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My new bill, the Marijuana Justice Act, doesn’t just end the federal prohibition on marijuana, it seeks to undo damage from the failed War on Drugs including establishing a community reinvestment fund for areas most hard-hit by drug war.

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James Connelly How you going to pay for it?
Thomas Spencer New York is behind you Mr. Booker!
Brian McMahon There is the money grab for Corey. A community slush fund to pay off democrats.
Michael Segreto Cant any of your followers do anything for themselves?
Myles Barr You don't need to spend money here. Just legalize it and step back

The National Statuary Hall Collection in the United States Capitol is intended to celebrate ‘illustrious’ Americans ‘worthy of… national commemoration.’ It should be a place of honor for patriots – those who have served, sacrificed, or made tremendous contributions to our nation. Individuals who were treasonous to the United States, who took up arms against their own country, and inflicted catastrophic death and suffering among US citizens, are not patriots and should not be afforded such a rare honor in this sacred space. The Capitol is a place for all Americans to come and feel welcomed, encouraged, and inspired. Confederate statues do not do this. They do the opposite. They are, unequivocally, not only statues of treasonous, unpatriotic Americans, they are also symbolic to some who seek to revise history and advance hate and division. To millions of Americans, they are painful, injurious symbols of bigotry and hate, celebrating individuals who sought to break our nation asunder and preserve the vile institution of slavery and white supremacy. It is imperative that these figures are properly contextualized and are moved to more appropriate institutions such as museums. If we as a nation are to truly heal from our past, we must unflinchingly and courageously confront the truth of our history. This process involves realizing that we cannot afford to sanitize the bigotry, hatred, and racism in our history or water down the vicious brutality and terrorism that ran rampant in our past. We truly honor America when we tell our whole truth. We truly magnify our strength as a nation when we recognize how grave the injustice and challenges were and identify the incredible courage, sacrifice and struggle that existed on the part of those American’s who came together so that we could overcome those challenges and advance forward. Our commitment to the ideals of liberty, justice, and equality is the reason our nation, time and time again, endured and overcame crisis and challenge. And this commitment is what is needed now as we address our present urgent issues of injustice and challenge. We have one collective destiny; we will rise or fall together. We must hold to the truth that we need each other, all of us, for all of us have value, worth, dignity and urgently needed contributions to make to our nation. This ideal is essential to ensuring that our nation becomes an ever-brighter light of hope and promise to all Americans and humanity. These statues must be moved not just because of who they were in the past, but because of who we are now as a nation and who we must be to ensure an even better and brighter future. E pluribus unum -- out of many, one.

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Carol Campanella Moschetti LET'S MOVE FORWARD PLEASE!
Mike Rognlien "BUT CORYYYYYYYY whyyyyyyy haven't you already done everything I think should be done by now, even though I never took or demanded action on it either??!?!" 🙄
Kevin Tan Recently, Taiwanese liberals have just done that. They beheaded all statutes of former Nationalist leader General Chiang Kai Shek.
John Ascione Senator Booker, it really is time for you, Senator Menendez, my Congressman, Lance Leonard, the other members of the House representing our State, and all other members of Congress to get serious about removing this out-of-control and obviously ...
Paige McKay

The three largest banks in America collected over $5 billion in overdraft fees last year. These fees, which disproportionately fall on those least able to afford them, have become an increasingly important revenue stream for banks. A former bank CEO even named his yacht “Overdraft” in a crude and even craven celebration of the banking practice. Last month I sent a letter to the top 13 banks seeking more information on their overdraft fee practices—how they’re collected, how bank employees are incentivized to enroll customers in overdraft programs, how much banks depend on these fees for their bottom line, and more. Americans deserve answers to these questions. And should exploitative practices be revealed we must demand change and justice.

These People Pay the Most Overdraft Fees
These People Pay the Most Overdraft Fees

Despite reforms and new tech, one economist predicts revenue tied to poor math skills will rise to $40 billion by 2020.

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Stephen Harris Hate when this happens and I Bank fees are insane. But what can a bank realistically do if you write a check for more than your balance. Instead of griping offer realistic solutions Ps the alternative is the check bounces and hurts a retailer
Kelly Barandon Pay in cash. Banks are corrupt and I refuse to pay their fees.
Matt Casey Or, customers can just balance their own accounts and NOT overdraft...
Holly Lambdin Isn't it common sense that banks offer free account because they make their money in fees?
Duwan Singletary Please ppl there are alternatives.. many online banking sites have absolutely free checking. No OD charges, no atm fees, no bounced checks fees, etc..

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William Navarro Tommy Hedden
James Applebaum Thank you, Senator. These statues belong in museums, where they can be seen in their proper context and provide education to people, rather than remain a painful public reminder of the past.
Cody LoPresti 😂😂 Have you ever introduced a bill that was actually good for the country? As opposed to bills that just allow you to virtue signal. You're a joke.
Nick O'Neill That's not gonna change history sir.
William Navarro Thank you, Senator!

"We human beings are not born with prejudices. Always they are made for us, made by someone who wants something."

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Michele Corrao The only American Americans are Native Americans
Judi Middleton This is terrible. I'm ashamed of my own kind.
Mark Mattson People of New Jersey, ask Cory Booker to call for Trump's removal.
Gd Heff This is why shouldn't toss names around at everyone you disagree with as racist, bigot, homophobe, nazi, etc....eventually the real ones show up.... the left has displayed plenty of hate and violence..."he who is without sin, shall cast the first ...
Mark Mattson Stop using quotes and inspirational speeches to cover your unwillingness to call for an end to Trump.

"You can't lead the people if you don't love the people."

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Rachel Green This reformed republican would love to vote for you in 2020 for President!
Katie Bates There won't be people to love if we all die from the too-high costs of pharmaceuticals, Senator.
Steven Sowa Impeach Booker and Mendez
Scott H. Afflerbach “People grow when they are loved well. If you want to help others heal, love them without an agenda.”
Bobbi Bennett Thank you. Please encourage all your democratic colleagues to speak out forcefully againt this despicable president.

Once again, Trump leaves me outraged and disgusted. He betrays the office and the people he has sworn to serve. Disgracefully, today Trump was not the Commander-in-Chief but the Alt-Right-Apologist-in-chief. Trump showed himself to be more of an ally of the Alt-right and white supremacists than our country and our most cherished common values. There is no question who he is. The critical moral question is: who are we? We cannot surrender America to Trump. We must fight.

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Adam Jay So how do we get him out? Seriously now, what's the next move? We need action and soon, or we might as well ditch the Stars and Stripes for a Swastika. Please, Senator, you are a powerful man. You must find a way or our nation will truly go down in ...
Rebecca White Call for his resignation now.
Hannah Secka He is a klansman in the White House wearing white sheets!
Jimmy Cardone President Trump WILL WIN in 2020 because America is rejecting the bigotrgy, racism, and hatred of the Democratic party. 8 straight months of violence perpetrated from the left has destroyed their own party. We will not tolerate their division when it ...
Keith White So call for his removal from office. Any less is not enough.

"The genius of the current caste system, and what most distinguishes it from its predecessors, is that it appears voluntary. People choose to commit crimes, and that's why they are locked up or locked out, we are told. This feature makes the politics of responsibility particularly tempting, as it appears the system can be avoided with good behavior. But herein lies the trap. All people make mistakes. All of us are sinners. All of us are criminals. All of us violate the law at some point in our lives. In fact, if the worst thing you have ever done is speed ten miles over the speed limit on the freeway, you have put yourself and others at more risk of harm than someone smoking marijuana in the privacy of his or her living room. Yet there are people in the United States serving life sentences for first-time drug offenses, something virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world." Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

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Dean Pologe Senator, I was so wrong about you. I tend to have a knee jerk reaction to dislike Democrats, but I am so proud to be a constituent now that the failed and tyrranical drug war is your primary concern. As a Libertarian I find common ground (and areas of ...
Chris Brush Brilliant
Charles Black NO! Mr. Cory Booker....I AM NOT A CRIMINAL! I occasionally drive up to 10 mph over the speed limit but I am NOT A CRIMINAL and i will NOT HAVE YOU INSULT ME, TRY TO HUMILIATE AND COWER ME BY CALLING ME A CRIMINAL! How dare you? HOW DARE YOU INSULT ...
Marva Morton No one is without sin so who are we to make any judgement about what is right and what is wrong. This is a positive move in the right direction. Let's support what is right.

It's time to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. This is the right thing to do for public safety, for our broken criminal justice system, and will help reduce our overflowing prison population.

Sen. Cory Booker puts marijuana legalization at the center of his new racial justice bill
Sen. Cory Booker puts marijuana legalization at the center of his new racial justice bill

It's a signal that the Democratic Party is starting to evolve on an issue with widespread popular support.

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Mark Mattson Trump's removal is a direct path to reforming our broken criminal justice system. Mr. Booker, do you want results or do you want to create the persona of being a crusader and martyr? Your choice.
Matt Casey You know what else helps to reduce overflowing prisons? NOT breaking the law!! Yes, Cory, not breaking the law is a good way to avoid crowded jails!! Imagine that?
Kimberlee Jones Reform the scheduling. Do your homework on child hospitalizations because of edibles, the decrease in youth perception of harm, increased drugged driving, corporations targeting lower income neighborhoods, and research on marijuana's impact on the youth ...
Mark Jones Prison, big pharma, and alcohol lobbies are in these guys' pockets...until this changes, nothing will happen in D.C....
Kiyélle Zhané Let's get going here !! This is What majority of cops look for on us , always searching for a damn plant .. they need to start looking for REAL crimes .

‪"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."‬ ‪James Baldwin‬

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Brian Towns Why did you vote against making prescription drugs more affordable??????]
Robert Earl Funchess Pastor Amen!
Bill Goffredo Sr Oh gee, how cute matter what you quote doesn't diminish the fact that you are full of crap with your big phony mouth.
Sarah Fagan James Baldwin well said!!!
Patrick Millar I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world because they'd never expect it.

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Scott Hunter Love one another put hate were it needs to be (obsolete)
Dee Gazetta Love, Love, I love
Viki Alcott True. So stop throwing shade on our President.
Candayce Price Grant Amen!!
Ellen Donigan This hung in my classroom for years

I discussed with Tom Moran why I want to end the federal prohibition on recreational marijuana.

A Q&A with Booker on his drive to legalize weed | Moran
A Q&A with Booker on his drive to legalize weed | Moran

He says alcohol is the more dangerous drug and that African-Americans take the brunt of the punishment. Also, a few thoughts on immigration and impeachment.

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Brandon Law I only see old people ( 55+) complaining about a unharmful plant that is criminalizing people...Your generation is what is wrong with this country
John Pease Thanks Cory I'm with you.
Conrad Kauffmann A dope speaking for dope.
Diana Childs Marijuana saved me from 300 mgs/daily Legal Morphine prescribed by Licensed physicians in the USA. I say, My Brain is Happier, now!
Johnny Tran

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Lynn Smith Thank you for speaking up. I would expect all would but...
Gloria Stendardi We cannot, in the name of tolerance, tolerate the intolerable.
Joyce Rivas Amen
Andi Malala Shechter based on a quote from JFK based on a near quote from Dante.
Carlos Rivera Or just go to your realm.

The evil of hatred isn’t just the overt torch-bearing bigots in Virginia. The evil of hate is also the ignorance that breeds it, the apathy that sustains it and the Trump-like rhetoric that gives it license to flourish. When speaking about so called “radical Islamic terrorists” last year, President Trump said, “Anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country.” On Saturday, President Trump demonstrated a hateful hypocrisy in failing to name the Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Alt-Right hate for what it is: not only the cause of the horrific violence in Virginia, but the evil enemy of our Nation’s hope and promise. President Trump’s words in his statement -- “hatred, bigotry and violence that's on many sides” -- not only fuels a misleading account of what actually happened but shamefully puts the counter-protestors on the same moral level and as those carrying Nazi flags and chanting vile racist rants. I mourn today’s loss of life. I celebrate the peaceful activists who would not be silent in the face of hate. And for those of us watching these events unfold, simply condemning the violence and hate of today is not enough. Martin Luther King, Jr., aptly said, “It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation. Not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people.” It is up to us to do more than just look upon the violence and hate on display in Virginia with disapproval. There is serious work to do in our nation from addressing the growing hate and hate crimes in the United States to dealing with persistent systemic injustices in our criminal justice system. Condemnation is expected. Anger is understood. But only action, work, sacrifice and struggle will yield progress. The focus should not just be about what “they” did in Virginia, but what we will do where we are to advance our nation toward greater justice. I believe in love. I believe that love can indeed conquer hate. But love is not passive. Love doesn’t just sit back and hope that things will change. Love demands us confronting our own ignorance or complicity in injustice or our own biases and humbly working to change ourselves and our community. Love is courageous and relentless and it is indeed what our nation needs now. I believe in love. I believe in us. May we all rise to meet the urgent demands of our moment in history.

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Saadia King Instead of focusing on Marijuana, focus on getting Trump out of office. He is a hazard to the USA.
Deborah Chase Maybe all Trump supporters aren't white supremacists, but when push came to shove last November that is who they chose to accompany in the voting booth. If they don't want to be associated with neo Nazi's they had better start speaking out against ...
Shanna Bright Thank you for your words of love, Cory.
Pamela Meadows We'll addressed
Dyan Barbato Eloquently stated and so very true!

Superfund sites are dangerously contaminated and toxic areas that threaten the health and public safety of nearby communities—and roughly 10 percent of Americans live within three miles of one. With more than 1,300 Superfund sites across our country, we should be investing more into this program to ensure the safety of our communities—instead, the Trump Administration has proposed cutting the budget by 30% making it hard to understand how the EPA is going to adequately clean up these areas.

Superfund cuts would lead to delays in toxic cleanups, experts warn
Superfund cuts would lead to delays in toxic cleanups, experts warn

Experts warned a Senate panel that the Trump administration’s proposed 30% cut in the Superfund program would likely delay cleanup at some of the nation’s most toxic sites.

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Joe Bartiromo How old are these sites? Sounds like the EPA hasn't been doing a good job. There has to be a better way than the Superfunds. Again, no solutions from the elected elites, other than throw more money into a failed solution!
Logan Seymore Pruitt is a total dick.
Tom Potter Psh, this cabinet doesn't listen to experts. XD
Tambra Hogan You and YOUR Best Friend, POET! VACATION OR HOME, WRITING HER BOOK, DUE 2018! SAD,sad and sad! 08 12 17
David Allen Hines If you have actually studied Superfund, you will find that in most cases the only winners were lawyers and regulators. After decades most of these sites are not clean and they are the subject of endless litigation that sustains lawyers and regulators. ...

Our goal with the Marijuana Justice Act is restorative justice—finding ways to take communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the failed War on Drugs and helping them to heal, helping them to recover from what has been an unjust application of the law. The bill doesn’t just end the federal prohibition on marijuana; it goes much further to help undo a lot of the damage done by a drug war gone horribly wrong.

Cory Booker Seeks
Cory Booker Seeks 'Restorative Justice' With New Weed Legalization Bill

The senator introduced the bill to legalize and decriminalize marijuana.

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John Milan Sebik #failingthemiddleclass
Shirley Kelly Anwar How he can get it done
Isa Caffe Yes! Thank you Senator for recognizing what a failure the war on drugs were and how it disproportionally affected Black and Latino communities.
Dave Ashelman Considering how much money you take from Big Pharma to ban cheaper American drugs from Canada (as if Canada were a 3rd world country), I wouldn't be surprised if your next step would be to give Big Pharma exclusive rights to pot.
James Weiderman #Booker2020

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Susan Craig Jane Goodall is a hypocrite...makes big bucks as a "champion" for animals then turns around and engages in animal abuse by eating animal products.
Sarah E Kirwan Thank you for your latest initiative to decriminalize a plant that makes people happy!
Carol Lakin Sprinkle She also got her face ripped off by a chimpanzee, scary quote from her
Reia Barber Dr. Jane Goodall- personal hero.
Denise Sheehan Senator Cory Booker, please lead the way: Congressional Term Limits, Campaign Finance Reform, close Tax loopholes, legislation to stop Lobbyists

‪Having courage doesn't mean you don't know fear or stress or worry or even shame and regret. It just means, despite it all, you keep going. ‬

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Gale Roth Agree! Exactly!
Donnay Noir When we are truly loved by others, Love cares not for mistakes of seasons gone by... love for one another must begin new in a tender kindness and forgiveness without judgement or blame. Love is more powerful than courage and erases fear, shame and ...
Carmen Jackson That is true Mr Booker
Kathy Sanseverino Do you have the courage to walk away from big pharma??
Lucie Fitzgibbon Stefano West this reminds me of you, love you

President Trump’s reckless policy to ban transgender Americans from the military undermines our values and threatens our national security. These brave Americans make tremendous sacrifices on behalf of our nation and deserve to be treated as the heroes they are. I've joined with many of my colleagues to work on legislation that will protect transgender service members and uphold the Transgender Service Member Policy.

Civil rights groups to sue over Trump
Civil rights groups to sue over Trump's plan for transgender military ban

Ban decried as ‘mean spirited and discriminatory’ as White House said to have approved guidance on keeping transgender people out of the armed forces

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Douglas French Liberals are silly !!! :-)
Becky Sue Duning Stay on top this crude, feral attempt by a crude, feral sexual predator in the white house to deride any and all who may not have voted for him. Stay ahead of this, support the navy secretary and repeat over and over what values this democracy is based ...
Gaspar Santiago Can't wait to fire your ass Cory bitch.
Charlotte Muller Please continue your work.
Charles Black "undermine OUR values"?......who's "values" Cory?.....ur trying to make drugs legal and you talk about "values"?.......don't you ever get tired of pushing BS out there?......Have you any dignity?...self respect?.....morals?

Eight states and the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana. Even more states are taking up measures to follow suit. Yet the federal government continues to drag its feet and continues to go backward, not forward on drug policy. It’s time to catch up to the progress made by state legislatures and end these broken drug laws once and for all. That’s why I've introduced the Marijuana Justice Act. It won’t be easy, but as Frederick Douglass once said, “power concedes nothing without a demand.” I hope you will join me in support of this bill. #MarijuanaJustice

Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws
Sen. Cory Booker Will Face An Uphill Battle Fixing America’s “Badly Broken” Drug Laws

The Democratic senator called the bill “a necessary step in correcting this unjust system,” but even legalization advocates say that it’s unlikely to succeed.

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Michael Scott Melissa Bellino Sblendorio
Anthony Tedesco Thank you Senator It's about time someone said the Obvious
Jack Tors Unfortunate that goons like Sessions will fight against this tooth and nail, just based on the fact that it's your idea, but people with a brain support you 100% Senator Booker.
Casey Joe Monaghan YOUR NOT ALONE Cory Booker. i wish i could help more, but all i can do is preach knowledge to my community and peers.
Patricia Wilus This isn't the way to fix who is picked up and jailed.

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Jennifer Brandt Thank you.
Charles Black Folks....Cory Booger's SHAM of a SCAM to legalize marijuana can be seen by just reading thru his proposal ....this bill is a microcosm of just who and what ol' Cory here really is and what he really stands for......follow if you will folks....according ...
Lucy Steele Love is The very thought of you and I forget to do The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do I'm living in a kind of daydream, I'm happy as a king And foolish though it may seem to me that's everything The mere idea of you, the longing here ...
Randy Boone The Holy Bible defines love better than that read 1st Corinthians 13. 4--7 Defiance love better than that statement ever will Senator Booker. War is hell and you cannot make hell any better than hell is.
Randy Boone Love is not war.. the Bible defines love better than that statement ever will.

For 40 years, the War on Drugs has really been a war on people—on poor people, minorities, the addicted, the mentally ill, and even our veterans. The federal government should do the right thing and not only end the prohibition of marijuana, but also invest in our communities so we make them stronger, more economically vibrant, more fair and more just.

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Kathy Sanseverino Bullshit. You want Monsanto money
Cota Possien We may part ways on this issue Senator. Ask a student assistance coordinator (SAC) in your home state of NJ! Contact ASAP-NJ.
Augusta Wells We are doing pretty good in Colorado.check us out!
Pete Sharkey How hard are you going to fight for what's right? We need to end the federal prohibition. Right now we have people going to jail and families being split apart only because some in America don't live in the right zip code. How is that equal justice in ...
Tambra Hogan Sad! Vacation TIME again with your CLEO WADE!

As part of the War on Drugs, marijuana was often labeled a "gateway drug." But there's mounting evidence that suggests marijuana could be useful as an "off ramp drug" that might help people addicted to drugs like opioids. With the opioid epidemic devastating communities across our country, ending the prohibition on marijuana could actually help Americans during this crisis.

Cory Booker Makes the Case for Legal Marijuana
Cory Booker Makes the Case for Legal Marijuana

Legalizing pot could help bring racial justice to the United States and help ease the deadly opioid epidemic, senator argues.

2.7k reactions 192 comments
Annette Caamano
Paulette Labouseur Cory, I really like you, but you are way off base here. Worked in the addiction field for 8 years with addicts in long term rehab. Too much to argue here, but you really need to talk to addiction counselors who are hands on in the field. You are not ...
Gd Heff Cory.... stop talking about this topic as if you know what you're talking about. If someone is altering their state of mind, there's a deeper problem. People aren't sitting around getting off on "One-a-days".... they use opioids because they work really ...
Joseph Szutarski Let's not discount the larger dimension here.... The So called Big Pharma, have bought up every name and right relating to Cannabis and this bill IF PASSED will allow them to move so fast to lock up the Pot Biz in EVERY state ! It would happen so fast ...
Douglas Simon Total morons... More bullshit.. To keep idiots from living in reality...sad. Maxine Booker... You are pathetic..

I don't believe that any administration under investigation itself should be able to unilaterally remove of the lead counsel assigned in that investigation. There must be checks and balances. With President Trump’s veiled threats directed at Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, Senator Lindsay Graham and I have introduced a bipartisan bill to help protect special counsels now and in the future from political interference and unjustified termination by the executive branch.

On Capitol Hill, Sen. Cory Booker Leads Efforts To Protect Special Counsel Mueller
On Capitol Hill, Sen. Cory Booker Leads Efforts To Protect Special Counsel Mueller

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Sen. Cory Booker, Democrat of New Jersey, about his bill with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to protect special counsel Robert Mueller.

1.1k reactions 94 comments
Tom Manson ^nothing to stop us working together to actually fix stuff like a distraction. Remember; the TPP was first discussed during the blue and black or white and gold dress that nobody really cared about.
Maggie Harrer Would you also introduce a bill to stop This President from starting a war on a whim? When Nixon was going off the rails, Kissinger established a protocol with the Joint Chiefs which required that Kissinger be called in if Nixon order some sort of ...
Tom Manson Am I the only one who's caught on that Russia hacking the election is fake and this administration's "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction" or the Bush sr "no new taxes?" And even IF it had been it could have been a couple guys from Oklahoma and ...
Kathi Grant thank you for protecting Mueller
Mima Baron Go away Booker

My op-ed on my ending the War on Drugs starting with my new bill that will end the prohibition on marijuana.

How To Begin The End Of The War On Drugs
How To Begin The End Of The War On Drugs

It's time to legalize marijuana.

2.2k reactions 135 comments
Clinton Armstrong Thank you sir
ロサス ォウイソ The only reason why this regime wants to re-start the Drug Wars is that they have the backing of Big Pharma, the Tabacco Industry, and personal investments in Private Prison Corporations where they are making millions from.
Gillian Hall You rock, Cory Booker! Keep doing what you're doing.
Nick Marvelli I don't vote Democrat a lot and have felt they have been maybe too left on fiscal issues that might not even have negative affects on me personally, however I'm moved by your introduction of this bill and agree with it for all the same reasons you have ...
David Barber This is a joke right? Based on the article/interview, it should more accurately read, "Former Pot Head now Senator Cory Booker wants USA to Surrender War on Drugs". Shameful.

Current drug laws are badly damaged and disproportionally hurt minority and poor communities. Yes, it is time to end the federal prohibition on marijuana.

1.3k reactions 86 comments
Michael Voitcu Time to tell minority and poor communities obey the law or go to jail. Why is it ok to break the law?? What if I wanted to rob banks?? Why don't we change the law to say anyone can rob a bank. Stop playing the race card, you are not saying we need to ...
Tom Breithaupt This is all I see you post about. Are you doing anything about taxes? Veterans' healthcare problems at the VA? Homelessness? Universal healthcare? Illegal immigration? Returning federal taxes paid by New Jerseyans to our state for infrastructure ...
Diana Clarke Aurora Michelle.. NJ politics
Kingston Boone Stacy White He persisted
Laurie DiMatteo Weiner I don't agree.

We all need to speak up against any attempt by the Trump Administration to undermine the Affordable Care Act and disrupt health insurance markets. President Trump has already publicly stated he wants the ACA to fail, and will seemingly do everything in his power to make sure it happens. Think about that: the President of the United States wants the health insurance market to collapse, hurting millions of Americans, in order to score political points. While the ACA is imperfect, it’s the law of the land. As health care debates continue, I look forward to working on bipartisan solutions to improve access and affordability of health care for all Americans. Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves affordable coverage -- and deserves better than a President and an administration working to undermine it.

The first Affordable Care Act enrollment season of the Trump era is still a mystery
The first Affordable Care Act enrollment season of the Trump era is still a mystery

Decisions the administration has not yet made — or disclosed — could greatly affect consumers wanting ACA health plans.

869 reactions 133 comments
Frank Rotonda Repeal Obamacare
Kevin Tan Senator Booker, please lower my $8500 insurance premium with the employer's plan, and my $5200 deductible. No one subsidize my premium.
Thomas Crossan 🖕🖕🖕 Booker!!! Get rid of this goddamn stupid Obamacare!!!
Patricia Wilus You're only speaking for those that are on it. What about the millions that aren't on it and don't want what it offers and those that are being forced to pay high premiums because they don't get subsidies from the government. You don't speak for all ...
Ryan Wofford You know ACA is going to fail when the Dems stop calling it by its real name, Obamacare!! MIT professor and Obamacare architect thinks Dems are "stupid".

In the United States today, black people are almost four times more likely than their white counterparts to be arrested for marijuana use or possession. This practice of over-criminalizing and under-serving our communities, grounded in the misguided War on Drugs prevents hardworking people from getting Pell Grants, getting jobs, and having access to basic necessities like food stamps. Just because of one reckless decision, countless people caught in this unjust system have a less viable long-term economic potential. That’s not what we’re about. #MarijuanaJustice

Sen. Cory Booker wants to take marijuana off the federal controlled substance list
Sen. Cory Booker wants to take marijuana off the federal controlled substance list

Booker's Marijuana Justice Act would decriminalize pot at the federal level.

2.8k reactions 182 comments
Maureen McGinnis What about changing the system that discriminates? That seems like a better plan than putting a bandaid on it by legalizing marijuana.
Charles Oberholtzer Still playing the race card while you hold the blacks back by telling them they don't have to work. Until the leaders of the black community show by example how to get ahead by getting (1) high school education-minimum, go to trade school- take these ...
Carol Good The prison industrial complex disproportionately affect the poor and people of color. The money would be better spent investing in our communities for schools and food programs for kids so that they can be successful.
Donnay Noir its ridiculous that marijuana is considered more dangerous than meth?! Are we legislating for what communities use which drug to lessen the effects in white communities and make them harsher in communities of color?! This is blatant and outrageous ...
Ronald Oneal Hell yeah corey!! i support you... too many white supremacists tried to shut me up on your posts.. but I will nto give up because you inspire me... KEEP UP THE BATTLE TO LEGALIZE WEED

A special counsel's duty is to follow the facts and the law wherever that leads. They should never be subjected to interference or intimidation because of where an investigation takes them. I've introduced a bipartisan bill with Senator Graham that would subject any decision to fire a special counsel to a review by a panel of federal judges, ensuring any removal is for legitimate reasons instead of political motivations.

Graham, Booker writing bill to prevent Trump from firing special counsel
Graham, Booker writing bill to prevent Trump from firing special counsel

Sen. Lindsey GrahamLindsey GrahamGraham opposes measure to cut legal immigration The Hill's 12:30 Report Trump, GOP senators unveil measure to cut legal immigration MORE (R–S.C.) said Thursday that…

2.5k reactions 154 comments
Patrick C. Powers You know it's odd I don't recall you being this proactive during the NWCDC investigation. Weird... https://www.fbi....
John Pouliot You are teaming up with Lindsay Graham against Trump??? This is horrific.
Kenneth J Yazz Try to Change another rule that will come and bit u democrats in the butt
Bob Miller That's a lot of money you've received from the kushner crime family.
Jeremy Corlis Booker/Graham. Sounds like a winning ticket.

"Although legalization doesn’t have much political traction in Washington, it’s backed by a majority of Americans." That's why it's going to take all of us to continue putting pressure on elected officials to end this devastating federal prohibition on marijuana that isn't making us safer. Our existing marijuana laws continue to divert critical resources from fighting violent crimes, unfairly impact low-income communities and communities of color, and waste billions in taxpayer dollars each year. Please call your senator and tell them to support the Marijuana Justice Act: (202) 224-3121

Sen. Cory Booker just introduced a bill that could legalize marijuana nationwide
Sen. Cory Booker just introduced a bill that could legalize marijuana nationwide

One advocate described it as "the single most far-reaching marijuana bill that’s ever been filed in either chamber of Congress."

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James Mars voted to fund Palestine terror...they give half their budget to pay the families of terrorist...I liked cory for a minute, but it's clear he is an enemy of the usa. this will come back and ruin any chances of being prez
Maria Delgado 👏🏼👏🏼
Rick Wikle Jr Let us be the Nation of Love not hate and not divison. He is our Man.
D Roundtree Trry How can i get one of the Velvet Blacklight Bill pósters?
Joe Romanelli Cory for prez
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