Sachin Tendulkar

Last updated: 17:54 06/23/2017

A simply amazing piece of 3D fan art sent in by Luciana Frigerio. Thank you so much! #FanFriday

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Manav Agarwal Hridhik Ranjan I think this is the fate of Ritvik Mahajan's books
Vi Vek 1st to comment
Praveen Shastri love marriage, love problem solution, get your love back, lottery number specialist, voodoo spell and black magic specialist. समस्या चाहे कैसी भी हो जड़ से खत्म। बड़ी से बड़ी समस्या का तूफानी समाधान। । अपने मन चाहे प्यार को पाना, काम कारोबार, किया कराया, ...
Unni Kalky Sachin.I have an ambition that I want to bowl a single bowl against my God. If occurs,that will be my lifetime acheivment
Vidyasagar Sonu I have a dream to watch you on ground ... But my dreams are never going to be true....

To play the #PaddleSweep, You have to be cautious of the bowler's line, it is Imperative to cover the stumps with your back leg. Pick the length early, follow the ball all the way till it hits the bat and ensure you hit on top of the ball. Depending on where you want to place the ball, guide it with the face of the bat. Close the bat’s face for hitting it towards fine leg or open the bat’s face for hitting it behind square. While facing Shane Warne, I opted for an open stance outside leg stump with my back leg covering the stumps. #WhackItWednesday

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Rajesh Giri Sachin sir is the investor of so many shots. he is the scientist of cricket
Aayush Kashyap After retirement of sachin. This shot i always missed in cricket. No one can played better than sachin.
Pratik Thakkar Please show us your fine leg six and how to play that words for is the all time greatest shot in cricket history
Pratap Nilima Sir, why are you silent over K-K episode. Mere telling Cricket is my life is not enough. You must stand with the Legend.
John Nva I do not have any comments on your FB. But for the sake of Indian Cricket, Please try to take back Anil Kumble as the coach of Indian Team. I know you all are big guys but let Dohni and Yuvi answer. We lost this ICC only because of Virat, but like you, ...

If you're chasing a dream, don't waste a moment. Every second of practice makes a difference. #DreamsDoComeTrue

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Surpreet Singh yes sir. you have been a inspiration for millions of people in this world
Chulbul Bulbul Pandey You r the inspiration of many Youngsters and your post feed immense power in it. Love you sir God bless you.
Priya Mohan I wish FB had a tab saying SHEER RESPECT.. I respect you as much as I love you
Antony Vaidyanathan You are coming from a middle class family like us.The background of your picture shows that.Hats off sachinji
Lalita Chandu Thank you so much for the inspiring message sir....Thanks a lott

You held my hand, showed me the world and gave me the best advice. Happy father's day!

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Sreenadh Cherupoika സച്ചിന്‍, നിങ്ങള്‍ നേടിയ റെക്കോര്‍ഡ്‌കളെക്കാള്‍, ഞാന്‍ ആദരിക്കുന്നത്ക്രിക്കറ്റിനോട്‌ നിങ്ങള്‍ക്കുണ്ടായിരുന്ന സമര്‍പ്പണമാണ്‌. Happy Father's Day !
Ambar Shukla “धरती सा धीरज दिया और आसमान सी उंचाई है जिन्दगी को तरस के खुदा ने ये तस्वीर बनाई है हर दुख वो बच्चों का खुद पे वो सह लेतें है उस खुदा की जीवित प्रतिमा को हम पिता कहते है” फ़ादर्स डे की शुभ कामना !
Sujakutty Santhoshkumar Well done sachin I like you very much still we believe U R in Indian cricket team for support and winning
Vanraj Vaghela Indian lejend ke mummy-papa dhanya chhe ki desh ko lejend gift kiys
Muhammad Ahsan Rajput Sehwag or Rishi Kapoor ko Father ka asal mtlb btana. Amir ki pic smane rkh k..

Proud to announce the name of our team Tamil Thalaivas, the latest addition to Season 5 ProKabaddi, looking forward to a smashing season ahead with your support.

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Kaethish FYI, Thalaiva means Leader. You're naming a Kabaddi team as Tamil Leaders?? That doesn't even make sense.
Krishna Nirmal Chennai people are coming wow Tamil thaliavas going to rock with U mumba...
Veera Bhadra I'm from Karnataka Bellary Dist...but I support Mumbai in ipl, Bangalore in badminton,kerala in isl football and now tamilnadu in kabaddi all because of one man.....the one and only master blaster sachin tendulkar..... sachin sachinnnn sachin sachinnnn
Kamalanathan Ranganathan Kabadi s something tamilnadu should hav been there long back. Better late than never
Radhakrishnan Bheeman Sachin..Thank you for supporting Tamil thalaivas..super..

For over 40 years, Annabel Mehta has been working tirelessly towards improving the lives of the less fortunate in Mumbai. I have seen her closely as she lead her team at Apnalaya India and my admiration for her has only grown with time. Now being honoured with the MBE by the UK Government is an acknowledgment of her efforts. She inspires a lot of us into believing that change is possible. And she is also my mother in law ....

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Kiran More Congratulations to you both. Keep continue with this great and lovable working Sachin paaji. <3
Arun Parkar देवाच्या दरबारा सगळ्या च देवदेवतांची उपस्थिती ........!!??!
Surekha Shankaran Very humble n noble mother in law u got. Just like u
Ninad Salunkhe We love you Annabel
Priyali Kapur Dadlani Congratulations!! So well deserved!

Head to the fan wall section of my app #100MB to answer now. The best one stands a chance to win a special souvenir from me.

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Manohar Yadav Sachin sir I am Manohar from Tamil Nadu Villupuam District. I play cricket as batsman like u. So important that i bowl very quick as jawahal srinath does. I doesnt got oppertunity to play for India. I expect you to do some improvement for my District. ...
Levin Pappachan When he came back to the ground after successfully defeating CANCER . That moment was an inspiration to every one of us ✌😊 a true sports man who never gave up!!😍
Swapnil Shinde It was when he cried on your shoulder after winning World Cup 11 , those tears were saying WC was due for you and I made Cancer wait for this !
Vishal Chauhan My best memory of YUVI , none another than 6 sixes in an over ... Marvelous hits !! Onto this hits, every baller are away to make disturb the LION till dated... Awesome
Varada Nambiar Match of India with Australia in 2000. He battered with great bowlers of the time scoring 84 runs, the highest score in that match and led to India's victory for the first time.

If there's one word that personifies Yuvraj Singh, it's resilience and he embodies this spirit like nobody else. His return to the team after numerous challenges is legendary, still makes me feel emotional about the many hurdles he has faced to get to the 300th match of his life. His career has been replete with ups and downs, but Yuvi has always addressed each stage of his life with his signature 'never say die attitude' and complete poise. I am sure he will bring more laurels to India with his abilities to take the game away from the opposition.

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Vikash Dadhich Yuvi is the best example of cricket spirit....All Indians r very much proud 2 hav a players like yuvi in Team India.....yuvi is nation patriotism who can do anytng wenever our nation needs him.....we cant forget the world cup 2011 battle of yuvi who ...
Sameer Pimplikar Sachin you are the God of cricket , ones during the austrailian tour one of the aussie fan was holding a banner written on it " A criminal can do a crime since god is watching sachin batting...." this shows the love ur fans have for u.
Sukesh Kumar Thats truly amazing to have a gifted a Player like Yuvii in the team...When it comes to imagining Yuvraj...Its not just about a Cricketer, Somehow I will get a feeling like "True Athlete"...
Ketan Eng Truly Yuvi is really a fighter. Always a treat to watch him playing in his style. Wish him all the best. Hope he will bring more gloty for India. Anf final of CL2017 is one of them.
Angad Singh Shergill Ashwin Ujjwal Suryansh Rahul please tell me youre smarter and know more about cricket than this legend. Please 😏 ill be waiting

Here’s a moment captured during one of our IPL practice sessions. #ThrowbackThursday #Nostalgia #MumbaiIndians

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Sampath Karunasinghe Great batsman 👍💯
Ashik Puduponnani Love you sachin!!!!!
Suman Sourav God of cricket
Ak Amar Keshri His bat shows his hardwork.. #respect #missing
Darshan Tilore Master class Sir Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar# SRT200#NOT OUT

#PullShot: To play the pull shot, you first have to understand the bounce off the pitch and accordingly pick the line and length of the ball as early as you can, depending on whether you want to play the shot along the ground or in the air. The length of the ball varies with different surfaces and there isn’t just one spot from where you can pull the ball. After picking the line & length, move your right foot across and try covering the line of the ball as much as possible. Extend your arms fully and go with the shot. #WhackItWednesday

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Shisir Mondal Hey, master blaster you only can play this shot. Salute you?
Narsimha Sharja final dheka hum abhee you tube main. .bhahuth achhi match hai aap us final main achhi score banaya. ..👏👏👏👏
Proshanta Chakroborti Positive effort to train budding cricketers. Keep it on.Your technical lessons will help cricketers.
Suresh Gawade सर्वात सुंदर पुल शाॅट आणि हा शाॅट मॅच मधला बेस्ट शाॅट कारण या शाॅट ने अॅन्डड्रू फिनटाॅफ चा कायमचा बंद केला
Anil Kumar Wonderful....Please try to send the techniques like this instead of other things sometimes...Very useful to people

Your mind and body, just like your bat, are your tools. Take care of them and they will return the favour. #SachMotivation

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Ajay Varma I love you master blaster sachin sir Sachin sachin sachin sachin.....!!!!! I miss you sachin sir
Sudipta Halder Yours suggestion is very valuable for the every youth who love to play cricket. Thank you 😊.
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Ishan Kshirsagar My hero my love my icon my heart and my golden childhood friend Sachin sachin.....
Gracia Singh Best Player in the world if you agree then hit Likes.. When someone who haven't witnessed Sachin's era will ask me who is Sachin then I must told them he was the first man on the planet to reach 200*. Burn!

Sharing a few of my insights on today’s champions trophy match, only on my app #100MB. Want to hear your take, too. See you there! #SachInnings

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Venkat CH Good.
Nithyalakshmi Chellapandian I'm your fan
Nithyalakshmi Chellapandian I like your straight drive .
Arslan Iqbal pack your bags 😂
Nilay Tailor Love you sachin

Sachin Tendulkar's cover photo

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Ashish Kant Sharma Periodic TABLE on chemistry labs reciting by Maitri sharma
Lalu Laxman Wow great
Mãłłï Kâřjūñå Gøüđ Nycccccc sirrtr
Abid Ahmed ok. i think the movie promotion is over now.
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Sachin Tendulkar

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Deepak Babber My memory said this upper cut agains eng this century against australia 2010 and the right pic of asia cup
Prashant Bairwa #happy_Birthday 24 april 2013 -Sachin_Tendulakar क्रिकेट का भगवान है वो... इस भारत का अरमान है वो शतकोँ का शतकवीर दिखने मेँ शांत और गंभीर भारत के लिए वरदान है वो क्रिकेट का भगवान है वो... उसको खेलते देखते-देखते हम बडे हुये उसकी हर पारी मेँ सब सांसे ...
Chandan Rawat The best moment of life is to see you running between the wickets....salute sir...
Anoop Keshavan 100 times we are see this respectable action..salute sir..
Akshat Pandey Lucky enough to witness his Era ....An Era known as Sachin..

I was a World Cup ball boy once myself. Have loved every minute of my journey from that side of the line to the other. #Nostalgia

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Sudipta Das You were the angle of cricket and will always remain so.
Karthik S That's what is called beautiful journey. It shows the hard work.
Palani Bhavesh About this one you mentioned in you auto-biography too Sir
Gurwinder Singh Sachin Tendulkar Sir I watched your film .kts nice motivational. Today we will win the match from sri Lanka
Bikramjit Singhamahapatra sachin in facebook! can't believe.I think some one cheating us using the great man's name.

#BackFootDrive: To play a back foot drive, the first and most important thing is to understand how much the ball is seaming off the wicket. The pace and bounce of the wicket needs to be analyzed. Once you pick the release point of the bowler and the line of the ball, try staying as side on as possible. Look to complete the shot with your left elbow high and right hand going in the same direction (for a right handed batsman). To have better control and balance, I got on to my toes which also generated power. #WhackItWednesday

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Lijo V Thampan World cup Match.... Master got out at 98... I'm I correct??? But still I remember this classic shot
Umesh Parab Playing this shot is too easy. That feeling we get after watching it.
Rakesh Kumar It's much better to teach the shot with real world experience. It's good to see straight from Sachin.
Jaspreet Deol I love ur batting sir
Vikas Joshi Remembering those days..still remember that matunga DPZ aganst IES..Teasuring the memories..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Phil Collins back to performing live after nearly a decade! Was a pleasant surprise to see his son, Nic, perform with him as well at London’s Royal Albert Hall.... an evening well spent!

58.1k reactions 255 comments
Avantika Chandra 👌👏👏
Shivanand Bagalkot Hi my dear little champ I wanna meet you bady lets pardy with me
Jaspal Singh Now that you are in UK, Please also watch Coldplay again Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Majhi Made my life sir. Happiness US alwys watching in evry moment .. love u miss u sir my God
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Kochi, Are you ready to run? I’ll be there to cheer for you at the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Spice Coast Marathon Register Now on: #GodsOwnMarathon

25.1k reactions 97 comments
Suresh Kumar He bhagbaan
Rajesh Ramachandran Ready for the run....
Gurpartap Lehal Super
Wasib Gour nic sir
Shivmurat Yadav Well done sir. Keep it up

#StraightDrive: Took me years of practice to get this shot just the way I wanted it. Make sure to keep your eye on the ball till the very end and maintain your body balance throughout. Ensure your head is well-positioned and play with soft hands. #WhackItWednesday

47.3k reactions 817 comments
David Gladson No matter whoever plays this shot, Only sachin comes in mind <3
Ketan Jain Beautiful shot. Straight drive of Sachin, square cut of Dravid and wristy glance of Laxman can never be copied of played by anyone. Three legends from India.. Thank you.
Vincent D'Souza The more time a batsman spends perfecting this Straight Drive can pay very rich dividends as invariably the ball will find the boundary! Go, Get It!!!
Anand Verma Twndulkar Your great sentence running in all the fields. I'll remind it at all times. You always insures us how we have to make us capable for the current work. Thanks pa.

It's a rare occasion that we're all together in a frame, wearing black suits, along with my sister in a lovely saree. Thank you Umang Mehta for the smart look!

141.8k reactions 619 comments
Madhu Arutla Sachin Sir we are very lucky to see your cricket from 90's.... you are really fantastic sports person. We are very much proud of you. God bless you with lots of good health. long live Sir.
Harikrishna Panigrahi I am proud to be part of your journey This whole India is proud to be part of your journey. Nothing can match what you have done for @India and for very Indian. Thank You Sachin Tendulkar Sachin The Film...Thank you for Evrything .
Pooja Mange I second what Girish Nakhua has to say you are amazing Sachin. It isn't surprising for you to hear this but stopped following cricket after your retirement.
Delip Viswanandan Watched the movie yesterday and came home feeling as I have spent sometime with Sachin in person. Brought back many memories of following Sachin's career from the time of reading about the future Gavaskar, and child genious. Amazing indivual who ...
Sharvari Mhatre Movie baghitala khupach chan. Aadhich respect hota ajunch vadhala. Ase vatat hote dusaryach world madhe aahot. Sunna zale hote. Amazing experience. Movie sanpuch naye ase vatat hote. Aapalyashi related pratyek movement aamhi jagalo aahot. God bless you.

Time is running out! If you’d like to be flown to London with a friend to meet me and receive tickets to the ICC champions Trophy 2017 Final, enter UNICEF's competition today. Make sure you don’t miss out, click here to enter now: #CT17 #OneDay4Children

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Pooja Gouda Hyy sachin sir i watched your movie today This movie i mean your jurny i just love it. I respect you (we all respect you ) 😍 sir Thank you sir We all love you sir
Šîď Šîñğh Agar kisi ko #FACEBOOK -*-*#HacK karni sikna ha toh SmS me on whatsapp no #7027804861 (charges apply )
Choubey Prativa God bless you sachin...watched ur movie.. it's extraordinary. thank you very much sachin. Love you lot !
Muniraj MN Good morning sir.. Really loved watching watch ur movie, u never failed to entertain us. It's not just a movie, it's an emotion. I grown up watching u on the field but today enjoyed watching u on the screen.. Thank u.. Thank u so much for all the ...
Sanskar Sharma Hello Sachin sir .. yesterday I went to watch your movie and it was totally fabulous. I was waiting this for a long time. When I came to know that your biopic is going to be released I was so excited to watch it and was not going to miss this movie. ...

One of the most adorable movie countdowns by a young fan from London. Thank you, Nirja! Hope you like the film. 😊

55.8k reactions 372 comments
Gunavant Sonawane Hey God, I have booked the first day first show of the movie.
Rahul Raj Beta Sachin aapke Janm se pehle retire ho gaye honge... i am glad your parents chosed the right hero for you to admire.
Riya Patel i revere u a lot always love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu still not collected enough money to buy your book but i will collect & buy it for sure u have always inspired me to fight in hard circumstances irrespective of conditions will always looooovvvve uuuuuuuu.May ...
Sadhana Deshpande God of Cricket. Going to watch. Every True Indian is going to watch
Ahmed Nizam Shaikh There is no reason to dislike you ... Best personality​ on planet

Thanks a lot team #India for making the day special. A lasting image of the boys led by Virat Kohli before they left for #London. #SachinABillionDreams #BCCI

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Rajesh Kumar World's no one men mr sachin sir you're great men nobody camper of you in the world god bless you jiyo hajar hajar saal. Saal kein din ho 10000 saal
Kirti Kumar Soni Best of luck to indian cricket team and virat kohli for champions trophy 2017 in england. Hopefully, virat sir you defend the CT 2017 for us in your captaincy. All indians are supporting you. We support india. Jai bharat!!!! Dika do apna jalwa...
Jobin Jose Sachin A billion dreams , each and every Indian's dream. He is not just a player , he's an emotion . This film take us for a ride through a lot of memories and nostalgia . '1983 World Cup ...Achrekar Sir ... Commentators praising about 16 year old ...
Radhika Varma Watched ur biopic. Awsome movie. Very touching. Liked it very much from the naughty Sachin to the Great Master Blaster Sachin, from emotional moments in cricket to loveable husband, from responsible father to responsible cricketer who loves to hear the ...
Ranjit Debnath Wow assume many star in one frame good luck team India for their upcoming matches in Icc champion trophy and Sachin sir to his movie.

Stay tuned for updates from the World Premiere of Sachin: A Billion Dreams. Only on my app.

82.7k reactions 497 comments
Chinmaya Shende Can't wait till Friday to watch our God on a big screen & get a lifetime experience
Suresh Chandra It is great for sachin Tendulkar fans,film on ur life.
Namrata Ranade All the very best to your movie :) & best wish always to u :*
Kannan Krishna Sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin sachin....... My one only real God..... Lubbbbn uuuuuuuu
Sachin Nagarajan I am waiting sir...for see this movie...and i am happy...sir.

Thank you for your letter, Avineeshwar! This really brought a smile on my face. My best wishes to you. Keep working hard!!

25.5k reactions 145 comments
Rosy Jindal So cute
Sumit Bishnoi Jallopur Bhai doctor h kya ?😂😂
Aman Rawat He is my favourite player in Indian cricket team. I love sachin very much and I am proud of my Indian Cricket Team.
Alok Garg एक सवाल ...क्या #भारत को पाकिस्तान के साथ मैच खेलना चाहिये ...हद हो गई.. वे सर काट के ले जाते है और हम....??कुमार विश्वास का वो विडियो याद आता है..पर हम सब कुछ भूल जाते है आप कुछ करो देश ..कुछ करो.... हमे Champions Trophy पाकिस्तान के साथ नही खेलना ...
Jyothish Chandran Its my wish that before i die..i want to meet you...even if you are so far...

Sensational match last night! Mumbai Indians showed that it's never over till its over! #NeverGiveUp 🏆

510.4k reactions 2414 comments
Porus Soonawalla Had it not been for the 3 bowlers....Bhumra, M.Johnson n our everreliable Malinga this match wud hve been 100% lost guys...Full Credit to the bowling team n really ashamed of the MI batting Line....Its really hightime Sachin n Mrs Neeta Ambani motivate ...
Ashutosh Mishra Everything acceptable :) if u r hero !! Congratulations team .great mentor Sachin Tendulkar ,Owner.CO staff ,,well played :)
Pravin Rathod Indian People mind is Always doubtful... Its shown By above conversation about Fixing....... If People thinking Like that means Everyone eye's have Corrupted .....
Er Pradeep Singh Bhai log khel ke dheko pata chal jayega ki cricket hota kya hai bolna asan hota hai ....jab to koi nahi bolata jab koi player injured hojata hai to kya injured player bhi bhi fixing karate hai ...waiting for all urs reply..
Nitin Pawar Great vitory, we expect MI definitely won this task . Unfortunately we cannot catch these moment .congrats to all young guyes of this tournament of MI also wish to Njoy next IPL with pune

Please help me support UNICEF and you could win a chance to meet me in London. Flights, accommodation and tickets to the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final for you and a friend will be arranged. Please click here to enter now.

36.5k reactions 131 comments
Ved Tripathi Great work sir
Kiran LeelaJay Shedge I am gonna Take this chance ....Wish me Luck.....
Santosh L Bhattarai The mind is everything. What you think you become.
Pritam Kotiyal support UNICEF & sachin.
Pamba Nageswara Rao Sir no need to request us sir,u have right to demand us.

Thank you for everything that you do for us, as part of the Indian Armed Forces. Enjoyed this first and very special viewing of #SachinABillionDreams with you all. It was a humbling experience!

36.6k reactions 232 comments
Tapajani Saha Just waiting to relive those golden cricketing days with you again...
Onkar P Vadhavkar What an awesome feeling when we see this.... This respect is not possible for humans it's only ment for God's...... SACHIN SACHIN
Surya Vemaraju Saaachhinnnn....saachhinnnn....enni vondala saarlu vinnam manodu aadutunnappudu... We loved him, we are loving him and we will ever love him.
Ashwin Payak it was great to see you Sir live & I enjoyed the movie too
Kunal Singh The one and only for whom even the INDIAN ARMY stands up.....

Preparation is the key to success! Happy to co-create Quaker Oats+Milk with PepsiCo India to give your mornings a headstart! #MakeEachDayCount

41.5k reactions 227 comments
Ajaya Aed Food is medicine... Choose the right time, right food and right quantity...! Health is Wealth...! All the Best...! :)
Vishal Kasbekar Aare farmersathi kahitari kar Sachin evdha paisa kamvun Kay karnar band kar tuzhya hya advataise
AB de Villiers - The Sensation "Sachin Tendulkar, the man, who evoked emotions in a
country with religious differences, united the nation.
The man, who not only brought smiles and tears to his billion
fans, but also a little more than that.
Wishing Sachin a very ...
Subhash Bose What a simplicity. ..real hero and role model for young generation. ..
Manish Keshari Dear Sir.....I have only just a Dream in my life To Meet you Only for once....... Can you please.........

There is no buddy like a brother!! Thank you for all your support over the years, Ajit. Watch the full video on my app. #6DaysToGo #SachinABillionDreams

38.6k reactions 185 comments
Lingaraj Reshmi Congratulations. All the best for film.
Nitin Saxena Sachin sir,,, u R such a big big inspiration to every individual on this earth,,!! Thanks a lot,!!
Shivmurat Yadav S-supper A-Achiever C-Classical H- Heavenfull I-Incrideable N-Natural GOD of Cricket
Nandita Mondal Can't wait for the movie SACHIN :a billion dreams. Just waiting to see every unknown fact of his life. #Sachin:an inspiration
Raju Sinnur Nice Sir sachine billion dreams u r younger brother my I love this video
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