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Sorry Dave, found someone to take your place. 😜 lil guitar tech #rocky - @JoeDonRooney

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Sarah-Irene Donahue Hey Aljon Go...
Sandy Himes Cool
Shelby Bramlette So cute just like u buddy
Nancy J. Arkenburgh-Drescher Adorable

String Day!!!!! #backtous #flatts2017

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Scott Cavanaugh http://www.facebook.com/sarahsmithmusicpage/videos/10154383494633342/
Rob Collier Can we skip all the pop/party country and go back to the good stuff?
Donna Moore Cardwell Givr my son Alex Cardwell a job. HE IS A GREAT MUSICIAN
Joni Goold Canning Seriously? We have to wait until May? Ah..... . Come on!!!!!
Mary Tedder Come on May!!!!! 😯🤗

Happy national puppy day... #priscillaelizabeth the best, most patient pup in the entire world... #nationalpuppyday - Jay

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Valarie Stump Owens Cute
Linda Wells you rock jay
Melissa Domeier What a sweetheart
Treacha Meisenheimer Priceless
Vicki Chess too cute...

Get ready to laugh your head off at the stuff Rascal Flatts’ kids have said

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Heather Ann Looks like they r eating at a Crackel barrel!
Diana Kabrud I wish you would come see me at the barrel!
Portia Phillips I love it! Sometimes I come up with good stuff , but most the time I make myself look stupid even trying 😄
Pamela Bayler Don't worry Rocky, I will teach you how to sew! I love you Rocky!!!!!
Renata Ferreira Kkkk...don't worry, guys...when they get older they will realize how harder it is to make ends meet without the books...

Tune in to see us perform on the ACM - Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday, April 2 on CBS at 8PM ET! #YoursIfYouWantIt

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Claire Chapman Laura Chapman
Katie Abbott John Ebbels
Annabeth Fox ITS ABOUT TIME Charleston Fox
Ayla Kaysil De Guzman Jayson De Guzman, remind me! :))

Flattheads, enter the new Fan Club contest now for your chance to win a FREE one year deluxe membership!

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James Ankin luv too join fan club of rascals
George Wayne Clayton Does this not included members already apart of the fan club?
Tina Kasal COOL, AWESOME..!!!!

These country superstars went back to work in a restaurant, and it’s hilarious

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Phill Blush Jennifer Darlin
Michelle D'anthony Erin Johnson ❤❤❤ this song
Christee Powell 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Goutam Lilly haha love this song..

The best spring break ever :) #jagger #rocky #devon 😇's @JoeDonRooney

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Alan Scott Do u care to like my page from yours as I have liked yours from my verified page big supporter of you bro 💯👌🏼❤️
Shelby Bramlette Awwwwwww so sweet buddy
Ronnie Keller vary cool
Shawna Cushatt Such beautiful Kids JoDon
Jordan Young Cutest thing ever

My buddy @charles_esten taking care of my daughter, Maddie, while I was onstage at the Grand Ole Opry last week!! Thanks Chip!! I love ya buddy... #deaconthebabysitter #flattsattheopry #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

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Murray J Vale Luv those precipous Smiles <, ,,,,, Stay safe <,
Shawna Cushatt So cute
Imelda Villegas Beautifully pretty girl you have 👼
Melissa Earp Beautiful pic

Brand new music video #YoursIfYouWantIt

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Deb Karge Trying to get two tickets for tonight in btiward but dam 200 I need an angel
Sandra Burrows Can't wait for the new album to come out. Would be even better if you guys would come back to visit your fans in Australia
Shelly Lizun Earl had to die!! LOL
Rhonda Saucier Malenfant Jen Theriault check it out! I predict another hit!!!
Robert Dean Zismer Good song my baby wants it and she has it , that's me that's all she needs is me !

Check out our brand new music video, "Yours If You Want It", premiering now on People and Entertainment Weekly!

Rascal Flatts Flip burgers in New
Rascal Flatts Flip burgers in New 'Yours If You Want It' Video

This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com. There can never be too many cooks in the kitchen… at least when it comes to Rascal Flatts’ new music video for “Yours If You Want It,” that is!…

4.1k reactions 96 comments
Summer Covert LOVE it!
Olivia Matthews-Cooper LOVE IT!!!!!!
Melissa Sessumes Barrios Love you guys. Love the song. Love the video. Cant wait for the new album
Lauren Collins Resnick See you Saturday in South Florida!!! Can't wait!
John Connelly A great artist and performance at First Niagra near pittsburgh last summer.

Watch our new music video "Yours If You Want It" premiering now on People Country!

Rascal Flatts’ ‘Yours If You Want It’ Music Video Premiere
Rascal Flatts’ ‘Yours If You Want It’ Music Video Premiere

Get an exclusive first look at Rascal Flatts’ newest music video for “Yours If You Want It”

2.4k reactions 72 comments
Joanne Storey Love it. 😍
Kristi Eller You guys were hilarious.
Dunyale Tolliver Love it!
Melanie Littrell Lewis Love Love Love it!!!💙
Joni Johnson Love it

"Yours If You Want It" music video premieres TOMORROW morning on People.com and EW.com!

1.6k reactions 22 comments
Devon Mitchell Tiffany Withrow
Sarah Reña Mike Romero riiiight
Fern WalksagainsttheWind Mcm Towerhouse!
Hermin Martinez Joseph 😮
Trevor Ford How about a UK tour soon ???????????

#YoursIfYouWantIt new video coming Thursday!

1.5k reactions 34 comments
Holly Kizilski Mallory Iles
Lois Griffiths Aneeka Patel
Kimberly Wamego Rob Pearson
Alecia Baker Patranella Stephanie Larson Willis💙💙💙
Stephanie Homitz Brendan Messner 😂😂

Our brand new music video #YoursIfYouWantIt premieres this Thursday!!

3.7k reactions 65 comments
Cheyenne Benson Best birthday present ever
Billy Beane These guys are always so funny and super nice guys
Susan Clark Love these guys
Jessica Beesley Alcantara Where can we see it?
Bunny Furrow Can't wait!! Love your music!!❤🎶

Our new album, Back To Us, hits stores May 19th! Preorder your copy now here: www.RascalFlatts.com

1.1k reactions 32 comments
Courtney Theis Alyssa Pool!
Robert Martin Kristi Johnston YAY
Audrey Paquet Anne-Sophie Pare YEAH!
Diana Moffitt Amanda 😀😍
Morgan Petitimbert Come in France pleaaaaaaaase !

‪Saturday morning Flatts meeting!! Good stuff ahead people!! 😉#flatts2017 #backtous‬

6.5k reactions 165 comments
Amanda Pierce Favorite Band! Love your music! Seen you guys play in Halifax, Nova Scotia...Would love to see you guys play again! Take care 😊
Paul Ilg Your music withstands the test of time. Great to have a few Ohio boys doin well for themselves
Edna Hammeren You guys can not only sing.You all are adorable as well . I melt
Judy Wendell Taylor Three sweet guys that love the Lord, their family, friends and fans, Blessings to all!
Katie Abbott I thought it said back to aus and got excited!! Come back to Melbourne soon!!

I love this picture of my baby girl and I at lunch together... wonderful memories... #goestoofast #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

5.1k reactions 65 comments
Debbie Polasky Enjoy her because they grow up so fast!
Nita Bruggenschmidt-Vos Classic and beautiful
Siobhan Craig ❤❤❤❤❤ precious
Debbie Miller Pietrzak What a sweet picture.
Susie N Marc Barnum Things money can't buy.

Putting the finishing touches on the record today!! Thank you to all of these wonderful string players for their incredible contributions!! #sessionlife #stringoverdubs #nashvillesessions

1.4k reactions 34 comments
Kodokuna Okami God bless them all
Donna L. Threlkeld I ❤ Rascal Flatts.
LeAnne Cunningham Looking forward to hearing it.
Treacha Meisenheimer I'm excited!!!!
Lillian Weissenberger Nice

Our new album #BackToUs hits stores May 19th! Preorder your copy now at www.RascalFlatts.com

1.4k reactions 34 comments
Kelly Greer Greenway Cindy Marsh ❤
Lindsay Kriz Karissa Dahlquist
Ashley Haslinger Connie Haslinger yay!!
Nichole Crowe Jeff Carter
Amanda Visgak Michelle Tonkin Sparacino ... So far away 😣

Our new album, Back To Us, hits stores May 19th! Preorder your copy now here: www.RascalFlatts.com

1.1k reactions 17 comments
Leeanne Gill Joanne Gill
Emily Swift Katie Swift
Lisa Nolan Victoria Wood 🙌🙌
Bec Rose Margaret Connell <3
Sherri Levox Can't wait. Already preordered mine.

Our new album, Back To Us, hits stores May 19th! Preorder your copy now here: www.RascalFlatts.com

3.6k reactions 56 comments
Amy Gollehon Thats my birthday so excited
Carla Shehorn If we preorder will you guys sign it?
Christine Josephina-Hansen Briones Come back to cali!
Jessica Sieli Come to WPB, FL!!!!
Alma Deason Love,love ,love you guys

Flattheads, Enter now for your chance to win a guitar signed by us! tnspk.co/1AdPWz4

Win a Signed Guitar from Rascal Flatts
Win a Signed Guitar from Rascal Flatts

Win prizes from your favorite bands just by being a fan.

1.3k reactions 56 comments
Nikki Hatch I would so love this!
Gwen Williams Love, LoVe, L❤️VE "ME" SoMe RacaL Flatts ! 😘
Bobbie Hillburn Love you Rascal Flatts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelly Mack Yeesssss!
Lola Berringer I hope I get this!!!

Rascal Flatts' new album BACK TO US hits stores May 19th! Preorder it now at www.rascalflatts.com

Preorder the new album BACK TO US now! In stores May 19th.
Preorder the new album BACK TO US now! In stores May 19th.

New album from Rascal Flatts featuring the hit single "Yours If You Want It".

1.7k reactions 38 comments
Melody Gorman Kelley Kilbury!!!!!!!
Abbigail Hurst Megan Salway !!!
Jason Rogers Heather
Chelsea Dodge Beth Evans 😬
Asparrow Sparrow ya i mighyt have a nickel after 14 years T have nothing

Here it is. Our brand new album, 'Back To Us'!! You can PREORDER it right now on www.rascalflatts.com! And, tune in today to see us on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

7.1k reactions 311 comments
Kimberlee Thorpe If your still into these guys music.. Daniel Thwaites
Patricia Nellis Excited to get the new CD and see you on Ellen today... 😎
Debbie Rhoads Ayala I think they should put. Hailies song on there the one he sang to her
Rosie Souter Julie Souter do u think they will tour the UK with it!? OMG
Kevin Lloyd You all have already set the bar high!! Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear my favorite bands new album!!

Tune in TOMORROW to see us on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Find your local airtime here: http://bit.ly/2mQSYNM

4.0k reactions 115 comments
Sam Ritchie Great performance on Ellen! !!
Taylor Dodson Pearson i wont be home 😭 i hope i can watch later!
Sherry Anthony I Hope You Will Be Singing.
Debbie Sylvester Yay!!! Can't wait!

Great night last night in Nassau Bahamas for the #buckeyecruise raising money & trying to make a difference. Now headed back to the states w my boys @jaydemarcusofficial #garylevox @ohiostatefb the fabulous #coachurbanmeyer #rascalflatts --- photobomb courtesy of #tristankirkbride 😜 #goodtimes #cancersucks 🏈👊🏽👍🏽☝🏽 - @JoeDonRooney

2.7k reactions 76 comments
Yvonne Parker Love me some rascal flatts
Gerald Huffman Hey rascalflatts did u guys have a good time
Penny Mayor Love Rascal Flatts. You guys are the BEST!!
Micky Gerding Go buckeyes!
Alyssa Robida Ohio State and Rascal Flatts... 😍🌰❤

My baby looks so "old" in this pic... makes me sad 😔 BUT, she's already a lite brite wiz!! #growingtoofast #mybabygirl Instagram-> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

1.4k reactions 17 comments
Helennmichael Johnson Beautiful picture
Michelle Murphy She's beautiful!
Melissa Earp Beautiful pic
Anthony Tomaszewski Cute young lady.
Jennifer Leigh Hirsch so sweet jay

#goodtimes in Oklahoma! So blessed some of my family were able to come along for the experience this week. #blessed #southernchristmas 🎄#Instagram -> @JoeDonRooney

1.4k reactions 20 comments
Michael Poindexter Jr Very cool! Next time?
Sharon Brown Lov the truck
Deborah-Lynn Senger Kool sunglasses!
Terry L. Stewart Cool picture 📷, like truck also 🙂

Working on some new #jamesotto music!!! Excited for you guys to hear!!! #Instagram -> @JayDeMarcusOfficial

725 reactions 18 comments
Patti Stover Allen Bring it on ❤️
Beverly A. Blanchard I'm so excited can't wait !!!!!!
Kimberly Taylor Love your music!!!!
Kerry Johnston Preston Bring it!!!
Gerald R Root Jay , can't wait to hear it
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