Nikki Bella

Last updated: 15:18 01/16/2017

Enjoyed an amazing Pure Barre session today! The girls in there were kicking insane butt! So impressed!

34.5k reactions 284 comments
Ona Ona Ona 😍
Ketsia Lancya Nice !
Sarah Harper Cute outfit xx 😘
Nivea Kapoor Love you Nikki
Nikki Sandoval Nikki bella beautiful as alwayz


8.7k reactions 75 comments
Miguel Quan Saludos Hermosa Nikki
Jill Ethington Your pride too. Nice saying fearless !
Myco Rasamala Amenodin Very well said
Adam Moniz If i loose i alaways gett better and come back for more
Reginald Lamar Taylor I love Nikki Bella...the HOTTEST/BEST WRESTLER

En route Birmingham, AL πŸ’‹πŸ’ͺ🏽 See you soon Bella Army! 😘😘😘

94.9k reactions 1210 comments
Derrick Douglas Nikki you are beautiful and wonderful made by God keep up the good work love you
Rita Jones Nikki Bella you look so pretty I LOVE your hair. When are you coming to Springfield, IL?
Nia Barrera Nikki bella I love you So much you inspired me and many many people
Millatd Jenkins Fearless beautiful I can still look but I can't touch but if you ever leave john I'll take you
Zaida Ontiveros I love you so much😭😭😭

Here's to happy hour!

10.9k reactions 87 comments
Jeremy Hester Aww wonderful couple
Tyler Andre Elliott U guys r awesome
Samantha Thibeault Wig out all the makeup she looks so much more like Brie
Sharn Sidhu Nice pic cena............. .
Haritik Kumar Nic

| caught in a moment in my sanctuary |

24.8k reactions 130 comments
'Fernando Ramirez Hi
ζ΄ͺη”° hello. nikki😍😍😍
Parichay Barethia 461 like in 4 min awesome
Erich Romig That dang John Cena stealing the girl I want lol.
Blaine Gough And beauitful


95.3k reactions 982 comments
Dasun Dhammasara mehema kandhak tyna ekiyak hambawenawanam ndda bn.. Shehan Sanjana
RahΓ¨la Ismaili You are too skinny for the wwwe πŸ˜• u better eat something
Troy Beauchamp thank you for you and your sister for what you do in the WWE
Noorahmad Khan I like looking into the future!!! It looks really hot !! : )~
Michael Everitt Dam just when u think she can't get any hotter she go and takes this picture really

We ALL know who the smarter Bella Twin really is!

5.4k reactions 109 comments
Deena Ramiro Nikki
Ben Williams Came here for the booty
Islam M Jaleel Of course you
Oralia Diaz Yes..nikki you are the smartes
Kirk Palatzky Hi Nikki Bella how are u did Randy Dummigan talk to u for me

Oh the pouty face ❀ I miss you everyday! I don't get to smell you, kiss you and squeeze you tight! Forever my little boy, forever my lil Win Win ❀

17.0k reactions 155 comments
Aadesh Khatri Ft get this..Worry about Natalya beating you upπŸ˜‚
Roberto Lucania hello
Jill Ethington Winston misses u too, but he love u anyway .
Islam M Jaleel So cute
Uddhab Baidya oh thanks!

This is far from over!

Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)
Photos: Nikki Bella suffers the wrath of The Queen of Hart(less)

Fearless Nikki looks to get some retribution on her Total Divas co-star Natalya for The Queen of Hearts' attack at Survivor Series and her many subsequent insults.

9.0k reactions 251 comments
Tanya Sue Pelland No one really likes Natalie she is a cry baby grow up u are not as good as u think and using your family's move all the time only way u can win
Eric Martin My son was crying when we were there last night cause Nikki was hurt
Melissa Gonyer Niki Bella my 9yr Hayley and 6yr Angel said get better so you can go kick some A** they love you and want to be just like you!! Thank you for being a amazing role model for the kids
Cyrie Del Rosario missing the bella tweens btw. go nikki were here for you and dont forget to beat her a** #fearless #PhilippinesπŸ’“
Madison Mozol Nikki you go get her and prove to her who the real leader is who is the true superstar.Stay strong.Stay confident.Stay Fearless.Never give up.No matter how bad it hurts you are Nikki Bella .And Nikki Bella never gives up no matter how bad the situation ...

Cheers to New Year's resolutions!

6.9k reactions 65 comments
Mano Doll Fabo
Afzal Belim This is the best couple in earth
Juan Carlos Montalvan Gomez she is hello
Usama Khatri 😍
Nivea Kapoor Love you Nikki

This one's for you, Peter Rosenberg!

5.7k reactions 56 comments
Yen Nguyen Love nikki
Sanjeet Rahar i love u
Iftkhar Rana Nice
Chris O'connell na Bayley my favorite one
Amar Alshawahin واو Ω†Ψ§ΩŠΨ³


11.8k reactions 125 comments
Rhea Saludes Obra Yes keep moving! #bellaarmy
Ben Phipps Yea im broke ive got skills no money oh wow noone wanna talk to me
Mohamed GC Would u visit egypt ! عايز Ψ§Ψ³ΨͺΨΆΩŠΩΩƒ πŸ˜‚
Shawn Kuntz I agree
Ashley Sump So True!

Always hard to leave home but excited to see my Bella Army in Bossier City, Louisiana tonight!

35.2k reactions 208 comments
Jeffrey Heisey Beautiful Nikki Bella
David Collins Hey Nikki what's up? Whatsap?
Pertunia Msimango Msimango Spectacular
Reyel Alcala Slay πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜
Lyssa Jhen Domingo Ate Nikki I'm so proud of you.😘😭

Winemaking is all about getting your hands dirty!

16.4k reactions 120 comments
Jessy Ethopia Nice travel
Ly Song my love
Rhonda Maynard keep on being you
Xavi Sanchez Nikki you are the lucky woman and sister
Ziaur Rahman Nikki you are looking so beautiful.

Chocolate is the only answer!

8.3k reactions 121 comments
Aydin Bossa Help me Please
Jenny L Gleason-Dana Feel better dear. Make John make you soup
Toheed Ehsan 😍😍
Josephine Serraino-Corvino Right there with ya. Hope you feel better!!
Salman Sinha I'm eating chocolate

Flashback to these amazing gifts from the Bella Army at Wizard World Philadelphia!

6.4k reactions 58 comments
Akash Gurung Hi :D east or west AquaLiker is the best visit now and get likes => www. aqua liker .com
Pritam Ghosh you are the best
Jair El Boni Brie Bella. you're beautiful
Jack Jabs Junior Hi
Vikas Gupta Hii nikki

Thank you for 200K subscribers on!

10.5k reactions 91 comments
Edwin Delcid Que rica estas😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🎈🎈😘😘😘
Dipashree Borah beautiful Nikki
Allysa XD Nikki😍
Dramaine Washington J. Lo ain't got nothing on you Nikki :)
Marika Santucci 😍😍

Having a much-needed date night with John Cena tonight on Total Divas!

24.5k reactions 217 comments
Jelina Jelina John cena Nikki Bella very very nice
Raees Khaleed Nikki Bella is sexiest lady on planet she is awesome i want to spend a night with Nikki
Nyko Kenjys Doriiane Barbosa c'est nous ds quelque annee plus belle qu'elle et moi un peu moins musclΓ© hahaha mdr
Nikki Sandoval I love em they are so sexi and beautiful coulpe as alwayz ur number 1 fan 4 life
Michael Hurst Your Awesome John Cena!!!

Carmella isn't as "fabulous" as you may think!!

4.3k reactions 137 comments
Candice Chavol This was hilar!!!!!!!
Meredtih Olson Nikki you are the queen and I think that you need to that John Cena will Marry you do not let other divas make you feel bad I have been through that before in my life
AwAis JavEd She luks more stunning gorgeous and princess rather then Carmella Nikki Bella is the queen of United States Of America <3
Lenox Luatutu Hulbert This reminds me of when Brie impersonated AJ then AJ impersonates Nikki and who remembers when Mickie dressed up as Trish? Good diva memories <3
Melody Saliba You got it right Nikki 😘

So many "fabulous" expressions! Who's next?!!

21.1k reactions 564 comments
Chinedu Anthony Pretty Nikki,my longest reigning Diva of all ya
Brandon Cheeks They actually look alot alike well when Carmella Is dressed in a wig
Brayan Flores Beautiful Nikki Bella as Carmella
Hector Rodriguez Yeah Nikki give Carmela more reason to beat you up (or are they friends now or what)
Kenneth Aguas Always Beautiful Nikki , Because you copy carmella, put on your clothes that you wear because those clothes do not fit and do not stick with you

Want to know what this pic is all about? Head to now! πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

28.7k reactions 387 comments
Marie-lyne Mouawad I love u ❀️❀️ i have an album of you and of brie i love uuuuuuuuu 😍😘❀️ you are the queen
Leah Mishler You wear that outfit better then she ever will!!! #ILoveNikkiBella 😍😘😍😘😍😘
DeidrΓ© Bonhomme Your so funny nikki My name is Carmella and I am the princess offers Staten island I'm the most worst divas in NXT
Kaylee Moss Lmao well done Nikki that was definitely fabulous I love you
Prince Rashid Awesome

Keep those comments coming, Bella Army!

8.7k reactions 140 comments
Daniella Flores Te amo Nikki eres hermosa y la mejor diva de todas Amo Total Bellas <3 TE AMO NICOLE :*
Lincoln Williams And you have a peaceful day ! and your family and be bless ! always all of you !
Paul Oliva Jr. Looking forward to your new rivalry with Nattie... Two of the best on the roster
Aryan Pandit i do not know about mars and Saturn but on planet earth u r the most beautiful woman on this planet
Ricardo Singh Niki u'r d best dever was d Eva will b! u r a great of greats

Don't let others dim your shine!

17.8k reactions 599 comments
Yaril Condori Cuajera We are your fansπŸ˜‚β€ Love u so much! Nikky... I hope someday I see you face to face!
Christy Lynn Wallberg Your amazing Nikki your my favorite ever you deserve to be happy wish I could meet you in person
Islam M Jaleel You looking gorgeous my Queen heart nikki Bella πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– and I will try my best to not let the others effect on me
Ruben Olvera Look at my Nikki looking fearless like always much love for you keep it up
Rajkumar Tarafdar Ma'am We Indians love you.... I am a huge fan of yours... πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

No one does Halloween quite like John Cena and The Fearless One. Thank you so much, ESPN!

Slideshow: Best of the Buzz 2016
Slideshow: Best of the Buzz 2016

No. 14: Nikki Bella and John Cena win Halloween

32.8k reactions 174 comments
Lovely Mira I love this video
Alejandro Aadias Que puto Asco ver a John Cena disfrazado de Nikki Bella
Vinayak Pareek John cena is acting like nikke bella
Ilyas Zeid Aha falsche Nikki Bella falsche John Cena
Prashant Robin John cena = nikki. Nikki Bella = john cena

Couldn't have asked for a better Chicago night!

8.6k reactions 60 comments
Aden Cepic Your the best Nikki
Christopher Sprankle You got it Nikki you best in the world
Raina Gugan Wowwww
Gizzelle Mercado Hi Nick nikki
Alicia Smith It was awesome every body en joy that self

Here's to The Garden!

9.6k reactions 52 comments
Mahesh Chahar Killer look
Paby Rivera Hello baby, Good Night...
Khushi Ram Gurjar So sweet yar I love you Jon cina
Aydin Bossa Help me Nikki Bella to you end John Cena to see Help me
Nikki Wyatt-Farmer Fearless NikkiπŸ˜€

"I don't want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art." Carrie Fisher What an icon. RIP.

15.0k reactions 110 comments
Robert Aguilera R.I.P.
Elizabeth M Stamps R I P Carrie maythe force be with you
Christine Joe Soriano May Princess Lea rest in peace
Vishwa Ekanayaka හැ

You ready to get fearless tonight at The Garden?!

33.3k reactions 313 comments
Ali Othman SmackDown tonight at MSG.This is awesome.Hope you win against Hart Queen Natalya.
Sushant Singh oh nikki bella u r my best women wrestler of all time u r longest raining divas champion
Alana Bailey Soooooo ready to see u tomorrow night for smackdown to watch on tv i bet ur happy john will be back tomorrow
Kevin Truax Nikki I hope you had a great Christmas I prayed your dream would come true and he would ask them to marry him
Mohammod Hassan Ullah hi nikki i'm your big fan i'm always watching to your wwe match i'm from bangladesh ....................i'm always love this you & your match

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and holiday week! Hope you all created some new amazing memories. I had such a beautiful week with family and my Love.

85.5k reactions 752 comments
Cristina Vira Rio I like them together... time will tell. John went through a bad divorce but he clearly loves her.
Henna Flores merry christmas nicole and john :) I'm your avid fan. I love you both and also brie. :) <3
Luyanda Kunene I enjoyed it!!!!Traveled from Canada back to my family on SA and went to a amusement park!!!!
Amber Roberts Merry Christmas nikki and john, hope y'all had a good Christmas and a happy new year?
Janeth Lee Merry Christmas Ma'am Nicole and Sir John cenaπŸ˜„ and Happy new year in advance😍😍😘

John Cena sets the tone for discussing the true meaning of the holiday season!

9.8k reactions 82 comments
Panthi Mahesh I don't why are you not getting married with john ?
Nitin Patel Merry Christmas
Hari Puri Thanks Nikki
Adnan Ahmad Nikkei so beautiful . best couple of John cents and nikki
Mick Hack gotta admit.. John know's how to woo the ladies
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