carinho, dedicação e amor que você dedica as pessoas! És um homem magnífico, coração de bondade! Deus te conserve sempre assim! Te gosto muito Dwayne Johnson😘😘💖💖
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