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Babu always waited for this finger, while I never wanted to see that as a batsman.... don’t mind raising mine for him.

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Haris Hasan Srinath used to bowl with his heart out🙌🏻. How he rattled that Pakistan batting line up in the Kolkatta test of Asian test championship was a class act. Lately him helming Match refree role with equal zeal is worth applauding too!!.
Tarun Arora Sachin ji i love u plz meet me i remember ur final match of 2003 against australia u missed it by Mc grath i cried that time but i think u missed world cup but in 2011 the story has changed we won world cup in ur presence i really happy at that ...
Sambit Biswas What a pic......U can see pics or hear stories of other legendary or non legendary players of dada's team but sri was missing until now.....Those days memories..... Getting goosebumps......I can't forget srinaths bowling in nz tour 2002-03 and in wc ...
Mahesh Kadam The most underrated bowler of India..what a player. Made us fall in love with fast bowling when we were young..Javagal Srinath..legend
Lokeshwar Khajuria Great human being Srinath now we know your value how you along with few others took the burden on your shoulders for so many years and defended many low scoring matches. Your contributions are no less then the masters himself.

So happy to hear about Gopi’s #YoungChamps initiative! Agree with his belief in promoting sports at a young age as well as at the grassroots level. I urge all parents to seize this golden opportunity for their little ones. Know more about the programme here - IDBI Federal Quest For Excellence

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Raju Ram Kala क्या मनुष्य जीवन का उद्देश्य सिर्फ खेलना,कूदना ही है या फिर भक्ति करके मोक्ष प्राप्त करना है। जानिए रहस्य 👇👇👇 साधना tv पर 07.40 pm से
Sukhdass Singh #अवतार परमात्मा कहते हैं कि तत्व का ज्ञाता करोड़ों में भी नही मिलेगा झुमकरा(शिष्य का नाम)़ अरबों में कोई एक बिरला होगा और ज्ञान में गर्क होगा। "कोट्यों मध्य कोई नहीं राई झुमकरा,अरबों में कोई गर्क सुनो राई झुमकरा ...
Raju Ram Kala #वेंदो_की_सच्चाई 1. परमात्मा सशरीर हैं 2. परमात्मा सतलोक मे रहता हैं 3. पूर्ण ब्रह्म कबीर जी हैं वेदों मे प्रमाण हैं कबीर साहेब भगवान है!! अवश्य जानिए 👇👇 साधना tv पर 7:40 pm से
Raju Ram Kala अवतार आजा बंदे शरण राम की फिर पीछे पछतायेगा काल बली तेरा लेखा लेगा वहां क्या बात बनाएगा लाल खंभ से बांधेगा बिन सतगुरु कौन छुड़ाएगा 👇👇 अवश्य देखे साधना चैनल 7:40 PM से
Arbindra Mandal #वेंदो_की_सच्चाई 1. परमात्मा सशरीर हैं 2. परमात्मा सतलोक मे रहता हैं 3. पूर्ण ब्रह्म कबीर जी हैं वेदों मे प्रमाण हैं कबीर साहेब भगवान है!! अवश्य जानिए 👇👇 साधना tv पर 7:40 pm से

There are champions and then there are fighters. For me, you are both. Wishing you a very happy birthday, Yuvi. May you have a successful year ahead. Yuvraj Singh

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Manzoor Elahi Khan He is a absolute champion, yuvi is the reason for winning both #T20 & #50 overs #world #cup. A true champion
Arindam Mondal Iron man happy birthday. Tum jio hazaro sal aur sal k din 50 hazar. Keep going & make us proud again ...
Usama Malik a man who is fighting with cansar and wining wc11 for his team absolutely brilliant from #uv #respect pakistan
Anurag Ruhela My favourite #YUVRAJ_SINGH Many many returns of the day paaji U r a champion Without you not possible to win wc2011... U keeep fighting. Love u yuvi bhai.
Govind Myageri Yuvi apko bada bhai manta hein.... Isiliye sabke samne adhirwad Liya ground pe.... Sachin sir.... Aap jaise great personality support karte ho to.... Dono badhe ho jate hein.... Aap bhi aur samne wala bhi..... Happy Yuvi

Congratulations and best wishes to the just married Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. You both look wonderful together. #Virushka

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Anshik Sharma Congratulations n Hapii married life both of uh .both of such a greatest couple in world historical. So may god bless u .. Anushka n Virat cham.😍😍
Subir Kumar Panja Marriage of Virat- Anuska i.e. VIRUSKA style younger generation may follow according to their limitations with very few family members at such an elegant way & after that a get together of their wish ! Wish both of u an uncomperable pleasure & lives ...
Dipali Pitale Congratulations Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli! Sending you both lots of love from Sydney. Thank you Sachin for sharing this beautiful pic with your fans. Best wishes from Dipali
Swastika Gupta Happy married life to the best couple I have seen till now..may yr life will be more more beautiful u guys look together..
Sanjay Dedhia Congratulations to you Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma Rab Ne banadi Jodi many many happy returns of the day to you both for starting New inning from today God bless you both n once again many many happy returns of the day to you with cheers n congrats n ...

What an inspirational message by The Stand Up Project, on account of Dec 3 #WorldDisabilityDay. #DecemberForTheDifferentlyAbled #JaiHind

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Narendra Shetty Jai Hind
Surya Mukherji Wonderful
Rinku Daw Jai hind
Christy Leo Awesome ❤️
Ram Kumar Marnala Jai Hind

Today, join me in saluting both the servicewomen and servicemen of the Indian Navy, as well as their families who sacrifice so much for our safety. Happy #NavyDay #JaiHind #ArmedForcesWeek Sharing an amazing video by the Indian Navy

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Vidur Kapoor Salute, to INDIAN NAVY. Happy Navy day. Indian Navy is the best
Yakub Vali Mohmed Keep it up 👍🏿 all the best to armed forces on this #navy day#
Noushad Hassan A. Big. Salute for indian navy
Ilayaraja Ilayaraja Royal salute to indian navy.happy navy day.i miss you sachin!i love you sachin!!
Sham Shad Salute to our navy happy navy day

This is a moment every batsman waits for and works towards. Extreme joy and relief all rolled into one. #throwbackthursday

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Rakesh Kumar This means a lot to billions of us... Converting stones into milestones... Jai ho ... 🇮🇳
Shalini Garg master blaster the great god of cricket one nd only the sachin tendulkar
Bhattacharjee Debashis A great legend in Indian cricket, we always miss u Sir.
Bhadran Thulaseedharan Sir, you are born for that...miss you 'the legend'...

Thank you for your time and your service Praveen Kumar Teotia ... and to all the members of the armed forces who continue to protect our people and borders every day, we salute you. Jai Hind! #StoriesOfStrength #NeverForget2611 100MB Indian Express

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Himanshu Sharma Rock Salute you praveen Kumar sir For serv our country
Gayathri Gayathri Soldiers are true heroes.. God bless you sir...
Manjit Singh Uppal Salute yaar .💪💪 till then we are together no body can win us ...
Mohammed Anwar Parammal INDIA the one and only 😘 The very special 😍
Tapas Paramanik Indian ,the best feeling for me

#onthisday in 2008 my city, my nation was attacked. Brave souls laid down their lives in Mumbai to protect us. Others fought courageously and lived.. to keep fighting the odds every day. Shaurya Chakra winner and former Marine Commando #PraveenTeotia you are an inspiration. May you go on to achieve every challenge you set your mind to. We will be cheering for you during Ironman 2018. #NeverForget2611 #JaiHind Thank you 100MB & Indian Express for arranging this meeting. The honour is mine. Full video on #100MB

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Raman Brar Justice case fake Punjabi spy agency
Prakash B. Mistry Salute to all heros who fought for India and those all shahid
मिलिंद मुरारी पांचाळ सचिनजी,प्रथम मराठी आणि मग इंग्रजी ....खूपच छान होईल
Rohan Parwadi God
Rajendra Chavan Brave heart

Today was the silence before the storm on that fateful year - 2008. #NeverForget2611 ‬

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Raviraj Vernekar Well said sir for remembering the day
Arijit Karmakar Its sad in some regions they celebrate when Terrorist is freed. India is indeed tolerant.
Mithun Muralidharan Jai Hind and Vande Mataram till the last breath of every Indian
Preeti Chauhan Rathore Yes sir horrible day...26/11....RIP....but Salute to our Great Soldiers....jai hind ......
Nagendrababu Savara Yes how can we r forget that hmmmmmmmmmm..... i love my country always. ..

Dined at Villa Maya restaurant in Trivandrum recently. Delicious food, beautiful ambience and excellent service. Thanks for arranging this wonderful meal, George Muthoot!

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ಮನು ಕನ್ನೇಶ Sir please my humble request u once cl me 9686283500 very essential and i begging please sir
Vijayan Vijay സർ ദയവ് ചെയ്ത് ജനങ്ങളെ പിഴിയുന്ന മുത്തൂറ്റ് പോലുള്ളവരെ സപ്പോർട്ട് ചെയ്യുന്ന വീഡിയോ ജനങ്ങളിലേക്ക് എത്തിക്കരുതെന്ന് അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നു....
वीर कुँवर तेजाजी भावी *ज़िंदगी को अगर खुल कर जीना है तो थोडा सा झुक कर जियो, तब देखो फिर, ये ईश्वर आपको कितना ऊँचा उठा देंगा..* Jay hind sir
Manoj Panchare सचिन दादा तुम्हे जे लिहता ते हिंदी अथवा मराठी लिहित जा ज्या मुळे आम्हाला ही कळेल की तुम्ही काय सांगता या क्या लिहिलय
Shayan Kar Wear helmet at the back also 😂

Just 15 days to go for the launch of my game #SachinSaga! I'm excited, are you?

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Ramkumar Srk Can’t wait Expecting to release in PS3
Mahesh Kumar Pathak Please resolve a glitch..... It tends to slow down when near century... All the best...
Aslam Hussain iOS May 7th December may aiega
Atif Khan I am really excited for this game Sachin sachin
Pramod Kumar Singh more promotion of on screen games rather playing outdoor games. Making stuck to screen day by day.

This young go-getter spirit is exactly what we need. So impressed by these young Unicef representatives at UNICEF India’s #KidsTakeOver event yesterday.

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Karun Yamu Great Sir
Rahul Sharma Gg
RamReddy Chukka Nice
Nasrin Akter Salute sir
Sudhakar Mallampati Awesome dude ✌️

Loved spending time with these youngsters. Gave Team UNICEF India a few handy batting tips before the #KidsTakeOver match today on #WorldChildrensDay.

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Sanjeeva Suvarna Sanjeeva Suvarna he's really a master blaster of indian cricket team.
Sai Kumar Baggam #Godofcricket 😍😍😍😘😘
Harsh Pawar always inspiring others #godofcricket......😍😍😍
Raj Rj Sir, You have given those kids a lifetime memory. I am feeling happy for it.
Naveen Dadhich Lucky to be a part of this event today. Your cover drive was magnificent today......Sachin.....Sachin...

They grow up so fast, but they will always be our babies. #HappyChildrensDay to my beautiful kids, Sara and Arjun! Happy #WorldChildrensDay everyone.

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Murugan Ganesan So cute to see you all in this photo Mr.Sachin!..
Ramesh Mulagada international child rights day....
An Anand but u looks the same, even after these many years...No ageing for GOD,,, I forgt that :D
Sarvesh Singh Sir , I liked your pic while wearing helmet
Parul Agarwal Very sweet heart touching and rare pictures

The Kerala Blasters team is all set to charge through the next season. And we're ready to roar in support of them. I'll be cheering for you guys. All the best! #IniKaliMaarum #LetsFootball

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Sudhansu Rout All the best to you, sir... & love you so much... 😱😘😱
Hemanth Joseph Waiting for the Action 😍 #proudfan
Antony Babu We r keralites. We love u sachin <3 we support KBFC
Ponnarash Vfc Paramasivan Mind blowing poster i can't wait iam you bing bing fan from Kerala

I felt so moved on meeting Abhay Ramakumar, an 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy, who came to participate in the IDBI Federal Life Insurance Spice Coast Marathon. His story is truly an inspiration for all of us, and a lesson to strive beyond our potential, regardless of the hurdles! #GodsOwnMarathon

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Viprendra Joshi Lv n respect frm heart Sir
Parul Agarwal Sachin you are great
Ashim Mallik Nice job sir
Amna Khan Yousafzai First
Anu Radha Salute sachini sir u greater sir 👌💐💐💐💐

‪Going live on my app 100MB at 5:45pm. See you all there. #RetirementAnniversary‬

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वीर कुँवर तेजाजी भावी “आँखों में #जीत के सपने हैं, ऐसा लगता है अब #जिंदगी के हर पल Mai अपने हैं💖 sachin ji
Khushi Sharma Ohk Sir
Pabitra Bhuniya I love Sachin
Adil Alam Adil sachin tendulkar sar aapke jaisa cricket itihas men koi aaya hi nahin aur na ayega aap mahan the main jab bhi cricket dekhta tha bas aap ko hi dekhna chahta tha aap jab bhi cricket khelte hum sab aap ko bahut pasand karte the
Somnath Karmakar Sir when Sachin saga game will launched? Please let me know...

This day was perhaps one of the most difficult ones I had to face in my entire career. But I never felt alone. My country, my team and my family were always with me. #IndiaIndia

188.9k reactions 1814 comments
Chaitanya Srinivas Not only u..sir...we are all cried..abt ur retirement....crores of world people...from that day is our lives...without sachin..crikt is nothing...
Sreejith K Nair Miss u in every matches when India one ever compare to u when u played cricket at its aggression and true sports man spirits ..records may be broken but our hearts are always with u..😊😊😊
Abhishek Wasave The day when 1.2billion had tears in thier eyes with the fact that we can't see sachin playing again heartbreaking moment 😢😢 #missyousachin #godofcricket #GOAT🙌🙌🙏
Shanmuga Raja Munivelu If you observe his last line He started with County and then Team and then Family That shows his courtesy and love towards our nation Love live Sachin... 👌 😎
Satkuri Goutham These modern players and fans can never understand ur greatness ,sacrifices and technique. Playing for 28 years is an incredible unmatchable achievement Thankyou for all the beautiful memories 🙂 Cricket world is privileged to see Sachin bat

Taking a question from the kids in Pune.

132.2k reactions 10975 comments
Asish Kumar Sir any plans of next all stars series
Dar Aijaz I m from Kashmir but I salute you sir great man
Shrikant Deshmukh Sir please why u didn't answer to us on Twitter plz turn ur face ...ur one reply make our lives more happier than any one else
Menon Menon Today the day when sachinji made the debut for india, star was born. We loved your journey for these long years, which will remain with us for ever
Sunny Sharma Sachin you are such a humble person... salute

Surprise for Sachin from the kids!

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Raj Prithiv Sir i hope now you are able to spend more time with ur family.. Are they happy now or earlier while u were playing for India
Usha Ganguli I like you as a person. U are a wonderful human being and so down to earth. Your brother is my hubby's colleague n friend.
Peter Lal Heavenly Hai legend Still with Kerala blasters 😍
Dushyant Gupta u r such an inspiration for all and this is really appreciable that u r working on the growth of every game in India.. helping in every way..may God give u healthy and long life..
Aman Sinha Hello sir good to see you live once again.

4 years of retirement and much more. Let's chat😊

264.6k reactions 24379 comments
Sunil Coutinho From the time you retired, I stopped watching cricket. Glad to be born at a time when I could see a Master like you, play. God Bless You!
Deepti Srivastava I respect u very much sachin sir.The day u said good bye to cricket I stopped watching cricket match.Miss u sir
Mahesh Baliga Sachin Sachin Sachin Sachin.. Good to c God of cricket tlking live . Love u loads Sachin.. Ur and amazing player.. any moment would love to u on field..
Saravanan Kutty Hi Sachu, U r Master of cricket...I love more ur batting style.. I’m so happy when u on ground.. with out u I was stopped to watch cricket few years..
Pratik Kotak Do start some work for tribal development

When I played cricket and they cheered for me, it was an awesome experience. Today, I cheered for them as they ran IDBI Federal Life Insurance Spice Coast Marathon to embrace a fitter life. Words cannot describe this electrifying experience. You had to be here to know. #GodsOwnMarathon!

67.7k reactions 301 comments
Ramesh Deepika Rawat you are the most lovable person of India
Srai Namphok Missing u in the field ..master blaster....
Anurag Pandey Love you sir from the bottom of my heart
Àmàl Krishñà ES God of cricket sachin and the gods own country...... Luv U sachin
Vijaya Kumar Pillai Wish all the best Sachin from all of us !

Here's a glimpse of my meeting with Rajudas. To watch the real emotions unfold, head over to my app 100MB.

30.0k reactions 259 comments
Vedaant Chopra U r very very lucky Raju bhai that u got a chance to meet Sachin Sir ( God of Cricket).
Omkar Govind Gore I am also a bigessssssssst fan of you Sachin Dada. You are GOD for me.
Sushma Mhatre Sachin sir my family and my friends big fan of you sir Jay Maharashtra Jay mata Di Om Sai ram Shree Ganesh
Deena Peter Sachin sir, I m big fan of urs... Pls I want to meet u once pls... 🙏🙏
Rahul Pandharipande I wish someday something like this happens with me

One of the most amazing things Cricket gave me is friends for life. In this company, there’s never a dull moment both on and off the field😊

161.2k reactions 782 comments
Monusai Rathod Atul Khatri For a Moment i thought, it was you behind Sachin Tendulkar, but more older
Sanjay Khetpal Good to see u in one frame .i personally feel sachin tendulkar is still fresh and fitness and ajit agarkar is no.2 in fitness
Vinod Prem Kumar Most underrated indian cricketer- Vinod kambli,axed because of politics huge respect to the fantastic player- Vinod kambli
Ushaa Kiran Not only friends in life,a small child to an old person admires you for being a Cricketer.Sachin!!!!!!sachin!!!Sachin!!!!!!sachin!!!!!!
Pramod Maruti Jadhav No words for Sir Ajit's talent. Slower one, Master of Revers swing. All time favorite best All Rounder

Lovely cool weather, warm people and the magnificent #MehrangarhFort in the background. Enjoyed being in Jodhpur.

95.3k reactions 1037 comments
Nripendra Pathak jaise raju das se aap mile vaise hi aap mujhse bhi mile toh sir jeevan safal ho jayega, i'm also a big fan of yours sir, like sudhir & raju..and my only wish that i want to meet u , one time ..
Neelam Das How I was not informed about your arrival?? I am in Jodhpur and I missed your darshan?? Unlucky me.
Prakash Prajapat Love "JODHPUR"
Prince Ashok Patel Aanjna Welcome to my home town nice to see there
Pravasini Sahu Pradhan Living God...... inspiration of crore of people... Mis u a lot in d ground...

It's great to see you on 100MB, Mithali Raj. I'm sure your fans are going to love this.

27.1k reactions 80 comments
Vittal Vishnu nice
Surender Kumar V very nice
Dipak Kamat Miss you st
Rajesh Kumar No. 1 captain
Pandit Vivek Bhalotiay Nice

‪Happy birthday, Binga. You were faster on the speed gun while bowling but here I could give you a run for your money😉 see you soon. ‬ Brett Lee

41.1k reactions 131 comments
Thushara V Nair Happiee brday Brettlee
Abin Sibzz Hello Sachin Sir, Hope you are are fine. Great fan of yours and our team's #KBFC . Now here to share one thing came into my mind. About forming one charity foundation in our team's name.. #KBFC #SMILE ..... Our team's charity foundation where we ...
Praveen Kumar Happy birthday brett lee
Mahaveer Veer Happy birthday binga...H😀
Gurleen Kaur Wah superbb Happy bday

Suresh Raina, it's good to see you on a different type of playing field.. a digital one. Welcome to 100MB app!

22.1k reactions 58 comments
Kul Sahu Wlc
Mounish Roshkutty Waran Hai anna
Saurabh Kumar Great
Balu Vadthya Super suresh raina
Ajay Mareedu Great.. comeback....soon

Our 100MB family just got a little bigger and I couldn't be happier. Stay tuned for more info soon.

18.3k reactions 85 comments
Loke Loke Your public Army Jai Hind
Arvind Patil WE MISS YOU 2 SRT SIR👍👍👌👌🌷🌹
Hemant Gonawala Wow Looking Very Handsome And Sweet And Strong And Lovely And Stylish And Superb And Amazing Looking
Sanjita Mandal The god of cricket..... I miss you
Vinu N Vinu Hi
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