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Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a big announcement - IT’S A GIRL! 🌺 Lauren Hashian Official and I are boundlessly grateful for this blessing as this spring we’ll welcome our second baby. Plus, Jazzy is excited to boss around and protect her lil’ sis. And once again, big daddy is completely surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana. All girls. Only dude. I wouldn’t have it any other way. #ItsAGirl #GratefulMan #TequilaTime 🌺🙏🏾🥃

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Mary T. Kepes-Warnicki Congratulations! What a cute announcement. Your Jasmine is gorgeous and those eyes... Good thing she has such a great dad those beaus will be petrified and know to treat her right.
Kerry Piazza Congrats Dwayne! Just think of all the boys who will be scared to do anything with them when they are older!!!!!! They will be scared of you!!! Hahaha😂 And I personally think having girls is much better than having all boys. I love my step sons but they ...
Lindsay Manchester Congratulations! I’m in a house of teenaged boys and my fiancé. Oh, and an old stanky Duke dog. I’m the only girl in a houseful of lifted toilet seats and dirty everything. If you ever need some extra testosterone to even things out over there, let me ...
Deborah L Hahs That is fantastic news! Your daughter is a gorgeous little girl and I'm sure she will be a wonderful big sister. So happy for your family.
Kimberly Elliott Congrats my friend. I can't tell you how much you inspire me. I've lost 100 pounds but I have another 150 left to go. I've started a weight loss group in my area and I'm trying to get through the plateau's thinking about how hard you work out. Nothing ...

Eagle has landed. BERLIN. Thank ya Germany for the cool Presidential style cavalcade #JUMANJI welcome. Great to be back. Let’s watch the movie, turn up the dial and have some fun. #EuroPressTour #Berlin #JUMANJI

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Patricia Bolam We are definitely going to see this movie. It looks like a very, entertaining movie and we need to see happy movies during the holidays.
Peggy Noonan He is officially my movie start BAE, It is okay if he doesnt know this. #wheremybaesat #mirandasings
Marian Gagliardi What a beautiful man, so classy, I don't only mean the body. There is more to a man then his beautiful body. Love you. 😎💋💋💗💗💪💪
Marilza Rodrigues I choose this machine in the middle! Beautiful, powerful, super machine, strong and going to drive me crazy!😍😍❤️❤️
Denise Postell What's up sexy? I swear you look good dressed up. Don't get me wrong you look sexy all the time to me. But in a suit HELL YEAH!!!! No distrespect to wifey....

Au revoir, Paris. Merci beaucoup for the love and I’ll see you down the road. #EuroPressTour #France #Jumanji

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Estela Aguilar N wearing my favorite color....sweet baby Jesus!
Rein Pace Can I have a hug? you're just excellent
Steve Tremblay Quebec est bien pour le français, you will love people here to ;)
Antoine Duprés Thanks Dwayne to come in France !!! Next time, come in TOULOUSE !!! 😉
Arunkumar Gowtham Dear Rock Sir You looking awesome.. We are waiting for Christmas, real Christmas is with JUMANJI😇😁

Enjoying the magnificent Eiffel Tower with my best friend Kevin Hart in Paris also known as the city of love. After this pic was taken I used the fence behind me like a cheese grater to Kevin’s stupid face. #EuropeanPressTour #France #BrotherlyLove #JUMANJI

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Teacy Shelly Kevin don’t want no smoke 😂😂😂 I believe the word is STATIC! But I didn't either..but there are no Turnip..Mustard..Collards or Kale round here! So I backslid on some ports ! From 18 👆💯
Lani Kai My big sister took me to Paris in 1988 when she was bodybuilding and I had a wonderful time then. Must try to make one last trip before I die cause it was awesome! Enjoy and do not kick Kevin's butt too badly!! Hahaha!
Joleene Sarah Ross I think you would be a good friend Dwayne The Rock Johnson! Love Paris, I hope I get to go there again some day ☺️
Domenica Ferro What a beautifull picture. Ive been there. Theres people that draw ur character in 10-15 minutes and people out on steps till early morning hrs. Enjoy ur stay. Nice to see u guys smile.
Eduardo Rosso THE ROCKKK, PLEASE HELP MEE!!! TOMORROW is the birthday of my friend Carlos Eduardo (aka Cajuru) and it would be AWEESOME if you send a message! THANK YOU anyway, everyone here loves you (especially him)

When the pinky ring is still on... well that means we have a few more fun 😈 things we’re gonna do tonight. Thank you to my friends at InStyle for the #ManOfStyle title. A good time and a very cool shoot. Enjoy the read and cap your year off with style. On newsstands now. (📷#carterbedloesmith) #InStyle #ManOfStyle #MyPinkyRingMeansManyThings

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Annabelle Assmama My oh my....Swoooooon!!!! Out of respect for my hubby & your lovely Lauren, I will stay within my limits here......you are one fine looking hunk o'man! And one beautifully humble soul! You rock this world & I will always love you, Uncle DJ....always! 💜💜
Heather Barber Mr. Johnson, I admire your acting skills and attitude in life. You look very dapper. And, might I add, extremely sexy. Especially, with that salt and pepper beard. God bless! Merry Christmas!
Andra Oga OMG, my favourite actor, I love all your movies, If someone did ask me, who is my favourite actor, you will be the first.Out of all the movies I've seen, my favourite is...The Rundown, I've watched it like a zillion times.
Mindy Midcap Wager Yep, you're still my fantasy husband. 🤤😳 So glad too see that you finally got your sleeves unbuttoned. ;)
Tanya Onza My daughter hates you. 😂 For her whole life I’ve told her that you were her real dad (she’s 11). No one is allowed to openly joke about it with her bc she cries every time. Haha digging the salt and pepper beard. Been a super fan since...”Can you ...

There ain’t no chilled lemon water, fancy spa towels, TV’s or mirrors on the walls waiting for you when you walk into my gym. Just the opportunity to eat dirt, pay your dues and see progress. Let’s get to work my friends. Rents due. #SundayLegDay #DirtDay #WestCoastIronParadise (📷queen mama Lauren Hashian Official)

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Brian Godsey Nice, wish there were more real gyms around instead of all these fitness facilities with their silly classes!
Sean McCullough Dwayne The Rock Johnson Can I come lift in your gym with you? It would be fun to pay the rent together ;) Although I'm not sure I'm a suitable spotter for you. Haha
Daniel Reid Within my gymnasiums I personally created I have got wide screening viewing in the backgrounds surroundings ~ Active way of ~ focus
Aaron Blackman I've tried, but gym just doesn't work for me. I gain weight way quicker than I lose it. Flipping impossible!😒
Charlene Weinhold Wish I had a friend like you to help me workout then maybe guys wouldn't take advantage of me cause they see how down I am on myself.. If I felt good about my body I wouldn't get hurt constantly

The music industry describes me as “a one of kind, stylistic crooner with honey coated gravel for a voice”. But they forgot to add that I also sing in keys that literally don’t exist and purposely off tempo.. all while sipping tequila for hours. 🎤🥃 So if I ever sing to you and it sounds like something your ears have never heard before, well treat it like jazz and just go with it. Made some “beautiful music” with InStyle. Grab your copy that hits newsstands next week! #HoneyCoatedGravel #OffTempo #WhoCaresJustSingItWithSoul #ManOfStyle (📷#carterbedloesmith)

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Lama Falyoun You must be a great actor and professional and I am very impressed with you and your representation ... Confident that you are professional in all the things you do .. I wish you success in all areas of your life ..❤
Russell Hoke Brotha, I offer Skype lessons when you are ready. Been working with pro singers in Chicago for years. Let’s work
Soila Reyna Woooooow...!!esas mañas no te las conocía ...si vinieras ami humilde casa te invitaria tequila.pulque natural ...y q bien que cantes ...nunca te he escuchado cantar...pero ahore que ya se te amo máaaaaas ...Dwayne The Rock...
Evangeline Ezemenaka I used to wonder if you might be able to sing so well bt after I heard you sing " you are welcome" in the movie MOANA, I felt you could jst go ahead and sing and that wd be cool. Its a free world after all
Kia Zong Kesiah One thing about being a fan is that anything goes as long as its from your idol so yep I'm in. As long as its the rock count me in. Just make sure I can get mine here in Africa

Don’t worry in time for you to see #JUMANJI, #DwantaClaus will fit perfectly in your chimney. Please have his tequila ready 🎅🏾🥃 Exclusive shot from my Entertainment Weekly cover shoot.・・・ Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ROCK! 🎅🏽👌🏽#DwayneJohnson is spreading holiday cheer as the star of our new cover, opening up about his past struggles, current triumphs, and future plans. 📷: @aspictures

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Viviana Martins Não tenho chaminés! Pode bater na porta! Já comprei tequila! Agora só preparar as panquecas de de banana, com pepitas de chocolate! E os brownies também Dwayne❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tracy Smeltzer Where is the mistletoe?and I live in a bottom apartment but I'll burn my neighbors out for a crack at you fitting into my anything
Marco Rodriguez Here in mexico we dont have chimneys. But lots of tequila so im not sure which of the two you prefer. Personal id say tequila.
Kayley Mckinley Dwanta needs an Aussie Christmas. Tequila is best drunk in hot temperatures so come to Queensland I'll make you feel very WELCOME.
Arty Beckas The rock please come back the the wwe it just sucks any more since u are not there u are so funny today wwe just sucks big time the new people they have now they all suck

Style is effortless. And all I’m missing is sexy leather fanny pack. Next week we light the pages on fire of InStyle Magazine when it hits news stands. Pick up a copy and enjoy the read. #ManOfStyle #carterbedloesmith 📷

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Leigh Turner That right hand looks like the sort of reaction I gave in my teens when asked how last night's date went.
Grazia Maria Aragona Mamma mia che bellezza! Can you wear white pants after Labour Day? I say yes, but only if you are The Rock!!!
Angel Lynn Tooley Hey rock you really should loosen up and stop being so uptight all the time it's not healthy, but hey still think your cool 😎
Lorena Merino You can make everything look sexy.. Even a fanny pack. And you know what would look sassy on you too??? MEEEEE! (Just an arm is enough!) 😋
Declan Mcgregor My question?? Does this guy ever see his child??.. hes been in like 5 movies this year if he can juggle all that and a child... Then he just made dead beats look even more like arseholes😂😂😂

Get ready all races and ages. Naughty or nice (hopefully both), #DwantaClaus is coming in hot. Check out our new Entertainment Weekly cover on stands next week. Had a blast! Let’s spread some much needed worldwide holiday JOY. Ps, Dwanta likes tequila so kindly have that ready for me when I come down your chimney. 🎅🏾🥃 *check out the great story in the link in the comments.

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Autumn Lynch I give dwayne johnson to my best friend Tamra Wilkey for Christmas. You can have him. Lol. Your honey might kill me too though.
Diana Alvarez If you like Tequila then you need to try the Passoarita drink at Chillis....If you come to Puerto Rico I will invite you to share some of them together. You make me rocks!!! 🎅🎅🎅
Laszlo Bazso Now, that was pretty cooool. I am getting a tattoo, tequila and start building a chimney. Dwayne The Rock Johnson, you are welcome. :D
Jason Masuda Come back home soon. My friend met you last night in Kapolei. Hoping one day I’ll get to meet you as well in Oahu. Keep doing what you do best. 🤙 Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Lorraine Albino Wow OMG how amazing congratulations D.J. you see with your amazing sense of humor and being amazing performer you journey continue so like I say tighten your seat belt because you have still many places to go and many people to meet and many things to ...

This crowd was ROCKIN’. Such a pleasure to screen #JUMANJI for our troops and their families tonight at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, here in Hawaii. Thank you for the energy and thank you for the love. And thanks for going crazy over the movie... especially all my scenes 😉. #JointBasePearHarborHickam #MilitaryScreening #JUMANJI 🤙🏾🇺🇸

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SA Majeed i am waiting for this movie
Jenni Ferguson Kastelan Chris Kastelan he might still b in Hawaii when u go!!
Iese Theresa Manuia Faafetai Happy Holidays 😎💯🤙🏾
Nitin Tiwari Want to meet you ROCK once in a lifetime!
Loraine Prieto Wish i was there again love Hawaii

Great time last night here in Hawaii as me and my twin, Jack Black introduced our first BIG screening of #JUMANJI to press and local fans. Happy to report everyone had so much fun and loved the movie. Even a few of my press friends who are cynical hardened film critics - yes, I was able to turn your evil, cold, black heart into enjoying this fun Christmas movie. 😂 🖤 ❤️ 🎅🏾 🤙🏾 Thanks everyone for coming thru, having fun and aloha!! #JUMANJI *check out those front row theater seats!!!!

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Melanie Dugas Glad you guys had a good time baby :). Front row recliners?? :).
Maria Rivera Congrats Dwayne, Jack,Kevin on #Jumanji can't wait to see this awesome movie..👍🤙🤙🤙👍👊😇🤠❤
Mokingjay Katniss Is it as same story as Robin William's ?
T Rose Adam I can't wait to see Jumanji. It looks like an absolute riot! Then Rampage!
Rossana Salzano The media is the last thing you worry about its your fans who will tell you the truth🖒

Wow so grateful (and humbled) for our NAACP Image Award nod for “Best Series” for #Ballers. We work hard as a team to create a show that celebrates our culture, ambitions, successes and struggles. And if we can shed some cautionary tales and life lessons all while making you laugh at bit, then we’ve succeeded at our job. Congrats to our entire HBO #Ballers family. Most importantly, THANK YOU FANS for rockin’ with us and makin’ all this possible. Proud to produce this one. Tequila time. #NAACP #ImageAward #BestSeries #SevenBucksEntertainment

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Olivier Fabregon Excellente série. Un rôle naturel qui vous convient totalement entouré de comédiens auxquels on croit. 👍
Teacy Shelly I don't have HBO or I'd have to peek in! R. Dolezal ..Thank you too! 💯👂
Debra Guenther I love you and the show!!
Jason Williams Awesome work. When is the white only awards show on again?!?
Lucy Gracia yessss ballers ensemble is the best.

Grateful and honored for this NAACP Image Award ‘Best Actor’ nod for #Ballers. Every character I play, regardless of the genre is an extension of my DNA. Even with all this character’s cussing, pills, ambition, heart, flaws, integrity, struggle, success... good to see so many relate and share this same DNA. This one means a lot. Thank you! Tequila Time. #NAACP #ImageAwards #BestActor #Ballers

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Melanie Martino Congratulations on your NAACP award you deserve it ! I am a very big fan always have since I was a little girl watched and went to all your events for Wwe . Watch every show and movie you were in even have your book lol . Thank you for all that you ...
Deva Marie Congratulations. Getting out there and doing your part every day. Stay motivated and ambitious. It's worth it, high five, fist bump.
Alma Jaramillo Me encantas me facinas yo trabajaba antes de limpieza en los cines del cinepolis y que veo que pusieron la pelicula de los guardianes de la baia y que les pido el cartelon de poster de carton por que hay salistes y me lo traje acasa soñaba contigo eres ...
Adriene Raleigh Bernadette....gurl that gray is lookin sexy af on him. 😍 AND yes congratulations to our Hayward native. You are indeed an inspiration!
Nadine Hanchar Congratulations you Mr. Johnson, and all of your accomplishments. You're a positive uplifting Man, a of great strength and courage a wonderful person who i have always wanted to meet someday. And i wish you and all of your love ones. Happiness always. ...

After we bowed our heads in prayer, we went around the table and everyone shared what they were thankful for. Beautiful seeing and listening to everyone speak from their heart. Tears, laughter and boundless gratitude. Personally, I’m a little surprised no one expressed how thankful they were that THE Sexiest Man Alive (I refuse to relinquish my title) was sitting at the table. I didn’t want to be a dick and interrupt the prayer, but at some point someones gotta address the elephant in the room. Jokes aside, it was a very special Thanksgiving. As my mom pointed out earlier in the day, there was a time back in ‘87 when we couldn’t even afford Thanksgiving dinner and was praying someone would invite us over their house to eat. We were in a tough spot back then, but we got thru it. And here we are today. One big, extended, blended, slightly crazy, loving, grateful ohana. #sib 🥁

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Barbara Bouchard Um, not to burst your bubble but that title was stolen from you by that handsome man with the gorgeous hair in your family! Lol is that a brother of yours? Great looking family all around, but you did lose your title to that fine looking man to your ...
Ann Durdaller Being with family for the holidays is always a blessing and something to be thankful for. But I agree sometimes you just need to point out the facts weather they like it or not......lmao. Happy Thanksgiving the best to you and yours
Lucienne Hoyes Happy thanksgiving, you will always be the sexiest man alive. In a spot myself but I'm keeping positive. Bless you and your family for getting through those tough times.
Teri L. Holbrook It is that one must never forget the past, and never take the future for granted! Nice that you got to spend time with your family!
Jennifer Kalbach It’s nice that you shared your story. It’s Inspirational and I am sure someone will benefit from it. God bless you and your family!

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE.. I’m coming home. This WEDNESDAY I’m bringing a special military screening of my new movie JUMANJI for you and your families. I can’t wait to come back, deliver this movie and tell you all personally, how grateful I am for the service you provide me, my family and our great country. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your ohana. See you Wednesday. I’ll bring the tequila. Kidding. Sorta. #JointBasePearHarborHickam #SpecialScreening #JUMANJI #DwantaClaus 🎅🏾 🥃

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Monica Moody Happy Thanksgiving Dwayne Johnson.
Cheryl Macdonald Special treat from a man that appreciates his fans and supporters! Enjoy everyone!
Alma Delia Carriedo Guzman Happy Thanksgiving Dwayne. May God always bless you and your beautiful family.🙏🏽❤️😊
Martha McClanahan Pierce That’s so cool! I lived on that base back in the early 70’s!
Stéphanie Reid Happy Thanks giving from Tahiti, french polynesia ;)

I had a blast with this dude Miracles for Marik who blessed our set w/ his presence. For those who don’t know Marik’s story. He’s battling cancer and was recently placed on hospice. He made a bucket list... and meeting me was on that list. So here we are.. I’m pushing him around set, having fun, introducing him to our crew and explaining to him how our “Hollywood magic” works behind the scenes. He had a blast. I was grateful. I don’t know why things happen to kids the way they do. Over the years of spending time with kids and parents who are struggling hard thru disease (often terminal), I’ve realized we just gotta hold onto faith in knowing that there’s a much bigger and positive reason why this happens. Even if I don’t understand it in the moment. For me, this will always be the best part of fame. And the reminder that the most powerful thing we can all do is lead with strong empathy and love. It’s also the reminder to never let yourself get caught up in petty sh*t and keep your thoughts and energy optimistic and big picture. So grateful I had a chance to hang with my man here, Marik aka.. the King of Xbox. #MarikAndRock #OnSet #BucketListFun #GratefuMan

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Elisabetta Willingham Ty Dwayne! You are an amazing person. I'm sure Marik will cherish these moments for ever. Praying for him and his family. Yes, there's a reason why these things happen even though we don't understand it. Keep up all the great work!
Shannon Yoakum Hahn I have been following Marik' s journey for awhile now. I remember when his mom posted his bucket list and you were on it. I think it is amazing you made it happen.
Pamela Metcalf Thank you so much for spending time with Marik. I have followed Marik for many years. I know you are special to him and he was so excited to meet you. Still praying for a miracle for Marik. You’re wonderful man for giving your time for him and making ...
Michele Garza So wonderful of you! I follow his page and they praised your generosity! Making a kid going through that smile, even for one day, is a true Miracle!
Shirren Garver Aloha braddah. Ke akua will definitely have a place for you @ his right. Your special heart is written in the pages of a big heart. So awesome as usual. Love ya. Malama Pono.

CHRISTMAS is almost here. Swipe right and meet our motley crew of troubled teenagers in #JUMANJI. #KarenGillan Jack Black #NickJonas Kevin Hart and the big, brown, bald, tattooed fella. Welcome to the jungle baby. #Jumanji THIS CHRISTMAS 🎅🏾

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Sarah Morris Oh didn’t know a Jonas Brother was gonna be in the film. I would mainly see it for you Dwayne - I remember the original from growing up even if I never saw it 😮😉
Sydney Howe Sorry Dwayne but the other movie of yours with the silver back looks a little more interesting than this one. Will watch it once it's streaming on iTunes.
Lupe Garcia III Dwayne is there anything from the old Jumanji that might be in the need jumanji can wait to see it look good and FUNNY!!!
John Whittington When I saw this come out, I was excited. Then when I saw the preview I was let down BIG TIME! This is NOTHING like the old story of Jumanji. I expected a continuation of the Robin Williams version BUT learned that they re-wrote it and completely ...
Michael John Flop of the year. Only way I'd see this movie is if it shows up on Netflix and I'm off work, the weather is bad, and I have absolutely nothing else better to do.

This is my best friend, George. A rare gigantic albino Silverback. I love animals because they’re honest. If they like you, they lick you. If they don’t, they eat you. Our Rampage The Movie trailer drops TOMORROW at 5PM EST/2PM PST. #BigMeetsBigger #GorillaLickage #RAMPAGEMovie

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Tove Næss Awesome promotion 👍 Thank You for sharing Dwayne 😀😀😀 I love animals. Can't wait to see Rampage 😀😀😀 I am shure it will be a successful MOVIE 👍👍👍
Cory Rodriguez Finally! I was just talking about how I haven't heard anything more about this movie even though it was announced before Jumanji
Jordan Williams I saw it, it was pretty good, the rock isn't playing the rock in this, well there are some rock scenes. But it's good.
Tyler Kelbert Theresa Ann Rohan I know I said I don't keep things from you but me and the rock did a movie together... Here's me and him on the cover together. Sorry
Teacy Shelly I was licked by a Savage way back in 92'-94' Dwayne! Really 💯👍💿 He must be licking women everywhere now! The Greatest Action Pack Family Movie Hero I know of these Days! Looks like it's going to RAKE SOME IN! Haven't seen a scorpion lately at the crib ...

Dreams ain’t just for dreamers. When I was an 11yr old punk kid, once a month I’d go into NYC with my old man and we’d always walk Times Square around 1am for our “midnight snack” of burgers and fries. I’d always look up at all the bright lights and billboards and just be in a state of awe and dreaming. A friend just sent me this pic that’s in the middle of Times Square. Stuff like this will never get old and why I’m a grateful SOB. With a huge ass head. Cheers to 1am burgers, fries and dreams. #Jumanji CHRISTMAS🎄🎅🏾

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Rayane Bachouche Yes king Swat succees sublimity&submarine 😂and to jeep awake legenday innovation and nominal Dwayne the Rock Johnson legend idealisme OK myking Rok fuel for wards 😯😁😀😱👊👊 gratiful love you Amen
Karem Adel Can't wait to watch ur new movie jumanje 2 love u so much ur amazing wrestler and actor u have the best of both worlds that's why I love u so much u are a dreamer talented hope to see u face to face at least once Love Karem
James Vincent I've found that maintaining perspective and remembering where you were makes where you are and what you have like a form of instant gratification. I'm glad to know that applies even when you make it all the way to the top. Thanks for that.
James Webb I can't wait to see your Jumanji movie! Whenever someone asks about my favorite actors Dwayne Johnson is ALWAYS my top answer. I have yet to see a production starring you that I dislike. Keep up the good work, from all your followers here in Missouri.
Christine Campbell It's nice to see this. You are always working so hard. Be proud of what you have accomplished!! I can not wait to see Jumanji 😍 practically rushing the month to fly by 😄so I can watch it. Your fans will always be with you whether you stumble a little or ...

Solid late night HRT (hostage rescue) rehearsals w/ the boys. Put your funderwear on its gonna be a long night. #SkyscraperMovie

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Cody Netherland You live an awesome life my friend!!! Love your work!
Dan Trigona The Brahma Bull lives!!
Scott Coghlan Nothing matters but the U!
Anthony Acierno Can’t wait to see it on the big screen!!
Andrea Anderson apparently..... but funderwear............hahaha....

Today you conquer. It’s finally here.. Under Armour’s most anticipated drop of 2017 is AVAILABLE NOW. Our #ProjectRock #USDNA Collection for men and women. Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy your new gear. Link to shop below.

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Donika Buffkins of course Dwayne The Rock Johnson drops another gift the day before my birthday! here’s hoping he has some plus size wear for women.
Guillaume Debacker Sooo Excited, I buyed some UA Project Rock stuff today on e commerce UA Europe. Thanks to UA and Dwayne to boost us in our sports
Rebecca Fish Wish I had the will power u do need to work out I have list nearly 40kgs and need to go to the gym but haven't got the will power to do it
Tom Sothcott Hmmm think my bank manager isn’t thinking I conquered after what I spent on this today! #KittedOutTillNextDrop
Aaron James Ilander Every time I see a photo like that of The Rock it looks like if I walked in at that precise moment, he would lay the smack down.

Huge thank you to my buds at Microsoft and Xbox for creating these one of a kind engraved #XBox1X consoles for our Make A Wish kids from #DwantaClaus. The kids loved them - thanks for being great partners. And for the record, I’m the XBox KING, so if anyone out there wants a shot at the title, step on up and you’ll catch these hands. #Smackdown #DwantaClaus🎅🏾

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Melinda Johnson My 6 year old put an xbox one on her wish list for Santa. Too bad Santa doesn't have that kinda toy making skills.
Claudia Regina Pereira Noooooossa gigante... Isso tuuuuudo é de enlouquecer qualquer família... Inclusive Euzinha que amooooooo... Esse mundo dos jogos, esse então afffff... Lavamos nós economizar até o dinheiro do lanche da escola 😂😂😂 então Vamos que Vamos, um por todos e ...
Marilza Rodrigues My love, the night has come and I do not want to go to bed to sleep before wishing you good night! sleep well! I know that in your dreams I will not be. But with cherry you will be in my dreams! Kisses! Love you
Maria Rivera To Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock you are truly Amazing and the coolest actor ever..many blessings..on your present and future endeavors..you totally Rock...👍👍🤙🤙🤙👍👍❤😍😘😎😇😇😇
Danijel Šotanji Rock you are a great person that Xbox looks sick I wish I could have one big fan and always will be keep it up ur doing so much good ur great you ROCK !!!

Living the dream. Also known as Sunday night with a big plate of huge banana chocolate chip pancakes on my lap, while channel surfing, knowing damn well I’ll have the sugar sweats all night til I wake up at 4am to go to work. And yes, that’s a bottle of decadent Canadian maple syrup. Ah the hell with it, get your ass over here gluttony and let me embrace you. #CheatMealSunday #DontCheatYourselfTreatYourself

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Sheila Thompson You don't pop up in my newsfeed often, but so far, every time you do, you're eating pancakes lol :) I'm going to say you love them :) as a Canadian, I'm glad to see you appreciate a good syrup :)
Trish Bell Holmes The only thing better than having great pancakes with decadent maple syrup alone is sharing them with an angel. Hugginz By Angel to be exact :)
Adam Karba Picture would look alot different if it was anyone other than The Rock. Like 18 inches added to the waist line, rolls of fat and only difference in food would be the missing can of whipped cream.
Line Germain Maple Canadian syrup . The best in the world and so good on pancakes and French toasts . Yes you got it Dwayne . 💋💋💚💚👍👍
Elysia Bell Looks like the men love him as much as us ladies, lol... interesting. We love pancakes in this house. You can make them with eggs & bananas (no flour). They are yummy too.

Once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full. This THURSDAY we’re honored to drop Under Armour’s most bad ass collection of 2017. Our #ProjectRock USDNA collection. Inspired by the men and women of our US military. #GetReady #NeverFull #USDNA THIS THURSDAY 🤙🏾

65.2k reactions 644 comments
Donal Hardin What happened to the restock of the Project Rock Delta shoe last August? Wanted a pair, and UA just said keep checking back and never restocked them. Are they trying to lose money?
Leabelle Izzy Reid I always loved your gym inspirational tank! Edited: i just saw its an old picture of you with your bull tatoo
Abhishek Sharma Bulusu Dwayne The Rock Johnson dude please you haven't seen Meghana Prashanth working out! Stop showing off dude!
Jose Luis Moya Said..he was g oing to help PUERTO RICO..and he hace a tshirt..for..auction...what a PUNK...is easy..with other people money...ah...punk
Steven Grandov Hey rock huge fan here I'm from the bay myself we love to see u doing a movie with John cena as well that would be awesome

Our Make A Wish Day. Special moment here as Murat’s sister is translating for me what their mom has just said to me about how special this day is for her family and her son, Murat. I asked her to please let her mom know, that I did my research and know all about her son’s love for salmon and the cool story behind it once he was cancer free. She loved that;). Great moment. Such a lovely family who flew all the way in from the Netherlands. Happy & grateful mama. And I swear I’m not a giant, it’s just the angle I’m standing. Ok, I’m a very large man. #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

43.0k reactions 550 comments
Shah Amir Dwayne i hope u will be nx president of america, to make the world peace, no war n beautiful place to stay
نور مون If you want to give me an invitation to the next year's reservation😁😁😁, I accept it 😎Haha , without a hug, I am Muslim Dwayne Johnson😊💪💪💪
MaEileen Soriano Eguia Hats off to you Dwayne! Continue your good deeds... it's touching and making an impact on humanity. May God's grace be upon you always.
Achilles Ecke Here is my wish Dwayne The Rock Johnson Go help your friend man bc he lost his daughter and is legit broke and YOUR CLOSE Friend Tyrese Gibson. He can’t get hired for work bc of his baby mamma slamming him in Hollywood and she took his daughter. ...
Brandon Sprigler I don't get how people can't see he's on set... The dirty look is probably part of the scene they were filming.

As #DwantaClaus🎅🏾 I come bearing framed gifts (and cheesy jokes) for my special MAKE A WISH kids, Murat, Emily & Maria. Presented them with a very special signed call sheet from our production. Their individual names above mine indicting they’re #1 - where they belong. What a day of surprises! Best was yet to come... #MakeAWishDay #OnSet #SkyscraperMovie

14.1k reactions 157 comments
Brittany Cales Why can’t more people be like that he’s so nice 😊
Shams Tabrez U r d real man! U have large body but also have a sweet heart💝💪
William Unger Great guy the Rock but lets be honest the true heroes in this are the three make a wish kids!
Andrea Anderson great....for your make -a- wish foundation
Aayush Yerne Keep calm and back to ring

This man. This legend. When I first broke into Hollywood 17yrs ago, Stan Lee (iconic co creator of Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Dr Strange etc) welcomed me with open arms. Always offering sage advice to help build my career. Be imaginative, set no limits.. have fun, he said. Years had gone by, but at Stan’s #LAComicCon I had the opportunity to hug him again and say thank you. I was also truly moved yesterday by his words regarding the career I’ve been fortunate enough to build. Much more to accomplish. Cheers my friend to imagination, no limits and fun. Next time tequila’s on me! Your Black Adam⚡️🥃 (Hiram Garcia 📸)

105.4k reactions 1208 comments
Xavier Allbright The ROCK should be in a marvel movie and if he does I wonder ear his superhero name would be
Mara Metcalf This is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time thank you Stan Lee for ur advice to Dwayne and thank you Dwayne for taking it
Joseph J Prunty This was pretty cool, and then your black Adam came up and it made me question if the rock was confused who created black Adam...
Luis Gonzalez Since you're playing Black Adam from the DC Comics universe, what Marvel character would you like to play or who would you would have liked to play?
James Overton Two of the greatest people ever awesome your both basically responsible for me being the nerd i am between superheros and wwe championships

Chills. Made the announcement a few weeks ago, I was making my first ever appearance at #LAComicCon and I wasn’t too sure what to expect. When I walked out onto this stage where 20,000+ electrifying fans were chanting my name, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Thank you to our phenomenal partners Entertainment Weekly, Sony Pictures, Stan Lee & #LAComicCon for working hard to create this amazing moment. Thank you to my team - the best team in the business, Seven Bucks Productions Seven Bucks Digital Studios #Viewpoint #WME and The Garcia Companies. Last and most important, THANK YOU FANS for making my first appearance so f’n epic and special. 🤙🏾I’ll see you down the road. #LAComicCon #20ThousandStrong #JUMANJI

14.5k reactions 252 comments
Christine Campbell Pure Greatness!!! You are Awesome 👏!!! Your fans Love and Look up to You!! This will stay with you forever!! Just enjoy 😊 You deserve this!!! ❤️
Savilai Rita Martina Ragagalo You said his first born,am one girl second born and brendon only last born yah.i hate u seeing us on telecast.
Bryan Reyes I'm somewhat trying to spam you to get your attention just cuze you your awesome man I would cry in front of you just to show how much you have impacted my life
P Nicol Holliman You are a cool dude! Down to Earth that is why you have the following you do! Good for you! You have worked your Butt off for it!! YOU HAVE EARNED IT!! Keep on Keeping on!!
William Beckford That's awesome. You should try to make it out to AwesomeCon in DC one year. Great people and great cosplay. You would have a fantastic time.

Whirlwind of a very productive and monster past 36hrs. Takin’ a quick moment before I jump on this big ol’ bird to say THANK YOU to everyone involved. From this morning’s photo shoot for the bad ass cover (it’s a Christmas surprise;), to the 20,000+ rabid and awesome fans who showed me that insane luv at the #LAComicon this afternoon. So many people doing their part to help make it all a big success. Thank you. And now, big daddy gets his booty on this eagle and gets home to his ohana. Enjoy your weekend. #Whirlwind36hrs #TequilaTime 🥃

59.6k reactions 778 comments
Laura-jayne Hinks Maravilloso descansar bien merecido Family time +safe travels + enjoy the flight home with the tequila enjoy👌🤣
Debbie Clayton Ohana is everything and keeps us happy, grounded and motivated for whatever life decides to deal us XXX Happy Ohana Day XXX❤❤❤
Alice Marie Candy Guten Tag MR. Dwayne Johnson wie immer gibst mehr von 100 Produzent nun harte Arbeit. Ja von mir zu reden muss noch sehr viel lernen und das heisst Respekt voller Ihnen gegenüber zu sein auch andren Promis.
Sayda Rosales Ur my favorite actor and handsome hope everything goes good 4 u always n ur family too .hold bless u
Janneth Montalvo Soy fans de Dwayne The Rock y mi Gran sueno es conocer en persona...todas sus peliculas me gusta ver y tambien me gusta ver la lucha libre, por favor si alguien podria traducirlo en Ingles por favor Dios see lo pagara gracias.
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