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I'm excited to bring our HBO's Ballers to California for SEASON 3. It's a great $business move for us and most importantly we'll create thousands and thousands of jobs for hard working locals, vendors, actors and crew. Great to see the state of California be terrific partners, step up and level the tax credit playing field. Now on our big budget film side, the impact of shooting my movies in California would be massive with the jobs and income we could create for all the hard working locals and crew. That'd be amazing for them. Me and partners will work on that one. One step at a time. This new move also opens up our storylines to a whole new creative level and west coast dynamic and vibe. Get ready West Coast.. its time to ball out. #Ballers #Season3 #CaliforniaLuv 🔥👊🏾

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Ballers’ Moves to California From Florida, Will Get $8.3 Million Tax Credit
Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Ballers’ Moves to California From Florida, Will Get $8.3 Million Tax Credit

Dwayne Johnson’s HBO series “Ballers” is moving to California from Florida for its third season and has been conditionally approved to receive an $8.3 million tax credit from the …

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Raquel Rosales I'm sure half of these folks complaining don't even watch the show and also did not work for him in Miami. Call him what you want. At the end of the day he will continue do what's best for him, just as we do what's best for us. Which is no reason to ...
Mike Dockstader What about all the jobs here in ga?! We work just as hard and need the work also. Loved doing fast 8 and now jumanji. Why do they deserve it more than the east coast? But we both know Dwayne Johnson will never reply to such a post.
Pamela Stone Yeah!! Jobs back in Cali!! Bringing back so many jobs lost to Canada and other states in entertainment.
Tanja Arzdorf The one win, the others lose and every medal has unfortunately two sides. Dwayne Johnson is also a business man, acts accordingly and can not always justify everyone, although he is usually close. In spite of this, Ballers is a great cool show, which ...
Cathey Champagne Well my man, Mister Dwayne Johnson, if that makes you happy then it's great. I would like to tell you again you are a Blessed man. I think the fans love the show, so that your going into y'all 3rd season is awesome. What everyone loves the most about ...

Very cool to have our Moana listed as one of the 20 Most Anticipated New Films of the 2016/2017 OSCAR SEASON. Enjoy the movie! Thanksgiving 2016.

20 Most Anticipated New Films of the 2016-2017 Oscar Season
20 Most Anticipated New Films of the 2016-2017 Oscar Season

What to look forward to over the next four months as prestige plays aim for Oscar gold.

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Danielle Bonger I can't wait to take my 4 year old daughter to see this and oh yeah congratulations.
Alope Tonise Malo uso everything you touches turns into golds..you are a true inspirational.alofa atu.
Nicole Marten Congratulations! ? My kids will tug me to the pictures.
Marina Leilani Aiono Cant wait for this movie...!!!
Keiichi Morisato sadly, Moana is going to loose to Finding Dory, everything is going to loose to Finding Dory.

Our Seven Bucks Productions enterprise continues to grow and become robust. SON OF SHAOLIN is a cool graphic novel that merges contemporary Kung Fu with Shaolin mythology with many of the current issues faced by teens growing up today. It's a dope concept with global franchise potential. We look forward to partnering up with SONY and producing this cool project. #SonOfShaolin #SONY #SevenBucksProductions #ShaolinMythology

Dwayne Johnson Producing Sony Adaptation of Graphic Novel ‘Son of Shaolin’
Dwayne Johnson Producing Sony Adaptation of Graphic Novel ‘Son of Shaolin’

Sony Pictures has acquired “Son of Shaolin,” a feature pitch based on the upcoming graphic novel of the same name, with Dwayne Johnson and his Seven Bucks Productions producing. The boo…

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Fiona Bushell This man has the greatest work ethic, he never stops, still has time to train and spend time with his family, what an example x
Isabelle Ansalone Dawyne tu es un formidable acteur je t adore tu es très beau et ton tatoo je kifff tu mérites le succès même s il vient tard c grâce à ton travail kisss mon daywne
Dan Mckenna Wow that's cool I never did a martial art when I grew up but my hero was Mr Bruce Lee loved that bad assed dude so looking forward to that
Samuel Benjamin McCay I wish you could have seen my little boy dancing to the Moana trailer in the theater. It was great! I bet it'll be a big hit.
Robert Flynn Does anyone else read what he says but hear the voice of Bob Stone while you do it? And just add a Wha Wha at the end.

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