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Just think…Thursday… that turkey will be yours… if you want it.

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Pat Nickless 😆
Patt Madden My boys! Love you
Stephanie Fletcher Love you Gary!!!💙💙💙
Joyce Wingo Love it 🦃 🦃 ❤️ 😘 😉
Candy Mills Love you guys

What an incredible loss for the country music world. Mel Tillis will be greatly missed.

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Carol Sanders He was one of a kind. Great sense of humor, amazing voice. What a song writer, too. Loved him.
Shirley Henward Sing with Angels, Mel🙏🏻🙏🏻
Terry Gilner RIP thank you for sharing your talent with us
Teresa Valenti One of the good guys..
Lillian Weissenberger Sure will be missed may God bless his family

It was rigged!! 😉 We had too much fun hitting the stage with Boyz II Men on Drop The Mic last night. Watch our rap battle now and let us know if we need a round two!

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Christian B McDonald I am dying with tears and laughter. I love these 2 groups so much. I just gotta say its so much more impressive hearing white guys try to throw down, it just makes it funnier. #whiteguyscantryme!
Jerod George The line that they now weigh heavier than they did with 4 members was the best. I did notice that they were all reading teleprompters too takes away from the sponteneous nature of a rap battle, but you guys did a great job.
Courtney Simmons My first time watching the show with two of my favorite groups. However your first guy was surprisingly weak in his delivery. I'd go for a round 2 just because it's nice to see people have fun and enjoy themselves.
Kelly Ross Rascal Flatts definitely won! The entire thing was pretty amazing, but your guys ending was downright awesome! I've been a fan since I was a teenager and your very first album helped me thru alot of hard times. Keep on keepin' on. You 3 have amazing ...
Stacy Richey For Rascal Flatts not being rappers, I think they did amazing and blew Boys II Men out of the water! Whay to go Gary Joe Don and Jay!!!!!

It all goes down on Drop The Mic at 10:30/9:30c! We’re coming for you Boyz II Men. 👊🎤

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Amber Laskowski Amanda Brady
Terrence Guerrero You guys killed it
Melissa Strack y’all killed it!!!!! 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Katie Reid Loved it!! Y'all so won that!!
Jessica Sant Kayla Self will you get this??

Who's watchin' tonight?! 🎤 #DropTheMic

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Debbie Sylvester Jennifer McNulty
Robert Martin Kristi Johnston record it
Sheldon Olynick come to regina sk
Saundra Joey Reyna Villarreal It says not till 12/5. Im confused.
Andrea Wise I AM!

Take a look at the "Southern Christmas" song and video from Christmas in the Heartland out today y’all! 💡s, 🎥, action!💥 - Joe Don Rooney

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Penny Kay O'Sullivan 😍😍😍😍 love Christian Kane's Voice
John Durso Where can I get it
Gary Derosier How can I download this video!!! I love it
Shannon Sacharko Theobald Look at you Joe Don Rooney
Midge Mathews who is the other guy??

Looks like we’ve got a couple nominations on our hands! Thanks so much to Rare Country for the love. 👊 Voting is open now at RareCountryAwards.com through Wednesday, Dec. 13!

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Elaine Hahn Awesome
Janeen Rahn Love Rascal Flats . Kenny too
Jean Sawyer I voted.
Tyson Cowden Please come to Salt Lake City next year
Melissa Rose Voted for you guys!!! Good luck!!

Proud to be a part of the Black Tie Moving - Columbus, OH family and help bring three locations to my home state of Ohio! Learn more about how Black Tie Moving can give you the first class experience here: http://bit.ly/2ytAPvJ - Gary LeVox

322 reactions 3 comments
Marsha Dillabough 😍
Tyson Cowden Are you coming to Salt Lake City next year
Lindy Strohm Would they be seeing an office up in Toledo

Tuesday! We're taking on Boyz II Men on Drop The Mic. Don't miss it! #DropTheMic

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Krista Romano Karen Cervantes Hannah Jaclyn Hancey Stephanie Heather
Alexandria Lynn Laura Vance 😂
Elizabeth Bradshaw Erica Fulger 😂
Lyndsey Caliendo Jenny Dufour!!!
Jessica Sant Kayla Self!!!

That Friday feeling! #CMAawards

697 reactions 8 comments
Karen Lynn Tomlin Love rascal flatts
Sue Redman Love Rascal Flatts!!!!! ♡♡♡
Christina Graham Loved Unconditionally!
Lillian Weissenberger They are great like
Cait Ryder Awww you guys! <3 Release those tour dates. I am so anxious to see you all again!

Thank you to the #CMAawards for allowing us to take the stage to pay tribute to our good friend, Troy Gentry.

6.2k reactions 87 comments
Hayley Jo Triplett It was incredible! Loved every second!
Bobbie Jean Glossup ❤️ Awesome performance!!! It made me ugly cry!!! Troy was such a great person!!!
Paula Brookover-Louis Heartbreaking, but what a wonderful tribute. You did a wonderful job, as usual.
Patty Cavey Rivera Was bawling when I saw his wife and daughter! Glad Eddie was there!
Lillian Weissenberger That was very nice and great loved

We all love you and miss you so much T-Roy! It was our pleasure and our honor to have performed “My Town” with Eddie & Dierks Bentley here at the CMA Country Music Association Awards and shine the light on you and your memory. 🙏🏼😇 We will continue to pray for Angie and the rest of the family. Blessings, peace and love. Montgomery Gentry #batman

9.6k reactions 195 comments
BobbyJo Deater Anyone have a good link to this tribute? I missed it last night :(
Amy Mohr Love the batman shirt!! Great tribute. So nice to see Eddie on stage.
Rachel Montague So sad, loved Troy and their music...'somethin to be proud of'.....
Melissa Swift Matherly Great tribute. TRoy is flying high Great job RF and Dierks do great to see Eddie on stage tonight.
Marla Lochotzki You did an amazing tribute to T-Roy! Love you guys!! ❤❤

Grabbing a latte backstage at the #CMAawards. This isn’t weird at all!

1.8k reactions 65 comments
Robin Merkle That's cool!
Angie Poe OMG!!! I need one!!!!
Dennis Dolan Jr Let’s see more of that awesome buck Gary!
AK Munar Whoa! That's sooo cool! How did you taste? I meant....how did your latte taste? :-D
Katie Dunn Kendall Reicherter you may regret ever telling me your inner most thoughts! 😘

How in the heck did it become the 15th anniversary of our FIRST CMA Country Music Association award this year?! Still grateful! #CMAawards

1.6k reactions 52 comments
Christelle A. Sanchez B'Cuz They ARE "FIERCE" ❤️🙏😇👼❣️💙💋😘
Cyndi Meigs Bravo Guys !!!!!
Sally Thibodeaux I’ve been a fan since the start!❤️❤️❤️
Samantha Cannon My favorite group!! You guys are the best!!!
Tracy C. Freitag You are awesome? I can not believe that I have been listening to you guys for that long.

Listen to #BackToUs on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2fwl9jR

820 reactions 17 comments
Patricia Clark https://youtu.be/6UdZIh8_xGc
Alicia Victoria Joanne Morandi Manganelli
DeeDee Beeler yes
Holly Wenig Love this song!!!!
Genevieve Tomes Back to us. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Thank you to our friends in Frisco, TX for joining us and The Jason Foundation, Inc. -Youth Suicide Prevention and Awareness in taking the B1 Pledge! Learn more: rascalflattsb1.com

272 reactions 4 comments
Jo Anne Howell Sitterson Ashley Collins
Ana Matthews Elizabeth Grace Millsap-Gini .💚💜❤️
Mary Larson This is nice but should be for everyone not just youth. My son was 28 when he died by suicide.
Katherine Halbert BEAR4LIFE.COM Teen suicide prevention Please watch video

We've scared up a freaky good sale for y'all! Take 30% off your entire purchase today in the online store. Use code: HALLOWEEN17 Shop Now: http://bit.ly/2ii6idH

119 reactions 7 comments
Whitney Askins Jed Akers
Andrea Wise Ellen Thomas Arellano
Jeanna Trager Justin Trager 😍
Melanie Littrell Lewis Love you guys!!💙
Margie Don Horton Wished you had bigger sizes!


118 reactions 5 comments
Melanie Littrell Lewis Jay Demarcus my favorite!!!💙
Tracy L Thomas THIS is ME!!!!!!
Michael Cochran Monday - Friday
Karen Napper No matter what day of the week it is, there will always be a “Monday”..... I am just NOT a morning person full stop! I don’t discriminate, I hate having to get up every morning..... Midday is a much more reasonable time to have to get up and start ...

Here’s a #FlashbackFriday for y’all… This album made its debut 15 years ago this week. Hard to believe it!

6.4k reactions 266 comments
Lindsay Ali Prefer this post to the 1 earlier of u kneeling over some poor dead deer u jst shot n killed 😷 boak
Dalia Cervantes After GARY LeVOX posted a pix of himself DEER HUNTING, I am NO LONGER A FAN!
Lillian Weissenberger That is very nice they have stayed great love their music
Cynthia Peak this was my first country album... i know every word, to every song in this album.... omg I'm so old!!!
Lindsay Allison This is the album that got me hooked! Love y’all! ♥️♥️♥️

Gotta love Iowa in Bucktober with a front! Thank you Lord!! - Gary LeVox

9.8k reactions 867 comments
Sally Greiner Thanks for visiting our country "iowa"! Your a God guy. Thanks for the share and pic. Sharing with my brothers who hut on the family farm in iowa. Peace be with you and yourfamily.🕇
Kevin Sargent Holy Crap!! There are a lot of Butt hurt people on here. Living in Iowa, the deer are way over populated. And are a danger to drivers everywhere. Hunting is the only way to control it. There are no predators here to take them. And besides they are ...
Mike Roman When you actually HUNT that animal down with a buck knife and nothing else I'll be impressed. Otherwise just go shoot fish in a barrel, your the equivalent of celebrity poker with a bow.
Joyce Deuso People don’t understand about over population and natural selection. If there are no natural predators what do you think is going to happen.
Colby Huff Those of you protesting the "sport" here... so, you're saying that once Gary harvests the meat, you'd just have him do, what, exactly with the antler rack... just throw it out? Mounting a rack is a way of memorializing the animal and honoring the food ...

FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA! What a gift it was for us to meet and perform for such amazing people. The future is yours. God bless!! #ICanWeWillFFA

687 reactions 40 comments
Patricia Bedard Hartson Catherine Kavianian are you at this conceert?
Shirley Casey Im waiting for ur perform <3
Clarynn Shuldberg It was so awesome! ❤
Tiffiny Wulf Awesome! !
Susie Strickland My daughter is there

Thank you to all of you who came to see our residency at The Venetian Las Vegas. Y’all truly made it incredible! Stay #VegasStrong. http://bit.ly/RFlasvegas

1.6k reactions 49 comments
Linda Riffe Stewart My birthday trip October 21. What a great time in Vegas and your show was the icing on the cake. 💕
Jeanne Jahnigen Ison It was a great show and we love seeing you live
Debbie Clayton It was a great show!! Until next time......
Tina Kaiser-Enge I loved it!!! You guys are amazing!!!!
Candy Mills I sure hope your coming back this next year...

So excited for this! We’re performing LIVE with our buddy Dierks Bentley on the #CMAawards! Watch Wed, Nov 8 on ABC.

1.0k reactions 20 comments
Kristie Messerli Rachel Andersen
Teri Rodriguez Melissa Mariee
Brenda Cheatham Krista Cheatham💙💙💙
Pamela Bayler 😍❤️
Amanda Gregorich Congrats love u guys Rascal Flatts

They not only sing together in harmony, they play together too! Joe Don and Gary, ladies and gentleman. What an amazing time in Las Vegas!

1.4k reactions 45 comments
Jennifer Leigh Hirsch love it
Benny Garza Yo rascal see watt sayy bout. Partyyy..100
Cindy Michaelis Yes it was! You were awesome!
Sue Redman Love Rascal Flatts!!!!!
Roxane L Pahlke Love Rascall Flatts!!!

Back at it again for night two of the battle rounds with Team Blake Shelton. The Voice starts now!

2.5k reactions 34 comments
JohnDiana Ricci Awesome
Lisa Benton Love y'all always
Kathaleen Foster I LOVE THESES GUY'S!!!!! BEST EVER!!!!!
Lindsay Corbine I'm watching guys

#TeamBlake all the way! Watch us join the Blake Shelton team as advisors tonight at 8/7c on The Voice.

2.6k reactions 47 comments
Andrea Scott So excited!
Doug Barre The best!!!
Linda Riffe Stewart Can't wait.
Rose Butterman Love Rascal Flats
Barb Engelhard Great choice Blake. Love Rascal Flatts

Troy... I miss ya, my friend! #betterme - Gary Levox

5.3k reactions 42 comments
Melody McPeek Gough R.I.H Troy💕
Rick Bartalini Troy ❤️ #BetterMe
Christine Grant We all miss you troy rest in peace
Dale Owens Great song!!
Linda Karadunis Miss him too

Exploring Vegas with my daughter, Brittany and… Bruno? 🎶Lucky for you I don’t dislike, I don’t dislike! 🎶 😁 - Gary

6.0k reactions 148 comments
Brandi Meyers Have lots of fun. She looks star struck!!✴️⭐✴️
Kimberly Richardson Miller Brittany is stunning, watch those boys coming around. 😊
Deborah May Meeks Just beautiful!! She could be Tamara's twin!!
Mary Behm is this the most “dad” post you’ve ever seen lollll Allison Behm Laura Behm Jeff Behm
Shalynn Adams Very cool! "Me and my gang" will be seeing you the 20th!

Excited to be a part of #TeamBlake! Y'all get ready for some incredible talent.

1.3k reactions 23 comments
Kristie Messerli Francisco Ceballos Elaine Noonan Messerli Kevin Kelly
Lorraine Outterside Wilson Amber Wilson x
Adrian May Dujardin Jacob Droese !!!
Joanne Storey love Rascal Flatts
Tina C Hotaling MY favorite group! Rascal Flatts! Go Blake Shelton!

I sure love France. 😉😉 Back in Vegas tomorrow night at The Venetian Las Vegas to spread more love & light on this amazing city! #VegasStrong - JDR

2.8k reactions 79 comments
Ryma Degruyter On the 21st......cya then
Waunita Fraser Please do a tour of Australia soon PLEASE!!!!
Kathy Marcozzi Pierce Love you guys! Saw you for the gazillinth time in Allentowm! Be safe!
Laura Henry Saw your show Saturday. You guys put on an amazing show! Never disappointed, you guys are so talented!
Maria Tristan-Flynn My husband and I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow night❤️🎼❤️
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