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Only a handful of #BackToUs bundles left! Get yours while you can: http://bit.ly/2r5ZBkY

450 reactions 6 comments
Melina Fortin Sara McNally
Jenelle Mellor Cant wait for mine to get here to Australia ;)
Lola Bender Mine came yesterday!
Lillian Weissenberger That is nice
Carol Ann Hopper Sold out☹️

#BackToUs... then! Hard to believe we are on our 10th album.

4.1k reactions 115 comments
Megan Blevins I remember my brother bought me this album for Christmas the year it came out. ❤️
Jackie Banks Love me some Flatts need to buy the new cd.
Teresa Ellcey Been a huge fan since day #1, I'm Movin' On, one of my all time favorites.
Cassandra Troon Tracey Troon just bought the new album! I've got them all!
Carla Williams McGee Loved y'all since the beginning!! You just get better with time!

Anybody up for an autographed copy of #BackToUs? Share to win! 'Back To Us' is available now! http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

1.8k reactions 175 comments
Jamie Lee Sebastian Would love an autographed copy!!! Thanks for the chance!! Erica Lonis Marchioli share share share
Tamberly Wilkinson You are definitely my favorite band in 2016 I was blessed to go see you in concert I had a blast <3 <3
Neesa Taverner saw you guys live at the casino Rama , you guys are so funny and amazing. I would die to have a signed copy . 😍
Andrea Rose Shead Shared! Hoping you guys come back to Fort Wayne some time soon. Would love to hear the new album live.
Gemma Cotterill Wow this would be amazing I love you guys and have done for years. You are amazing 😍😍😍

We came, we saw, we Spotify'd!!! http://spoti.fi/2qZDNrO

1.4k reactions 33 comments
Amanda Gregorich U guys crack me up Rascal Flatts
Joshua Dale Mariconi Is gary in jamaica?? If not i just saw his twin
Juan Carlos You should upload yours old musics.
Conrad Head i love there music

Leave it to Chris Stapleton and Luke Laird to write one of our favorite songs on the record! #Vandalized #BackToUs // http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

324 reactions 8 comments
Karen Pete Walker Annie Gregory
Jamie Bauer Lauren Jeannie!!!!!!!!!!
Guy Hicks Hey guys, when are y'all coming to Dallas? #thebest
Ben Harmon My Favorite song!!
Liz Willoughby Crews I love this album!!! Favorite song Dance!!!!

Have you been to Target lately? Grab a copy of #BackToUs while you’re there!

Target : Expect More. Pay Less.
Target : Expect More. Pay Less.

Free shipping on orders of $35+ or free same-day store pick-up, plus free and easy returns. Save 5% every day with your Target REDcard.

252 reactions 18 comments
Debbie Lee Keltz-Wolk No more Target in Canada.
Ashley Finch Hermsen I got mine from target on Monday
Kylan D. Curtis More like Target: Pay more, get less
Connie Vaughn Myhan Do not shop at Target.
Cait Ryder My second favorite song on it is Vandalized! 😉

Had the best time singing with our girl Brennley Brown on The Voice last night!! Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this talented young woman. #VoiceFinale

1.3k reactions 37 comments
Kerry Lusignan Please come to Ottawa, I'd love to see you guys live!
Mary Ann Sampson It was awesome
Robyn Miller I loved it!!
TiffanynReal Bélanger Such an amazing performance. You guys are truly amazing
Lisa Miller Spitler Y'all made a impact on her life, what great memories.

"In the morning light, the sun will hit the sand..." #KissYouWhileICan #BackToUs // http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

1.1k reactions 12 comments
Allison Lefever Dan Bucek
Keaton Perry Zac Zegarelli😁
Jamie Bauer Jeannie Lauren
Ange Cole Australia please!! Soon!!!!!!
Tina Meese Graham Love it!

Singing "Yours If You Want It" with the superstar Brennley Brown tonight on The Voice! Y'all tune in at 9/8c!! #VoiceFinale

789 reactions 22 comments
Jeff Wainright Yes
Yvonne Parker Yes
Chantal Daraiche belle prestation je vis au Québec je n ai pas l occasion de vous voir souvent à la tv 😘😘😘
Rob Kapp Pussy pop band
Diana Westfield Love the new CD already singing along with the songs

Vegas, baby! October 6 – 21, you can find us at the Venetian Theatre in an exclusive engagement. Get early access to tickets starting NOW! Click on the link, use the password RASCALVEGAS and we’ll see you there.

Rascal Flatts at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas
Rascal Flatts at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas

Buy Rascal Flatts tickets at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas from the official Ticketmaster.com site.

3.6k reactions 132 comments
Lisa Erwin Smiley Um, my birthday is the 4th...David Smiley...
Richelle Gilhauley Wanna go?
Lynn Williams I wanna go!!!!!
Vanessa Michele I'm goin!!!!
Lisa Hansen Kohn Jennifer costa

We're live from Facebook New York! Ask your questions now and check out our new record "Back To Us"!

1.9k reactions 1144 comments
Donna Jannetti-Will I am traveling to see you even though your not in New York this year!!! I have to have my Rascal Flatts fix. Will try to see you in Vegas.
Sara Kimmell Awesome CD, there's at least one to two sons I can relate to on every CD!!!! I've been a fan since you all came to the fair in New Mexico!!!!! Please come back!!!! I haven't missed a concert yet😊😊😊
Kim Ludwin This album is so good! Well done guys!! Y'all didn't write any of the songs on the Rewind album. Did you feel like you needed to have a hand in the writing process for Back To Us to make it feel more like you?
Stephanie Byrd You really should include Movin'On in concerts regularly. I loved that you took a few requests at the Iowa State Fair a few years ago. My daughter and I danced and cried - that song was so powerful in my life
Celeste A. Teeters Love you all! The new album is AWESOME! Can't stop listening to it. Can't want to see you at CMA Festival thats right around the corner! Love you Gary!

Got a question? We've got answers! We're headed to Facebook HQ to answer some of your burning questions about #BackToUs and more. Ask a question and we might just answer it on Facebook Live TOMORROW morning at 10:30/9:30C.

452 reactions 60 comments
Andrew Toole Back in 2008 y'all released Greatest Hits: Volume 1. Is there a Volume 2 in the works?
Sylinda Lower Will you have a contest to win tickets to your Las Vegas residency. Love your music!! Would love to see you in Vegas!
April Lewis Are you guys doing meet and greets with your Vegas residency in October?
Debra A. Young Howard Why are you not coming to Little Rock? You didn't come here the last your either!
Jennifer Scott Which song from Back To Us the was the most fun to record?? I'm going to guess Dance!! I love it!

Viva Las Vegas! Excited to take #BackToUs and more to Sin City. Get the scoop from Rolling Stone Country!!

Rascal Flatts Announce New Las Vegas Residency
Rascal Flatts Announce New Las Vegas Residency

Award-winning vocal group, who released their new album 'Back to Us' this month, will perform eight shows in October at the Venetian

1.3k reactions 86 comments
Josh Ostafichuk This is awesome.
Derryk Wilson Casey Headrick another reason for a Vegas trip
Madison Paige Barker Bo Hugg this makes sense
Merri Davis Hix Yeah Baby!!!! Let's Go Boys!!! So happy :D
Patsy Cormier Woohoo!!!! 👍🏼

We're live on the BUILD Series in NYC! Join us and let's talk some #BackToUs!!

215 reactions 2 comments
Alecia Baker Patranella Stephanie Larson Willis
Erin Moore-Grammer Reba M Grammer

Congrats again on your beautiful baby girl, Hoda Kotb! 🎸

1.9k reactions 65 comments
Christine Tkaczyk Love "Back to Us". EVERY song is amazing!!!!!
Robyn Miller They are the best!!
Katherine Yarbrough That was awesome!!!
Kim Gates Earl Precious!
Joanne DiGaetano Pascal Rascal Flatts..really a classy group. Love them

We’re heading to Vegas, baby! From October 6 – 21, you can find us at the Venetian Theatre in an exclusive engagement. Get early access to tickets starting this Tuesday at 10AM PDT – just click on the link, select "SOCIAL PRESALE" and use the password RASCALVEGAS and we’ll see you there: http://bit.ly/RascalVegas

Rascal Flatts at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas
Rascal Flatts at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas

Buy Rascal Flatts tickets at Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Las Vegas from the official Ticketmaster.com site.

558 reactions 109 comments
Gloria Flores I'm there!!!!!
Melissa Scott Kronenwetter Chris Kronenwetter we can do this for my bday! Lol
Sandy Luce Howard Oh my birthday
Melissa Sutton Omg omg Sean get on it!!!
Erica Alvarez Ramon A. Alvarez Brotherrrr!!!

‪Hey Flattheads! Get that remote ready, y'all... Catch us bright and early TOMORROW on the Today Show! #RascalFlattsToday

667 reactions 22 comments
Allison Lefever Dan Bucek
Ayla Kaysil De Guzman Jayson De Guzman..DVR!
Jamie Bauer Jeannie, Lauren, Amanda, Gina!!!!
Charlie Marstiller I give them a big shout out.
Sue Benoit Just set my DVR to record

Loving reading all your thoughts about #BackToUs!! Means so much that you're digging it. If you still need to pick it up, iTunes has you covered!

Back To Us by Rascal Flatts on Apple Music
Back To Us by Rascal Flatts on Apple Music

Listen to songs from the album Back To Us, including "Yours If You Want It," "Back To Us," "I Know You Won't," and many more. Buy the album for $10.99. Songs start at $1.29. Free with Apple Music subscription.

403 reactions 41 comments
Mona Davis Love the CD!!
MP Reagan L❤VE it!! L❤VE my Rascal Flatts!!
Thomas DeGraw Rascal Flatts I Love You Guys Thank you So much Your great Music And Gary Outstanding On The Are You Happy Now Track You Did Outstanding my Favorite Song On The New Album Is Love What You've Done With The Place I Sung That Song To My Girlfriend And She ...
Christine Miller Lesniak Love the CD!!!!!
Erika Wiik Andresen Love your new album❤️❤️

#flashbackfriday to when Jagger first got to meet Lauren Alaina circa 2012-ish. And now check out our duet with Lauren on #BACKTOUS out today! #AreYouHappyNow - we are so proud of ya Lauren, keep on rockin' girl! - JDR

628 reactions 7 comments
Lyndsee Toyn He's a mini you! How adorable.
Mor Mor Thomas Love that song!♡♡♡♡
Sherri Levox So cute.
Pamela Bayler #LOVE
Kathy DeWitt Loved it!!

Better get to asking Alexa to order you the physical deluxe edition of #BackToUs! Get it exclusively at Amazon Music. http://smarturl.it/BackToUsDLX

177 reactions 3 comments
Sean van der Stel Daphne Kuipers nieuw album!!
Brianna LC Are you guys touring in MA this summer?
Destiny Michele Vinson Your new ablum is so so good

We've been waiting so long to say this... #BackToUs is available NOW! Turn it up: http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

1.4k reactions 61 comments
Jeni Smith Done!!
Teresa Jernigan Bought it yesterday!!! Lovin it!!!
Jeff Allair going buy guys
Cheryl A Swift I'm trying to get mine from the link provided and all it says is album unavailable...
Monica Escobedo I loved it!!!! Thats what ive been listening to ALL day!❤ love you guys!

Our new album, #BackToUs, is officially available now! Listen today on Spotify​: http://spoti.fi/2qZDNrO

724 reactions 31 comments
Chad Nelson Andrea Berger got it for you
Alexandria Arkis I love the new album!!
Jordan Young When does it come out in stores?
Justine Elbourne Best album ever so far guys well done
Djb Rey I just ordered the deluxe edition on Amazon

Our new album #BackToUs is available NOW! Get it here: http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

899 reactions 26 comments
Waveney Lewis Maureen Lewis Kathleen Hunt
Aimee McMullen Danielle McMullen!! Xx
Jennifer Baker Love it❤️❤️❤️
Sheldon Olynick arre u coming to canada come to regina sk
Michael Bragg Great so far!!

#BackToUs release party! Get the album here: http://smarturl.it/RFBackToUs

4.9k reactions 1220 comments
Gloria Landreth No auto tune here. Just talent❤️❤️❤️ south Texas Lives Rascall Flatts
Liz McLaughlin can't wait to see you guys June 10th. Taste of country
Susan Jacobs Hello from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida! I love this song! #RascalFlatts. 😃❤️🎼🎤🎸🎹
Betty Hamm My absolute favorite band. Love you guys and every single song y'all have ever done. So excited for the new record.
Lesia Horton Omg,wish there was two of me so I could love them more lol!!

Tomorrow! Can't wait to get #BackToUs in your hands. Feels like Christmas Eve!

1.6k reactions 51 comments
Robin Merkle I am excited!
Denise Tallman Silsbe Can't wait!
Teresa Royse Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow!
Lisa Marie Quinn Can't wait
Diane Bullock Can't wait! I ordered mine back in March

A lot of people can show off with their range and vocal chops. Very few can do that and project emotion at the same time. Cue Lauren Alaina, y'all! So honored to have her join us on "Are You Happy Now" from #BackToUs. Entertainment Tonight has your first listen!

732 reactions 27 comments
Zak Kelly Julia
Alistair Inglis Kirsty Inglis
Megan Pearson Stephanie Reid
Meg Bissonnette Jill Bissonnette
Meghan Arbegast Valerie O'Connor Jennifer Watson

Two more days until #BackToUs! PARADE Magazine is setting you up with the first listen of "Love What You've Done With The Place." Let us know what you think!

Rascal Flatts Explore the Sweet Side of Sharing a Space In Exclusive New Track
Rascal Flatts Explore the Sweet Side of Sharing a Space In Exclusive New Track 'Love What You've Done With The Place'

In their new song, “Love What You’ve Done With The Place,” Rascal Flatts paint a sweet picture of a couple on the verge of co-habitating, with romantic lyrics like, “so when you gotta go // don’t you leave me all alone // leave your perfume on my pillow and your picture on my phone // leave [...]

115 reactions 15 comments
James McClelland Lisa McClelland
Sharon Green Travis Wilson
Rachel May Matthew McEachran LOVE 😍💕
Diana Bagford One of your best.
Pamela Bayler #💙

Who’s ready to dance?!? This one is catchy, y’all. Head on over to Billboard to get the first listen of a new track from #BackToUs, “Dance!”

Rascal Flatts Debut Upbeat New Song
Rascal Flatts Debut Upbeat New Song 'Dance' From Forthcoming Album 'Back to Us': Premiere

As Rascal Flatts prepare for the release of their tenth studio album on May 19, they wanted to share another track with fans to get even more excited for the LP. Titled "Dance," the upbeat new track premieres today (May 15) on Billboard.

1.7k reactions 48 comments
Cait Ryder I can't find where the new song is posted?
Elaina Ellis THEY ARE BACK!!! <3
Monica Rodriguez I CANT 😭😭😭😭😫😫😍😍😍
Michele Sullivan Great song. Can't wait until the 19th.

Thanks to Billboard for sitting down with us to talk about one of the most fun records we've had the chance to make, 'Back to Us'!

Rascal Flatts Discuss Why New Album
Rascal Flatts Discuss Why New Album 'Back To Us' Was 'One of the More Fun Projects We've Done'

One week from today, Rascal Flatts will release their tenth studio album, 'Back To Us.' For a band that has been releasing music since 2000, there is a definite feeling of renewal on the album. The band talks to Billboard about the meaning behind the title and the creative process behind it.

835 reactions 7 comments
Ramele Paytes Yessss
Linda Wells I guys. I love you so dud my auntie mike
Jill Dorozenski I are you going to do surprise appearances during CMA fan fest?
Portia Phillips I personally feel a connection with every record. #flattheadforlife
Christy George My daughters a Hugh fan can I get a autograph photo for her if so her name is Cheyenne address is 2409 Jackson street sanit Joseph Missouri 64507

“If I was a car, you’d take the key, put the metal to the metal 'til you leave me feeling like I’m…” Y’all head on over to Rolling Stone Country for the very first listen of “Vandalized” off our new album, #BackToUs. May 19 is right around the corner!

Rascal Flatts Talk Past Missteps, Debut Chris Stapleton
Rascal Flatts Talk Past Missteps, Debut Chris Stapleton's 'Vandalized'

Trio previews return-to-form album 'Back to Us' and reflects on songs that didn't work

962 reactions 28 comments
Bradyn March Shane Hosking Digby Howis Good read and listen
Tom Yancoskie True sign they stayed grounded to their musical roots and purpose.
Alison Druen awesome song!!! consider the album pre ordered!! :)
Brittni Green I loved Riot! It's my favorite track on that album
Mimi Villaseñor I love your music, greetings from Tijuana Mexico
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