Catherine Zeta Jones

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Interviews by the sea. Blue skies with a light breeze. Not a bad place for a chat

4.2k reactions 129 comments
Hih Arianna Romanov Elegant as always
Gary Hauger I love you gorgeous
Hugh Murdock Snr AlwAys looking great
Rachel Gale lovely photo
İlhan ER Elegant Lady.

Last night on the red carpet in Cannes for "Cocaine Godmother." ZUHAIR MURAD

3.7k reactions 124 comments
Grace Harrison Love the style 😍 beautiful ❤
Mohamed Saad are the best
Krasen Maximov I hope a trailer drops soon. Ive been waiting since 2016.
Peter Russell Looking forward to watching this film
Miguel Ibarra What you wearing underneath?

Bonjour from Cannes.

1.1k reactions 55 comments
Klodian Tashi Bonjour KATRIN FROM ATENE
Md Zl Safi Bonjour 🌸
Rozah Alyh I want send photos for you
Elodie Cezard Williams Bonjour ❤️
Милан Ђорђевић Bonjour from Paris :)

Looking over The Med. Beautiful

3.0k reactions 87 comments
Jmj Monsour How Wonderful for you🎆
Miguel Ángel Cárdenes Medina ....Hola* ♥
Iliya Raschev ❤️🌷💋🌷❤️
Asep Rucita Wonderful
Mie Ouza Enjoy your trip Cath

So honored to be guest Speaker at this very important forum. Strength in numbers. The power of women. #Mipcom MIP Markets

773 reactions 35 comments
Miguel Ibarra Don't forget about your neck
Jarvis C Lehmann Love the dress!
Рахат Осмонова вы замечательно выглядите
Sal De La Rosa Hi Catherine!
Raymond Escalera SIMPLY LOVELY TELENTED Lady ❤❤

When in Cannes...........

1.6k reactions 85 comments
Chris Donnelly Stunning as ever......
Robert Schmidt Absolutely Stunning...
Iliya Raschev ❤️🌼🌷🌼❤️
Samer Alkarkhe We need to see a movie 🎥😒👋🏻
Walter Barnes 💪😘🇪🇸🇺🇸❤

One of my personal favorites of my father-in-law. 100 years and eight months young.

1.3k reactions 70 comments
Corinne King My grandma 108 years That wonderful
Cyr Il oui..l'acteur du siè y en n'a qu'un..celui que j'ai toujours aimer..
Petterson Pinheiro Eu adoro todos os filmes do kirke douglas em especial o meu filme preferido Duelo de titans
Miguel Ibarra Does that mean Michael gonna be 100?


3.6k reactions 145 comments
Kenny Shaver #ZetA*🌍👑*🍉🍌🍍*💋💌";15++🍦MuAhh"!😘
Ahmed Mohamed So beautiful
Joey Steinjbach Most beautiful woman ever you take my breath away.
Manoj Tharayil Sweet corn , sodium based foods. With cauliflower.
Gisèle Anne Bavart Sorry but don't think your selfies do you justice 🤔

On the set of 'The Terminal' with Steven Spielberg. A great person to be stuck in an airport with.

1.6k reactions 62 comments
Mohammed Hashemei I love you 💗 🎊 🎊 🎉
Rachel Gale lovely photo
Mohamed Saad great and beautiful
Ahmed Mohamed So beautiful⚘⚘👌
DrSam Artist Catherine you are stunning

My love of vintage fashion photography. A circa 1969 print. #CZJVintage

688 reactions 25 comments
Giovanni Debidda
Neil Woolridge ...
Edwin Flores Saludos desde puerto rico
Antonio Oliva Pretty dark zone.
MeDo Aljumely You know how I love ❤️ you right ?

Figaro got to have some fun with me on the Casa Zeta-Jones shoot!

2.8k reactions 68 comments
Jony Marquez Hola hermosa 😍
Kosmak Thomas Wow was für ein süsses Foto
Silvande José de Santana Senhora Zeta, que sorte tem o teu cachorrinho.
Bernadette Jones Beauiful
Arturo Valdovinos So cute!you look beautiful.!!!

Jacques Griffe circa 1950. Simply fabulous. #MuseMonday

723 reactions 24 comments
Caroline Grey now thats true style
Miguel Ibarra Who?
Antonio Oliva Very elegant!
Juan Jirau 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵PR🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Jarvis C Lehmann Love it!

😏 #SelfieSaturday

4.6k reactions 154 comments
Mohamd Moneim Happy 😊 Saturday!! Brilliant
Kevin Wray I LOVE this photo .... She is sooo fine!
Caterina Marino Sara io bho.... 🙄
Margaret Olivieri Chaplynski you know my husband had a crush on you <3
Diane Cortez Lory Smith look it's you again!

Blue breakfast. #StyleByZeta

2.4k reactions 117 comments
Sylvia Gross Absolutely stunning xxx
Jaque Ferreira Fabulous
Mohamd Moneim Looks beautiful!! Excited 😃 Breakfast 🥐. Gorgeous.
Chris Contreras Very nice. Beautiful pic. :-)
RJ R. Ignacio Wonderful

A favorite from my Casa Zeta-Jones shoot. I’ve got a special announcement coming later this month. Stay tuned!

2.6k reactions 95 comments
Robert Schmidt Wow... So classy.....
Stuart Treharne hottie
Alex Spiteri Ultra 5 Star Lady !
Mohamd Moneim I Love 💕 U !! Specially favorite shoot .. Catherine
Rachel Gale lovely photo

I love ❤ love the color of my blue piano painting. #StyleByZeta

652 reactions 49 comments
Nena Nena Mon préfères coulour bleu 😍😍😘🎹🎹🎹🎹🎼🎼🎼
June Loos Love it!! Beautiful. 😍
Luis Teixeira Welsh and Cardiff colour! Bluebirds!!! 😃
Marko Suomi Very beautiful 🌠
Pauline Ges It's very beautiful !!

Honored to be supporting this year’s #LadyGardenCampaign with this limited edition t-shirt design by Charlotte Tilbury. Support this incredible campaign and get yours October 5th. Available at Selfridges and Black Score

3.3k reactions 96 comments
Alex Spiteri Wonderful !
Tani Tomorrica Sei bellissima
Florin Cezar Spelba Kisess!
Diego Fernandez Pérez Hermosa!
Rodolfo Antonio Suarez Hermosa

Wish you could smell these fragrant blooms. #StyleByZeta

319 reactions 40 comments
Val Lewis They look stunning xx
Gabrielle Jacob Waww gorgeous
Bill Kenedy Wow 😳
Anna Du Preez Günther Mmm I can !
Alex Alexandre Beautiful flavor same u 😗 🌹🌷

Heartbroken for Las Vegas. Sending love and support to the victims, families and city of Las Vegas. #PrayForVegas️ ❤

1.4k reactions 57 comments
Nancy Sarver 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Laurentiu Manolescu ...And for Siria!
Zetaville - Catherine Zeta-Jones Fan Club Peace for Las Vegas.
Khalid Ba Weird, he's called a shooter, but not a terrorist shame on them
Mohamd Moneim We Are Prayers & Protect Our Families And Victims And Must Be Life's And Too Safety !

Tee time. #SelfieSaturday

4.1k reactions 145 comments
Nancy Begalki Gardiner Enjoy!!
José Soares Soares Beautiful Kiss
Dilyan Benediction Ciao))
William Gasper To bad I don't "play a round" ;-)
Lorenzo Brown EnjoY 🌹

I’m LIVE now at QVC for the debut of my signature home décor collection, Casa Zeta-Jones! Transform your home with the gorgeous colors, luxurious fabric and elegant design that you will find in each piece in this line! Shop here! >

998 reactions 230 comments
Antonella Russo I love you and love michael
Debbie Moffatt I want 2 of these,how do I get a piece of heaven like this
Fabio Schiavone You should be the bond girl in 007,you would be perfect :)
Zetaville - Catherine Zeta-Jones Fan Club As a Portuguese fan of yours, I'll HAVE to buy your exquisite sheets made in Portugal, no matter how hard it'll be to get them here: I adore them, Cath!
Erika MG The one of the most beautiful ldies on earth

Thank you all for the love and support! Tune in tonight at 10PM EST on QVC. ❤️❤️ Shop the Casa Zeta-Jones collection here! >

563 reactions 41 comments
Judy E. Manisco Beautiful merchandise.
Barbara Izzo Outstanding launch!
Mohamed Mahmoud Abo Shosha 💜💜
Margaret Reseland Loved everything you presented
Keith Melton Pob lwc.

519 reactions 33 comments
Дмитрий Шубин ❤️
David Garnett Cool
Kelvin Treseder well done good luck
Conceição Dú Góes Que massa, Catherine Zeta-Jones, sou fã....Bjs bonitas.
George Wehbe 🍓

I’m LIVE now at QVC for the launch of my signature home décor collection, Casa Zeta-Jones! Luxurious quality bedding, bath towels, linens and more have been designed with a touch of simple elegance to transform your home! Shop here! >

1.2k reactions 319 comments
Hoonie Mrecedes I love that blush pillow, also:-)
Penny Matthews I came across this on line can’t stop watching, gorgeous fabrics presented so beautifully
Kerstin Bluck Can still hear a hint of a welsh accent ❤️
Penny Matthews When are you bringing your collection to QVC UK ?
Hoonie Mrecedes Awesome displays of comforts.

I am so excited! Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for! The launch of my home decor line Casa Zeta-Jones. It's an incredible thing when all your hard work pays off and your dreams are realized! Thank you to my family, friends and amazing team for helping me bring #CasaZetaJones to life. Thanks also to all of you for following me on this journey and being so supportive. See you all live tomorrow, on QVC, at 7AM/10AM PST/EST and 7PM/10PM PST/EST!

1.9k reactions 92 comments
Huw Salter Proud to be Welsh ❤️
Mike Hannoun Congratulations on all your success...
Carol MacDonald GOOD LUCK☺🌻🇨🇦
Calum Gray That looks like a comfy sofa, Catherine. And you're taking all the space up! Move up. Make room for me. 😁
Hester Sweetwood Congratulations Catherine...ill be anxiously awaiting for your first show. Best of luck!!

So in love with the Jacquard Floral Comforter Set from my Casa Zeta-Jones collection. Tune in to the exclusive launch on QVC Thursday at 10AM EST! #CasaZetaJones #September28

1.5k reactions 96 comments
Walter Barnes 💏
Nate Hasher Keeping it real...
Adel Onsi Mohamed Marwa Gwaily اللي قال يخلق من الشبه أربعين ماكدبش والله .. سبحان الله
Jerry Frankum Beautiful lady
Jose Rodrigues de Farias Wow very very cool😘

I just adore these Round Ruched Pillows from the Casa Zeta-Jones collection. I can’t wait until you all can see more #CasaZetaJones on the QVC launch this Thursday at 10AM & 10PM EST! #September28

3.4k reactions 196 comments
Dariusz Aleksander Rygulski .................Hai belissima poltrona ! ..................Tieni ! ........Sono " Chazzi Tuoi " !........................................
Emrah Gezeroğlu Kürdistan'dan selamlar
Nilo Abella hi catherine rape using shabu drug addict style glide legs thigh pussy cheeks anal burp suck strawberries vanilla raisins boobs time for dessert like stripping fettucine intestine yatch crack face youghart
Abdelrahman Taha Ever wanted to hit some one cuz just he is better than you ? Normal hit ...
Calvin Gums Anything for men

One of our early dates, a boxing fight in Vegas! You got me at round one. Happy Birthday darling.

6.2k reactions 248 comments
Sherry Bharucha Wishing Michael and you both a very happy birthday 🎂. GOD bless.
Kelly Troland Happy birthday to you , too , Catherine !!! Celebrate in style !!!
John Alway Both of you have a birthday on the same day? Happy Birthday to you both!!!
Robert Schmidt Happy Birthday a 🎂 Cake...
Steven Cohen Happy Birthday Cathrine!! I hope your day was incredible!! Much love

Simple and elegant, the Audrey Faux Fur Throw. I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of the Casa Zeta-Jones collection! QVC at 10AM & 10PM EST on September 28. #CasaZetaJones

1.4k reactions 113 comments
Helene Bouchard Cassandre Tremblay ce qu'une simple tapisserie peut faire
Walter Barnes 💙
Jane Hardy Loving the wallpaper too! 😍
Mohamd Moneim My Soul : Catherine Zeta-Jones Exactly You Are Looking Forward It's Very Charming !!! Fabulous Collection ''' Proud ''' Gorgeous ''' Moon ''' Glamour and appreciation .. Never Forget Her Performance .
Mari Addari Ciao sei sempre una bravissima attrice e anche la mia preferita tu e la tua famiglia
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